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GenrePlayer NumComments
1Chinese checkersBG19965Strategy2It is a symmetrical game. Players have the same start, so I always use the same strategy when playing that might be the big problem for it.
2Connect A TrainBG19965Social2It is a game without too much choice. All I need to do is drawing and placing the right card. That is the reason why I stopped playing it when grown up.
3GoBG19965Strategy2I participated a children club to learn Go. I didn't find much fun in Go. I considered Go as a skill instead of game because there is too much knowledge to remember. A good point for Go is even it starts same but it never keeps the same during the game. A bad point for Go is it takes too long to play.
4Role Playing for ChildrenPHYSICS19965Role-playing6It is so fun! Everytime we play as different roles, running around our community to finish different kind tasks. So I am wondering if it is possible to make a digital version RPG platform to make players play different games different times.
5Age of Empires IPC19976Strategy1The first RTS game I played. I still remember the clergy which can convert enemy to your units. Kind of similar to enemy mind?
6Chinese ChessBG19976Strategy2I played it with my father, my grandfather. It requires a lot of skills and experience. So I hardly won. But one interesting thing is my view to this game changes with my age increasing. At the beginning, I viewed each piece individually. Then I gradually thought about the whole picture of all my pieces and formation.
7Hide-and-seekPHYSICS19976Role-playing8A game with random generated map! We can play it with different areas. Searching with expectation is interesting. Hiding and sneaking are interesting.
8Mortal KombatPC19976Action/Shooting2A fighting game I played with my siblings.
9Card CollectionReal Cards19987Collection10Collecting character cards is insanely fun. I think one of the important things is there are attack, defense, and intelligence for each character. Even these attributes have no actual effects. But putting them there is fun enough.
10Catch Me If You CanPC19987Action/Shooting2A platformer I played with my father. A interesting point for this game is it has a cooperation mode. We can play together.
11Richmen4PC19987Simulation4It captured me so many years. The most basic mechanic is rolling dice to decide the distance you go. It is fundamentally fun because of the anticipation for a perfect rolling happens in lots of situations.
12Throw a soft ballPHYSICS19987Action/Shooting10It asks a lot of players. Two throw a ball try to hit the others and the others evade it.
13Age of Empires IIPC19998Strategy1The campaigns in it is fun. From that I learn the historical story of Maid of Orleans.
14CastlevaniaConsole 19998Adventure1A adventure platformer.
15Mines on groundPC19998Adventure1I remember the boring enemy AI in that game. All you have to do is waiting the enemy come in front of you and shooting.
16PokemonGameboy19998Role-playing1I played it for several years with different editions. The content of the game is really various, so you hardly get bored when playing it. And rare Pokemon can cost you a long time to get it.
17UnoBG19998Strategy6The initial card for each player is 7. I don't know why but I just remember it. And we played it with a interesting machine. When you need to draw card, you press the button and the machine may give you several cards at the same time.
18Virtual LifePC19998Simulation1A variation of Richman. But it adds a combat system which is fun.
19War of TanksConsole19998Action/Shooting2Play with my family whole night.
20ChessBG20009Strategy2Chess strengthen more on the formation. But I think the artillery (Can only kill a piece which have another piece between them) in Chinese chess is unique and interesting.
21Find Spate ABG20009Strategy3The first card I played with deception. Deception is exciting and fun.
22Harvest MooGameboy20009Simulation1Manage you own farm. Grow different farmings. Fishing, Insects, Weather, Fertilizer, Livestocks. I don't think there is a contemporary game which has more contents than it.
23Heroes of Might and Magic 3PC200091Strategy3When I play it, there is no Chinese version. So we totally do not understand almost every word in that game. But we all agree that the game is so fun. Combating with different creatures and it is balanced. It is similar with Civ 5. But the combat in Civ 5 are more based on same units. So the combat system is amazingly great and well-designed. I should definitely analyze it someday.
24Legend of MayaPC20009Strategy1It is not a popular game. But from that game I learn a lot of knowledge about Maya.
25Project IGI: I'm Going InPC20009Action/Shooting1The first FPS game I played. Without a good understanding to the task because of English. The game seems to be not fun and full of shootings.
26Red Alert 2PC20009Strategy1It focuses on combating. There are a lot of different strategy in the game.
27A multiplayer shooting gamePC200110Action/Shooting4It is fun to shoot you friends.
28Dune 2000PC200110Strategy1The ultimate monster hide in sand is really scary.
29Hard CorpsConsole200110Action/Shooting2A platformer I played a lot with my friends
30Korean WarPC200110Strategy1A epic historical turn-based strategy game. I played it recently again. But it seems to be not so fun as the past. One thing is the rythym of the game seems to be slow.
31NomadPC200110Strategy1I don't remember any interesting point for this game.
32Richman 5PC200110Simulation4It change the turn-based mechanic into real-time game. And it ruins the fun. The developers may hope it can increase the game rhythm but the truth is the game is no longer casual.
