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2/11/2015 15:08:48Keller, Mark206-790-0798mkeller411@yahoo.comWednesday , Away Regattas21Learned to sail ages ago but been a landlubber for the last 20 years. A non-sailing friend recently bought a cruiser and I've been re-learning as I teach him what I know. Out about 5 days in 2015 with lots more planned.

Interested in racing to re-learn/hone sail trim skills, sail shaping, rig tuning and whatever else I can to get the most out of whatever boat I'm on.

I know most of the sailing lingo but I'm not shy to speak up if something isn't clear to me and try not to let my ego keep me from learning.

Available on short notice. Will have appropriate attire and PFD.
3/3/2015 20:22:36Zeegers,Joost(360)961-1627zeidiver@gmail.comTuesday , Wednesday , Long distance , Away Regattas44
3/16/2015 15:30:53Kyselica, Stephan(630) 403-8661Tuesday , Wednesday , Long distance 21My name is Stephan, and I'm pretty new to sailing. I thought this might be a good way to learn. I have some experience sailing on Lake Michigan on a rhodes 19. I'm pretty flexible on dates and times.
3/21/2015 10:13:19Brown, Serge425-299-8716Sergeb63@yahoo.comTuesday , Wednesday , Long distance 21I am a positive, fast learning, hard working, 6'1. 255lb, 51 yr old man who can still deadlift 405lbs, bench press 335lbs and Squat 315lbs. If you need a workhorse on your Crew and don't mind my lack of experience I will repay you by showing up ready and excited about being part of your team.
3/31/2015 20:34:57Dean, Dave360-303-7884daverdean@gmail.comTuesday , Wednesday , Long distance , Away Regattas43I have crewed in the past for two seasons and occasional races as well.

I am confortable on the water and enjoy .. pit

I have been sailing for many years on cats, mono, made deliveries, windsurf and am a good "helper"
4/2/2015 18:36:47Ahlen, Arne360 201 9895arnetanna@gmail.comWednesday , Long distance , Away Regattas43
4/2/2015 19:48:02Dubrow , Ron360-739-1937rdubrow@wwdb.orgWednesday 55
4/6/2015 14:43:56Dearborn, Amy206-612-8283doeadearborn@gmail.comTuesday , Wednesday 33some Wednesday nights are open, and possibly some away races. I have committee boat experience too.
4/23/2015 16:10:30Sanders, Bryan406-471-8634bryguy_sanders@yahoo.comWednesday , Long distance 33Did two summers on Flathead Lake in Montana crewing off and on for races on my friend's San Juan sailboat. It was 22' long I think? Anyway, I recently moved to Bellingham and would love to start sailing again!
2/1/2016 10:11:44Corcoran, Mick360-319-5448micksails@aol.comHotfoot 27 PHRFBlackfootWednesday , Long distance , Away Regattas44
2/2/2016 12:11:15Dave Steffen360-661-5639d.steffen@ymail.comBene First 36.7VitesseLong distance , Away Regattas44
Must play well with others
2/18/2016 12:27:55Jones, Coby Tuesday , Wednesday , Long distance 31Worked on commercial fishing boat through college. Love being on the water and competing.
2/24/2016 16:47:19Dripps, Megan509-951-1315meganld2010@gmail.comWednesday 21
4/9/2016 13:16:34Kelsey, Jimmy360-582-7750jwkgoal13@comcast.netTartan 3400CeciliaLong distance, Away Regattas21Charter May 11 to 20, Bellingham to BC Sunshine Coast & Jervis Inlet and back as part of flotilla of 7-10 boats. One or possibly 2 crew needed, share charter and provisioning costs.
6/16/2016 11:08:56McGreevy, Connor360-325-3734cmcgreevy@outlook.comWednesday, Long distance43Experience on keelboats (primarily pleasure craft), etchells racing, BYC Youth Fleet experience, high school team participation
6/19/2016 17:40:11Bourlier, Nick360-510-9526n.bourlier@hotmail.comWednesday, Long distance55I am looking to crew on some PHRF boats this summer. Have sailed 5 years on the local Sehome Sailing Team, and have competed in prestigious national events. Have sailed dinghies and Etchells a lot with some PHRF experience Can follow orders well. I am very agile and quick at 6 feet 3 and 175 lbs.
7/28/2016 11:07:15Maher Peterson, Matt3603935549mmpbham@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas42Hi,

