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VarietyOriginTypeAlpha Acid LOW (%)Alpha Acid HIGH (%)Beta Acid LOW (%)Beta Acid HIGH (%)
Total Oil LOW (mL/100g)
Total Oil HIGH (mL/100g)
Co-Humulone LOW (%)
Co-Humulone HIGH (%)
Myrcene LOW (% of total oil)
Myrcene HIGH (% of total oil)
Caryophyllene LOW (% of total oil)
Caryophyllene HIGH (% of total oil)
Humulene LOW (% of total oil)
Humulene HIGH (% of total oil)
Farnesene (% of total oil)
Description ( ( StylesSubstitutionsSources (DO NOT IMPORT)Sources (DO NOT IMPORT)
Ahtanum®United StatesAroma5.76.356.50.81.2303550559 121620< 1Bred by Select Botanicals Group, Ahtanum® Brand YCR 1 is an aroma-type cultivar used for its aromatic properties and moderate bittering. The hop is named after the location where Charles Carpenter established the first hop farm east of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State in 1869.citrus grapefruit and geranium.India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Heffeweisen, American Ales, Lagers, Californian Common, BittersCascade, Amarillo®, Simcoe®, Centennial, Willamette
Amarillo®United StatesAroma811671.51.921246870249112 - 4Discovered and introduced by Virgil Gamache Farms in Washington State, Amarillo® Brand VGXP01 cv. is an aroma variety that has recently become one of the top 10 varieties utilized by the craft beer industry. It features relatively high alpha acids along with extremely high levels of myrcene for citrus and grapefruit flavors. As a result, it is an excellent dual purpose variety. Amarillo demonstrates good resistance to downy and powdery mildew.grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot and peach.American Wheat, American Pale Ale, American IPA, Amber Wheat BeersCascade, Centennial, Simcoe
AramisFranceAroma7. 7.520.921.12 - 4Closely resembling Strisselspalt, but with higher oil and alpha content, Aramis is the first variety from the Comptoir Agricole breeding program.spicy, herbal and subtle citrus. Pilsner, Lager, Wheat, Saison, India Pale Ale, Belgian Ales, Pale Ale, PorterWillamette, Challenger, Ahtanum™, Strisselspalter, Centennial, Chinook, Hallertau, Tettnang
AuroraSloveniaAroma78. 920255 - 10A diploid hybrid of Northern Brewer and a TG seedling of unknown origin, Aurora displays an intense yet pleasant aroma in finished beers. It is also known as Super Styrian.noble characteristics.American Pale Ale, Dark LagerStyrian Golding, Northern Brewer
BlancGermanyAroma9124. 203< 1Released in 2012, Hallertau Blanc is one of several new German varieties with bold flavor profiles, perfect for American-style Ales.floral and fruity with passion fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, grape and lemongrass overtones.American IPAs, American AlesNelson Sauvin
BobekSloveniaAroma3.5746.10.74273130454 613194 - 7A world-renowned couplet with moderate bitterness.intense and pleasant with floral and pine overtones.English Ale, Extra Special Bitter, Lager, PilsnerFuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding
Brewers GoldGermanyAroma5.5823.51.82.2404837407 82931< 1Originally bred in the United Kingdom by professor E.S. Salmon, Brewer's Gold has a high resin content and gives a well-balanced bitterness which is ideally complemented by late hop additions in lager beers.blackcurrant, fruity, and spicyAle, American Pale Ale, Bitter, Barley Wine, Imperial StoutBullion, Cascade, Galena, Northern Brewer (US), Northdown
CascadeUnited StatesAroma5.5967.50.82.5303545605 914206 - 9Originating from the USDA-ARA breeding program, Cascade is an aroma-type cultivar bred in 1956 and released in 1972. It was developed by open pollination of a Fuggle seedling. Cascade is the most popular variety in craft brewing and is known for having a unique floral, spicy and citrus character with balanced bittering potential.Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tonesPale ale, IPA, porter, barleywine Centennial, Amarillo, Columbus
Citra®United StatesAroma111534.51.53202460705 8712< 1Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007. Citra® Brand HBC 394 features fairly high alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of co-humulone. It is tolerant to downy mildew and powdery mildew with good pickability of dense, medium sized cones. Comprised of Hallertau Mittelfrüh, US Tettnang, Brewer's Gold and East Kent Golding.grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lycheeAmerican Pale Ale, American IPA, Double IPA, Amber AleSimcoe, Mosaic
CrystalUnited StatesAroma24.54.56.511.5202645604 81824< 1Bred in 1983 by the USDA, Crystal is a triploid aroma-type cultivar from Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Cascade, Brewer's Gold and Early Green. It is primarily grown in Oregon and has become increasingly popular among craft brewers due to its versatility in a variety of beer styles.woody and greenBitter, Pilsner, Light Lager, Golden Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Stout, Chocolate Stout, American LagerLiberty, Mount Hood, German Hallertau, Ultra, Strisselspalter, Hersbrucker
East Kent GoldingUnited KingdomAroma4.46.722.70.712930253510 153545< 1Developed from wild Canterbury Whitebine in the late 1700s, East Kent Godling is the quintessential English variety. It has been used in kettle and dry hopping and is known for is subtle citrus, floral and herbal characteristics.smooth and delicate with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon, orange, grapefruit and thyme overtones.Pale Ales, English Bitters, English Milds, English IPA, English Borwn Ales, English Barleywine, Stouts & Porters, Saisons, Christmas Ales, Golden Ales, Belgian Triple, Belgian Golden/Blonde, Irish Red, Scottish Ales,U.K. Golding, First Gold, Whitbread Golding, Progress, U.S. Golding
