LUMIPro Places Project (Sim List)
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TimestampWhat is the sim name?What is the sim rating?Sim Description (Tell us the theme of the sim or what it is all about.)Is A group required to enter the sim? If so, does it cost?Do they allow scripts and/or rez?Please include the SURL so others can find the sim.
4/28/2016 9:11:16[Eclectica]MatureEcclectic, creative environment, everywhere you turn is another photo settingno group requirement - donation boxes to supportscripts okay, no rezzing
5/1/2016 11:47:48aliriumGeneralStore for the alurium line of trees flowers and shurbs. If you need those things this is the place for you, but they have it all set up and its beautiful for photos.NoNo Scripts; No rez
5/1/2016 12:07:33AmatorumAdultBeautifully built sim with the iBang pose main store. Eyes Wide Shut rituals occur from time to time... Theme is overgrown opulence.YesNo
4/27/2016 17:00:50Anarchist Keys - Le TigreAdultPicturesque Photography region for all to use. NoOnly for residents
4/30/2016 11:55:43Axton CountyAdultAxton County is where we showcase our sim design, and have a few shop and residential rentals also! It's a great place to hang out or take photos!noYes, if you join the group for a 250L fee.
4/30/2016 15:19:16B Barbie StyleMatureThe majority of the Sim is set up in gardens woods and nature, with lots of little picturesque areas tucked in. The ladscaping is changed seasonaly and for the occasioal holiday.noYes but they do ask that you pick up after yourself
5/1/2016 11:30:39Baja NorteMatureBeach complete with shacks and life guard stand. Over this dunes is a cliff side beach town. Do not shoot in private homes without permission.NoScripts are allowed. Rez limited to renters.
4/27/2016 17:03:52Boombastic Lover's IsleAdult1/2 beach & 1/2 garden. Hang out, have fun, relax, enjoy each other.
Open sim, anyone can come hang out and enjoy ALL of the poses. Very romantic for lovers or just to hang out.
NoYes scripts. Rez rights, ask owner for group tag.
4/30/2016 12:13:06Bryn Oh's The Singularity of KumikoGeneralthe diference with other sims is how you see everything you are required to set the preference on ultra and make you accept they will control your viewer in certain way, so you will get a totally diferent point of view on this place Is not required but offeredNo
4/27/2016 19:51:34Cheeky Tiramisu CafeMatureA great little coffee shop in a forest setting. They have waterfalls, Asian inspired bath area, beach, lighthouse, lots of botanicals, and a secret cave behind the waterfall. NoYes.
4/28/2016 17:33:15Crestwick IslandMatureSmall town and island themed sim where the creator took a lot of care to detail. A mountain, easy to climb, gives a great overview over the sim. Uses beautiful windlight settings and has a lot of possible sets: small lovely cafe, mountain top, back alleys, on the street, on stairs... definitely worth a look.No group required, it's free.Scripts: yes, Rezz: no.
8/1/2016 17:48:05DarlingMatureLake Sim
No, ground is open to the public except the owners home
Yes, scripts are allowed, No rezzing unless a group member
9/28/2016 12:48:28
Dead Mans Island ( Hogwarts)
MatureA haunted Sim Amazing no cost or group no Rez
5/1/2016 11:23:12DerailedMatureSmall town feeling with jetty waterfront and railroad tracks.NoScripts yes; rez yes with free group membership. Read notecard to find out how to get in the group.
4/30/2016 11:52:43Devils PointMatureBased on the British Isles this scenic sim is an excellent location for photography. Beautiful countryside feel.No.Yes (30 minute auto-return)
4/27/2016 16:54:21EclecticaMatureGorgeous, lots of fantasy and dream type stuff around, join the group to rezno but the group is 100L to be able to rezgroup
4/27/2016 15:57:01ElysionAdultLush Adult Environment catering to the sensual, and artistic side of your second life. They often change the sim for each season so there is always something new to see. They also have weekly events.It does require qroup access. The current cost of the group is 575.They do allow scripts, and you can rez temporarily.
9/19/2016 10:22:01Enchanted EstatesMature
All different settings. Gardens, mountains even a castle
NoNo Rez but yes on scripts
5/1/2016 11:58:26EverlongMatureRandom artsy vingettes in a water simNoscripts allowed; rez prohibitied
5/1/2016 11:02:51EverwinterMaturePost-apocolyptic street scene and theme park, complete with dilapidated Ferris WheelNOScripts, yes. Rez with group membership
5/1/2016 11:54:02Flux Sur MerMatureA french country side/Paris themed sim. Some beautiful set piecesNOScripts allowed, Rez no unless in group.
