Brief description of the ideaArea of the gameDetailed description and reason for changeYour team nameYour guild nameDevelopper feedbackRM Community feedback
Thank you all for your interest in the game and your ability to organize yourselves to create this awsome list! Let's make Rugby Manager the best game!Firstly, thank you very much for taking our request seriously. We are delighted to see that at least some of the changes and ideas we suggested will be implemented next patch. We note that some of the ideas highlighted in yellow on the list you disagree with or do not feel they are workable yet. In the light of this, we would encourage you to scan the list for ideas that you do feel are both workable and relatively easy to develop for the next patch. We have gathered these ideas collectively and none have been included on the list that have met with strong disapproval. While it is very difficult for us to poll and order the ideas in terms of priority, we do wholeheartedly stand beind them as a community and would happily see any one or several of them implemented into the game. Thank you again! Secondly, do you have an estimated timeframe for the next patch?
Sin binning guild membersGC (Guild Challenges)Allow right hands and leaders to demote a guild member to a 'sin binned' status, where they are excluded from participating in GCs (guild challenges) while still in the status. Or simply make it that newcomers cannot participate in GCs and have to be promoted by RHs or leaders first. Demotion to newcomer can then be used as a yellow card punishment. A Merit / De-merit system of 3 (Three) strikes/fauls to be sin binned for 3 GC after, are proposed. More realistic warning and administrative tool.Wales / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto /Gbane IvorianDamage Inc / SicariiBeginning of September
Do not allow teams to leave tournaments until they have lostTournamentsThis will fix the problem of good teams losing out on cash and training points and sometimes even the correct trophies when their opponent bails on them. They should not be punished for this.Wales and MultipleMultiple(Taken from the forum)
GC ranking mapsGCI think we can all agree that the current guild challenge pairing system by fan numbers is not fit for purpose. Have GCs paired via a ranking map of guilds around you that are finishing within a given amount of time and are a similar ranking to you - much like the current 'training' (ranking) games. Change the guild ranking system so it works on who wins the GCs, not on who has the most fans. It would work on same basis as the training games for indiv teams - winner leapfrogs the loser in the rankings. Have a City Champions Trophy, that also rewards Guilds who has highest number of Fans after each season. Therefor no need to totally take the current programming out of the loop, rather alter it.Mango / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianThe Exiles(Taken from the forum)100% agree, current system is not optimal. We propose a ranking quite similar to IRB: +3 points for each win, +1 for each draw for one month period (so new matches will replace matches older than one month). The total of points will define a ranking and matchmaker will be based on that.In dev for next patchYes, this is definitely progress! If it means the current system is changed, we agree!
GC ranking map challenge refusalsGCAbility to refuse up to 1 challenge (from very poor quality guilds) between GCs. This could also be used for the current pairing system.WalesDamage Inc
GC championshipsGCI think we can all agree that the current guild challenge pairing system by fan numbers is not fit for purpose. Have guilds entered into seasonal 5-guild GC championships. Each round lasts 36 hours, 12 for preparation, 24 to play. Then have double promotion, single promotion, stay the same AND relegation. Increase the levels by 2 initially each season. Maybe 1 thereafter. Use a Small Guild, Medium Guild and large guild format. A team have a option to use as many parties as the same as currently in use, or an added, use 30 / 35 / 40 in a medium guild = 40 players, or set amount to 45/50 players in a GC in a big guild option.Dreadlocked Warriors / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianInternational fight club / Sicarii(Taken from the forum)
GC tournamentsGCI think we can all agree that the current guild challenge pairing system by fan numbers is not fit for purpose. GC tournament structure, where 16 guilds are entered into a tournament and they compete in a GC against their opponent at each stage until they win the tournament or get knocked out. Trophies can be awarded and perhaps each time you win a tournament your guild wins an extra challenge refusal for the GC ranking map challenges?Dreadlocked WarriorsInternational fight club(Taken from the forum)
Custom GCsGCI think we can all agree that the current guild challenge pairing system by fan numbers is not fit for purpose. Offer guilds the ability to pay 4 gold balls to get a custom GC code for a standard GC that they can offer to another guild to play the in a GC. Perhaps 8 gold balls would allow you to create a 3-way GC, whereby each team still only gets to play 2 games but against any unbeaten opponent in the two opposing guilds. The guild with the most wins, wins. Rewards for GC must be having a Gold Ball bonus added to it. Custom GC can be made and run with up to 4 /8 teams invited. A random generator option at GC so that the current system of pairing doesnt become absolute, but give an option to choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or more challenges in a round Robin format.Wales / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto /Gbane IvorianDamage Inc / SicariiLet's fix the matchmaker first before deciding anything else on GCs
Shorten GCs to 36 or 24 hoursGC48 hours is too long for GCs. 12 hours preparation time is more than sufficient. Therefore 12 hours preparation, 24 hours to play. Or 24 hours totalWales/Hull FC SeanDamage IncWe can't skip the preparation time if a guild do not have 25 members, so we propose 12h + 24hIn dev for next patchYes, this is acceptable for us
Make MB (match bonus) viewableMBWhen a team is using MB or has used MB, the abbreviation 'MB' shows next to their name during the match and/or afterwards in the stats, much like the gear items they own. Perhaps the amount of MB used is not shown to keep a little bit of the mystery?
