Run #SFM # / Special RunDateHare(s)LocationPack SizeNotesOn-OnPhotosWRITE - UPRough Mileage
21512726/13/22Milk BoneSouthard Park - 67 N Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge 40.71054° N, 74.54351° W23Full Strawberry Moon, Fun run with a great turnout. Miscast went MIA. Circle run by SFMH3 Grand Master Dogmeat.The Station-BernardsvilleBeautiful night, Fun run, good turnout. Run went South to condos, the trails leading to Ridge H.S., then back towards town & a beer check (4 miles for Eagles). Then through cemetary & on back to Southard Park. Circle at the Station. New Texas joiners "Tree Rex" & "High on Pot" from Eat Me H3-now moved here.5 mi
21526/20/22Seoul Brother and Secaucless - the PlaguemastersMeet at - Mendham - A "B to A" run (we start at the origin of the Passaic River) 7-11 Hardscrabble Rd lot/shuttle to Spring Hill Lane, Mendham33Passaic River Run #35 T-Shirts! Sold out! At the finish/start lot. Beer & snacks.The chickens had a head start (shuttle), then the Eagles shuttle (in 2 vans) to origin of Passaic; BC at Girl Scout entrance; 2 ABJ's (1 for Eagles to the GS camp) & 7 water crossings. Everyone filtered in by 7:30-7:45, then a good long circle until ~9PM.5.5 mi/3 mi chicken
21547/4/22AutoErotica100 Commerce Drive, Somerset, NJ19Independence Day HashAt Hare's House 6 Colony Ct, Somerset, NJ Swimsuit timePretty trail (off road parts) in a lefty loop back to the start. Circle at the Hares house. Swimming & Shhhish Kabobs, etc for the crew. Hare went overboard with the food. Bravo. Off road section (including beer check) were exquisite.4.5 mi
21536/27/22Super Spreader2nd Annual School's Out for Summer Hash; 2655 Crest Lane Scotch Plains22SS Schools Out for Summer2655 Crest Lane Scotch PlainsA very pleasant run through some lesser used trails in Watchung. The chickens staying on the South side of I-78 while the Eagles over 78 to Governor Livingston H.S. & the joined with the chickens (4.4 miles) at the beer check near the abandon village. Nice OnOn at the hares with a variety of foods.5.4 mi
21557/9/22Park n RideRivercrest Cabana Club19PnR Beer Mile and Swim Party (& a last minute short hash)Rivercrest Cabana ClubAs "weather panic" fell on the Hare, Secaucless lessened the pain be setting a short 2.6 trail (Eagle section never found) causing the pack to either search in the wrong places (4 miles) or reverse themselves back to the chicken trail (1.25 itself). Then a well attended beer mile in the soccer fields with Senator Vercamon the winner. Circle followed (out of beer -thanks to GI to save the day with "Budweiser"??? for down downs, them Burgers, Dogs & salads while swimming at the Cabana club. Two EatMe H3 visitors.2.7 mi
21567/11/22Loogie10 Rooney Circle, West Orange, NJ 0705222The better known "7-11" hash. TGI Fridays (next door)A good crowd showed up on this nice 85 degree evening. Purportedly a rerun of his "Bimbo" of a month ago (no one noticed or complained), it quickly went off road, parallelling I-280, then up high reeds on the powerline (steep), switchbacks, then a beer check after 2 miles. Then the pavement pounder into the finish .7 miles away. Good On On next door.2.7 mi
21572737/16/22Idol Snatch Long Valley Middle School (51 W Mill Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853)18Prelube at Chilton Brewing (59 E Mill Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853). On-after backyard hang out (11 Stoneybroon Road, Long Valley)11 Stoneybrook Rd/Hare's house for songs & burgers.Well, she topped last years run by immediately putting us in the river downstream (along the Columbia trail) for close to 1/2 mile. Then the Columbia trail (w/ soggy sneaks), a few streets & then the in trail set too close to the continued trail (once again up river), which allowed a few to hit the Chesapeake Tavern (Go4Hole & Massengil), while others (Sox, Jersey Asshole/etc) found the On In trail for an easy 5K. Unfortunately the trail went East on trails to a beer check 1 mile (the other way) & then back on Rt 24 to start. Sox drove to a lot near beer check & ran the trail backwards to catch up with most others. Good singing 7 burgers at the Hare's house. Thank H.O.P. for some new songs.5.4 mi
21587/18/22No GenitalsNichols Park; Parking lot is just off Kingland's Rd in Nutley. Entrance to the lot is on Bloomfield Ave (898 Bloomfield Ave).18No Gentials Birthday HashMichaels Roscommon HouseA stormy day that threatened to wash out the trail for the pack. However, the marks held up on the street run. Nice trail but, like the previous run, the In trail set across the street from the out trail (just before the beer check). So it was not surprising to see that half the pack took to the obvious marks seen across the street for a 3.1 trail to the finish. When half the pack showed at the finish without any beer, they reversed themselves (by now in the rain) back to where they thought they diverted trail, subsequently finding the beer check & the pissed off hare (new name "Teflon No Gen"), once again blaming the pack for using their eyes to the obvious flour across the street. Still, a good run & fun night with Cockspray as resident RA.4 mi
21597/25/22Pussy Destroyer30 McBride Ave Paterson, NJ 0750119On After: Joey McBride's Pub; 1145 McBride Ave Woodland Park, NJ 07424A good time for the hashers on this hot night as we looped around (& to) the Passaic River Great Falls in a cloverleaf fashion. After almost 3 miles we came to the Beer check which we subsequently found was maybe 200 yards from the finish. 2 Visitors from the Ghana Hash (Just Kate & Red Rocket). Joey McBrides had great service & good food.
21608/1/22Two Timer 278 Meisel Ave, Springfield Twp, NJ 07081Stage House Tavern on Rt 22Another Hot one. A counterclockwise run, mostly on streets with a dead end beer check (Rahway River Pkwy) near that river then on back to the Park.5 mi
21618/8/22Bleu's Pool Hash235 Brooklake Rd, Florham Park, NJ 07932 (Brooklake School parking lot)20Bleu's Pool94 degree heat at the start. Trail through Florham Park, into the Florham Park Recreation center & fields, beer check with watermelon to quench the parched hashers, past the police station and back to Bleu's pool. Circle conducted by Cocksprey in the pool, in his Daisy Duke Speedo. Dinner - smoked pulled pork sammiches, coleslaw, potatoe salad, grilled corn, watermellon, and devilled eggs provided by Ken Palmer. While the pool was a balmy 85 degrees, it provided a welcome relief to an overheated pack.3.5 mi
21622748-12-22No Gen NJ Transit Delawanna; 229 Delawanna Ave, Clifton, NJ10Sturgeon MoonOn-after: Emerald Corner (12 Oak St Clifton NJ)A well marked trail, chicken ~2.6, Eagle ~3.5 going clockwise south under rt 3 to Target then Chevy's, Applebees to the beer check less than 2 miles (for chicken). Then under rt 3, thru the Costco Gas lot (packed lines @3.89/gal) & on in. Quick circle & on to Emerald Corner
21638/13/22Bloody Pads 2nd Annual Hash Olympics730 Spooner Ave; Plainfield NJ16730 Spooner Ave; Plainfield NJA scenic tour of Victorian houses (18 by my count) heading Northeast, then southeast through Cedar Brook Park, then on back for a 3.7 mile run to the finish. Downtime at the pool, then a circle followed by Hash Olympics (who was the winner)?
