Division NameCategory NameAwardOrganizationEntry TitleCreditsComments
BroadcastBest Kentucky Derby CoverageFirst PlaceWDRBKentucky Derby WDRB News
BroadcastContinuing Coverage/Series ReportingFirst PlaceWHAS-TV30 Years Later: Carrollton Bus CrashRobert Bradfield
BroadcastContinuing Coverage/Series Reporting
Second Place
WFPL LouisvilleThe Next Louisville: Poverty And ProgressLisa Gillespie, Kyeland Jackson and Amina Elahi
BroadcastCrime/Courts/Criminal Justice ReportingFirst Place
Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
Racial Disparities In Kentucky's Juvenile Justice SystemKate Howard
BroadcastEnterprise/Investigative ReportingFirst Place
Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
Bedbugs in Dosker ManorJacob Ryan
BroadcastHard Feature ReportingFirst PlaceWFPL LouisvilleAmina Elahi City ReportingAmina Elahi
BroadcastNewscastFirst PlaceWDRBWDRB News @ 10WDRB News
Second Place
WDRBWDRB News @ 11:30WDRB News
BroadcastNewscastThird PlaceWAVE 3 NEWSWAVE 3 NEWS @ 11Becca Gibson, Zak Owens and Aaron Ellis
BroadcastPublic Affairs ReportingFirst PlaceWFPL LouisvilleLisa Gillespie Health ReportingLisa Gillespie
BroadcastSports Column WritingFirst PlaceWAVE 3 NewsLouisville shouldn't "throw the record books out" ahead of Governor's CupAnnie Moore
BroadcastSports Special ProgramFirst PlaceWAVE 3 NEWSBreeders' Cup Day in LouisvilleWAVE 3 STAFF
BroadcastSports WritingFirst PlaceWAVE 3 NewsAnnie Moore - Broadcast Sports Writing CompositeAnnie Moore
BroadcastSpot News ReportingFirst PlaceWAVE 3 NEWSKentucky Center FireWAVE 3 STAFF
BroadcastSpot News Reporting
Second Place
WDRBKroger shootingWDRB News
BroadcastSpot News ReportingThird PlaceWHAS-TVKentucky Center FireRobert Bradfield
BroadcastTeam CoverageFirst PlaceWDRBKroger shootingWDRB News
Excellent team coverage brought the news home quickly about a mass shooting at a grocery store. The WDRB team was able to get many witness statements to give a picture of the breaking news event. Good job.
Journalist of the Year
Journalist of the YearFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Laura UngarLaura Ungar
The clear winner in a category filled with strong entries. Life and death issues explored with powerful personal stories, comprehensive statistics and factual information, and both local and national context. Bravo for returning to Austin to tell the followup story about how a devastated community was moving forward thanks to some inspiring people. Journalism with impact.
MagazinesCover DesignFirst PlaceToday's Woman magazineBest Bodies August coverToday's Woman Design TeamAction pose and positioning on a rather clean and simple cover layout makes this one a standout.
MagazinesCover Design
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstAt Home Cover DesignBrooke TimmonsI appreciate the clean and simple approach to this cover. It's all about the photo.
MagazinesCover DesignThird PlaceLouisville Business FirstStructures Cover DesignBrooke TimmonsThe designer's choices with color, composition and photo selection for this gridded cover keeps your eye moving and makes an interesting impact.
MagazinesFeature WritingFirst PlaceLouisville magazineGroomed for NewsKeith Runyon
This piece was full of rich details and vivid memories written by a true newspaperman. It brought back a lot of memories for me, too, having worked at a newspaper myself. There is really nothing quite like working in a newsroom, and Runyon captured the spirit perfectly.
MagazinesFeature Writing
Second Place
Louisville MagazinePlanted in Comfort Food; Lost and Found; Studio SqueezeSarah KelleyThis writer really knows how to tell a story, from beginning to end. She packs in a lot of information and details without making the story feel heavy or burdensome. All were great, easy reads!
MagazinesFeature WritingThird PlaceToday's Woman magazineUltimate Crafting SpaceMegan M. SeckmanThere was a lot of great descriptions in this piece, and you really felt like you were there, in this crafting space. Nicely done!
MagazinesGraphic/IllustrationFirst PlaceLouisville Business FirstWhat's Brewing?Brooke Timmons
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstTop flight destinationsBrooke Timmons
MagazinesPage DesignFirst PlaceLouisville Business FirstRabbit Hole DistilleryBrooke TimmonsLove the energy of this gridded layout. Tastefully well done.
