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NameAndroid App LinkApple App LinkWebsiteDescriptionUsePriceNotesHow to VideoWhat It DoesUses in Classroom
30/30None based timer which allows for multiple sequential timers.Used for timing group rotations or activitiesfreeUnlimited number of timers. Large countdown screen.
Absolute whiteboard app which allows to free draw or markup an image from the camera roll,Teachers and studentsfreeCan not create separate notebooks
Air Sketch drawing page. Cannot import images or documents in free version (but you can in Android)Free version has limited value. Cost of paid version is $10
American Presidents for iPad of US history through passages & documents on every American President’s life. US History Teachers$3.99
AP US Historyno free app excellent study aid for the AP® U.S. History exam, this app covers the European discovery of the New World to the present. Whether you need to study for a history test or simply want to become more familiar with U.S. history, this app has comprehensive and accurate information which helps you do both.Study/Referencefree
Assignment PlannerNever miss a due date again! Keep track of assignments, homework, projects, courses, classes and grades. Sort assignments by due date or course, set reminders to notify you when a due date is near, then mark them completed when you’re finished. Keep track of grades and your GPA! Simply the most intuitive and user friendly Assignment Planner on the market! Become the stellar student you always wanted to be. Stay organized and on top! Use the ad supported FREE version or upgrade to the ad free PRO version
Audioboo easily record audio on an iOS or Android device and share it with othersfreerequires account
Audiolio Recorder, Text Notes, and Bookmarks with Dropbox and Text Expander. Also can import audio from Podcasts and iTunes U to work with.Teacher and students can bookmark exact location of time in audio and add notes or images to explain the significance of that section of audio2.99
Battle of Gettysburg high quality photos and drawings, 10 maps, 10 first-and accounts and a six minute movie summary bring to life the most important battle in American History. The program includes a reading of the Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Lincoln, at the dedication of the Gettysburg National CemeteryStudy/Reference0.99
Cagle Cartoonsitms:// the best political cartoons, FREE on your iPad with HIGH-RES IMAGES, as soon as the cartoonists draw themPolitical CartoonsFreeadvertisements
countries handbook countries' information, multi-lingual. Touch this handbook to surf population, area, literacy rate, life expectancy, GDP, HDI, flag image, location in the world map, calling code, driving side and more other information fast and easy.Explore information about various countries. Compare different countries' information or discuss differences with past and current info regarding a specific
Delicioushttp://delicious.comEasily save, retrieve and share bookmarks; also can group bookmarks into StacksProvide a private Google for studentsAccount is free, several apps available but none freeRequires account; advantage over Diigo is that many iPad/iPhone apps connect to Delicious while very few connect with Diigo
Diigo you save your favorite websites on the cloud and lock them (if you, for ex, put in a code or share them). teacher/studentfreeRequires account
Dragon Dictation voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.Teachers and studentsFree
Dropbox, store, & download filesStudents, teachersfreerequires account
Early Jamestown interactive textbook exploration of the early days of the Jamestown settlement and the state of Virginia. Includes interactive graphics and the story of a key moment in the history of the United States.studentsfree
Edmodo teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your device to send notes, submit assignments, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom. Provide a private search engine for studentsfreeThis does require an account for both teachers and students however, it appears that this is used in other school districts and it was presented at iste, would be interesting to try with a senior on both droid and ipadvideo on how it can be used is on Edmodo home page
Edu Techer users to search for apps and sites by subjectTeachersfree
Educreations Interactive WhiteboardEducreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking.Freerequires account to save and shareRecords whiteboard actions, plays lessons, and allows for sharing.
Evernote and share notes, including audio, photos, video. Use on almost any device, web.Students, teachersfreerequires account. Paid account available with more functionality
Everstudent with evernote and lets you put assignments by date (no alarm)Student/TeacherFree
Explain EverythingNone tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can create dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorialsStudents, teachers$2.99 ($1.49 on VPP)Creates ones
FileMaker Go 12 for iPadNone Go 12 lets users access databases created with FileMaker 12 desktop applicationA wide variety of custom databases can be created to meet specific needs.freeComes with 4 ready to use databases. Need FileMaker desktop software to create additional databases.
FileMaker Go 12 for iPhoneNone Go 12 for iPadNone Go 12 lets users access databases created with FileMaker 12 desktop applicationA wide variety of custom databases can be created to meet specific needs.freeComes with 4 ready to use databases. Need FileMaker desktop software to create additional databases.
Good Docs to google docsFree
GoodReader for iPadNone app for downloading and managing media from the web, cloud services, and servers via WebDAV. Also can be used to markup PDF files.Download and manage files4.99Can be used to download YouTube videos
GoodReader for iPhoneNone app for downloading and managing media from the web, cloud services, and servers via WebDAV Also can be used to markup PDF files.Download and manage files4.99Can be used to download YouTube videos
Google + Hangout you collaborate with up to 9 other people using GDocs and having live video feeds of the other nine. Great for teacher or student collaborationGroup Projectsfree
Google Earth you move around the world and get up close to any areareferencefree
Google Googles Readerfor assignments, lesson plans to quickly give it to the studentsfree
Google Translate ServiceStudents, teachersfree
Homework & TimeTable app for students. Widgets for timetable and homework. HomeWork app to keep track of your homework and Timetable.freeAndroid
Homework assignments on the phone and w. alarmsfree
iAmerica about all presidentsReferencefree
iMovie editing Teachers & Students$4.99
iStudiez Pro functions, - review - calendar integration, planner, notifications$0.99
iTunes U access to complete courses from leading universities andother schools. Largest digital catalog of free contentFree
Lino sticky and canvas service, use it to post ideas, pictures, discussions, video Could be used for KWL, post questions regarding a lecture
LiveBindersitms:// lets you integrate the content you use and collect in the cloud. Create virtual binders of information on any topic. Does require a login/passwordFreeRequires log in
Magna Carta - The Definitive Guide look at the Magna CartaWorld I Teachers$0.99
Mobile Mouse your phone/ipad into a mouseTeachers can advance slides and walk around the room without lugging a computer aroundfree
My Congress is a portal to detailed information about your elected
U.S. Congressional officials. Track their news, video and Twitter feeds.
