HOTRAK Defect Log
ModuleDefect and/or Recommended SolutionPriorityInspected DateWho found Defect?Who will repair it?VenuePlanned Repair DateActual
Repair Date
NotesParts/Supplies NeededTools Needed
Cart 5 & 7Carts 5 & 7 need to have their numbers switchedH14-Sep-2023Steve ASteve AWork SessionBefore Oct Op Session
Cart 5The new Cart 5 has 1½" diameter wheels which don't work. Need to replace them with at least 3" wheels.17-Sep-2023Robin?Work SessionBefore Oct Op Session
ColonnadeThe gap on the interchange track is less than 1½". Needs to be trimmed backH17-Mar-2023 Paul?Op Session15 Sep 2023Needed for Sep 2023 op session
ColonnadeThere is a vehicle missing at the interchange platform. Needs to be found and reglued. In the jar?L28-May-2023Pat?Work Session16 Sep 2023Steve found the vehicle in the module box and took it home.
ConnaughtRemove bumper strip below plexi to get module down to 24" wide from 25½" wideM12-Sep-2023SteveKimTake Home1 Nov 2023Needed so that these modules can be stored on the storeroom on occasion.
CremonaSpecial joiner track keeps getting lost. Paint it yellow and put label on backM26-Sep-2022SteveWork Session16 Sep 2023Once Paul builds the new joiner tracks, Steve to paint them yellow and apply label that he has already printed off
CremonaSpecial joiner track for inside mainline is lost.H10 Feb 2023Dilip?Work Session15 Sep 2023Steve to look for it at Sep op session
DCC Command Station Circuit breaker board failed at Jan 2023 ops session. Paul mentioned that he needs to check all the breakers to see if they have the same potential problemM7 Jan 2023Paul APaul ATake Home2023Paul to rebuild it in summer 2023
DeerfieldCrossover too short, causes derailmentsM24 Apr 2022Mark MPaul ATake Home2023Double Crossover to be replacd with long version
DeerfieldPlexiglas goes right to end of module. Plexi needs to be cut back by 2mm at each end of each module17-Sep-2023David?Work SessionFall 2023
DoorbellDidn't work for most people. Replaced battery but that didn't helpM2-Dec-2022StevePaul?Work Session2023Paul figures that it is a broken wire in the ceiling. Pat suggests that we replace it with a wireless battery-operated doorbell.
FallowfieldAdd a crossover to bring module in line with module standardL6-Jan-2023SteveGregg?Take Home2023
Fallowfield StationBox with station fell off a stack of modules. Station needs attention and a better box needs to be createdM7-Sep-2023Paul A?Take Home2023
Fiddle YardBroken PlexiM4-Nov-2022PatMark MTake HomeFall 2023Steve measured broken piece on 27 Mar [12" long x 2 5/8" high]. Steve to advise Mark M who will cut a new piece of plexi
Hawthorne (New Wye)Build, test and operationalizeL4-Nov-2022Paul APaul AHome16 Sep 2023Built and tested at home. Test it at Sep 2023 op session
Hawthorne (New Wye)Needs new set of setup/takedown instructionsH14-Aug-2023Paul APaul A & Mark BWork Session15-17 SepInstructions done at 16 Aug work session. Will test them at 16 op session
HOTRAK SignThe metal frame fell over and jammed against Cart1, making it difficult to remove Cart1. The frame needs a new homeM26-May-2023Steve?Work SessionFall 2023Temporarily stored at Bob Vanasse's home
Jackfish BayEnd plate at one end needs to be triangle-shaped like the other end so that boxed set can have items placed on itL23-Nov-2022Steve?Work Session2024
