Network Survey Green Growth Projects
WORKING LIST compiled directly from information provided into the Hawai‘i Green Growth Local2030 Hub COVID-19 Network Survey
#Project Name Project BenefitsResources NeededJobs (#)LocationMore InformationPoint of Contact Contact EmailRelevant Aloha+ SDG(s)
1Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa14 jobs (full time faculty, staff, and lecturers) and improvements to UH Manoa ACM facilities.$35,000,00014OahuChristine Acham, Brittany Biggs, bbiggs@hawaii.edugreen workforce & education
2Ag+ Zero Waste AgricultureProvide pathways for digital and farm communities toward plant based product development. Design and develop food aggregation hubs in peri-urban agriculture sites (e.g. Ewa Whitmore, Puna, Koolaupoko Waimanalo) www.aina-design.orgJoseph Hagedornjoe.hagedorn@ainadesign.orglocal foodwaste reduction
3ʻĀina CorpsAdvance conservation and natural resource management objectives while providing jobs and workforce development$20M per year200Statewide Kawika Winterkawikaw@hawaii.edunatural resource managementgreen workforce & education
4Albizia AssassinsAccessing community members specifically for neighborhood-scale invasive albizia removal. This work will protect roads and powerlines from future disruptions caused by storm events such as Tropical Storm Iselle. Jobs will be supported on existing certified arborist businesses to remove large hazardous albizia, and new jobs created to coordinate work to remove smaller albizia trees before they become hazards.$1M in funds for staffing and contract work. Funding can be provided directly to the Hawaii Invasive Species Council or to the island Resource Conservation and Development Councils for grants to the invasive species committees who are experienced in contracting and supervising this work. 15Hawaii This program can be scaled up or down and replicated on each island. Minimum $500K to start up on other islands. Minimum $300K to continue on Hawaii Island.Springer Kayeskaye@hawaii.edunatural resource management
5Aloha 'Āina Afterschool ProgramBuilding sustainable agriculture pipeline in public schools, reclaiming land as 'āina momona, and providing meaningful afterschool activities for middle school children.Land, labor to clean and cultivate land, plant cuttings (kalo, etc.), tools, and water.Statewide Keohokapujonahkeohokapu@gmail.comGreen workforce & educationLocal foodClean energy
6Aloha AIProfessional development for educators and community members on utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address community, business, personal and governmental challenges.Promotion, computers, and partnerships.Statewide Kitajimaikitajima@oceanit.comGreen workforce & education
7Aloha 'Āina Fellowship Community GardensLocal food production for rural communities, increased access to affordable healthy produce, 5-10 part time jobs on Moloka'i that include training opportunities. The requested funds will help run a Community Garden project, which takes emerging young leaders on Molokai and provides them with a paid part-time opportunity to learn about traditional agriculture practices and support local food production on island. Plan to give 5 participants a part-time job July through September to help get the 1-acre community food garden up and running. Their objectives will not only be creating a garden space that produces fresh and healthy food for the community, but also learning the skills and techniques required for growing food locally. $30,000 for farming and gardening supplies such as a tiller, wood chipper, rakes, hoes, seeds, materials for a green house, etc.5Maui Plan to bring in experts in fields such as botany, agriculture, permaculture, kilo, and more to provide educational opportunities for our participants and increase their skills; incorporate volunteer opportunities for the wider community to be involved as well, provided it is safe to gather. As the garden progresses, will use the space to host community workshops and find ways to get more locally grown products into local markets. This effort will not only increase the level of local food production happening on Molokai, but will begin to train a new generation of leaders that have the skills and resources to continue this growth. Jane Aujaneau@hawaii.edulocal foodGreen workforce and education
8Aloha ForwardPublic awareness communication campaigns relating to job creation, economic recovery and overall sustainability and resiliency of the community.Capital through grants and sponsors, partnerships with key stakeholders, visionaries, corporations, organizations and government.Statewide Robertsontodd@hyperspective.comGreen workforce & education
9Alternatives to Military Service for JobsJobs for the green environment.Advertising, partnerships with groups with jobs in the green and Wrightannw1946@gmail.comGreen workforce & education
