[Tentative] TheatreFest 2018 Schedule
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Session TitleDateTime StartTime EndRoom/LocationDescription
TUESDAY1/23/20185:00 AM
Bag Stuffing and Badge Creation1/23/20183:30 PM10:00 PMSalon D and E[Jerry Ivins and Nina Saunders]
Exhibitor Registration Set Up1/23/20185:00 PM10:00 PMExpo Registration[JayThomas and Alicia Green]
WEDNESDAY1/24/20185:00 AM5:00 AM
Registration Setup1/24/20186:00 AM5:00 PMMoody South Foyer, Salon D and E[K'Lynn Childress and Maggie Rodriguez ]
Exhibitor Registration 1/24/20187:00 AM3:00 PMExpo Registration[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
DesignFest Panel Setup1/24/20188:00 AM12:00 PMExhibit C DesignFest[John Ogden and Nina Saunders]
Exhibit Load-in Commercial1/24/20188:00 AM1:00 PMExhibit C[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
PlayFest Setup1/24/201812:30 PM3:00 PMExhibit A1[Karen King and Sherry Frank]
DesignFest Participant Setup1/24/201812:30 PM4:30 PMExhibit C DesignFest[John Ogden and Nina Saunders]
Exhibit Load-in Higher Ed1/24/20181:00 PM3:00 PMExhibit C[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
TETA BoD Meeting1/24/20182:00 PM4:45 PMBoard Room[Charlie Hukill]
Texas Exemplary Institution Meeting1/24/20183:00 PM4:45 PMViewfinder Terrace[Greta Peterson]
Exhibit Open Load-in1/24/20183:00 PM5:00 PMExhibit C[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
PlayFest 10-Minute Play - Session One Rehearsal1/24/20183:00 PM5:00 PMExhibit A1 [Karen King and Sherry Frank] - Rehearsal for Plays – The Answer is in the Cube by Alex Duty, Missives by Elizabeth Keel, Reptilians by Eric Moore, To the Weeping Willow by Jeana Magallon
Higher Education Leadership Committee Meeting1/24/20185:00 PM6:15 PMSalon F[Perry Crafton]
K-12 Committee Meeting1/24/20185:00 PM6:15 PMExecutive Conference[Gena Lea Smith]
PlayFest One Act Play - Session Two Rehearsal1/24/20185:00 PM7:00 PMExhibit A1 [Karen King and Sherry Frank] - Rehearsal for Play - Marco Polo by Carissa Villarreal
TTAO Executive Board Meeting1/24/20185:00 PM7:45 PMViewfinder Terrace[Mark Pickell] - Executive Board meeting. S&P to meet at a later time.
Exhibits Open1/24/20185:00 PM9:00 PMExhibit C[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
DesignFest Open1/24/20185:00 PM9:00 PMExhibit C DesignFest[John Ogden and Nina Saunders]
Registration Open1/24/20185:00 PM9:00 PMMoody South Foyer, Salon D and E[K'Lynn Childress and Maggie Rodriguez]
T-shirt Exchange 1/24/20185:00 PM9:00 PMExpo Registration[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
PlayFest & DesignFest Reception1/24/20187:00 PM9:00 PMFloral Hall A[Dr. Jerry Ivins] - A reception for all who are participating in PlayFest and DesignFest.
UIL Theatre Advisory Committee Meeting I1/24/20188:00 PM9:15 PMWisteria / Iris / Tulip[Rod Sheffield]
Exhibits Close1/24/20189:00 PM9:00 PMExhibit C
DesignFest Closes1/24/20189:00 PM9:00 PMExhibit C DesignFest
Registration Closes1/24/20189:00 PM9:00 PMMoody South Foyer, Salon D and E
T-shirt Exchange and Banquet Ticket Sales Close1/24/20189:00 PM9:00 PMExpo Registration
Exhibitors Reception1/24/20189:00 PM11:00 PMExhibit C Techland Cafe[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green] - Its been a long day! Come and relax, eat and mingle after the Exhibits close.
PlayFest One Act Play - Session One Rehearsal1/24/20189:00 PM11:00 PMExhibit A1 [Karen King and Sherry Frank] - Rehearsal for Play - Virginia by Caleb Dukes
Convention Worker Reception1/24/201810:00 PM11:30 PMViewfinder Terrace[Dr. Jerry Ivins] - A light food and drinks for all the hard working Convention staff! Thanks for all you do!!
