Ten Foot Polemic Campaign Books
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225Rand ->The Rogue Planet NibiruA rogue planet on a collision course with our own, will always impact our planet in ONE YEAR! Year changes every time books consulted due to a series of graphs, posits also as an aside that there's an asteroid belt created by the detonation of a previous planet beyond Mars
100#100The Beast in the Core of the Earth is the WorldShub'Niggurath. The World Eater. The Spore.
101#101The Halfling EmpireRuled Europe mainly, forced many extreme-living people (Bedouins, Inuits, jungle tribes, etc) out, countermanded by Jesus, Halfling Genocides enacted by Roman Theocracy
102#102Duvan'KuAncient horror, doomed and unholy, terror from beyond (but human), hate, lies, terror, really no reason to be other than being super evil, but at least keep old Shubby-Wubby underground, a noble goal corrupted absolutely
103#103The Fated KingSoul-congeries from William the Conqueror on, crown absorbs into mental web, getting shakier and dangerous as more enter, stronger consciousness can change whole mind, every death requires a new mind often the son but sometimes others, all this unknown
104#104The Drudge WastesFormed from constant pollution, spires and pyramids broken by various means and the Goblins haven't got the knowledge to fix, covered in all sorts of scum and mutants, ratmen enjoying the radiation really, rivers block so nbd for now
105#105Goblins of DrudgesparConstantly rising city of strangeness building up as pollution increases, walls barely holding back sludge, upper goblin classes live in balloons and such, big on the ol' pig balloons, drop buddies from above and for scouting
106#106The Nature of ElvesHalf-breeds of the actual Eld originals, twenty different types mapping to the starting spells, crazy chaos monsters with faces of men, powerful in the new moon, dance in moonlight, allergic to iron
107#107The Nature of DwarvesObsessive capitalistic boulder people, stern and taciturn and all the rest, scottish accents or rarely australian, creatures of earth, created by their god maybe, perhaps sprung from the earth fully formed, in any case first race, once ruled the world now jealously guard beneath
108#108The Twinned CitiesEdge & Dwarrow, cities upon each other, Edge now overrun by demons (fuck!), incursions from Dwarrow, occasional interventions from Breach, Termaxians all over the place of course for it is clearly the end of the world
109#109The Apocalypse DragonsFive dragons, ancient, destroyers of world, on timelines greater than civilisations, every dragon an extinction event, runes powered from their ancient souls, true defeat possibly impossible
110#110The Nature of DemonsSin-spawn, embody virtue yet beget sin, from the roiling chaos of the dimension between, template on anything in our reality, intelligence possible - demons & devils in classic dnd
111#111Ninhursag, Clathrate DragonGreen - Poison, Goal - Destruction of All Cellular Life, Rock, Size, Plants, Magma, Crystal
112#112The Red Elves of MarsThe Eld, met by the Dwarfs in ancient ages during martian exploration, pureblooded elves, mars is dead and mined of all it had, the Eld exploit, are a better race than us and know it, will exploit all and consider us less than all
113#113The Orbiting SteelSentinals/Gods, eight orbit the Earth, the ninth fell, dungeon-satellites with a god at the core, fucking awesome science fantasy shit going down, all themed after their god's domain, get to centre and kill got to obtain true ultimate powers.
114#114Origins of NonanismNine Gods, Jesus Saves Mankind, Schism when the East Unorthodox came up with alignments, Ennean Pope, Schism when Martin Luther translates the Bible to the vernacular, wars and wars and wars
115#115Terms TermaxTermaxian Messiah, sought meaning of life, wrested power from the gods themselves, became Maximum Godhead Hyper Jesus, descended into Dwimmermount, Dwimmermount is the Holy Mountain with the rocket in it, party hard!