5/1/2016 11:32:54FrislandMatureSeasonally altered sim of various buildings and vistas.NoRez limted to group members (150). Scripts are allowed
4/27/2016 16:56:41Grace IslandMatureGrace Island is a photography sim with regularly-changing designs and themes; from strands of romantic beaches and glistening seas to enchanted mountains tufted with forests, Grace Island offers much to discover and photograph. Each design has a story you can piece together as you explore. You'll also find many features perfect for friends and lovers to relax and spend time.No anyone can enter the sim but a group tag is required to rez and it costs $100Scripts yes for all, Rez rights w/ group tag
5/1/2016 11:25:36Great IslandMatureAn island/beach sim full of flora and fauna and a few houses. Great for the natural beach scene.NoYes
5/1/2016 11:39:50HazardousMatureThe home sim of We're Closed furniture. Sit on one of the tiles that says "welcome to hazardous" to get to the shooting area (though the welcome area is interesting too). Windmills, grasses, houses and vehicles, a play ground. A lot of varied options.No.Scripts Ok; Build limited to group members
4/30/2016 11:55:32Heightened PassionAdultHeightened Passion is a charming romantic adult retreat. Explore the country scenery, horseback riding, gondolas, balloon tours and plenty of quiet, private adult nooks. LBGT friendly Lesbian owned.NoScripts Yes, Rez No
8/30/2016 21:27:12Hells CrossingAdult
owned by Max Butoh who owns the chamber - the appearance changes but the theme is always 'the crossing' At the moment it is winter snow scene, with a big wall .. castle.. tavern.. ship.. dungeon caves.. Kinda like Game of Thrones.
Not required but probably if you want to rezz, and no cost.
Yes.. just clean up after.
4/28/2016 17:14:15High WaterMatureAutumnlike flats just below sea level, a few islands of vegetation and a few trees. If you're not afraid of getting your feet wet, this sim comes in handy for pictures using water reflections. Photo Viewer recommended for detailed reflections.No group required to enter, no cost.Scripts are allowed, rezzing objects isn't allowed.
5/1/2016 11:10:34HollowtreeAdultA beach community theme with beach homes (for rent if your looking) and nice beachy shots.NoYes
5/8/2016 0:28:38Home of Morphe Inc.GeneralHome of Morphe Inc. Medieval products including the beautiful St. Illuminatios cathedral. Has entire build of medieval fortresses, town, INCREDIBLE cathedral, shipping yard, farm/mill areasNo, but group needed to rez; free to joinRez with joining free group; Scripts yes
5/24/2016 16:45:02iRoleplayAdult
currently it is a post apocalyptic / Fallout Vault, hence the sim display name "Vault 99". A huge vault, parted into 3 levels of different styles, and a ground level type North American wastelands (sim is work in progress at the time of writing this)
scripts yes, rez upon temporary land group invitation if needed cool bar at
4/27/2016 19:45:58Japan Tempura IslandMatureBeautiful large sim, places to sit, explore, dance. It is elegant, tasteful, one of the most beautiful places in SL.N0No Building, Rezzing, no voice tempura island (122, 226, 56)
9/22/2016 13:54:35Ko Ro BaAdult
BDSM Resort, underwater landscaping, lush gardens & landscaping, beach, hang gliding, surfing, pier, caverns, dungeon, photo studio, ski boats, paddle boats, cute cuddle cottage, mermaids, sunken ship, underwater observatory, dive suit
noscripts no rezz
5/1/2016 10:38:16LEA8 *Jane Austen's English CountrysideGeneralEnglish Countryside with thached roof houses, a chapel, and pretty scenary.NoNo
5/16/2016 13:01:34Lost EdenAdultBeautiful Gardens, Waterfall, Romance, Well Done SkyboxesNot to enter but to use skyboxes it's 100L$No
4/27/2016 17:39:19Luanes WorldMatureBeautiful rural environment for relaxing and/or taking pictures. Great scenery and very photogenic.Not required.With group tag, which is free to join.
9/4/2016 18:28:20Memento moriMature
Very cool they give you a camera hud to wear and makes it look like your in a movie
nono rez
9/5/2016 21:56:56MidState New YorkGeneral
beautiful settings water bridges old homes and a train
5/1/2016 11:42:20Misty MountainsMatureA mountain natural park with hiking trails and vistas. Part of the larger Calas Galadhon park systemNOScripts yes; rez no
5/1/2016 11:35:51Moors of ElmandriaMatureTrees and flowers and water. Buildings tend toward med-evil fantasy.NOYes
5/1/2016 10:57:36NostalgicMatureJapanese tea house style. Numerous structures and vantage points.Noyes to both
6/30/2016 22:52:53Oasis of TranquilityMature
Castle, Fairytale, Pirate, Fantasy, Beach: Fairy Tales Castle is open. Please enjoy exploring the castle and the tunnels. Be wary of the dragon - he's not to be trusted. Find the treasures.. Have fun. This is a homestead sim, please keep your scripts to a minimum.