10Arts and Sciences Center of Pahoa Community education grant in partnership with HOSPRO to develop makers and K-12 and adult education center for training in a wide variety of training projects including STEM training for future biofuel and development workers in the vegetable oil business.Funding for buildings, agricultural leases, equipment and nurseries.Hawaii Islandsee ASC websiteMs. Gail Clarkclarkgail@gmail.comGreen workforce & education
11Big Island Biodiesel Expansion100+ jobs and developing alternative energy sources to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.Equity investment; agricultural land for crop development.100+Hawaiʻiwww.biodiesel.comRobert Kingbking@biodiesel.comClean energy
12Big Island Sustainability Center15-20 jobs and community resources.Investors 15-20 HawaiʻiRandyl Ruparrandyldna@earthlink.netSmart sustainable communities
13Bio-char from removal of invasive treesNatural resource management and reduction of invasive species.Permits and materials for prototypes to be tested Wardsandyward2018@gmail.comNatural resource managementClean energy
14BizzyBImproved distance learning to support better next generation learning outcomes.$300,0003Statewidewww.bizzyb.comSteve Suesteve@bizgenics.orgGreen workforce & education
16Carbon ForestryCarbon credit market with forestry with various sites on Hawai'i Island or Maui to support reduction of greenhouse gases.$2,000,000 25StatewidePono PacificSmart sustainable communities
17Carbon Offset Reforestation ProjectReduction of greenhouse gases to support Hawai'i's climate goals.$1.5 million25www.ponoisland.comJonathan Marstallerjonathan.marstaller@ponopacific.comSmart sustainable communitiesClean Energy
18CARES Airport CFDA 20.106Funds keeps Hawaii's airport system operational by requiring 90% of airport staff have jobs.$133 MStatewide Rodriguezdavid.j.rodriguez@hawaii.govgreen workforce & education
19Certification Programs (DBET's Green Biz for Hotels, Restaurants, STAH's Tour Operator, Surfrider Sustainable Restaurants)Certification programs provide guidance for businesses on best practices and provide useful indicators for consumers. Certification programs could create a new sector of jobs (auditors, consultants, marketers) and be a net export to other destinations. FundingStatewide , , Suzuki Jones (DBEDT), Chris Barzman (STAH), Lauren Blickley (Surfrider),, lblickley@gmail.comsmart sustainable communitiesGreen workforce & education
20Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC) TrainingClinician training for recovering organs for transplants to support better health outcomes.Funds for travel and training on the U.S. MainlandStatewide Wells Williamsfwellswilliams@legacyoflifehawaii.orgsmart sustainable communities
21Cesspool ReplacementProtection of natural resources including water and positive human health outcomes.Funding for 3 FTE/week/system3Statewide Sullivanbsullivan@kauai.govNatural resource management
22Citypreneurs + ACT2Economic development; new companies; rapid, SDG-friendly, scalable solutions to city needs.$250,000, organizational sponsors.2Statewide Trevinobentut@gmail.comsmart sustainable communities
23Civilian Conservation CorpsJobs, ecosystem restoration, local food production.Funding, management, work tools and supplies. UnlimitedStatewideGreen workforce & education
24Coastal Land Use Study for Hau'ula, OahuLand use planning that addresses economic, social, public health, and environmental considerations for the Hauula transit cooridor.$250,000 CIP project funding for potential federal matchStatewide BassDanielle.m.bass@hawaii.govsmart sustainable communities
25Coastal RestorationEcosystem restoration to support Hawai'i's 30x30 Marine Goal.$6,600,000 36AllMarine 30X30
The Nature Conservancy
Natural resource management
26Community / Puna Based Learning, Innovation, Production and ServiceCampus for education, future development for STEAM including Agriculture, Cultural and Trades opportunities.Construction of facilities in Pahoa - currently an applicant for EDA fundsHawaii Islandascpuna.orgGail Clarkeascpuna@gmail.comGreen workforce & educationSmart sustainable communities
27Community Albizia TreatmentRoughly 25 jobs statewide. Would be used to detect and control albizia. New hires would be used to treat small or remote (non-hazardous) albizia manually (removing bark) or by injecting small amounts of herbicide. Additional funds would be used to contract arborists for removal or larger trees that pose a hazard to infrastructure. $2.5M ($1M for positions, $1.5M for arborist contracts)25Statewide
Natural resource management
28Community Composting ProjectWaste diversion from landfill and creation of locally produced soil amendments.Supplies and materialsHawaii Island Chungcechung@hawaii.eduWaste reductionLocal food
