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Choosing a CaregiverBook Find this informative, best-selling book on for information on finding an in-home caregiver. Written by Haley Lynn Gray
A Place for MomInformation ServiceFor Family CaregiversA Place for Mom is the nation’s largest senior living referral service. Our trusted Seniors Living Advisors help 15,000 families each month make informed decisions, save time, and feel less alone as they search, never at any charge to them.
A Stranger Among Us:HiringbookBothThis book is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of hiring in-home providers for children and young adults with disabilities. Covers defining of needs, writing a job description, advertising, screening, interview questions that get at "deeper issues, checking references
" orientation, evaluations, firing.
AbiogeniXsmart pillbox that will help you and your loved ones take your medication on time Cinnamon, Goutam
AboutOneApp, websiteAboutOne gives you a secure place to organize and connect family – your smart, powerful solution for managing memories and household
Adult Day Care FacilitiesInformation & Community GuidePatients & Family Caregivers Guide for social activities, meals and various health care services that can range from medication management to physical therapy
AdvoConnection.comdirectory of private health and patient advocatesHelps patients and caregivers find professional assistance to help them with all aspects of their journey through the healthcare system, from finding the right doctors, to exploring treatment options, to shared decision making, family mediation, even getting insurance claims approved, and reviewing and negotiating medical Torrey, Every Patient's
Aging in AlabamaElder LawFamilies and CaregiversPeoviding assistance and advocacy for seniors, their families, caregivers and professionals navigating many difficult government and social systems G. Kelim, Alabama, Florida
Aging Successfully LLCGeriatric Care ManagementPatient, caregiver, and healthcare professionalsServices to assess senior health as well as their caregiver. Consulting available to companies addressing eldercare issues.www.agingsuccessfully.coCassandra Hill, M.A.
American Recall CenterConsumer health and patient safety website.Patients and Caregivers.
Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information. Cohen, Outreach Coordinator jcohen@recallcenter.comNew York, New York
Assisted Living FacilitiesInformation & Guide for Senior Help For Famiy Caregivers and PatientsInformational resource and referral service for assisted living in the United States. We list information on over 36,200 state-licensed facilities and explain the rules and regulations of each state. We guide individuals and families to decide if assisted living is a good option, and to select the one that best fits the person.
AudibleRxWebsite, App, Patient Medication Information ToolFree for patients and caregivers, License agreement required for institutions and health care providers.Patient Medication Information in digital/audio format. Bridging the medication-education-gap between patients and their health care providers. Steve
BeCloseAging In Place Technology BeClose is an innovative aging in place technology that helps residents, families and caregivers stay in touch. It’s easy to install and easy to use. We co-host a monthly #agingchat on twitter, 2nd Weds of Each Month 4PM ET!
Better Personal Health AssistantService and AppFree and paid membership options for patients and caregiversWe combine the service of a personal assistant with medical expertise from Mayo Clinic nurses available on demand for your health needs. Clapp/Chamath
BrainBotAppBrainBot assists your focus as you complete daily exercises designed to
refresh your brain.
BrainHQWebsite, AppAllBrain fitness is the next step in that revolution. Michael
Care Keepers, Inc.Personal Concierge and Errand ServiceBothWe help time challenged caregivers to leverage the power of mobile technology to outsource their to do list and strike a point of balance between their work, life, and caregiving responsibilities. We offer a variety of personal and domestic services to ensure caregivers lead happy, healthy and, productive lives. Additional support is offered to via our webinar/workshop series, online community, literary resources, community events, and respite care volunteer network. www.carekeepersinc.com
Care PatrolSenior PlacementPatients and CaregiversWe help families find assisted living, independent living, memory care, and in-home care. We review care and violation histories of the facilities we work with. We tour the families to the recommended commmunities, much like a realtor does with new homes, and we are a FREE service to the families.
Care2ManageWebsite (responsive)All caregiversA HIPAA compliant web based platform to help families organize and access healthcare information and connect to resources in the community. We also have local care coordinators that can help caregivers navigate the jungle of eldercare, because you can’t fully automate caring for
Caregiver Certificationwebsiteall caregiversRanks the top caregiver education programs in the nation
Caregiver ReviewsReview Website For CaregiversCaregiversWe do not receive any affiliate fees, commissions or other compensation from the merchants and manufacturers. We want to remain neutral and provide unbiased reviews.
