Software Comparison: Video Conferencing and Webinar Software for Governments
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Presumes paid versionZoomGoogle Hangouts MeetBluejeans EventsCisco WebexGoToMeetingAmazon ChimeJoin.meMicrosoft Teams (formerly Skype for Business)DiscordUber Conference Granicus govMeetingsYouTube liveSlackVimeo LiveBoxCastFacebook Live
Max number of users on a single session with speaking options for all guests(max) 1000 speaking participants, 10,000 view only attendees possibleBasic & Education: 100
Business: 150
Enterprise & Enterprise for Education: 250
Unsure, this might mean. Total moderators + presenters allowed?200-1000Professional: 150 Business: 250, Enterprise: 30002 on free plan (person to person calls)
100 for pro plan (group meetings)
5 on lite plan
250 on pro plan
250 on business plan
25050010 for free plan
Up to 100 on paid plan
Inorder to get the info person has to be register with govrnment agencies and have contact Graicus support for more info N/A. Broadcast only.
Max number of users on a single session with broadcast/ listening only/ view only guests10k?100k"BlueJeans Events brings a whole new level of interactivity to all-hands meetings, town halls and webcasts. Engage up to 15,000 attendees with immersive video, Q&A, polling and large meeting controls."

"How many participants can attend an event?
A: Meeting capacity. Each Endpoint Type (see below) has a maximum number of connections that can be allocated from the 15,000 Attendee Capacity:

Web Browser - Up to 15,000
iOS & Android - Up to 15,000
Phone - Up to 500
Room System - Up to (100 - (Number of Moderators + Presenters))
Example: If your event has 2 Moderators and 10 Presenters, then the maximum number of Room System Attendees that can join your event is 88."
Events/webinars: 3,000
Stream: 40,000
In events it will allow up to 3000 participent N/AN/A10,000N/AInorder to get the info a person has to be register with govrnment agencies and have contact Graicus support for more infoLivestreams can be public, so unlimited?
Max duration of session24 Hours2 hoursNo time limitsNo time limits4 hours (Team Live)45 mins on free plan
5 hours on paid plan
Cutoffs at 12 hours for saving and archiving footage,
3 hours for editing.
Supports webinar (user persmissions to allow certain individuals to speak, others to only listen) MAY NEED WEBINAR LICENSE. Yes. See roles and permissions matrix: Hangouts is a Webinar and Web Conference platform for Google G Suite. But it need have account in business hangout.Yes, this product is webinar specific.Yes. May need HOST LISCENCE. tell story, reach audience, and grow marketing strategy. Sort of: Event mode "for meeting control", can also be delegated to another attendee. May be able to create functionality similar to a webinarOn pro plan: Screen sharing for up to 50 attendees with provided dial-in numbers.Yes. Screen sharing, can mute participants.
Supports moderationYes, see roles and permissions matrix: Roles and informaton: Roles include, Moderator, Presenter, and Attendee.Yes. Roles and Information: Organizer, panelist, presenter, attendee. More Information Presenter and attendees., can dial out to add participants, can set recurring conference calls. Can integrate to calendars. Roles include: Speaker, Attendee, moderation tools for live chat.
Supports chatSupports both private and group chat messages in a session. Host can control who can chat and/or disable chat features per session. Chats can be saved. See help: group chatYes, Chat allows you to discuss with Moderators / Presenters / Attendees freely about the event via open discussion. Chat allows for group messages, direct messages, or moderator-to-moderator chat. both private and group chat. Chats can also be saved. both comunity chat and private chat. And can do group chat Yes: person-to-person, group and chat rooms for all plansYes: chat and send filesYes: private chat, group chat.YesYesYes. Yes. Including live moderation tools,
Automatic Closed CaptioningYes?Yes! But only in English. (Anecdontally it seems Spanish is now available too)
Phone options
supports dial-inYes: Only avilable to G Suite adminstrators onlyYes. Can be enabled/disabled by host., toll rates per minute. Also offer toll-free dial-in at a higher rate per minute. Also offers feature where host can call others and add them (at a higher fee than either of the dial-ins.)Yes, toll free dial ins for Pro plan (user pays $0.08/min for dialins)Yes, toll free dial ins available within the country of the meeting.NoneYesSupport in dial-in
supports international numbersYes: (note this article is for BJ Meetings, not BJ events:, toll rates per minute. Also offer toll-free dial-in at a higher rate per minute. Also offers feature where host can call others and add them (at a higher fee than either of the dial-ins.)UnclearYes, $4.00 per month or varying rates per minutes (see link below).
Video options
Web browserYes, limited features works best in Chrome, see help: Workes best in Chorome. But some features (Offline access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Desktop notifications in Gmail) are not abilavle in Fireforx, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer:, limited features most features supported in Edge: Content sharing Only supported in Chrome and Firefox. But fratures will be limited such as Share yore screan in screan clean mode. Sharing video. use drawing tools. Take keyboard and, mouse controlYes, but only on desktop/laptop. Mobile browsers not supported. Some complications: you need to type in a URL with variables to send chat messages during a call for exampleOutlook and chrom pluginsYes. Edge, Chrome and Firefox fully supported. Limited features on Safari and Internet Explorer., Limited to 10 (Temp extended to 50)Yes
Native appYes. see below for specific optionsYes. see below for specific optionsYes. see below for specific optionsYes. see below for specific optionsYes. see below for specific optionsYesYesYes. see below for specific optionsYesYes
Requires software install?NoNoYes. NoNeed to install chrome or outlook pluginNoInstall free for web version
Browser Support
ChromeGoogle Chrome 53.0.2785 or higherGoogle Chrome v.42+Google Chrome v.42+Version 72+Google Chrome v57 or later *Yes (latest 3 versions)YesVersion 72+Yes
SafariSafari 10.0.602.1.50 or higherSafari v.11+Safari v.11+Safari v.11+Microsoft Edge v77 or laterOnly for chat (v.10+)Safari v.11+ (No audio/video sharing)
FirefoxFirefox 49.0 or higherEdge version 77+Firefox v.47+Firefox v.52+Yes (latest 3 versions) Firefox v.71+
EdgeMicrosoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 or higherInternet Explorer v.11Edge v 79+Edge version 77+Only for chat (latest version)Edge version 77+
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 10 or higherInternet Explorer v.11Internet Explorer v.11 (Win 8.1 and above)Internet Explorer v.11NoNo audio/video sharing
OperaOpera v.35+NoNoNo
OS Support
iOS AppYes:
Android AppYes:
Mac ClientYes:
Windows ClientYes:
Linux ClientYes:
Supports recording videoRobust support for recording video including a choice of multiple screen layouts See help: but help docs are not very detailedYes on pro planYes for Pro and Business plansYes (Only on paid version)NoNoYes
Supports recording audioRobust support for recording meetings, including local downloadable copies of audio, auto upload with sharable link in cloud, auto transcribe audio. See help:
Yes: but help docs are not very detailedYes on pro planYes for Pro and Business plansYes (Only on paid version)NoYesYes
Requires User Account
Notable other featuresSupports hand raising, polling, Q&A, and attention indication. Stream to facebook, youtube or custom platform live -- this may be a way to broadcast futher than 1,000polling, Q&A, Attention, share feedback Live stremming, polling, Stream to Facebook Live

