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You can (will) be a better subjectDrHeadcrashToo often erotic hypnosis is presented as a thing to be learned and practiced by hypnotists, with subjects treated as passive actors. However, being a good subject is a learned - and learnable - skill. No matter what your level of experience, from beginner to advanced, you can always learn to be a better subject. This class will help you do that. Just as being a good 'tist has fundamental skills that can and must be practiced, being a good subject has fundamental, practicable, learnable skills. Far from being a purely passive object (well, unless I suggest that) the good hypnotic subject is an active collaborator, contributing at least as much as the 'tist to a good scene. And relax -- your subconscious will take care of it. :) This class will combine specific exercises with demonstrations and direct suggestions that will help you unleash your creative, collaborative, improvisational erotic hypnosis subject self. Class structure: The first 1/3rd of the class will frame EH as a collaborative, rapport-based, improvisational experience where both subject and 'tist contribute to the play. Learn an approach to EH that frees you from the "am I in trance?" worries and the "is it working?" or "what if it doesn't go like she/he wants?" concerns. Go directly to "this is awesome" and "I'm having a great time!"The second 1/3rd of the class will be devoted to practical exercises for unleashing your inner creative subject. You may end up having so much fun you decide you don't actually need a 'tist. :)Finally, we'll dive into an (optional) collective session of exploration and suggestion where we will all experience a fantastic, positive, empowering "subject space" experience where everything you've wanted becomes easy and you come out the other side a more confident and responsive subject. Sounds great? Of course it does. Sign up today. :)
Hypnotizing the One in TenEroticTistHow to find a path into the mind of those difficult subjects...
Memory PlayHeadcrashMemory play is hot. It's also a surprisingly broad topic, ranging from the creation of temporary amnesia states and false memory to changing the emotional resonance of existing memories, to creating altered experiences of identity and self. Come to this demonstration-oriented class led by Dr HeadCrash, who just may have gotten a Ph.D. in something highly relevant to this topic a decade ago - as far as anyone can remember. =) Memory play is an advanced topic, but we will have awesome demos and exercises suitable for beginners as well as more advanced students. You will definitely learn something and have a great time, whether or not you remember attending. ;)
Zero induction hypnosisHeadcrashGood hypnotists know the importance of the pretalk to set up induction and trance. Great hypnotists know that Induction and trance are optional. learn how to get powerful suggestion effects without obvious induction and without deep trance states.
Erotic Waking HypnosisHypnoboth (d. 2014) =(60 minutesAs hypno-kinksters, we often concentrate on formal trance induction and utilization; however, use of hypnotic language patterns --- "waking hypnosis" --- can be just as effective. This introduction to the use of waking hypnosis in erotic play will teach the use of suggestions without a trance induction to enhance erotic experience.
Four Inductions and a Deepener: Stacking InductionsHypnoboth (d. 2014) =(60 minutesWe often speak of inductions and deepeners as if you pick one and use it. Inductions and deepeners are best used in tandem, stacking them together for the deepest, most effective trances. This short course will introduce four popular inductions and a popular deepener, but the emphasis will be on using them together for the most effective trances rather than choosing one of them. Instruction will take place on an unconscious as well as a conscious level.
Hypnotic StorytellingHypnoboth (d. 2014) =(60 minutesBefore Mesmer, before Braid, before Erickson, there were storytellers. We told stories around the fire, and there was trance. In other cultures, storytellers were considered on the same level as healers and musicians. Here we will learn to use stories hypnotically, to induce trance, to implant suggestions, and in waking hypnosis without a trance induction.
Blow away limiting beliefsHypnoBruce75 minsEvery one of us has a limiting belief (or a dozen) that keep us from doing what we could. This workshop will teach a process to get past them. Everyone who wants to get past a limiting belief will get the chance to; everyone who wants to learn the process as hypnotist will get the chance to. This is a participation workshop. Suitable for anyone. If you are a hypnotist, I recommend doing the hypnosis 101 before this.
The SwanHypnoBruce60 minsThis class is a hands-on practice session. We will work through "The Swan" - a technique developed by Bob Burns. It is simple to learn and allows both beginning subjects and beginning hypnotists a graceful way to get started. Perfect for beginners to use in group or one on one situations. It is fun and is set up so that failure is impossible - all outcomes give you information about how to play. It also helps beginning subjects discover their unconscious mind. Curious? - check it out.