Jackfish BayStorage box. When lifting box onto the cart in the storeroom at March ops session, mountain fell out (4' drop) and was damaged. Need to secure the lid to the box so that it stays shut when lifting it so that the mountain doesn't get damaged and so that the lifter doesn't get hurtM19-Mar-2023Steve?Work SessionFall 2023
Jackfish BayStorage box for mountain. Needs hand-holes added near top on the 3 enclosed sides to make it easier to handleM26-May-2023SteveSteveWork SessionFall 2023
Jeanes BridgeRail is pulled up at one end (6-8" of rail)H26-May-2023SteveNeed volunteerHome10 Oct 2023Need it for October op session
Joiner Track BoxNot all brown tie joiner tracks are code 83. Peco is code 100 and has been mixed in with code 83s. L10-Feb-2023JeffSteveWork Session20 Feb 2023
17 Mar 2023
Fall 2023
Steve recommends that we never buy Peco joiners and only buy Atlas. Give the Peco ones away. Steve to check if there are chunks of flextrack mixed in the box. Once exec approves, Steve to buy 2-4 packs of Atlas Code 83 joiner tracks and bring to March op session. Steve to resend email to exec to follow up
LayoutRails need cleaning and scenery needs dusting across the layoutM28-May-2023Colin C?Work SessionFall 2023Ask Colin C if he knows of a good vacuum to use for dusting
LegsWe have 25 short (yellow) legs but only need 16 on Wyecliffe & Jackfish Bay (some on Fiddle yard?)[even fewer now that gussets on Wyecliffe have been raised]. Should convert some to standard length and if we can raise gussets on Wyecliffe, Jackfish and Fiddle yard(?), then we can convert all to standard lengthM8-Aug-2022PatMark MHomeFall 2023Mark M took several yellow legs home at end of March Op Session to convert them to red legs
Leg dollyNeeds 2 vertical supports on bottom shelf to reduce sagL22-Nov-2022SteveClub memberWork Session2024Assess on Friday night and bring repair parts on Sat and install
Leg dollyNeeds a square tube, L or T steel bar running the length of underside of dolly to reduce sagL22-Nov-2022SteveClub memberWork Session2024Assess on Friday night and bring repair parts on Sat and install
Leg dolly #2Need more room for legs and reduce weight and top heaviness of current leg dolly. 2nd leg dolly should store legs and plastic tubsM1-Sep-2022Paul ATBDHome2024Needs a plan for the exec to opine on
LightingNeed some work lightsL6-Dec-2021ExecTBDWork SessionFall 2023Put call out to membership to bring for next work session.
M&ODamaged wye trackM27-May-2022?TBDTake HomeFall 2023Alignment pins installed on 4 Nov. Track was improved but it really needs to be pulled up and relaid. Someone needs to take it home to fix it. SA asked Paul on 9 Au if he has someone in mind.
M&OStation platform broken. Needs a whole new platform, not just repairs to existing platformL2-Dec-2022George??2024
M&OEnd plates for long box set are mis-labelled. Corner letters do not match corresponding letters on modules.M17-Mar-2023JeffTBDWork SessionFall 2023Before modifying the end plates, need to confirm that the end plates for long vs short box sets weren't switched in error. These end plates have been around for years so seems odd that this problem hasn't been identified before now
MP FoodsCrossover on right side of module (north track frog) causing shortsM18-Mar-2023Nicola?Work SessionFall 2023
OrleansRemove bumper strip below plexi to get module down to 24" wide from 25½" wideM12-Sep-2023SteveKimTake Home1 Nov 2023Needed so that these modules can be stored on the storeroom on occasion.