21648/15/22Massengill & SuperspreaderLumitron Global Strategic Command Center, 35 Russo Pl, Berkeley Heights27Delicious Hieghts, Berkeley HeightsA really good trail mostly set by Superspreader, that found a lot of off road heading first to Snyder Ave park, then across Springfield Ave (near Comfy's old house) & then into Pasaic River Park going westbound. to a beer check, then on to Summit Ave, past Delicious Heights & on In. Fun circle, then On After at Delicious Heights. New Boots (with Just Dan- Just Jaden & Just Nick).
21658/22/22Tasty Bush35 Clark Street, Cranford17Hare's back yard
21668/29/22LoogieMills Reservation parking lot at 31 Normal Ave, Cedar Grove12Trail will be short and sweet, with one Beer Check.Tierney's in MontclairA nice trail through scenic Mills reservation (but hare missed scenic overlook points-or did he). A nice, not too hot evening for a well marked trail where the reservation is rarely used by us.
21679/5/22SOS635 Reservoir Road, Franklin Lakes NJ, (next to High Mountain Park Preserve.)195th annual LABORIUS DayMaggies Town TavernAnother Death march by this hare (but not as long as in his recent past), covering the mostly outer loop trails of the very rocky High Mountain Preserve in a counterclockwise loop. For the Super Eagles- 3 miles to the BC, 3 miles back and maybe 1 more mile checking falses. But a clearly marked trail. Thanks to the holiday this 3PM start finished in daylight.
21682759/10/22Massengil & Secaucless3 Pennwood Road, Basking Ridge NJ21Penwoodstock- Summit Full Moon H3 #274 Harvest Moon3 Pennwood Road, Basking Ridge NJa 3.4 Chicken/3.9 mile Eagle, a simple counterclockwise loop thru Pleasant Valley park, then the Somerset Hills Complex and back. Mostly offroad (suprise/suprise). Then time for the bands to play. The timing went well. pack in between 4:30 & 4:45. Circle until 5:20 when a night on the lawn of good music occurred.
21699/12/22Massengil, Secaucless & Cheeky BastardDowntown Fiasco (NYC) - Corner of William & Pine Streets25Downtown Fiasco #38Jeremy'sA nice evening with a clockwise run (to Stone st, Battery Park, West Thames Park, Rector Park,Pumphouse Park, Teardrop Park-with slide, Rockefeller Park) to beercheck at Battery City Park ballfields, then adjacent to reflecting pools, city hall park & on in at Jeremy's on Front Street. Pack about 50/50 SH3/BH3. Missed the rain by an hour.
21709/17/22Sassy Lassy9 Cherry Lane (park in overflow lot across street)23Mexican Independence Day HashVose AveA very nice 4 mile run through the NW end of South Mtn reservation for 19 of us. Beautiful day. Some rocky parts (and bushwhacking) but overall a nice trail.On In at Sassy's Vose Ave abode. Good circle with many pthers attending but missing trail. The ususal affair marking the 13th annual MID hash.
21719/24/22Deer BitchPaul Robinson Observatory, Observatory Road in Vorhees State Park (near High Bridge)15High Rail BrewerySox, screwed this up by getting there first, attempting to figure the trail out hisself (not). But it worked out as the Eagles(7) of the pack of 15, needed clarity on the bushwhacking portion of the run. A symbol at the start (that everyone was supposed to know - not-) of Venus- was the first clue as we were sent out on a trail with no markings until 1/3 of a mile later as a Planetary trail map of Venus appeared. From there, there was flour. Told to say "Aqui" in the recreation portion of the camground, we slithered in between 4 tightly concentrated tents to find our bushwhack section. A good Beer check after about 2 miles in a roughly counterclockwise set, Vorhees State Park was nicely introduced to us (not sure we've run here before). Fun.
217210/1/22One Lost Soul & Shit's CreekSeeley's Pond parking area - Watchung Reservation16The circle will be the hare's house "The Sole Asylum" at 554 Willow Ave. Scotch Plains.Darby's Scotch PlainsAnd there we were . . at the beginning of beautiful Watchung trails before us. We took off on the one down & cross the stream to New Providence Rd, pat the Blue Star shopping ctr; past the old (& closed) Snuffy's & south down Park Avenue. But wait . . there was a beer near on the bridge over Rt 22 about 3/4 mile back. e must have missed the BC. The 5 FRBs ran back & sure enough, though on trail, we ran right past the BC at Snuffy's. Shortly thereafter, another mile later, we were in at the Hares house. Circle ensued (finishing off the beer) & then on to Darby's for the On On. The highlight of the start was a visit by Lifer, who we haven't seen in almost 32 years. We ended at the On On with a visit by Park N Ride (confused about the facebook 2PM vs 3PM website start times. Good trail but only one check???
217310/8/22Deer BitchHughForce Canal, Wharton. 11Knotty Pine Pub at E Dewey & E Union TpkeRumor has it that the Hare's car broke down (preventing him from attending the run) but Two Timer & Park N Ride stepped up to provide a) a beer check & b) a shorter & more clear trail. Also heard that the Knotty Pine was small & packed & maybe not a good hash bar?
217427610/10/22Broken Organ & Cock SprayPicnic Area, off Brookside Drive, S Mountain Reservation (see website if in doubt)7Hunter Moon/Fatboy runnone-late night enoughA pack of 5 including PD, Deer Bitch, JCock, Two Timer & daughter-sent off to solve a J check, VC, DVC & DD (don't die) checks.Trail went up to the Dog park, wildflower preserve down across the dry riverbed & on in. DB conducted the Circle.
217510/15/22Secaucless69th Bday Hash2077-99 Tiger Lily Lane, Morristown NJStayed there for On InPerfect Day, Perfect run (of course) as 15 assembled to run this hash. It was a counter clockwise trail of mostly horse (& watershed) trails with a Walker (3 mi), Chicken & Eagle trail about the same 2.3 to beer check then another 2.3 back. Park N Ride treated the hare's Bday with a TV streaming of the SU vs NC state game, a pumpkin pie & sound system as we decided to remain at the cul de sac until we ran out of beer (7PM). Good songs, backup RA Cockspray ran the circle well & Guam H3 visitor "Catch her in the Thigh" warmly greeted. Dogmeat, High on Pot, Tree Rex & PD arrived post run in time for circle.
