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The following is a working list of patent open data companies maintained by Professor Colleen Chien and Reuben Bauer. We welcome your corrections and suggestions at
Special thanks to Dave Feldmeier, CEO of Twin Dolphin Software, for suggesting a number of these entries. The description information and category data are taken from public websites.
Company NameCategoryDescriptionSource
1Lex MachinaLitigationGoogle doc
2Docket NavigatorLitigationGoogle doc
3RPXLitigationGoogle doc
4Darts IPLitigationGoogle doc
5UnifiedLitigationGoogle doc
Business intelligence using patents
Google doc
7IFI ClaimsPure patent data feedGoogle doc
8TDSPure patent data feedGoogle doc
9Cambridge IPPure patent data feedGoogle doc
10Cardinal IPDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
11ClearAccessIPDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
12IPFolioDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
13AppCollDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
14FoundationIPDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
15LecorpioDocket/docket viewGoogle doc
16InnographyPatent toolsGoogle doc
17PatBasePatent toolsGoogle doc
18AcclaimIPPatent toolsGoogle doc
19SnapIPPatent toolsGoogle doc
20IP.comPatent toolsGoogle doc
21ThomsonPatent toolsGoogle doc
22LexisNexis Total PatentPatent toolsGoogle doc
23PatdekPatent toolsGoogle doc
24ktMINELicensing DataGoogle doc
25Royalty ConnectionLicensing DataGoogle doc
26RoyaltySourceLicensing DataGoogle doc
27RoyaltyStatLicensing DataGoogle doc
28Deloitte ReCAPLicensing DataGoogle doc
29Clean T AdvisorsLicensing DataGoogle doc
30Bioscience AdvisorsLicensing DataGoogle doc
Prosecution tools, some data feeds
Google doc
Prosecution tools, some data feeds
Google doc
Prosecution tools, some data feeds
Google doc
34Twin Dolphin SoftwarePAIR data setGoogle doc
35ReedPAIR data setGoogle doc
36Ace + ConsultingConsultants and Services
focuses on patent value and infringement opportunities. Patent assessment includes portfolio taxonomy and triage, prior art research, file history analysis, and generating claim charts/EOUs across a broad range of technical fields, such as consumer electronics, wireless, cloud computing, and social media.
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37AltimatiaConsultants and Services
Altimatia provides patent searching services, scientific literature searching services, and patent prosecution services. We specialize in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology areas.
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38ArancaConsultants and Services
helps innovation-led enterprises, law-firms, universities and R&D institutions with comprehensive prior-art services, patent valuation and monetization strategies. We blend our strengths in business research, valuation and patent research and cover the entire patent lifecycle from conceptualization to commercialization.
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39Article One PartnersConsultants and Services
A global IP research community that provides premium compensation to the members of its community that identify and submit prior art evidence for selected patents. Our mission is to add a crucial level of review to the U.S. patent system that can strengthen legitimate patents and reduce unjust patent monopolies.
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Bio Intellectual Property Services
Consultants and Services
Patent searches in chemical/pharmaceutical/medical/biotech arts.
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41BioXcelConsultants and Services
A research and analytics solution provider with exclusive domain expertise in biopharma and allied sectors. Conducts patent searching and analysis to support R&D, licensing, competitive intelligence, manufacturing, and marketing teams-using a cost-effective, global hybrid delivery model.
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Bright Information Group
Consultants and Services
provides patent information search services to support information professionals in pharmaceutical industries.
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Computer Patent Annuities
Consultants and Services
CPA has managed IP for over 35 years. Patent services include renewals, analytics (reports and consultancy), and outsourced IP support services. Trademark services cover renewals, online and offline watching, and searching. Software products bring web-based IP management solutions to attorney firms and corporations.
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44DANNALABConsultants and Services
A Netherlands-based CRO offering GLP/GMP characterization of pharmaceuticals combined with the analysis of relevant information disclosed in the patents. Our core expertise is the analysis of physical content obtained with X-ray techniques (XRPD, SAXS, WAXS). For patenting of new crystalline and amorphous forms (small-molecule drugs) or biologics (proteins) we offer: deriving x-ray, crystallographic, structure and meso-structure properties for use in specification and claims. We offer clearance and invalidation research based on crystallographic and image data analysis.
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45DataRoutesConsultants and Services
is a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals in intellectual property, engineering, R&D, market research and business with decades of experience working for Fortune 500 companies. We provide customized patent, R&D, legal, and market research services.