No MB (match bonus)MBMB is cheating. At the very least have MB and non-MB championships so you can choose which one you enter at the end of the season before championships are generated or Use the spare ingame cash to be able to buy gold balls or recruitment points. Also eliminate MB from tournamentsMultiple playersIt's been a while that we want to remove it but last survey was not very concluent, but our initial goal was to remove it so let's just do it.In dev for next patchSuperb! This was by far the most sought after idea.

The only issue it raises is the prices of the gear in the sports shop, which are already extremely high. Perhaps you can shorten the time between the items of gear listed (especially at the highest levels) to help with this once MB is gone as a temporary measure? Afterwards we would like to see an academy introduced where ingame money can be spent there somehow.
Limit MB (match bonus)MBOnly allow the use of MB a maximum of 3 times per championshipGreg IshiiThe International Ruckers (TIR)(Taken from the forum)
Half timesMatchesHave a half time like normal games BaglanDamage Inc
Kicking the ball out on the full GameplayThe gameplay is very unrealistic in this sense. Kicking should be much more in proportion to kick power on the player and kick distance on the main strat. It should also be affected by tiredness to some degree. Kicking the ball dead every time by most, if not all, of your players kick is just totally unrealistic. Adding a wind factor and an icon similar like several simulator games to show wind factor.. and kickers have to adapt. Multiple playersmultiple(Taken from the forum)
Offside GameplayImplement an offiside rule so you can't kick upfield to your own opponentBaglanDamage Inc
Interact with opposition Chat/CommuniactionBe able to send messages to opposing team and/or guilds during GCsBaglan, Greg Ishii and multiple playersmultiple(Taken from the forum)
Money for winning away in training (ranking) game challengesTraining (Ranking) MatchesMoney and training points should be awarded to the defending team in map ranking matches. Conversely, you should lose money and fans for losing a ranking game when you challenge someoneBaglan, WalesDamage IncWe disagree on that one, training match goals is ranking, not winning stuff. About the loss of money and fans we disagree too because our goal is not to be afraid to start playing matches (specially for new players)Yes we take your point about the money and we agree.

However, it seems unfair that you don't gain fans if you defend a challenge, but lose them if the challenger beats you. Now that GC pairing is changing this probably won't be such an issue, but most players are put off from competing in the top 100 because they lose too many fans. If you could reward defends with fans, it would really help. Apologies if this was not made clear in our idea. For example, if you are challenged in a ranking game, you get 0 fans if you are beaten but say half or even a full quota of fans that you get for a normal win in a competitive game if you win (defend)?
