If you like our work, go to students tuition fundednumber of stipend positionsprogram lengthcost, if anystudents to email (put your contact info here if people can write to you about it)faculty to email (put your contact info here)Application Deadlinecommentary, thoughts, notesUSA World News Ranking
Alfred University100%There is a Graduate Assistantship stipend for every accepted applicant. We offer an MFA in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies which also includes a Glass focus (5 accepted each year), MFA in Ceramic Art (8 accepted each year), MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts, MFA in Painting. 2 yearsKaren Donnellan, Assistant Professor, donnellan@alfred.eduJan 15 each year
Arizona State University (ASU)55 reduced + scholarships553 years 15thASU22
Boise State UniversityFunding is through Graduate Assistantships which include a full tuition waiver, a salary and health insuranceThere are typically 9 full Graduate Assistanships, and sometimes half-assistantships3 yearsFull tuition waivers are included with Graduate lilylee@boisestate.eduJanuary 31st Interdisciplinary structure with faculty in Drawing & Painting, Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Printmaking, Art Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Ceramics, Sculpture, Time Based Media and Art History all work with graduate students. The department is in the purpose-driven, state of the art Center for the Visual Arts building which opened in 2019. Individual 135-189 sqft graduate studio spaces with shared exhibition and workspaces are in the nearby Fine Arts Building.#135 (tied) 2020 MFA ranking
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)100% fully funded for all mfa students including out of state and international!All (typically 18) grads are awarded graduate assistantships. There are currently several full-ride scholarships3 year1/29/2016 overall and #1 in Multimedia and Visual Communications (#1 ranking is US News & World Report's labeling and conjoining of two different Schools of Art and Design)
Central Washington University 100%All Accepted Students3 Yearsfull tuition waivers and graduate assistantshipsRachel Kirk - kirkr@cwu.eduFebruary 1st
City College of New York: Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice program50-100% of in-state tuition funded for all students2 Yearssgrigg@ccny.cuny.eduMarch 1stThe most affordable MFA program of its kind in NYC. Students get a workspace in west Harlem and a new macbook pro that they are able to keep after successful completion of the program.
Clemson University100%15-20 (all current MFA students) + recruitment fellowships (apply by Jan 1 or Mar 1) + teaching fellowships2 - 2.5 yearsMFA students pay graduate school fee & living expenses, all students receive Graduate Teaching Assistantship as part of tuition waiver, additional Teaching Fellowship pays a stipend for Instuctor of Record. (MFA'16, Graduate Student Government Senator)David Detrich, Graduate Coordinator,
Jan 1 (Recruitment Fellowship), Mar 15 (general deadline) US News Top Public National University, #104 MFA program
Columbia Universitysome named fellowships receive partial funding, Im aware of 4 in printmaking of various amounts but not fully funded. The printmaking fellow have to work in the professional printship upstairs as asssitants to the master printer2 yearsVisual Arts MFA application deadline:
Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Sound Art MFA application deadline:
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
sound art mfa is pretty technical, most of them are musicians but not necessary to get in.#10 in fine arts mfa
Cornell University100%122 yearsthey have a new low residency MFA for image text.36
Georgia State University100%There ia a assistantship with 500$ monthly stipend3 yearsAccepted students receive full tuition waivers and monthly stipends as part of teaching assistantships.
Illinois State University, Normal/Bloomington
James Madison University (JMU)100%3 yearsJMU93
Kent State University30%262-3 yearsStudents pay fees and living expenses with an assistantshipartinfo@kent.edumbukows1@kent.eduFebruary 2 (fall admission); September 15 (spring admission); April 15 Art Education (fall deadline) (tied) 2018 MFA ranking
Louisiana State University (LSU)100%453 YearsStudents pay for their own cost of living; however modest stipends of $6,300 per year come with an assistantship, which includes a tuition waiverart@lsu.eduProfessor Kelli Scott Kelly kskelley@lsu.edu2/1/2015LSU62
Maryland Institute College of Art #9 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
Michigan State University100%All Accepted Students3 YearsCost of living. Accepted students receive bi-weekly stipends and healthcareLouAnne Snider sniderl2@msu.eduBen Van Dyke bvdk@msu.eduJanuary 5Michigan State University
Mills College /Northeastern UniversityTBD- Merged with Northeastern in 2022 Interdisciplinary MFA to comeup to 12 2 yearsFellowships are granted to accepted MFA students in the form of a tuition based scholarship in the first year, and a TA ship in the second year. The scholarship reduces tuition cost and the TA ship is paid out in bi weekly paychecks in the secind year. Total scholarship and TA ship equal to apx 1 years tuition. ypinkusevich@mills.eduFeb 1stMills
MITFellowships range from 50% - 100%. 5 students are usually accepted per year. Funding from outside the department can be limited based on minority status at institute.There are NO stipends at ACT. Teaching is not guaranteed.2 yearsStupid expensive. b1end@aim.comDecember 31 of 2017, infighting amongst 3 core faculty. MIA professors. You should visit if accepted. Strange vibes.