116#116Ur-Darghab, City of the DeepsStone Lore, eat gems, targeted by people, fear the sun and don't let it touch them, bury all bodies
117#117Ur-Barakh, City by the UnderseaBeard Lore, sikh turbans and beard rings, soak in milk every day, leave beard end in drink, taciturn and rarely speak to strangers even then, carry eyebrow hairs in bundles
118#118Ur-Kalladh, City of HallsForge Lore, awesome weapons like what, bundled up in cloth and they unwrap them slowly during tense discussions, liable to extreme violence if they see a weapon unsheathed
119#119DwimmermountMountain of the ancients, now unsealed to the world, overrun by spider so stay the fuck away, back entrance if you know where to look, Dwarfs within strange and uncertain, primary if not only source of Azoth, connected to the stars, romans invaded and created Nonanism
120#120Fortress-City FateBuilt to withstand massive undead assault, primary fortress of Loegria, beneath is the Brass Hell - a machine older than any that live, I assume Fated King made it but perhaps a big ol' pump/water supply/motor/etc for some dark race beneath (makes sense)
121#121The World of the LostIn darkest Africa is a plateau upon which something crashed long ago, it is timeless and feeds upon gold and silver, great riches could be yours in those strange lands
122#122Yoon-SuinThe Yellow City, opulent slug people, ancient castes, opium and knowledge and tea, fantastical un-India
123#123Far QelongThe ignored, hurting side-war of actual fantasy fucking vietnam. Ravaged cambodia. Old rivers choked with snakes. Dead-eyed orphans. A future destroyed. Powerful magics. Strange radiation. Monks. Lotus. A foreign land.
124#124The Forest of MoondinOnce non-magical, now the Wall has fallen and all is coming to life, wood-masked Elves, mould creatures, addiction long-overtaken, points of light in a world full of inhuman life, Shub-Niggurath at the core
125#125The Barding WallA bastion against demonic incursion, a place of safety in case of a wizard threat, an anti-magic field to prevent the close coils of Shub-Niggurath being drawn further in, it was all these and more. The energy-harvesting dam is gone now and the wall is failing. The demons having breached. Knowledge of how to fix long-gone but maybe still in strange books. Good luck.
126#126Misted CymryWales, rain, untrammeled wilderness, goblins and elves and the sad savage sheep-men who are (rudely) implied to be the result of men and sheep interbreeding, a red "dragon" that is truly something else
127#127Mt Death-FrostEnormous dark mountain, snow-capped, a ziggurat weathered over millenia to form a mountain, seat of the Dead Cult of Duvan'Ku, infested with the Dead, a dark fortress well defended
128#128The Roman TheocracyArisen from the shattered nightmare of the fallen Halfling Empire, overrun with horrific beasts from far and wide, Halfling genocides, God on their side, a holy army of warriors destroying all before them, freeing slaves and retaking the slave-wrought works built by human hands at Halfling behest. A dark time to be alive, but Humans survive.
129#129The Shame of DwarvesHints at a great Dwarf Shame, the name Mar-Rune - a fallen Dwarf hero who ruined his people, the location of more information (Hammers of the God), decline of the Old Miner - upside-down hammer - now Dwarf Satan, a grudge against themselves
130#130The Nature of MagicMagic torn from a place of pure Chaos, a warping of reality to suit dangerous whims, unsafe and unnatural, turns realities into more of itself by eroding it, neighbouring realities have already been consumed and their deaths leak through into ours to fuel magician's energies
131#131The Common PeopleThe common man of southern Loegria and the myriad threats getting in the way of their squalid lives, latent jealousy and envy of the people of Fate, rebuilding after the Dead Peace is difficult and barely worthwhile, simmering need for help and distrust of authority and faith and despair and all sorts of mixed feelings about everything
132#132Wartorn FranceWeakened Loegria has meant that the power balance between Denialists and Nonanists has already blown out into brutal war, huge armies of pike & shot, and millions of deaths, proxy war by other powers, actually mostly a straight up mundane war of brutal force