29Community Forestry on watershed of Hamakua Marsh, Kailua0.5 annual jobs. Supports a program that educates school youth and community groups. Creates a reservoir of native trees to sequesters carbon and restores ecosystem services to a watershed.6 person / months of labor (preferably more people for a shorter time)
0.5 annual jobs
OahuHealthyClimateCommunities.orgLisa Martenhealthyclimate@hawaii.rr.comGreen workforce & educationNatural resource management
30Community Monitoring HuiJobs for underserved and native Hawaiian communities, professional training opportunities, improved data for resource managementMonitoring supplies, virtual trainings and meetings, research, methological development.StatewideMatt Ramseymramsey@conservation.orgSmart sustainable communities
31Community Solar100+ jobs, cheap and sustainable power, and can form the basis for attracting high tech jobs based on cheap green power backed up by battery storage.Funding and land for community solar projects, battery storage.100+Statewide Hunttam@communityrenewables.bizClean energyGreen workforce & educationSmart sustainable Communities
32Community Vulnerability Assessments & Adaptation StrategiesProvides a data-driven planning framework for communities across Hawai'i to adapt to future shocks including climate change in a proactive manner.Contract funds for planning studies; agency staff to oversee/implementOahuCounty Planning Departments - on Oahu, the Office of Climate ChangeMelissa Maymmay@ssfm.comsmart sustainable communities
33Community-Based Renewable Energy ("CBRE")Benefits are dependent on scale of CBRE uptake (PUC approved up to 230+ MW) -- jobs, wider access to renewable energy, more equitable access to renewable energy, reduced emissions, lower and/or more stable energy costs, potential income stream for community groups.Additional community capacity; Renewable energy developer interestStatewideHaw. PUC Order 37070, issued April 9, 2020 in Docket 2015-0389 ( energyGreen workforce & education
34Condominium Operation at Kauai Beach ResortEmployment opportunitiesSupport food and recreational services40Robert Minicolarobert@kauaibeachresortandspa.comGreen workforce & education
35COVID-19 Crisis Response: Salvation ArmyRent, food and utilities assistance to communities affected by the pandemic.Funding to assist with arrears in rents and utilities.Statewide Stoneanna.stone@usw.salvationarmy.orgsmart sustainable communities
36Creative Healing & Wellness for Hawaiʻi Arts-based healing activities where individuals gain knowledge of creative tools that foster self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, and promote a sense of personal well-being. Jobs for board certified art therapists, artists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals which will expand the work of health professionals statewide. Professional development workshops will teach individuals how the arts can support and strengthen their practices. Funding to roll out program on a consistent basis and expand reach statewide.OahuSara Mizban, Psy.Dsara@hawaiiartsalliance.orgsmart sustainable communities
37Creative Lab Generates income for music creators, connects audiences from all over the world to Hawaii through music to support creative industries.Local recording studiosStatewidehttps://creativelab.hawaii.govCharles Brotmancharlesbrotman@gmail.comGreen workforce & education
38He'eia: O'ahu Restoration
Cultural and ecosystem restoration, local food production.
$7,100,000 57OahuFood security targets
The Nature Conservancy
Natural Resource ManagementLocal food
39Department of Agriculture- Agricultural ParksLocal agriculture to increase food security.Regulation change.Statewide (808)973-9473Local food
40Dev LeagueTechnology and innovation sector trainingFundingStatewide
41DOFAW Natural Resource Stimulus Package (Forestry)Advance forestry and natural resource management priorities 124000000475Statewide Larameeleah.j.laramee@hawaii.govNatural Resource Management
42DOFAW Natural Resource Stimulus Package (Habitat Restoration)145 jobs, community benefits, environmental benefitsFunding145Statewide Larameeleah.j.laramee@hawaii.govGreen workforce & educationNatural Resource Management
43EA EcoversityJob training; entrepreneurship training and start-up support; 20+ jobs in 5 yearsFacility and partnerships20+Hawaii Islandwww.kuakanaka.comKū Kahakalau, Ph.Dku@kuakanaka.comGreen workforce & education
44East Honolulu Fishpond Restoration ProgramJobs maintaining and restoring the fishpond, fish and agricultural products for community, educational benefits for school and community.Funding for restoration staff and physical site restoration.Oahu
contact the Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center
Chris Cramer Executive Directormaunaluafishponds@gmail.comNatural Resource managementLocal foodsmart sustainable communities
45East Maui Mountains Watershed RestorationInvasive species control within East Maui watershed; Expand management work to control strawberry guava and Himalayan ginger in priority watersheds$900,0002Maui
