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GAMES EXHIBITION AREA14h00-22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
14h30-17h00Autograph Afternoon with ZANGADOOur guest YouTube celebrity ZANGADO (from gameplay channel Zangado) will hold an afternoon of authographs
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA14h00-22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
15h00-17h00Game Music Concert with CO-OP PLAYERS - 1st PresentationThe musical duo Co-Op Players, Luiz Roveran (acoustic guitar) and Pedro Frois (seven string acoustic guitar), will present the best of the game music at the entrance of BIG Festival on Sundays.
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00-22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
FRONT DESK09h30Registration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00-22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
BUSINESS AREA10h00-18h00One on One Meetings and Stands
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA (INTERNATIONAL & BRAZIL)10h00-11h00Getting Published Part I: Are you Making the Right Game?Game development is just like any other entertainment business, such as movies, sports, and music; hordes of hopefuls are always trying to break-into show business, get drafted into professional sports, or get signed to recording contracts. "Wannabe" game developers are no different. Eventually they manage to talk to established publishers about funding or publishing their game but, in general, they make a very small story game with no audience in mind or no chance to succeed. In other cases, they make a game that can break-even at best leaving no room for publishers to get excited. Come and listen from top publishers what it takes to build the "right game".

Moderator: Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)

Francis Ingrand, CEO - Plug In Digital
Melinda Montano, Business Development Manager - Kongregate
Jamie Cason, Executive Producer - Miniclip/Tencent
Paul Hanraets, Founder - Gambitious
Steve Escalante, General Manager - Versus Evil
11h00-12h00Getting Published Part II: What to Expect from Major Games PublishersSo you think your game has what it takes, that you are ready to get a major publishing deal? The process of approaching publishers is not easy; it's time consuming work, requiring significant amounts of preparation and persistence, and it is fraught with opportunities to "blow-it". Developers have to manage their expectations and, before you set yourself up for failure, learn from the major games publishers what exactly they can and cannot do for you.

Moderator: Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)

Karim Farghaly, Director Business Development - Bandai Namco
Mario Valle Reyes, Director Business Development - EA
Henry Oh, VP of Sales and Operations -
13h30-14h30F2P Monetization: Strategies and Best PracticesDevelopers of free-to-play games compete with hundreds like it everyday. It can be very tough to see a return. This is why many mobile developers are turning to innovative alternatives to monetize their apps. There are many variables to consider when monetizing your F2P games, especially if you want to avoid having a negative effect on retention and user reviews. It can be hard to strike the right balance. So we brought high caliber specialists to share some F2P monetization strategies and best practices with you!

Moderator: Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)

David P. Chiu - VP, R2Games
Joel Breton, VP, HTC Vive
Josh Curtis - Head of LatAm Evangelism, Chartboost
Xavier Liard - Co-Founder, Playdigious
14h30-16h00Meet Up with the Nominees for the 2016 BIG Best Game Award!Four out of five finalists will present the highlights of their games, that are competing for the BIG Best Game Award 2016. Open to Q&A from the audience.

Moderator: Sergio Nesteriuk

Ape Out (Gorilla Loves Company), from USA
Horizon Chase (Aquiris Game Studio), from Brazil
Mini Metro (Dinosaur Polo Club), from New Zeland
SUPERHOT (Superhot Team), from Poland
16h30-17h30Women at Games: We Can Do It!The panel will feature the presence of international and national influential women working in the gaming industry. Address issues that portray the economic and cultural power in the inclusion of more women working in the gaming industry. Will the inclusion of more female players and professionals in the game industry impact the creative economy?

Moderator e Idealizer: Ariane Parra (Women Up Games)

Martine Spaans (FGL)
Astrid Huntjens (Spill Games)
Camila Malaman (Webcore Games)
Flávia Gasi (IGN Brasil)
Melanie Christin (Atelier 801)
17h30-19h00BIG Starter PitchThe 6 top Brazilian Game projects will compete on a Pitching for BIG Starter’s Best Game Project and Best Edu Game Project!
The winners from each category receive each R$20.000 from BNDES and mentorship from Google! Each project has only 5 minutes to show it all!
Let the best game win!