THURSDAY1/25/20185:00 AM5:00 AM
Registration Open1/25/20187:00 AM9:00 AMMoody South Foyer, Salon D and E[K'Lynn Childress and Maggie Rodriguez]
PlayFest 10 Minute Play - Session Two Rehearsal1/25/20187:15 AM9:15 AMExhibit A1 [Karen King and Sherry Frank] - Rehearsal - Close-Minded by Avery Wright, Father John by Chris Lewis, Cold Feet by Beth Soder, The Antventure by Goose Creek High School, Jack and the Bad Luck Curse by Taft High School
"BreakFest with the Exhibitors"1/25/20187:30 AM9:00 AMExhibit C [Jay Thomas and Alicia Green] - Come grab breakfast and meet with the Exhibitors. Adults only event. First Come, First Served!! Food in Exhibit C Dance 1 and 2; Drinks at Techland Cafe. 7:30 am to 9 am
Convention Chairs Morning Meeting1/25/20187:30 AM9:15 AMStarfish[Dr. Jerry Ivins and Mr. Greg Arp]
DesignFest Opens to the public1/25/20187:30 AM2:00 PMExhibit C DesignFest[John Ogden and Nina Saunders]
Exhibits Open1/25/20187:30 AM5:00 PMExhibit C[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
T-shirt Exchange 1/25/20187:30 AM5:00 PMExpo Registration[Jay Thomas and Alicia Green]
UIL Film Contest - Curriculum1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMGarden Terrace[JP Gregoriew and Chris Caddel] - For Teachers - Are you a theatre teacher who has been ‘volunteered’ to head up your school’s film program? This workshop is here to help! Learn how to build an award winning film department while keeping your schedule intact for next year’s One-Act Play Festival!
Academic Symposium Panel--Rising from Adversity: Theatre and Social Change1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMAzalea/Rose/Orchid[Rebecca Worley] - A presentation of Scholarly Research and Papers from the Academic Symposium sponsored by the TETA Higher Education Section.
Developing a Design & Technology Portfolio1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMSalon A[Jared Land] - A look at the philosophy behind and materials needed for the creation of a successful design/tech portfolio used when applying for college and/or professional work. A review of the three major types of portfolios used in theatre: physical, digital, and websites.
Melodrama: Beyond the Boos and Hisses 1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMSalon F[Steven Fendrich] - Boo the villain! Cheer the hero! Sigh with the heroine! Every single person in the audience takes part as ol' time melodrama is experienced. Everyone in the workshop is called upon to display the uniqueness of melodrama's movement and character while displaying its traditional costuming and music. In addition, popular 'olios' are performed to add an additional spice. This workshop is not only interesting and educational, it's just plain fun!
Creating Scene Work for 30+ 1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMSalon G[Rick Garcia ] - Come learn how to put together monologues and scenes to create a unique production for a class of 30+. This project teaches all aspects of theatre from playwrighting to the full production.
Building Your Program with 6th Grade Theatre Arts1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMSalon H[Margaret Marrs] - You have to get them engaged from the beginning! This workshop will focus on developing a strong middle school theatre department by catching students in 6th grade and providing them with opportunities to get involved in your Theatre Arts program through a variety of experiences. We cover introduction to theatre basics, theatre history (focusing on Elizabethan Theatre/Shakespeare), improvisation, characterization (duet scene project), and THE CLASS PLAY PROJECT! This is everything I cover during the ONE semester I have with students in 6th grade!
Makeup techniques for middle aged stage makeup1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMVine 1[claremarie Verheyen] - I will distribute some basic stage makeup vocabulary and rules for proper hygiene. I will use a volunteer to demonstrate basic contour, highlight and shading for a successful middle aged character for a small black box theatrical venue. I will hold a Q &A after the demonstration.
Silent to TALKIES!1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMVines 2[Kristina Rosier] - Come learn a fun way to teach students about pantomime, silent film, and talkies. You will be given lessons that can be used for 6 to 9 weeks, depending on your own objectives for your students.