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46DeMarco IPConsultants and Services
Patent Research for Patent Attorneys. DeMarcoIP is a full service patent research firm that combines knowledge and experience to support patent attorneys in prosecution, litigation, and product clearance across a broad spectrum of technologies.
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47DextrasysConsultants and Services
An India-based patent services outsourcing company that provides patent searching, patent application writing, patent abstraction, patent drawings / illustration, and trademark searches to global business and professional customer
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48Dolcera LLCConsultants and Services
An India-based patent services outsourcing company that provides patent searching, patent application writing, patent abstraction, patent drawings / illustration, and trademark searches to global business and professional customer
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49Effectual ServicesConsultants and Services
A patent research services company providing support services for patent prosecution, management, licensing and litigation. Our spectrum of services include prior art searches, freedom to operate, invalidity / validity searches, infringement searches, design searches, landscaping studies, competitor watch, EoU / patent-to-product mapping charts, patent brokerage documents, and drafting and filing of patents. We serve small to mid-sized companies, multinational conglomerates, research institutions, law firms and venture capital firms.
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50Einfolge TechnologiesConsultants and Services
is a leading research and analytics company aggressively providing patent searches, patent analytics, patent landscape report, patent portfolio management, IP watch, business & market research, valuation services, patent drafting and PCT & national filing services. Our expertise covers electronic & telecommunications, mechanical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, food and green technology.
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E-merge tech Global Services
Consultants and Services
An India-based Intellectual Property services company providing IP services such as prior art searches, state of the art searches, validity searches, infringement searches, FTO searches, patent mapping, landscaping studies, technology tracking, white space analysis, patent analysis for in/out licensing, patent drafting, portfolio analysis, patent tracking and competitive intelligence studies, to international customers, with multi discipline and multi country expertise.
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52Envision IPConsultants and Services
Started by a patent attorney, our multi-disciplinary team includes patent agents, former USPTO examiners, and experienced industry professionals. We assist clients with patentability, invalidity, and freedom-to-operate searches, as well as competitive intelligence and patent landscaping.
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53EvalueserveConsultants and Services
provides IP searches, IP intelligence and analytics services, IP management process support, and R&D information to corporates, IP law firms and other professional services firms in the IP industry. Evalueserve provides: standard searches for preparation and prosecution IP and R&D intelligence such as patent landscaping, IP licensing and commercialization support, IP management / paralegal support, R&D information and library management.
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54Extract InformationConsultants and Services
was founded in January 2013 by Jane List to provide information industry consultancy, patent, scientific, legal and business search services, and training on IP information matters, and patent, NPL, databases and searching.
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55FilamentConsultants and Services
provide specialist intellectual property searching, analytics, monitoring and strategy services. our team has the legal background, technical skills and corporate experience to understand your requirements and deliver the results in a format is tailored to your target audience.
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56First PrincipalsConsultants and Services
Technology assessment, marketing, and commercialization services, including patent licensing.
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57Gazelle TechnologiesConsultants and Services
High quality and fast turn-around patent-related consulting, done by a US-based staff of attorneys, technologists and MBAs. Proprietary patent databases and analysis software. Work with law firms and product companies to organize, characterize, analyze, and compare patent portfolios for purposes including, among others, patent budget planning, M&A, valuation, licensing, competitor / technology tracking and litigation.
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58GEM Patent SErvicesConsultants and Services
provides affordable patent services for independent inventors and smaller businesses working on fixed budgets. Call for fixed-fee quotation.
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59GenericsWebConsultants and Services
provides patent intelligence to the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, allowing their customers to significantly reduce the risk of developing patent-infringing pharmaceuticals for global markets, and identify when and where they can launch products.
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60Global Patent SolutionsConsultants and Services
is an intellectual property research and consulting firm founded to meet the demanding needs of Inventors and IP professionals around the world for high-quality patent research and consulting.
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Harbor Consulting IP Services
Consultants and Services
The leading outsource provider to law firm, in-house and sole practitioner patent attorneys for meeting U.S. (37 CFR §§1.821-.825) and foreign (WIPO ST.25) Sequence Listing requirements. In addition, we perform sequence, text, and structure searches using various STN and public databases for freedom to operate, patentability, invalidity, and due diligence assessment purposes.
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62Hourglass ResearchConsultants and Services
is hi-tech sector focused patent services firm, founded in 2010, that helps organizations around the world secure, manage and monetize their IP assets.
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63HLP IntegrationConsultants and Services
A full service litigation support firm that specializes in patent research, e-discovery, review, and translation services.
