Requests for Funds 2015-16 (Responses)
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Is the fund request in line with Tech Fund's mandate?
AmountCost BreakdownProject NameProject DescriptionNameEmailTitleOrganizationiSchool Affiliation
13/09/2015 13:43:29Yes1200
$900 - Lunch and coffee/tea - $12/person @ 38 people – students, teachers, AIS executive members/organizers
$100 – Thank you gifts for the teachers - $25/person
$150 – Materials for the workshop
$50 – Travel reimbursement for the teachers and organizers
0$ - Fee for instructors - they are doing the workshop for free!

Total - $1200
User Experience: From Vision to Validation
The aim of this weekend workshop (Oct 3rd and 4th) is to grant participants insight into the UX industry from the perspectives of three RBC UX professionals with a combined 40+ years of academic and industry experience. Participants will be introduced to UX Strategy, Design, and Usability Evaluation and work through a multi-session research and design problem that will allow participants to see the interactions between the different areas and put key principles and skills into practice. In addition, an RBC HR representative will be on-hand during one of the sessions to talk about potential career opportunities.
Kristina Mitova
AIS PresidentAIS at UofT
Masters of Information (MI) Student
22/09/2015 22:19:58Yes750
Due to changes please review this new request for the UX workshop event on Oct 3-4th:

$150 - Coffee/tea + Timbits for 38 people – students, teachers, AIS executive
$100 – Thank you gifts for the teachers - $25/person
$450 – Materials for the workshop – a fully hands-on workshop so we need 6 large sticky sheet packages ($45 per package) plus other general materials
$50 – Travel reimbursement for the teachers and organizers

Total= $750

UX Workshop
A two-day workshop on Vision, Strategy and Analysis as part of the UX design field led by 3 RBC designers. There will be an HR person to discuss job opportunities with iSchool students. The event is already fully booked (30 students + 5 on the wait list) so interest in the workshop is evident. The event will run 10am-1pm on both days.

Your support will be very much appreciated by us (AIS) and all students.
Kristina Mitova
General Co-chairAIS
Masters of Information (MI) Student
04/01/2016 16:55:04Yes120
$40.00 per event (3 events) for coffee and cookies.
AIS Brown Bag Lunch Sessions
The iSchool's chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) will be holding monthly brown bag lunch sessions for students in January, February, and March where students will facilitate hands-on skill-building workshops. These will cover the following topics: introduction to Sketch and InVision (web-based prototyping/design softwares), introduction to Axure (web-based prototyping software), and design patterns using Javascript. We would like to offer coffee and light snacks at these events in order to entice students to come out to workshops during their lunch hour (when they might need a caffeine fix before their next class!).
Danielle Klein
Association for Information Systems U of T
Masters of Information (MI) Student
11/01/2016 11:38:36Yes2500
CampTech Workshop 6-hours: $2,500
Catering: $500
Alumni Gifts: $120

Build Your Own Portfolio
Build Your Own Portfolio would be a two-day, three-part career development workshop targeted at Faculty of Information graduate students. In part one, alumni volunteers will share their professional online portfolios, and speak about how they have used these portfolios to advance their careers. During part two, professional facilitators will guide students through the process of assembling their own portfolios, teaching students how to select projects that best showcase their work and skills. In part three, students will design and create a digital portfolio, allowing them to be shared seamlessly with future employers.

The central objective of this workshop is to teach students how to effectively arrange their information design projects from coursework and internships into an appealing portfolio.Working with Wordpress and HTML, participants will design a simple website to host their portfolio, building valuable web-design skills that are in high demand by employers. Students will also learn techniques for sharing their portfolios at networking and career events to demonstrate their skills to future employers. Finally, the workshop will offer students the opportunity to network, as they work closely with alumni and professionals throughout the event.

This workshop is particularly useful this term especially since there are very little iSkill workshops that pertain to ISD/KMD/KMIM students. We think that this workshop is very helpful to the students outside of these concentrations as having an online portfolio gives advantage to any person with detailed projects that they would like to present to their future employers.
Paola Santiago
Project ManagerUofT AIS
Masters of Information (MI) Student
02/02/2016 21:59:05Yes398
Guest speaker honorarium: $100 each x3 = $300
Beverages/light snacks: $65
Volunteer transit: 5 x $6.50 = $32.50

Total: $397.50
AIS Open Source Workshop
AIS is hosting a free Open Source Workshop to iSchool (and UofT) students later this semester in March. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for the iSchool student community to learn about open source/ free software projects, the range of ways you can get involved and contribute, and how licenses are used to protect open and free culture works. We are planning on having 2 to 3 guest speakers come in to discuss and give a presentation/ demonstration about their current open source projects. The aim is to get students direct insight and access to someone knowledgeable and involved within the open source community. We believe that introducing iSchool students to the open source world could be potentially beneficial for their future professional, academic and personal endeavours.