Ottawa River/St LawrenceWhen paired together, long Ikea bolts were accidentally used to attach end plates which prevented the small pair of curved bridges from nesting inside Ottawa/StLawrence which costed us 15 minutes during takedown. Need to do something to ensure that only short bolts are usedM19 Mar 2023Steve?Work Session27 Mar 2023
Fall 2023
Cleared up instructions for Fiddle Yard which should restrict where the long 3" Ikea bolts are used. However, probably need to put a note/diagram on the end plates of the bridges to show the longest Ikea bolt that should be used
Ottawa YardModule 1 Point rail does not make contact with stock rail. Needs micro switches added to throw mechanism underneath.LKnown FaultPaul AndersonPaul AndersonTake HomeFall 2023.Needs micro switches added to throw mechanism underneath. Clean contacts. Add at future worksession
Ottawa YardA track in the middle of the yard was pulled upM18-Mar-2023Pat?Work Session10 Oct 2023Need it for October op session
Ottawa YardWiring problem in passenger train tracks as well as intermodal tracks. Problem arose after modules were rewired16-Sep-2023EveryonePaul AWork Session10 Oct 2023Need it for October op session
Plastic TubsThe plastic tubs (Cart 5) are sitting on a blue plastic dolly and the tubs slide around on the dolly. We need a dolly with a raised edge around it to hold the bottom tub in place and a push barL27-Aug-2022SteveSteveHomeFall 2023Steve took measurements of the bottom tub on 18Nov. Steve to design something
RadiosTest radios for dispatchingH11 Sep 2023PatPat?Before Oct Op Session
Reichenbach FallsNew 1' module needs a cover or pair it with Mud/Spencers or with White River to protect itLSteveMark MHomeFall 2023
Reichenbach FallsNeed to determine where it will be stored in the storeroomM18-Nov-2022SteveSteveHomeFall 2023Mark M to provide Steve w dimensions of the module once it is either boxed or has a cover
Stillwater / Rock CutEnd plates need to be triangle shaped at both ends so that boxed set can stand on end and have items placed on themL24 Apr 2022SteveTBDHome2024Steve, Mark C and Doug created a paper template to show what the wedge piece needs to look like. At Nov op session, Steve to take picture of the "wedge end plates" of Bells Corners and Jackfish to use as ideas for solving the problem
Store RoomExtend store room by 4'MExecPaul AWork SessionSummer 202318Nov2022 - Steve and Paul took measurements.
04Dec2022 - Paul developed a plan & Mark M submitted it to Joe and Joe confirmed plan is acceptable and gave authority for construction to begin as early as Jan 2023
27Jul2023 - Framing and panelling on inside of wall installed
Store RoomInstall a high shelf beside the existing shelf to store the metal pipes used to hang the club sign to get it out of the way. Frame is currently stored under the shelf.L23-Feb-2023SteveSteveWork SessionSummer 2023Steve has the materialsBob Vanasse took the metal pipe home after Arnprior to temporarily store it there.
Store RoomNeed second light to go into extended areaM14-Aug-2023PaulMark M and Paul AWork SessionSummer 20232023 0816 - Mark M purchased a new light fixture that was checked out at the 16 Aug work session. Mark to return light and buy a two pack which includes diffusers which don't come with the single packs
Store RoomNeed to do something to prevent the heavy metal dispatch board from falling over and hurting someone againL15-Sep-2023Steve AWork SessionFall 2023
Table 2Bottom of leg on table is bent outwards.L18-Nov-2022SteveSteveWork Session2024Steve to bring a heavy hammer to the session and bend the leg straight
Table 3There is a table in the garage with one leg mechanism missing and the other mechanism is half on. Joe advised that we can fix if we canM20-Feb-2023SteveSteveWork Session2024Need to find the missing leg mechanism or install a new one
Three BridgesProblems with Arduino controlling switch machines so we still don't have remote control of switchesM4-Nov-2022Paul APaul AHomeFall 2023This needs to wait until the new Wye is operational. Once operational, 3 Bridges can be taken out of service to work on it
Three BridgesIt appears that parameter diagram for 3 Bridges is incorrect wrt the placement of Mud Creek. Diagram says 30½" for module edge and 42½ for track location. Measurements of module show 33" from module edge and 2 5/8" from centre gapM27-Mar-2023SteveSteveHomeFall 2023Someone (Steve) to update parameter file to accurately reflect where the track on 3 Bridges meets Mud Creek