NoScripts Yes. Rez No.
4/27/2016 18:50:09PacifiqueMatureTropical - Forest - Underwater - Wedding Venue. A beautiful forest setting, a bit of tropical beach and water and a underwater world. Perfect for photography, exploring, lots of vehicles to get around in, and mermaid & scuba in the waters beneath Pacifique Bay. A wedding venue too !nono - feel free to join the group to rez and then you leave when you are done. Contact Eclair if you need anything.
5/1/2016 10:44:03Paris Je T'AmeMatureParis Street scenes near the SeineNoScripts allowed Rez not allowed
5/1/2016 10:48:56PillowsMatureHome sim for the Pillows store but contains a few nice set peices, including a broken down school with pickup out front and a med-evil fantasy tower.NoRez no, scripts yes
7/11/2016 10:06:00Prim RiverMature
Realistic national forest sim with caves, forests, ponds/lakes, and much more.
Scripts - yes, rez with rentals (or upon request)
4/27/2016 16:52:17Puerto PrinsesaAdultSouthwest American town along Route 66 -Americana and cultureNoYes
5/4/2016 11:55:19Saint Pete CityMatureSt. Petersburg FL, USANOyes-Saint-Pete City-, Saint Pete City (158, 124, 22) - Moderate
4/27/2016 19:49:25Strokerz ToyzAdultIts a Miami Beach themed sim with a club, marina, and beachfront. Hotels rooms, urban back alley area. Mesh build with emphasis on modern Miami Beach strip. NoYes, with the group which is free.
4/27/2016 17:37:35Surfer's BayAdultAn expansive beach/jungle area. Numerous hidden caves/areas for great pictures or...other activities (it *is* an Adult sim). Gorgeously built and landscaped.Yes and yes. I believe the fee is around 200L. Worth it.Rezzing allowed once you join the group. No extra group role request required.
5/3/2016 0:39:30Teqi's AdultIt costs.....but the lighting of this club makes it unique and the people there are usually high end.....AVI Style anyway....$1000L. not sure if its worth that but they do have some free days no
4/27/2016 22:11:36the hell`s havenAdultWelcome to The Hell`s Haven !
Stay awhile......let this world refresh your soul and
melt your worries away.
Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of music and landscape here at hell`s haven.
Explore this cloudy world of changing scenery and enjoy your stay !!!
no rez/scripts alowed (autoreturn 45 min)
5/1/2016 11:51:14The Outer GardenMatureWhimsical and varied looks for shootsNoNo rez; scripts yes
8/1/2016 17:44:56Warm SpringsMature
omg it's so pretty jungle gym, old houses , bridges, lighthouse, mnts and more
no free no rez
10/5/2016 11:40:15Hidden DesiresAdult
Explore a Secret getaway for Women with womens dancing and hundreds of the best dances in SL, womens art, rocky beach, nude beaches, parties, live singers, horse rides, 7Seas fishing, gun range, racetrack, skydiving, Alien Exam & an array of play areas. Also featuring a Spanish castle, Asian temple, Winter events area, outdoor events dance area, D/s lounge, surfing, mansion, garden and pools. Highly detailed beaches and forested estate level with horse stables and events area. All updated landscaping and furniture. This is currently the crown jewel of Women's sims on SL. (If male please IM Cyberspy Resident for entry for photos).
Open entry for women with L$250 for group to rez/use equip
Yes. Need group.
10/31/2016 5:39:16Nouvelles Adventures MatureRural, Rustic, Vintage, Countryside, ruins, No but group is needed to Rez items yes with the group
11/28/2016 20:27:20Wolf MountainMature
Wolf Mountain is part of the City of New River chain. Which is a small family roleplay community which is about to open up. But it also has such beautiful scenery which is perfect for a photo or two. As our surrounding simulators are open to regular photography and all.
No, not required.Yes
11/30/2016 4:25:11
springfield wood - winter trace
one of three sims re the seasons this is there winter sims, but there is autumn and summer
yes if you join there group but don't be a litter bug
1/5/2017 20:45:25Pacifique Mature
Two Winter Parks - Snow Ski & Winter Park. There is also a sim level autumn forest and beneath the water - Underwater World. Lots of great photography background. Find your way around using the teleports.
nojoin group to rez
3/18/2017 5:07:30Domain WestMature
it's a mishmash of ruins, fantasy, and a pastoral skybox. Also has a gym and band stage lying somewhere. Best experienced with all the water reflections enabled.