Master of Ceremonies: Ale McHaddo (44 Toons)

Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)
Fábio Florencio (Fun Academy/Rovio)
Leonardo Correia (Fundação Lemann)
Pedro Waengartner (Aceleratech)
Daniel Trocoli (Google)
Fred Vasconcelos (Joy Street)
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO (PARTNERS & TECHNOLOGY)10h00-13h00Introduction to Unreal EngineYou're invited to join Epic Games for Introduction to Unreal Engine, a live training tutorial where participants will learn the basics of creating an off-road racing game from starter content in Unreal Engine. In this talk, we will demo the basics of creating an endless-racing game from starter content using the UE4 Blueprint visual scripting system. Blueprints are easily leveraged by all game development disciplines, so artists, designers, and programmers are welcome.

Speaker: Paulo Souza (Epic Games)

*Simultaneous Translation*
14h00-15h30Unity In The Wild: Unity Stories Straight from the TrenchesThree developers who use Unity will tell their stories and experiences with the engine in real life.

Alexandre Kikuchi (Odin)
Eric Soares Rodrigues (Messier)
Leandro Silva (Reload)

*NO Simultaneos Translation*
16h00-17h30Integrating Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya and Stingray & ShotgunIntegrating Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya and Stingray & Shotgun

Speaker: Rodrigo Assaf

*NO Simultaneos Translation*
ROOM LIMA BARRETO (ABRAGAMES)10h00-11h00What the heck does Abragames do?Abragames, Brazilian Game Developers Association, takes the stage to an open chat with local studios.

Moderator: Paulo Santos (Flux Game Studio)

Ale McHaddo (44 Toons)
Vicente Vieira Filho (Manifesto Games)
Saulo Camarotti (Behold)
Fernando Chamis (Webcore)
11h00-12h00Let's get Global! The Role of the Brazilian Game Developers Export Program Being global is a must for game business. Get to know how the Brazilian Game Developers Export Program, a partnership of Abragames, the Brazilian Game Developers Association, and Apex-Brazil, the Brazilian Export Promotion Agency, can give you a big hand to go international!

Moderator: Thiago Di Freitas (Kokku)

Eliana Russi (BGD)
Daniel Monastero (Garage277 Studios)
Paulo Luis Santos (Flux Game Studio)
Flávia Egypto (Apex-Brasil)
13h30-14h30Ways to Make your Game: Promotion and FundingHow Brazilian public funds apply to the game sector. Stay tuned with the new ways to complete your game applying to some of the funding already in place in Brazil.

Moderator: Gilberto Toscano (CQS)

Bruno Amado (Overpower Studios)
Felipe Gabriades (CQS)
Renato Nery (Spcine)
Edison Viana (RIOFILME)
Paulo Alcoforado (Ancine)
14h30-15h30Better Call a LawyerStep by step: bureacracy of having a business in Brazil, even though all you want is to make games!

Moderator: Vicente Vieira Filho (Manifesto Games)

Bruno Caraciolo (ADCM)
Raphael Faro (ADCM)
16h00-17h00The Role of the Press in the Brazilian Games ProductionAt a time when visibility can determine the life or death of a game, leading journalists and media professionals in games. will debate how the Brazilian media can help national development to gain space in the Brazilian and foreign markets.

Moderator: André Faure (GamePlan)

Gustavo Petró (IGN)
Jesús Fabre (Games Starter / Aquiris Game Studio)
Theo Artioli Azevedo (UOL)
Pedro Zambarda (Drops de Jogos)
Bruno Capelas (Estadão)
17h00-18h00The Strength of the Game Industry in Rio de JaneiroCome and meet the stars of game development in Rio de Janeiro. Find out what the companies, from the wonderful city are developing for the world!

Moderator: Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)

Dario Souza (Gazeus Games)
Arthur Protasio (Fableware)
Adrian Laubisch (Aiyra)
18h00-19h00Game Brazil Research: Learn More About Who Consumes Games in BrazilThe Research Gamer Brazil is a reading that traces the profile of the Brazilian gamer. Held since 2013 by Sioux company in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM, the study covers the consumer habits focused on mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets), video games (console) and computer. We interviewed 2,800 people in 26 states and the federal district, do not miss the opportunity to know the details of one of the most comprehensive studies on game consumption in Brazil.