217610/22/22Tasty Busch35 Clark Street, Cranford17BitoffHiscock”s Birthday Hash,35 Clark Street, CranfordBeautiful day for a backyard finish with cake for the Misses
217710/29/22Massengil2 Pennwood Road, Basking Ridge25Hare's 35th Hashiversary & Halloween Run. 2 Pennwood Road, Basking RidgeA meandering through Pleasant Valley Park, then across to the Condo's then Spring Valley Blvd. Beer check on Acken Rd, E/C Split at Valley Rd with Eagles up Stonehouse Rd for a 6.75 run. On On was fun in back yard followed by Horses Deurves & then (2 hours later) & Pizza
217811/5/22Super Speader1920 Cliffwood St, Scotch Plains (Congregation Beth Israel)22ChronesA linnear eastward 3 miles, then north and then a westward 3 miles back mostly for the Eagles. Chickens lost trail somehow so then all chickens missed the beer check with sparklers & Muld wine in honor of Guy Fawkes day. On On at Chrones (2 new boots- 1 picked up at start)
217927711/7/22AutoErotica & Go4 Hole w/ a Secaucless AssistTD Bank Ballpark, 860 E Main St, Bridgewater12Beaver Moon#1 Bar & GrillAuto E's father passed away over the weekend, so Secaucless substituted in as hare for a short (2.7 mi) clockwise loop from the TD bank ballpark Blue lot. It went west to a right on Chimney Rock road, then cut thru the cemetary & up to a BC on rt 28, then back to start through Middle Brook Park. A moment of Loud ensued during circle.
218011/12/22LoogieMillburn Pubic Library; 200 Glen Ave, Millburn, NJ 0704129"Go West" Hash --- aka Runner Girl's 'Don't Let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out' trailOn After: TBD On After After: Rancho Sassy Lassy
218111/19/22High on Pot & TreeRex Mt Olive's Turkey Brook Park (Flanders), Brewery-HackettstownA pack of 12 watched as the hares displayed a live chalk talk (no chalk on trail however).A 3 miles counterclockwise trail ensued - immediately to a drink check (malt liquor & OJ) within a series of manmade moguls. Only the late cumming Up my Ass went thru the tunnel there. Then we trapsed thru the woods, backchecks in order, to the power lines but not before a double J check (Loogie & Cheeky being the po"u"r FRBs that had to go to the DFLs., a few checks later and the the BC near the entrance ro the park (only 2.4 miles to this point). We thought maybe a direct route back to the cars but no! We went thru a grid of streets with a check at each corner before we looped aroound to the finish (just skirting waiting police). Circle led by Cheeky as again the police drove by again & then on to Czig-Meister for the OnOn.
218211/27/22Dogmeat29th Annual Don't Be A Turkey Hash, (DBAT) 10 Mountain Park Road, Basking Ridge (near Pingry School)37Neelam Exotic Indian Cuisine, 295 Springfield Ave, Berkeley Heights, NJA rainy afternoon but 30+ showed up for the run (37 by end of On On). treated to cold weather but a well marked trail, the Eagles went on a one mile clockwise loop thru beautiful trails until the "3 ribbons" on the ground were not recognized as such. 20 minutes later (& a few calls from the hares and we figured it out, then lots of road, another small Eagle loop then over a construction site to the beer check (3.5 miles to this point). Homemade cakes by the hare, then another mostly all road continuance (2.5+) to the finish. No complaints, a lively circle under shelter, then 29 to the On On for great Indian food. Great run & On On.
218312/3/22Big SurprisePre-Christmas Hash Gero Park, 357 White Oak Ridge Rd, Short Hills17Scotty'sWell, it rained right up until the start, which altered the hares original trail to streets. the pack did a small loop (false) around Gero Park before heading SW on residential streets eventually hitting Hartshorn Dr with a beer check in the Hartshorn woods. Then a VC and a long downhill on in on White Oak Ridge Rd where we then hit pouring rain until the finish. Well marked as we found shelter for our circle near the start.
218427812/6/22MassengilLumitron Global Strategic Command Ctr- Russo Way, Berkeley Heights9Cold MoonVintage Tavern, GilletteThis PD run was cancelled last minute due to his Covid test, then picked up by Massengill for a Lumitron Command Center run. Thanks MG. A fairly long (5 Miler) in pouring rain was set as the pack of 7 headed out on the usual uphill trail. Familiar trail followed & as we got closer to the BC (almost 4 miles) the trail seemed to disappear (washed out). But by then we knew the way back. 7 of us to the Vintage Tavern afterwards just in time to miss "Quiz night"
218512/10/22No Gen (last minute for Park N Ride)14 World’s Fair Drive, SomersetCyclone BreweryThe success of this Hash was miraculous. Thanks to NoGen coming forward to fill … one of the best pre-lubes of 2022. Although, TRex tried to pawn off her cactus sour. There were bagels, pasta salad, craft beer and at about 3:20 someone asked ”Are we actually doing trail”. Stalling for the delayed arrival of BaroqueNorgan’s virgin we dallied at the prelude. Alas the virgin arrived and AutoErotica stated her typical pick up line …. “Are you a virgin”. After an awkward moment, the virgin decided it best to say “No”. Enough said, outside for chalk talk and the pack was off dodging dumpsters.After wandering through Franklin Townships rate-ables zone we crossed into the dreaded Ukrainian Village. Yes, the very location of DogE Style and Tub Slut and Godivas run in with the authorities. But we were fearless, and waived to the frowning babushkas in their laundries. In the gully beyond, Make up Barbie was warned that the creek crossing bridge had a maximum weight load of 50 lbs. Although svelte, Barbie ended up in the creek. The beer check was strategically situated behind a school providing needed refreshment before slogging our way back through a development. Yes where have all the flowers gone.Back at Jersey Cyclone brewery, the circle started while AE and Masengil purchased quality beverages and negotiated band gigs with the proprietor. I assume Miscast was not DFL. Because it was buy your own stinking beer or consume ParkNRides prepurchased Coors Lite there was no hash cash. AE on out to another social event. It’s the season. If I missed anything, please embellish.Addendum: We have a visitor from Vermont, Eager Beaver. He was in town looking for a place to park his car while he traveled in Thailand. No Genitals stepped up to save the day and offered street parking near her place in Clifton and a place to crash before his flight the next morning.