MagazinesPage Design
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstAt Home with Ed LeeBrooke TimmonsNice balance of type and image.
MagazinesPage DesignThird PlaceToday's Transitions magazineDesserts to Die ForToday's Transitions Design Team
MagazinesPersonality/Profile WritingFirst PlaceToday's Woman magazineBucket List MindsetCarrie Vittitoe
Writer April Allman took a fresh look at a couple of aspects of a frequent topic: bucket lists and career planning. The lively interviews with women in varied fields kept it interesting and it even offered some thoughts and advice for readers. Nicely done!
MagazinesPersonality/Profile Writing
Second Place
Super Lawyers MagazineThe Architectural Downfall of Fred JosephJenny BurmanThe writer explored an interesting twist, would-be architect who becomes attorney, then winds back to related mission.
Metro LouisvilleBest Breaking StoryFirst PlaceWDRBDeadly Kroger shootingJason RileyClassic example of breaking news coverage. Get the facts and get them right. Good use of officials' and witnesses' reports, quickly conveyed to the public
Metro LouisvilleBest Breaking Story
Second Place
WDRBUniversity of Louisville sues former president for financial fraudChris OttsGreat depth of detail for a breaking story. This story goes beyond the details in the court filing and pulls previous reporting into the mix to create a sold in-depth story on deadline. Nice!
Metro LouisvilleBest Breaking StoryThird Place
The Courier Journal /
Parents of Kentucky school shooting victim thankful for final moments with son Darcy CostelloNice lede that brings it all home to the reader. Good use of detail in a breaking news story. Appreciate the transparency in saying exactly what was updated n the story.
Metro LouisvilleBest Kentucky Derby StoryFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
For Kentucky Derby-winning jockey Pat Day, it's his life after the win that means most
Jeffrey Lee Puckett Famed jockey Pat Day does his job religiously. From a life of pills and alcohol to leading others to God. Great profile.
Metro LouisvilleBest Kentucky Derby Story
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
The Curse of the Apollo looms over two Kentucky Derby 2018 contenders. Can it be broken?
Jason FrakesCurse of the Apollo? No horse who didn't race as a 2-year-old has won the Kentucky Derby has won in 136, er make that 137 years. Interesting story.
Metro LouisvilleBest Kentucky Derby StoryThird PlaceLouisville Business FirstBest Kentucky Derby storyChris LarsonWhat an interesting article about what to know about owning a racehorse. It isn't cheap and full of risks, but it is fun and exciting.
Metro LouisvilleBest Picture StoryFirst PlaceCourier Journal Seventh Street Pat McDonoghThis evocative collection of photos tells an honest and powerful story of life and diversity on Seventh Street. Photos are beautifully shot and composed.
Metro LouisvilleBest Picture Story
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstKentucky Derby coverageChris Fryer
Metro LouisvilleBest Picture StoryThird PlaceLouisville Business FirstKentucky Derby coverageChris Fryer
Metro LouisvilleBest PodcastFirst PlaceWFPL LouisvilleCurious LouisvilleLaura Ellis and Ashlie StevensGreat podcast name; interesting and "different" topic; excellent editing of a variety of voices
Metro LouisvilleBest Podcast
Second Place
WDRBWDRB SportsPodJohn Lewis
Metro LouisvilleBest Sound Mixing/Creative Use of SoundFirst PlaceWFPL LouisvilleAshlie Stevens Arts and Culture reportingAshlie Stevens
Metro LouisvilleBest Use of DataFirst PlaceWDRBChris Otts on Airbnb fines, Google Fiber permits, UL attendanceChris Otts
Data used in investigative reporting to fact-check what officials are telling the public. The article that especially caught this judge's eye was the comparison of census data and right-of-way permits to show that Google was laying fiber in high-income neighborhoods, not closing the "digital divide" as promised by city officials. Good work!
Metro LouisvilleBest Use of Data
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstPublic company data reportingDavid Mann
Analysis of more than 3,000 public companies that highlighted consistent gender disparities among companies, with the largest companies having the competitive advantage in recruiting women from a limited pool of candidates. Great use of data to compare the issue from every angle, and wonderful use of graphics to boot.
Metro LouisvilleBest Use of DataThird Place
The Courier Journal /
Millennial workers choosing Austin, Nashville and Raleigh over LouisvilleAlfred MillerGreat use of census data to track millennials' exodus from Louisville. Mix of solid graphics and personal accounts keeps the data interesting.