133#133Jersey & GuernseyIslands functionally separate to both Loegria AND France, neutral powers but also the home to pirates especially the WITCH PIRATE who patrols the waters stealing shit and being a real arsehole, a drug called Tawil comes from here
134#134Gunpowder & FirearmsAll sorts of historical knowledge about this powerful technology
135#135PoisonCategories of poison, types, how to create it from various places and also how to administer, recipes for antidotes, all sorts of useful stuff
136#136Immortal WizardsInformation on immortal wizards and their ways, unconcerned with the wider world but constantly scheming against each other, a ritual requiring the murder of your firstborn, fake true names, obnoxious magic items, crazy old men and rarely women
137#137The MouldA narcotic drug disease, turns you into a mould man, delay by a day for every infected person, feels super great, gives you advantages as it strips your mind, resurges in the forest every century or so
138#138Ratmen of the UnderworldSkulking scurrying vermin teeming in the vile depths, enemy of all creatures but beloved by rats, strong long tails, good swimming and climbing, form clans of likeminded ratfolk and scheme for the top, basically skaven, brassy magicy unstable technology
139#139The Holy Roman EmpireA fairly loose hegemony of powers under the Holy Roman Emperor, the Reformation began here and hit hard, media revolution due to printing press and pamphlets and growing literacy, split into a bunch of different powers along claimed religious lines, watching the wars in France with a large degree of awe
140#140Red VoivodjaAlice in Wonderland meets Transylvania, a long slow war between vampire royalty across a giant broken chessboard, avoided by all for good reason let's be honest
141#141The Frozen NorthA white world of barbarians and bears and mammoths and endless ice, strange beasts, eskimos, cruel white elves, crashed steel meteors, and probably a big fucking chaos gate right in the middle.
142#142Savage CaledoniaA people who never let the Halflings in, warring clans in mountains hate soft-bellied southerners more than anything, big fuckoff weapons and kilts and woad, longstanding war with Loegria actually maybe abating due to King's conversion to Denialism and also lack of money for continued border war
143#143Verdant VenusA swampy rainy marsh world of rainforests, lizard people, huge insects, and cloying heat. A fantastical over-Amazon without the Aztec angle. Space ships with no fuel overgrown by undergrowth. Space alien tech taken by smart savages and used for their own ends, also the Predator lives here.
144#144The Iounians of the MoonInsectoid creatures living beneath the surface of the mined-out moon, craters are from mining for Azoth, hatred of earth life, moon-apes also, robotic men do the insectoid's bidding, lots of worms up here for some reason, Light Side governed by Law and Dark Side by Chaos, no atmosphere so you need a space suit or something
145#145Azoth & AetherAzoth is the liquid form of Aether, Aether being the substance that makes up the space between the stars, Azoth accretes on planets as they form but its distinct lack of existence on Earth points to it having been mined out in ages long past, it may be possible to draw Azoth down onto a planet by tricking it into thinking a planet is forming but such technology is far beyond anything available
146#146Refined AzothAzoth can be used to create several substances - Panchrest (the panacea), Sovereign Glue (ultimate glue), Universal Solvent (ultimate solvent), Alkahest (super-acid), and several uses - magic research, spell retain, alchemical transformation, and (some say) immortality. Refining Azoth requires a refinery, though none exist on Earth save in perhaps Dwimmermount
147#147JesusThe First Cleric and commander of his twelve Warrior-Disciples, wielded the powers of Gods, an underground insurgency drawing all free-willed humans into itself in a concerted series of raids, failure meant mind control, betrayed by Judas who sold him out for silver, killed by Scaphism.
148#148The Maze of the Blue MedusaA maze accessed by art, a prison that locks away a medusa and three perfect sisters, divorced from space and time, more I can't tell really because Tom's probably going to run it at some point and I don't want to ruin it!
