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Anne-Laure CastelVillers-la-Ville can support companies to go through the B corp certification processAll but more specifically workers streamFinance, executive searchManufacturing, Services with Minor Environmental footprint50-249Yes4 hours
Aurélie DupontBrussels to Meet YouConsultancyEnglish, Frenchoverall impact strategy; framework for BIA; BIA; improvement plan Strategy & organisational strategy> Access to capital/funding
> Business/Fundraising Development
> Feasibility analysis
> Governance strategy
> Grant Research and Application
> Organisational strategy & effectiveness
> Shared Value/CSR programs
> Impact strategy & journey
> Strategic Planning & Advice
Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint0, 1-9, 10-49SMEYeson-demand, depending on the request - usually max. 2 hours
Barbara de BrouwerBrugge & CooperInternal to a CompanyEnglish, French, DutchExperience on the assessment from a company's perspective, guidance on the assessment itself and project management to turn the assessment into bite-ready projectsInternal viewpoint as a B Leader within a certified companyCommunication Management, people management and environmental managementWholesale/Retail10-49, 50-249Everyone eager to join the movement :) Preferably retail/wholesale as that is the area of my expertiseYes4 hours
Benoit SimonartBrussels, French, DutchGuiding companies throughout the full B Corp certification process, including the coordination of data collection, feasibility studies and proof points mapping. Coaching the verification process.Strategy development and action planManufacturing, Services with Major Environmental footprint250-1000, 1000+ServicesYes4 hours
Brieuc VandeleeneFontenoy to a CompanyEnglish, French, DutchInspiration and learning on the process to get to the certification (We are not there yet but soon)/CommunicationNone yetNone yet/No2meet up / getting to know them / sharing our experience
Diana GarciaAntwerp Impact Design StudioConsultancyEnglishTraining, project management, team engagementn.aCommunication management, team engagementManufacturing, Services with Major Environmental footprint10-49, 50-249Yes4 hours
Dirk Le RoyBrussels, French, DutchGuiding companies throughout the full B Corp certification process, including the coordination of data collection, feasibility studies and proof points mapping. Coaching the verification process. Developing sustainability strategy and coaching its implementationManufacturing, Services with Major Environmental footprint250-1000, 1000+Yes4 hours
Eliane BusinessConsultancyEnglish, FrenchPreassessment diagnostic + internal project management with the team + assessment + B Lab certification process + B in the Board + Carbon B RadicalI have experience in all the pillars of the assessment and supported several companies through the full assessment process.Previously a lawyer, I managed a company active in carbon footprint consultancy. I know all the managerial aspects of a company and can therefore support SMEs navigate through the different pillars of the assessment.Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint0, 1-9, 10-49, 50-249start-up, small and big SMEsYesSupport in defining the scope of the assessmentSupport in defining the scope of the assessment
Elisa Galvan Mondié + Nature positive cities development companyConsultancyEnglish, FrenchImpact CFO servicesconstant learningGreen Bonds issuance I Carbon credits generation I Sustainable Finance Regulation complianceNone yet10-49No4 hours
Elora Majean Liège Beautiful GreenConsultancyEnglish, FrenchAs a Consultant, I help clients understand what they need to change, creating a vision for the organisation and giving them a roadmap and tools to implement this. I am experienced in undertaking the B Corp assessments, identifying areas for improvements and giving the tools to take action. I have worked with communication - consultancy - real estate services companies as well as with wholesale/retail companies. I can provide complementary services such as supplier analysis, CSR strategy creation and implementation, awareness and sustainability related topics workshops and benchmark/research analysis. I am also specialised in sustainable fashion.Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint0, 1-9, 10-49Yes1H
Evelien van KemenadeGent to a CompanyEnglish, Dutch, spanishconsultancy regarding the B corp processService with Significant Environmental Footprint, design and buildingEnvironmental design and build, energy, circularity, bio-basedNone yetNone yetNo2 hoursadvise, consultancy
Evelyne Van Cleven Brussels, French, DutchHelping companies leverage their B Corp certification by integrating it their marketing and communication strategy. Communication and marketing communication strategy and management, branding and positioning, brand awareness, marketing communication campaignsNone yet0, 1-9, None yetNocase by case
Inge WiameGhent, French, Dutch, GermanA pragmatic assistance with the B-Corp Impact assessment (BIA), guidance and inspiration on the various themes within the BIA, workshops and engaging stakeholders needed for a successful path into becoming a B-Corp.Embracing both complexity & simplicity. Organizational coaching.Design & implementation sustainable strategy/business models.