CareGiverSanityOnline Mentoring, WebsiteCareGivers: though you may more easily identify yourself as a Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Sibling,Friend. Health care ProfessionalsIt's All About You, the CareGiver. Do you feel lost and all alone? I will support you through the rough patches using the exact steps that transformed my life as a family CareGiver, allowing you to easily and calmly gain focus, clarity and balance and begin living the life you desire all the while continuing to be the great CareGiver you are.
Caregiversforhome.comA Website to connect caregivers and patients and family members who need themAllThis Web site aims to help patients and families connect with the highest quality caregivers and to offer tips and information to help caregivers and families have meaningful and successful
Caregiving StrategiesWebsite, Service, PodcastCaregiversFREE Weekly audio podcast (available in ITunes and Sitcher Radio) that provides tips, tools and resources for busy caregivers. Founder, Ellen Reaves (Caregiver Consultant) is the host and is also available for personal consultanting services via telephone, or SKYPE for a fee. I provide Crisis Management for New Caregivers. Reaves,
Caregiving StrategiesCrisis Management Services for Caregivers. Educational workshops for Employers and Non-profit groupsCaregivers Reaves, MADS
CaregivingCafe.comWebsite that provides a directory of caregiving resources, information & supportFor Patients & Family provides a directory of links that cover all aspects of caregiving, resources, information, tips to manage tasks & ways for caregivers to take care of themselves. It also lists ways for caregivers to connect with other caregivers online and locally, as well as diversions to take a mental break from their tasks.
CaremergeApps, WebsiteCaregivers, Senior Living, Home Care, Home Healthcare, Families of elderlyNationally Awarded and Recognized Communication and Care Coordination platform bring everyone involved in the care of an elderly together through simple and HIPAA compliant Khan
Fahad Aziz
Michael Davolt
CareSolverWebsiteCaregiversis a Free Tool to make caregiving easierStep-by-step care plans tailored to your loved one's needs put you
back in control. Morton, Grant Hamm,Shana Hoffman
CarestarterAppBothCareStarter is the first app for the families of
children with chronic illnesses. The new app for iPhone, iPad, and Android
devices is also available via web browser from any connected
computer.It’s the only application that gives patients and their
families’ access to information and resources that can help them manage every
facet of life after the diagnosis of a chronic medical condition Polvado
CareSyncServicePatient, caregivers, and familyCareSync is a family health record solution that combines affordable records retrieval and other healthcare services with web and mobile solutions to help patients, their families, and their caregivers manage health. http://caresync.com
CaretickerApp, website
Careticker is a mobile platform for patient planning, coordination and
communication before and after a hospital stay enabling providers to enhance
engagement with patients and reduce unnecessary readmissions.
CareTreeWebsiteCaregiversCareTree is a FREE website for family and professional caregivers to manage the care for a loved one and stay informed from anywhere.
CareTreeApp, websiteBothCareTree is a centralized, coordinated health record that’s as simple as Facebook to use.

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s live. We’re continuing to improve it and add features every day, but there is no reason to not start using it today. Whether you’re a family watching out for a loved one or a professional with a long list of patients, you can start using it today. It doesn't require IT or complex integration. Create a profile and invite others. Let the families complete the details if you’d like – they want to be empowered. If you’re a professional and want it tied more directly into your system, let us know and we’d be happy to go down that path. And yes, my mom is very proud of what we’ve done.
