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Spell NameIncantationDescriptionDurationYearCounterspell (if needed)
AttackBabbling Curse "garrio"Causes a person to babble nonsense. The victim will understand their own words, but no one else will. Verbal incantations will not work for the victim for the duration of this spell. 2 minutes6th yearFinite
AttackBlinding Fire Curse“incendia caecus”The fireworks are a flashing, fiery, momentary burst of glowing, colored aerial lights. This effect causes creatures within 120 feet of the fire source to become blinded for 5 minutes. These creatures must have line of sight to the fire to be affected. Spell resistance can prevent blindness.InstantAdult
AttackBlurring Hex "obscuro"Obscures the victims vision. Their vision will appear very blurry and though they can see light and vague shapes, they would be considered legally blind. 1 minute7th yearFinite
AttackBoil Curse "furnunculus"A curse that causes boils to break out all over a body. The boils are sores that are somewhat painful and disfiguring until the spell is stopped. 12 hours5th year
AttackBurning Hex"cutem uri"Gives the target the sensation of having their skin burnt. At worst, extended use leaves the victim with a burn similar to moderate sunburnInstantAdultChilling Charm "congelatio"
AttackCalming Charm"solvo vereor"When cast it causes a beast or being to become calm. Works similar to a calming draught but the effect only lasts for five minutes.5 minutesHealer Only
AttackCheering Charm "noceo ridaciare"A charm that makes a person happy. The victim will lose concentration, and seem euphoric. Nothing will bother them. 5 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackConfusion Charm"turbo confundo”Makes a person confused. Greatly impairs concentration.1 minute3rd year
AttackConjure Fire Charm"incendio"Incantation muttered to produce flame. Only small flame (like lighting a match), unless the caster is an adult and very powerful. Instant2nd yearExtinguishing Spell (“exstinguo”)
AttackConjure Sparks Charm"relashio"Releases a jet of fiery sparks that causes a person/thing to release whatever he/she/it is holding. Greatly impeded concentration of the victim. Can also be used as a signaling device. Instant1st year
AttackCornflake Skin Spell"dante squama"Makes the victim's skin appear to be covered in cornflakes12 hours2nd yearFinite
AttackCruciatus Curse“crucio”One of the unforgivable Curses. Causes the victim to suffer intolerable pain;torture. Can be sentenced to a lifetime of Azkaban for the use of it. Cruio applied to one person for too long or too frequently can result in permanent brain damage. The spell will last as long as the concentration is kept by the caster. InstantSpecial Permission Only
AttackCutting Curse“sectumsempra”A Dark Arts spell that creates deep cuts on a person. Immediate medical treatment is necessary.InstantAdult
AttackDancing Curse"tarantalegra"A curse that will make one's legs jerk around like dancing. The victim may not be able to stand, and if they can keep their balance, their concentration will be greatly lessoned. 2 hours4th yearFinite
AttackDeafening Hex"sordo"Deafens an opponent in battle or can be used as a prank or revenge. Length of time that spell is effective depends on the strength of the caster as it can wear off without counterspell.1-30 minutes6th yearFinite
AttackDisarming Spell"expelliarmus"Disarm an opponent of their wand; if powerful enough, can knock a person off their feet.Instant4th year
AttackEntrancing Enchantment Spell"magia dilectio"Causes someone to become infatuated with the caster. Not really love, more like an extreme, obsessive interest to the exclusion of all else. They will become a horrible pest if this is let go for long. 2 hoursAdultFinite
AttackExplosion Spell "expulso"Creates an explosion but no flames. If cast by an experienced, strong caster, the concussion can knock someone off their feet, or knock objects away. Instant7th year
AttackEye/Conjunctivitis Curse "conjunctio"A curse that affects the eyes of the target (causes conjunctivitis, a.k.a pink eye). The victim will be able to see but have a hard time, and the eyes will be watery and itchy. Their concentration will be broken.1 hour3rd yearFinite
AttackFull Body-Bind Curse"petrificus totalus"Renders the victim temporarily unable to move. They can only move their eyes to blink and can swallow, but are frozen in position. If standing, they will fall over. 30 minutes4th yearFinite
AttackFur Hex "pilosus"A hex that causes the victim to be covered in fur. Colour depends on skin colour. The victim's movement will not be affected, only their pride. The fur will disappear when the spell expires. 24 hours2nd year