33Sanguo HeroesPC200110Strategy1Sanguo is always a interesting story for Chinese. All the time!
34Virtua SquadPC200110Action/Shooting1Another FPS game I played. The perspective moving is automatic which make sure the game is engaging and keep the the tension.
35DoomPC200211Action/Shooting1The shield mechanic is interesting and very popular in recent FPS games.
36Heroes of Might and Magic 2PC200211Strategy1I play it because Heroes 3 is so fun. And even 2 is not such polished like 3 but the mechanics are similar. Sometimes a game is not fun maybe is not because the game is not fun. It just because it requires more polishment.
37HomeworldPC200211Simulation1A game is too complex and over-whelming for me at that age.
38Richmen 6PC200211Simulation4Obviously, developer understand the failure of Richmen 5. So in 6, the game change back to turn-based again. Almost everything in the game is similar to Richmen 4. However, I find it is no longer interesting as 4. That partially because I have already do not have such a lot of time on playing a game. Life is changing.
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
PC200211Adventure1It is a weird game combining puzzle with RTS. Simply the player controls a group of rogues who want to get into different castles. Find the weakness of the castle based on the enemy position is a key point. This kind of games seems to be not well developed recently. And it should be fun to make a similar game on pad.
40Settler 4PC2002111Simulation1It is so interesting. I absolutely consider it as the best game at that time. I even wrote a lot of walkthrough for it. The interlocking resource system and AI works is amazing. The only weakness for that game is the combat system is lack of depth. But i have a lot of fun to develop your small village to a big community.
41SimsPC200211Simulation1The first simulation game I played. A lot of players will put their citizens together in a house and use thousands of ways to kill them. I don't know why but I am one of the cruel players.
42Destiny of an EmperorGameboy200312Strategy1Successfully move Sanguo theme strategy game from PC to Mobile device.
43Heroes of Might and Magic 4PC200312Strategy1Heroes 4 seems try to make the game mechanics simpler. So types of creatures are decreased, which makes the combat lack of variety. And adding heroes as a units similar to creatures makes me feel bad. The heroes will grow up which make it over-whelming than creatures at the end of the game. It even breaks the feeling of the original combat between creatures.
44Ninja TurtlesConsole200312Action/Shooting2Four different ninja turtles. Play together with my friend.
45Richman 7PC200312Simulation4An enhanced version of Richmen 6. Better graphics. But I no longer played this kind of games at that time.
46Roller Coaster TycoonPC2003121Simulation1The campaigns of Roller Coaster is really challenging and interesting. It took me so much times. But when playing free-style mode, I got bored really quick. And finally the game is similar with Sims. I started to kill toursits in different ways. How to keep players always engaging should be a big problem for this kind of simulation and management game.
47Story of CaoCaoPC200312Strategy1I played it on my computer class in primary school.
48ZumaPC200312Puzzle1My father played a lot. It looks like not cool. There are only balls of different colors on the screen. But when I try it, I find there is a lot of strategy and practice in this game.
49Cartoon RacingPC200413Action/Shooting6First online game I played. Beating other players is fun. Because AI always sucks.
50Sword of XuanYuanPC200413Role-playing1My closest friend recommand me this game. He cried when he play it. However, I play the whole game without understanding the story about the games. So I understand I am not interestingin storytelling of the game.
51Taikō Risshiden IIPC200413Role-playing1Complex systems and various contents make this game awesome. It have a good optimization on travelling in the game which is also used in Skyrim.
52Vegetable TribesPC200413Role-playing10Another online game I played. Different to Cartoon Racing. It is a social game. Usually, people need to get together in the game to finish different tasks. It is a good prototype of contemporary free-to-play games.
53Warcraft 3PC200413Strategy2I do not understand what is the secret for Warcraft 3. But when I played it, I was captured immediately. I knew it is far more better than other contemporary games.
54Worms 3DPC200413Action/Shooting6Another party games. I had so many fun with my friends. When worms shooting in 3D world, everything is more real and engaging.
55Metal SlugPC200514Action/Shooting2Fast pace is the key point for the success. When we do not have too much time on playing, it is not bad.
56PORTO ESTADO IVPC2005141Simulation1Another epic game. The fun of exploration is fully digged out in this game. Exploration triggers everything in the game.
57World of WarcraftPC2005141Role-playing10If there is a game which really build a virtual world successfully, then it is World of Warcraft. The level design of different dungeons, character systems, how to balance the game, design of arena. It likes a encyclopedia for game design.
58Chenghai-3C in War 3PC200615Action/Shooting3A very popular map in War 3 - RPG. War 3 is little bit hardcore for players. War 3 RPG is much more fun.
59Diablo 2PC200615Role-playing3I play a little bit. Different characters is fun. Skill tree is fun.
60Heroes of Might and Magic 5PC200615Strategy2Go bakc to traditional Heroes 3. But it had a high computer requirements, whih make my playing experience bad.