Look up their official Open Congress profile or contact them directly.
MyCongress helps you get in touch with your government.
Teachers and studentsFreeObserve people currently in office. Access to video and articles surrounding their policies, practices, etc.
MyHomework for college as well as high schoolers and younger students, myHomework allows you to prioritize homework assignments as well as track them on a user-friendly calendar. The simple interface lets you differentiate whether an assignment is a paper, test or just regular homework and color-code assignments as into upcoming or even late categories. And because each school operates on a different schedule, myHomework allows you to set up block scheduling for your classes. While the app itself is free, the ability to sync between your iPhone and the website on any computer as well as to receive assignment reminders costs $1.99 per year.student usefreeipad/iphone
National Archives DocsTeach in activities that will help you make sense of stories, events, and ideas of the past using documents from the holdings of the US National Archives. Choose an historical topic and challenge yourself with an activity. Or, find activities in a classroom set up just for you, using the code provided to you from the web site.Create lesson plans and activities that use primary
Nearpod a lesson over multiple ipads/ipodsTeacherFreerequires log in
Newseum - Today's Front PagesNewspapers from all over the worldfree
NPR NPR in magazine style with a focus on News, Arts & Life, and Music content that’s broad, deep, and timelyFree
NYPL Biblion: World's FairNone the World of Tomorrow and experience the 1939–40 New York World’s Fair through the collections of The New York Public Library! Teachers and studentsFreeContent driven includes good use of multimedia primary resources
Pass the Past SOL standardsReviewonly has 25 questions for each subject
PBS for iPaditms:// the most popular and current PBS programs free and with minimal interruptionFree
pearltreesthere is an ipad appwww.pearltrees.comA place to collect, organize, and share everything one likes on the webGroup of students could be assigned a historical topic/event/idea and then students would create a pearltree about it...pearls would consist of web pages, images, possibly videofreeDoes require accounts :( Since pearltrees are public on the web, some content created by other users may be inappropriate. Possibly, a teacher could create a pearltree but made up of web pages, images, or video compiled by the class...students could submit urls for these via Blackboard or place in a wiki.
Penultimate for iPadNone whiteboard app for free hand drawing or marking up photographs. Presentations and drawing0.99Individual books with pages can be created. Books can be exported and sent to other users that have Penultimate
Photo Editor by Aviary basic photo editor that crops, filters, and can add textTeachers and studentsfree
QR Reader for iPhone purpose reader for QR codesStudent, teacher projectsfreeHow to create ( create assignments, articles to read, calendar events, link to today's chat
Red Laser purpose reader for QR codes and other kinds of scannable codes like bar codesStudent, teacher projectsfreeAndroid only alternative:
Remind101None students/parents to sign up for a text message for homework, clubs, etc.Homework reminderfree
Show Meitms:// allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. It’s a radically intuitive app that anyone will find extremely easy to use, regardless of age or background.FreeRequires sign in. Can be linked to facebook and/or twitter
Smithsonian Channel itms:// More than museums, so much more! Stay connected with Smithsonian Channel’s original series, documentaries and fun factsDocumentariesFree
Splash Top map - costs to use on Android, but the advantage is that you can see your desktop or phone screen as opposed to Mobile Mouse where you are driving blind
StudyBlue students create flash cards with other groups, take pictures, use audio files, etc.freerequires account
The Civil War Today Civil War Today leverages the iPad multi-touch interface to enable app users to feel and explore thousands of original documents, photos, maps, diary entries, quotes, and newspaper broadsheets like never before. US History Teachers$2.99
The Congressional Record the daily edition of the Congressional Record on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The Congressional Record App is presented by the Library of Congress using data provided by the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, and the Government Printing OfficePrimary resource for government teachers and students.freePublished by the Library of Congress
Thematic Map"Thematic Maps of World" is a very educational application that lets you know our world through variety thematic maps. (Climate, Energy, Ethnography/Religion, Industry/Economy, Land Use, Military and Population.)4.99lacks dates on many maps, but has some really great stuff. An example would be a map of te ethnic composition of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Timeline Eons graphic representation of the entire natural and human history.Historical Timelinefree and paid, list of options for each can be found on the webpage
TweetDeck students look at sites they are following, instructions from teachers, etc.Get instructions from teachersFree
US Constitution down the consitution into articles, sections, and amendments
US Presidents out the US preseidents and other info
Virtual History Roma to Ancient Rome which has been reconstructed in virtual form and which you can explore in a “full-immersion” panoramic experience. This app allows you to fully appreciate the building construction, scale and atmosphere that was Ancient Rome. World I teachers$4.99
WeVideo you to edit films from multiple devices at the same time. Can be opened through Google Drive
World Atlas HD the National Geographic Society, this is a complete collection of detailed maps with world fact bookReference99 cents
World Book - This Day in History interactive multimedia calendar that displays historical events for the current day or any selected day, along with related media such as photos, illustrations, music, and speeches. You can hear the national anthems of countries on the day they became a nation, listen to presidents’ speeches on the anniversaries of their inaugurations, and play sound clips from famous artists on their birthdays. ReferencefreeiPad only
World Wikiitms:// information about the capital, government, population, area, GDP, currency and the flag of any country as displayed on the Wikipedia siteReferenceFree
World:History Maps mapsfree
Zite news reader that learns your preferences the more you use it. Aggregates news sources