Able-handed crew available here. I have many different sailing experiences:
- Most of sailing has been on our family boat Mycia -- 72' schooner
- Owned a 25' sloop for a few years
- Avid Kiteboarder 8 years

Looking to get into racing here in Bellingham but am boat-less at the moment. Particularly interested in the Etchell16 class and would love to familiarize myself with boat.


8/8/2016 12:49:15Killebrew, Keely360-789-5303keely.killebrew@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas32Howdy, looking to build on my sailing experience and get involved with more races. Hard worker, flexible schedule, new to the Bellingham sailing community.
8/28/2016 11:37:42mierzeski, linda360-770-5203linda.mierzeski@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance22Sailed in college, eager to get back into it and learn as much as possible. Hoping for a sailboat of my own some day.
10/24/2016 14:04:41Waldron, Bryce360-595-8285bdwaldron5@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance31
10/24/2016 14:09:47Waldron, Bryce360-595-8285bdwaldron5@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance31I am a 26 year old owner of a San Juan 24" that's in the water year round. I am moderately experienced at sailing. (3 years) and am looking to get some traction in racing. Competent, good listener, quick learner want to get involved and learn how to race. Look forward to hearing from you.
10/24/2016 21:21:20hawk, chris9175834800crhawk19@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas41have sailed coastal cats to blue water sloops, currently without a boat, looking to gain some racing experience.
4/4/2017 10:14:16Rogers, Greg214-415-1246Gregorogers@gmail.comWednesday21Have owned a few sailboats, done some casual sailing and am pretty good at following instructions. Have never raced but would like to give it a go. Prob best if I were to be assigned one of the easier positions.
4/20/2017 10:46:58Varberg, Kate6126183945katevarberg@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas44Most of my racing experiance is on dinghy boats, but I have done a couple series on a Merit 25 out of Portland.
5/26/2017 7:19:26Gaudette, Gary360-333-3735gaudettegary@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas55I have some racing experience. I have done Swiftsure a couple of times. I have worked in the maritime field for approx. twenty yrs and am willing to help out with boat maintenance.
5/26/2017 12:04:42Fischer, Karl509-715-7974Karl.rei.fischer@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance31Some experience offshore, familiar with the San Juan's.
Ready to work, and ready to learn.
6/4/2017 20:29:11Natalie, Lisalisanatalie@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas22In the past, I raced often on a C&C 34.
6/28/2017 11:22:49Johnson,, Wednesday, Long distance21I have less sailing experience than I would like but I know which end is which and am quick to learn.
7/12/2017 9:11:08Dalena, Ken360-296-5615kdalena@comcast.netTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas31Lots of small boat experience on lakes and harbor. Recently completed bare boat captain's certification at San Juan Sailing.. TAKE INSTRUCTION WELL (Oh yes, I always bring beer.)
7/16/2017 13:52:55Haider, Kristin320-492-9424kristin.haider@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas22I just learned to sail last summer in Madison, WI but had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on water taking lessons in tech dinghies, sloops, 420's, lasers, J24, and larger keelboats. I also participated in dinghy races weekly for 2 months or so.

Unfortunately, I have not been out this year but I eager to get back out. I take instruction well, pick up on things quickly, and am willing to help out however I can.
7/28/2017 20:50:44Chapman, Ryan3602242777RMCracing66@hotmail.comWednesday22Used to race the wend. night series back in the day. Actually was on a crew that has won the commodores cup back in the day. been over 10 years since I've sailed 15 since I've raced.