149#149The Ninefold CathedralThe Vatican, endless corridors enscribed with names of aspects of the Nine, each categorised by the deity they are an aspect of, endless tunneling to add more, runners with savant memories and chisels, lots of strange shit down there especially artifacts of god-aspects liberated from foreign climes and dedicated to them under the cathedral, Ennean Pope rules all from on high
150#150The Runic Wars3rd century BC, Rune Magic stamped out by Halflings, sealed into a great crystal, without ability to use them the knowledge fades amongst dwarfs
151#151Grim CarcosaAntarctica, a horrid beast corrupts from mountain it lives within, dimensionally out of phase - magic works wrong (all casters count as sorcerors for duration of stay, even clerics), a shard of unreality poking into our world, many colours of man, strange rituals, and amongst it an awful city of tragic nightmare
152#152The Nature of UndeathSouls drawn from the conscious nothingness of death, mad desperation to remain in the world despite the pain and torment, driven mad by black eternity, anything is better than to return, remember the shape of their old life and their new body is not much like it, mismatch of soul and body drives to greater fury, memories burn away in the fire, knowledge of the beyond grants rage against an unjust world that would deny them heaven, hell would be better than the void
153#153The Nature of Pre-BirthCalm white nothingness in the Chamber of Guf, soft and warm, a realm of nascent bubbling psuedosouls in eternal contentment, but ripped from peace by fools and thrust into a mad world, every life born leaves heaven never to return, every stillbirth the rebellion of a stronger being preventing itself from being wrenched angrily into our reality
154#154The Nature of DeathSoul departs body into the realm of death, consciousness continues devoid of inputs, solitary confinement of the mind, madness follows eventually, the sound of the realm of death and you can hear eternal babbling and yelling and screaming, an eternity of silence, tulpa creation almost inevitable yet they are swiftly snatched away into the Chamber of Guf
155#155Four-Dimensional Psuedo-SpaceThe chaos space wherein all realities froth and boil amongst the quantum foam, each infinitely large but curved, frothing bubbles effervescing against the encroaching void, froth seeps in from the sides always trying to pop the reality and overcome it with chaos
156#156The Nature of HeavenHeaven is within the bodies of the gods, too pure with Law to allow the ingress of even a single human soul, denizens are perfect Lawful beings created by heaven to bring about a world frozen in the quantum foam and immune from the depredations of Chaos, the pursuit of perfection
157#157The DamThe Dam was built millenia ago by unknown Builders to power the anti-magic field of the Wall, also to power stranger structures beneath Loegria to contain and harvest Shub-Niggurath, guarded by immortal Turbine Golems who maintained it, the Dam is broken now, it was the Builders who wrenched the Deeprush into existence, and the Builders who created the machinery beneath Drudgespar and Fate
158#158The Ottoman EmpireCurrently ruled by Suleiman the Great, the jewel of the east, an unstoppable force of Islam spreading through a divided Europe, lots of stereotypical shit out in the desert like djinns and caves of wonder, professional treasure-seekers fund the empire via these natural caves of greatest riches
159#159The Rule of LawLaw is the enemy of Chaos. Where Chaos tries to subsume reality into the quantum foam of psuedo-space, Law seeks to preserve reality as a perfect chaos-free moment in time, like a sphere of unbreakable glass resisting all chaotic incursion, Law is used by Clerics who have named it Good, the gods are of Law, the power of Law wishes to enter the world as much as Chaos does in its attempts to subsume all into itself
160#160The Beggar-SaintThe Beggar-Saint on his Mendicant Throne rules Edge, eschewing riches and status for these things corrupt, constantly on the verge of starvation and poxes, a new beggar is chosen when he dies, his rule is mostly tradition but he has real power as the leader of Breach, his true purpose is to ensure the barrier between Edge and Dwarrow is maintained, in his beggar's guise he may move freely between cities and witness all
161#161Death & SainthoodOnly the dead may be true saints, evidence of miracles necessary of course, but also good works, and also a miracle-worker who works through you as an aspect of one of the Nine, Denialism of course has no saints
162#162Ancient RomeRome! Built upon the shattered remnants of the Halfling Empire, many died during the Roman Rebellion but the basic principles were there, plus the humans had built most of it, main tasks were to purge the Halflings, eliminate remaining thrall beasts, build anew, spreading out across Europea and freeing the human populace with God at their backs and purpose in their hearts, freed peoples allowed to keep own culture etc as long as they agreed to be part of the Theocracy
163#163GrimheimA city built on cities and ruled by vampires, questions are asked of Tom!