Costuming on the Cheap1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMIvy 1[Dona W. Roman, Professor of Theatre] - Effective ways to expand your budget options using existing garments and materials to costume for any era.
AVID in the Theatre Classroom1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMIvy 2[Stephanie Tardiff] - Wondering how to incorporate the AVID strategies into your Theatre curriculum? Want to support cross-curricular learning through best instructional practices? Wondering what Socratic Seminar or Cornell Notes even means? I will walk you through various AVID strategies, provide resources and ideas on how to integrate these rigorous learning methods into your already awesome lessons.
Wake Up Warm Up - Dance1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMExhibit A2 Expo[Wake Up Warm Up - Dance] - Start your morning with a fun, energetic jazz based warm up to help get your blood flowing and mind working! From isolations to floor exercises, this class is suitable for all experience levels and can be adapted to the skills of each attendee.
Actor Process Applied: A Practical Aesthetics Approach1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMExhibit A3 Expo[Jeremy Lee Cudd] - “Behaving truthfully within imaginary circumstances” will be the working definition of acting at the foundation of the workshop. The goal is to introduce students and teachers to a practical process language that clearly defines the job of the actor while emphasizing the discipline necessary to make our work truthful and compelling. This process language will be applied to several well-known and “overdone” monologues to illustrate the specifics of a Practical Aesthetics approach.
Dramaturgy Case Studies1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMExhibit A4[Cynthia SoRelle] - Production dramaturgy can be contextualized as a significant and imaginative resource for the actor, director, designer, and audience. When used to educate and immerse actors in a play's historical, cultural, social, political, and theatrical position, dramaturgy becomes the director's best friend. Dr. SoRelle served as the annual ATHE Dramaturgy competition chair for 20 years and has assessed the work of undergraduates and graduates from the US and Canada in adjudication conferences with dozens of professional dramaturgs and literary managers at major American and Canadian theatres. In this workshop you will gain access to some model dramaturgical case studies--presented with permission of the "turgs," many of whom are now working professionals--and also learn about what makes a winning dramaturgical portfolio .
NYC DRAMA TOUR - 7 Secrets to Success1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMHibiscus/Daffodill[Rich Abrams] - We will reveal 7 secrets that all group leaders should know about planning a drama tour to New York City...from how to get started to how to get the most bang for your buck!
The Perils and Glories of Translations: Moliere1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMWisteria/Iris/Tulip[Dr. Jonathan Marks] - Using the plays of Moliere, we will explore, in a participatory manner, the importance of choosing a workable translation: what can make a translation hard to deal with, and what can make one a platform for launching a production that works to the cast's advantage. We'll sample several different versions of the same scenes, choose the ones that seems to work best, and begin to explore them using student actors.
It's NOT just Fun and Games1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMFloral Hall A2[Patricia Ramirez] - Games are not just for fun! Games help students get comfortable, warmed up and focused. They also develop important skills required for acting and performing. Games can teach vocabulary and Theater History. Join in this hands-on session and learn some NEW games that will actively engage your students.
Simple Directing Techniques for Big Impact1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMSalon B[Emily McLemore] - This workshop focuses on simple directing techniques for big impact. A perfect workshop for new directors, students and anyone who needs a refreshing approach to directing.
Tell the Darn Story1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMGarden Cay[Billy Dragoo] - Have a shortage of good actors? Need activities/strategies to enhance your students' acting? Billy Dragoo shares ways to actually coach acting. Come prepared to possibly work a short scene provided.
Stage Curtains 1011/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMTraining Room[John Owens Sr.] - This session will provide an historical view of stage drapes and specialty curtains with a detailed look at recent changes to IFR fabrics. We will explore the fabrics and construction methods which make for quality curtains and how to specify the special details so you can get great long lasting curtains. We will also touch on the various curtain tracking systems available.
Audition is Not a Four-Letter Word1/25/20188:00 AM9:15 AMBluebonnet/Jasmine[Sally Story] - Whether your monologue is of classical or contemporary text, all actors need to know how to break down their monologues, be comfortable with the language, and most importantly, have fun with it. In this 75-minute workshop, participants must come with a fully memorized one-to-two minute monologue that we will work on. Constructive criticism will be offered, and you may perform improvisation exercises to enhance your performance. We will also learn to apply the Practical Aesthetics Technique (a more objective-based acting style) to your piece.
