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BrannonBoatnerSonHuffman Welding & MachineKeokukIa(319) 470-8899witness to multiple violations against complainantwitnessed Mayor Dinwiddie deny complainant equal protection of the law
ReneeBrannonSisterTy's greenhouseFt. MadisonIa(319) 561-0694witness to multiple violations against complainantwitnessed Mayor Dinwiddie make statements that Mark Conlee had done nothing wrong to general public in what he advised the Boatner was a private matter. He had an ethical duty not to give his opinion at all to the general public if he truly thought it was a private matter,
GarryDinwiddieOperator (ret)City of Ft.MadisonMontroseIa(319) 371-0632Witnessed the construction and removal of the berm on a daily basisbrother of Mayor Dinwiddie friend of and neighbor of Boatnerwitnessed Mayor Dinwiddie defame complainants character describing her as "crazy"witness the driveway was in fact a berm
KarenDinwiddieR.N.State of IowaMontroseIa wife of Garry Dinwiddie, saved the City from a tragedy at City hall. sister-in-law of Mayor Dinwiddie, friend and neighbor of Boatnerwitnessed rapid deteriation of complainants health
RobertDoddsExtension Office DirectorLee County, IaMontroseIa(319) 835-5516referred to complainant by cyburbia forum memberresident of City of Montrose showed the proffesional courtesy to come to the Boatner residence when att attempts to get the propert authority building administrator Mark Holland had been refused, expert prepared to testify that anything such as a berm being in place for 10 or more years is considered "existing" and cannot be removed if detrimental to neighboring property. Wrote letter to Boatner answering the question she had asked him concerning drainage laws, He sent a copy of this letter to Mayor Dinwiddie along with a copy of the Iowa drainage laws, Every other instance Bob Dodds opinion was well respected the the City and council members, only this one was there no response from Mayor Dinwiddie,
ChuchEckermannBureau ChiefIowa Dept. AgricultureDes MoinesIa515-281-8590complanant spoke to Mr. Eckerman multiple times each being seperate incidents Mark Conlee unlawfully applied chemicals to complanants property until financial hardship caused phone and internet service disconnected
Was contacted by Boatner multiple times regarding the illegal application of chemicals to her property. Was the authority contacted by Sally Fowler Sandquist when Conlee as a council member assume authority of maintaining the City's easement on Boatner's property. His maintainence was applying chemicals to the city drainage ditch which happened to be the point source of a large part of the city's storm water drainage ditches maiking that ditch the headwaters of a creek that feeds a backwater slough that feeds the Mississsippi River, The chemicals has washed downstream across two neighbors property and killed all living things, Conlee went so far as to photograph the weeds that not maintainable on the Citys side of the gully or Boatners side of the gully. Conlee was actually photographing his owm crime of appying toxic chemicals to the river, That is why the EPA got involved. He stopped doing this after the EPA sent a warning letter to the street dept director stating that the City had violated every law that is required for a CIty to apply any chemicals anywhere, Conlee more aggressively used his position as council member to "fget me back" more agressively with the chemicals applied to the common 500' boundary between our properties.