Dan Eisenberg deisenberg@eastmauiwatershed.orgNatural Resource management
46EcoMap by Maui Sustainable Solutions1000+ jobs, zero waste infrastructure, ecotourism, carbon footprint reduction.Community engagement and $100k to launch app.1000+MauiPlasticFreeMaui.comKevin Watkins II Kevin@mauisustainablesolutions.comWaste reductionGreen workforce & education
47Efficient HawaiiMake Hawaii Energy Efficient so we only need to replace power that we actually need by renewables. We'll be less dependent on oil imports. We'll save money. We'll get to 100% renewable energy easier/faster$125,000 Educate and train a workforce (i.e. Hawaii Energy, Certified Energy Manager) /develop an online tool publicly available that is tailored to Hawaii so everyone can become energy efficient. Michael J. Clean Energy
48Engaging Title One Students in Environmental Education18 Jobs (8 FTE, 10 .5FTE) and engaging underserved communties in place-based environmental eduation.Funding18Statewidewww.hawaiinaturecenter.orgTodd Cullison, Executive Directortodd@hawaiinaturecenter.orgGreen workforce & education
49Entrepreneur Hot Seat1 part-time job, provides entrepreneurial resources to pre-existing businesses and new businesses.Paid staff, volunteers, funding for administrative and marketing costs1www.ricestreetkauai.comDr. Addison Bulosankauairsba@gmail.comGreen workforce & education
50Expanded Hunting opportunities and "Organis" locally based food sourcesCertification of butchers to process invasive game meat and expanded hunting guide program for public and private lands. Reduction of invasive species and increased local food.$200K for certification programs and implementation, partnerships with state entities25-30StatewideBuild partnerships with State DLNR and DOA; proposal made to DLNR and DOA.Glennon T. Local foodNatural resource managmenet
51Family Services Office/Pathway of HopeStabilization in crisis/emergency, and addressing intergenerational poverty.Network of services linking together to stabilize families with young children.Statewide Stoneanna.stone@usw.salvationarmy.orgsmart sustainable communities
52Farm Apprenticeship Program10 apprentice-level jobs, agriculture career training, lectures and in-field training, producing local food for the community.$85,000 for stipends and tools, local trainees.10Hawaii Island Kuhrinstitute@hipagriculture.orgGreen workforce & educationLocal food
53Farm Link Hawaii Local farm to consumer/restaurant businesses. Supports increasing local food.Physical space, ITHawaii Islandfarmlinkhawaii.comRob Borreccainfo@farmlinkhawaii.comLocal food
54Farm to Family (Institutional purchasing from local farms)State and federal funding for local farmers to feed communities and increase local food. $11,000,00060Statewide"Farm to state" should include institutional purchasing by schools, hospitals and prisons, food banks and federal nutrition programs.Daniela Kittingerdaniela@hiappleseed.orgLocal food
55Farmer Apprentice Mentoring ProgramTraining hands-on from mentors in regenerative agriculture to support local food production.Funding for positions.Statewidewww.hfuuhi.orgBobby Pahiahfuu1@hawaii.rr.comGreen workforce & educationLocal food
56Food Aggregation Facility10 full time jobs packing and shipping farm produce from many small farms in a region. Supports local farmers, restaurant/grocery workers supplied with fresh local produce and customers/citizens with locally grown food. The number of jobs will grow over time at both the food hub and on participating farms.$250k to build the facility; salary funding for 3-5 employees; refrigerated truck (owned or leased), start-up funds for operations (insurance, fuel, permits, etc.)10OahuCurrently each small farm is responsible for its own packing, shipping and marketing. A small regional food hub, like the one planned for the North Shore of Oahu, will streamline the supply chain delivering value from farm to fork. We have a shovel ready plan in place to build a small facility on already identified land. Kevin M Kellykevink@nsevp.orgLocal food
57Food Hub Coordination StatewideCoordination of farm products to areas in need of food statewide; increased food distribution efficiencies.Transportation, administrative capacity, and ability to provide working capital to individual farms and food hubs in state.Statewide Minahfuu1@hwaii.rr.comlocal food
58Freshwater Return to Kalauhaihai Fishpond and Niu FisheryCommunity benefits of a working fishpond, construction and fishpond jobs, educational opportunities, and restored fishery.Funds for the final phases of the project - directional drilling.OahuReturning the freshwater to the Niu fishery and fishpond cut off by the 1990's highway widening is ready for final permits and completion. Early phases are already completed by DLNR and R.M Towill. With demolition of old structures, an engineering plan and boring tests all completed. Chris Cramer- Executive Director-Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Centermaunaluafishponds@gmail.comLocal foodGreen workforce & eduactionSmart Sustainable Communities