Moderator: Luiz Sakuda (Abragames)

Danilo Parise (Sioux)
Lucas Pestalozzi (Blend New Research)
DEBATES ROOM (DEBATES)16h00-17h00CAPCOM: Developing a Distributed StrategyThis presentation will outline several key metrics from the 2016 XDS (External Development Summit) Game Industry Report and how Capcom is aligning its distributed development strategy with the report's observed data and trends.

Further, we will delve into how we approach due diligence and grow external partners, topics that were inspired by the report and include;
* Building a Partner Relationship
* How we are Identifying talent
* Creating a Foundation for partner development success.
* How we build Capability

We will also discuss the results of a recent due diligence trip overseas and how we uncovered hidden talent through the approach described in the presentation.

This presentation is ideal for audience members that have a primary interest in improving your company's profile and client prospects for game co-development and/or outsourcing.

Speaker: Dilber Mann (Capcom Game Studio Vancouver)
FRONT DESK09h30Registration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00-17h30Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
BUSINESS AREA10h00-18h00One on One Meetings and Stands
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA (INTERNATIONAL & BRAZIL)10h00-11hh0Keynote: A Lara Croft GO PostmortemLara Croft GO is the next instalment in the award-winning series created by Square Enix Montréal with Hitman GO. Hitman GO boiled down the world of Agent 47 to a minimalistic puzzle inspired by chess and dioramas, Lara Croft GO captures the essence of adventure, acrobatics and exploration. This multidisciplinary talk is a postmortem of Lara Croft GO, discussing how to bridge the gap between two very different franchises, how to distill the action-packed adventures of Lara in a puzzle format, and all the lessons that were learned in the middle.

Speaker: Antoine Routon (Square Enix)
11h00-12h00Spotlight on FranceThe strength of the French Game Industry! Sucess case: Transformice

Julien Villedieu (SNJV)
Francis Ingrand (Plug In Digital)
Melanie Christin (Atelier 801)
Eddy Léja-Six (ISART Digital)
14h00-15h00Accelerating Success: 10 Truths from Investing in Game StudiosAfter investing in over twenty studios in the past few years via Execution Labs, patterns start to to emerge. Why are some projects doomed for failure, while other teams rise above all the roadblocks? What are the things that really make a difference in accelerating a studio's success on a global scale? And, what are the not so obvious distractions? Jason will share these hard earned truths in the context of the global games ecosystem.

Speaker: Jason Della Rocca, CEO - Execution Labs, Montreal
15h00-16h00Success Cases: Brazil Rocks!Horizon Chase Success Case, a trailblazer to inspire the Brazilian industry.

Moderator: Eliana Russi (BGD)

Sandro Manfredini (Aquiris Game Studio)
Israel Mendes (Aquiris Game Studio)
Gustavo Petró (IGN)
José Augusto Albino (CRP)
16h30-17h30Game On: Public PoliciesBenchmarking countries that already implanted public policies to foster their game industries, Brazilian policy makers have news to our own industry!

Moderator: Ale McHaddo (44 Toons)

Luciane Gorgulho (BNDES)
Alfredo Manevy (Spcine)
Flávia Egypto (APEX-Brasil)
Caio Leboutte (TV Escola)
Mauricio Hirata (Ancine)
17h30- 18h30Audiovisual, Games & AncineANCINE, Nacional Agency of Cinema, audiovisual regulatory agency in Brazil, presents the preliminary results of the first study on the videogame industry in Brazil.

Speaker: Maurício Hirata (Ancine)
19h30-20h30BIG Festival AwardsAward Ceremony for the Best Independent Games of the year. Games from all over the globe are competing!

Master of Ceremonies: Gustavo Petró (IGN)

Ape Out (Gorilla Loves Company), from USA
Horizon Chase (Aquiris Game Studio), from Brazil
Mini Metro (Dinosaur Polo Club), from New Zeland
SUPERHOT (Superhot Team), from Poland
Pavilion (Visiontrick Media), from Sweden
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO (PARTNERS & TECHNOLOGY)10h00-13h00Google DayPlayer Analytics with Google Play Tools
Understanding your players' behavior using Google Play Games Services - Player Analytics
Speaker: Moonlit Wang

Smart App Monetization Strategies with AdMob by Google
The best kind of in-app monetization experiences are the ones customized to individual app users, not a one-size-fits-all approach. An ‘audience aware’ approach can help developers reach the right users at the right time. By finding the correct balance between in app purchases, advertising and subscriptions, then tailoring this to different audiences is possible to reach a whole new level of mobile apps monetization.
Speaker: Rogers Reichert