Montclair StateMontclair State
University of Connecticut100%15 total; 5 in each year3 yearFull tuition waiver for full-time students with teaching/research stipend ($11,000) plus health benefits for three years.judith.thorpe@uconn.edu1/15/2016University of Connecticut, Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, art.uconn.edu93
Northwestern University100%Total 5 students admitted each year.
All students receive stipend.
Students teach in 2nd year but not in 1st.
Total stipend = $32,000 per annum. This is not a typo.
2 year$0 ($110 service fee per quarter)hamilton.poe@gmail.comlrelyea@northwestern.edu1/9/2019Northwestern has a Visual Arts MFA and a Creative Writing MFA. The visual arts department is called 'Art Theory and Practice', and is interdisciplinary. 666
Ohio State University3 years, funded with either a fellowship, graduate teaching (teacher of record) and opportunity for a multiple year fellowship for BIPOC students!3 yearsOhio State University
Pratt Institute #15 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
Rennsaeler Polytechnic Institue/iEAR (RPI)
Rennsaeler Polytechnic Institue/iEAR53
Rhode Island School of Design #4 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
Rutgers University100%2 yearFREERutgers#27
School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC)1 student per media department gets free tuition2 years for regular MFAhighSAIC
School of the Art Institute of Chicago #4 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
SMFA, Boston2 years39k/yrSMFA, Boston#59 2016
Sotheby's Institute of Art: The Graduate School of Art and its Markets
Southern Illinois University Carbondale- MFA in interdisciplinary media artsFunding is usually available for up to three years3-53 yearsnot free, not daunting, living is, slewison@siu.eduFeb 15, 2021Located in rural southern illinois in a small city, its good for independent people interested in the rural. The program is based inside a media arts school; students take some theory classes with phd students.
Southern Methodist University (SMU)100% tuition remission for all students122 yearsstudents pay for their own cost of living; however; grants available for art materials.Feb 1, 2016SMU127
Stanford University100%52, dawnweleski@gmail.comProgram comes with stipend with healthcare in addition to free tuition. stipend was enough to live on, about 2k a month in 2013. Giant studios, independt study model program. GRE was required since 2013. You have to submit scores, but scores dont count whatsoever. I clicked "next" on every question and was accepted. This place is the deal of the century, but isnt going to get you a NYC gallery right away, if thats your persuasion.36
Stanford University #15 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
SUNY Buffalo2 yearsFees (about 3K a year)jamestuf@buffalo.eduMost MFAs get tuition waivers and about a 15K stipend but currently there are about 3K in student fees so the reality is closer to 12K. The Graduate Student Union is currently pushing for fee waivers and a 22K stipend but has yet to hear back from the president's office
SUNY Purchase100 (full and partial)82 yearsNo one pays the advertised in an out of state rates. Better funding for instate students. Everyone's pricetag is a little different.elizaevans@gmail.com2/1/201645
Syracuse University100%3 YearsTypically between $10-12,000 per year after scholarship depending upon amount of credits taken.vandritch@gmail.comLate JanuarySyracuse University45
Temple University #15 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
Texas Christian University100%All Accepted Students3 Yearsfull tuition waivers and graduate assistantshipsCam Schoepp
February 2nd 20199k Stipend (10 hours a week work) and 3/4 of health insurance paid
Tulane University100%Tulane93
University of Arkansas100%All accepted students (12-13 per year): $15K Stipend + $4K Fellowship3 yearsCourse fees (typically $1200 per semester)Mathew McConnell, Graduate Director, msmcconn@uark.eduJan 15 (No application fee)2/3 health insurance paid. Summer assistantships and fellowships available. Additional (competitive and/or guaranteed) project, travel, and research support.
U Maryland (UMBC or College Park?)3 yearsU Maryland (UMBC or College Park?)