59Go Farm HawaiʻiBeginning Farmer Training and Support Program to increase local food production and allow graduates start their own farm operation or gain knowledge to work in the agricultural industry. Business training initiatives support implementing various agriculture-related revenue streams (value added/agritourism/education).$12,000,000 to continue operations or scale to provide additional services; positions; access to smaller farmable parcels of land (10 acres or less) to purchase or less for graduates of the program. 45Statewide We currently have 5 training sites across the state and provides business services statewide. Janel Yamamoto, Director; Nora; nrodli@hawaii.edulocal foodGreen workforce and education
60Greenhouse renovation for school food cultivationRoof replacement on 2 40' x 200' greenhouses and storage shed and starting tables with irrigation drips to be built inside, 6 jobs created, food cultivated by students and integrated into snacks and sent home with families to supplement their food and increase food security.Funding for roofing supplies, tree cutting, lumber and doors for shed, labor costs6MauiThe greenhouses are intact but roofing needs to be replaced. Susie Osborne for Ho`oulu Lahui 5-1c3susie@kuaokala.orgGreen workforce & educationLocal food
61Growing our Urban Forest$500,000 Increase the urban tree canopy along streets with fruit trees increasing the island's food security. Trees pay longterm dividends and will be planted on private property with the landowner committing to care for the tree - instructions will be provided and follow-up visits to ensure efficacy. Program is entirely scalable.Funding to scale program (certified arborist consultant, crew supervisor and 5-person crew, along with a PR person and office support), nursery-stock. 7Oahuwww.treesforhonolulu.orgDaniel Dinellddinell@treesforhonolulu.orgNatural resource management
62Hawai'i Seed Growers NetworkSeed for Home & Market Gardens, 10 jobs. Increase food security and local food production. During the time of Covid-19, local backyard growers have relied on Hawai'i Seed Growers Network to provide locally adapted specialty vegetable seed to grow food for their families and communities. Sales have increased over 800% since March 11, 2020. $40, Michelle Carillo808mc96778@gmail.comLocal foodNatural resource management
63Hawaiʻi Women and Girls Video Storytelling Initiative Inclusion and representation for women and girls.Statewide
64Hawaii Ant LabManage Little Fire Ants to provide community benefits, address economic and natural resource risks, and reduce ongoing longer term costs. Project is scalable depending on funds and number of positions created. Project is statewide and can be implemented on one or more islands$800,00020Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Maui, Hawaiʻi Islandwww.littlefireants.comCas Vanderwoudecas@littlefireants.comnatural resource management
65Hawaii Arts Alliance Afterschool Arts ProgramJobs for artists and arts educators (e.g., music, dance, drama, visual art) to lead afterschool arts classes for students in A+ and Afterschool programs. Involvement in the arts, builds confidence and self-esteem, teaches creativity and innovation, and helps children learn to be flexible and problem solve.Funding to pay instructors and recycle materials to make ad hoc instruments (such as bamboo, pvc pipes, recycled plastic containers, tin cans, chip wrappers, old t-shirts, dowels, buckets, rubber slippers, shoyu and soda bottles)Statewide Skillmanteri@hawaiiartsalliance.orgGreen workforce & educatioin
66Hawai'i Association for Marine Education and Research (HAMER): Sea Turtle Research & RescueOur dedicated Turtle Team documents sea turtle populations, responds to hooked/entangled or injured individuals (in coordination with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute) and removes tons of discarded fishing gear and trash along Maui's coastlines and nearshore reefs. We also conduct marine debris beach cleanups at Ka'ehu on the 4th Sunday of every month ($80,
67Hawaii Astronomical Data Science CenterThe proposal will employ 10 people for 5 years in the fastest growing area of high tech, data science and artificial intelligence. By establishing Hawaii as a center of excellence, our network of experts will attract more funding and create more local jobs.$5,000,00010Oʻahu, Maui, Hawaiʻi Island Szapudiszapudi@ifa.hawaii.eduSmart sustainable communitiesGreen workforce & education