Looking for me and my wife (she's never sailed) to either come aboard as moving ballast, or whatever task you feel like retraining me on (I learn/remember quick)
9/25/2017 12:21:32Hayden, Ralph360-510-6066ralphayden@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday43Hi just moved back to town from Lopez.
I've raced etchells, lasers, vanguards
I owned a Ranger 20 for 3 years, cruised the San Juans, Gulf islands and over here to the ham.
Most recently crewed a 42' steel ketch from Lopez to Coos Bay OR, going 225 miles offshore, in early Sept.
Here for the fall for classes at BTC
9/28/2017 14:13:18Murphy, Quinn2069200394quinn1652@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance41Worked on 70 foot charter boat for 2 years but have no racing experience
10/4/2017 14:03:06Bédard, Chad360-610-7135atomiswave2@gmail.comLong distance31I took sailing classes on lake whatcom and on Bellingham Bay as a kid, not to mention Outward Bound on a recreation of Captain Cooks's longshore boat around Vancouver Island. It is a fun sport and I am looking to get back into it.
10/13/2017 7:44:56Baker, Kimberly 360.739.4780Kimberlyjeanb33@hotmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas33
10/13/2017 7:46:12Baker, Kimberly 360.739.4780Kimberlyjeanb33@hotmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas33
1/22/2018 9:39:30Wilson, David503-545-6911mr.d.wilsoni@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance55
2/3/2018 10:48:23Domico,Tony360-927-3241tony.domico@yahoo.comWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas31The more warning I have, the more likely I’ll be able to do out of town events. I work 8 day stretches on the night shift starting Thursdays at 2300 and ending the following Friday at 0700. So I have 6 day weekends and lots of daylight hours off during my workweek. I can usually get an extra day or two off if I have fair warning (for example; if I want a day off in June, I need to request the time before the end of April.)
3/20/2018 17:28:11Stroming, Scott509-679-3635slstroming@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas31Took ASA classes with San Juan sailing - Basic kerlboating, coastal cruising etc
I rent the J24 from the community boating center frequently, and own a 15 foot gaff rugged cat boat for local sailing.
I belong to the Lake Chelan sailing association and take out their Catalina 22 and Ranger 20 sloops
Would like more time on the water to cruise, race and learn!
3/26/2018 15:16:34shannon Wednesday41I am a merchant mariner who grew up sailing on an O'day javelin in lakes and salt water bays in down east Maine. I worked for two summers aboartd a 51 ft Sparkman and Stephens yawl, sailing with her for a year down the ICW to the Abacos after high school. I also worked on the windjammer, Roseway. I was a commercial fisherman in Alaskan waters for eight years fishing year round.Currently I work aboard the National Science Foundation's ice breaking research vessel, The Nathaniel B Palmer.
I would like to get out on the water recreationally and I would like to connect with sailors in our community. I think racing would be a great way do this while learning some new skills
3/27/2018 18:39:27Dan Robbins360-305-4211danrobbins3@comcast.netWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas55 I have raced on competitive boats from 28 feet to 50 feet. I have 50 years of experience on Cal 34s J 36’s C&C 34’s.
3/27/2018 22:29:05Alden, Niki425-736-8835nikialden@msn.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance35I am a sailor on the Western Washington University sailing team and intro to sailing instructor at Lakewood Boathouse (I also helped out with the BYC youth sailing summer programs a few years ago).

Most of my experience has been on dinghies, however I have a bit of experience on keelboats, mainly J boats (J22, J30, J80). I have most experience working jib and kite trim, with some experience working main and skippering, but no experience on bow.