Leveraging your Audience with Firebase Analytics and Google Adwords
In order To achieve your Revenue and Acquisition Goals, you have to understand your audience, your profitability and LTV. Firebase is a toll that will help you measure everything. With your audience mapped and identified, Google Adwords will help you boost promotion to your best performing audience.
Speakers: Andrea Barberà & Wellington Tamaki
14h00-15h00Soapbox: Out of the Box Talk About GamesSoapbox is a series of microtalks on ideas, concepts and perspectives. The goal is not to be technical or even promote a company or game, on the contrary, it is to be emotional, out of the box, explore other ideas, present new perspectives.

Moderator: Saulo Camarotti (Behold Studios)

Klos Cunha (Old Cat Studio)
Marcos Venturelli (Rogue Snail)
Alessandro Martinello (Hammerfist Studios)
Felipe Dal Molin (Aquiris Game Studio / Luderia)
Beto Alves (Black River Studios)
15h00-16h00Selling my Game Abroad: Legal Tips and TricksThat the international market is an obligatory stop for all game producers, that's not new. However, there are many precautions that owners of intellectual property and companies have to bear in mind not only when opening companies outside of Brazil, but also to publish your content and make available their intellectual property. In this talk, the American lawyer expert and President of Gamme Law David Hoppe and André Faure, CEO of consulting firm specialized in games GamePlan will address the challenges and the care that must be taken into account in these cases.

Moderator: André Faure

Speaker: David Hoppe
16h30-17h30Postmortem BrazilCases of games awarded at BIG 2015.

Moderator: Ronaldo Cruz (Oktagon Games)

Bruno Tachinardi (Fófuuu)
Fernando Colombo (Like a Boss)
José Antonio "Jalf" (Jotunhein Project)
Alessandro Martinello (Toren)
18h00-19h00DesenvolveSP: Funding for InovationPresentation of financing options offered by DesenvolveSP to transform innovative projects into reality. The DesenvolveSP offers credit lines with interest starting from 0%* and 120 months to pay, serving from startups to medium enterprises. (* Updated by the IPCA. Other conditions on the website

Speaker: Rafael Bergamaschi
ROOM LIMA BARRETO (ABRAGAMES)10h00-11h00ROVIO: Catapulting from Premium to Free-to-PlayRovio made it to the top charts of 2011 with the mega hit Angry Birds to become the #1 mobile developer of the year. But as the market shifted to free-to-play, Rovio's DNA - deeply-rooted in a premium model - rapidly became a handicap. In this talk we will walk through the painful process to transform a successful premium developer into a free-to-play powerhouse, a stunt very few companies in our industry managed to perform so far.

Speaker: Reginaldo Valadares, Head of Production - Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
11h00-12h00Transmedia and GamesMore and more cultural products are made through transmedia narrative, which roughly can be defined as a set of media that comes together as an unique story. Check out what transmedia projects Brazilians studios are developing.

Moderator: Tadeu Jungle (Academia de Filmes)

Arthur Protasio (Fableware)
Adrian Laubisch (Aiyra)
Luiz Zaiats (INSANE)
Ale McHaddo (44 Toons)
Artur Tilieri (Cartoon Network)
14h00-15h00Showcase: Brazilian Companies Developing for Different PlatformsChallenges to compete internationally on different platforms.

Moderator: Juliano Alves (Apolíneo / Utengo)

Philip Mangione (Webcore Games)
Orlando Fonseca (IMGNation Studios)
Maurício Alegretti (Smyowl)
Rawlinson Terrabuio (Beenoculus)
15h00-16h00Playtest: Is Your Game Any Good?You know that game you made and though it was amazing, well, is it any good? On this panel we will discuss the importance of the playtest. Views from the perspective of who tests and who develops. How testing could change the course of the game.

Moderator: Carlos Estigarribia (Leela Games)

Rodrigo Bezerra (Level Up)
Eduardo Regis (Gamer Trials)
Eduardo Lamhut (BitCake Studio)
16h30-17h30User Aquisition for Mobile in BrazilA good game without players don't get you anywhere! Learn how to increase the number of players of your game in this panel which will bring together specialists in user acquisition for mobile games!

