Contact Database Guide
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This document acts as a central hub for keeping track of influencer and media outreach for your game. It includes both a contact database to store potential outreach opportunities, and a target list to keep track of all outgoing pitches and communications. We are Evolve PR, a video game marketing agency based in Canada. Evolve provides PR, social media & community, video production, and research & analysis services to game devs and publishers around the world, from indie to AAA.
We've also developed, the ultimate tools suite for video game PR.

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How should I use the Contact Database? (Orange Tabs)How should I use the Target List? (Purple Tab)
Input your contacts on the 'Database' tab as thoroughly as you can. Once completed, search for contacts via the 'Look-Up Tool' tab by channel name in the A column, or the 'Search Tool' by platform, genre, region, or follower count—but only if you've completed those parts of the database. The 'Data Validation' tab is used to standardize inputs across this document, and categories can be added or removed here. The 'Database Stats' tab gives you easy metrics to assess your current entries.After you have built your database of contacts, it's time to reach out to them around a specific campaign activity, such as a launch date announcement. Simply copy and paste your curated list from the 'Search Tool', 'Look-Up Tool', or 'Database' tabs to get started. You can denote a specific activity in J column to easily sort this list by contact iniatives, and this includes options to mark important contact dates, if a key has been requested or sent, and notes.

Example: Using a Sullygnome .csv export, you want to find the overlap between streamers who have played Star Wars Rebellion, and contacts in your database. Simply paste the list of outlet names from the export into the A column of the 'Look-Up Tool' tab to see your results.Example: You want to ensure your curated list of contacts who have made content around similar titles are informed about your launch date announcement, and that you can keep track of all outreach attempts, any key requests, and if those keys requests have been delivered.
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TermsColour Legend
Conditional Interest: Someone who would be interested in covering your news, but requires additional measures to cover.Titles in this colour mean you need to fill the contents of the column.
Pitch: An attempt to get someone interested in your news, so that they decide to cover it.
Activity: Individual events throughout a campaign that require specific target lists, like a 'Game Launch', or an 'Early Access Reveal'.
Target List: A list of contacts you intend to target for outreach opportunities.
Conditional Decline: Someone who was interested in covering, but now cannot due to an issue coming up in conflict.Titles in this colour mean the contents will be autofilled by a formula.
CCV: Concurrent Viewers, how many unique individuals watch a YouTube or Twitch channel.