Metro LouisvilleBest Video (Non-Broadcast)First PlaceCourier Journal Addiction of Faith Alton StruppGood technical skill displayed. A story line that keeps moving along and engages the viewer.
Metro LouisvilleBest Video (Non-Broadcast)
Second Place
Courier Journal Marshall Strong Matt StoneGood technical skills displayed. A compelling and heart wrenching story told in a humanizing way.
Metro LouisvilleBest Video (Non-Broadcast)Third PlaceCourier Journal Lessons of Addiction Nikki BoliauxGood technical skills displayed. The story line gets a little vague at times, and slows which loses viewer engagement. Their is a solid conclusion though which pulls it all together.
Metro LouisvilleBusiness/Technology ReportingFirst PlaceWDRBChris Otts on Brown-Forman, Humana and Wall Street landlordsChris Otts
I was impressed with the range of subjects, the clear and engaging writing on sometimes complex subjects and the human element that made the stories especially compelling. Numbers were central to each story but made easy to understand and digest.
Metro LouisvilleBusiness/Technology Reporting
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
GE downward spiral; Indiana Casino Boat; and Kentucky dairy farmersGrace SchneiderStrong runnerup. I especially liked how the writer connected market and economic forces with the lives of real people in the GE and milk stories.
Metro LouisvilleBusiness/Technology ReportingThird PlaceTechRepublicOlivia KrauthOlivia Krauth
Metro LouisvilleColumn WritingFirst PlaceWDRBEric CrawfordEric Crawford
This writer has nailed the two essentials to successful columns: Great writing and compelling subjects. A powerful love story told in two parts brought tears to my eyes. And a memorial story about a forgotten World War I veteran was created with both historical knowledge and creative imagination. Bravo.
Metro LouisvilleColumn Writing
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Moral monsters; public shootings; and Colin Kaepernick Ricky L. Jones
This writer dives into important topics where others fear to go. His knowledge of the present and the past, of literature and sports, and many other subjects gives us a big picture woven out of many small details. All told with compelling writing that is direct and precise.
Metro LouisvilleColumn WritingThird Place
The Courier Journal /
Louisville buses; Bird scooters; and Portland writing clinicMaggie Menderski This writer loves adventure and exploration in everyday life and takes us along for the journey. Good fun, even when the bus isn't moving.
Metro LouisvilleContinuing CoverageFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Marshall County School Shooting Darcy Costello, Justin Sayers and Andrew Wolfson
Great continuing coverage of high school shooting tragedy. From a father recognizing victim from the Nike socks he wore to a student thinking gunshot was a balloon popping and to the alleged shooter saying he was just doing an experiment.
Metro LouisvilleContinuing Coverage
Second Place
WDRBOpen records reveal details of U of L scandalJason Riley, Marcus Green and Travis RagsdaleGood use of documents to uncover more connections and keep the story in the public eye in the sex scandal that cost Louisville's basketball team a national championship
Metro LouisvilleContinuing CoverageThird PlaceWDRBRiverLinkMarcus GreenInteresting set of stories on the RiverLink bridge tolls reducing traffic across the Ohio River and incorrect bills being sent to drivers. Good followup
Metro LouisvilleCrime/Courts/Criminal Justice ReportingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Kemari Averett Justin SayersSolid reporting on the criminal allegations against a Louisville football player, including an interview with the player who professed innocence. Good followup on this story.
Metro LouisvilleCrime/Courts/Criminal Justice Reporting
Second Place
WDRBJason RileyJason Riley
Kentucky State Police seem to have a problem with releasing public information, even evidence to a mother searching for answers in the apparent abduction of her daughter. And Jason Riley reminds the public of KSP's intractableness. The third story outlines the mess left by a murder co-defendant cutting a plea deal and informing about the case, but lying. Riley lets the public know how its law enforcement authorities are working, or rather not working.
Metro LouisvilleEditorial CartoonsFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Marc Murphy Editorial CartoonsMarc Murphy Marc Murphy was the only entrant in this category — but even so, his skills as a visual artist and editorial wit are evident. He's surely an asset to his paper.
Metro LouisvilleEditorial WritingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Women's equality; Kentucky Republicans; and Mitch McConnell Veda Morgan These editorials were well-written and compellingly reasoned, so certainly deserve kudos. Still, it's lamentable that this category doesn't have more competition.