218612/17/22High on Pot & Tree RexChristmas Hash-Morristown (Glenbrook Brewery)25Christmas Hash in the Morristown area. Trail and indoor Gift exchange included.
Christmas Hash-Morristown (Glenbrook Brewery)
Settling into their various parking spaces (or not Auto E/Go4Hole), the pack of then 23 grabbed a beer until we all settled down at the Brewery, then off after 3:30 with instructions not to miss the 12 Beer checks? Pub crawl? No. But with an announced .25 Chicken trail and 1mile Eagle trail, we knew something was up. The eagles looped up to South street and came across a new wine bar and on themselves 12 strolled in to have some wine tasting. They could not pour fast enough. With a thanks and goodbye, we were off across the "Green", then on down to a large empty lot on Bishop Nazery Way to the Beer check. It was number "#1". We were all (C & E) handed an Xmas Song book and chose an appropriate song for the beer check. Then we noticed 11 more spots on the asphaly with sequentil numbering. So we moved the cooler to #2, sang another hymnal and so on through #12. The hare kept dding numbers (since we were in the spirit of the season) and went to #14 for our 14th song, then headed the .25 mile back to the brewery & to circle and all the food we had brought. Once circle ended & food mostly finished off, grab bag occurred with about 20 participants. Mostly Beer & wine exchanges. By 7 most of the celebratio was dying down but an excellent time and very inventive Beer check.
218712/26/22SecauclessMadison First Aid Squad; 29 Prospect St, Madison, NJ 0794013Boxing Day (MONDAY)On After: Prospect Tavern; 14 Prospect St, Madison, NJ 07940. . . . Wow Mom Wow- Up between the holidays (& on a very cold night), 13 of us assembled for a 3 mi chicken/4.2 mi Eagle jaunt thru the nicely lit residential sections South of town (up the hill). 3 "J" checks ensued (GI pulling up the rear looking for the blessed alcohol that was long gone), we then mosied thru the Madison Golf Course & in to the welcoming & warm Mulled wine check supplied by Bleu @ Drew U's back lot. Not a beer was opened as the wine (with a shot of Bleu's Bourbon) satisfied all. The entire pack was in -at about 70 minutes & quickly walked over to the Prospect Tavern before the kitchen closed down. They treated the 12 of us well (GI too Antartically tired to attend) & circle (and the room) was all to ourselves. A very nice finish to the coldest run this past 9 months.
218812/31/22LumberJackoffMorristown Train Sta6HopsOn facebook only, a last minute interpretation set by Lumber. Rainy & somehow the pack went backwards on the trail for a bit until the Beer Check. So the Clockwise Loop to Ft Nonsense (blocked because fireworks were being setup for the evenings celebration) screwed up the Hares BC plans. Neverthe less, it did not stop this small pack from imbibing on this merry evening.
21891/1/23Douche BragNomahegan Park, Cranford 11AM36Frenchy'sA warm & sunny 55 degrees awaited us at te start on this New Years day run. Set counterclockwise (in the shape of a toilet-what's the hare thinking?), we did some road followed by short stretches of woods run- consisting of either frozen ground (from days past) or soggy territory (from the previous days rain). An enjoyable run for the 35 attendees (Mr Jackson met us at the On On) the circle received 3 jaycees (Papoose thank you) a few we havent seen in a while (Screams/Stretch) and our visitors (Red Rocket & his sister Shannon). Down Downs then included the apparent fact that Just Shannon had Secaucless's brother as Godfather (poor girl). Fun time & a packed Frenchy's due to Sunday NFL games that mattered.
21902791/5/23Pussy Destroyer2651 Deer Path, Scotch Plains, NJ 0707617Full Wolf MoonIn Hare's garageA dark but 50 degree evening. The 2.8 mile hash went down hill on Glenside Ave, a left onto an abandon road that quickly turned into trail with a 2nd & 3rd check already & a dead end. Lots of searching went on here where the only possibilities were a very steep uphill or downhill. Sox scurried uphill thinking he saw a mark, heard that a mark was found downhill and very promptly head downhill face first as the supporting branch broke. Bloody and banged up, the trail went to a parallel trail below crossing Glenside heading through a long, muddy and foggy trail (and crossing Skytop drive) to the beer check at the intersection of Glenside & Skytop. Here (at a house) a neighbor called that houses owner to see if he knew these "people were drinking beer in his driveway. The owner said no, at which point PD got on the phone where owner then remembered he had given permission previously. On in .3 mi to PD's followed by circle and specially made sandwiches.
21911/7/23Handjob & SecauclessBurnham Park, Morristown (Park near ballfield)30David Bowie AnnualGlenbrook BreweryOoh Ohh. New Territory in Morristown? Straight from Lumber ->"The Non Road portions (80% of trail) were nw territory. I wish I knew about them when I lived there!". We went straight uphill on trail from the start and into the Jones Pond Woods (new trails to the area built about 10 years ago), up through woods near Villa Walsh Academy when the Eagles ran a since empty pond (converted into a pillway river stream) then merged back with the chickens to the BC at the National Guard Lot. Then another small E/C split where the chickens watched the Eagles navigate the grass trails of the Vale Vue preserve and back into the other side of the Jones Pond Woods and On In. Great turnoutn great day with a fun finish at the Glenbrook brewery (where our unannounced arrival was no issue as there was plenty of room for the Hash.
21921/14/23Baroque N OrganSouth Mountain Reservation “Dogwood Hillside” parking lot off Brookside Drive, (40.744432, -74.302565)21What else: Visitors expected from lands unknown and snacks from Stop & ShopOn-after: Gaslight in South OrangeBO set, in his opinion, the trail of the year, going through 3 miles of 6.9% virgin terrain in the northern SMR with an additional 3.2 miles of falses. Several unfamiliar marks were introduced: four and you’re on (is four the new three?), three lines for a false, unnumbered back checks, and a shot quest, described as “a bag of shots within fifteen feet of the SQ mark”. Purportedly, the pack spent several minutes circling said mark before HoP suggested that they look up, where they found the hare’s creepy doll Ornacia protecting the shots on a repurposed geocache pulley. Lumber was kind enough to swaddle Ornacia and carry her for the rest of the trail. HoP and [the french guy please put his name here I feel terrible that I can’t remember it] accidentally followed residual marks from Loogie’s last trail for the final half mile. Park N Ride proudly proclaimed that he was “so happy that he got FRB for the first time” (NOT won, as he was careful to say). Seoul Brother remarked to the hare that the trail “would’ve been impressive if you weren’t familiar with the area.” Two visitors from Ohio as well as the hare’s father Just Steiner were warmly received.