JohnFarmerCaptain LCSOLee County,IaMontroseIa(319) 463-7709City of Montrose Chief of Police, director of water/sewer dept 15+ years, until 2006 when he to a job with Lee County Sheriffs Officer resident of City of Montrosefrequent unannounced visitor at complainants homeprepared to testify that Mark Conlee originally intented to build a living quarters in the 2nd story of his non-conforming garage
GaryFolluoManager of local radio stationBoard of Supervisors Lee County, IaKeokukIa.(319) 795-1348Complainant and Mr. Folluo have mutual friend, Mark Mitchellwitnessed severity of complainants health spoke to Mayor Ruth on complainants behalf. Witnessed defamation of complainants character, specifically credability. Having evidence in hand he stated that the complainant is not lying about anything.Mr. Folluo spoke to Lee County Attorney Michael Short advising him that complainant had not received documents to fill out and send in for mitigation. Lee County Attorney Michael Short did not share the fact that he advised mitigation a year prior, Mark Conlee refused both times. Complainant faxed her documentation to the mitigators as advised by County Attorney Michael Short
HelenFowlerConservation Dept. (ret)Lee County, IaMontroseIa(319) 463-5593neighbor witnessed at meeting with Mayor Scumbato, Clerk Celeste Cirinna admitted she added a fraudulent ordiance to complainants nusiance abatement complaintwitnessed complainants drainage problems caused by Mark Conlee removing berm witnessed chemicals unlawfully applied to complainants property washed downstream onto her and Sally Fowler Sandquist's property killing vegatation
SallyFowler SandquistCertified Landscape Specialist Disney CorpMontroseIan/aneighbor (deceased)witnessed at meeting with Mayor Scumbato, Clerk Celeste Cirinna admitted she added a fraudulent ordiance to complainants nusiance abatement complaintwitnessed Mark Conlee state that he won the civil court case at the local pub, which is a "knowingly false statement". Sally has passed but I do know who she was with at the bar that evening, perhaps they can testify to that factwitnessed chemicals unlawfully applied to complainants property washed downstream onto her and Helen Fowlers property, killing vegatation
Dale Hagmeiermachinist (ret)KeokukIa319-795-4701Cousin of Mark ConleeMutual friend of Lee Co Deputy Dave Hunold and the complainantwas named as a witness that complainant gave Mark Conlee the finger, Stated to Deputy Hunold that he did not witness that action
PaulineGillOphthalmology AssistantGreat River OphthalmologyMontroseIa(319) 470-2126resident of MontroseJust prior to Mark Conlee's property develoment, Pauline built a new house. Pauline will testify that Building Administrator Mark Holland followed standard procedure, questioning details about the layout of how her home sets on her property before approving it for occupancy
BetsyGundyPhysical TheripistPhysical Therapist (Disabled)MontroseIa(319) 470-8815friend of complainantBetsy was a temporary roommate of complainant during the flood of 2008 witnessed chemicals had been applied unlawfully to complainants propertywitnessed rapid deteration of complainants health, including loss of vision and severity of skin condition
JacobHollandDumpTruck DriverBloome TruckingKeokukIaw/requestSon of Fire Chief/Building Administrator Mark Hollandtenant @ 105 N 5th St when owned by Mayor Dinwiddiewitnessed several incidents that cause reason for suspisious fire that destroyed double-wide mobile home.witness that driveway was in fact a berm
RandyKirchnerRoad Maintaince DeptLee County, IaFarmingtonIa(319) 795-3910friend of complainantMr. Kircher is an expert in his own right in property renovation, He advised Boatner what and how to repair the damaged corner of Boatner;s home when she first purchased in in 1995. He was to large to fit between the crawl space and the ground level floor of Boatner's crawl space, he stood in the basement on the concrete slab and directed Boatner in each process as how to do it properly. The damage to that corner of the homes was caused by lack of maintence of the city drainage ditches for more that 10 years as I dug my own ditches when I first purchased the property from Tonya Adjbis ub 1985, Definitly not caused by any stormwater being diverted from Conlees property due to the existing berm.
BillieAldertonLPNWomans Health CenterKeokukIaclosedHealth provider
GoldieLymonPastorTrinity Methodist ChurchMontroseIa(660) 948-2716
RobertMikotaPesticide InvestigatorIowa Dept of AgricultureDes MoinesIa(515) 281-8591
MarkMitchellCrane OperatorFeinburgs Scrap MetalFt. MadisonIa(319) 520-0253 Friend of ComplFriend of Co-Con #9
MarkPhilpAgentPhilp Insurance AgencyDonnellsonIa(319) 835-5618raised on this block
RandyRiddleService linemanAtmos EnergyKeokukIaw/request
CathyRoberts FarnsworthLee County General ServicesLee CountyMontroseIa(319) 463-5549
MikeSmithMontrose Police Dept/Deputy City of Monrtrose, IaMontroseIa(319) 520-0253
CraigSnyderOwner/operatorQuality Electric Motor ServiceKeokukIa(319) 520-6863

MaryVan PeltCouncil MemberCity of Montrose, IaMontroseIa(319)463-7308neighbor
StuartWestermeyerMachinistHuffman Welding & MachineKeokukIa(319) 372-7232Former owner of 111 N 5th St