AttackHair Growth Jinx"crinitus"Lengthens hair on the head at an alarming rate. Unless stopped, the hair on the head will continue to grow without stop until the spell expires. 30 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackHair Loss Curse"saeta damnum"Makes victim lose their hair on their head. They will appear bald. 30 minutes3rd yearHair Growth Jinx
AttackHair Tying Hex"lacesso crinus"Causes locks of long hair to tie together in a knot in front of the face, obscuring the target's vision. Hair must be long enough to be tied. It can be unknotted manuallyInstant4th yearHair Straightening Charm ("crines corrige")
AttackHair-Thickening Charm"creber saeta"A spell which thickens a person's hair. If used to excess, the victim becomes unable to hold their head up because their head becomes heavy. 30 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackHiccup Hex"singultum"Causes a person to hiccup. Victim loses concentration and can only cast nonverbal spells (if old enough)2 minutes2nd yearFinite
AttackHives Hex "offa"Causes the victim's face to erupt in hives. Hives are raised lumps on the skin, usually caused by an allergic reaction. They will also get very itchy and cause the victim to lose concentration. 1 hour4th yearFinite
AttackHorn Tongue Hex"lingua cornu"Turns the tongue to a hard, curled horn, making it impossible to speak and making it hard to swallow. 5 minutes6th yearFinite
AttackHumanise Charm"homorphus"Causes a werewolf to change back into human form.InstantAdult
AttackHurling Hex"abicere"A hex that can placed on a broom to throw off the rider.1 hourAdultFinite
AttackImperius Curse"imperio"Causes the victim to be completely under the casters control. Is one of the Unforgivable Curses. Can be sentenced to lifetime in Azkaban for the use of this curse. The duration of this is as long as the caster is able to maintain control but it will drain their energy quickly.See noteSpecial Permission Only
AttackIncarcerate Spell "incarcerous"Spell that causes ropes to bind a person in place.30 minutes5th yearFinite
AttackJelly-Fingers Jinx"woblious digitus"Causes the victim's fingers to beocme jelly-like, making it difficult to grasp objects, including wands.15 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackJelly-Legs Jinx "woblious crur" or "woblious"Causes the victims legs to wobble, making them feel unstable and generally breaking concentration of inexperienced characters. 15 minutes4th yearFinite
AttackKilling Curse "avada kedavra"Causes instant death. Is one of the Unforgivable Curse and can be sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban for the use of it.InstantSpecial Permission Only
AttackKnee-Reversal Jinx "ostendo sum genua"Reverses the way the knee bends. This is not painful to the victim, only inconvenient as it will cause them to stumble and fall. 30 minutes6th yearFinite
AttackKnockback Jinx"flipendo"A spell that can be used to 'knock back' an opponent or objects with mild force.Instant2nd year
AttackLace Looping Charm"lacesso trinus" Causes the laces on someones shoe to tie together making them trip. The only way to undo his spell is to manually untie the laces again. instant1st year
AttackLeek Hex"sero leekius"Causes leeks to grow out of a person's ears. Will cause hearing loss. The leeks will disappear when the spell expires. 30 minutes6th year
AttackLeg Locker Curse"locomotor mortis"Locks the legs of the victim together. If the victim tries to move, they will fall over. 2 minutes1st yearFinite
AttackMagic Missile Hex“veneficus absentis”A missile of magical energy darts forth from your wand and strikes its target, dealing a blow that sets the target back several steps, giving them a mild electric-type shock. InstantAdult
AttackMorning Breath Hex"lingua mal"Causes the target's mouth to smell and taste terrible15 minutes1st yearFinite
AttackMyopia Jinx"myopia inducens"Causes the victim to become severely nearsighted, can negate the effect of glasses15 minutes4th yearFinite
AttackObliteration Charm"deleo"Charm used to obliterate (wipe out traces of) something (not the Memory Charm). Can get rid of unwanted objects. Beware – once the object is obliterated, it is gone forever. Instant3rd year
AttackQuicksand Hex"orbis"Turns the ground temporarily into quicksand, sucking the victim partially into the groundInstant6th yearFinite
AttackReductor Curse"reducto"Blasts/moves solid objects out of the way. Good for moving things aside but will not affect living things (people, creatures, plants). Instant4th year
AttackScreeching Jinx"strideo"Causes the target to hear a loud and potentially distracting screeching soundInstant4th yearFinite
AttackSilencing Charm"silencio"Causes something or someone to be silent, unable to talk. An older victim can still use nonverbal spells. 30 minutes2nd yearFinite
AttackSmall Attack Charm"oppugno"Causes something to attack a target chosen by the spell caster. Works on small creatures and objects. Caster will need to define what the attacking 'items' are. 10 minutes4th year