Metro LouisvilleEducation ReportingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
JCPS Elementary Suspensions SpikeMandy McLaren and Allison Ross
A solid piece of education reporting. The writers examination of the topic of elementary school suspensions is translated into easy-to-digest numbers and concepts but also adds perspective to the issue. Some of the other submissions in this category addressed much wider-reaching looks at suspensions overall, but by narrowing down into a much smaller group of students, with, some of the interviews argue, less of a reason to deal with suspensions, the feature allows the reader a better look at suspensions in general without getting bogged down by the politics and education-speak of less targeted topics. Well done.
Metro LouisvilleEducation Reporting
Second Place
WDRBKevin WheatleyKevin Wheatley
The writer certainly shows depth and an understanding of education issues during what appears to be a contentious time, especially for Jefferson County. While the information is well told and the range of interviews and data are well-researched, there were moments when the story lines could get a bit weighed down by too many viewpoints without perspective. But overall, well done.
Metro LouisvilleEducation ReportingThird PlaceInsider LouisvilleOlivia KrauthOlivia Krauth
While well researched and reported, at times these articles seemed written specifically for those who already had a running knowledge of the education system and issues in Louisville, making it challenging for a new reader to catch up with the terminology and history.
Metro LouisvilleEnterprise/Investigative ReportingFirst Place
Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
Fatal Flaws: How Kentucky Is Failing Its WorkersEleanor Klibanoff, Jeff Young and Alexandra Kanik
This entry puts a human face on the dry OSHA parlance of workplace incidences and worker fatalities. Digging through the data and re-investigating a government agency's work earns kudos. Nicely done!
Metro LouisvilleEnterprise/Investigative Reporting
Second Place
WDRBChris Otts investigations into real estate deals, Humana executive payChris OttsSolid financial reporting, showing how money and power coalesce to impact the little guy.
Metro LouisvilleEnterprise/Investigative ReportingThird PlaceWDRBPublic records not very publicJason Riley, Marcus Green, and Travis Ragsdale
Metro LouisvilleFeature PhotographyFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
A moon risesMichael ClevengerGreat shot, unique composition, and lucky timing. Personally would have liked to see the moon a few degrees higher for it to hit that "10" territory.
Metro LouisvilleFeature Photography
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstKICC openingChris FryerGreat timing, good sense of perspective in a setting with very little in the way of details to aid in composition.
Metro LouisvilleFeature PhotographyThird PlaceThe Courier JournalIcy MorningMichael ClevengerGreat shot, good timing for light.
Metro LouisvilleFeature WritingFirst PlaceCourier Journal \ courierjournal.comKroger shooting: Chaos, heroism and the search for a scared young boyChris Kenning and Thomas Novelly
Masterful use of 911 calls, personal stories and timeline to relate a terrible crime in a most personal way. The writer captures the reader's attention from the first sentence, as we connect with a loving grandfather and his grandson in the banal moments before a horrifying event. The story is very well-paced—taking us moment by moment, in real time, through those hours and the hunt for a missing teenage survivor while masterfully weaving in the backstories of the victims and witnesses involved and engages the reader all the way until the end. A extremely effective way to tell another side of this front-page story a few days after it occurred.
Metro LouisvilleFeature Writing
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Brown Hotel; Mr. Christmas; and Copper & Kings Maggie Menderski
The writer of these three features has a very nice touch for storytelling. The facts and figures are nicely woven through the narrative without feeling forced. What really makes these features are the attention to detail present within each moment; from the shorts-clad electrical worker to the marble-slab at the Brown Hotel and the audio of the teenage opera singer playing at the bartending class. Each proved to be an enjoyable read.
Metro LouisvilleFeature WritingThird PlaceLEO WeeklyDancing towards Diversity: Louisville Ballet raises its barreErica Rucker
The topic of race and diversity in the world of dance is not a new subject. But seeing it through the personal perspective of this writer gave it new life. The exchanges between her and those involved with Louisville's ballet scene are what elevate this piece above the typical, fact-driven articles that lean on quotes for perspective and emotion. A well-written feature that takes us full circle in the best possible way.
Metro LouisvilleGeneral News PhotographyFirst PlaceLouisville Business FirstOmni Hotel openingChris Fryer
Metro LouisvilleGeneral News Photography
Second Place
Courier Journal Salute Matt Stone
Metro LouisvilleGeneral News PhotographyThird PlaceCourier Journal Santa Train Pat McDonogh
Metro LouisvilleGovernment ReportingFirst Place
Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting
Sexual Harassment Allegations In Kentucky GovernmentEleanor Klibanoff and Amina Elahi
Great job exposing sexual harassment in government workplaces, through FOIAs of 30 state agencies. The stories were personal, compassionate and caring, while portraying a full picture of what goes on behind the scenes.