21931/21/23LoogieAnnual Canned Food Hash.South Orange SOPAC Parking Lot-entrance from Church St/behind South Orange Train Sta30Well, the pack of 25 were sent on the usual loop through the train platform, headed on a long stretch of Valley road, then back towards Mountain Station with several "rinky dink" splits (instead of checks), which frustrated the pack. A Beer check near there & then some more "rinky dink" (SB's term) splits (& another BC) before the finish. The pack was to go to the very busy Village Beer garden but since it was packed, the pack split up (rinky dink stile) to the other busy bars in town (Fox & Falcon & Bunny's). Excellent donations of canned food too.
ASSS H31/27/23LoogieASSS Hash at Camp Mohican 7PM20Not sure what went on but a lot of drinking to highlight the evening.
21941/28/23Cocksprey & KojakINTERHASH; Camp Mohican32So there we were, in the middle of deepest darkest New Jersey, gathering together in a dimly lit cabin, playing power hour and generally having fun as it was time for the grand extravaganza 2023 Summit Interhash: The MASSSquerade Ball to begin. Hounds appeared out of the darkness on Friday night to partake in an epic Bimbo trail, set by Loogie, which involved shiggy, road and trail all within a rather long stones throw of the cabins. Invigorated by the light exercise and with a new thirst to be quenched by adult beverages, it was time for the chili cook off and drinking games…. 9 entries into the chili cook off were all excellent, but unfortunately there was to be only one winner and it was LumberJackOff’s brother! Much consternation was had about this amazing mind trick from LumberJackOff and so we moved swiftly onto the next drinking part of the evening - games! Masterfully masterminded by Tree Rex, the hounds drank and drank whilst playing Jenga, 3 man and beer pong. DFLmet made an appearance, Super Spreader rolled out the gin cocktails and a long evening of games was had. Saturday morning arrived and the hounds were raring to go after having a wonderful long nights sleep in the cozy cabins and soon a quorum of beer yoga enthusiasts was established and Sassy Lassy proceeded to ensure that the participants stretched and balanced, whilst the non-participants marveled at the stretching and balancing being so brilliantly demonstrated by their fellow hashers. Unbeknownst to all in the cabin, Kojak was out mountaineering and setting the main hash trail whilst we were all distracted… The Saturday only hounds started to arrive and much anticipation was in the air when the hare returned to the cabins just as the lunch subs arrived (perfect timing!) Onto mountaineering 101 from Kojak - a twisty and technical start to trail was followed by a 500+ foot climb up onto the ridge and one of the best J checks ever was there for DNR, as the pack was strung out based on various climbing paces. Luckily Massengil volunteered to be DFL and DNR had only run down most of the hill…. After trail was a grand dinner feast of butternut squash and bacon soup, side salad, roast Turkey, roast ham, baked potatoes, stuffing, gravy and corn. This was all preceded by a boisterous and tuneful circle that was led by Mr RA Luke Fairy. More games - Jeopardy by Seacaucless and then onto the NoTalent show which had a great number of participants who were all enthusiastically recognized for getting up there and (not) embarrassing themselves. Cue the Massquerade Ball - plenty of hounds dressed up and much joviality was had dancing and drinking the night away. And then there was the Fat Boy trail hared by Hi On Pot - a tricky trail around the two cabins! Then I had to go and get the weekly shopping done, so those hounds who had lunch can share any details if they care to.On-On to the next one!! BSFriday night a brief run-Loogie as Hare, games and a Chili cookoff contest -won by Lumber (thanks to his brother). A nice turnout of 32 hashers at Mohican Outdoor Ctr (6th time we used it) greeted us Saturday noon by 6ft sub sandwiches, 2 kegs & lots of booze. The chicken trail, at 1PM, was an out to start and back (.8 mile), while the Eagle/Super Eagle ran east and on up the the firetower and then ran the AT back to start. The Eagle cut off down back to the start, then on in. Hare- Kojak Moment. Maybe a 6 + mile SE/5.5 Eagle. 5 PM dinner at the center included circle & many songs. Welcome back Wet Spot for a visit from St Louis, Upper cunt from Harrisburg, HIZM/Sprinkles from Princeton. Post dinner was Hash Jeopardy by Sox, then a brief break and then a few short skits/jokes highlighted by Seoul Brudda's Southern twin's twist on SH3 names. Then at 9PM the Massqerade Ball (essentially nonstop dancing along with drinking games. At midnight whoever survived that far did some version of a naked run. Sunday, a quieter finish to the weekend with Fat Boy Loop around the cabins. Hare- High On Pot
21951/29/23High on PotFat Boy Trail25Those left slowly gathered for some coffee and breakfast & by 10 ready for the 75 yard Fatboy trail, then cleanup & out by ~11.
21962/4/23Tasty Bush's 69th BDay Start & on in at 35 Clark St Cranford19 Start & on in at 35 Clark St CranfordA frosty 19 degrees as 16 assembled on Tasty's driveway for chalk talk. Off we went w/ special directions for T=Turkey/S=Short/L=Long & SC=Shot Check. A fun, mostly dirt trail for the L team & after 2 miles we met S at a train underpass for some hot Muld wine, etc. Then the T went towards home (~1 mile) & the Eagles went almost 2 miles east (well past the GSP), took 2 lefts & more than a mile towards home on an abandon train line (with the SC), followed by another mile to home. A backyard circle (with a heater & fire pit) kept the circle going. Loogie did the RA honors with a celebration of the hare's 69th B-day (he's now caught Secaucless). Finally then inside to warm up to Mrs BitoffHiscock's 3 chili's, macn cheese & a 3 ft sub & you can't forget the homemade cake & pie. A fun but "Chili" one.
21972802/7/23Auto EroticaColonial Park, 156 Mettlers Rd, Somerset/Franklin Twp10Full Snow MoonStage House Tavern 1719 Amwell Rd, Somerset, NJA pleasant evening in mid 40's (though cloudy, so no moon), as we assembled at the Gazebo in Colonial Park with Hot Toddy's & bagels as a prelube (& lateer beer check). The trail was beautiful, along the park perimeter, then through very nice trail, the the C/E split taking the Eagles alongside a few Spooky Brook golf holes near the ponds, o join up with the chicken on back to the start for a BC after about 2 miles. The hare went easy on us & swore the Eagle would only be 5 miles. The second loop was mostly an all Eagle trail through some newly opeed horse trails, leading to the D&R canal trail heading northeast to the next exit about a mile up & then back to the start. Heavens, it was just over 5 miles. One of the nicest trails in recent memory. Down Downs ensued & then on to the Stage House for some food.
