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1001 reason why it's great to be cahtolicHaddad, Robert MChristianity- roman CatholicismYears ago I saw a news report about the growth of Pentecostalism in Latin America. One fiery pastor had a pamphlet at the back of his church entitled, 'Twenty-five reasons why you are no longer Catholic.' I became upset when I saw this and wanted to produce my own response. Naturally, I wanted this response to be both comprehensive and overwhelming hence the thought of collecting and publishing 1001 reasons why it s great to be Catholic! More than most, non-Catholics should find this book of great interest.ebook alsoIn 9781942611127 p215 2015
22 steps to a great catholic parishReinhardt, James NParishes- Admin- Pastoral theologyFor most Catholics, the parish is the church. It is the place where they encounter Jesus and embrace his gospel way of life. It is the place where they find others who share that desire and that experience and collectively celebrate the reality of Christ in their lives. It is the place where they hear God s Word and break bread together in the Eucharist. <P> In these pages parish leaders (and parishioners) will find practical, tangible, and specific plans for transforming their parish into a place where all this can happen and more. <P> Each of these twenty-two chapters offers a practical and do-able plan for a particular area of parish life,not in library of congress terrific book for pastorInp272
Arise (A christian Psychology of Love)Chester, michael p & Norrisey, Marie cLove- religious apects Psychology christianThe thesis of this book is that the key to a successful, happy life is the fullest possible development of our unlimited potential for love. Much of our energy for love often remains untapped. What is worse, sometimes this same human energy is misdirected and becomes an instrument of hatred, violence, and war. How we can actualize our capabilities for love and how we can extend this energy in a positive direction are delineated. This book shows the value and need for Christians to make full use of the psychological tools which scientific research has given to our generation.InBV4639 p158 1981
Beautiful MercyPope Francis misc 7 plus authorsCatholic - Doctrine MercyThis was another worthwhile book to read. The primary take away for me was to give mercy I need to first receive mercy. To doubt Gods mercy for me is to sin. He not only forgives, he forgets. I need to let go of my own past repented sins and rely on Gods mercy. Also;
Forgiveness is not saying "no problem"
Forgiveness is not saying "there's nothing to forgive"
Forgiveness is not forgetting
Forgiveness does not mean you trust the other person or that the relationship is restored
Most importantly, forgiveness is not an event but rather a process
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4 booksIn931903655 p178 2015
Believing in Jesus (popular overview of Catholic faith)Foley, leonard Jesus Christ , catholic Doctrines,first editionInBT202 .P185 1981
Believing in Jesus (popular overview of Catholic faith)Foley, Leonard Jesus Christ , catholic Doctrines, Franciscans works"Leonard Foley wrote Believing in Jesus to help "born Catholics" come to a deeper understanding of the beliefs and practices they have held all their lives and to help those who approach the Catholic Church for the first time. He wrote, "I hope this book will help some scared and scarred people and challenge others."" "Now in its fifth revised edition, the best-selling Believing in Jesus captures the Christian's continuing journey of faithInBT 203 p240 2005amirault, robert
Between the dark and the daylightChittister Joanlife moral christian hard cover"In words as wise as they are inspiring,explores the concerns of modern life, of the overworked mind and hurting heart. These are the paradoxical--and often frustrating--moments when our lives feel at odds with everything around us. Only by embracing the contradictions, Chittister contends, may we live well amid stress, withstand emotional storms, and satisfy our yearnings for something transcendent and real. By delving into the chaos, this book guides us through the questions that seemed easier to avoid and enlightens what has been out of focus"embracing contradictionts of life also have audio setInBL624 p173 2015
Chicken soup for the christian soul (101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit)Canfield, Hansen, aubery,mitchellChristian life- short storiesThese stories will deepen readers' Christian faith & expand their awareness of how to practice Christian values in their daily life: at home, at work & in the community. This collection will open readers' hearts to the experience & expression of more love in their lives. This collection will open your heart to the experience and expression of more love in your life and will remind you that you are never aloneIn BV4515.2 p 402 1997amirault, robert