Ekuanot™United StatesAroma1315.5452.54313630458 121220< 1Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2014, Ekuanot™ Brand HBC 366 features pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content. This variety bursts out of the spring soil in vibrant yellow and gradually matures to a deep green color by fall harvest.melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, pine and fresh peppersPale Ales, IPAsCitra, Galaxy
Falconer's Flight 7C's®United StatesAroma910. 200550 - 20Developed by Hopunion LLC in 2011, Falconer's Flight hop pellets are an exclusive proprietary hop blend created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer. Proceeds from each Falconer's Flight purchase is contributed to the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation. These hop pellets are an excellent complement to many IPA and Pale Ale-oriented hop varieties.strong fruit and citrus characteristics with layers of spicy and earthy overtones.US-Style IPAs, Pale Ales, Lagers, IBAs, Black IPAs, APAsCitra, Simcoe, Amarillo, Falconer's Flight, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Cluster, Crystal,
Falconer's Flight®United StatesAroma9.512451.64.62025Developed by Hopunion LLC in 2010, Falconer's Flight hop pellets are an exclusive proprietary hop blend created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer. Proceeds from each Falconer's Flight purchase is contributed to the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation. These hop pellets are an excellent complement to many IPA and Pale Ale-oriented hop varieties.distinct tropical, floral, lemon and grapefruit characteristics. India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Lager Cascade, Columbus, Centennial
FuggleUnited StatesAroma45.51.520.71.2253240506 1020264 - 5Similar to English Fuggle but with slightly higher alpha.mild, wood, mint, grass, subtle fruitEnglish Pale Ale, Belgian India Pale Ale, Extra Special Bitter, Brown Ale, Red AleFuggle (UK), Willamette, Styrian Golding, Tettnanger (GR)
GoldSloveniaAroma3. of Styrian Savinsjki Golding and released in 2009, Gold was bred to improve the agronomic values of the traditional Golding. Known for its distinct aroma, it is cultivated only in Slovenia.honey, oregano, basil, nettle and hayBelgian AlesNugget, Galena
GoldingUnited KingdomAroma46230.712328253513 163545< 1A classic British hop, Goldings have a background as East Kent Golding but are grown in Hereford and Worcester. They are complementary to Fuggles, providing floral and citrus overtones; an excellent selection for bitter, pale ale, ESB, blond, tripel, saison and kölsch-style beers.fragrant, floral, zesty lemon, orange and grapefruit.Winter Ale, Bitter, English Pale Ale, English Ale, Strong Ale, Copper Ale, Brown Ale, Summer Ale, Belgian AleGolding(US), Whitbread Golding Variety (WGV)
GoldingUnited StatesAroma36.523.50.412528253510 153545< 1Golding hops consist of a group of traditional English aroma varieties which have been cultivated since 1790. The cultivar originated in England and the hops were named after villages in East Kent (Petham, Rothersham, Canterbury, Eastwell). US Golding is the Canterbury strain. It is susceptible to downy mildew, but has good pickability of small size, moderately compact cones.delicate and sweet floralBitter, Pale Ale, Belgian Ale, Belgian IPA, Barley Wine, Imperial Stout, Red Ale, Irish Stout, American Pale AleEast Kent Golding, Fuggle, Willamette, Savinjski Golding, Progress, Whitbread Golding
HallertauUnited StatesAroma3. 123038< 1*US Hallertau originates from the classic Hallertau variety of Germany. It is a noble aroma variety. Despite low yield and low resistance to disease, Hallertau remains a historic hop and is often celebrated in the production of purist recipes and traditional beer stylesnoble, earthy, herbalGerman Pilsner, Pale Ale, Wheat, American LagerLiberty, Hallertau (US), Hallertauer Tradition
Hallertauer MittelfrühGermanyAroma3.55.5340.71.3172410207 103035< 1*This classic German aroma hop is often associated with Bavarian-style lager beers and distinguished by an intense, pleasantly-harmonic bitterness. At one time, this was the major Hallertau landrace variety with a highly acclaimed aroma profile.mild, but spicy with floral and citrus notestraditional lagers, belgian ales, European ales.Liberty, German Tradition, Ultra
Hallertauer TraditionGermanyAroma574511.42629202510 154555< 1*Hallertau Tradition is a Hüll-bred fine aroma hop originating from Hallertau Mittelfrüher, Hallertauer Gold and Saaz. Bred specifically for fungus and disease resistance, it succeeded in that effort and also features higher alpha acids than its parent varieties, low cohumulone and higher myrcene. It was released for commercial production in 1989. Its oil profile contributes to a wonderfully earthy and grassy character atop a nose of nectar fruits. It is best used late in the boil, or for dry hopping. This utilization is preferential since its humulene content has been noted to dissipate rapidly when heated.earthy, grass, nectar fruitsGerman/European Bocks, Wheat, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, WeissbierLiberty, Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Ultra
HBC 472United StatesAroma9117905424620 20Bred by Hop Breeding Company through open pollination of a wild American hop, subspecies neomexicanus, HBC 472 is a dual purpose variety still in experimental phase. The hop displays a unique aroma profile consisting of floral, wood, earth and coconut characteristics. When hopped aggressively in IPA style beers, citrus and grapefruit aromas emerge, along with a distinct whiskey.bourbon and coconut character in the background. These characteristics are especially evident in darker, malt-forward beers. HBC 472 lends itself well to full flavor beer styles such as pale ales, IPAs, porters, stouts and barrel-aged beers.floral, wood, coconut and distinct whiskey/bourbon