Selling players in auctionsAuction houseBe given the option to keep a player if he does not sell in the auctionMultiple playersMultiple(Taken from the forum)No, we don't want to pollute the game with non interesting players. If you really want to keep it just ask a guild member to overbid it
Able to sell players to lower leagues Auction houseAllow all teams from all levels, or a range of levels, to bid on and sell players with different ability levels and skills.Baglan and multipleMultiple(Taken from the forum)No, it'll break game balacing
Shorten times on sport shop auction Sport shopOr at least make it proportionate to how many teams are on the level. The prices have gone far too high so the maths is off hereBaglan Damage Inc
More teams in a guild Guild HallIncrease limit to 30, making the 20-team limit less onerous. Increase the limit to a small guild = 25 players, a medium guild, 40 players, and a large guild. 41+Baglan / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianDamage Inc / SicariiNo, it could become a problem for GCs matchmaker, we need as many guilds as possible to have a reliable matchmaker
More money for league matchesTournament/Championships Or perhaps the winner gets more money than the loser? For every match won an additional benefit added.. Gold balls, Coins, etc.Baglan, Wales / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianDamage Inc / Sicarii
Increase bank vault sizesBanksThe current maximum is insufficientSpringb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianSicarii
Cancelling building plot purchasesBuilding Be able to cancel building plot purchases before construction startsBaglan Damage Inc
Lower prices for playersPurchasing playersStop doubling the price on players as soon as a purchase is made and keep the 50 gold-ball price as an alternative to the 100 gold ball one. This will actually generate revenue for Sweet Nitro as more players will be inclined to buy at the cheaper prices, or usual buyers will be incentivised to buy more. Have an increase of $1 for each new player up to 5. If more is purchased stay / revert to current higher end pricing.Baglan and multiplemultiple
Players' skillsGameplayMake sure players perform more in accordance with their rank and skills i.e. missing easy kicks in front of the posts too often when kick power and accuracy is maxed out. Maybe increase the failure rate the futher to the sidelines they take the kick fromBaglan Damage IncOk we'll try to fix kick accuracy for next patchThey are missing frequently recently. In general it is very inconsistent however. They miss in front of the posts, but kick easily from the touchlines for example. This needs to be a bit more realistic maybe? Also there is a big problem with kicking the ball dead, when kicking out of hands. This happens even if you kick from your own half.
Ability to change players' namesTeams and PlayersWould be a nice touch to be able to change your player's name at least once, although not essential to good game play. Earn a name change every time you win a Championship, GC or a Tournament. Change a characters name Like your wing renamed Lomu for instance. Thus names for players and characters.Peanut butta / Springb Ciao Rasto / Ivorian GbaneSicarii(Taken from the forum)
Multiple player settings strategiesStrategyAbility to have multiple strat options for individuals rather than just team, having to change 15-22 players strats is so time consuming. Just requires an additional Tab to be linked e.g.

Team Strategy 1 <---> Individual Players Settings 1
Team Strategy 2 <---> Individual Players Settings 2
Team Strategy 3 <---> Individual Players Settings 3
Team Strategy 4 <---> Individual Players Settings 4
Team Strategy 5 <---> Individual Players Settings 5

and so on...
Targaryen Dragons/DHSFPWorld Elite Squad(Taken from the forum)Good idea but it would require a lot of dev time, so let's keep it for later
Change player appearance to figuresTeam/GameplayWould be a nice touch if your players were figures instead of dots, although not essential to good game playPeanut butta(Taken from the forum)
Town expansionStadium viewExpand town and add new buildings with new functionsAdrenalinDamage Inc
Add 5 preset movesGameplayGive us a list of preset moves we can use during the game (off the set piece for example) e.g. dummy runners, scissors, cross field kick, peel blind off the scrum(!!!), 15 joins the attacking line, support runners for the breakWalesDamage IncOk, we'll try to add one or 2 strategy options for next patchYes. The mechanics of it would be slightly difficult. In order to keep consistent with the current game framework, we assume that perhaps there could be a % setting in the main strategy, so peel blind off the scrum for example could be set to 40%. Therefore off 40% of scrums, the no. 8 peels blind with the 9 (and possibly 10) to link up together and with the blindside winger. Same for scissors moves and cross field kicks etc. Shortened lineout would also be another nice option, so more forwards in the attacking and defensive lines. It would add great variety to the gameplay. Obviously defence would have to be developed somewhat too. The ideal long-term option would be to be able to click a button ingame to trigger these set moves. Or if this were possible in the short term and just as easy to develop, then why not implement those right away? Maybe start with just 2 or 3 set moves and expand from there if it is easier for you?