AttackSneezing Charm"steleus"Causes target to sneeze uncontrollably5 minutes2nd yearFinite
AttackSnowball Hex"glacies ['name']"Creates snowballs that pelt the target; only effective in snowInstant1st year
AttackStatic Shock Charm"vestibulum crimen"Shocks the victim with a small static electric shockInstant4th year
AttackStickfast Hex"colloshoo"Adhere's the bottom of the target's shoe to the ground15 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackStinging Hex"acer dorsus"Causes a stinging pain on the victim. Will not mark the skin but be painful, like small whip lashes. Instant3rd year
AttackStretching Jinx"tendo"Causes something to stretch. Works on objects and beings but only for a short period of time. A person can have their limbs stretched to a maximum of 10 ft.10 minutes5th yearFinite
AttackStriking Hex"battuo venter"A spell which gives the victim the sensation of being punched in the stomach; may be winded depending on the strength of the casterInstant7th year
AttackStunning Spell"stupefy"Stuns the victim into unconsciousness. Victim will remain unconscious and unable to awaken until the counterspell is used. Used multiple times on the same victim, serious brain damage can occur. Instant5th yearAwake/Alert Spell (“ennervate")
AttackTenor Hex"affectus vocis"Causes the victim to burst into opera-style aria/song every third word, making ordinary speech very difficult. They are also quite noisy. Finite is ineffective; the hex will just have to wear off.1 hour7th year
AttackTickling Charm"rictusempra"Causes a person to laugh uncontrollably. Victim loses concentration and has a difficult time casting spells. The victim CAN cast nonverbal spells. 2 minutes3rd yearFinite
AttackToenail Growth Hex"porro nalis"Causes the victim's toenails to grow alarmingly fast. Can cause them to trip as their shoes pop off. 10 minutes2nd yearFinite
AttackTongue Lock Hex"langlock"Causes a person's tongue to stick to his or her mouth's roof. The vicitim can talk somewhat but words are garbled. Spell casting by incantation by the victim becomes impossible. 15 minutes2nd yearFinite
AttackTouch of Fatigue Hex“fatigo”You channel negative energy through your wand's touch, fatiguing the target (must be able to TOUCH the victim). Victim may lose concentration. This spell has no effect on a person that is already fatigued. 5 minutesAdult
AttackTrip Jinx"occasus"Causes a a victim to trip. Depending on the power of the spell, the victim may fall all the way down. Instant6th year
AttackTwitchy Ears Curse"velico auris"Makes the ears of a victim twitch uncontrollably. Breaks the victim's concentration. 5 minutes4th yearFinite
AttackUpside-Down Hex"levicorpus"Causes the victim to dangle upside down in midair. The victim is helpless unless they can get to their wand. Height above the ground is about 6 ft. Instant5th yearRight Side Up Charm ("liberacorpus")
DefensiveAge Line Spell"avum linea"Creates a line, which a person under a certain age cannot cross.24 hoursAdultFinite
DefensiveAlarm Ward"timor"Alarm sounds a mental ping each time a person/creature of determined size enters the warded area or touches it. A person that speaks a password (determined by you at the time of casting) does not set off the alarm. Operates for 8 hours, at a range of 50 ft.8 hoursAdultFinite
DefensiveAwaken/Alert Spell "ennervate"Spell that revives somebody who has been stupified; opposite is "stupefy"2 minutes5th yearStunning Spell (“stupify”)
DefensiveBogart Banishing Spell"riddikulus"Forces the boggart to take on an appearance which will inspire the laughter that forms an effective defense against the creature.Instant3rd year
DefensiveBubble Head Charm "ebullio capitis"Encloses the caster's head with a bubble of air (air pocket). The air is always fresh but the spell must be renewed each hour. 1 hour5th yearFinite
DefensiveDwelling Shield Charm"protego totalum"Creates a shielded dome that can surround a small area, multiple users widening the dome. 1 caster can cover 2 people, 2 casters cover 4, and maximum of 6 total under one dome. Caster(s) need to maintain concentration, and casting any other spells within the shield will break it1 hourAdult
DefensiveExtinguishing Spell "exstinguo"Extinguishes (puts out) an active fire. Will not work on enchanted fires or those caused by magic (need to cast the finite first). Instant2nd yearConjure Fire Charm (“incendio”)
DefensiveFire Shield“incendia contego”Cast much like the protego, it gives the caster ability to resist ordinary fire without being hurt or their clothes or belongings on their person being damaged. The caster can move and retain the spell (walk through fire). 20 minutesAdult
DefensiveImpeding Spell"impedimenta"Stops or slows a living thing. The victim will find their movements going in slow motion or stopped all together as if they were trying to move through heavy glue. 2 minutes4th year
