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Round 49
Signed up to be an "engaged" volunteer at my local books to prison project
Small action related to gun control campaign:

Read some of the recommended links
taught a yoga fundraiser class for the Give Back Yoga Foundation, which supports and funds research-based, clinically tested yoga programs for marginalized populations. The event came together at the eleventh hour and was post-Thanksgiving, yet we still raised $75 for the organization! :)
donated to Humsafar Trust, the main group responsible for India repealing its imperial-era anti-sodomy law
started attending meetings to get involved in the Black Lives Matter at School week of action (Feb 4-8, 2019) in NYC.
donated a little to the local library, grateful for all the books I got to read this year.
Round 48
The last two weeks have been challenging. I grew up in Thousand Oaks, where a mass shooting occurred last week and was immediately followed by wildfires. TO was never a particularly welcoming place for a queer, liberal daughter of a brown immigrant. After the events of last week, however, I felt a deep and personal sense of sadness for the community. I have been trying to honor and foster this empathy that I'm feeling for ALL of the people effected by the shooting and fires. Adding two suggestions to Talisa's list of places to donate, for anyone interested: a crowdsourcing fundraiser to supply more firefighters with hydration packs, and 805 Undocufund, which provides disaster relief to undocumented immigrants who are excluded from government aid programs.;
researched ways to help out victims of the Camp Fire
participated in #PicketTheProfiteers in Troy, NY. We protested the NY Health Plan Association - trade & lobby group of health insurance + business VPs. They literally are monsters. I had hope that there would be humanity, but I was disappointed.

Truth: The U.S. spends twice as much on healthcare than any other democracy, but we have worse health outcomes. We die younger... more of our babies and mothers die during childbirth... etc etc etc[0]=68.ARDg_G5biiJczcAXxZ16LnzsWhqI1SygGp08dgNY-y8ZXLyT5QNR-f4SIPZiZ8HUR7jMLaWdvlAJwTg64XXzQVm5RugY8BNs0ZCQVvMnV694gcVQNYB2GrEU1_hzjO6EAENkzqNHa1vx43tToPoIDcmalMxYsUqZJ3i6jCZYrSGjCK5JSKJnfebWFIcyS1wIq3gshU_hgWAiA3PdvL4sy9yV1A7WbldV1Kje0ycYBg48AbS8lg08hZpRL7f9LxBkI1c-N4rFyMpNuroSttJGOzLBDDh5yLDzTJcKWvIsNvCZSf37vl-EueP2PB0-2YiAkBArUycJ6-O7BIRQW08MPLF8RPGRglN9GpspiA&__tn__=-R
Participated in a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon hosted by 500 Women Scientists to help reduce bias on this well-used online source. We researched and wrote about the achievements of women as a contribution to giving trailblazing women scientists the Wikipedia pages they deserve.

Together with Thomas Halaczinsky, I made a video to kick off the first conference of Preserve Plum Island, a coalition of 100+ organisations who want to save this island - that is owned by the People of the United States - from sale to a private entity. Their plan is to turn large parts of it into a nature preserve and come up with funding as well as suitable uses for the rest of the island. We donated our work and the video, and the coalition used it at their conference on Friday, but they haven't uploaded it on their website yet, so I can't provide a link - but you can read about the activists' mission and the island's background at Preserve Plum Island.'-wikipedia-edit-a-thon-11-17-2018 (for the specific event) and for the edit-a-thon hosts and, for my second thing,
Round 47
participated in a walk for Type 1 Diabetes and helped raise over $5000 for our team
researched the candidates/proposals on my midterm election ballot and made a donation to Wikipedia
voted and advocated for my work to promote on our social media/created the posted to share that we have started paying the Shuumi Land Tax
Mid-term volunteering and donating! Wrote postcards, text-banked, and donated to local and federal campaigns and organizing groups.
Round 46
Started an instagram page to bring awareness to a my dissertation project titled "Consciousness is Power: APIDA Critical Race Resistance" IG page: apida_resistance. I'm really excited to elevate APIDA voices by asking folks to submit short videos/photos with captions answering the question of "What does your resistance look like?" IG: apida_resistance
text banked and wrote postcards for candidates and donated to the Black Voters Matter Fund.;;
Accepted invitation today to be on the online advisory board for Reading Partners NYC which requires reviewing the Quarterly Progress Reports every three months, and contributing to the private advisory board forum, and a small monthly least financial commitment to have some "skin in the game".