Craft of theology, The (from symbol to system)Dulles, Averytheology-history (20th) Cahtolic Church Doctrines The Craft of Theology illustrates how a "post-critical" theology can draw on the riches of Scripture and tradition as it reflects on the faith of the church in new contexts. Fr. Dulles discusses the freedom of theology within the university and sets forth principles for a fresh dialogue with philosophy, the sciences, and other Christian churches.  Moins de textehard coverIn BR118 p228 1992amirault, robert
Dancing standing stillRohr, Richardcomtemplation Offers a critique of religion as a system that often creates an alternative pious world without really challenging oppression, materialism, and sectarianism in our modern world. Religion, he says, without this contemplative stance is often part of the problem. Drawing from Jesus parable of the rich man, Rohr believes that religion can only rediscover itself as a transformational system if it passes through the eye InBV5091.p105 2014scared heart
Deadly sinsPynchon, Thomas misc 7 authorsThis book does not want to hide the bad things that have happened in the Catholic Church; rather, it simply wants to proclaim to the world some of the great things about her. In the age of the 'new evangelization' we should no longer simply cower under the relentless attacks against our Church and Faith, but be willing and able to stand confidently and proclaim loudly why it's great to be Catholic. It's not about triumphalism; it's about truth, and it's always a great time to proclaim the truth!hard coverIn BV4626 p1251993scared heart
Divine Dance, the : trinity & your transdormationRohr, Richard & morrell,mikeTrinity-history of doctrine Catholic church"Drawing from Scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history, the authors present a compelling alternative to aloof and fairytale versions of God: God as Dance"--hard coverInBT109 p220 2016scared heart
Divine renovation : bringing your parish from maintenance to missionMallon, James Frchurch renewalAn engaging guide for parishes seeking to cultivate communities of discipleship and vibrant, dynamic faith. Highly acclaimed for his work with parish renewal and the New Evangelization, Fr. James Mallon shares with us the many ways for bringing our parishes to life. Through humorous and colorful stories, Mallon challenges us to rethink our models of parish life, from membership-based communities to assemblies of disciples of Jesus who proclaim and share the good news with all peoples. Accessible and engaging, Divine Renovation turns to the Church's many writings on evangelization and mission so as to articulate practical ways for injecting new life into our parishes. Pastors and parish ministers will be inspired by this book and turn to it for many years to come.In2014942943 p286 2014scared heart
Divine Renovation group study guideHuebsch2015scared heart
Falling upward (spirituality for the two halves of life)Rohr, Richardspiritual formation, Religion Spirituality"A fresh way of thinking about spirituality that grows throughout life. In Falling Upward, Fr. Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that those who have fallen, failed, or "gone down" are the only ones who understand "up." Most of us tend to think of the second half of life as largely about getting old, dealing with health issues, and letting go of life, but the whole thesis of this book is exactly the opposite.? What looks like falling down can largely be experienced as "falling upward."? In fact, it is not a loss but somehow actually a gain, as we have all seen with elders who?have come to their fullness.?? Explains why the second half of life can and should be full of spiritual richness Offers a new view of how spiritual growth happens loss is gain Richard Rohr is a regular contributing writer for Sojourners and Tikkun magazines This important book explores the counterintuitive message that we grow spiritually much more by doing wrong than by doing right."-- Provided by "Naked Now"InBV4511 .R205 2011scared heart
Forming Intentional Disciples (path of knowing & following Jesus)Weddell, Sherry Aevangelist, spiritual life,church work-CatholicThese are times of immense challenge and immense opportunity for the Catholic Church. Weddell shows that Catholics must make a conscious choice to know and follow Jesus before they can draw others to him. When life at the parish level changes, the life of the whole Church will changeIn BX2347.4 p256 2012scared heart