HersbruckerGermanyAroma35.545.50.71.3192515257 121525< 1*A landrace variety originating from the Hersbruck region of Southern Germany, Hersbrucker has expanded and is now widely grown throughout the Hallertau and Spalt regions. It displays a delicate aroma profile that is often compared to other noble varieties.hay, tobacco and orangeDunkel, Strong Ale, Pilsner, Altbier, Weizenbock, Golden Ale, Marzen, Pale Ale, Wheat, Specialty Ale, Hefeweizen, Light Ale, LagerHallertauer Tradition, Spalter Select, Mount Hood, Strisselspalter, Hallertau, Liberty
Hersbrucker PureGermanyAroma4. 132529< 1*The offspring of Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Saaz and a wild German hop, Hersbrucker Pure was originally tested by brewing giant Anheuser Busch as a replacement for Hersbrucker. After their interest waned in the variety, it failed to catch on as a viable commercial prospect. It has an noble aroma and flavor profile similar to that of its parentsnoble aromaPilsner, Hefeweizen, LagerHersbrucker, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
Huell MelonGermanyAroma6. 101020< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, this hop variety has bold flavors and is not necessarily associated with typical hop variety aromas.honeydew melon and strawberryBelgian Ales, HefeweizensBelma, Jarrylo
LibertyUnited StatesAroma35340.61.2243035409 123540< 1*Bred in 1983, Liberty is an extension of the Hallertau hop family. It is a half-sister to Ultra, Mt. Hood and Crystal. Liberty demonstrates some tolerance to downy mildew, is susceptible to powdery mildew and has small size cones that can be difficult to harvest.noble, delicate, floral bouquet, spiceBock, Lager, Pale AleHallertau, Mount Hood, Traditon
Lublin/LubelskiPolandAroma352. 11354010 - 12*Often thought to be a Polish hop, Lubelska actually originates in Zatec, Czechoslovakia. Sometimes marketed as Lublin or Lubelski, Lubelska’s high humulene content is trumped only by its rare, high levels of farnesene. This oil profile results in interesting aromas of magnolia and lavender. It is considered to very noble-like in character. Thought to be a landrace cultivar of Saaz, it is now a mainstay of Polish breweries.noble character with aromas of lavendar and magnoliaPilsner, LagerSaaz, Sterling
Mandarina BavariaGermanyAroma710552.12.33135707215515< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, Mandarina Bavaria displays pleasant fruitiness in finished beerscitrus, fruity, tangerineBelgian Ale, French AleColumbus, Nugget, Cascade(US)
Mosaic®United StatesAroma10.51434.50.8321254855381015< 1*Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2012, Mosaic® Brand HBC 369 contains high alpha content and features a unique and complex aroma profile that translates favorably into a variety of beer styles. It is a daughter of Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 and a Nugget derived male. Mosaic® is named in honor of the artistic assortment of aromas and flavors it is capable of presentingearthy, blueberry, tangerine papya, rose, blossoms, grass and bubble gumIndia Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Double IPAsCitra, Simcoe
MotuekaNew ZealandAroma6.57.5550.70.928304749133.53.712.1 - 12.3*Bred as part of the Hops with a Difference programme, Motueka is an excellent hop in many applications from first kettle additions through late gifting. This hop offers a unique aroma and flavour profile suitable for producing bigger styles. Excellent when employed in multiple additions from a single hop bill and sits well on the palate to balance specialty malt sweetness. It is an excellent variety for a wide range of styles from Saison through to Pilsners. It is extremely versatile in the brewerycrushed fresh citrus, Mojito lime, lively lemon and lime tones with undercurrents of a tropical fruitEuropean Ale, English Ale, Dark Lager, Pilsner, Belgian Ales, Lager, Maibock, AlesSaaz, Sterling
Mount HoodUnited StatesAroma5857.511.3222355657 101525< 1*Released in 1989, Mount Hood is an American-bred cultivar stemming from Hallertau Mittelfrüher. Popular among American craft brewers, it makes a good aroma hop, with characteristics similar to a Hallertau or Hersbrucker and is also half-sister to Crystal, Ultra and Liberty.herbal, pungent, spicyHefeweizen, Doppelbock, Russian Imperial Stout, Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Weizenbock, India Pale Ale, Holiday Lager, Bock, American Wheat, Alt Munich Helles, American LagerCrystal, Strisselspalter, Hersbrucker
Pacific HallertauNew ZealandAroma56.5671.52.3222635558 112035< 1*Bred in New Zealand, triploid aroma hop Pacifica, or Pacific Hallertau as it is sometimes known, is the result of open pollination breeding of German hop Hallertauer Mittelfrüher. The hop was released by HortResearch, New Zealand following promising brewing trials in 1994. Like Hallertauer Mittelfrüher, Pacifica is mostly known for its aromatic properties. It features moderately low cohumulone and higher carophyllene, which give it a spicy and decidedly floral aroma. Citrus notes are also evident and it is said to impart aromas of orange when used late in the boil.Citrusy, spicy, orange and floral aromasPorterLiberty
PacificaNew ZealandAroma565. 16.850.851< 1*A triploid aroma type developed through the HortResearch, New Zealand Hop Breeding programme, Pacifica brings something of a blend of new and old-world taste descriptors to the brewers' forum. It is ideally suited to traditional German lager styles but is finding wider application to a new generation through the international craft market's insatiable thirst for Pale Aleorange zest marmalade, classic Hallertau characteristics with floral notesPorterLiberty