Improve defence on the 15 Gameplay15 cornerflags in defence i.e. runs at an angle towards corner flag to provide better cover in defence instead of just forward and backWalesDamage Inc
Improve tackling from behindGameplayAt the moment it is impossible to tackle from behind. Allow maybe 1 in 5 attempts to complete the tackle? Especially if 2 guys are tackling the attacking playerWales / VariousDamage Inc / Various
Gold balls for changing player skillsPlayer abilitiesAbility to pay 10 gold balls to move a maximum 20 training points from one skill to another on a player for a limited time after you buy them in auction. This will not improve their star rating, but will allow you to slightly improve badly trained players when they enter a new coaching setup. Perhaps this could be implemented alongside the addition of skills coaches? If you buy an attack coach for 50 gold balls for example, then you are allowed to improve penetration and attack speed on a player immediately after purchasing from the auction, taking those points for other skills. Same for defence and conditioning coaches. Perhaps you only get to keep the coaches for 5 seasons and then have to buy them again? A way to keep spending gold? In line with current world trends and realistically speaking, the purchasing of a coaching staff with various skill abilities are a very lucrative option. Have a defensive coach, Defensive backline coach, defensive forward coach etc. widens the opportunitu in expansion and enhancement to the game. Give you a added benefit on 5, 10, 15 percent on skill enhancing. As the gear have proven a valuable asset, the coaching aquirement can be a simultaneous viable option. Buy the coach or rent him. One give a seasonal benefit, the other a 5 year benefit. Have a 10 and 15 year benfit with a added % / ratio value added because of seasons Championships won, GC added bonus for allocation to team, players or coach, and Tournament benefits similarly. This would supplement better and more rewards for a GC, Championship and Tournament series. Wales / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane IvorianDamage Inc / Sicarii
Ability to choose how many heals to assignInfirmaryIt would be really nice to have the ability to choose to assign for example 3 heals to your entire 1st 15 team in the infirmary, instead of completely healing everyone. Customising this would make for a much better player experienceWalesDamage Inc
Customise how to list playersFinance building/InfirmaryIt would be really nice to be able to filter and sort player lists by clicking on the headers. So sort by age, quality, morale, salary, position, health etc.WalesDamage Inc
Formalise guild alliancesGuild hallFormalise the alliances that already exist between guilds - i.e. main guild and feeder guild or acadamey guild or guilds, guild families or groups, alliances between groups etc etc. Make it easier for teams to promote and relegate teams between the two. Facilitate communication between them. Especially allow inter-guild competitions and offer a workable platform to achieve this - i.e. record results, tournament formats and fixtures, different tournament options. Charge a small amount of gold to use these, but not so much that they are prohibitively expensive and don't get used.(Taken from the forum)
Improve auction house playersAuction houseThis is a particular problem in the very high levels. We understand the need to try to encourage people at the top to buy players with real money, however we do not believe that slightly improving the selection of players in the auction house will change that dramatically. It will just improve general game play and may even incentivise player to buy MORE players to beat their opponents.Mel Hull FCKruis-ing to victory
GC pairings based on team levelsGCI think we can all agree that the current guild challenge pairing system by fan numbers is not fit for purpose. Pair guilds based on the average level of the guild's players. Maybe the average level of the top 20 teams?Mutliple playersMultipleDuplicate
Add flagsGuild hallPlease add flags for international guilds. Some sort of united nations flag and ESPECIALLY a pirate flag. The Pirate Flag is non-negotiable. One of the games greats poo poo pirates has already quit over this matter. The Black Country also has its own flag and should be recognised as a seperate part of the UK. Multiple & WalesMultiple(Taken from the forum)
StatisticsTeams and Players/Strat towersTurn one of the strat towers into a statistics building where you can access career stats for your team and players. Examples of stats available:
1) Highest position achieved in the rankings in your career
2) Highest position your current guild has achieved in the rankings
3) Your career all time top scorer (player)
4) Your career top try scorer(player)
5) Any number of lineout stats (i.e. most successful lineout target, steals etc etc etc)
6) Your career all time top carrier (metres made - player)
7) Career metres made (team)
8) Career scrums won and lost
9) Best value player bought in auctions - i.e. points scored v rp
10) Career top tackler (player)
11) Career trying saving tackles (team), total tackles (team but also with position indicated)
12) Unbeaten run
13) Highest ever score
14) Highest score by one player in a game and who
15) Detailed record of each season's competitive results
16) When citing player stats, the ability to click on that player and access info like, which season bought, how many seasons in team, whether sold or retired, how much RP or real cash if Visa, positions played in the team (and how many games in the position - even a % would be okay), career record in general - tries, metres, tackles - all the forwards stats too where relevant like lineout takes/steals, scrums won, rucks won etc.