TETA Board of Directors Meeting1/25/20188:00 AM10:45 AMBoard Room[Charlie Hukill]
Welcome to TETA: New Members Orientation1/25/20188:30 AM9:30 AMFloral Hall A1[Annie Dragoo] - New to TETA? This session is designed to provide pertinent information about the structure of the organization. Attendees will learn about the roles of the Board of Directors, goals of the organization and convention, and opportunities to get involved. Time for questions and answers will be included.
Registration Continues in Moody South Foyer1/25/20189:00 AM2:00 PMMoody South Foyer[K'Lynn Childress and Maggie Rodriguez]
UIL Film Contest - Film Equipment1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMGarden Terrace[JP Gregoriew and Chris Caddel] - Take a look at several filmmaking ‘kit’ options under $2,000 that takes advantage of your student’s smartphone as the primary camera source for creating the next UIL winner. Numerous low cost lighting, camera support, lens, audio and grip gear will be on display to examine and discuss.
Scene Shop Preppers: Creating a “Go” bag for shop survival1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMSalon A[John Dement] - This hands-on workshop will guide you in selecting, using, and teaching the proper tools for a small scene shop at a high school or small college. We will explore the most common and the most used hand tools and hand-held power tools from hammers to cordless impact wrenches. If you are considering freelance scenic carpentry as a side career, this is also a great workshop.
PlayFest 10-Minute Play - Session One: Stage Reading1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMExhibit A1[Respondents: Karen King, Sherry Frank and members of the PlayFest Committee] - Stage Reading – College Student Category: The Answer is in the Cube by Alex Duty, Missives by Elizabeth Keel, Reptilians by Eric Moore, To the Weeping Willow by Jeana Magallon
You have new LED's!! Now what?1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMSalon C[Rob Crane] - LED's add flexibility to your lighting, but also add several steps when getting them hooked up. We will talk about power requirements, DMX requirements, and what you need to know to get your lighting console talking to your fixtures.
TETA Board of Advisors Meeting1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMExecutive Conference[Pam Meyercord]
The Art of Stage Management for Students: Special Guest: Rachel Bush1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMSalon F[Rachel Bush] - Tips, Advice, and Paperwork from the profession.
Academic Symposium Panel--Rising from Disaster: Playwriting Call to Action1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMAzalea/Rose/Orchid[Adam Howard] - A presentation of Scholarly Research and Papers from the Academic Symposium sponsored by the TETA Higher Education Section.
Drama Works! Teaching System: Digital/Print Components Workshop1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMSalon G[Jonas Basom] - Author Jonas Basom, named California’s Outstanding Arts Educator, will lead a detailed workshop in how to use the digital and print components of the all-new Drama Works! Teaching System (previously known as The Drama Game File), approved for textbook adoption by the Texas State Board of Education for grades K-12 (the only state-approved option for grades K-8). Bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and you will be provided with a temporary login to Drama Works! Online so you can learn how to navigate the curriculum and find a wealth of practical strategies and resources for classroom management, lesson planning, arts integration, enhancing literacy, and meeting the TEKS. Discover how to use the new posters and visual aids, setup technology solutions for your classroom, and get more out of the digital curriculum. Learn how to use the print components (Creativity Cards, Vocabulary Cards, and Companion Book of Lesson Plans) in combination with the digital (Drama Works! Online) to get the most out of the entire system. Includes time for Q&A. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from a master teacher and national consultant in drama education.
Villains, Aliens & Freaks! Exploring the World of Voice Acting 1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMSalon H[Barry Yandell] - Having experienced great success as a working voice actor, (Featured on The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, FUNimation, video games, etc.), Barry Yandell offers insight into this OTHER world of performance career. Learn how to connect with reluctant students and/or gain tips on becoming a professional voice actor yourself!
Sound Design: Tips, Tricks, and Hints1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMVines 2[RaMina Mirmortazavi] - This workshop is designed to help directors who struggle with designing sound for any show. We will talk about the process of sound design, what programs are good for editing and running sound, how to get permission to use songs, and why that can be a complicated issue.