AbreactionsHypnomaestro45-60 minutesEvery hypnotist will encounter an abreaction sooner of later. This class helps hypnotists learn how to recognize and respond to negative, unexpected events that occur during trance play.
Basic inductionsHypnomaestro60 minutesSometimes the old-fashioned, simple techniques are best. This class will cover basic inductions like fixation, progressive relaxation and visualization. We will also discuss what goes into an effective induction. This is a great class for beginners and less experienced hypnotists or experienced hypnotists who just want to refresh their skills.
Hypnotherapy DemonstrationHypnoMaestroNot kink. One of our participants has kindly volunteered to do a live weight loss demonstration so everyone can discover the difference between therapy and play.
Ethics Panel (2 slots)Hypnomaestro (mod)60 minutesA roundtable discussion on the current state of ethics and ethical issues in the Erotic Hypnosis community.
Hypno Tag TeamingHypnotodd and Joyful1 HourThis is a joint presentation showing how two hypnotists can create twice the pleasure.  Todd and Lynn will show dual inductions and how to work with couples (or two friendly strangers) to amp up the excitement.  We will look for a male and female volunteer to each be hypnotized and then demonstrate how to create feedback loops so two subjects can escalate pleasure by feeding off the other simultaneous session.
Rapport WorkshopLeeAllure45 minutesThis powerful Rapport workshop quickly gets you in rapport with others, understanding how to make it work for you.
Come Play WIth Me: Erotic Suggestion based on Toys, Pop Culture, and StoriesMarc Cabot1 hourHow to use ordinary objects (Mostly toys!) in hypnosis for inductions and/or guided fantasy. This involves using both the intrinsic properties of the objects (lights, sounds, mechanical actions) and the things they represent (stories, characters, evocative properties.) Discussion of both specific examples of how to use ordinary objects to create extraordinary suggestions and some of the principles that can be used to come up with your own fun and fantastic inductions and suggestions. Also, how to borrow ideas and paradigms from popular culture and incorporate them into erotic hypnotic play.
Hypnosis and HumorMarc Cabot45 minutesFace it: looked at properly, a lot of what we do has the potential to be really, really silly. Let's get down and roll around in it. Funny stories of hypnosis, using humor to build rapport, and the power of silly suggestion!
Writing and Publishing Erotic Hypnosis/Mind Control Fiction (And Non-Fiction!)Marc Cabot and hopefully honored guests. 75 minutesTips and tricks from an experienced indie-publisher of erotic mind-control fiction. With any luck, we can draft Wiseguy and other writers as well and have a panel-led group discussion. Including... How to self publish erotic fiction or related non-fiction; How to write a realistic hypnosis scene; Common tropes in hypnosis and mind control
How to PushMax90 minutesWhen is it OK to push your bottom? How do you push them safely, ethically, and effectively? If you've got that mastered, try this: how do you push yourself? Topics we'll be covering include: Getting someone outside their comfort zone, Helping your bottom receive stimulus and process play, Creating tension in your scenes, Working with a bottom who asks you to push them harder or says "I'm afraid of this but I want to try it?", Encouraging your bottom to try something they're unsure of, Learning from someone's "never done it" history, Gracefully managing the intensity of a scene, Helping bottoms push through barriers, Recognizing "hard limits" vs. "soft limits"
Hypnotic MandalasMentalConfettiArt! Tea! Fun!
Hypnotic HairbrushingMephki60 minsBrush, or be brushed!
Hypnotic HennaMephkiHave a hypnotic henna experience with Mephki.
Community Leaders RoundtableMephki (mod)1 hourHelp us plan the future of organized erotic hypnosis events around the country and world. Help us think about how to make the events we have better, and new exciting things in the future like the possibility of SEAHU (hypno cruise!)
Erotic Hypnosis Community Building RoundtableMephki (mod)1 hourThis is a roundtable discussion for people who are at any stage of dreaming about, starting, running, or manintaining an erotic/recreational hypnosis community. This is a forum to trade ideas and discuss challenges that your group is facing.