Cost Rationale:
•As an expression of our appreciation for their time, AIS would like to provide each guest speaker with a $100 honorarium as a contribution towards their project. We have already spoken with Kathy Shyjak about this possibility and it should not be a problem if the money comes from the Tech Fund.
•Due to the 3-hour length and time (5pm-8pm) of the event AIS would like to provide light snack and beverages (such as water, tea, coffee) to workshop participants.
•We would also like to cover our volunteers’ transit expenses as a small way of expressing our thanks and appreciation. It may also encourage more volunteer participation at future AIS events.
Jessica Mallender
AIS Executive
UofT Association for Information Systems
Masters of Information (MI) Student
20/05/2016 10:49:34Yes75
$40.00 - printing (printing 2 large-format floor plans to work on collectively as a group)
$30.00 - meeting refreshments
$5.00 - consumables for meeting (markers, post-its)
iSchool Community Design Session for Semaphore Studio 307
An open group of students are working to transform Rm 307 into a studio workspace and more accessible extension of Semaphore. This funding request is for a preliminary design session on Monday May 30th where we'll look at submitted ideas for the space and work together to fit these into a plan for the space.

For more information:
Jess Whyte
Student, MI
UofT Information School
Masters of Information (MI) Student
04/08/2016 13:26:19Yes150
$50 per event (x3 events) for snacks & coffee
U of T ACM Brown Bag Lunches
We are holding three brown bag lunches in the fall, tentatively on the following topics:
1) Hackathons 101 (September 21)
2) Basics of Data Analytics (October 19)
3) Intro to Sketch (December 16)

These are informal workshops held over lunch hour between morning and afternoon classes, to bring students together to get introduced to a new skill and share ideas and experiences. To incentivize students to come, we like to provide coffee and light snacks at these events.

(There is obviously a conflict of interest here due to my position on Tech Fund so I will not be voting on this request.)
Danielle Klein
Masters of Information (MI) Student
08/08/2016 17:28:32Yes175
$80 for pizza
$60 for snacks / pop
$25 for Starbucks gift card for speaker
$10 float (tip, etc.)
Game Design Night
The iSchool chapter of ACM would like to host a Game Design Night, bringing in Jon Remedios, Semaphore Lab's Games-Designer-In-Residence for a talk about game design and the industry. The talk will be geared towards those looking to participate in the field in some capacity, and will have takeaways that students can integrate into their understanding of game design.
Chris Hugelmann
Communications LeadACM @ iSchool
Masters of Information (MI) Student
09/09/2016 02:44:25Yes1366
Apple Pencil: $129
Wacom Intuos tablet (I would suggest the medium Intuos Pro): $499 @ Best Buy -
Oculus VR: $599 from -
Samsung Gear VR: $139 @ Best Buy -
Technology Loans
I would like to suggest additional items to be made available for technology loans at the iSchool, namely: the Apple Pencil (, Wacom Intuos tablet ( ,, the Oculus VR (, the Samsung Gear VR ( The Apple Pencil would supplement the iPads that are already available for technology loans. Additionally, the Apple Pencil and the Wacom Intuos tablet would both serve as tools for iSchool students, in particular those interested in drawing and illustration for their projects. The Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR would allow for the development of projects involving 3D virtual reality environments, such as video games.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
21/10/2016 00:24:20Yes71
Item(s) Cost
Box of treat size candy 9.99
2 bags chips 7.70
Metro fruit carousel 12.99
Metro veggie carousel 11.99
2 bottles of pop 2.98
2 bottle of juice 6.98
Dixie cups 4.49
Plates 5.49

Total 62.61
With taxes: 70.75
(All prices are based upon full price at Metro)
Intro to Hadoop
ACM has been fortunate enough to invite big data expert, Alexander Rohvarger, Technology Architect at TELUS, to come and give an introduction to Hadoop. The talk will be held on October 27th from 4-6pm.

We request funding to provide a few refreshments for attendees.
Jake Miller
Event LeadUofT ACM
Masters of Information (MI) Student
21/11/2016 08:52:18Yes200
Budget will primarily be towards providing refreshments and pizza for attendees
We hope to attract 10-15 participants
Hour of Code 2016
Hour of Code 2016 will be hosted in the library at U of T's Faculty of Information. Students can take a break from cramming for exams and final assignments to meet up, eat, socialize, and code for an hour. Students can choose between completing an beginner tutorial using Codecademy's Hour of Code resources, or working on self-guided tutorial for adapting Google Maps API. Participants will have an option to send a description of their progress, or an example of a completed or work-in-progress script/product, which will be shared on our website and social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook).