164#164Sarpedon the ShaperA vivimancer obsessed with the sea, his onion-domed tower can still be seen at low tide along the southern shore, exploration difficult if not impossible without eating mermaid eggs, beware of strange marine things within, what became of him is unknown (now goes by Primilla Theratrix and is a Death Knight)
165#165The Grudge DrakeThe continuously-harvested body of the blue Apocalypse Dragon - Mardūk, Superchron Dragon - wings shorn, face covered to harvest lightning breath, machinery more ancient than the goblins who live upon its back covers its body like brass armour, every movement powers something of the machine, once recharged the pyramids and pylons that stand across what is now the Grudge Wastes but pilot console destroyed by goblins, Azoth-infused pollution from abuse of machinery builds up and overflows to become the Drudge Wastes we know now
166#166SlaughtergridsThe immense magical golems used by Halflings in their war against the Dwarfs during the first liberation of the humans, mostly destroyed over time as their azoth-powered cores were sabotaged or intentionally overloaded in the final days, Slaughtergrid the vagina dungeon was intended to overload within the mountain and blow the fuck out of a whole dwarf city but fortunately the dwarfs managed to cave their entire city in on it first, taking it out of action.
167#167The Paths BeneathSpeculation on the long almost-flat railed goods transport systems of the dwarfs, remnants of their old empire before the arrival of the other races to this world, some still in use between active arcologies but most fallen into disrepair and collapsed or reused or integrated into the tunnels of other things that live beneath the world
168#168The Depths of the Worldthings known about the extent of the depths beneath the surface, speculation about the creatures that live there, things that squirm up from the depths, whole empires rising and falling in those dark places far more strange and mighty and meaningful than our paltry surface existence, the changes that affect those who stay beneath
169#169Mushroom Menambulatory fungi that are trying to cultivate a new god, actually men in mushroom suits which gradually overtake them and turn them into a fleshy slurry within, servants of a being called the Murmerer which seeks to grow the god in order to mind-control it and become commander of a real god, yet another werid thing growing under the forest of Moondine
170#170Slumbering Ursine DunesQuasi-Slavic red-sand dune sea, miles tall, somehow always a warmish spring despite the frozen climate around it, home of armoured bear warriors and strange gods and cruel red elves who invade from another reality
171#171Deep OnesAmphibian things from the ocean's depths, a gloating fascination with humanity, loathsome toads from beneath the waves doing the evil bidding of elder evil, eggs become male Deep Ones if allowed to form and grow at a certain depth, female "Mermaids" if eggs eaten by humans to become krillkin. Egg production requires a female to ovipositor a land mammal for reasons biological.
172#172The Shining Army of FateCareer soldiers, fast-tracked rebirth ensures that army keeps its veterans, as such older soldiers highly trained and highly effective but out of touch with reality where death is meaningless, war stories like fighting the corpses of friends they are fighitng besides, ceasefire with the Dead a source of relief and taken as victory, those who've never died before called first-lifers and mocked
173#173The Nature of Angels Angels are heaven's harbingers attempting to bring the universe to its inevitable final perfect moment, inhuman, strange and almost robotic, biblical angels with fucked up powers and forms, destroyers of chaos and enemy of demons
174#174Aether, the Final FrontierThe darkness between the stars, a frictionless substance that fills space, the precursor of Azoth, certain materials can push against this post-gaseous interstellar stuff
175#175Gypsies and Their WaysA nomadic people, blamed for a variety of ills, expulsion of gypsies from Loegria has been attempted with no real effect
176#176Do Jews Exist?The religion of the people that grew up between the First Halfling Empire broken by the Dwarfs, and the Second Halfling Empire broken by Jesus, maintaining their religion, don't believe Jesus was someone particularly special - just a noteworthy Cleric, go by the original Torah, hatred of Dwarfs whose collapsing hegemony abandoned humanity to the Halflings, banned from Loegria since 1290AD