"You're Hired!" - Tips from a Fine Arts Administrator on Job Applications1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMIvy 1[Richard Thomas] - Resumes, cover letters, interviews, references....all of these (and more) play a critical role in any job application, regardless of how many years of teaching experience you have. Mr. Thomas has been involved with job screening, interviewing, and hiring for many years and he will share valuable lessons learned regarding the application process (especially what NOT to do!) For example, never send or attach a document in Word format! Mr. Thomas will go through specific advice and suggestions on all aspects of the application process, from the initial application and inquiry all the way through the job interview (and beyond!)
Laban Movement Analysis for Training Actors and Building Ensemble1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMExhibit A4[Micah Goodding] - This is a practice-based workshop where attendees can choose to either observe or participate in exercises exploring Rudolph Laban's system of integrated movement. A familiarity with Laban's approach to actor training has become increasingly essential for professional actors, acting teachers, and directors. In this workshop, we will address ways to implement LMA into ensemble work and characterization.
Lighting Lab, No facility, No Budget, No Equipment, No problem!1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMHibiscus/Daffodill[Molly McFarling-Alvarado] - Teaching the impact of Lighting Design can be a struggle when you don't have the equipment to show it. Even if you do have the equipment, this is a great place to start. Using simple supplies, an entire class can create a design without having to wait to use the a light board, needing a laptop, or using expensive apps. This lighting lab will help them understand the impact and theory of Lighting Design in one of simplest way possible.
Fantastic Community Musical Fun!1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMWisteria/Iris/Tulip[April Reck] - Get your feeder pattern schools involved....Use your fall show to build your program by including 3rd grade through 12 grade in your event! Learn how I have involved my community in this process for the past 3 years with the challenges and successes... JR vs full musical, Special Needs, More Parental Involvement, and Adminstrative Involvement.
UIL Theatrical Design: Ask the State Director1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMViewfinder terrace[Rachael Gomez] - Come and meet the State Director for the UIL Theatrical Design Contest and ask questions, offer suggestions and network with other coaches. Whether you are new to the contest or have been with it from the beginning, our collective minds will always make things better!
Ready to inventory your theatre? Let's make it happen this year!1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMTraining Room[Margaret Messick] - Every year you look at your costumes, props/sets and equipment and say you are going to organize and inventory it all - but there just doesn't seem to be enough time, money or people to make it happen. In this session we will go over how to create a proposal for funds/equipment to present to your Dept Chair or Booster Club . We will present the planning stages and choices/purchases you have to make to get your project up and going. There are many benefits to having an inventory including ease of finding items, creating a rental program, training for students to take to new jobs and insurance documentation. Make this year the one to get it all organized.
Directing UIL One Act Play in Middle School1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMIvy 2[Jared Berry] - After directing UIL OAP with middle school students numerous times, I've seen the benefits it brings to their learning and their appreciation of theatre. Such a project has lots of pieces in the overall puzzle. This session will cover suggestions and examples of planning, organization, script selection, working with parents, administration, holding students accountable, actor coaching, staging, working with student suggestions, and helping 11-14 year olds to appreciate an adjudicator/clinician's critique.
Boosting Your Theatre Program1/25/20189:30 AM10:45 AMBluebonnet/Jasmine[Latresa Clark] - This workshop will offer guidance on increasing show attendance, building parent support, building community support, and increasing student/school buy-in. Tip on building your booster club and paperwork/templates for booster clubs, Theatre handbooks, and much more!
Directing the One-Act Play1/25/20189:30 AM12:15 PMSalon B[Carlen Gilseth] - Taught by a director who has won and lost at every level of contest, this workshop is designed for beginning and intermediate directors who have little or no experience directing the UIL One Act Play. It will cover the nuts and bolts of researching, casting, and blocking the play in order to bring the script to life!
Foam Aesthetic1/25/20189:30 AM12:15 PMVine 1[Alicia Green] - Do you have a low budget theatre program? Do you wonder how you are going to make your set look realistic but at a fair price? Foam aesthetics is just for you! In this class, you will learn how to turn cheap insulated sheathing from your local hardware store into theatrical masterpieces. You will get a hands on experience painting faux wood grain, stone, and brick on to foam sheets. In the class, we will also learn how to carve foam into basic props. You will receive lesson plans for a 6-week technical theatre unit and instruction on how to teach your students to paint faux techniques in a small space. This is great for teachers that need technical theatre lessons in small spaces.