21982/11/23Super Spreader's & Co hare-Big SurpriseSuper Spreader's 26th Birthday Hash, Brightwood Park, 1175 Prospect St. Westfield, NJ302655 Crest Lane, Scotch PlainsOn a beautiful 50 degree day, 30 assembled at this small parking lot (also named "Taylor Park we saw). Half the pack went off as chickens out of the park while the other half the opposite way, around the pond on trails, as Eagles. Shortly thereafter on long road stretch the joined up pack were greeted by a carside beer chug, then a C/E split that kept both packs aprt until the Beer check at Wranglers House. Hot tub in order (at least for the 2 Wranglers), we were greeted with steamed dumplings, chips, beer and glug. After maybe a 35 minute stop, all headed back a mile more to the start. Cocksprey & loogie performed the RA duties, then on back to Super Spreaders for an On On
21992/18/23Cheeky BastardWet Ticket Brewing, 1435 Main Street in Rahway33There is a parking garage across Main St. Expect multiple C-E splits, and a beer check. Also encourage folks to bring a change of shoes/socks, as it is supposed to rain Thursday and Friday.
Wet Ticket Brewing, 1435 Main Street in Rahway
Excited to see a dozen NYCH3'rs training in from the city, we had a nice prelewb at Wet Ticket, stepped outside for chalk talk & 33 of us proceeded to follow trail, but wait! We were all over the map by the first check. After about 25 minutes small groups figured it out & the stretched out pack went on its merry way. The front chargers (mostly city hashers plus Two Timer) blew through a stream crossing & never saw the next C/E split. Secaucless, WAC & a few others didn't do much better as Sox fount the trail thru the tunnel, only to also go straight (onto flour I might add) instead of a sharp right which led to a second C/E split. That Eagle added a few extra miles around the Rahway State prison whereas the chickens (& all potential FRB's) arrived at the unsupported beer check (very near the finish) after about 5 miles. Eventually everyone came in & Loogie & What a C*nt performed circle duties (& singing). A fun afternoon.
22002/25/23Deranged & Secaucless"50? Fuck It!" Pre-Birthday Hash; The Calais School, 45 Highland Ave, Whippany22Double Tap Brewery, then Zagurski's20 assembled at the back of a private school & quickly sent out on a rompof school property and adjacent trails to keep the pack close, but then it spread out in the next mile to be caught up again by a C/E split and then a check at the Metlife Building. Then strung out again going into Whippany HS property, only to catch up again (C&E') at the HS fence where we had to get over by climbing pallettes. Breaststroke called this Appelling. Then the C's headed .5mi to the BC, while the Eagles headed into Heritage park & a long Back check that kept the Eagles together going into the beer check. All were there but a) Walkers who decided to forego the Beer check (in th woods) to heading back to the cars (1 mile away), b) the chickens, some of which wanted a head start back to the cars & c) apparently someone whowas Miscast on their own trail / never to be seen since the start??? Upon conclusion ofth beer check, all headed back and arrived to find Lumber & Dogmeat (non runners) waiting and those early BC departees (Bleu and SB) just coming in becuse they failed to take beer check instructions on the shortest true trail back to the start. Post circle (which Miscast never made) we headed to the very very busy Double Tap brewery, had a tasting ther for 30 minutes, that gave way to Zagurski's for food and Superspreders Cake for the 50 year old hare. Nice day (other than parking, missing Miscast & a heavy padding of the Zag's bill ($568, which we fought & had lowered to $350).
22013/4/23Super Spreader's & Co hare-Big Surprise SequelSheppard Kollack Park, Chatham23The Office, SummitA little drizzle + the previous nights rain made the off road portions a little wet but a nice trail- first through the trails along the Passaic, then near the RR underpass a C/E split with the eagles heading west towards the Cemetary on Fairmount ave (but not quite), then a loop back to town via Washington Ave, then Main and down E Coleman Ave which led us off road to a pond for the beer check. Then back through streets leading to the "Minnisink Club", over a stream and on in on University Ave/Parrot Mill Rd.
22022813/7/23Park N RideRaritan Landing Golf course, 491 Sidney Rd, Piscataway5Full Worm MoonGabriele's, PiscatawayOn a very cold but clear night, with the full moon looking over us, our hare gave us the most convoluted instructions- that went way beyone a hlf-a-minds comprehension & attention span level. We did not understand anything he said and so the hare came along with us. Critical since we missed mark after mark (even if only 150 yards between them. Onto the park grounds across the street from the GC, we shortly came upon a green glow light. The instructions then were to pitch a "glow in the dark" golf ball to a red glow stick 50 yards away. We all did poorly. The hare won the "shot contest" when he declred that the chip shot furthest away won???? Then, being led by the hare we were pointed to a brief set of woods (prickers all over) and over a fence then back out to the fields where we again over ran an arrow and red glow stick (signifying a "shot put beer can test" in the water filled start block. Superspreader won this with beer can toos of over 60 feet. A C/E followed and then the golf course (for just DNR & Sox/ the rest back to the start) and a parked car with light on in the path of to the course which forced us to find nother way in. Many marks were found, scattered on all the paved paths but never more than a few in a row. Covering most ofthe paved paths, we headed on back to the start where the hare enticed us to a glow in the dark putting contest of about 80 feet for $500. No one came near as we couldn't see the hole (& he wasn't going to tell us where it was for $500). Circle and pitchers at Gabrieles. A fun & very different hash.
22033/11/23Tree RexHeddon Park, Randolph20Fort Nonsense BreweryA clever short but fun trail on a cold cloudy winter afternoon. The Eagles had it good (after chalk talk revealed there would be songs checks on the run). We encountered 3 (2 before beer check). And not to be outdone by those checks, the hares planted 5 J checks. And although the trail was only a mile (mostly climbing up & down woods sans trails) to the BC, the song & J checks kept the Eagles together. After the BC, the Eagles hit one more songcheck, 2 more J checks (right after each other) and then most of us headed out on the very long ABJ. Lumber & Luke hid behind the bushes until most Eagles came into view. Beaver was gone before we started I think. The dastardly deed was initiated by Seoul Brudda when upon a check just before the long ABJ (which he had already returned from), the Eagles came into view. He simply told us which way to go, avoiding any mention of it being an ABJ. He paid for that sin in circle. Post circle & having a Bday cake for the virgin hare (at least in this state), 8 of us headed to the Ft Nonsense brewery for some good beer choices, some cake & a drinking game led by TreeRex. Fun time.
22043/18/23BleuSt Patrick Day's Hare of the Leprechaun; Shillelagh Club; 648 Prospect Ave, West Orange NJ 0705229Loogies writeup (volunteered) never happened. So-29 assembled for this St Patty's day special hosted by Bleu at the Shillelagh club parking lot. With clear instructions on a chicken and Eagle trail, then we all were off- first looping around the SH fields in back, then a C/E split. About 25 yards into the Eagle, our FRB's spy marks to the left, through brush, that bring us quickly back to the Chicken trail and "On In" in just 1 mile. The hare was perplexed. What could have gone wrong? No one knew, so those eager FRB's reran trail, this time also finding marks to the right, where they had previously found marks left. This took them down hill, onto a street with a check & on right to a .75 mile ABJ. On back to that check and going left we found trail back up to the woods and back onto the first trail we had been on, then On In for and Eagle total of 3 miles. Circle followed in the lot, after which the hare headed home and most of us into the "club" for a good Guiness and fine burgers. A nice day for a short run.