Date: TBA, but an evening during the week of Dec 5-11
Shenoah Plewes
Events LeadACM at u of T
Masters of Information (MI) Student
23/11/2016 12:39:41Yes180
$140.00 Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
$40.00 Kindle Paperwhite case
Both purchased from Amazon.
Faculty of Information Alumni Association Event
In January FIAA will be hosting an event for MMSt alumni, current students, internship and exhibition hosts, and museum professionals. During this event we are hoping to hold a raffle for participants. These items would be part of this raffle.
Katherine Seally
2nd Year Representative
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Student
20/12/2016 09:54:30Yes200
Four Brown Bag Lunch events at $50.00/event — money will be spent on food and coffee.
Winter 2017 Brown Bag Lunches
ACM's Brown Bag Lunches series will host four events in the upcoming term:
Jan 17: Workshop—The Google Maps API
Jan 31: Workshop—The Twitter API in Python
Feb 14: Data Analytics with a Shopify data analyst
Mar 14: Client Relationships in UX

These are 1 hour long sessions from 12-1 on Tuesdays wherein students learn new skills and concepts from industry professionals and fellow students.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
19/01/2017 14:52:04Yes300
$20 hours x $15/hour = $300 for the Session Lead/Instructor
Python Sessions
Session Lead/Instructor: Swapnil Joshi, 2nd year MI student
Location: Studio307, BL 307
Hours: 2 hours a week for 10 weeks (Days TBD, most likely alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays each week)

Description: Participants can bring in their Python projects (in varying states of completion) and work on them with instruction and guidance from the Session Lead. These sessions will provide a hands-on way for participants to learn how to code in Python, and apply that to personal projects, regardless of prior coding experience. These facilitated sessions will also enable students to collaboratively learn from and engage with each other and their projects. Sessions will be open to all iSchool students, regardless of program or concentration affiliation.
Chelsea Misquith
Masters of Information (MI) Student
30/01/2017 23:19:26Yes300
$300 -- money will be spent on pizza, snacks, and drinks
iSchool Game Night
The inaugural iSchool Game Night will be held on an evening (after 4pm) some time in the dates of February 13, 2017, and March 10, 2017 (exact date pending further research), in the Student Lounge (BL705). iSchool students will be able to relax by spending time with their peers playing video games and board games. This experience will allow students to become familiar with the latest and most popular game technologies and concepts. This will be an especially enlightening experience for those currently engaged in school projects involving video game design (e.g. INF2169) or board game design (e.g. INF1005/INF1006 "Exploring User Experience, Cultural Theory and Gamification through Board Games").

If I could receive a response to this request ASAP, that would be great since the event is time sensitive. It would help with further planning on this event.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
30/01/2017 23:23:52Yes100
$100 -- for door raffle prizes (e.g. gift cards of up to $25 denominations to topic-relevant areas such as Steam, Google Play, or Snakes and Lattes).
iSchool Game Night
The inaugural iSchool Game Night will be held on an evening (after 4pm) some time in the dates of February 13, 2017, and March 10, 2017 (exact date pending further research), in the Student Lounge (BL705). iSchool students will be able to relax by spending time with their peers playing video games and board games. This experience will allow students to become familiar with the latest and most popular game technologies and concepts. This will be an especially enlightening experience for those currently engaged in school projects involving video game design (e.g. INF2169) or board game design (e.g. INF1005/INF1006 "Exploring User Experience, Cultural Theory and Gamification through Board Games").
Masters of Information (MI) Student
31/01/2017 00:46:29Yes50
$50 -- money will be spent on food and coffee
Tech Fund VR Day
The Tech Fund VR Day is a hands-on event for students and faculty to chip in on Tech Fund's purchase decisions on Virtual Reality (VR) equipment. Attendants will explore and investigate VR equipment together and provide their feedback.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
31/01/2017 00:54:15Yes100
$100 -- for four $25 gift cards to a retail of the winner's choosing (from a predetermined list)
Tech Fund Ideas Party
The Tech Fund Ideas Party is an annual event held to solicit ideas from students on spending opportunities for the Tech Fund. This year, it will be held on February 15, 2017, in conjunction with the February 2017 iTea. The best idea (as voted by Tech Fund Reps) from each of the four areas of Tech Fund initiatives "Events", "Workshops", "Equipment", and "Misc." will win a $25 gift card to a retail of their choice from a predetermined list.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
20/09/2017 17:40:04Yes1Test1TESTAlice
03/10/2017 13:06:44Yes2
$99.99 x 2 = $198.98 (or more, depending on number of iPads the Tech Fund thinks is appropriate for all students in MMSt. Our project only requires 2 iPads).
TrackNTime app for museum visitor studies
Every year, the students in MSL1350 (Museums and their Publics) need to gather data on visitor studies in various museums. The TrackNTime app, specifically made for tracking visitors in a museum setting, would be an easier, less time-consuming, and precise way to gather data. The results would allow the students to become familiar with new technologies in the museum field and would allow them to deliver more professional-looking products to their host museums.
Tanya McCullough
Second-year student, MMSt
ischool, MMSt
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Student
09/10/2017 16:10:28Yes220
Livescribe Echo Smartpen - 2GB (
N/A "The Smart Pen"
This technology supports the information, communication, and technology needs of the students by providing a tool which can be used to further support their education at the iSchool. It supports the efficient delivery of information and can augment the classroom experience.
Sydney Stewart Rose
Tech Fund SecretaryMMSt
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Student
09/10/2017 16:19:23Yes250
Each charger is $9.99(