Systemic & Regenerative thinking.
Behavioral Design.
Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint1-9, 10-49, 50-249, 250-1000As long as there's openness & willingness to change :) YesDepending on the company/question
Isaline Winch ProjectsConsultancyEnglish, French, DutchAssessment / workshops / Project management / coaching / training / facilitation Assessment / workshops / Project management / coaching / training / facilitationCorporate governance / strategy / management Services with Minor Environmental footprint1-9>= 10 FTE’sNo4 hours
Jan DelmotteMechelen PartnerConsultancyEnglish, French, DutchB Corp infosessions; B Corp engagement sessions; Basic Impact Assessment; B Corp action plan & improvement dashboard; periodic follow-up during the certification process; stakeholder workshops; policy developmentAssessing Impact Business ModelsSDG contribution assessments; stakeholder events; transition training sessions; SDG inspiration sessions; sectors: energy, agriculture & food, land & sea use, circular economy.Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint0, 1-9, 10-49SMBs in any sector, preferably in Flanders or Brussels region.YesWe apply fixed pricing for B Corp certification tracks. I am willing however to provide pro-bono time to education regarding sustainable development.
Lycops BusinessConsultancyEnglish, French, DutchWe support companies on the road to certification. Our aim is to make the certification process as simple and coherent as possible for you, so that you can concentrate on the added value of such an approach: implementing best practices at the heart of your business. Impact Business Models EU Taxonomy Regulation, SDGs framework, Sustainability reporting (GRI & CSRD)Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint1-9, 10-49, 50-249SMEsYesSupport defining scope & sustainability frameworks
Melvin LaurentBrussels &, French, DutchI can provide full support in the B Corp journey including assessment, workshops, project management, training, improvement, etc.B Corp Certifications including feasibility studies, the full coordination of data collection, mapping of proof points, and coaching the verification process. Next to that I developed improvement action plans for certified B Corps and re-certification guidance. I also integrate and train people to the SDG Action manager.As sustainability coach I provide all necessary support in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies. Applying B Corp is a part of those strategies. I focus on ESG/CSR reporting, which is a comparable process to the B Corp certification.
I have expertise in various sectors ranging from food, retail, FMCG to construction, energy production, finance, service providers and government org.
Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail, Services with Minor Environmental footprint, Services with Major Environmental footprint1-9, 250-1000, 1000+Companies willing to improve their impacts and up-taking their responsibilities. Yes4 hours
Olivier Devaux Brussels ConsultingConsultancyEnglish, French, DutchB Corp assessment, project management, change management with focus on sustainability Support leaders to define their sustainable transformation journeyLeadership, process management, project management and process management Manufacturing, Services with Major Environmental footprint50-249, 250-1000, 1000+Any type of organisation as soon as I work for leaders who are highly motivated and inspiringYes4 hoursTraining
Philippe DrouillonNivelles SRLConsultancyEnglish, FrenchI can offer support and/or project management skills re BCorp assessment, awareness workshops, project management from assessment till project roadmapping and implementation and - last but not least - train the trainer approach to internalize skillsBCorp assessment as I went through a certification process for Metamorphosis ; several strategy and action plans in corporations who used the B Impact assessment as a way to decide where to play and how to play (reflection in progress to submit a B Corp certification file)Design and implementation sustainable business models, Human-Centered Design Thinking, Expertise in : Circular Economy at large, Biomimicry, Bio-based pathways, Social enterprises, Impact assessment, Design and implementation of innovation pipelines, Agile (project management, project portfolio management and Agile@scale), Transformation managementNone yetNone yetPurpose-led companies either small, medium or bigYes8 hoursAwareness workshop, kick off of the assessment process, design of a portfolio of BCorp related projects, kick off of the implementation of BCorp projects with Agile way of working
Sonia BonusBraine l', French, DutchPre-assessment/Workshop to explain B Corp (why/what/how/benefits/tips to ease the journey/Project management/Training on how to tackle the process (eligibility check, on boarding & set up core team/BIA self-assessment/B Lab audit, certification preparation)/Internal com/Internal engagement Coordination of the BIA and management of the full certification process for large companies (I managed the B Corp certification for 5 entities of Danone based in Belgium and in The Netherlands, including a factory) and for small organisations (I coordinated the B Corp certification of a social business in India).