DefensiveImperturbable Charm "obex murus"Creates a barrier which sounds, objects and people cannot cross. In effect, the caster will now be isolated; the barrier appears as a fuzzy translucent shield. Others can see through it but the view is a little blurry. The caster is unable to cast any further spells while it is up. Can be cast around another person to create a “privacy” area for conversation. Only the caster can remove the barrier, unless it is broken by strong spells from a very experienced person (depending on the strength of the caster)1 hour7th yearFinite
DefensivePatronus Charm"expecto patronum"A spell conjures a patronus that can ward off dementors. Every wizard's Patronus has a different shape. The patronus can also be used to send a message to another person although it will be nonverbal. 5 minutes7th year
DefensiveRight-Side Up Charm"liberacorpus"Counterspell to the Upside-Down Hex; returns afflicted to their normal state. Instant5th yearUpside Down Hex ("levicorpus")
DefensiveShield Charm"protego"Creates a magical shield to deflect minor to moderate spells and jinxes cast by others. This will not protect against powerful spells cast by adults. The spells of an attacker may only be lessoned in strength. Be warned: the protego will collapse when the caster does another spell. It must be renewed each time. 20 minutes4th year
DefensiveSpell Turning Charm“alica verto”Spells and spell-like effects targeted on you are turned back upon the original caster. This shield turns only spells that have you as a target. Effect and area spells are not affected. Spell turning also fails to stop physical attack. Can only be used once per day as it fatigues the caster tremendously. Will not work with the Unforgivables. 15 minutesAdult
DefensiveStop Magic Charm "finite incantatum" or "finite"Stops an operating spell.Instant1st year
EffectAscending Charm"ascendio"Lifts target up to 2 metres (6.5 feet) into the air. Ending the spell gently lowers the person to the ground5 minutes4th yearFinite
EffectBlinding Light Charm"lumos maxima"Casts a bright blinding light, enough to temporarily blind anyone who looks directly at it. Can also be 'thrown' off the wand to illuminate a surrounding area for several minutes.10 seconds - 2 minutes5th yearConjure Dark Charm ('nox')
EffectChilling Charm“congelatio”Chills object. More powerful adult casters can give a person minor hypothermia. 1 hour2nd yearWarming Charm (“fervensium”)
EffectColour-Change Charm "abeo cultivate"Causes an object to change colour. This spell also works on organic matter such as plants and animals. Only much older students or adults can do this spell on humans. 3 hours4th year
EffectConcealing Charm "abscondo"Hides an object from sight for a small amount of time. The object does not physically disappear, but people are not able to see it. 1 hour5th yearFinite
EffectConjure Bee Charm"apis"Conjures a small swarm of bees that will disappear when the spell ends. Cannot be commanded unless another spell is added. (ToS allergy rules apply)10 minutes4th yearFinite
EffectConjure Birds Charm“avis”Conjures a flock of birds to appear. However, when the spell ends, the birds will disappear. Also, the birds cannot be commanded to do something unless another spell is added. 10 minutes5th yearFinite
EffectConjure Fire Lines Charm"flagrate"Allows the caster to draw lines in air with fire.5 minutes7th yearFinite
EffectConjure Flowers Charm"orchideous"Charm used to create a bouquet of flowers from the wand. The flower types can be of the caster's choosing. Instant2nd year
EffectConjure Light Charm"lumos"When this word is uttered, the tip of your wand acts as a fairly powerful light.Continuous1st yearConjure Dark Charm (“nox”)
EffectConjure Snake Charm"serpensortia"Causes a snake to appear out of castor's wand tip. The type of snake will be at the caster's choice. Instant4th year
EffectConjure Water Charm"aguamenti"Water flows from the wand. This water can be for human consumption although it doesn't contain any trace minerals and doesn't taste very good.30 seconds2nd yearDrought Charm (“sequieatus”)
EffectConjure Wind Charm"ventus"Shoots a small breeze from the wandContinuous2nd year
EffectConjuring Spells"creatus"; "factus"; "constitutus"; "fictus"A type of transfiguration spell to create an object from nothing. Advanced magic, using conjuring spells is harder the more difficult object is conjured. Cannot conjure a human.30 minutes7th yearFinite
EffectCopier Charm"verto effingo"Creates an exact copy of a single leaf of parchment or page of workInstant3rd year
EffectCushioning Charm"culcis"Cushions a broom to make it easier to ride on.Continuous2nd yearFinite
EffectDecrease Velocity Charm"arresto momentum"Used to decrease velocity of a moving object. Can be used on multiple targets, or on self, though the strength increases with the caster's magical powerInstant5th year