Carl Hirschman
CareWiseHarnessing the power of mobile messaging to profoundly improve outcomes and deepen loyalty – one patient at a time
Cariloopdigital platform, websiteCariloop’s digital platform is utilized by seniors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to help make better decisions about the geriatric care providers they work
Caring.comInformation Service, Online, WebsiteFor Family is #1 senior care resource for family caregivers online. We provide senior housing consumer reviews and info for assisted living & in-home care. Call our senior living helpline: (800) 325-8591 to get free
Caring In PlaceWebsite, AppAllCaring in Place helps family members become family caregivers for their aging loved ones
CertifiedCare Website - Online education and certificationAll caregiversOnline education, testing and certification for family and professional caregivers: PCA certification; Alzheimer's-Dementia Certification; Special Needs Certification Cathleen
clearhealthcosts.comWebsite, widget, community, servicePatients, family members, providers, health-care professionals, advocates and anyone else
Bringing transparency to the health-care marketplace by telling people what stuff costs. Smart consumer advice. Empowering patients, Democratizing information. Pinder
Continence CentralWebsitePatient/CaregiverContinence Central aims to provide consumers (patients and caregivers) with information critical to the incontinence product selection process while not endorsing any particular product. Continence Central helps consumers select an appropriate product based on a person's type of incontinence and personal needs and preferences. By selecting appropriate products, both the management of incontinence and quality of life are improved.www.continencecentral.orgThe Simon Foundation for Continence or
DailyCaringFree website & daily email newsletterFor families caring for older adults​We support families caring for older adults with the most important information about aging and caregiving. ​Get free updates with the latest practical advice to improve your care situation.​ ​Start reading at today! Chow, Brian
Dementia Care Specialists, a CPI Specialized OfferingTraining, Consulting, Products, WebsiteLong-term Care Professionals, Long-Term Care OrganizationsOur mission is to create a Dementia Capable Society built on the knowledge that persons with dementia can feel joy, fulfillment, and love. We do this by offering training and consulting for those who care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD) and other cognitive challenges. As a result, clients and their families experience a higher quality of life, caregivers find more job satisfaction, and providers improve their business results. Warchol,
47 Website, App, Service, ProductPatient and Health care professionalDocMate is a free service that helps patients find local doctors who accepts their insurance, see real-time availability and instantly book an appointment
online via or the free DocMate App for iPhone and Android.
Patients can read or write reviews about their favorite doctors. Patients helping patients find the best doctors in their area.
Doctella.comWebsite, App, Service, ProductPatients & caregiversFree online Peter Pronovost, Dr. Adil Haider, Amer
Doctors.comWebsiteFind the doctors who are right for YOU, near you, search with zip code
Elderly Parent Care Coaching at Endless Legacyhttp://www.EndlessLegacy.comRhonda@EndlessLegacy.com770-722-7664; Service area USA

Coaching by a nurse geriatric care manager will empower
adult children of aging parents to navigate the elder care maze with less
stress, & dissention.

Skills and new knowledge learned based on your individual
situation and timing via phone, email, or video.

@ElderParentCare Caudell RN, CCM, CGCM
Empowered PatientappsPatient, family members, caregiversFree "Empowered Patient" iphone and Android
Empowered Patient Decision Support Web AppWeb based appPatients, family members, caregivers and providersWeb based app for anyone making an important healthcare decision - not procedure specific
Enforce surgery protocols with Cameras in operating rooms."Within weeks of the cameras' introduction into the ORs, the patient safety measures, sign-ins, time-outs, sign-outs, as well as terminal cleanings all improved to nearly 100 percent," says Chantal Weinhold, executive director of LIJ. "A culture of safety and trust is palpable among the surgical team."
EngagedPatients.orgFree membership based websitePatients, family members, caregivers, advocatesDozens of free patient education and engagement resources written by patients and for patients. There are opportunities to take action by sharing resources via email or social media and taking online courses.

@EngagedPts Hallisy, Mary Ellen
Engaging Patientswebsite, app
Extension of You Home CareNon-Medical Home care Patients and CaregiversWe provide the best caregivers and staff. All caregivers are w-2 employees, which removes the hassles of dealing with employment taxes, and compliance issues. We also guarantee all shifts are covered, and give the client choice in caregivers.http://theExtensionofyou.com
Financial CaretakersDaily Money Management - financial oversightFinancial Caretakers assists individuals in the Denver metro area with daily money management issues from balancing their checkbooks to seeing that bills are valid and paid on time; assuring sufficient funds are available to meet daily money needs; structuring accounts for cost effectiveness and safety; preventing financial fraud, etc.