Moderator: Marcus Imaizumi (Gamebiz)

Paulo Maia (Glipsa Global Group)
Rômulo Gomes (Epicfy)
Paula Neves (Gazeus Games)
17h30-18h30Monetization for Mobile Games in BrazilIf you have passed the stage of developing a game without bothering to make it a business, be sure to watch this panel. We have gathered important companies in the industry that will give tips on how to make money with your game, and share their experiences.

Moderator: Flávio Miyamaru (Tapps Games)

Dario Souza (Gazeus Games)
Rudy Tarasantchi (RevMob)
Marcus Imaizumi (GameBiz)
Gabriel Stürmer (Cupcake)
18h30-19h30Advergames In BrazilAdvergames market in Brazil is great. Several studios have developed games for different customers. In this panel companies developing for big companies will tell their success stories.

Moderator: Alexandre Gibotti (ABRADI)

Maycon Souza (LUNE Game Studio)
Philippe Capouillez (Sioux)
Everton Baumgarten (Izyplay Game Studio)
FRONT DESK09h30Registration
GAMES EXHIBITION AREA10h00-22h00Exhibition and Gameplay of the award nominated games
BUSINESS AREA10h00-18h00One on One Meetings and Stands
ROOM ADONIRAN BARBOSA (INTERNATIONAL & BRAZIL)10h00-11h00Best Practices for Success with Your Games Using Google's SolutionsYou've got a great game, now what? In this talk, you'll hear about the investments Google is making to help mobile developers optimize their game business.

Moonlit M. Wang, Partner Development Manager - Google Play Games
David Hyman, Gerente Regional para América Latina - Google
11h00-12h00Going Off the Rails: The Making of 'Bullet Train'The session will cover the development process of creating Epic Games' "Bullet Train" VR demo. Design considerations surrounding the user experience of adding interaction to traditionally passive experiences will be highlighted, including a breakdown of alternative paths that were considered but didn't make the cut. Additionally, the speakers will discuss where they had to diverge from their original design choices in order to match the players' expectations of the world they interact with.

Speaker: Paulo Souza (Epic Games)
13h30-14h30The Growth of the Video Game Industry in Latin AmericaLatin America has been at the forefront of emerging markets in the game industry for some time, with an impressive growth rate of 18% - second only to China's. In 2014, studies estimated the Latin American online market would reach $4.5 billion, which was more than South Korea's online and mobile game markets combined (SuperData Research). In this panel, industry leaders will share relevant information about their regional industries and discuss current challenges and business opportunities in their countries.

Moderator: Luiz Sakuda, Abragames

Martin Cao, from Argentina, ADVA / Red Katana
Gabriel Vainsencher, from Uruguay, Uruguayan Game Developers Association / Golden Bite
Francisco Díaz, from Peru, CVA / CEO, Magma Creations
Martín Melendéz, from Mexico, Co-Founder, Cosmogonia/One Simple Idea
Rodrigo Contreras, from Chile, CEO, Gamaga
14h30-15h30Investors & GamesInvestors attentive to the Games industry performance come to tell us how they choose a company and project for investment: CRP, Confrapar, Aceleratech and BNDES

Moderator: Pedro Waengertner (ACE - Aceleratech)

José Augusto Albino (CRP)
Fernanda Farah (BNDES)
Dina Rosman (Confrapar)
16h00-17h00Scopely: Building a Strategy for F2P Games F2P games are here to stay. From Clash of Clans to League of Legends, f2p business model made its way to become the fastest growing segment in the video-games industry taking advantage of the new platforms (Browser and mobile), a new revolutionary way of designing a different concept of gameplay and an innovative business model that removes the barriers of entry for customers.

Speaker: Pepe Cantos, CEO - Scopely
17h00-18h00BIG Playable CityBIG Playabe City, a partnership between BIG Festival and Playable City, from UK, opens up the discussion. Playable Cities: the city that plays together, stays together
Forget about smart cities, Playable City ideas – like Bristol’s water slide or its temporary play streets – are a human response to the coldness and anonymity of the urban environment

Mark Leaver (Playable City)
Giselle Beiguelman (FAU-USP)
Sérgio Miletto (ADESAMPA)
Guto Requena (Estúdio Guto Requena)
Carla Costa (Porto Digital)
18h00-19h00YouTube GamingHow YouTube creators are a fundamental piece in both educational and convincing processes of buying a game.