22053/25/232 TimerMeisel Ave Park, Springfield - Just Another Shitty Trail in Springfield17A nice day with two hares (DNR's first set) & we went off on an historical trip around Springfield.Heading out to Meisel Ave, the Eagles then headed up Shunpike Rd & over I-78, then back under 78 with a quicl loop back under 78 again, then onto Baltusrol Ave to the Beer check wher we met the C's in Denham Park. A couple of loops laterand the Eagles headed in on the abandon rr right of way. A good circle & then on on to the Stage House on Rt 22. Although we traversed 3 cemetary's we mostly missed the histircal references due to our swift speed.
22064/1/23Park N Ride18 John Field Ct, Piscataway, Hare's house19Hare's houseWhat was predicted to be an entire washout day, even though 70 degrees, turned out to be a beautiful day between the hours of 2PM and 7PM- perfect for hashing. That did not prevent the Hare from putting in 18 hours of setting, and restting to prevent a potential washout. But wait! 3 different trails C, E & SE (expected to be 10 miles-it was). No idea what the C & E's did but they were in by 4:45, while the SE's ran ~ 5 miles S on the D&R canal trail, then across the rt 18 bridge, up & around the Rutgers stadium complex, then back near or along the Raritan River. 1st BC was just before the Landing La bridge (unmanned) while the 2nd was on the dirt road near Hanson Ave & River Rd. So far so good. That's where the SE's caught up with 2 on the Eagle trail & then the 5 of us suffered through the"Pricker" section leading towards the finish- the last 1/4 mile being the worst. Lots of blood. SE's came in an hour after the other packs, missed Cocksprays abbreviated circle and so resumed the circle (No Gen as acting RA). No pictures as many starts and circles but 19 of us attended & had a great feast at the hares house. Thanks PnR.
22072824/5/23Douche BragConvent Station, Gazebo20Full Pink MoonTavern Off the GreenOn a slightly misty night, 19 of us gathered for a gentle run from the Gazebo near St E's where just 24 hours previous a shut down of all Madison schools and College Campuses with an alert about an "active shooter" Fortunately nothing came of it & we were off for a pleasant run down Railroad ave, then Punchbowl to Canfield rd & a brief off road trail before roads down to the Ginty pool, south street & into Loantaka trails back to Woodland & a beer check at Secaucless' house-joined by Dogmeat. Visitors saw Intravenus in cast recoering from a broken foot. Than on back up Fox Hollow to the finish. A quick circle and 8 of us over to Tavern off the green (TOG) where musicians were lined up to play through the night. A really nice time.
22084/8/23SecauclessHughForce Canal, Wharton. HashaversaryKnotty Pine PubA nice but cool day as 25 assembled for the hare's 38th Anniversary of his first Hash (LAH3- with an Easter Egg hunt), instructions were only that there were 18 Eggs on trail, 100% off road trail & to only pick up one Egg per person. 3 C/E splits- The Eagle 4 miles, the Chicken 3- Along the canal path, then up the power line & into new trails with intersection markers. All arrived at the beer check in a tight time period (in the woods); then the last C/E followed (plus an ABJ) & everyone on in before 5. Luke ran circle & welcomed Comfy, Suck em Up (& daughter Lydia) & Deer Bitch (just back from Japan). Added to circle, each Egg had a number & inside each Egg was a riddle. Each Egg owner read out the riddle and whoever guessed the answer got a colorful shot of Malloort (thanks Tree Rex) or if not answered then given to the Egg owner. Lydia somehow took in the most followed by her father. No telling if they could drive later? The On On at Knotty Pine Pub where we ordered pitchers, food and played some mean "number drinking games" throughout dinner. Lots of fun.
22094/15/232 Timer4/15 Two Timers 2nd Ever Tax Revolt, Pyramid Mountain, 1 Mars Court, Boonton18Sharkey's, 108 Boonton Ave, BoontonThreatening skies held off until circle was finish in a cloudy but 80 degree April day. Special marks (CR=Return Chicken) and green flour= a J check for either booze of a $5 bill were throught the most hilly hash we've seen in years. This 100% off road hash wound around and up to an abandon stone building serving as the beer check (with quite a view nearby (we could see NYC in the distance. The special checks kept us close to each other so no one was waylayed very long. The usual circle with Dogmeat, Highway Whore and Clitty pulling up just in time to see the entire circle. 8 went to Sharkeys afterwards (it poured as we left circle). A Well layed but very tough 4.5 miler.
22104/22/23LoogieBoogie With Loogie - Overflow lot on Cherry Lane near Turtle Back Zoo31Rancho Sassy LassyBeautiful day for a 7.5 miler. As 30 of us assembled at the overflow lot on Cherry lane. We were given instructions (on a small piece of slate) as our hare mentioned C, E, SE and MASSSE trails. The chickens went west while the Eagles crossed the street and headed (on trails) towards Turtle Back Zoo. Then a quick 180 and west on trails that eventually led to S Orange Ave. A small group short cut this, got way ahead until the Tulip Springs J check, then what followed was the SE and MASSE after going through the tunnel (think river) and on up to the waterfall and those steps. BC was along Cherry lane where B Organ and Sox had shortcut and found the "in trail" and beat the SE and MASSE group to the BC. It was more than 5 miles for the SE/MASSE packs. A long but enjoyable BC, (with a moveable J check - thanks Tree Rex, sorry Prairie Dog) and then all packs back in (another 2 miles). We then all met up at Rancho Sassy Lassy for burgers and a rousing circle. Fun was definitely had by all. Suck Em Up and son Lloyd sang some good songs. Cheerio.
22114/29/23PD & GIRvmson Summit Joint Hash27Liberty TavernIt was a cold and rainy day my friend. Attended by maybe 20 Summit folks and maybe two south of the Bridge Rumson folks and another five of the Bi-Hashers, that is members of both hashes. It was organized and trail set by PD an G.I. The Beer Check was in PD's garage. THE CHAPLAIN Auto-Hashed. Apre at the Liberty Tavern. All of the usual hash songs and circles were performed with enthusiasm by the Summit hashers.. All activities were indoors; really missed the deck.Many pictures were taken, but none shared. Good Time. - The Chaplain.
