America's CEOs And President Trump's Advisory Councils: A Status Update
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CEO participantsTheir companyStatusStatement
President’s Strategic and Policy Forum
Paul Atkins
Patomak Global Partners (former SEC chairman)
in as of 6/2/17no public comment
Mary BarraGeneral Motorsin as of 6/2/17
A GM spokesperson said: "GM will not waver from our commitment to the environment and our position on climate change has not changed. International agreements aside, we remain committed to creating a better environment. We publicly advocate for climate action and awareness and remain the only automaker to have signed the Ceres Climate Declaration and one of the first companies to sign the American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

“… Mary Barra’s participation on the President’s Strategy and Policy Forum provides GM a seat at an important table to contribute to a constructive dialogue about key policy issues. The Forum continues to provide an opportunity to work with the administration and other corporate leaders on policies that support a strong and competitive economy and automotive industry."
Toby CosgroveCleveland Clinicin as of 6/2/17
declined to comment
Jamie DimonJP Morganin as of 6/2/17
"I absolutely disagree with the Administration on this issue, but we have a responsibility to engage our elected officials to work constructively and advocate for policies that improve people's lives and protect our environment."
Larry FinkBlackRockin as of 6/2/17
In a quote obtained by the Financial News of London, Fink said, "I do not agree with all of the President’s policies and decisions, including today's announcement to exit the US from the Paris Agreement which I believe is a critical step forward in addressing climate change."
Bob IgerDisneyout of council on 6/1/17
Tweeted: "As a matter of principle, I’ve resigned from the president’s council over the Paris Agreement withdrawal.”
Travis KalanickUberout of council on 2/2/17
Quit council in wake of President Trump's travel ban, saying, "There are many ways we will continue to advocate for just change on immigration, but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that.”
Rich LesserBCGin as of 6/2/17
"We are disappointed at the United States government’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and its potential impact on global efforts to address climate change. Climate change is real and the substantial negative impact that it will have on our world is supported by clear and robust science. In addition, renewable and other advanced energy technologies will become a very significant industry. Withdrawal from the agreement may reduce the opportunity for the US to be a global leader in these technologies.

"This setback will not deter BCG from contributing our ideas and support to helping the world address climate change. We will do this through our on-going research, by working with leading companies and with governments around the world, through our own sustainability efforts, and with our support to leading NGOs. We must all step forward to take on this urgent challenge." -- Rich Lesser, in a statement posted to BCG's website
Doug McMillonWal-Martin as of 6/2/17
In a Facebook post, McMillon said, "Disappointed in today's news about the Paris Agreement. We think it's important for countries to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I'm proud that Walmart has led on renewable energy and emission reductions for more than a decade, and that we're continuing to lead through Project Gigaton. It's the right thing to do for our customers, our business, and the environment."

On the matter of the advisory committee, a company spokesperson said: "On the advisory committee question, we feel it is important to engage with the advisory committee and that’s why Doug will continue to be involved. We see the advisory board as an opportunity to work with a well-respected group."
Jim McNerneyformerly of Boeingin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Elon MuskTesla, SpaceXout of council on 6/1/17
"Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world."
Indra NooyiPepsiin as of 6/2/17
Company said: "Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time and requires coordinated global action. The Paris Agreement was designed as a framework to help protect our planet while also spurring innovation and economic growth in participating countries. While we are disappointed with the announcement, we hope there is a way for the accord to move forward with the U.S. at the table.

"PepsiCo's longstanding commitment to addressing climate change will not change. We have a science-based goal to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain by at least 20% by 2030, and we will continue taking action to deliver on this goal. Not only is this the right thing to do, it will also reduce our operating costs, mitigate risk to our business and unlock new opportunities for growth."
Adebayo “Bayo” Ogunlesi
Global Infrastructure Partners
in as of 6/2/17
declined to comment
Ginni RomettyIBMin as of 6/2/17
Company statement: "IBM today is reaffirming its support for the Paris Climate Agreement and stating clearly how we will continue our decades-long work to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Our call for an international agreement on this issue is more than a decade old, and we first voiced our support for the Paris Agreement in 2015 when it was negotiated.