Engagement of staff in sustainability roadmap/B Corp journey of their organisation by making them ambassador and changemaker.
Activation of B Corp externally (e.g. actions with retailers, communication campaign).
Program to engage staff and make them ambassador and changemaker inside and outside the company
How to include B Corp in the strategic plans of the company
Manufacturing, Wholesale/Retail, Services with Major Environmental footprint250-1000, 1000+Yes4 hours
Stefan SallingerBrussels self-employedConsultancyEnglish, French, Dutch, GermanStrategic consultancy and project management to help companies in the transformation to a sustainable, impactful organization, by using the B Corp as well as other ESG frameworks. Certified GRI professional. In addition, advisory to policy makers at national and international/EU level.n/aCertified Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) professional and active member, as well as strategic advisory and project management.None yetNone yetYesOn demand, depending on request.Senior management strategic workshop to frame and position B corp and decide for next steps
Stéphanie ZanglAywailleéphanie-zangl-enviconsult/EnviconsultConsultancyEnglish, French, GermanProject management, strategic consulting, training, communicationN/ALegislation, regulatory framework, consumer issues, mobilityNone yetNone yetNo8 hoursDefining the objectives, the methodology and the timeline
Valérie Viatour Embourg, French, German, ItalianAudit (and presentation of results), project management, program management, matrix of materials, Fresques (Climat and Numérique), action plansMy ambition is to help companies to reduce their environmental footprint and to act for more social justice. Governance is one of my main tools because it helps to structure an approach, to prove and measure actions as well as to anchor progresses in the company. I use simple and fun tools to help companies to be more structured.
In my spare time, I do activities in schools, as a volunteer, to raise awareness as many people as possible of the challenges of climate changes.
Guberna Certified Director, Bilan Carbone Certified, Fresque du Climat and Fresque du Numérique animatorNone yetNone yetI prefer to work with companies in the industry sector or in the service sector. If possible between 50 and 1000 collaborators.No8 hoursFresque du Climat, Fresque du Numérique, basic roadmap
Vanessa NicolaïAntwerp, French, DutchAssessment, Project Management, Impact strategy, Communication, workshopGovernance, Environment, Community, CustomersImpact Strategy, Purpose/mission, marketing, innovation, communicationWholesale/Retail10-49, 50-249, 1000+Yes4 hours
Virginie HoetBrussels, French, DutchGuiding companies throughout the full B Corp certification process, including the coordination of data collection, feasibility studies and proof points mapping. Coaching the verification process. n/aManufacturing, Services with Major Environmental footprint250-1000, 1000+Yes4 hours
Virginie MenkoBrussels, French, DutchI am supporting organisations throughout the certification journey from employee engagement to BIA assessment and project management. My professional background in multiple organisations enables me to facilitate processes in various environments and to advice you with a pragmatic approach. I facilitated top management and all-employee meetings in the engagement phase of the project, helped organisations to complete the BIA and provided them with purposeful advice to reach certification.I have a Talent/HR expertise as well as experience in various types of organisations and sectors. I followed the BIA boot camps in London some years ago which gives me a more in-depth understanding of the BIA.Wholesale/Retail, Services with Major Environmental footprint10-49, 250-1000YesFirst high-level presentation of B Corp and upon context.
Whitnack BryanGembloux Consult / IgneosConsultancyEnglish, FrenchWe happily team up with entrepreneurs and companies willing to (re)think their strategies in line with SDG's and transition to the new economy, including B-Impact Assessment and consultancy towards B-Corp certification Sustainable Strategies (HBS Certified), sustainable business models, foodchain quality and safety control and certificationNone yetNone yetSmall and Mid Sized Industrial CompaniesNo4 hoursDiagnostic
Wim VerbekeOnze-Lieve-Vrouw Lombeek, DutchGuiding companies throughout the full B Corp certification process, including the coordination of data collection, feasibility studies and proof points mapping. Coaching the verification process.Data collectionSocial & Environmental Due Diligence in the Supply ChainNone yetNone yetNo0
Xavier CrielSchoten, French, Dutchproject management, workshops, BIA supportnonesustainability employee engagement workshops, risk management, business continuity managementNone yetNone yetSMENo2 days