177#177EducationTechnically free, in practice poor families needed their children's labour to survive, vernacular Bible and printing press has lead to rising literacy and books and all sorts, everything very religious
178#178The AmericasA strange new land, jungles, gold, amazing new vegetables, temples, savage religions, blood, chocolate
179#179Vegetables of the New WorldDiverse and strange new foods from a new continent - maize/corn, tomato, potato, vanilla, rubber, cacao, tobacco, avocado, beans, chili, nuts, courgette
180#180Other HistoriesHistories of alternate worlds and times, allegedly gleaned from those reborn multiple times and via communion with beings from other realities
181#181The Gorga TribeA Barbarian tribe from the Frozen North - questions go to Ollie
182#182The Brass HellA vast megadungeon beneath Fate, made up of the innards of the great machine below, maintained by the Engineer Corps, infested by hobos and goblins and ratmen and other things besides, fast-flowing water beneath Fate prevents the Dead entering from above and below, contains the Resurrection Engine, nobody sure what's even happening deep below
183#183Sewers and Those Who Dwell WithinThe construction of sewer systems, prevention of vermin, sewer layouts, disposal of effluent, and other such fairly boring stuff that might come in useful
184#184On the MonstrousMonsters, unique, on their powers, of types known, few really known in any detail but plenty of folk tales and such
185#185The Sky TyrantsThe creatures of the upper air, monstrous sky-jellyfish, gobbling para-invisible morays, balloon beasts, streams of insects thrown into the upper air, horrible giants in their cloud fortress bedecked with anchors, a giant's skull full of wizards, all sorts of shit
186#186Castle GargantuaAt the top of any massive beanstalk on a cloudy day, Castle Gargantua! Enormous castle in the sky wreathed in clouds, strange gothic super-architecture inhabited by beasts and servitors and those who have been there before, at the very top is a golden goose that lays golden eggs
187#187The World Behind the MirrorOn the Quiet Side of the mirror that lies beyond the glass, the veil broken in Voivodja, elsewhere contains a world of madness accessible via the spell Window Walk wherein all our innermost desires are committed by our mirror-selves
188#188Shamash, Bolide DragonRed - Fire, Goal - Force earth to crash into the sun, white heat, flame, explosion, magma, air
189#189Mardūk, Superchron DragonBlue - Energy, Goal - fry the shit out of Shub-Niggurath from within, lightning, life, plants, water, flame
190#190Atrahasis, Deluvial DragonWhite - Ice, Goal - Encase world in eternal ice, freezing, air, water, decay, crystal
191#191Ereshkigal, Gamma Burst DragonBlack - Gravity, Goal - controlled gravitic demolition of Earth, gravity, size, decay, explosion, life
192#192HeliocentrismCopernicus' assertion that earth not centre of universe very new, vaguely heretical but won't be formerly denoted as such until 1616, spherical earth obviously known by everyone
193#193Exploration of the New WorldChiefly mesoamerica at this point, natives of north america kill the fuck out of everyone, jungles of south america too far away, luckily Columbus' miscalculations managed to just about reach the caribbean (phew!) and now the new world is known, updates of maps imminent
194#194Murmerer Cultsthe murmerer, parasite eats brains and lives on heads, eight threads directly control people, cults arise around them, blood turns black, two pupils, their mind is not their own
195#195NecromancersMasters of the Dead, initiates into the Dead Cult of Duvan'Ku, ripping souls from heaven and hell alike to power their awful constructs, chief Dead are zombies, skeletons and flesh kites, less common ghouls, require the Last Breath of sapient beings in order to speak in the voice of the dead
196#196VivimancersWizards focused on the creation, mutation and combination of living beings, masters of life, fond of myriad spells which shape and warp living flesh
197#197The Nature of RunesRunes, glyphs, known only in rumour historically, powered by the soul, somehow sealed in crystal beneath Rome and later stolen by the dwarfs after the halls reopened and old knowledge was reclaimed, taken to Loegria by Old Miner cultists