Metro LouisvilleGovernment Reporting
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Are sewer collapses sinking our city? MSD stats don't tell whole storyAlfred MillerHighly readable account of an important issue, laced with plenty of statistics and useful information, all told in a conversational style that keeps the reader reading.
Metro LouisvilleGovernment ReportingThird PlaceWDRBMarcus GreenMarcus GreenDelving behind the press release and bringing the hidden to light is an important role of journalists, and these examples show how it's done. Solid work.
Metro LouisvilleGraphic/IllustrationFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Schools Under Siege: Stopping Gun Violence Andrew Scheiderich
Metro LouisvilleGraphic/Illustration
Second Place
Louisville Business FirstA day in the life of a childAllison Stines
Metro LouisvilleHealth ReportingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Ongoing coverage of dental health in Kentucky including Medicaid's role in in patient access
Deborah Yetter Thorough coverage of an important issue.
Metro LouisvilleHealth Reporting
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Austin RisingLaura UngarA solid collection of well-written, engaging stories.
Metro LouisvilleHealth ReportingThird PlaceLouisville Business FirstTaking the pulse of the Kentucky One-Blue Mountain dealChris Larson
Metro LouisvilleMinority/Women's Affairs ReportingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Black restaurants; Thanksgiving true meaning; and eggs at KrogerBailey LoosemoreInteresting articles on why black-owned restaurants don't get the interest from consumers and about higher food prices in poor neighborhoods.
Metro LouisvilleMinority/Women's Affairs Reporting
Second Place
Louisville Business First
Denying the American dream -- Louisville banks routinely deny more minority home loans
David MannGood analysis of data showing blacks with higher rates of denial for house mortgages.
Metro LouisvilleMinority/Women's Affairs ReportingThird PlaceInsider LouisvilleOlivia KrauthOlivia KrauthOlivia Krauth handles, in a delicate manner, black issues in education and sexual assault process at a university.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - News/BusinessFirst PlaceLouisville Business FirstGLI to Denver cover spreadBrooke TimmonsThis is a very cohesive package, very nicely done.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - News/Business
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson at the Kentucky DerbyKyle Slagle The layout is simple and lets Steadman's work shine.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - News/BusinessThird Place
The Courier Journal /
U of L Basketball Recruiting Scandal Jennifer Williams The main piece of artwork really tells the story.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - Sports/FeaturesFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Seven Sense; Summer Bombs; and Breaking the rulesBrian GrayAll the covers in this submission were impactful without being over-the-top. "The Summer Without Bombs" was an especially impressive design, simple but eye-catching.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - Sports/Features
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
Hacking America; Arts reboot Andrea Brunty The "Hacking America" was a great cover, all the elements worked well together.
Metro LouisvillePage Design - Sports/FeaturesThird Place
The Courier Journal /
Will Your Team Be Remembered? Andrew ScheiderichI liked the simplicity of the cover image.
Metro LouisvillePersonality/Profile WritingFirst Place
Louisville Ballet Backstage Blog and LEO Weekly
The Return of Robert Curran/ LEO: Ballet director's dance, a story of loss, identityErica RuckerWonderful profile, the quotes given are very relatable and paint a clear picture of the subject.
Metro LouisvillePersonality/Profile Writing
Second Place
The Courier Journal /
How a bank robber became a trailer park shaman with Kentucky ayahuascaChris KenningSteve Huppʻs journey is, to put it lightly, unique, and I believe the stories writer did a great job of conveying it to readers.
Metro LouisvillePersonality/Profile WritingThird PlaceLouisville Business FirstChurch gave Pollard a sanctuary from negativity and set him on his career pathChris LarsonAlthough I believe the author could have written more on the subject, the piece still served its purpose of familiarizing readers with the profiles subject and conveying their cause.
Metro LouisvillePolitics ReportingFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Kentucky state technology chief gets an unprecedented, huge raiseTom Loftus
Kentucky gave huge raise making the IT director not only the highest paid Commonwealth employee but also the highest paid state IT director in the country. It turns out he was the governor's Army buddy. Good job following up.
Metro LouisvilleReview/CriticismFirst Place
The Courier Journal /
Bonnie & Clyde's; Pat's Steakhouse; and Couvillion restaurant reviewsLindsey McClave