Four signs of a dynamic catholic (how engaging 1% of catholics could change worldKelly, MatthewCatholic religious life-renewalAs human beings we are constantly engaging and disengaging in everything we do. We engage and disengage at work, in marriage, as parents, in our quest for health and well-being, in personal finances, environmentally, politically, and, of course, we engage or disengage spiritually. If you walk into any Catholic church next Sunday and look around.8 booksIn BX1969 p216 2012scared heart
Gift and Mystery: On the Fifieth Anniversary of my Priestly OrdinationPope John Paul IIbiography- Catholic - Poland- clergy
This is a small (~100 pages) book consisting of JP II's own reflections on being a priest and bishop; thoughts and comments about where he came from, what influenced him, and his different charisms. I wish that he could've spent more time reflecting about the deep implications of the different parts of his priesthood - he does do that towards the end of the book
hard coverIn BX1378.5 p114 1996scared heart
Gift of years (growing old gracefully)Chittister Joanolder people psychology ,conduct, religious aspect ChristianInHQ1061 p222 .C455 2008amirault, robert
Gospel, the : life of JesusWhitlock, Baird WJesus Christ - Biography-sources Biblicalno descriptionInBT299.2 p182 1988 scared heart
Growing an engaged church (how to stop "doing church" and start being the church again)Winseman, Albert lchurch leadership church growthExcellent book! Lot's of useful ideas and techniques to make the parish and the parishioners more engaged. I was able to apply the concepts and principles to my own life and my parish. Well written - kept me going. The list of 12 items that "link most powerfully to the relevant outcomes of lifeInBV652.1 .p178 2007scared heart
Joy of love :on love in the FamilyPope FrancisCatholic church doctrines-love and joy religious aspectsHoly Father Francis to bishops, priests and deacons, consecrated persons, Christian married couples, and all the lay faithful."--On title page.also in ebookIn2016938341 p 240 2016amirault, robert
Joy of the Gospel, ThePope FrancisEvangelistic work,Joy,-economicsreligious apsects-Catholic"From a discussion of economic justice to a call for new decision-making roles for women in the Church, The Joy of the Gospel is thought provoking, wide-ranging, and challenging to every Catholic. Those who carefully read it, study it, and pray with it will be ready to take up, with the whole Church, this "new phase of evangelization, one marked by enthusiasm and vitalilty"--And, most especially, joy"--Publisher.hard coverInBX2347.4 p 221 2013sacred heart
Lives of the saints (from Mary and St Francis of Assisi to John XXIII and Mother TeresaMcBrien, Richard PChristian saints- BiographyPresents a modern perspective on the lives of the saints, chronicling the histories and significance of individuals representing the best in Christian discipleship, and examines the meaning of sanctity, spirituality, and canonization.InBX4655.3 p646 2001amirault, robert
Mass confusion (the do's and don't of Catholic worship)Akin, JamesMass -Liturgy- Catholic ChurchThis is a very useful book for Catholics in understanding the Mass and all the changes that have taken place over the past few decades; but it might also be helpful to nonCatholics in understanding what goes on at the Catholic mass. I found it helpful and learned a lot.not in library of con gressInBX2230.2 p 248 1999scared heart
Master(life of Jesus) and the Apostle Pollock, John CharlesChristian BiologyInBT301.2 .P527 1985amirault, robert
On care for our common HomePope Francishuman ecology, religious aspect, cahtolic church, ecotheology, climate changes"In the "Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality," the beloved Pope exhorts the world to combat environmental degradation and its impact on the poor. In a stirring, clarion call that is not merely aimed at Catholic readers but rather at a wide, lay audience, the Pope cites the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change, and does not hesitate to detail how it is the result of a historic level of unequal distribution of wealth."-What is happening to our common home -- The gospel of creation -- The human roots of the ecological crisis -- Integral ecology -- Lines of approach and action -- Ecological education and spirituality -- Study guide.InBX1795 p189 2015amirault, robert
Purpose driven Life, TheWarren, RickChristian life, Faith RevelationI read this book about 10 years ago. To this day I still live by it and share it with others. It's great in that it helps us focus on the key objectives our lives are about. For people who are still "seeking" Jesus, I have given it to them and they always come away, after reading it, inspired and with more clarity. hard cover, kindle available won Christian book award 2003 InBV4501.3 p 334 2002amirault, robert