Speaker: Alessandro Sassaroli (YouTube)
ROOM PAULO EMÍLIO (PARTNERS & TECHNOLOGY)10h00-11h00BNDES & Procult: Funding for Games!Interested to know what the Brazilian Development Bank offers to Game companies?
Come and learn about Procult!

Speaker: Elza Paiva (BNDES)
11h00-12h00E-Sports: Analyzing the Hardcore GamerE-Sports will present in first hand the data of the research "The Invisible World of Gamers", developed by Talk Inc, which aims to uncover the key behaviors that permeate the lives of hardcore gamers. This is the first Brazilian study focused on PC and e-Sports gamers.

Speaker: Carla Mayumi (TalkInc)
13h30-14h30BIG Impact: Mission Social ImpactThe panel will bring together representatives of public and private entities that involved games in their educational initiatives. Under the moderation of Andreas Ufer, from Sense Lab, challenges and motivations to invest in games for learning and social impact will be discussed and participants will be encouraged to share a critical reflection on results and prospects of return on investment.

Moderator: Andreas Ufer (Sense Lab)

Leonardo Correia (Fundação Lemann)
Mônica Franco (TV Escola)
Leandro Jaccoud (Fundação Casa Rui Barbosa)
José Garcez Ghirardi (FGV)
Sergio Mileto (ADESAMPA)
14h30-15h00BIG Impact: Qranio - How to Qreate Apps and Games for Serious GamesA story of how an app that makes learning fun can show you the way to Qreate your own game company!

Speaker: Samir Iásbeck (Qranio)
15h30-16h30BIG Impact: Embarking on Games for LearningWhat is the current stage of the Brazilian industry of games for learning? Five entrepreneurs from the area will share their views, based on the results of their initiatives to help children, youth and adults to learn in a more motivating and fun way. Moderated by Mario Lapin, CEO of Virgo Game Studios and curator of the BIG Impact.

Moderator: Mario Lapin

Jorge Proença (Kiduca)
Luciano Meira (JoyStreet)
Felipe Azevedo (Eguru)
16h30-17h30BIG Impact: Equity, Diversity and GamesUnder moderation of Malu Andrade, from Spcine, the panel will open the stage to discuss games and activism for equity and gender diversity. With views of who is starring ludic initiatives on gender causes, acessibility and intergenerationality they will discuss the motivations, the potential, the means and the state of the art of these movements for equal rights, recognition of identity and deconstruction of the binarism.

Moderator: Malu Andrade (Spcine)

Thiago Fabril (Lab.ArtGame)
Alexandre Szykman (UFABC)
CeciHoney (Minas Nerds)
Shayenne Leão (Infinite Byte Studios)
17h30-18h30Enabling success with Unity AdsGame developers face tremendous challenges to building a game that can last. Discover how Unity Ads and Analytics can jointly help you acquire, engage, retain and monetize your players so you can keep doing what you do best - building great mobile games that players love to play.

Speaker: Lauren Koester (Unity)
ROOM LIMA BARRETO (ABRAGAMES)10h00-11h00Own IP, Outsourcing and External Development: Where is Heading the Brazilian Game Industry?The Brazilian industry is still small, but has the potential to be a giant. What lessons and learnings Brazilian studios may have while working for more advanced markets, and why this type of business will change the Brazilian Industry? We bring together different studios that work in these different areas of game production.

Moderator: Vicente Vieira Filho (Manifesto Games)

Thiago di Freitas (Kokku)
Tiago Melo (Lumentech)
Christian Lykawka (Rockhead Games)
11h00-12h00I Made a Game, Now What?After months or even years of investment, your game is finally ready to be acclaimed by critics and audiences. And now, how to launch the game? In this panel a developer, a distributor, a publisher and a crowdfunding service we will discuss: self-publishing vs. traditional publishing and what you must do to succeed.

Moderator: Gabriel Stürmer (Cupcake Entertainment)

Thiago Diniz (Nuuvem)
Carlos Estigarríbia (Leela Games)
Geraldo Aleandro (Catarse)
Vicente Vieira Filho (Manifesto Games)