Maybe someone in this forum can help answer the first question I saw: "I'm trying to figure out the best way to recruit more millennial volunteers and wanted to ask for ideas on the best messaging..." or, perhaps even consider becoming a volunteer although it's probably a challenge during the week. Dad and I volunteered in 2012 and it was a great experience :)
had a passionate argument about whether or not to vote, sparked by this (well-argued) piece by Joshua Clover about taking seriously the nearly 100 million people who did not vote in 2016
Discussed the generational and cultural power dynamics in The Joy Luck Club at a magazine launch for the Rice issue of Peddler Journal. Was pleasantly surprised to see that the audience was comprised with a diversity of attendees including non-Asians and men. Discovered both Peddler Journal and also the event and community space the publisher runs, Neighborhood Studio! /
created an image to inspire people to register to vote and/or check if they are still registered, and sent it to friends and social media, asking to share it.
attended a conference called Brave and Creative: Early Childhood Practices For a Just World with Little Chairs Big Differences. I got to meet Patricia Okoumou the activist that climbed the statue of liberty last 4th of July in protest of our current administration's immigration policy and in protest of the separating of children from their families. She was inspiring! I also attended a wonderful workshop about Black Lives Matters in education.
Made midterm-focused donations to the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Indivisible, plus a friend's documentary film on the race to preserve and archive 20,000 films to preserve India's cultural heritage. Signed up for a phone/text/postcard writing party this Saturday at Thoughtworks in New York!
Round 45
Watched Christine Blasey Ford testify and felt in awe of her bravery, courage, and intellect.
attended a Physicians for a National Health Program forum (NYC) on Segregation and Racism in Healthcare - they have great events every month

attended the third annual Forward Union Fair - a social justice fair with great art, great panels, great organizations