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Ingenious e-Brain Solutions
Consultants and Services
provides patent services include patentability/validity, freedom-to-operate landscape/white space studies, bio sequence & chemical structure searching, preparation of biosequence listing, drafting, filing & prosecution, alerts & watches, accelerated examination searches, innovation scouting, valuation, portfolio management, competitive intelligence, and due diligence study.
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65Innovation Asset GroupConsultants and Services
Innovation Asset Group (IAG) empowers companies with DECIPHER™, an integrated software solution for the management of intellectual property assets and the contractual agreements that surround them.
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Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Development
Consultants and Services
A leading IP consulting and offshoring firm based in India and having client representations in US (California) and UK. IIPRD is one of the fastest growing IP firms in the country and along with its team of Patent Practitioners and Attorneys having high level of technical and legal expertise in US and European Patent Laws, focuses on IP Support Services, Patent Valuation, Commercialization and Litigation Support for Indian and International Corporates.
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67IntellectPeritusConsultants and Services
is a Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) consulting company, providing patent and non-patent search services and IP management services. We provide excellent quality of analysis clubbed with Innovigence Coronium & Corona, with only goal to fill the gap between quality analysis and interpretation of conclusive results to make smarter decisions.
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68Intepat IP ServicesConsultants and Services
A niche Intellectual Property consulting firm based in Bangalore India, providing services in a broad range of Intellectual Property matters, specializing in patent, trademark, and design. We offer a suite of leading-edge services in creation, protection and management of Intellectual properties.
PIUG Vendor
69IP PartnetConsultants and Services
The creator of ip-savvy™ and ip-invent™ series of proprietary tools for patent analysis and mapping, client and industry specific and in-depth patent analysis for biotechnology, medical, data storage, software, energy industries.
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70IPCalculusConsultants and Services
An Intellectual Property research and analytical consulting firm based in India, providing a full array of customized services: patent landscape and portfolio analysis; patent search, alert, legal status, trend analysis, and monitoring; patent to product mapping; and patent licensing.
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71ipfeathersConsultants and Services
An intellectual property consulting and advisory firm based in Mumbai (India) with strong and focused expertise in the areas of life sciences, biomedical devices, and petrochemical.
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72J&B PartnersConsultants and Services
A UK-based firm which offers high quality research services through patent and non-patent literature to enable clients to make important decisions relating to innovation, research and development, litigation and the commercialization of assets.
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73Landon IPConsultants and Services
specializes in professional prior art searching for the legal and research community. We also provide patent analytics and business intelligence services for attorneys, product managers and research scientists. Landon IP conducts searches for patent attorneys so they may counsel clients on patentability, infringement, freedom to operate, state of the art, and validity. The company also conducts complex technical analysis in support research and development, patent valuations, and IP licensing.
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74metroPatentConsultants and Services
Intellectual property research.
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75PatentCSIConsultants and Services
A patent consultancy firm that specializes in conducting customized searches and intelligence to cater to the specific needs of global businesses in today's dynamic IP landscape. We offer professional services in patent search, patent landscaping, patent infringement analysis, patent invalidity analysis and patent licensing support.
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76PatNMarksConsultants and Services
IP Consulting firm with offices in Austin, Bangalore and Chennai and associated with a vintage law firm specializing in intellectual property, M&A and contract law. Services include IP evaluation and identification, due-diligence, code-testing (for copyrights), valuation, and the traditional services supporting filing and prosecution of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. PatNMarks provides search services covering patent, trademark, copyright and design grants within India and worldwide. PatNMarks recently moved into the areas of IP-training for small and medium sized research centers.
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77PATSCANConsultants and Services
Patentability searches across a broad spectrum of technology, including chemical structure and nucleotide sequence searching. Also performs portfolio studies and competitive intelligence work related to patents.
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78PerquisitumConsultants and Services
Expert search services, including prior art, validity and freedom to operate searches, carried out by experienced UK-based information professionals.
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79Planet PatentConsultants and Services
A patent search company utilizing cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients thorough searches. Our experienced research team examines U.S. and foreign patents as well as non-patent prior art. We serve law firms, Fortune 500 businesses and independent inventors. Searching over 90 patent authorities using the latest technologies, including latent semantic analysis, we give our clients an edge.
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80PriorArtSearchConsultants and Services
Founded in 1997 by a U.S. Patent Attorney, we provide a full range of patent searches, including validity, infringement, freedom to operate, state of the art, landscape, and patentability. We also provide opinions of counsel, due diligence, competitive intelligence, pre-litigation investigations, offensive and defensive patent portfolio analysis, and patent litigation support.