Another interesting element would be to have a certain number stats available to other teams. So you could possibly work your strategy around that. Maybe like total scrums won, lineouts won total points/tries scored that season, how many times MB has been used that season.
WalesDamage Inc
Restructure GC rulesGC (Guild Challenges)Have two rounds. In round 1 every player has to play 1 game each against 1 player of the opposing guild. Each player of the opposing guild can only be played once until everyone in your guild has played 1 game. Then in round 2 you are allowed to play one player each again. Therefore each player has a maximum of 2 challenges and 2 defends. The guild with the most wins, wins. Round 2 only starts when everyone in your guild has played 1 game. However, in the event that people are going to be absent for the challenge, you have the ability to exclude them or 'sin bin' them from the challenge before it is paired.

Pour les defis de guildes on peut tenter de jouer qu'une fois un joueur tant que tous les autres n'ont pas ete tenté! Passage a 2defense pour eviter les match nul. Chaque joueur a 2matchs mais on ne peut pas rejouer un joueur tant que tous les autres de sa guilde n'ont pas ete jouer une fois. Les deux defense ! Exemple guilde de 25 egale 50points maxi. Exemple defi contre toi je te gagne! On peux te jouer encore jusqu'a te regagner, donc 2defenses et 2attaques.
RC CagnanLa Cagnannaise
GC pairing (again!!!)GC (Guild Challenges)Have a maximum difference of 2 people (more or less) from the total number in your guild - excluding anyone in the sin bin. Therefore if you have 22 people in your guild (none in the sin bin) then you can only be paired with guilds of maximum 24 teams or minimum 20 teams.

Bonjour les idées sont nombreuse! Il y a la modification des defis de guildes ,notre demandes etait de plus 2 ou moins 2 en participants! Exemple une guilde de 23 peut rencontrer une guilde de 21 a 25
RC CagnanLa Cagnannaise
Kicking the ball Game PlayIn conjunction with line 14 above. Individual strat to allow for % on kicking power. More realisitic being able to control Kick Power and not have the ball disappearing over the dead ball line when wing wants to chip.Mark Rabie AKA OupaSiCaRii Main
Passing the ballGame PlayAll too often the No 10, 12 and 13 pass inside into where all the congestion is. Doesn't make sense with players open on the outsideMark Rabie AKA OupaSiCaRii Main
Options for penaltiesGame PlayWhat to do at Penalties could be another Part of Team Strategy and hardcoded so the game is not interrupted e.g.

1. 5-10m Choice of Kick to Touch or Scrum
2. 11-15m Same as above
3. 16-20m Choice of Kick to Touch or Kick at Goal
4. 21m+ Same as 3.
5. Tap and go penalty if time is short on the clock

..and so on.