61Sex RPG in War 3PC200615Role-playing8Sex is always intriguing topic for boys.
62Dota in War 3PC200716Strategy5A War 3 RPG map which is much more better than ChengHai 3C I mentioned. It is more deep strategic but do not require too much controls.
63Human and Evil in War 3PC2007161Strategy6I always love mafia game. This game keep the essential of mafia game but move the game into a multiplayer online version.
64King of Kings 2PC200716Role-playing10A bad MMORPG. I played it and I understood how WoW is awesome.
65Need for SpeedPC200716Action/Shooting1I am no good at driving.
66Airport ManiaANDROID200817Simulation1Manage an airport by clicking is a good time consuming way on .Mobile
67CrysisPC200817Action/Shooting1Played a little.
68Defense Grid 1PC200817Strategy1The concept of tower defense is produced by one of the War 3 RPG map. But this stand alone tower defense game is kind of a peak of tower defense. Various enemy types. Unique tower types. Challenging levels. Building time and location of the towers are important.
69Grand Theft IVIPAD200817Role-playing1I played this game for a while. But when I got stuck in one of the main tasks I stopped playing it.
70PortalPC200817Puzzle1The whole game is based on two portals. It is so concrete and the story of the game is mysterious and atrractive. THE CAKE IS A LIE!
71Cards War in War 3PC2009181Strategy4Similar to enhanced magic card. Recently there is a kickstarter for real-time TCG? Come on, try this. It is much more better than the recent one.
72Dragon AgePC200918Adventure1An intersting combat system as a hybird between real-time and turn-based.
73Left 4 Dead 2Console200918Action/Shooting2Shooting at zombies' heads.
Legends of the Three Kingdoms
BG200918Social7The first boardgame I played. It introduces me into the boardgame world. And it is fantastic. But this boardgame is a commercial success but not a game success. The biggest problem for this game is how to keep players in the game. Obviously, developers' choice is not a perfect solution.
75MachinariumPC200918Puzzle1Played with my classmates after class using projection in classroom. It is memorable.
76PeggleANDROID200918Puzzle2A good game for students play during the boring classes. You can easily play a turn-based version and pass the cellphone. However, when I try it on PC. It is boring.
77Plants vs. ZombiesPC200918Strategy1The concept and mechanics of this game is innovative.
78Roller Coaster Tycoon 3PC200918Simulation1Time changes, but the game not. So it is no longer fun.
79And Yet It MovesPC201019Puzzle1A puzzle game you can not move you character directly. You can just change the gravity to move it.
80BlockusPC201019Strategy4I play it because one of my assignment. It is not so fun because the game is lack of theme. It only has abstract squares.
81DixitBG2010191Social5A good game to introduce girls into boardgame world. And a good game to hook girls.
82DominionBG2010191Strategy3A game for deck-building. Contents of the game is limited. But every time you play it, your eck is unique. That is the power of player-based generating contents.
83LimboPC201019Puzzle1A emotional game. I abandoned it because the death is too scray.
84Lost CityBG201019Strategy2An award-winning boardgame. But it is a 2 players boardgame. 2 players is not as much fun as multiplayers.
85LumosityHTML201019Puzzle1A set of mini games for intelligence.
86Ninja JumpANDROID201019Action/Shooting1A game with moods. Every elements in the game is so smooth. The moon show time limits. Jump requires smooth landing.
87Power GridBG201019Strategy4Classical German boardgame. Some players always become over-whelming during the play. It kill the game before endings. Two way to solve it. One is do not clearly show scores for different players. Two is make sure the mechanic is not over-whelming at most times.
88Starcraft 2PC201019Strategy1Why Starcraft is interesting!? There are only so limited kind of units in the game.
89WerewolfBG201019Social9Mafia game with characters. Characters make more people love this game.
90AscensionBG2011201Strategy4Add combat system into deck-building game. However, the so called combat is just a different to spend resources. The total game is good because of the fast pace.
91AvalonBG2011201Social8I keep playing this game with different peoples. Deception is my fundamental fun.
92BraidPC201120Puzzle1A great puzzle platformer with a epic story. Every corner of the game is well-designed and polished. It is an artcraft.
93CafePC201120Simulation1A mini management game. You need to run a cafe in the game.
94CarcassonneBG201120Strategy4The design of this game is bad even it is innovative. The biggest problem is when other players play, it almost does not matter your playing. And everyone's strategy is based mostly on the tile you uncover. So players do not have anything to do when others playing.
95CatanBG201120Strategy4A good combination with social and strategy. The problem is when you become strong, then you will be more easier to become strong.
96Chinese Paladin 5PC201120Role-playing1A stroytelling RPG. I play it just because it is too famous in China.
97Doogle GodANDROID201120Collection1Synthesis (creation) is fun.
98Elder Scroll V: SkyrimPC201120Role-playing1Sandbox.
99Fruit NinjaANDROID201120Action/Shooting1Innovative ideas but it is hard to extension.
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