“… IBM believes all sectors of society, the economy, and governments worldwide must participate in solutions to climate change.”
Stephen SchwarzmanBlackstonein as of 6/2/17
A spokesperson confirmed Schwarzman will stay in the Forum, calling it a "useful vehicle for the President to hear a multitude of different viewpoints and Steve is happy to play a role, as he has helped president’s from both parties in the past."
Kevin Warsh
Shepard Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Economics, Hoover Institute, Former Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
in as of 6/2/17no public comment
Mark WeinbergerEYin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Jack Welchformerly of GEin as of 6/2/17
A spokesperson said, "Mr. Welch is a supporter of the President and is pleased to stay on as a member of the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum.”
Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman of IHS Markit
in as of 6/2/17
declined to comment
Manufacturing Jobs Initiative
Andrew LiverisDow Chemicalin as of 6/2/17
"[With] all the trends going on in the world generationally, we've got to invest in putting less carbon out into the atmosphere, and I think the United States is at the lead. So leaders don't leave tables, leaders stay. And that's the part that I'm disappointed at," Liveris said on CNBC Friday evening.

In an earlier statement, he said: ”While we are disappointed in the decision to withdraw the United States from its commitments in the Paris Climate Agreement, we understand there are always many potential solutions to challenges and are eager to work toward alternative solutions. We will continue to collaborate with President Trump as well as other businesses, NGOs and academics to continue to advocate for smart policies that enable the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that global markets stay open to American exports and innovation.”
Bill BrownHarris Corpin as of 6/2/17
statement: "It is important for industry to remain engaged with the new Administration on issues critical to our economy, and I intend to remain on the President’s White House Manufacturing Advisory Council.”
Michael DellDell Technologiesin as of 6/2/17
statement: "Climate change is adversely affecting our planet. It requires a sustained global focus on mitigation and adaptation. We will continue to work with our customers, communities and suppliers on a strong global approach to tackling the issue using our technologies, while continuing to take meaningful steps to manage our own greenhouse gas emissions footprint and environmental impact.

"Regarding your second question, no change in engaging with the Trump administration and governments around the globe to share our perspective on policy issues that affect our company, our customers and our employees."
John FerriolaNucor Corporationin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Jeff FettigWhirlpoolin as of 6/2/17
Jeff Fettig statement: “At Whirlpool Corporation, we are passionate about improving our consumers’ quality of life while minimizing our environmental impact on the communities in which we operate.”

Company statement: ”Whirlpool Corporation today [6/2/17] stated that nothing will change in its long-standing strategic belief and operational commitment to improving the environment in light of the Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.”

A spokesperson added: "In his capacity with the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative, Jeff Fettig was asked to provide input and advice to the president and his administration on ways to strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness in order to create jobs in the United States. We will continue to provide fact based input to this Initiative to help U.S. strengthen jobs.”
Mark Fieldsformerly of Ford Motorin as of 6/2/17
Ford noted that it has no active executive on any council. A company statement reads, "We believe climate change is real, and remain deeply committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our vehicles and our facilities. Our commitment to sustainability is why we’re investing so heavily in electrification and adding 13 new electrified vehicles to our lineup."
Ken FrazierMerckin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Alex GorskyJohnson & Johnsonin as of 6/2/17
A spokesperson said: "Johnson and Johnson has a longstanding commitment to the health of our environment because we believe environmental health and human health are inextricably linked. We have established science-based goals to decrease our carbon footprint and we remain committed to achieving them. We will continue to work with global coalitions and governments around the world to promote low carbon solutions and actions that mitigate environmental impact and advance public health.

"In addition, Alex will remain on the committee."
Greg HayesUnited Technologiesin as of 6/2/17
declined to comment
Marillyn HewsonLockheed Martinin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Jeff ImmeltGEin as of 6/2/17
"Disappointed with today’s decision on the Paris Agreement. Climate change is real. Industry must now lead and not depend on government," Immelt tweeted Thursday.
Jim KamsickasDana Incin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Klaus Kleinfeldformerly Arconicin as of 6/2/17
Arconic declined to comment
Brian KrzanichIntelin as of 6/2/17
Stephen Harper, Global Director, Environment and Energy Policy at Intel, said: “Climate change is a real issue, and we firmly believe that the US should continue to participate in the Paris Climate Accord. Withdrawal won't change our investment in renewable energy, and we will continue to advocate for the US to engage.”

As for staying in the council, Krzanich told CNBC on Thursday: “We need to engage and what I’ll do is I’ll spend time in there talking about—what are we going to do, how do we get back in?”
Rich KyleThe Timken Companyin as of 6/2/17
A spokesperson said, "Timken has a long history of collaborating with policymakers to advance manufacturing’s role in the global economy. We will continue to engage with government officials and various stakeholders worldwide, including the U.S. administration and Congress, as they work through complex issues.