Discussion: Shifting from Non-D/s Play to D/s Play With Your Hypnokinkmoderator: AmHypnotic45 minsEveryone knows the standard hypnosis pretalk to alleviate worries and concerns of your average potential hypnotee: "I'm only a guide," "we call them 'suggestions' for a reason," and so on. While the truth of what hypnosis is remains exactly this, what do you do to shift, or what are signs that you've shifted, from non-D/s "hypnotist fun" mode to D/s "HypnoDom(me)" mode? Control vs. guide, order vs. suggest, head space shifts, attitude shifts, particular types of suggestions that tend to only happen during your D/s play or are signs that you're in HypnoDom(me) mode, and so on. Discussion mainly geared toward hypnotist-side, but hypnotees welcome to put in their 2 cents on observations they've made and or enjoy observing, because sometimes someone so very focused during such a shift notices far more than they're given credit for.
Deep in the DungeonMrDream (David)75 minutesHypnosis for places where it is loud, rambunctious and you want to get it done. This class will get you to where you can create hot scenes at parties, dungeons, public space, and take advantage of the amazing possibilities of hypnosis and trance play. Whether it is BDSM or just intense connection, we focus on the concept of utilization to bring mindplay into the dungeon. Includes co-topping and co-bottoming, and we will end up getting hands on. Both subjects and hypnotists welcome.
Hypnosis on The First DateMrDream (David)1 hourSometimes you want to get to know someone a bit before you start exploring hypnosis. First dates are about getting to know someone and can be an opportunity to explore, negotiate, and if the time is right, create exciting trance experiences. Whether it is a walk in the park, a dinner date, or just going out for coffee, we will explore how to safely, consensually, and amazingly, get that first trance. Subjects and Hypnotists welcome.
Mr StrangeDream: How I learned to stop worrying and love the BDSMMrDream (David)45 minutesWe will discuss what BDSM concepts can do to make your play safer, more consensual, better structured, and what RACK/SSC and Consent can do to create better rapport, hotter mindfucking, and even lead into consensual non-consent. Distinguishing between kink and abuse, and how to turn safety and responsible adult play into the thing that makes your partners come... back for more.
Dual inductions and Hypnotic Co-toppingmultipleFriday AMHands-on workshop.
Office HoursmultiplemultipleStop on by and ask a question, see a demo, or conversely, to answer questions or do demos. This is a space to have 1 on 1 or small group learning sessions with some really amazing teachers.
My First Hypnotic InductionPhotoJosephSo you think you'd like to be a hypnotist, and you're ready to start your 15-year apprenticeship? Maybe you'd like to take a little of the pressure off by just *doing* it once *before* you learn how? At the end of 45 minutes, you will have hypnotized someone, and you can start learning without the question of "can I do it?" looming over your head. Subjects, particularly experienced bottoms who want to start off with something easy, are welcome to come and get warmed up, and down, and up and down...
Acquiring an Hypnotist Professor-XSat AMAcquiring an Hypnotist is a class for hypnosis bottoms and switches who want to find and/or train people to be their tops, or hypnotists who want to train new hypnotists. Let's face it—hypnosis is a niche fetish, and sometimes finding partners in the community is hard. This course will explore how to train up new hypnotists just for you, how to guide ones that already exist into being better hypnotists for you, and how to make sure that you pick safe hypnotists to play with.
Trial By FireProfessor-XSun AMTrial By Fire is a class for hypnotists specifically and will explore abreaction. Attend at your own risk. Ever wondered what an ab-reaction actually looks like? Do you think you'd be ready for one? Through role-playing, Trial By Fire will show you some of the possible ab-reactions and provide you with a toolkit for preventing them and making them go away. Learn to think on your feet and problem-solve so that your hypnotee never even notices something unexpected happened. Trigger warning: ab-reactions will be role-played in class. No actual fire will be used in this class.
Fem Dom RoundtableRu'etha1 hourConnect with other Dommes!
Long-Distance Hypno RelationshipsRu'etha1 hourYou've met someone interesting, but they're a ways away. How do you make this work? Discussing options, communications, and those all-important meetings!
Long-term Submission TrainingRu'etha1 hourYou've been with someone for a while and you're ready to deepen the relationship. Discuss long-term training and relationship maintenance.