Or be given the option to kick or scrum ingame
DHSFP/multiple playersWorld Elite Squad(Taken from the forum)
Implement real rugby rulesGame Playe.g. if you kick the ball dead on a penalty or touch in goal, you do not get the 5 metre lineout!Gwilym ConranTaken from facebook
possibility to sign out completelyGeneral gameAllow a player to retire completely to avoid having championship with one team not competing anymoreDarwiNSiCaRii
clean up the game of obsolete guildsGeneral gameToo many guilds are not active anymoreDarwiNSiCaRii
statisticsstrategy buildingMy idea is that you can have 2 strategy's on each strategy building. So you can have a team 1 and team 2. So you don't have to swap all the guys out the whole time. And when you do sub in a match the team goes back to the starting line up. So you can have one team to play championship games maybe and tournaments. Or guild matches.pappameerkatDamage Inc Labs
Player exchangeGuild hallI would suggest to have the capacity to exchange players in a same guild. A guild Game Management Centre where the guildies can present the players first In house before placing obn open Auction HouseGeorges Richard / Springb CJ Ciao Rasto / Gbane Ivorian(Unsure - French Guild) / SicariiTaken from facebook
Yellow and red cardsGameplayYellow card and red card ruling for aggressive dirty play would be an interesting concept . (Sin bin and sending offs)IronsidesCeltic Pro14Taken from facebook
End of gameGameplayThe game finishes at the next natural stoppage or score after the 80 minutes like real rugby not deliberately kick it off especially if you are chasing the win or bonus point. Or only deliberately kick it off if you are defending a lead or a draw in the case of a GC or ranking game defend.Blou Bulls XV in a tieUltimate legends in a tie
MB limitation MB Minimize the effect of MB or Boost a single skill like 10% speed boost or tackling etc. Or maybe just allow mb in GC where there is a disparity between average levels, lessen its effect, more expensive, mb and non-mb championships, MB-free tournamentsRed John/Multiple playersSA Rebellion Alpha
Set plays from penaltiesGameplayHull Fc SeanKruis-ing to victory
Training points confirmationTraiing groundA simple confirm bottom when leaving the training ground? Prevents you from allocating points incorrectly or auto-assign by mistakeHull Fc SeanKruis-ing to victory
Disband obsolete guildsGuild hallGuilds that have not initiated a GC or invited anyone in a certain time frame should be barred for a stint of 2 weeks.Red JohnSA Rebellion Alpha
Ingame money to buy TPsUse ingame money to buy gold balls and rp's?Sharkie world rebellion mongrels
Academy optionTraining groundYou can get youngsters and train them with in game cash. you buy coaches and they improve training speed. This will force guys to use in game cash for that instead of mb. See also row 73 and 88 belowBlou Bulls XV in a tieUltimate legends in a tie
Scheduled friendliesFriendliesA function to allow friendly matches to be scheduled. Then we could run our own competitions. Similar to the idea on row 34MangoThe Exiles
One-off competitionsTournamentsMore variety in once-off compettions. I think they had 2 enlarged knock-out comps, but they were ridiculous cos they favoured the big teams. BUt anyway then they stopped. So more and more fair comps.
Can do this on guild level as well as team level - world cups, national competitions, same lvl or group of lvls competitions.
MangoThe Exiles
Top levelsGeneralThey need to do something with the top end of the game - its a total disaster
- no buildings to upgrade so no reason to spend cash except on MB and sport shop
- the quality of players at auction is very poor so everyone is forced in to buying visas... and this just reduces the variety of opponent.
- need more variety in tactics - everyone ends up playing the same way
MangoThe Exiles
Level-wide massive tournaments TournamentsAs a way to have some sort of level ranking/find out who is best on a given level. No MB would also be nice.Hull Fc SeanKruis-ing to victory
Level-wide champions tournaments TournamentsIf you have won a tournament during the season you are automatically put into an end of season champions tournament for that level. If they don’t want to cut out mb then at least cut it out from tournaments. Just run the tournament at the end of the season for the last 4 days so the first 16 teams to win tournents at that level qualify or extend it to 5 days and 32 teams.BoA World rebellion mongrels
Auto-subbingStrategy towerAllow a team to auto-sub (preprogrammed substitutions) in one competitive game a day e.g. either tournament or championships, so it makes it fairer for people in different zonesSharkie World rebellion mongrels
More settings for strategyStrategy towerMore comprehensive strategy settings, add in additional features. e.g. zoned defence, chip and chase rate, %offload out of tackle etcPunisherKruis-ing to victory
Change/choose team jerseyStrategy towerAbility to change or choose jersey colours. Maybe charge gold for each change? PunisherKruis-ing to victory
Level-based rankingsTraining (ranking) gamesRefine the rankings so you have your overall rankings and your ranking compared to others on your levelBoere "B" TeamThe Mullet Mafia
Limit to training (ranking) gamesTraining (ranking) gamesMaybe refine the map choices so you are only offered opponents up to a maximum of 15 levels above youMel Hull FC Kruis-ing to victory
Remove next match iconStadium viewRemove the next match icon from the top center of the screenDunedin Rugby ClubBarbarians F.C.
