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WRITERS: Be sure to copy down the number (in red) of your letter and put it on the envelope. This is the only way the letter can get to its recipient! Letters are due to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life in the Student Center on April 25 by 5pm.
Red indicates the letter still needs a writer!
8She is always working so hard to do things for other people, but never takes time to pamper and love on herself. She pulls all nighters to finish her homework, because she is constantly working for others during the day. She is a dedicated member of our chapter and inspires genuine sisterhood every day.She is slow to anger and quick to love, She is like a mother figure here at school. Anytime she knows you are stressed out she is the first one to offer her love and support. She inspires me to be the best that I can be and always gives me someone to look up to. She is a great listener and a heart of gold. Her advice never fails and she deserves to know how special she is.Freshman1105
9I’ve just been way more self-conscious lately than usual and like just kinda down so some like, reassurance or something would be niceI like to think I’m pretty caring and empathetic to my friends.Junior1987
10She is currently in her first semester of nursing school and due to the challenging nature of it is really struggling with seeing her self worth. I know she will be an amazing nursing one day, she just needs help seeing that in herself. She is very good at keeping her classmates spirits high in difficult times during the semester but tends to forget about herself.She is the best friend that anyone could ask for. She is so thoughtful and is always putting others before herself. She also puts 110% into anything she does, anyone who has her as their nurse one day should consider themselves lucky!!She loves the movie the Greatesr Showman, Chick-fil-a and Andy’s! I don’t know if this is relevant to anything but just thought I would throw it out there!!Junior2344
11She has been student teaching all semester. She has learned a lot & her host teacher loves her. She was nominated for an award. Not only is she loved but her teacher but by her friends as well.She is upbeat, energetic, supportive, caring, outgoing & adventurous. She always encourages others to do their best & reach for the stars. She is a leader & deserves the world!Junior2086
12Stressed about getting into PT school. Trying to work hard this final semester and this summer to get all applications, classes, and GRE done.She is so motivated and energeticSophomore1003
13She has been working so hard lately!! She gets stressed out kind of easily, so she is really working hard to do the best she can in all her commitments. She is the service liason for our chapter, and she has a lot of tests and papers due this week which she has been GRINDING on !!!!! so she is great and going to do amazing on all her upcoming tasksShe is always on top of her schedule and knows what is going on. She is an outstanding leader and can get along with anyone. She is very empathetic and always does what she can to help othersFreshman2213
14She's in charge of greek week dance for Zeta and along with multiple exams and the responsibility of completing the dance she also has to search for a job for this summer. She's under extreme stress and pressure and could really use a pick me up!She's the funniest and sweetest girl I've ever met.She can light up any room and turn any bad situation in to something positive.Sophomore2213
15She has just had an extremely hard semester, and has been struggling with anxiety. She is such a brilliant woman and seriously makes everyone feel so incredibly loved, but she has trouble remembering to love herself. This semester has just beat her down quite a bit with incredibly difficult classes, and she just needs some reminding of how amazing, brilliant and inspiring she is!I love how much she loves to make other people happy. She is a light in my life and has made my college life so much better by knowing her. She is insanely hilarious, incredibly intelligent and so caring it's out of this world.She just needs some encouraging words to make it through the rest of the semester! Send her some love:)Sophomore1105
16She is 21 and is super overwhelmed with everything in her life right now, she has little motivation left and is struggling with learning how to stay afloat. She also is going through some confidence and body positivity issuesShe is attentive and is a very good listenerJunior0.0631
17She is involved in everything and can never say no to anybody, but it can definitely start to take a poll on somebody! She is the most giving and genuine person I know!She will literally do anything for anybody! One time I told her I was having a hard day and she came down to my room with a note telling me how great I was and that I just have to do my best! She also always uses the phrase: love you, mean itJuniorzero430
18I've felt very blah and apathetic this school year, and this semester that feeling has gotten worse. I'm very involved on campus, yet feel like nothing I do makes a difference. I've had to cut 2 toxic people out of my life who, a year ago, I considered to be close friends, and it's been hard feeling like I have less friends. I've been receiving rejection letters from my top internships which isn't helping my self esteem either.I'm *overly* involved in service organizations like Tiger Pantry and MAB because my real passion is serving others. One of my best skills is making people laugh to lighten the mood and make people feel better. If I can make another person laugh it instantly brightens my day too.thanks for doing thisJunior5586