Palisade®United StatesAroma6.5105.580.82262845528 161020<1*Developed by Select Botanicals Group, Palisade® Brand YCR 4 is known for its high yield and unique aroma profile. The variety has low susceptibility to powdery mildew but has good pickability of medium to large cones.apricot, grass and clean floral characteristicsGolden Ale, Pale Ale, English Ales, American Pale AleStyrian Golding, Willamette, Glacier, Chinook
RiwakaNew ZealandAroma4.56.5451.41.6313367693.9< 1*A triploid aroma type bred during the development of New Zealand Hops “Hops with a Difference” programme, Riwaka is a quintessential New Zealand hop variety. The pure weight of the oil character experienced during selection carries right through to the glass and is a punchy addition to the New World styles of Pales Ale and New Zealand Pilsners.powerful tropical passionfruit with grapefruit and citrusIndia Pale Ale, Pilsner, American Pale AleCzech Saaz
SaazCzech RepublicAroma34.5340.40.72530202510 1240451 - 15*The classic noble aroma hop with long and strong traditions, associated with the renowned pilsner lager.mild with pleasant earthy, herbal and floral characterBohemian-style beers, Continental lagers, Wheats, Pilsener lagers.Polish Lublin, US Saaz, US Sterling, Tettnang
Saaz Triploid BNew ZealandAroma6.58.555.812273060801 2137 - 13*Formerly known as Belgian Saaz or B Saaz, Motueka is a premier New Zealand hop. Developed by HortResearch, this triploid was bred from Saaz and an unnamed New Zealand breeding strain and lends itself well to Lagers, Pilsners and Belgian Ales.citrus and tropical fruitEuropean Ale, English Ale, Dark Lager, Pilsner, Belgian Ales, Lager, Maibock, AlesSaaz, Saaz (US), Sterling
SantiamUnited StatesAroma57681.31.5222427367 8232614 - 16*Released in 1997 by the USDA, Santiam is a triploid selection from Tettnang, Hallertau Mittelfrüh and a cultivar derived from Cascade. It is an American aroma variety with noble hop characteristicsblack pepper, floral and spiceAmerican Blonde Ale, American Lager, India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Wheat, BockTettnanger, Spalter, Spalter Select, Hallertau, Liberty
SaphirGermanyAroma24470.81.4121725409 142030< 1*Saphir is a good aroma variety with a distinct hoppy tang and an average bitter value.spicy, fruity, floral with hints of tangerinePilsners, German lagers, Belgian whitesHallertau Mittelfrüh, Hallertau Tradition, Spalter Select
Savinjski GoldingSloveniaAroma4.562.53.50.51253027339 1134382 - 5*Originating from UK Fuggle, Styrian Savinjski Golding is a traditional Slovenian variety with pleasant bittering and noble aroma characteristics.nobleExtra Special Bitter, Ale, Lager, Belgian AleFuggle, Willametter, Bobek
SelectGermanyAroma36.52.450.60.9212720404 10102215 - 22Also called Spalter Select *Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll and released in 1993, Select is often referred to as “Spalter Select.” It was bred to be like the Spalt, Tettnang, and Saaz groups.spicy, grassKolsch, Marzen, Lager, Pilsner, Alt, Helles, BockSaaz, Tettnanger(GR), Spalt, Hersbrucker
SpaltUnited StatesAroma36350.51202535553 7102010 - 15
*A landrace variety originating from the Spalt region in Southern Germany, Spalt (or Spalter) is an aroma variety with characteristics similar to German Tettnang. It belongs to the Saaz group and displays fine, noble characteristics.
noble characteristics, earthy, herbalGerman Ale, Lager, Pilsner, Bock, KolschSaaz, Tettnanger, Spalt, Santiam, Liberty, Hallertau
SpalterGermanyAroma3.55.545.50.51.12328152510 15182510 - 15
*A landrace variety originating from the Spalt region in Southern Germany, Spalt (or Spalter) is an aroma variety with characteristics similar to German Tettnang. It belongs to the Saaz group and displays fine, noble characteristics.
noble characteristics, earthy, herbalGerman Ale, Lager, Pilsner, Bock, KolschSaaz, Tettnanger, Spalt, Santiam, Liberty, Hallertau
Spalter SelectGermanyAroma463.54.50.51212515257 11152515 - 25
*Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll and released in 1993, Select is often referred to as “Spalter Select.” It was bred to be like the Spalt, Tettnang, and Saaz groups.
spicy & grassKölsch, Belgian Ale, French Ale, Lager, Bock, Helles, Alt, Pilsner, MarzenSaaz, Tettnanger, Spalt, Hersbrucker, Perle, Hallertau Tradition
StrisselspaltFranceAroma35350.60.9202520308 101525< 1
*Strisselpalt is from the Alsace area of France, near Strasbourg. It is globally accepted as a good aroma hop with similar characteristics to Hersbrucker.
spicy, citrusy, floral, fruity and herbalLager, Saison, Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, Belgian Ale, Bock, Maibock, Golden Ale, Belgian Pale AleLiberty, Hallertau, Mt Hood, Crystal, Hersbrucker
Styrian GoldingSloveniaAroma4.56230.51253027339 1134382 - 5
*Styrian Golding or Savinjski Golding as it is commonly known, goes by a multitude of sometimes confusing aliases. Confusing still is the fact it actually doesn’t come from a Golding at all, but is rather the result of the clonal selection of Fuggle and as such exhibits many Fuggle-like characteristics. It was considered a major crop in the 1930’s in both Styria, a state in Austria and across the Savinja river in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia). Its staying power has been attributed to its disease resistance, specifically, its resistance to mildew. It is now world-renowned hop and in high demand. From a brewer’s perspective, Styrian Golding is a lovely aroma hop and exhibits resinous, earthy flavors that are perhaps considered slightly more refined than Fuggle
resinous, earthy, with notes of white pepperExtra Special Bitter, Ale, Lager, Belgian AleFuggle, Willamette, Bobek
SummerAustraliaAroma5. 112850< 1
*Bred in 1997 at Tasmanian Bushy Park Breeding Garden, Summer™ is the result of open pollination of a tetraploid Czech Saaz. It features balanced citrus and stone fruit flavors, but showcases distinct apricot and melon characteristics in dry hopping applications
apricot and melon.