U of Illinois at ChicagoVarious levels of funding availableIn addition to tuition waivers and TA, they also have 1-2 graduate fellowships that offer 20K plus tuition a year. You need to apply each year for this though.2 yearsThey have two- one is earlier and if you want to be considered for the graduate fellowship you have to apply for the earlier one. It may be in December.U of Illinois at Chicago
University of Florida100%All accepted students (~10-13 a year) get a TA-ship which waives tuition and provides an ~$18k/year stipend. Some larger fellowships are available.3 yearsStudents choose one semester to take an additional course (overload schedule) or can pay tution to take it over a summer. Fees are around $1000/semesterPatrick Grigsby, Graduate Information Coordinator, Feb 1Yearly trips to Art Basel Miami Beach and New York City are offered. Health insurance is $12/month and can be obtained for additional costs for partners, spouses, and children. Graduate Assistanship assignments vary between technician jobs, teaching assistant positions, and instructor of record (only given to experienced students). Competitive research funds are available through UF. Gainesville is a classic 'college town' with good weather. It's fairly small; closest cities are Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. Lies roughtly halfway between Miami and Atlanta.#42 (tie)
UMass Amherst - Studio Arts 100%6 annually, all students receive teaching stipends for length of program 3 years Registration costs and 5% of healthcare costs are still on the student. UMass has an excellent Graduate Student UnionEmily / Nour
UMass Amherst - Studio Arts 93
University at Buffalofull-ride TA + Stipends, conference and travel funds, 24/7 private studios, individual meetings with visiting artists. 10 students are accepted each year
University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)7 per year2 yearsUCSB
University of California—​San Diego #13 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
University of California, Berkeley (Cal)California residents (1 year residence in California) = FREE. Out-of-state and international students tuition varies depending on department's resources). In some years we have been able to fund 100% tuition for all students, no matter where they come from.Varies by year. The UC system offers many university-wide grants apart from the Art Department, teaching fellowships, and research funds.2 yearsFree (varies depending on department's resources) michelleott@hotmail.comGreg Niemeyer, Professor and Graduate Chair: or Stephanie Syjuco, Associate Professor: ssyjuco@berkeley.eduDecember 15th Department of Art Practice. Six students are admitted per year, for a total of 12 students in the MFA program. As of 2019, California residents continue to receive tuition remission (fully covered) but out-of-state and international students are covered only if the department has resources available. 20
University of California, Davis (UC Davis)100%1 each year guaranteed, potential for more2 years0January 5UC Davis27
University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine)100% (Funding is guaranteed, via teaching assistantships. Every student is given two teaching assitantships a year over the course of three years. If a student qualifies to teach a class under supervision, that student can become a "teaching associate" in place of being a "teaching assistant.") All accpeted students. There are also competitive recruitment awards and fellowships that become available through out the 3 years of study. 3 yearleungss@uci.eduJanuary 15This is an 3 year program. The structure of the program is interdisciplinary, but you can work in just one medium if that's your focus. The faculty is excellent, diverse and they tend to be available to students. It's about 1 hour from downtown LA or the west side of LA without traffic, but can take much longer if there is traffic. Facilities are good, and within the art area there are three galleries plus an experimental black box theater that students can apply to use. The program itself is very rigorous, and is built around crits, independent studies, seminars, lecture series, and 3 reviews (in-studio review in 1st year, group exhibition 2nd year, solo thesis exhibition 3rd year). A lot of the students take advantage of how the Humanities school at Irvine is known for critical theory, and a few of the MFAs get a "critical theory emphasis" in addition to their MFAs.