GC structureUn tournoi de guilde. Sur 12 ou 24h... comme ça on saura qui est vraiment la meilleure guilde...
pour les guildes, ça pourrait être comme des niveaux. Par exemple 16 ou 32. Ceux éliminé au premiers tour passe au niveau second 33_64 etc... et d'autres montent d Un niveau.
Guild Challenge tournament idea.

Trop long les défi... on pourrait mettre le 1er arrivé à 20 victoire gagné le défi.
First to 20 wins in a GC, wins
MoultonLa famille du rugby
Training centre/Un bâtiment centre de formation...New buildingPour le centre, mettre des joueurs de 15 ans... et comme ça on peut soit les revendre soit les garder jusqu'à leur 18ans...

Training academy. Buy players at 15 and train for 3 seasons until they are 18 and join your squad. See also row 88 below
MoultonLa famille du rugby
MB limitation MBLes primes de matchs moins importanteMoultonLa famille du rugby
Game notificationsNotificationsThere's a bug where you are being played and it doesn't pop up until like 30+ minutes into a match. This needs fixing. Also maybe have game notifications for when you are being challenged in GCs and ranking games. Also an idea where you get a notification pop up when your being played in a gc. Like 1 gold ball per text. And you can toggle it on or off at start or every gcHull Fc SeanKruis-ing to victory
Adjust tournament times and make them MB-freeTournamentMake tournaments MB free (or a lot more expensive) and at a time that everyone can play. Ie. 12.00 gmt like championshipsRebellionSicarii
Training (ranking) games with no subsTraining (ranking) gamesRemove the option to sub from rankings games. Make it a level playing field, best teams wins. Click challenge and the game gets played.RebellionSicarii
Guild Challenge rulesGCsGuilds must play min. 50% of their games or go on a 48hr rule. Alternatively 75%RebellionSicarii
Implement different GC formatsGCsWhen clicking search for opponent, you choose the format of the GC to be played. i.e. the 2 rounds idea, no-MB, MB limited to playing teams 5 or more levels above, penalties for not playing 50% or 75% of your games, only play guilds with a minimum of 5 level 70 teams or higher, or standard. Then you get paired with a guild who has selected the same option.WalesDamage Inc
Direct GCsGCsAbility to send a gc request to another guild and they accept or decline, then we can choose our own pairings. Put a time limit on the request. Maybe a notification saying currently in a gc try again at such a time, if GC is ongoingMel Hull FC Kruis-ing to victory
Ranking bonusRanking games/MBAnother idea regarding ranking games. Your rank also be taken into account when playing championship games and tournament games. Some sort of small % factor built in. Like a small MB. It will make the rankings more competitiveMark Rabie AKA OupaSiCaRii Main
Training points for videosTraining groundIntroduce the ability to watch promotional videos to accumulate additional training points each dayWalesDamage Inc.
Get rid of MB for tournamentsTournament il faudrait supprimer au moins la prime sur les tournois . si tu es présent c'est déjà un avantageRC RDCteam warrior XV
Selling players in auctionsAuction HouseAny chance that they can have me take my player off the auction if no bids have been received lets say in first 12h. Or maybe put a reserve on your player. I’m sure we all have put players on auction and after auction finished thought it wasn’t worth that. Should have kept him. Maybe you can only list a player a maximum of twice? That way you make the reserve reasonable enough to sell? Second time he sells regardless? Have a benefit to Auction House sales. Send a player for auction and have a benefit of 10 (Ten) Training points to be added to player that the purchaser can allocate to statistics after buying him. Thus a permanent 10 point to be used to improve the stats Therefor the Auction house becomes a huge benefit for all players, especially if seller has the option to Sell or retract his offer / accept. Could be a 12 hour decision to retract offer. After that he have forfeited his chance to get back improved player.GoLdEn CaTs / Springb CJ Ciao RAsto / Gbane IvorianUltimate legends in a tie / Sicarii
Buying players off other teamsBuying and selling playersWhen u look at other teams and u want to purchase one of their players give them a bid u can do it on the football manager. Say someone has a decent player but does not play in main team and would fit into ur main team u can put a bid in on player and the team has 24h to respondMad Dog MygWorld Rebellion Mongrels
Energy bugBugThere a bug where the actual energy of a player is not updated for many hours and when you come to play him, you think he is low energy when in fact he could be fully healed. Please fix this.BoA World rebellion mongrels