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81QintellectConsultants and Services
is an emerging player offering timely and quality knowledge solutions based in India and US. We operate across three business verticals: IP and R&D Support, Business Support and Academic Research. We specialize in customized IP support from ideation to commercialization that align with your internal innovation processes.
PIUG Vendor
82Red Chalk GroupConsultants and Services
an IP professional services firm, serves senior executives and investment professionals with custom consulting services, investment research, and patent data and statistics. We integrate business, technical, and legal expertise by leveraging our proprietary patent database and network of technical experts to deliver decision-grade results in a timely and economic fashion.
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83RWS GroupConsultants and Services
The in-house team of technically qualified patent searchers offers patent and design searches and watches, non-patent literature searches and copies, file inspections and patent status reports.
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84Sagacious ResearchConsultants and Services
is an established patent information support firm providing highly economic global multi-lingual patent searches, patent licensing and other ip support services. value proposition of sagacious is uncomplicated - top-quality work product, fixed and cost-effective rates, and timely delivery.
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85Science IPConsultants and Services
Science IP provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive searches of the world's scientific and patent literature.
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SciTech Patent Art Services
Consultants and Services
is an intellectual property services firm with highly qualified technical personnel to provide services such as prior art search, analysis and mapping; novelty assessments; FTO searches; validity searches; white space identification; patent alert; SAO analysis. We do in-depth analysis for variety of discipline areas.
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Scope eKnowledge Center
Consultants and Services
is a global services company providing IP research and market intelligence support solutions to clients from the consumer goods, healthcare and technology sectors. Scope has more than two decades of experience and 600 subject matter experts. It carries out research related to the protection, management, enforcement and monetization of our client’s technological innovations. We offer patent search services, competitive monitoring services and complex patent analysis services.
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Stellarix Consultancy Services
Consultants and Services
An ISO certified company working aggressively in the field of patent research and analysis. Our team makes consistent efforts in refining and innovating the way, patent research and analysis is done and interpreted. We provide proprietary IP management "smart tools" to all our clients to fill the void between quality patent analysis and representation of conclusive results. Stellarix works on patent landscaping, competitive watch and intelligence, patent valuation, patent searching (invalidation, infringement, FTO, patentability etc.) for American, European and Asian companies and law firms.
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Technology & Patent Research International
Consultants and Services
A full service search firm dedicated to providing a superior level of patent and non-patent literature searching expertise to IP Professionals. TPR services encompass expert online database searching, as well as manual searches at patent offices and specialist libraries worldwide (U.S., Europe, Japan, China, etc.). Search types include invalidity, state-of-the-art, patentability, freedom-to-operate, patent watches, collections, etc. Expertise covers chemistry, polymers, pharma, biotech. and sequences, electronics, circuits, semiconductors, medical devices, mechanical engineering, etc.
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90TT ConsultantsConsultants and Services
A patent support services firm delivering patent prosecution support, landscape and patent analysis, and validity, patentability and state of the art searches to clients across the globe.
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Wolff Information Consulting LLC
Consultants and Services
Patent and trademark search service based in Germany.
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92DrugPatentWatch.comDatabase Producers & Suppliers
Provides patent data, sales statistics, industry trends, and comprehensive data on all FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. DrugPatentWatch also offers a free industry dashboard and patent expiration bulletin.
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93EquerionDatabase Producers & Suppliers
offers back-files, monthly updates or the development of new patent databases of official IP data from over 20 Latin American countries. Contents and databases are available in XML format and are ready to be distributed, licensed, acquired or embedded in a wide range of ways.
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94GenomeQuestDatabase Producers & Suppliers
The first intranet sequence search engine with percent identity and biological searching GenomeQuest allows IP bioanalysts to quickly establish freedom-to-operate and easily monitor competitor sequence IP positions. GenomeQuest works similar to premier web search engines, rapidly bubbling relevant records to the top. The software automates the reporting of the most important and relevant matches, minimizing tedious research, while providing advanced search algorithms so no relevant sequences are ever missed.
PIUG Vendor
SequenceBase Corporation
Database Producers & Suppliers
Producer of both USGENE on STN and the subscription version of USGENE for in-house use. The USGENE database provides search access to all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from published applications and issued patents of the USPTO; sequence data are available in USGENE within 3 days of publication by the USPTO.
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Online Services and Database Vendors
powered by Wisdomain is a patent search and analysis solution designed to integrate big patent data into ready-to-use information with a series of visualization tools delivering pin-point information for IP professionals all across the industry. With its newly developed Smart Tools, quickly delivers a wealth of IP information, including detailed statistics & analysis on worldwide registered patents and patent holding organizations.
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