I sailed as crew in the Race2Alaska two years ago aboard a 24 ft trimaran, and plan to do so again this June.
3/30/2018 8:45:51Hamilton Bruce360-788-3025emailbox626@yahoo.comJ40 PHRFHarlequinWednesday, Long distance54We are looking for someone with bow experience.
3/31/2018 10:05:46Wilson, David503-545-6911mr.d.wilsoni@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance55I bought my first boat (C-Lark 14) when I was 16 years old and started racing it right away. I have over 40 years of sailing and racing experience, having raced in boats from 8 foot prams to a 70 foot, 100 yr old schooner (Antigua Classic) and too many 20 - 50 racer/cruisers to count. I am experienced and highly competent at every racing position from foredeck to rear guard, including helmsman, trimmer of any sheet, and sewerman (i.e. spinnaker packer). Although I'm no longer a kid, I am healthy, fit, agile, and strong. I'm a new member of BYC, but I'm currently between boats and I really want to get out on the water. Please call.
4/3/2018 14:30:05Graham, Brianna360-483-8687grahamb7@wwu.eduWednesday, Long distance33I've been sailing since I was 15 years old. I started on a Catalina 22 on Lake Whatcom. Since then I have become ASA certified 101-104 through San Juan Sailing. I started racing last summer on Key and Blackfoot towards the end of the year for long distance races.
4/13/2018 11:29:39LaFerney, Cameron5013229542chlaferney@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance21I don't have much sailing experience outside of a week long sailing course with San Juan Sailing, but I am eager to learn as much as I can!
4/17/2018 19:08:09Brennan, Mark360-305-7610mabrennan316@gmail.comWednesday21My name is Mark. I live and work locally, recently took a sailing class, and would like to be on the water more. I’m reliable, available most, but not all Wed nights, and am happy to learn whatever I can about racing and how your boat approaches sailing. I think I will enjoy racing, but I’m also motivated to understand boats better as my family begins to take some sailing vacations. I have some peripheral experience climbing, whitewater kayaking/canoeing/rafting, and sailing hobie cats.
4/21/2018 19:41:20Engel, Bob609-923-8434Bobengel7@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance44Most of my experience has been on Tanzer 22 and J22 doing foredeck. Send me a text if you need crew
5/24/2018 6:07:27Keller, Suzie509-5400924Kellermediation@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas22Looking for good teachers.
6/9/2018 22:26:10Arnold, Stephanie253-405-1498saheitz@comcast.netWednesday, Long distance33I have recently moved to the Bellingham area. I have a Columbia 26 which is currently moored at Tacoma Yacht Club. I started racing 3 years ago my own boat and have crewed on other sailboats. I am looking to start racing on Wednesday nights and some long distance races.
6/11/2018 13:05:40Dowler Paul385 215 4072kpdowler@msn.comWednesday, Long distance22Just completed San Juan sailings ASA 101, 103 and 104 certifications during their 1 week sailing course. Raced on beer can races out of Honolulu Yacht club. Was on winning sailboat on the Oahu-Kauai channel race. Have been on charter crew virgin islands and belize
6/11/2018 19:01:03Finney, Emma2088193738emmaleigh003@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance21Im a 23 year old gal looking to join a race crew to gain some sailing experience! I have sailed on a few bigger boats but most of my experience is on a small 16' Vanguard, sailing around the bay. I know some basic terminology and have volunteered on a committee boat once last summer. I have a love for the water and am anxious to learn more!
6/21/2018 6:19:07Picco, Mike360-929-1831mikepicco@yahoo.comJ/120Wild Blue Wednesday, Long distance55Have a fast and fun boat- looking for crew to help make us competitive- I have 7 years racing experience and recently moved the boat from Anacortes
6/21/2018 12:12:01Stagg, Craig208-201-2414cragstag@gmail.comWednesday32Newer to the area and looking to break into the sailing scene. I grew up on the water and have enough sailing experience to solo a day sailer, even owned/sold a 21' sloop. Not sure if this next comment is necessary but....I'm fit and agile and middle-aged. If things work out, would even consider weekend long distance.
7/16/2018 21:51:07Bush, Pat4158470370bushpat@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance55I am relocating to BHam on Labor Day 2019. Looking to crew on some fun boats I can do anything from Foredeck to helm. I have sailed and raced on all sorts of floating things. Dingies to AC class boats.Extensive experience on J24, Tartan 10, J35, Farr 40 and even USA 76 AC class boat in the SF Bay Area. W/L to offshore. Just looking to have some low-key fun on the water and get to know Bellingham.
8/28/2018 10:26:45Anderson, Jon360-927-3759anderjonathan@gmail.comLong distance55Hi - Looking for a ride at PITCH. I am a Seattle area sailor, grew up in bham. Many years exp. on all types of boats and can fill in anywhere. Currently racing J24 and J105s. - Jon
9/11/2018 16:14:12Wiese, Clark3603059514cmwiese88@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas31While I sailed off/on growing up, I recently made the commitment to obtain my skippers certification and completed my ASA 101 certification. Currently scheduled to complete ASA 103/104 in early spring. Looking for an opportunities to enhance my learning by volunteering to crew for races or other sailing adventures.
9/13/2018 20:54:13Quarterman, Zack206-473-8283quartez@wwu.eduTuesday, Wednesday41Greetings!
My name is Zack Quarterman and I have been sailing dinghies (lasers, FJ's, Hobies, etc.) recreationally since childhood. I spent the summer sailing a laser 2-3 days a week on Lake Whatcom. I have a solid understanding of sailing theory, a foundational understanding of terminology and I am looking to gain experience racing.