SussexUnited KingdomAroma4.< 1
*Discovered in 2005 at Gate Court, Northiam in East Sussex, Sussex is a “chance find” variety. It is likely to have resulted from open pollination of a wild hop.
earthy, grass, mint, citrus and vanillaEnglish Ale, Pale Ale, Belgian AleProgress, Whitbread Golding, Fuggle
SylvaAustraliaAroma5.67.334.611.4202526365 8182725 - 25
*Bred in 1997 at Tasmanian Bushy Park Breeding Garden, Sylva™ is a result of open pollination of Czech Saaz. Brewing characteristics closely resemble that of its parent, with complex yet subtle floral and herbal characteristics.
floral, herbal and noble characteristics.Pilsner, Lager, California Common, Pale AleHallertau Mittlefrüh, Helga, Saaz
TahomaUnited StatesAroma67.5781.52151755653 5812< 1
*Released by Washington State University in 2013, Tahoma is one of three new public varieties to come to market. It retains the very low cohumulone characteristic of Glacier but displays slightly high alpha acid content. Tahoma is considered to be Cascade-like with a pleasant and predominantly citrus aroma profile.
lemon, grapefruit, cedar, pine, spice and pepperBlonde Ale, Wheat, Lager??
TettnangerUnited StatesAroma45340.40.8202536 456 71823
*This variety has created so much industry confusion. In fact, you can still find sites online that describe American Tettnanger as a true Tettnanger. In reality, it is a clone of rhizomes imported as Swiss Tettnanger. Recent tests have shown it to be genetically distinct from the original land race, Tettnang Tettnanger. Instead, the US varietal is more likely a Fuggle open pollinated with Tettnang Tettnanger. The original import was from a region in Switzerland directly across Lake Constance from Tettnang, Germany. American Tettnanger enjoyed some great popularity early on, being grown in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. It has noble hops aroma qualities with a bouquet of floral spice. However, in recent years, Anheuser Busch abandoned the variety. It is said that US Tettnanger is a good hop for the boil as well as dry hopping whereas the original German variety is better used as a late addition.
Floral, spiceBitter, Blonde Ale, Red Ale, Pilsner, Lager, American LagerSpalter Select, Santiam, Czech Saaz, Spalter
TettnangerGermanyAroma3.55.53.550.61232920 256 10202512 - 16
*A landrace variety originating from the Tettnang region on Lake Constance in Germany, Tettnang (or Tettnanger) is from the Saaz group. It displays fine, noble characteristics with a slight spiciness.
herbal, spicy, pepper and black teaBitter, California Blonde Ale, Red Ale, Pilsner, Lager, American Amber Ale, Winter Ale, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Bavarian Hefeweizen, Cream Ale, American LagerCzech Saaz, Spalter, Santiam, Spalter Select, Saaz, Tettnanger (US)
TraditionGermanyAroma47360.512430173210 153550< 1
*Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, Germany and registered in 1993, Tradition imparts beer with a harmonic bitterness.
medium to intense floral, herbal and grassy notes; some fruity aromas
Lagers, Pilsner, Bock, Wheat, Weizen Magnum, Hersbrucker, Taurus
TriplepearlUnited StatesAroma10.311.
*Released by USDA-ARS in 2013, TriplePearl is an open pollinated cross between a tetraploid Perle female and an unknown diploid male. Its lineage includes Northern Brewer and Hallertau. TriplePearl is similar to Perle but features more pronounced aroma characteristics.
melon, orange, resin, spice and pepper
TriskelFranceAroma8944.71.52202359616 6.213.413.6< 1
*Developed in 2006 as a cross between Strisselspalt and Yeoman, Triskel contains many of the same characteristics as Strisselspalt but displays a more pronounced flavor profile.
spicy, strong floral, herbal, citrusBelgian Ale, Saison, Kolsch, Pilsner, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Lager, WheatStrisselspalt, Ahtanum™, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe®
UltraUnited StatesAroma23.534.50.51233815 2510 153550< 1
*Bred by the hops research program in Corvallis, Oregon in 1983 and released in 1995 by the USDA, Ultra is a triploid seedling of Hallertau mf. and half sister to Mt. Hood, Liberty and Crystal. It is resistant to downy mildew and features small size cones. Ultra is related to traditional German varieties and can be utilized in similar applications.
mild, spicy and floral bouquetOktoberfest, Blonde Ale, Harvest Ale, Lager, Pilsner, Pale Ale, American Lager, BockTettnanger (GR), Saaz, Hallertauer Tradition, Liberty
VanguardUnited StatesAroma45560.81.2152025 3510 153540< 1
*Bred in 1982 by the USDA and released in 1997, Vanguard is an aroma variety with similar characteristics to Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Vanguard is typically utilized in traditional German-style beers as a noble type variety.
woody, cedary Lagers, Pilsners, Bocks, Kolsch, Wheats, Munich Helles, Belgian-Style AlesHallertau, German Hersbrucker, Mt. Hood, Liberty
Wai-itiNew ZealandAroma2. 9.127.928.112.9 - 13.1
*Developed by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research hop breeding program and released in 2011, Wai-iti is a granddaughter of Liberty and is derived from 1/3 Hallertau MIttelfrüh. Fresh peaches and stone fruit dominate the aroma in single hopped beers and when combining with other varieties in late additions. Wai-iti is best known for its fruity, aroma-driven results.
fresh peaches, apricot, limes with top notes of mixed citrus and spice
Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Wheat BeerRiwaka
Whitbread GoldingUnited KingdomAroma5.47.723.30.81.23243192711 1535421 - 2
*Developed through grower selection circa 1911, Whitbread Golding (WGV) is not a true Golding. It displays many similar characteristics but has more robust and slightly sweet, hoppy flavor.
Earthy, floral and botanical with sweet fruit flavorsAle, Pale Ale, BitterFuggle, East Kent Golding
Zythos®United StatesAroma1012.
*Designed to complement existing IPA and Pale Ale hop varieties, Zythos® is an excellent blend for any hop forward beer.