VestaSeveral scenic elements are damaged or missing. Whole module needs an upgrade. Railway crossing at west end needs regrading. Might want to consider changing the concept of the west end flooded foundation.L28-May-2023Pat?Work Session2024
Wago Inline ConnectorsPaul and Exec to decide if we should buy these connectors in bulk to speed up the replacement of the problematic pig tailsM27-Mar-2023Steve?HomeFall 2023Paul to determine how many we would need before we make a decision
WelshFor end plate bolts, replace 5/16" bolts with Ikea boltsL8-Aug-2022Paul ATBDWork Session2024Only do this if we can find more Ikea bolts
WelshWiring broken and loose on modules. Order of modules was corrected when guide pins were installed, some connections between modules no longer connect.L4-Dec-2022Bob VanasseTBDTake Home15 Sep 2023Needed for Sep 2023 op session
WelshModule labels has Scott Harris as owner. Needs new label showing club as owner but built by ScottL27-Mar-2023SteveDavid ?Take Home2024
White RiverOuter rail between bridge and edge has a dip which can cause engines to derailM19-Mar-2023Josh?Work SessionFall 2023Paul to investigate at March work session
Willowdale / MandrakeFor end plate bolts, replace 5/16" bolts with Ikea boltsL8-Aug-2022Paul ATBDWork SessionFall 2023Only do this if we can find more Ikea bolts
WyecliffeStation platform broken. The wheelchair ramp is no longer attachedL19-Mar-2023DavidDavidOp SessionFall 2023
WyecliffeWyecliffe needs it's A and B ends properly labeled and not scratched out17-Sep-2023James?Work SessionFall 2023
Member-owned modules ↓
BayviewPlexiglas goes right to end of module. Plexi needs to be cut back by 2mm at each end of each moduleH17-Sep-2023DavidDavidAt HomeFall 2023
BrantfordMisaligned track where modules meetH27-May-2023SteveBenAt HomeFall 2023
Brewer's MillsPlexi is brokenM1-Sep-2021StevePatAt HomeFall 2023
City BakeryJoiners won't slide under railsM2-Dec-2022SteveMark MAt Home5 Jan 2023
City BakeryCould use a crossover on mainlineL4-Dec-2022SteveMark MAt Home?Will monitor how module is switched and determine if necessary
City BakerySwitch 217 direction is backwards. Up goes to lower trackM17-Mar-2023Mark MMark MAt Home21 Apr 2023
City BakeryElectrical problems at March 2023 op session. None of the turnouts would operateM18-Mar-2023Mark MMark MAt Home21 Apr 2023
CornwallDamaged sceneryM24-Apr-2022PatPatAt HomeFall 2023
DanforthLegs do not have elevator boltsM3 Jun 2022StevePerry & MarkMAt HomeTBDN/A for club work session. build his own or buy from club module program
GrantonPoints on turnout 214 not making full contact w stock railH8-Jan-2023ConnorMark MAt Home10 Feb 2023
Prairie GrainSwitch toggles not workingM6-Jan-2023Mark MMark MAt Home10 Feb 202310-Sep-2023Toggles work fine at home (NCE layout). Maybe an issue with Digitrax integration. Test again at Sep layout
Prairie GrainPoint bent on turnout #126H8-Jan-2023SteveMark MAt Home10 Feb 202310-Sep-2023I don't see a bend. Look again at Sep layout
Prairie GrainNo feeders to tank spur track17-Sep-2023Mark MMark MAt HomeFall 2023
Prairie GrainToggles not working17-Sep-2023Mark MMark MAt HomeFall 2023Loconet wriing not compatible w ??? . Needs special loconet cable by Paul
Prairie GrainCheck remote open/closed confirm w reality17-Sep-2023Mark MMark MAt HomeFall 2023
Club and member modules defects already fixed ↓
Alberts' AbyssPower wire missing at one end of moduleF3-Dec-2021SteveSteve3-Dec-20213-Dec-2021
AlgonquinLegs do not have elevator boltsF3 Jun 2022StevePerry & MarkMAt home202311-Mar-2023
AlgonquinRails are too close to west end of module. Needs to be cut back by a few mmF27-May-2022SteveBrandon & Jim16-Sep-20228-Sep-2022
AlgonquinEnd of rail at west end won't allow joiners to slide under railF27-May-2022?Brandon & Jim16-Sep-20228-Sep-2022
AlgonquinThe module joint between the West section and Centre Section, tracks don't align, causing derailments. Observed at ArnpriorF1 Jun 2022PatBrandon16-Sep-20228-Sep-2022Problem occured at Arnprior because the alignment pins were missing. This shouldn't be a problem going forward
AlgonquinTracks at both ends of module are not straight for the first 6" from the end of the module.A27-May-2022SteveBrandonAt Home202311-Sep-2023Steve raised issue at 11 Sep 2023 exec mtg. Exec accepts the module as is but if, at some point in the future, the track breaks or problems arise, then Brandon will need to bring it into standard.