Funeral Home IndexWebsite, Resource, Funeral, End Of LifeEnd of Life, FamiliesFuneral Home Index allows families to compare funeral services online and make informed end-of-life decisions for themselves and their loved oneshttp://www.funeralhomeindex.com
GenieMDApp, Resource, Patient Medication Management, Personal Health Data Management, Caregiver ToolPatient and CaregiverGenieMD is a mobile health management application that helps people tracks vitals, stores medical records and other health data, manage medications and remotely monitor the health of a loved one. Blue Button + integration allows users to easily collect their medical records from multiple providers.Caregivers can take care of a loved one and efficiently communicate with a support team through the GenieMD Care Circles, secure communication tool, shared calendar, and notifications. Saadatinfo@geniemd.comPleasanton, CA
Geriatrics for CaregiversWebsiteCaregiversPractical health information for people caring for aging loved one. Written by a Kernisan,
GerijoyTablet based pet companionOur 24/7 team of care staff provides virtual elderly companion services through the GeriJoy Companion, a pet that lives inside a tablet device. The GeriJoy Companion requires zero technical skills from the senior: through the intelligence and compassion of our staff, it talks with seniors about family photos, positive memories, news, etc.
Hallmark HomecareNon-medical homecare service Patients and CaregiversHallmark Homecare saves our client's 30-50% of what agencies charge by providing insured, high quality caregivers on a direct hire basis.
HealthinAging.orgHealth Education/InfomrationFor patients & Family CaregiversHealth education and information for aging adults, sponsored by American Geriatrics
HealthspekFree award winning PHR (personal health record).  Available on any browser, smart device and iPad App.Patients, caregivers and family membersProvides a free tool to management health needs.  Has built in PHR with medication mangement, refills, document storage and handles Adv Directives and other legal documents.  Available 24/7 anywhere via . Accepts records from EMRs and patient portals. Carry Card for access to important medical  @healthspek
HealthyOutWebsite, appBothHealthyOut is in stealth with a new product launching this summer to solve our healthy eating problems! Since starting Blueprint Health, HealthyOut's free mobile app has added over 150k users. Nguyen, Jonathan Hironaga and Dan Myers.
HomeHealthCareAgencies.comResource Guide & DirectoryPatients and CaregiversExtensive home health care information such as licensing requirements and state contacts. We offer a directory of 12,361 Medicare-certified home health agencies and 21,210 other home care companies in the United States. SchulzeShawn@affaction.comSt. Louis, MO
HomeHeroService & Job OpportunitiesPatients and CaregiversHomeHero helps families find, hire and manage quality in-home care for seniors. Watch HD interviews of caregivers and book them Hill & Mike Townsendsupport@homehero.orgSanta Monica, CA
Hope4speech.comResource ,App, websitePatients, Caregivers & Health care professionalsA resource caregivers, healthcare professionals & patients using iPad technology, CommunicAide AAC and additional strategies for improving communication, reducing stress, improving quality of life, free materials, blogs and research(EBP)www.Hope4Speech.
com Schreiber&
Gail Weissman
Brookville, NY
i-SaiSo Wellbeing MonitorApp (with web service subscription)Bothi-SaiSo’s Wellbeing Monitor is a web-based subscription service and mobile app that provides 24/7 wellbeing monitoring and alerts for seniors aging in place.
Highlights include:

- iOS application availability with Android coming soon
- 3 tiers of online subscription service levels, starting from US$10pm
- One-touch ease of use for seniors
- Personalized event scheduling tailored to senior lifestyle needs
- Automated alerts escalation via push message, email and SMS
- Emergency Help request button for seniors
- At-a-glance wellbeing dashboard overview for family
- Unique safeguard system of alerts for when seniors can’t request help but have not responded to a routine event prompt
- Escalation of alerts for primary and ‘back-up’ family members
- ‘I’m Out’ and ‘I’m Napping’ status indications for senior lifestyle flexibility reduces unnecessary worry Wright,
iamsick.caApp & websitepatients, caregivers & healthcare professionalsHealthcare wayfinding service that shows the nearest emergency departments, urgent care centres, walk-in/after-hours clinics & pharmacies that are open at the time of search. Our service also shows nearby pharmacists/physicians who speak a specific language. Current coverage is the entire province of Ontario, Canada. Doherty, Sherry-Lynn Lee & Audrey
Intake.MeApp, Website, Virtual Course, WebinarsSecurely manage your loved ones medical records and check in from home (automate the intake process) with Intake.Me. Sign up now to get a free @patientchat @epatient101
InvolveCareAppAllInvolveCare is an app for iPhone/iPad and Android that helps family caregivers and professional caregivers take care of the ones we love. By sharing task requests, rides, errands, and more, families can provide the best care possible for aging parents, disabled spouses, or special needs S. Williams
Jack ImagingApp, WebsiteBothJack Imaging is a free, secure online platform for caregivers and patients to take control of imaging records. Any scan (MRI, CT, X-ray), report, or associated note can be uploaded and shared securely with doctors, accessible from anywhere around the world.;
Kinsightsonline community for patientsThe smart, easy way to connect all of your endless parenting questions with
other parents who have been in your shoes before.