Pineapple, citrus and mild pine characterAmerican Ale, IPAs, Pale AlesSimcoe, Amarillo, Cascade
AdmiralUnited KingdomBittering13.515.54.8611.7374539406 8781 - 2A high alpha hop with balanced bitterness and an acceptable aroma profile; a versatile replacement for both high alpha and dual purpose varieties.pleasant, resinous hop aroma with hints of citrus (orange) and herbal flavors.English IPA, American IPA & Double IPA, Extra Special Bitter (ESB), Bitter, Pale Ales & Red Ales, India Red Ale & India Black AleFirst Gold, Target, Northdown, Challenger, Brambling Cross, Cascade, Amarillo
BravoUnited StatesBittering15183. 8811< 1Developed by Hopsteiner Breeding Company and released in 2006, Bravo is a second generation super-alpha variety. It is an excellent bittering variety but showcases pleasant fruit and sweet floral aroma characteristics, vanilla and floral.India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Extra Special BitterColumbus, Zeus, Apollo, Magnum, Nugget
Brewers GoldUnited StatesBittering81146.51.53404845608 121218< 1Bred at Wye College in 1919, Brewer’s Gold is an ancestor to many major high alpha hops including Sterling, Galena, Horizon, Centennial and Nugget. It is an English variety, however American-grown Brewer’s Gold contains higher levels of alpha acids than its English counterpart.blackcurrant and spicyIPABullion, Cascade, Galena, Northern Brewer, Northdown
ChelanUnited StatesBittering1214. 121215< 1Similar to Galena but with higher alpha acids, Chelan was developed by the John I Haas, Inc. breeding company and released in 1994.mild floral and citrus characteristicsAmerican AleGalena, Nugget
ColumbusUnited StatesBittering14164.55.51.52303525458 121525< 1Originally selected by Charles Zimmerman for Hopunion, Inc., Columbus is a descendant of Nugget. It is a high alpha variety and is primarily used for bittering purposes. Columbus is often referred to as CTZ, a trio of similar hops including Tomahawk® and pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus.American Pale Ale, IPA's & Imperial IPA's, Imperial Red Ale, Imperial Brown Ale, Barley Wine, Stout, LagerZeus, Tomahawk, Chinook, Galena, Millennium, Nugget
CometUnited StatesBittering810.5451.223437405510 1512< 1Selected in 1961 and released in 1974 by the USDA, Comet was originally utilized for its high alpha acid content and adapability to growing conditions in the Yakima Valley. Commercial production ceased in the early 1980s in favor of newer super-alpha hops, however, Comet has made a recent comeback, finding favor with some brewers in dual purpose applications for its subtle and unique, wild American aroma.subtle, wild American, grassy and grapefruit.Lager, American Ale, India Pale Ale, AleGalena, Summit™
GalenaUnited StatesBittering1214790.91.2384255603 51015< 1Developed by the USDA breeding program in Idaho in 1968 and released in 1978, Galena is a high alpha variety with increasingly popular aroma characteristics. It has moderate tolerance to downy mildew and is susceptible to powdery mildew, but has good pickability of medium size, compact cones.weet fruits, pear, pineapple, blackcurrant, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry and spicy wood.Imperial Stout, Stout, India Pale Ale, Barley WineNugget, Columbus, Zeus, Chinook, Pride of Ringwood, Eroica, Newport, Cluster, Brewers Gold
Green BulletNew ZealandBittering13156.571.41.9414360704 61218< 1*Green Bullet is a triploid alpha variety bred by open cross pollination of the New Zealand Smoothcone variety. Used extensively as a utility brew house workhorse and found in breweries across the world. This “go to” hop is a traditional bittering type that now finds applications throughout the brewery from late additions through the hop back/ whirlpool and dry hopping.spicy, dried fruit, with lots of floral character that balance and complement pine, resin hop tones Bock, Saison, India Pale AleLiberty, Hallertauer, Crystal, Mount Hood, Ultra
Hallertauer TaurusGermanyBittering12163. 102832< 1*German born Hallertau Taurus features an earthy, strong aroma with hints of chocolate and banana, spice and pepper and finishes with a zesty curry undertone. It was released in 1995.* Chocolate, banana, spice, pepper, currySchwarzbier, OktoberfestHallertauer Magnum, Merkur, Hercules
HBC 682United StatesBittering18214.55.512303248524.5 5.51315*A descendant of HBC 463 and a UK male, HBC 682 is a super alpha hop cultivar still in the experimental phase. It has a mild and pleasant aroma with herbal, floral and spicy characteristics. When used as a bittering variety, HBC 682 provides a very neutral flavor and pleasant bitterness. In single hop applications, it has been described as having a strong earthy aroma. HBC 682 is currently available in limited quantities, and as a variety specific Resinate® CO2 Hop Extract productstrong, earthy, spicy, herbal
HerkulesGermanyBittering121745.51.62.4323830507 123045< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Germany, Herkules imparts robust, hoppy flavors.robust, hoppy, with some citrus and melonGerman ale
MagnumGermanyBittering12144.551.92.3242530358 123440< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll in 1980 and released in 1993, Magnum is a daughter of Galena. It is a high alpha variety with some spice and fruit characteristicsspicy, fruity, apple, pepper*India Pilsner, Belgian India Pale Ale, American Ale, Blonde Ale, Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Dark Ale, Pilsner, Bright Ale, HefeweizenHallertauer Taurus, Columbus, Nugget
MagnumUnited StatesBittering1215.55.5823232830407 122530< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll in 1980 and released in 1993, Magnum is a German variety (also grown in the US) and daughter of Galena. It is a high alpha cultivar and is often used as the base bittering variety. Magnum does not display any distinct aroma characteristics, however, subtle spice and fruit characteristics have been noted by some brewersbittering hop with no distinc aroma characteristicsAmerican Pale Ale, American India Pale Ale, Strong Ale, American LagerGalena, German Magnum, Horizon, Northdown, Northern Brewer