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)3% of applicants get accepted Many fellowships available2 years1/9/2014UCLA
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)100%10ish MFA per year, 1-3 PhD Art Practice2-3, lebloom@ucsd.edu12/4/2014UCSD13
University of Chicago (U Chicago)75% tuition for all students accepted. Around 5 students are accepted per year. DOVA has no extra money to negotiate or offer stipends. 12/15/2014U Chicago
University of Delaware100%10 per year2 yearsstudents pay cost of living but stipends for teaching are given to all second year studentssboehm@udel.eduadonovan@udel.eduUniversity of Delaware114
University of Denver (Emergent Digital Practices)30%63 years$34k/year tuition and feeslaleh.mehran@du.edu2/20/
University of GeorgiaUniv. of Georgia
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign100%all3 yearscbakker@illinois.eduU of Illinois at Urbana Champaign27
University of Iowa (UIowa)recently 100%
total of 20-ish MFA students admitted per year, but varies by program area3 yearsStudents pay fees and living expenses only, if Teaching Assistant, a student will make ~$9000 per year, and can apply for scholarships and fellowships on top of thissarah-kanouse@uiowa.edu2/1/2015UIowa22
University of Massachusetts - DartmouthFull or Partial Tuition2-3 years
University of Michigan100%2 Year1/6/2016U Michigan
University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)100%8 annually3 yearsartdept@umn.eduJanuary 1st16 in Ceramics, 21 in Printmaking, 45 overall
University of Nevada Las VegasFully-funded program. Graduate Assistantship provides full tuition waiver; $21,000 annual stipend for work in the department; and healthcare insurance.3-4 slots annually3 yearsOut of pocket costs to students are university student fees.Katie - Kayla - Romina - romina.villarreal@unlv.eduart.gradcoord@unlv.eduFebruary 1
University of New Mexico (UNM)Avg MFA student funding/semester = Tuition remission for 6 credits ($1870.92); Assistantship salary ($3,828.06); Health benefits ($800)85% of current students in any given year (most areas within department fund 100% of grad students; Photo area is the exception)3 yearsEst. cost for MFA students per semester with funding: $1300 (3 credit hours, plus course fees) [Graduate Advisor Kat Heatherington]1/15/2016UNM
University of North Carolina (UNC) Greensborotypically 100%2 yearsamystibich@gmail.comUNC Greensboro127
University of Oregon100%roughly 2/3 stipend support3 yearsFees during terms without GEtfarsi@uoregon.eduJanuary
University of Texas, Austin (UT Austin)100% tuition remission for all the studentsAll the grads are fully funded + stipend that goes from 20000$-40000$/year + healthcare. Some scholarships do not require any TA. The regular TA schedule is 12hours/week. About 12 grads total are accepted every year (average 2-3 grads per discipline)2 years The art department has amazing facilities and as UT is a research institution, it's easy to collaborate with other departments. There are travelling grants for the students. They have great faculty and a good visiting artists program. The viewpoint program in Spring also brings curators. #7 in Sculpture (tie), #27 overall (tie)
University of Wisconsin—​Madison #15 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
University South Florida18,000 award for accepted MFA students 3 years University of South Florida
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) (Sculpture + Extended Media)100%6 per year2 yearsfull tuition waivers and graduate assistantships but have to pay student fees each semestergersoni@vcu.eduJanuary 15VCU (this info is for the sculpture dept specifically)#1 in Sculpture and #2 overall (tied)
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Painting + Printmaking102 yearsnsimblist@vcu.eduJan 15 (tied) 2016 MFA Ranking
Washington State University (WSU)100%12-163 yearsFull tuition waivers and graduate assistantships but have to pay student fees each semester. Students must establish in-state residency for the 2nd and 3rd years. (graduated 2020) squeak.meisel@wsu.eduThis is in a rural, fairly isolated place, about 90 min. drive from Spokane and 4 hr. drive from Seattle. It's beautiful in the spring and summer but the winters are hard and long. There are some real gems in the faculty, and opportunites if you seek them out. If you're a go-getter you can make moves here. Grad students can apply for travel stipends, there are some faculty who engage in university grant funded research that you can get involved with. It has potential, but you have to make it work for you. The health insurance was pretty good, particulary the vision insurance. Heavily stresses interdisciplinary work and experimentation. You will probably be unhappy if you plan to work in a specific medium and do nothing else.93
Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual ArtFull or Partial Tuition25 students in each year - MAX. Teaching Assistanceship garanteed for second year graduate students Chancelors Fellowship has a huge stipend and health insurance also the Olin Fellowship is a support for funding also. 2 years$39,790 per year.Kahlil Irving - Kirving@wustl.eduJanuary 15 News & World Report ranked the MFA program 12th in the nation
Western Carolina UniversityVaries, + - %8012 Students, Graduate Assistantships $9,500 each3 yrs, 60-credit programTuition cost before GA and any aditional tuition waviers $10,537 Instate Per Year $15,740 Out of State Per YearMo Kessler, mokesslergso@gmail.comtdashcraft@wcu.eduFebruary 1 Top Public Univresity
Yale UniversityThe average scholarship award for those who were eligible was $31,325.need-based; changes year to year2 YEARS$36,359mariya.vlasova@yale.edu1/1/2014Yale#1 2016 MFA Ranking