"The Q&A is specifically designed as a way for Moderators / Presenters to gather questions from Attendees – other Attendees can also ‘upvote’ questions to show agreement."
Polling, Q&A, Breakout rooms, Feedback tools, Raise hand, Tracking attendance, Whiteboard. Paper. Case study, webinarrs, but goto Webiner supports live streamingAPIs and SDKs let developers connect directly into systems. Integrations available to launch from Outlook and Slack directly. Integration with in-room video conferencing systems. Pricing calculator on pricing page lets users estimate costs first.Whiteboard with infinite canvas in addition to screen share.
Presenter role can be handed over to another participant
Fully integrated with Office 365. Built in cyber security. Private channels.Free recording can then be automatically transcribedIts only for government agencies uses only. In order to have acess to the software user have to be register with them by providing their employment status in governet agencies
Pricing$19.99 per month per host for 1,000 person sessions.$6 per month for 100 participants.
$12 per month for 150 participants.
$25 per month for 250 participants.
No pricing for events tool provided on website$26.95 per month for 200 participants and minimum 5 licence per monthProfessional $12 for 150 participants, $16 for 250 participants, Above 250 pericipent price will be setup by phone call.Free for 1:1 use
Pro plan is $3/day up to $15 a month
On top of that you are charged for dial-in rates for everyone attending at $0.002216 per minute for US callers (for example, other ates for international). Use the pricing calculator at to calculate estimated prices
free for up to 3 participants
$10 for Lite plan
$20 for pro plan
$30 for business plan
Free version avaialbe. Paid version avaialbe from $5.00 per monthFreeFree for 10 users in a call (for 45 mins)
$15/month for all features, 100 in a call (for up to 5 hours)
Price can be set by calling support
Gov specific blog post on livestreaming from VimeoBoxCast post on streaming for local govs