MerkurGermanyBittering121455.22.63181948508 92932< 1*Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll and registered in 2001, Merkur was the first mildew-resistant hop variety from the research center. It is a cross between Magnum and German experimental variety 81/8/13. It is a high alpha variety with low co-humulone oil percentages. In some dual purpose applications, Merkur displays subtle earth and citrus notes.sugar, pineapple, mintIPAs, Lagers, Belgian AlesGerman Magnum, German Taurus, German Tradition
MillenniumUnited StatesBittering15.518.556.51.53293535558 101525< 1*Bred by the John I. Haas breeding program and released in 2000, Millennium is a super-alpha variety with mild, herbal aromas. It is tolerant to downy mildew and powdery mildew, and has good pickability of medium size cones.floral, fruity, herbal, resin, toffee and pearStout, Ale, American AleNugget, Columbus, Summit™, CTZ
NewportUnited StatesBittering13.5177.< 1*Bred in 1992 by Oregon State University and released in 1992 through the USDA, Newport is a descendant of the classic bittering variety, Magnum. It offers high alpha acid, co-humulone and myrcene content, offering more distinct aroma characteristics than its parent. Newport is resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew and has good pickability of medium to large size, loose, citrus, wine and balsamicPale Ale, American LagerBrewer's Gold, Fuggle, Galena, Magnum, Nugget
NuggetGermanyBittering11.514350.91.3223027427 101619< 1*Developed through the USDA program at Oregon State University, Nugget is a high alpha variety that is tolerant to a range of soil conditions, generally producing a high yield.mild, pleasant, herbalIPA, Pale Ale, Blonde, American Wheat, ESB, APA, Imperial IPA, Irish Stout, Oktoberfest, Rye Ale, Best Bitter, EPA, Barley Wine, Strong AleGalena, Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus, Hallerauer Magnum, Target
NuggetUnited StatesBittering1214461.72.3243051597 101222< 1*Nugget can be used as a bittering hop. It has pleasant, mild, herbal aromas.mild, pleasant, herbalIndia Pale Ale, Imperial India Pale Ale, Ales, Stouts, Barley Wines, Saisons, Biere de GardeGalena, Magnum, Columbus
Pacific GemNew ZealandBittering14177. 81320< 1
*A triploid alpha type developed through the New Zealand Hop breeding program, Pacific Gem fills the brew house with enticing aromas during kettle addition and has been described as producing oaken flavors with a distinct blackberry aroma. It is typically used as a first hop addition and makes its presence felt through an excellent tempered bitterness and flavor while later additions deliver citrus and pine aroma notes. Pacific Gem is a good all purpose hop that delivers quality bitterness along with flavor and aromas. It is excellent in international lagers and can also be used in IPA’s and other big styles.
spicy black pepper and berry fruit aromas with subtle notes of blackberry, floral and oak
Strong Ale, European LagersFuggle
Pacific SunriseNew ZealandBittering12.514.566.51.72273045556 91925< 1*Released in 2000 by HortResearch in New Zealand, Pacific Sunrise’s take up by commercial breweries has been sluggish. Despite this, it features favorable bittering properties and a pleasant piney aroma. It is the result of a cross between the result of a European and New Zealand male on one side and a California Late Cluster and a Fuggle on the other.pleasant pine aromasLager Pacific Gem
Southern StarSouth AfricaBittering1215. 17202412
*Released in 2001, Southern Star was developed in South Africa around 10 years after Outeniqua and Southern Promise. Like it’s two predecessors it is also considered a day neutral variety, meaning it can be grown in locations with reduced daylight. It is used primarily for bittering but also features a spicy, tangy flavor and some aroma.
spicy, tangy flavor with berry notesLager, Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Barley WineOuteniqua
Summit™United StatesBittering1517551.532932304012 161822< 1
*Bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association and released in 2003, Summit™ is a cross between Lexus and an unspecified male derived from numerous hops including Zeus, Nugget and male USDA varieties. It is the first dwarf hop to be bred for production in the United States. Summit™ is mainly used as a bittering hop, but does have earthy aromatic characteristics and subtle hints of citrus.
pepper, incense, anise, orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine
IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts, Barley WinesApollo, Bravo,CTZ, Zeus,Warrior, Simcoe
SunUnited StatesBittering12164.572.55304055705 101015< 1
*Currently considered as in-development at the S. S. Steiner Hop Farms in Washington State, Sun has not yet been registered or acquired USDA accession. Not much is known about its lineage yet but it is thought to be derived from Brewer’s Gold and sister to Zeus. It has also been suggested that it possesses characteristic similarities to Galena. What little we do know about the variety includes its classification as a high-alpha varietal, though not as high as Zues and that it exhibits very strong yield potential.
herbaceous aroma and flavorBarley Wine, Imperial StoutMagnum, Galena, Zeus
TargetUnited KingdomBittering9.512. 558 101722< 1*a flexible hop
green sage, spicy and peppery, and hints of citrus marmalade
Bitter, Pale Ale, Kentish Bitter, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, American LagerFuggle, Willamette
Tomahawk®United StatesBittering1517.54.662.54.5283045556 10914< 1
*Bred by Chales Zimmermann, Tomahawk® Brand F10 cv. was the first commercially grown “Super Alpha” variety. It is tolerant to downy mildew, but susceptible to powdery mildew and features good pickability of large, compact cones. Tomahawk is often referred to as CTZ, standing for Columbus, Tomahawk®, and Zeus.
pungent, herbal, spicy, black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus
US IPAs, US Pale Ales, Stouts, Barley Wines, LagersCentennial, Chinook, Galena, Nugget, Millennium
VictoriaAustraliaBittering1415681.62384030459 111416< 1
*Vic Secret had her first commercial harvest in 2013. Developed in 2000 in Victoria, Australia alongside sister variety Topaz, Vic Secret features elements of tropical fruit, herbs and pine with clean notes of pineapple and passionfruit. Tested abundantly by brewers, Vic Secret’s is best utilized via whirlpool and dry hopping. It is also worth noting that late kettle additions impart a wonderful earthiness, but the fruitiness doesn’t come through.