however we could also get 25 chargers for ~204$ (or 8.15$ each) which can then be customized with the tech fund logo for an additional charge (
portable usb chargers
this will helps students avoid being stuck without power and enable them to use their technology.
Sydney Stewart Rose
Tech Fund SecretaryMUSSA
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Student
04/12/2017 21:25:27Yes2999
I indicated 2999$ as an upper limit, however, the pricing would depend on the facilitator and other factors
Power Tools Workshop
First year students have indicated interest in a workshop to help them gain familiarity with power tools. Museum professionals often work with power tools during installations and the students have indicated they would feel more prepared for their internships if a workshop like this was available.
Sydney Rose OR Tech Fund Workshops & Events Coordinator
Master of Museum Studies (MMSt) Student
28/01/2018 13:31:55Yes364
(3) USB-A to USB-C cables at 25/unit plus tax AND (3) Wall adapters: (1) 29W at 59/unit, (1) 61W at 89/unit and (1) 87W at 99/unit PLUS tax= 363.86
Grad School
1 Charger each for newer i-pad pros, macbook airs and mac book pros. Not enough really but a start.
Jamie Duncan
Inforum Assistant, Professional Development Co-Chair, Student
Inforum., MISC, Faculty of Information
Masters of Information (MI) Student
28/01/2018 13:42:21Yes204$171.06+23.41(HST)+8.99(Shipping)MISC Meetings and General Use
PHILIPS LFH9172/00 Dark Grey/Silver 3.5mm Connector Meeting Microphone on
Jamie Duncan
Inforum Assistant, Professional Development Co-Chair, Student
Inforum, MISC, Faculty of Information
Masters of Information (MI) Student
28/01/2018 21:23:36Yes80
$80 per single machine SPSS (statistics software) license from U of T
Data analysis of justice data
Currently enrolled in CRI2120 -- Data Analysis with the Centre for Criminology and Socio-legal studies. In the course, we use SPSS to run statistical analysis on justice data. The course is focus on the interpretation and presentation of statistical data, and navigating SPSS is a large part of the coursework. Although their department has a computer lab equipped with SPSS, their department is small and often packed with students. The Centre is located on the other end of campus (Queen's Park), and I work most days so it would be more convenient for me to complete the assignments and research paper on my own time. Working with SPSS has been a fairly steep learning curve for me -- I'd like to have more readily access to the software so I can better engage with course material.

Mari Jing Zhou
Masters of Information (MI) Student
28/03/2018 18:31:34Yes2
Difficult to estimate (lots of options available), but most likely, between $200-$300
No current projects are being conducted; however, past projects, such as the video tours of the Inforum, would have been made easier by having lapel mics to rent.
Victoria McAuley
Masters of Information (MI) Student
11/05/2018 16:00:30Yes249RODE VideoMic ProProfessional Development Video Series
Making a Series of videos on how co-op students have found their roles and hopefully past that to interviews with employers who hire MI students. The mic would be available for use on the may other video projects that currently happen at the faculty without high quality audio equipment.
Masters of Information (MI) Student
22/05/2018 23:24:29Yes1191x Rode VideoMic GoPD Video Series
I see many students shooting videos for various projects. I would be able to use this mic to shoot a series of interviews with Co-op students on how they got their positions to help next year's cohort.
Jamie Duncan
Masters of Information (MI) Student
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