68Hawaii Food Systems Education & Workforce Development CoordinationIncreased P-20 teacher training; student completion of secondary (6-12) and post-secondary (13-20+) agriculture and food systems; availability of skilled workforce development programs (e.g. farmer training). Expands existing programs (Farm to School, FFA, Hawaii Youth Food Council, and P-20 Agriculture Education Working Group), creating 29 full-time jobs that provide direct support for expansion of food systems education and workforce development programs statewide to navigate and drive Hawai‘i’s economic recovery and resiliency with intention toward ​the regeneration of sustainable community food systems, food security, food self-sufficiency, and total wellbeing for all people and places of Hawai‘i. $3,115,72729Statewide Bernallydi@hiphi.orgGreen workforce & educationLocal food
69Hawaii Food Systems Workforce DevelopmentProposes to expand job training and job opportunities in the areas of food systems education, food production, food processing, food hubs and cooperatives, and food service.$10MStatewide Bernallydi@hiphi.orgGreen Workforce & Education
70Hawaii GroupGAPGroupGAP is a USDA food safety certification program that allows small farms to become GAP certified, a certification often required by commercial and institutional buyers of produce. Food safety certification opens new markets and helps foster successful farming operations. Funding will allow the hiring of 1 additional trainer for each 15 farms in the program. There are currently farms on Kauai, Oahu and Hawaii islands and GroupGAP has certified 8% of the USDA GAP certified farms in the state. $40k2Statewide This program is currently operating. One year fees for farms entering the program are currently about $5,000 per farm and included on-farm training, development of a farm food safety plan, and upon successful internal audits, GAP certification. It also allows farmers to work together to plan consistent production thats especially important when selling to larger buyers. Kevin M Kellykevink@nsevp.orglocal food
71Hawaii Interagency Biosecurity PlanSupports invasive species prevention, rapid response, and control of high-impact invasive species through support for new and existing positions, new equipment and technologies, and CIP projects, including (but not limited to) watershed fencing/management and biocontrol. Funding to HISC to implement the details of the plan.Statewide Martin or Josh or joshua.p.atwood@hawaii.govNatural resource managementGreen workforce & education
72Hawaii Island Bikeshare6 jobs, transportation for 20,000+ residentsFunds to purchase bikeshare stations and bikes, and payroll cost for 6 additional jobs6Hawaii Islandwww.hawaiiislandbikeshare.orgTina Clothiertinaclothier@pathhawaii.orgClean energySmart sustainable communitiesGreen workforce & education
73Hawaii Island Farm Product Purchase ProgramProvides $ to farmers & ranchers; donates food to Food BasketFundingHawaii IslandHawaii Farm Bureau; Randy Cabralkaiwiki.1970@gmail.comLocal food
74Hawaii Master Food PreserversProvides training for growers to make safe products from locally grown produce$70,00048Maui, Hawaiʻi Island, Moloka'i Each class of 12 is 8 full days and teaches safe food manufacturing from locally grown and sourced produce and protein. It helps growers and producers to develop products for marketing at farmers markets, stores and direct to chefs and hotels. There are available kitchens to use so equipment needs are minimal. Costs involved are for the supplies needed for each class, rental space, travel costs and salary. Extensive spread sheets and class syllabus are available when needed.Ken Loveken@mycoffee.netgreen Workforce & Educationlocal food
75Hawaii Oil Seed ProducersExtensive (think what soybeans contribute to Mid-USA): contingent on growing oil palm as a vegetable oil source on hundreds of thousands of underutilized agricultural lands in Hawaii. A proof of concept study done to test growing of oil palm hybrids in Hawaii was conducted by Dr. William Moekahi Steiner while Dean of College of Agriculture at UHH CAFNRM. Palms will grow up to 3,000' elevation on all kinds of soil and climates withstanding all insect and fungal pests and producing >600 gallons oil/acre. Oil can be used for biofuel, with spin off industries in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, animal feed and waste products used for compost. Average is 1 job/ten acres with many being higher paid than tourist industry. Community benefits include new jobs and businesses with high demand for engineering and biochemistry trained personnel. Industries would contribute to development of sustainable jobs, lower CO2 levels, and reduce importations of many industrial products. Opportunity to reduce importation of hundreds of millions of gallons of petroleum exist. About 90 trees/acre are required. New nurseries to grow the palms for replanting would have to be scattered throughout the islands. One is now being planned for Pahoa Hawaii. An NSF SBIR grant has been approved for submission.