tropical fruit, pine, herbalPale Ale, IPA, Stout, Porter, Red Ale, Barley Wine, Imperial IPA, Extra Pale Ale, Golden AleGalaxy
Warrior®United StatesBittering15174.55.512242640 508 101520< 1
*Developed by Select Botanicals Group, Warrior® Brand YCR 5 was selected for its high alpha content, low co-humulone, good storage stability and tolerance to powdery mildew. It is primarily used in brewing for its mild, clean bittering properties and has good pickability of a medium size cone in the field.
mild, resinous and subtle pine.India Pale Ale, American AlesNugget, Columbus
ZeusUnited StatesBittering12184612273525 655 151025< 1
*Although genetically different, Zeus is often referred to as part of CTZ along with Columbus and Tomahawk®, a trio of similar hops.
spicy, herbal, pungent, black pepper, licorice, and curry
*US IPAs, US Pale Ales, Stouts, Barley Wines, LagersColumbus,Centennial, Chinook, Galena, Nugget, Millennium
Bitter GoldUnited StatesDual Purpose1214.54.5612364145557 111018< 1Released in 1999, Bitter Gold is a high alpha variety with excellent aroma capabilities. Its lineage includes Brewer's Gold, Bullion, Comet and Fuggle. Bitter Gold offers limited aroma when used as a bittering hop but delivers diverse stone and tropical fruit flavors in later additions.pear, watermelon, stone fruit and fresh cut grass.Ale, Lager, Pilsner, Bitter, India Pale AleGalena, Nugget
Bramling CrossUnited KingdomDual Purpose67. 182833< 1Developed at Wye College by Professor Salmon. Often used in traditional cask conditioned beers due to its distinct characteristics.strong spice, blackcurrant, loganberry and lemonESB, bitter, pale aleU.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Progress, Whitbread Golding Variety
CeleiaSloveniaDual Purpose3623.30.63.6262926358 918233 - 7A hybrid of Styrian Golding, Aurora and a Slovenia wild hop, Celeia is known for its noble characteristics. It has widespread usage in lager and ale-style beers.noble characteristics.English Ale, Lager, American Lager, Pilsner, English Ale, Extra Special BitterSaaz, Bobek, Styrian Golding
CentennialUnited StatesDual Purpose9.511. 81018< 1Bred in 1974 and released by Washington State University in 1990, Centennial is an aroma-type cultivar that has found favor as one of the most popular varieties in craft brewing. It is often referred to as a super-Cascade (containing nearly double the alpha content) and can be used for bittering purposes. Centennial is a diploid cross between Brewer's Gold and a USDA male.lemon and floralPale Ale, Amber Ale, American IPA, American Blonde, American Stout, American Wheat, Double IPA, Barley Wine, Red AleCascade, Amarillo, chinook, Simcoe
ChallengerUnited KingdomDual Purpose6. 1025321 - 3Bred at Wye College and introduced in 1972, Challenger is a granddaughter of Northern Brewer and niece of Northdown. It is a versatile variety with wide application in both early and late kettle additions.cedar, green tea and sweet fruitGolden Ale, Barley Wine, Imperial StoutPerle (US), Northern Brewer, Admiral
ChinookUnited StatesDual Purpose1214341.52.5293435409 112025< 1Developed by the USDA breeding program in Washington State and released in 1985 as a high alpha bittering variety, Chinook is a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male. In recent years, it has found favor as a dual purpose hop in the craft brewing community as a result of its spice and pine aroma characteristics.grapefruit, spice, and pineAmerican Pale Ale & India Pale Ale, American Stout & Porter, American Amber, American Brown, American Barley Wine, American Lagers, Winter Ale
ClusterUnited StatesDual Purpose5. 71518< 1Cluster is one of the oldest hop varieties grown in the United States and until the late 1970s, accounted for the majority of the country’s hop acreage. Its pedigree is unknown, however hybridization of imported varieties and indigenous male hops has been suggested. Cluster is an excellent dual purpose hop and is often used in the reproduction of historical beer styles.floral, earthy and sweet fruitBarley Wine, Porter, English Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Honey Ale, Cream Ale, American LagerEroica, Galena
Dr. RudiNew ZealandDual Purpose101278.51.31.33336293010.1< 1Developed at the New Zealand Horticultural Research Centre (now New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research) and released in 1976 as Super Alpha, Dr. Rudi is a triploid variety bred from New Zealand Smoothcone. Its name was changed to Dr. Rudi in 2012. Dr. Rudi works well in single-hopped beers or in conjunction with multiple aroma varieties.resin, pine, and lemongrass.Lager, India Pale AleGreen Bullet
EllaAustraliaDual Purpose13.316. 181622< 1Reminiscent of, yet distinctly different from, noble European varieties - one of the most versatile hops available.distinct grapefruit and tropical flavorLager, Pilsner, Pale Ale, StoutPerle, Palisade
First GoldUnited KingdomDual Purpose5. 720243Bred at Wye College in 1995, First Gold is a cross between WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety) and a dwarf male. It features many of the flavor characteristics of WGV and has found favor in both general kettle and late or dry hopping applications.smooth, with tangerine, orange marmalade, apricot, geranium and magnolia.Porter, English Bitter, Wheat Beer, Celtic Ale, Summer Ale, Amber Ale, Dark Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, Imperial India Pale AleWillamette, East Kent Golding, Styrian Golding
FuggleUnited KingdomDual Purpose35.5230.71.42930242811 1334405 - 7The most revered and famous English hop, known for its full bodied flavor in traditional ales.delicate and pleasant mint, grass and floral tones.English Ale, Porter, Mild Ale, Bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Lambic, Amber Ale, Cask Ale, Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Strong Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Golden Ale, Christmas AleFuggle (US), Willamette, Styrian Golding, Tettnanger, Newport
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