How to Tribe: Warm-up Techniques for Ensembles1/25/20189:30 AM12:15 PMExhibit A2 Expo[Emily Johnson] - This workshop will teach warm-ups, games, and meditation exercises geared towards helping your ensemble become a tribe. All techniques learned may aid you in bringing your students together, while breaking barriers that hinder a fully committed cast. Attendees will experience a hands on approach to learning this techniques through participating as students would.
Technical Theater Educators - Curriculum Planning 1/25/20189:30 AM12:15 PMFloral Hall A1[Technical Theatre Educators] - As the admin of the Technical Theater Educators group on Facebook (that has recently broken 1,300 members including teachers from all levels and all over the world) we are looking to leverage our growing network to create a comprehensive and accessible curriculum set, including national standards based on current industry best practices, useful practical life skills, and with an eye toward preparing our students to pursue Technical Theater as a course of study in higher education, and as a viable support for a whole range of potential careers in theater and beyond. We’re hoping to use this session (I’ve had at least a dozen educators who will be at the conference express interest already) as a starting point for this process, to decide on the best avenues for moving forward, and to hopefully interact with other teachers who are not yet aware of our goals.
Convocation Rehearsal1/25/20189:30 AM2:00 PMExhibit B[Greg Arp]
PlayFest One Act Play - Session One: Stage Reading1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMExhibit A1[Respondent: PlayFest Special Guest – National Playwright’s Conference Semi-Finalist, Brian Quijada] - Stage Reading - High School Student Category: Virginia by Caleb Dukes
Overview of the Summer MA at the University of Houston1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon H[Jessica Ferrarone] - Earn your Master's Degree in 3 summers at UH! This session will provide an overview of the Summer MA experience at UH including the application instructins and insights about the program.
TTAO Open Forum1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMFloral Hall A2[Mark Pickell] - Time to get together, ask, discuss and share information about the UIL OAP Contest.
Beat It!1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon E[Aimee Kasprzyk] - How do you teach kids the way to find a through line or how to edit material? Even more, how do YOU as a director and teacher deal with huge pieces of literature? Learn to find the beats within the over-all story line and analyze and edit with much more expertise than ever before! This can work for plays scripts, monologues, and prose or poetry pieces!
UIL Middle School Playlist Committee Meeting1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMBoard Room[Amy Medina]
Academic Symposium Panel--Scholars Debut Papers Project1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMAzalea/Rose/Orchid[Eric Skiles] - A presentation of the winners of the Scholarly Debut Papers Project
From Fashion Croquis to Quality Costume Designs1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon C[Emily McLemore] - A beginner's guide to creating quality costume designs. Participants will learn how to draw fashion croquis as well as how to translate a basic figure drawing into a proportionate and well executed costume design.
One Act Play Prep Kit - Act 1 Special Guest: Demond Wilson1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon D[Demond Wilson] - Demond Wilson shares his tools for preparing a Drama Department to produce a successful One Act Play.
Text Analysis for a Unified Director's Vision1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon F[Cleo House, Jr.] - The fate of any production is sealed well before casting, design meetings, or your first rehearsal. It is only with a clear vision can a director create a memorable performance. Vision is established through concise textual (play analysis). This workshop shop will offer a check list for directors when analyzing a script for production that will lead to a stronger unified production that keeps actors, designers, and directors all on the same page. This workshop is both audience participation and presenter presentation.
Put your Voice Overs into Animation and Beyond1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMSalon G[Deborah Stone] - Ever think about what it takes to be a character in an animated film or series? Join Deborah Stone, director of the international series, The Adventures of Azzu and Gazzu, as she takes you through the steps of putting together a voice-over demo, the audition process and creating your character for the film.
Establishing a Student Design Program1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMVines 2[Bob Fowler] - For teachers and students who are interested in starting or enlarging a student design program. Student designs that are actually realized in school productions address higher thinking skills, promote ensemble amongst production staff, and provide students with portfolio material of actualized productions. Practical tips for setting up curricular and extra-curricular programs will be addressed.
From the Page to the Stage 1/25/201811:00 AM12:15 PMExhibit A3 Expo[Special Guest: Kevin Rigdon]
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