Dogmeat/Massengil/Seoul Brudda
AGM Chimney Rock Park, 742 Chimney Rock Road, Martinsville (back lot)
26Full Flower MoonMartinsville TavernA really nice trail (simplified w/ 2 C/E splits) kept the pack together over 3.5 miles (E) & like a clock, all were off at 7PM and all were in by 8PM. The circle went until 8:30, then 22 of us went to enjoy a nice evening at the Martinsville Tavern. They treated us well & finally, after 23 years, mismanagement has changed (first time since 2017). Awards for outgoing mgmt, incoming mgmt & also those that laid the 3 most runs were honored with an engraved glass. Trail was well laid & the event was top class. Thanks Dogmeat, Seoul Brudda & Massengil for all your work over these non AGM years. New Mgmt is 1-GM=Massengil; 2- RA=Big Suprise & 3-Trailmaster = Super Spreader.
22135/6/23Dr OWatchung Stables, 1160 Summit Ln, Mountainside, NJ 0709218ON After: Chrones, downtown MountainsideWow. A perfect day, but a surprise co-hare (Cheeky). And they set separate parts! Oh, does that mean they worked this out or else are we doomed to 2 runs in one afternoon? Well, the latter. The promised virgin territory (not virgin horses) which proved untrue (as we all know the reservation & its trails too well), so then what- true virgin off trail? Yep. A described "very wet" option "D" (for Duck) let those that went on the 4th C/E split option, where D offered something else- it went up a severe ravine holding a stream. Turns out, you could keep your feet dry but it took expert balance to do so for about .25 miles. Then what- reverse direction, heading up (believe it or not) to the deserted village (which we ran just last weekend) and then east to a beer check after just 6 miles (but who's counting)? Another 2 miles and then we were in. Circle (near the manure pile) kept our noses alert, yet we eased into a comfortable circle of the usual accusations (including Miscast becomming a Grandpapa). Then on in to Chrones (for those that went). Good but long trail on a beautiful 70 degree sunny day.
22145/13/23Rear End Wrangler & Great Sex 60th Bday HashDeutscher Club; 787 Featherbed Ln, Clark, NJ 0706634Deutscher Club, ClarkA good 5 miler, this was. Weather was great, trails were sometimes muddy (mostly along the Raritan River). There was one C/E split for our 25 assembled hashers and darned if after 4,25 miles (for the Eagles to the BC) if no chickens were there yet? And the Eagle was probably 2 more miles than the Chicken? Huh? I'm told that circle was quick a) because we had to leave by 5 and b) because we were due at the Deutscher club by 5:30. Nevertheless SoS was acting RA, so quick circle. Many more hashers (Flower Power Spluge & Whoreshack), as they set up for the Gypsy Funk band to play then lots of non-runners there like GI, Bleu, Keyhole, Dogmeat, Sweetpee, Deer B, Just Kim... and great hors d'oeuvres like bacon wrapped scallops and lamb chops. We played twister drinking German beer and watched the Gypsy Funk Squad. Great spot for an outdoor event!
22155/20/23Breaststroke & SecauclessBlack Brook Park, WhippanyCapital Grille (near Costco (E Hanover) as Zagurski's doesn't want us.11Capital Craft, East HanoverA nice quiet but drizzly day, just perfect for a small basic run while Como gets the real rain. This B to A headed in 2 cars to Troy Rd near E Hanover/ Ridgedale ave to Patrios Path trailhead. We set the Eagles off there (and put SB on a chicken .5 miles closer to the Beer check). An all grass trail to the BC (1.8 miles in), the pack had to negotiate a snappping turtle burying eggs, 2 dead possum babies, a baby snake & other ends not mentioned. BC on the grass trail, then the chickens in (.6 miles to finish), Eagles 2.2 miles more. Circle by visting SFMH3 RA Big Surprise, then on in to Capital Craft. A nice cozy hash.
22165/27/23Deer Bitch & WranglerRedd's Biergarten, 220 Market Street, 37 Edison Place, Newark, NJ 0710236Redd's Biergarten, 220 Market Street, 37 Edison Place, Newark, NJ 07102What an interesting Hash. First, we assembled 10 of us taking NJ transit from 8 stops to Newark Broad St. Besides the 2 hares, only 4 other regulars attended. But wait, The Bimbo Harriettes from all over came in. 20 Female Hashers from all over the US and Canada (Florida/PA/VA/DC/ONT/etc). They were on there way to a weeks cruise to Nova Scotia & back from NY. Another 25 Harriettes to join them tomorrow. Great (& very suggestive names). Here's a sample- Bilbos Dildo;F*ck myself; Frito Lay; I Cunt Dive 55; Orange is the new Snatch; Late Nite drive thru;Off to see the Whizzer; Sir Cum Scriber; Jello Jigglers; Free Cuntum; Hand to Hand Cumbat; Starship in her Thighs. Circle led by Big Surprise where the visitors taught us some new songs/lyrics. Good beer and food flowed at the Biergarten.
22172846/2/23CockspreyPre-Lube to AGM-Westfield Train Station#284; 6/02; Full Strawberry Moon
22196/12/23Bloody Pads
6/17/23NYCH3's 2000th Run
22206/19/23The Sox & Seoul BrothersPassaic Run #36
2221Lunes in June; 3-Day Outstation; 6/23 - 6/256/23 - 25Bleu & LumberBears Den Trail Center, 18393 Blueridge Mountain Rd, Bluemont, VA; (Sept 23 - 25) No run on the Friday, just party timeVirginia Outstation
22236/26/23Super Spreader3rd Annual School's Out for Summer Hash
22242857/3/23Auto Erotica#285; 7/03; Full Buck Moon
22257/10/23Big Surprise Birthday Hash
22267/17/23No GenNo Gen's B-day trail
22292868/5/23Idol SnatchLong ValleySturgeon Moon
22338/28/23Bleu's Pool HashFlorham Park
2234#287; 8/30; Full Blue Moon8/29/23No Gen
2235Laborious Day Hash9/4/23SOSLaborious Day Hash
2236Downtown Fiasco9/9/23Massengil
22379/16/23Sassy Lassy
2239#288; 9/29; Full Harvest Moon9/28/23Super Spreader
2240SOS Turns 509/30/23SOS
224210/14/23Secaucless' 70th B-Day hash
Hare(s)LocationNotesDate - (rough estimation)Grand Master ---Son Of Seoul
= No longer?= Current we think?Joint Masters Kojack & Cockspray
Douche BragNomahegan Park, CranfordNew Year's Day HashNew Year's DayReligious Adviser ---Luke Fairy
Cereal KillerSoft Porn HashWeekend before Superbowlexcept in '23 as Boy Scouts takes precedentJoint Masters Kojack & Cockspray
KojakMardi GrASSSMarchTrail Master ---Bleu My Meat