Rebuilding your message (practical tools to strengthen your preaching and teaching)White, Michael & Corcoran, tomcummunication-religious aspect-Catholic-preachingExcellent addition to the Rebuilt series. Required reading for anyone in ministry. Keen insights on communication would benefit teachers in general, too. Another challenge to step up my game in preaching effectively.InBV4319p213 2015scared heart
Rediscover Jesus (an invitation)Kelly, MatthewJesus Christ- appreciation-meditations-21 centuryThe best time to rediscover Jesus is right now. You are holding this book in your hand at this very moment for a reason. I don't know what God has in store for you. But I am excited for you. There are some questions that we all ask ourselves in different ways: Who am I? Who is God? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least? What are my unique talents and abilities? What will my contribution be? We discover the answers to these questions most completely by encountering Jesus. He longs to help us discover deeply personal answers to our deeply personal questions.5 bookIn919739384 p187 2015scared heart
Rich in years (finding peace and purpose in a long life)Arnold, Johann Christopholder Christian aging religious aspect Christinaity"Why shouldnt growing older be rewarding? Johann Christoph Arnold, whose books have helped over a million readers through lifes challenges, wants us to rediscover the spiritual riches that age has to offer. Now in his seventies, Arnold finds himself personally facing the trials that come with aging. But he knows, from decades of pastoral experience, what older people and their caregivers can do to make the most of the journey. In this book, he shares stories of people who, in growing older, have found both peace and purpose."InBV4580 p161 2013amirault, robert
Rome sweet home (our journey to Catholicism)Hahn, Scott & Kimberlycatholic onverts-biographytheir biographyInBX4668 p 82 1993
Salt od the Earth (church at the end of the millennium)Ratzinger, Joseph cardinal Pope BenedictsXVI,Popes, cardinals Interviews"Ratzinger begins by discussing his own life, including his family life, seminary studies, being a theology professor and writer, becoming a Bishop, Cardinal, and the Pope's top authority on doctrine as head of the CDF. He then discusses the problems of the Catholic Church today, answering tough questions about the Church's position on divorce, celibacy, contraception, abortion, women's ordination, ecumenism, etc., and talks about the challenges and hopes of the future of the Church and the world at the beginning of the Third Millennium.In BX1751.2 p283 1997
Shack, theYoung, Paul, wmFiction life change event-missing childrenrevise edition 2Mackenzie Allen Phillips' youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack onInPR9199.4 p252 2007
Story of the Crusades, The (1097-1291)Duggan, AlfredCrusadesoly place-preaching-great lords-across asia-antioch-Jresalem liberated-establishment of outremer-troubles in the north 2nd crusade-wrrior kings-struggle with sqaladin-fall of jerusalem 3rd ,4th ,5th crusae- frederick II-crusade of st LouisIn D157 p2401966
Theology for BeginnersSheed, FrankDoctrines Catholic churchtheologyInBX1754 p190-1981
Understanding the Catechism (creed)Pennock, MichaelCatechetics-education of teenagersno informationInBX1968 p39 1998
Vatican IIFaggiolo, Massimo misc authorsvatican council - history bibliographical referncesThis is a very well researched and thoughtful analysis of the different interpretations of the texts and discussions that occurred during and after Vatican II. The book does not really discuss the topics that were discussed or any of the changes that were made, other than superficially referring to them at various points. This book is definitely well suited for someone who is trying to examine the reasons behind the diverging points of view of the council, rather than what those points of view areBX830 p199 2012
Your God is too BoringLeonetti,jonChristian life, Faith RevelationI received a copy of "Your God is Too Boring" by Jon Leonetti as part of a Christmas present. After I read the back of the book, I became deeply intrigued by the contents therein. Then I read the section entitled "So There I Was" and was tickled to realize this book dealt with issues other members of my church and I had discussed in the past, especially related to evangelizing and misconceptions regarding our faith. I like the easy-going nature of the author's writing and his engaging, often amusing, writing style.not in Library of Congress, available on KindleIn 927168243 p 154 2014
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