Hypnokinky YogaSetsudoAfter the 19th century physician James Braid coined the term "hypnosis," accounts of Indian saints convinced him that yogis are advanced self-hypnotists. In this class, Setsudo will guide you through yogic breathing, gentle postures and meditation, while illuminating connections between yogic and hypnotic techniques. He will highlight scientific studies which demonstrate that yoga has powerful abilities to produce both nervous system relaxation and arousal, contributing greatly to mental health and sexual satisfaction as a result. The class will demonstrate how both yoga and hypnosis offer delectable cocktails of letting go and getting excited that can help open you to getting turned on and entering top or sub space. Getting out of your head and fully embodied, you may find it easier to allow the subconscious mind to play a more active and creative role, express and fulfill your deepest fantasies, trance others or get tranced.
Hypnotic Yoga PracticeSetsudoStart your day at NEEHU right with a relaxing time to center and stretch.
How to drive your hypno dom nutsSkyla, EroticTist60 minsThis is what happens when someone volunteers to teach "absolutely anything" at NEEHU. Both parties have consented to this class, if you are wondering. Come prepared to laugh. A lot.
Hypno-Scene Negotiation, for Both Hypnotists and Subjects: Let's Make Sure Everyone Gets What They WantSpiralTurquiose & AmHypnotic60-75 minutesWe will discuss negotiating a scene so everyone involved in the scene can go through the whole scene and end with the worst case scenario being "Left wanting more." We intend for subjects to leave this class being better informed on what information they can give or ask to get the most fulfilling scene for themselves from a potential hypnotist, as well as for hypnotists to leave this class having various ideas on ways to come up with more specific ideas when the starting playing field is "Anything within our imaginations." We also intend to give everyone involved things to think about and consider regarding safety in the scene on the whole.
Queer RoundtableSpiralTurquoise Join this lightly moderated roundtable for discussing issues faced by queer members of the hypno-kink community. We will be discussing how sexuality and gender identity affect one's experience of the hypnosis scene. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome to join.
Esctatic BreathSuzanne SxySadist
All the Way DownWiseguy60 minsSometimes, all your partner really wants is to get taken ridiculously, blissfully deep. In this session we'll discuss why you might want that and demonstrate several ways to get someone very, very deep.
Brain OverloadWiseguyFriday dayConfusion inductions are a great way to help overanalyzing minds let go into trance. In this session, learn and practice some popular and effective confusion-style inductions that you can use with those partners who think too much.
Deeper, Faster, EasierWiseguy45 minutesGoing into hypnosis is a skill; in this session, you can learn what it takes to get better at going into trance, whether you choose to play with someone else or just to hypnotize yourself.
Erotic Hypnosis 101Wiseguy1 hourInterested in erotic hypnosis, but not sure where to start? Then start here! Wiseguy provides an overview of what erotic hypnosis is about, how it is used, and what it takes to enjoy safe mind play.
Kinky Human TricksWiseguy75 minutesExplore some of the most asked-about erotic hypnosis tricks including hypno-bondage, sensation play, memory play, and hypnotic orgasms.
Sleep Now!Wiseguy1 hourInstant and rapid inductions are fun, fast, and surprisingly easy to learn. In this hour we'll demonstrate and practice as many as we can squeeze in. Bring a partner if you like and come ready to play.
Your Hypnotic VoiceWiseguy45 minutesYour voice is your most distinctively recognizable hypnotic tool. Learn and practice simple techniques to help you develop yours. Also, learn some tricks for using your voice and your words more effectively with your partners.
Reach Out and Touch Someone (Kinesthetic Trance)ZanyMo60 minutesWhat do you communicate using touch? In this class we will discuss kinesthetic trance for the beginner as well as the more experienced. Be prepared to pair up or triple up and practice this sexy way of putting someone under. This sort of trance is excellent for loud play parties, wonderful for people that focus on words, techniques learned will enhance the more experienced players' sessions and they will be excellent for the beginner tist' who may have trouble with verbalizing fluidly.
Trancey Takedown (Demo)ZanyMo45 MinutesWatch a demonstration on how a trance can occur in the midst of a super-hot takedown scene, ask questions and explore trying it out.
Hypno Stitch'n'BitchBring your favorite fiber arts project and chat with other artsy hypno-folk!
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