Natural Falls (group rez privileges, not entirely necessary if you can prop everything on your avatars)
Kinda (grouptag required to rez items)
6/13/2017 0:58:43Realm for Photography Adult
Small sim with forest, beach, ruins, mystical, waterfalls, and backdrop setups up in the air to use. Sim will change change with new as time goes.
Scripts are allowed. Message owner if Lumipro user if wanting rez ability.
7/23/2017 9:27:35K.I.S.S. ISLANDAdult
Beach Community, Rentals, Adult Beach, Sex Beach, Djs, Music, Dancing, Fun, Friendly, Pictures, Beach Rentals, Party, Nude, Clothing optional, games, Greedy, Skippo, Beach Rental. photography. photos, live music
NoYes and in group for rez
7/23/2017 9:27:40Shadow IslandAdult
We are a sim based around Lycan/Vampire RP and all are welcome to visit and explore. The design has a magical feel with woodland and floating mountains and misty areas.
No it is not required but a Group is available if guests wish.
Scripts allowed but no rez at the moment
8/5/2017 11:16:48Kemang IslandMature
Welcome to Kemang Island.. where you can hang out at Kemang Island's two full Sims with many Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Beaches & Boats
There is a rezz area available, do take back your objects before leaving, thank you
8/6/2017 22:34:54One Tree Hill @ LEA 7Mature
A desert themed sim based on the music of The Joshua Tree with several settings designed for photography
no group required - owner requests pics be submiteed to One Tree Hill Flikr group, but not required
8/10/2017 12:18:46Clickers Photography SimAdult
The sim changes themes every month. The current theme is Beauty and Pain. There is a flickr group to show past builds if interested.
Group required to rez (cuts down on griefing, free invite if you ask for one.)
Scripts are allowed, rez allowed with group tag. Just IM Schmexysbuddy or Dayjavuu for a tag.
8/10/2017 14:59:58Tyr AmanAdult
a great vally in a circle of mountain, a quiet and romantic forect, waterfall, old castle...
9/13/2017 14:12:48Photography With SoulMature
Beach, Urban, Gallery & Studio, Spa Home, Various Sets
Yes but no chargeYes
10/14/2017 11:05:07The Onsen at StonhengeAdult
Two main areas the Onsen is a japanese themed bathhouse/mountain and Sparrows Folly is like a shipwrecked inlet. There are several areas to tour: inside the mountain...underwater area...beach...and several structures.
yes...just join group while there to have rezz rights
The Onsen at Stonehenge - WEST, Harborview (102, 235, 23) - Adult
1/10/2018 23:49:51Brethren Cove Mature
Photo Sim with huge studio with backdrops and ground level sim for gardens
noyes - ! hours rez limit
2/3/2018 3:01:52PoD BDSM ResortAdult
BDSM Dungeon, Underwater Landscaping, Botanical Gardens, Tropical, Water activities, mountainous, desert area, wedding venues, forest, celtic
No Group RequiredScripts Yes, No Rezz
2/9/2018 13:11:16LAND OF THORAdult
Land of Thor is loosly based on Norse Mythology. Midgard is based on Lofoten, Jotunheim is a Japanese village in the Norwegian mountains with Witches, Dragons and Trolls. A very soothing environment to fly dragons, relax and have fun. Many places for Photography , Beautiful setting throughout the sim , Including caves to explore. Also a Flickr Group to Share your Photos of your Visit !
No Group needed to EnterJoin a free group to be able to rez
3/17/2018 7:28:54Elvin MistMature
Abandonment, apocalypse, old cinemas, deserted run down town that has great photography aspects
NoYes on scripts No on rez
7/13/2018 19:54:37Seeking WisdomMature
Our park is an homage to 19th century landscape artist Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for building Central Park, Golden Gate Park and many other famous city parks. Olmsted created the concept of public parks accessible to everyone, regardless of social status. In the mid-19th century, when most parks existed only on the private estates of the wealthy, this was a bold new idea. In the spirit of Olmsted, we welcome everyone to our park, where you can take photos and enjoy solitude, contemplation, conversation, or a snuggle with a lover.
NoScripts yes; rez available by request
7/15/2018 12:39:25Noelia IslandMature
Romantic Italian, Mediterranean island. Couple dance, date, romance or cuddle in the romantic spots, take boat rides, relax on the beach, take photos or meditate near the Buddha. Flickr:
Scripts yes, there is a free group which allows to rez.
10/7/2018 22:00:08Zane PhotographyMature
We have several themes, underwater, beach, forest, cave and just a cuddle/romance area available for your photography desires.
Noscripts yes, group rez only
11/14/2018 14:45:55Naturallu NaughtyAdult
Its a lovely beach but it also has 3 stores of booths where you can take pictures
NoAsk the owner for a group invite
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