Anderson Power PolesNeed a tester that connects to rail ends and connects to the Anderson connectors to determine if the wiring is correct using red and green LEDsF27-Mar-2023SteveSteveHomeSummer 202328 Jul 2023Steve made 3 testers using Paul's wiring diagram and Paul's feedback that tester should connect to tracks while module is on its back during rewiring installation. Steve and Paul to keep one tester each and the 3rd to go into the gray command station
Anderson There is a lifted rail on one end of the bridgeF21-Apr-2023PatPatWork SessionSep 20237 Sep 2023End affected is shown on the module with yellow tape. Module can't be used in its present state.
BayviewRails at joint between modules is off by about 1mm which is causing large number of derailments. Tried to loosen clamps and re-align it but that didn't workF17-Sep-2022George & SteveDavidAt Home21 Apr 202327-Mar-2023David, Steve and Paul looked at Bayview at Mar 2023 op session and problem is still there. David needs to wet down the ballast and re-align the track
BayviewTracks don't align between the two module sectionsF22-Apr-2023PatDavidAt HomeBy May 20237-Sep-2023Derails some cars.
BDUTrack gauge and alignment issuesF5-Dec-2021GregBernie6 Jan ?31-Mar-2022Bernie took it home for fix. No fault found.
BeachburgAdd alignment pin(s) between module and fiddle yard to speed up setupF4-Nov-2022Paul AndersonPaul and PatWork SessionFall 20224-Nov-2022
Bells CornersOutside track at west end had no electrical connectionF22-Apr-2023JoshJosh and JamesOp Session22 Apr 2023Replaced the track at the end of the module
Bell's CornersWhen taking this set down at the May session it was very difficult to remove the bolts holding the two halves of the modules together. The holes are not labled correctly under the module and the bolts must have washers or they sink into the wood and are difficult to remove.F28-May-2023Pat and Colin McMRobinWork Session7 Sep 20237 Sep 2023Bolt holes labelled
Bell's CornersA number of small scenic elements have fallen off and are in the bolt jar. They need to be reglued to the module.F28-May-2023Pat and Colin McMRobinWork SessionFall 20237 Sep 2023Bits glued down
CAMIPlexi is too close to end of module and binds with plexi on next module. Needs to be cut backF16-Sep-2022SteveMark MAt homeFall 20229-Dec-2022Plexiglass cut back
CAMI EastLoose trackF6-Jan-2023Mark MMark MOp6 Jan 2023CA'd track down
CAMI LeadPlexi is too close to end of module and binds with plexi on next module. Needs to be cut backF16-Sep-2022SteveMark MAt homeFall 20229-Dec-2022Plexiglass cut back
CAMI WestPlexi is too close to end of module and binds with plexi on next module. Needs to be cut backF16-Sep-2022SteveMark MAt homeFall 20229-Dec-2022Plexiglass cut back
Cart 1The rotating casters swing beyond the edge of the deck so they catch on the wall or other modules. Problem was noted on Cart 4 - need to check Cart 1 to see if it has the same problemF18-Nov-2022Paul ASteve20233 Dec 2022Move the casters towards the centre of the cart