1 job/ten acres
StatewideHawaiiOilSeedProducers.comDr. William W.M. Steiner, 808-294-0750wwmsteiner@gmail.comGreen workforce & educatioinClean Energy
76Hawaii People’s FundFunding and technical support to grassroots group focused on long-term systemic change. HPF funds huis not ready for traditional funding through activist-led grantmaking and could be part of a larger support pipeline to help scale the types of initiatives Green Growth Local2030 is looking for.Outreach help. Fundraising for local recurring donations. We are primarily funded by the people for the people. Also looking for ways to build endowment to a point of perpetual sustainability (we are close) and move endowment investments out of Wall Street and into local initiatives. Statewidewww.hawaiipeoplesfund.orgMatthew Inging.matt@gmail.comSmart sustainable communities
77Hawaii Statewide Wildfire Risk Reduction DesignFunds will create 3 full time positions to plan and facilitate partnerships and permitting for fuel break and hazard reduction implementation for high priority areas identified statewide using prior USFS WUI funds. This will enable execution of fuels management/risk reduction actions. $200,0003StatewideCo-design and plan wildfire risk reduction actions and secure access/buy-in from appropriate landowners based on Hawaii Statewide Vegetation Management Priority Maps (HWMO). Partners: Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization (HWMO), Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW), University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH-Manoa)Clay Trauernichttrauerni@hawaii.eduNatural resource managementSmart sustainable communities
78Hawaii Strategy LabProviding qualitative data to help drive decision makingFunding and manpowerStatewide Glennakiemi@hawaiistrategylab.orgGreen Workforce & EducationSmart sustainable communities
79Hawaii Theatre Center Lighting Placement Project10 jobs, Energy Use Reduction, Historic Landmark Preservation, Long Term sustainability of performing arts venue$ 2,000,000 in funding 10Oahuwww.hawaiitheatre.comGregory Dunn, President & CEOgregorydunn@hawaiitheatre.comSmart sustainable communitiesClean Energy
80Hawaii Ulu Cooperative - Local Ag Manufacturing +15 jobs, access to minimally processed ulu and other indigenous / regenerative crops for the community Funds to hire and train new staff. 15+Statewide Shapiroinfo@eatbreadfruit.comLocal food
81Hawaii Wildfire Risk Reduction ImplementationFunds will create 2 full time coordinators to manage field crews and contractors and 8 technicians to implement fuels reduction work in priority areas, including multiple shovel-ready sites . Funds will also create jobs by supporting independent contractors for fuels work. This project will protect critical natural, cultural, and other resources identified in community/stakeholder workshops in 2019. $4M10StatewideEstablish and maintain fuels/wildfire hazard reduction measures for priority resource areas identified by Hawaii Statewide Vegetation Management Priority Maps. Trauernichttrauerni@hawaii.edunatural resource management
82Hawaiian Designer Fashion Clothing IndustrySupport design, manufacturing and distribution for textile and clothing industry. Support for existing businesses that ship to Hawai'i and create jobs. 1,200-2,000StatewideTommy Bahama, Tori Richards, and other brandswebsites for clothing companies with offices in HonoluluGreen workforce and education
83Hawaiian Hawksbill Sea Turtle Photo-ID CatalogThis statewide photo-ID project (1998-present) is dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of the critically endangered Hawaiian hawksbill sea turtle, honu'ea (Eretmochelys imbricata), to aid in its local and global conservation.$48,
84Hawaiian Native Bee Rescue Project10 jobs, community-k-12 education partnerships, UH/non-profit organization partnershipsNative plants/ seeds/ UH student interns/money for student intern stipends/money for seeds & plants10StatewideHawai'i Bee Rescue Project - Dr. Renee Dufaultrdufault@foodingredient.infoNatural resource managementGreen workforce & education
85Heʻeia ʻĀina Momona InitiativeA recovery plan in He`eia that bridges from stabilization to resilience. It creates four corps (Conservation Corps, ʻĀina Corps, Coral Reef Corps, Professional Development Corps) that will put people to work in a way that contributes to building a robust, community-based, circular economy.$20 million over two years170OahuKawika Winterkawikaw@hawaii.edusmart sustainable communitiesnatural resource managementlocal food