participated in a march for Botham Jean, organized by NYC Shut It Down - they have People's Monday every Monday - follow them on Facebook @nycshutitdown or Twitter @NYC_ShutItDown to find out more! .[0]=68.ARCvRK1bYUzvj40fwcw9e-1Gap7Cyd9xvGODCIudSfWCBZQABesW3GkY8m6-aCeghwWA0WD_-v3l5xhBMPx8ynp1IFq93FmdLJ-WJKaQVUF0t2_K5Mn9Jv2s_YUSS4vNMu5r_G1RjdGYIdaJ3Z4JVcHBLAJbA3KVUW9jFKgvJImfbmPN9giA&__tn__=-R
attended a march against Kavanaugh and donated to Indivisible
Connected one of my students to a job–and helped mentor her through her first paid UX gig. My student is American (which is a minority in my classroom) and POC. This gig in particular was neat bc it is based on the collected Q&A data at a planned parenthood-like family planning organization in Rochester NY specifically for spanish speaking people. Bonus news is that the team wants to bring my student on after launch to keep working on the project.
helped organize a one-day conference on Friday for lawyers, vets, and law enforcement officers about understanding and addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. As our keynote speaker said, is there a more important time to stand up for people who are threatened and abused by their "partners" than now?
I've been angry and frustrated. I have found community with my family, friends, and co-workers who are just as angry and frustrated. We talked openly about the testimony and what it means for us, how we're even more mobilized to vote, and donate to various campaigns outside of California. I donated to CA Senator Kamala Harris and IN Senator Joe Donnelly. I also donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Donated to Stacy Abrams, Beto O'Rourke, and Andrew Gillum,,
Reminded my (white straight cis-male) manager that, when I was a relatively new employee and told him I was uncomfortable about how handsy our the owner of the business is, he (my manager) both took me seriously and shared some of his own (uncomfortable) experience, and that this really mattered to me. I did this because I think my manager is someone who makes a serious effort to treat people well, and who also is not perfect (e.g. sometimes his jokes are pretty inappropriate) and who is somewhat shaken/confused/uncomfortable about the #metoo movement, so I wanted to remind him, in this moment, exactly what he did in the past that had a positive impact on me. Importantly I have also told him that I think the gay jokes in our workplace would make it a hard place for a lot of gay people to work. (I am a gay person ;P)
Called senators and pleaded no vote. Cried on Fords testimony. Felt even though I can now vote( unable to in South Africa) it doesn’t matter. Evil overcomes good.
Organized and made future plans with my fellow board members at The Authority Collective, a group of womxn, femmes, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people of color reclaiming their authority in the photography, film and VR/AR industries.
signed up to canvas on an upcoming weekend.
Round 44
Besides voting, supported Queen's Writers Resist in JH Plaza
donated to the Cancel Cavanaugh campaign, organized by Womens March. or
Attended Queens Writers Resist at the diversity plaza in Jackson Heights
Round 43
signed this petition to release the belongings of Dr. Anand Teltumbde, whose book was the most important secondary source for my senior thesis. Dr. Teltumbde was one of many prominent anti-caste and communist intellectuals targeted by Indian police this summer.
I have been super swamped with going back to school both as a teacher and grad student but promised myself I would get back into Last2Weeks and try to work more deliberate activism into my life. But for now all I can really say I’ve done is prepare to vote Thursday and attempt to challenge some heteronormative assumptions in my child development class :)
Donated to a bunch of anti-IDC campaigns ahead of the NY primaries Thursday!
Round 42
Unexpectedly affected by Catholic abuse report and Pope’s response. I was raised Catholic, was an important part of my life till somewhere in college.
read up on the National Prison Strike, and thought about how I can love Crazy Rich Asians while noting it's not perfect or fully representative.
Donated to Beto O'Rourke's campaign in Texas.
decided to stop donating to HRC and find another national organization that is more trans-friendly and racially and economically representative of LGBTQIA+ people. If you have suggestions, I'd welcome them!
"Build with, not for" has long been an important tenant for me. As our podcast team continues to develop our first season, I've been thinking a lot about practical ways to bring our audience into our show-making process. We recently sent people from our community panel a rough outline of our pilot episode and their feedback was so helpful in helping us refine our storytelling. On the flip side, I started my MFA program this week (in Film/TV Writing), where I get to focus on the statements and stories I want to make as an individual. I'm excited about the balance and the ways both pursuits have helped me think about representation and the power of stories.
Round 41
Donated to the Ocean Clean-up
got a second job to put my fears about money to rest! with a busy schedule, i'm trying to workout, connect with friends, and generally stay present instead of drowning in avoidant activities (oh hello tv!). my self care habits generally involve running (with beat thumping music), small face massages at the beginning and end of the day à la Isabelle Bellis, face masks made of cold yoghurt + milled oatmeal, and giving my emotions space to just be. i also am letting go of a past love, who i thought i would have babies with, so both sad and excited for the space that that will create in my heart.
researched my local and statewide candidates for the August primary elections -- bye Scott Walker! (hopefully)
chose to support an organization called EveryDistrict, "focused on legislative districts at the state level"
Decided to try out Patreon to fund some of my smaller post-election
Made donations to local campaigns!
Round 40
Signed up to volunteer with Girls on the Run
Read Hunting Eichmann by Neal Bascomb about the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann after WWII
got very involved in conference planning, for the Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims conference this October in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month. The conference is meant for veterinarians, social workers, police officers, attorneys, domestic abuse advocates, and other professionals who encounter animal abuse in their work and want to better understand how to address it and the connection between animal abuse and family violence.
interviewed Virginia Eubanks about her book "Automating Inequality", which made me - and hopefully, lots of other people once the interview is published - aware of how easy it is to think that data-based decision-making was neutral - and why it mostly isn't.
Attended an inspiring Female Founders Breakfast and met a lot of inspiring and supportive female entrepreneurs. Learned about Female Founder Office Hours, where female VCs and founders offer advice and mentorship for female founders!
The past 3 weeks have been pretty hectic which means I had to pass on a lot of events and direct actions that I would have wanted to join in on (like canvassing, phone banking, and accompaniment training.) So I gave money instead of time - to Everytown, to various local campaigns, to friends' projects, and to Code For America's "Clear My Record" project to auto-expunge eligible criminal records (instead of putting the burden on people to navigate the bureaucracy). I also took steps to 'activate' the community panel for the Asian American podcast I'm working on. We're taking a pretty unconventional approach to ensuring our stories are inclusive and grounded, and I'm really excited about how we're doing it and the strong response we've gotten so far.
Round 39
Attended the Free Our Future march in Minneapolis to protest family internment at the border
donated my design skills to help build a website for the Parole Preparation Project
started our newsroom's first large, multimedia project, trying to investigate why a rural school closed - is it because it is perceived as being a black school? Has the county failed to invest in the area, for a similar reason, and that's caused the declining population?
Brought friends to the Keep Families Together rally
Have made relanch plan for my urban-rural penpal project
went to a rally to protest the supreme court upholding of the Muslim ban, tried to attend Chuck Schumer's town hall before he canceled it, and wrote letters to my senators about resisting Trump's supreme court nominee in all ways possible. Gave money to help a young man wrongly convicted of a crime with his appeal process.;
donated to RAICES, got back from vacation ready to take a proactive approach again with all the issues with this administration
went to the Families Belong Together rally and felt the tiniest bit better being in that crowd. Donated on the Fourth to causes that support the American values that I believe in.
Round 38
Donated to the Texas Civil Rights Project in the effort to stop family separations at the border
I realized over the last two weeks that paralysis was starting to set in. I was starting to get complacent, because I was tired of being angry and feeling powerless. Of course, a conscious attempt to re-engage with issues that matter to me helped that feeling go away. But it's scary how easy it was to slowly fade away from being more involved.
Emailed everyone I know it Maryland to contact their reps to stop a new policy that limits the places state prisoners can get their books from. They would have to order books from online retailers and stop nonprofit groups like the one I volunteer with from sending stuff for free. Good news: the calling worked! But other states are constantly trying to do this so we have to be vigilant.
was so shocked about how many media both in the U.S. and abroad used a quote by the president as their headline for news about the executive order (saying he ends family separation, yay). So I dived into research and I recorded a short podcast - in German - about what the eo says, what that means, and what the consequences are/could be. I did so for 2 reasons: People in other countries need to learn what's going on here, and Germany currently is in a dicy political situation tied to questions of how to handle refugees/immigrants, with some politicians seemingly drawing inspiration from the U.S. government.