"Timken is committed to environmental sustainability, creating energy-saving innovations with our friction management and mechanical power transmission products and services. We remain focused on industrial solutions for the evolving energy markets we serve around the world -- both in traditional areas like oil and gas, and in emerging areas like wind energy. As always, we will be guided by the needs of our customers, partnering with them to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow."
Thea Lee
AFL-CIO (deputy chief of staff)
in as of 6/2/17
not immediately available for comment
Mario LonghiUS Steelin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Denise MorrisonCampbell Soupin as of 6/2/17
Company statement: ”We are aware of the potential risks to the food system posed by climate change and continue to support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Despite the decision by the Trump Administration to exit the agreement, Campbell will continue to take action to address climate change, and we remain focused on delivering against our sustainability commitments. Our primary 2020 sustainability goal is to reduce our environmental footprint — defined as water and GHG emissions per tonne of food produced — by 50 percent.”

Added a spokesperson: “Our support of the Paris Climate Agreement is clear and unambiguous. Although the Trump Administration decided to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, Ms. Morrison will continue to participate in the President’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative, as we recognize the importance of growing the U.S. economy and creating manufacturing jobs. We continue to believe that it is important for Campbell to have a voice on the critical issues that will impact our industry, our company and our employees.”
Dennis MuilenburgBoeingin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Elon MuskTesla, SpaceXout as of 6/1/17
"Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world."
Doug Oberhelmanformerly, Caterpillarin as of 6/2/17no public comment
Scott Paul
Alliance for American Manufacturing
in as of 6/2/17
Told the New York Times, "I have had profound disagreements with the Trump administration on several issues, but stepping away from an advisory role on manufacturing policy doesn’t make sense.”
Kevin PlankUnder Armourin as of 6/2
In an online statement, Plank said: "In 2015, the United States signed a contract with all of our closest allies and 194 member nations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. I believe in keeping one’s word and doing everything possible to execute on our commitments. We at Under Armour are disappointed by the Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement as climate change continues to threaten our planet, our cities and our economies. Climate change is real and must be taken seriously by our business community, our customers, our neighbors and our elected officials. Sustainability has always been part of our DNA: it’s integral to how we live and work and is essential to our environment. As a business leader concerned with creating American jobs, I disagree with the decision to exit the Paris Accord.

"Our word matters and it is our collective responsibility to help protect Mother Earth."
Michael PolkNewell Brandsin as of 6/2/17
Statement on climate change: “Climate change is an important issue to our company and the future of our environment.”

Regarding MJI committee: "We look forward to continuing to contribute to the dialogue and the development of policies that create a more vibrant economy in the U.S.”
Mark SuttonInternational Paperin as of 6/2/17
"You are never going to agree with all decisions that are made by elected officials, that's why It's best that we continue to engage with the administration and work constructively toward the best possible outcomes," Mark Sutton told CNBC Friday. A spokesperson also noted that in a previous statement, Sutton said, "Nothing changes for us. We made commitments publicly to reduce our environmental footprint, we're working on those commitments, not only on greenhouse gases, but water and other environmental goals - we think it's the right thing to do and we will continue down that path."
Inge Thulin3Min as of 6/2/17no public comment
Richard TumkaAFL-CIOin as of 6/2/17
"Pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is a decision to abandon a cleaner future powered by good jobs. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has given dangerous advice around these issues. Following Pruitt’s lead is a failure of American leadership.

"A deteriorating environment is not the only thing at stake here. When our leaders isolate America from the rest of the world, it hurts our ability to raise incomes for working families and achieve fairness in the global economy. The U.S. labor movement will continue to urge the United States to stay in the agreement so we can achieve the best outcomes for America’s workers."
Wendell WeeksCorningin as of 6/2/17
A spokesperson said, "Corning remains committed to doing everything we can to protects the environment and reduce harmful greenhouse gases, which are a significant contributor to global warming. We encourage the Administration to continue working to effectively manage climate change. As a company, we are proud to have been a critical player in the global fight for clearer air for almost 45 years. We remain committed to developing market-leading emissions control solutions that help our customers meet new emissions standards and make the air cleaner worldwide.

"Corning views participating in the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative as an opportunity to remain engaged in conversations with the Administration on a range of issues."