I am 24 years old, 6 ft tall, and 180 lbs. I consider myself to be in good shape due to mountain biking and being vegan for almost 3 years. I am a quick learner, a good listener, and will apply myself fully to your sailing aspirations. I absolutely love being out on the water with the wind in my ears. I do not have a lifejacket or a wetsuit that fits me if you are wanting to sail a 505, but I do have a rash guard if you have a spare wetsuit to loan.

I am a student at Western, so starting on September 26th I will probably be available to sail Tuesday/Wednesday. Call or text me if you want a dedicated and friendly crew member!
10/2/2018 13:21:49Preziosi, Nicole9493744873sailorbae520@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas31I work a 7 on 7 off schedule, therefore 2 full weeks each month with open availability. Ready for cold water sailing - positive attitude and quick to learn.
10/28/2018 13:42:45Freed, Morgan425-220-5089Morganafreed@gmail.comWednesday31Myself and my boyfriend, Davin Titland are live aboards on a sailboat at Squalicum Harbor. We have cruising experience and looking to crew on a racing boat, both for the experience and to meet other sailors. We’ve been sailing for a little over two years.
11/28/2018 10:28:11Jane, Bre970-305-0627bre@janex5.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas11I am a western student, strong with a lot of trail-work experience, and am really eager to help out on a boat! I'm a fast learner, love hard work, and would love this opportunity to be on the water.
11/28/2018 22:09:09
11/29/2018 23:16:48Twilla, Niko360-434-0561ohmniko@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday53I am a university student and on the sailing team, so my priorities are on schoolwork and the sailing team, but I’ll try to come to as many racing nights as I can
12/7/2018 11:46:03Gammelin Tor13072496693torsurfski@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance33Decently experienced sailor on dhingys, limited keelboat experience.
Member of WWU sailing team.
12/7/2018 12:52:45Sharp, Chandler4254576077chandlerksharp@gmail.comTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance44Confident dinghy racer on the WWU sailing team but have less experience on keel boats. Have minimal experience on J33 and etchells. The majority of my sailing/racing experience is on Coronado 15 and FJ.
1/4/2019 19:25:22Sharp, Rebecca3607314878Sharpr4@wwu.eduTuesday, Wednesday, Long distance, Away Regattas22
2/24/2019 20:57:21Bayly, Taylor360-402-1453 heytaybay@live.comLong distance32Hi there,

My name is Taylor, and I am a student at WWU. I am still very much a beginner however I am a quick learner and am eager to get on a boat. I most recently sailed on Sunshine Girl for the Foul Weather Race. I am a member of WWU's sail team, so I feel comfortable on dinghies with a strong skipper. I also served as a crew member on S/Y Argo (Marconi rigged schooner) from Darwin to Cape Town.

3/6/2019 20:33:31Axel Greening 3604720375axelgnineerg@gmail.comTuesday, Long distance, Away Regattas44Most of my experience comes from sailing dinghy. Have sailed Solings a fair amount aswell.
3/6/2019 22:09:14Hill, Richard206-941-1746richhill243@gmail.comWednesday, Long distance43Member of the WWU sailing team, lots of dingy racing experience. Some keelboat experience, but not racing.
3/10/2019 11:54:01Haveman, ryley360-770-0692ryleysh@gmail.comWednesday22As of now, I’m available every other wednesday
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