LabDoorLabDoor help consumers understand and manage their dietary supplements. On iOS and web, simply scan a barcode or search a name for an instant A-F grade based on the safety and efficacy of the product.
LivWell Healthweb portal, digital platform, services aggregatorBothLivWell Health offers a modular platform for senior living operators to optimize staff efficiency, improve resident-satisfaction, and develop new markets. Go/Len
LotsaHelpingHandWebsite, AppCaregivers, Familiesconnect people through the power of community — whether you need help or you want to provide help. You may be caring for an ill loved one, an aging parent, a child with special needs or a veteran. You may want to volunteer to help a friend or others in your neighborhood Chapel, Barry Katz
Luminate HealthWe help labs provide their patients with lab results they can understand
Mango Healthwebsite, medication adherence, appMango Health makes fun and elegant mobile applications that inspire consumers to better manage and improve their health. The Mango Health app alerts you if your drugs have potentially dangerous interactions with other medications, supplements or food and drinkhttp://www.mangohealth.com Oberfest
MedcoachAppAllMedication Reminders made easy - FREE. you can easily follow your medication and vitamin schedule as prescribed by your doctor with friendly reminder messages delivered to your phone. We can even connect you to your pharmacy for prescription refills.
MediSafe Project, website, product, service AllMediSafe is a cloud-based Medication Management Platform – An innovative solution designed to understand the personal causes of non-adherence and use this information in real time to create better patient engagement and raise medication adherence.
MediSafe has been rated best in its category, and recently selected by Fast Company as one of the "World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare." 'Bob' Shor, Co-Founder and
MedlinePlusConsumer health websiteCaregivers, patients, health care providersWebsite only points to authoritative, reliable health information, no advertising allowed Library of Medicine, one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
MedlioAppBothVirtual health insurance card, doctor finder, records management Mehen, David Brooks, Ravi
MedivizorServicePatients and CaregiversPersonalized, summarized and bottom-lined health information straight to your inbox, for free.
Meerkat HealthScale, appPatients and CaregiversMeerkat Health helps those living with heart failure and their caregivers track their weight, view trends, and take action. Our scale fits seamlessly into your bathroom and our app fits seammlessly into the lives of caregivers.
Memory PeopleOnline support groupPatients caregivers advocates and family membersMemory people is a Facebook online support and awareness group for alzheimer's and dementia related diseases for caregivers patients and advocates. Started by Rick Phelps who was diagnosed at age 57 in June 2010.
Minute Women Home CareWebsiteAll caregivers
National Coalition for Cancer SurvivorshipAudio, Toolbox (e-learning)Cancer CaregiversCaring for the Caregiver Toolbox - free download
Patient Family Centered Care
Pill PouchProductAllThe Pill Pouch changes an individual's relationship to their medication and health. It does this by coordinating care and creating dialogue with doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and loved ones. An appropriate tech visual aid. www.pillpouch.net
PlateJoyWebsiteAllAn online service that curates balanced, nutritious meal options, PlateJoy allows users to select a week's worth of meals. Consumers create a profile,
including their dietary restrictions, and PlateJoy utilizes algorithms and
machine learning to offer smart meal options aligned with the consumer's
PokitDokWebsiteAllPokitDok provide a transparent health marketplace where consumers can shop for
health services from verified providers, clear service descriptions and posted
prices. Maki
PrimeAppPatientGet your health records from any doctor, instantly and automatically, on your iPhone. See them all in one place. Share individual items with caregivers.
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