Practice against your own team/Ghost teamTraining groundBe able to test different strats with your on team. playing a game with your own team using two different stratsSPARTANSA Outlaws
AcademyTrainingBuild and upgrade an academy, at the beginning of each season choose one forward and one back and which position you want them to play. Then let them train and the manager can choose which areas need to be ugraded. The academy player shoud have a minimum starting point for their skill levels. Gold balls can be used to boost skills above the normal daily training. The level of you academy will also determine how well your academy players are trained.StefaansMKD
Coaching staffTrainingUsing gold balls, you can buy a scrum coach, defensive coach, kicking coach or attacking coach for a season, instead of using match bonus.StefaansMKD
Get rid of the sports shopSports shop
Get rid of the sports shop. This could be a contentious one as the Sports shop is a post upgrade money management tool
Bob's BruisersClub Twickenham
Stop offering players under 100% training speedAuction HouseGet rid of players from the auction who’s training % is less than 100%, as nobody buys themBob's BruisersClub Twickenham
Increase age of playersStrategy towerPlayer don't retire at 31. Make it 35 - perhaps they have a % decent in performance after 31 in certain skills or in general?Bob's BruisersClub Twickenham
Championship match engine friendly simulator Friendly games I may be completely wrong but the game appears to be very different when playing in championship games to all other forms. If there indeed a different match engine exists maybe we could have an option to play friendlies with it. In general the game needs to also be built more around strategy and less around the element of luck. JungleBIA
Rp's and Training point mintNew buikdingAn introduction of a building to convert game cash to either rp's or trainning points. This would help keep sports shop bids lower with removal of match bonus. I appreciate this may effect good ball sales. Jungle BIA
Bring back free name changes Name changes I understand why you introduced gold ball charges for guild names and increased charges for team names but it has taken a fun element away from the game. Individuals abusing this should be punished not the game as a whole JungkeBIA
Auto-subbingStrategy towerAs part of our strategy, we should be able to set automatic subs. People would select their 22 players for the game (starting 15 + 7 subs) before the game.
For the subs, you could add the time at which you want to sub and the position for each player.
We could create several subs strategy and choose the one we want to use for the game.. the same way we do for the main strategy
King of the Jungle#Rugga Rebels
Penalty strategies during the game (Add 4 options during the game)GameplayEach time we get a penalty during the game, it would be great to be able to chose how we want to play it:
- Scrum
- Kick to Touch
- Goal Kick
- Quick Tap penalty
We could have the same system that Sweet Nitro uses on Touchdown Manager, where we would have 3-5 seconds to select how we want to play a penalty (if nothing is selected then it would be played the same way than currently)
(For now, it s a bit frustrating when your player do a kick to touch at the last second for a draw while you could win the game by playing a quick tap penalty ...)
King of the Jungle#Rugga Rebels
Ball kicked over the dead ball lineGameplayCurrently when you get a penalty and your player kick the balls over the dead ball line, you still get a lineout on the 5 meter line, while the opponent should get a scrum at the place where the ball was kickedKing of the Jungle#Rugga Rebels
Playoff post championshipChampionshipAt the end of each championship, the 4 teams ranked highest in the league standings would be selected for the playoff. Semi-finale and finale could occur the same day(or even the last day of the championship), so it wouldn’t really impact the current calendar of the game. The winner could get either additional cash or few gold ballsKing of the Jungle#Rugga Rebels
Promotion/Demotion/RelegationChampionshipThe top league shouldn t get promoted.. It s the top league.. (in real rugby, the first division stays in first division.. it s the goal of all teams to get / stays in this division). For the levels below:
- Winner post playoff could be promoted by 2 levels
- the 3 other teams that played the playoff could be promoted by 1 level
- the last 3 teams are relagated to the division below.. For them, all the skills of their players are reduced by 5 pts.

Benefit for SW: Those who are relagated could buy the one time offer to stay at their level. Also top players would reach the top level twice faster than currently.. increasing the competition at the top..
King of the Jungle#Rugga Rebels