I also donated to Women's Refugee Commission. Thank you for the list, so helpful! OR, for the donation:
Attended Queens Writers Resist ; donated to RAICES
@queenswritersresist ;
Dealt as best as I could with the end of the school year and the utterly heartbreaking news. Donated to RAICES. Attended Brooklyn pride and NYC dyke march. Worked on strengthening my school's commitment to anti-bias education as we plan for next year.
Donated to ActBluesee my screenshot!
Voted in the NY primaries and matched your donations :).
Round 37
participated in NYS Poor People's Campaign and recruited businesses to sign the business petition for the NY Health Act (freelancers count! your corner bodega counts! your coffeeshop counts! etc etc )
Read & watched from links sent including: politics of ugly delicious, the pain we still need to feel (regarding lynching), straws won't save our oceans. Thanks!
Per your recommendation I read "Banning Straws Won't Save the Oceans," which was a really eye-opening read! I started thinking, "Well, dang, what *can* I do?" If you were wondering the same thing after reading, here's a basic but decent list from the Oceanic Society (; it includes great info on supporting plastic bag bans and a few reputable organizations to donate to.
called our Republican congressman and asked him to walk the way he talked about net neutrality in December - telling his aide that the only way to prove he supports a free and open internet is signing the discharge petition so Congress will vote on the CRA that can undo the FCC's new rules.
Quick info about why net neutrality matters: And here's more about what we can do about that:
Spent a lot of time working on the podcast. Plus, went back to class for "Alumni College" at my alma mater (Gallatin @ NYU) and learned about Latin American politics, evolution of border policy in the US, and the 1970s New York financial crisis.
Round 36
Donated to "How to Be A Girl" and to "Infinite Family"
helped produce a podcast episode about how 21st century experimental poetry goes beyond "nature poetry" in responding to our unfolding environmental crises
Double checked to see if I am registered to vote in upcoming local elections (Tuesday, June 26!)
voted in the California primaries!
participated in an 8-day vipassana meditation course in MA. I'm so inspired by Audre Lorde's insightful wisdom: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” The more I give to myself, the more I'm overflowing with joy and service to offer to others.
I sent money to a friend to set up a year of monthly donations for an immigrant rights network or a group that can solve ICE's abusiveness. I'll let you know which group we end up choosing. In the meantime, does anyone have advice for people trying to do activism and journalism at the same time but separately? Some workplaces view outside activism - even donations and petitions! - as a conflict of interest.
Attended a Little Chairs Big Differences racial justice conference for kids and their grown-ups and subscribed to the organization’s newsletter.
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