86Heeia Estuary RestorationJobs and native ecosystem restoration, cultural practices$300,000 Money for staffing & benefits5Oahu Nalani Kanenalani@huihawaii.orgNatural resource managementSmart sustainable communitiesGreen workforce & education
87HFUU's Maui Central Food HubHelps farmers and makes food available through CSA boxesFunds to keep farmers producing, The food hub purchases directly from farmers to create the CSA boxesMauihfuuhi.orgVince Minahfuu1@hawaii.rr.comLocal food
88Higher Skills AcademyDisciplined LeadershipIndividuals who want to learn how to practice and exercise leadershipPono Shimpshim@oedb.bizsmart sustainable cities
89Hika'akalaniFood, cultural experiences, community enrichment, land stewardshipLand clearing equipment, planting supplies and money to buy more land in order to grow more foodHawaii Island'olu Luninghalauhikaalani@gmail.comLocal foodSmart sustainable communitiesNatural resource management
90Ho'okua'ainaFood, cultural experiences, community enrichment, land stewardship. 10 living wage jobs, 50 paid internship/apprenticeship positions annually giving young adults 18-24 the opportunity to grow life skills and pursue higher education at WCC while producing 30,000 pounds of kalo for the marketplace and distribution into the community.$300K15Oahu and Michele Wilhelm kalo@hookuaaina.orgsmart sustainable citieslocal food
91Ho‘okena Opelu Protect Ho'okena's Opelu canoe fishing culture, perpetuate traditions, sustain fishing resource, community buildingIntitial funding for a management plan has been providedHawaii IslandDamien Kenisonnamamo@yahoo.comsmart sustainable communitiesNatural resource management
92Hoa Aina o makahaAina EducationFunds for school visitsOahu sustainable citiesgreen workforce & education
93Hoʻola Hou Ia KalauaoLocal food production, cultural and ʻaina-based education, training and employment opportunities in sustainable agriculture.Funding for infrastructure, site improvements (warehouse/secured storage space), stipends for farm internships and program assistantOahu local foodsmart sustainable communitiesGreen workforce & education
94Hoʻoulu ʻAinaHo'oulu 'Āina is a welcoming place of refuge where people of all cultures sustain and propagate the connections between the health of the land and the health of the people. Since 2004, Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services (KKV) has been stewarding and sustainably developing 100 acres in the back of Kalihi Valley. Dedicated to cultural education and community transformation, this land was named Ho‘oulu ‘Āina, meaning “to grow the land” and “to grow because of the land,” based on the value that the health of the land and the health of the people are one.General Operating & Program Funding SupportOahuhttp://www.hoouluaina.comPuni Jacksonpjackson@kkv.netsmart sustainable citiesgreen workforce & education
95Honolulu ExploratoriumJobs for construction and then permanently for operations; community benefits through science education and intangibles as a destination for visitors that shows Hawaii is not just beaches and sun$20,000,000100OahuJonathan Williamsjw@hawaii.eduGreen workforce & educationSmart sustainable communities
96Honolulu Rapid Transit (City Center Segment)Jobs, Equitable Community Development, Improved/Equitable Public TransitFundingOahuHARTAndrew Robbinsandrew.robbins@honolulu.govsmart sustainable cities
97Honolulu Seawater Air ConditioningDecrease energy use. 145 full-time jobs for 26.5 years (see Federal EIS - 2009).Partnerships and contracts145Oahu Larsson smart sustainable citiesClean energy
98Hui Makaʻāinanana o Makana (Internship Workforce Program)Hāʻena Fisheries and Loʻi Internship for 3-4 youth. Interns will participate in ongoing watershed monitoring and data collections, as well as assist with Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area (CBSFA) final report and presentation. This will provide job opportunties for people in our community. The internship will provide our youth an opportunity to learn and gain skills in resource management from mauka to makai. This hands-on experience will give them a holistic understanding of the ahupuaʻa system to address food security, sustainability, and community health and wellness. $127,890 Stipend for each intern, Equipment (mask/snorkel, fins, tabi), Laptop computers.5Kauaihuimakaainanaomakana.orgKirsten Hermstad, Executive Director Emily Cadiz, Program DirectorKirsten@hermstadkauai.comgreen workforce & educationlocal food