19I believe that she just needs a confidence boost! It will really brighten her day to receive a letter from you. Recently, she is very insecure about her body weight and image. She's not happy with how she looks and she compares herself to others all the time. I think a little note to make her feel appreciated and cared for will really help make a bad day better!This girl is my best friend!!! We met each other last year and have been inseparable ever since. She constantly makes me laugh with her sometimes dumb jokes, but they always cheer me up. Her smile is contagious and I always tell her to keep her chin high. She is my support system and I'm hers. She doesn't always do the best on big exams, but she is a very bright student. She puts in a lot of work towards school and her chapter. We are on the executive board together and I love spending time with her outside of that. She does a great job leading and serving this chapter and I think a little reminder would be appreciated.Please make my best friend feel appreciated!!!Sophomore5197
20I've been really stressed with school -- I just want it to be over. I'm on the executive board for my chapter and combining all of that with my school work it sometimes gets to be a lot. I think stress is my main thing that tends to get me down. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I know my parents are always checking in, the younger girls in my chapter looks up to me, and my friends look to me as well. I try to put my best foot forward, but recently, it's so hard.I'm a social butterfly. I can honestly say I know every single person in my member class and the ones above and below me. I'm a hard working student. I get really good grades (I don't usually tell people that). Even though I stress way too much over every single deadline, I still manage to meet each one. I spend a lot of time working out as well as throwing in some Netflix nights when I'm emotionally done with school/work/sorority. When I'm around others I always try to have a smile on my face. I want to be their friend when they need one. I love to laugh and make fun in everything each day.I just need a little motivation in the confidence category. I'd like to read this letter on days when I'm not confident in myself or stressed at the task I'm working on.Sophomore1196
21In general I am a pretty happy person but some days I just feel lonely or like I cant live up to the goals I set for myself. I feel like everything knocks me down and there are so many battles that I need to attempt to overcome. I have my best friends and that is kind of it - I know I have fun with my other sisters but sometimes I am afraid to initiate the talks or hanging out.I feel awkward writing this about myself, but one of the things I am most proud of about myself is my kind heart. I try to put people first, especially those who need a little extra push.Sophomore6186
22This girl has gone through so much, whether it’s with her family life or her own self imagine. However, she has never let it affect her personality and kind heart. She is my best friend since 3rd grade and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Lately, I think she is struggling with her confidence and self imagine. I would love her to know how beautiful she is and that it’s not deprived by her size. She also really wants to get in shape and I think this could be a good and positive way to motivate her.Her kindness, her amazingly hilarious sense of humor, her laugh, her uncanny capability to always brighten everyone’s day around her.Junior(zero)383
23This amazing sister of mine has struggled a little bit in the past, but she is doing so many amazing things right now and is doing so well and I wanted to acknowledge that and give another little boost of confidence. She is doing so many adult things and has grown so incredibly much. In the past she has struggled with some mental health issues but is doing so well and I want to make sure that she continues to grow into the amazing women she is. Between getting a job, leasing a car, and working her butt of to getting a 4.0 I look up to her so much and see all the good she is doing.She has the kindest heart of anyone I know. She is always interested in everyone else's day and is so supportive and excited for them. I look up to her so much and although she's a year younger than me, she is such an incredible friend and should be recognized for that. She also is such an incredibly strong person. Much stronger than I could even hope to be one day.Thank y'all for doing this she needs this in her life right now.Freshman5796
24I am in a leadership position in my chapter, and I constantly struggle with not feeling like I am doing well enough at my job. I feel anxious a lot of the time because I am always thinking of what I could be doing wrong instead of thinking about anything I have done right. I also struggle with comparing myself to others, which really brings down my self-esteem. Overall I've just really struggled to be confident in my abilities and I need some words of encouragement (or helpful Bible verses, if you're into that!).I think I have a great sense of humor, and I always try to make things fun. Also, I think I have a servant's heart. I try to do as much for other people as I can and be a support system for those around me.Junior8924
25I am having a lot of stuff going on at home and I cannot be there for it. My dad is currently disabled and doesn't really have much income to take care of himself and my younger brother. My mom is not in the picture anymore as she has made many bad decisions related to drug abuse. I know that my dad is proud of me for being in school and being the first in my family to graduate college in December, but sometimes I feel guilty for not being home to help him. Even though my family tells me they are proud of me, sometimes I am not proud of myself.I think I am funny even though most of my jokes are Disney or Harry Potter related. I am a good friend and a good listener. I try to help anyone that I possible can.Senior(0)383
26She has been one of my good friends since high school. I have seen her grow first hand into a great and responsible person. She does not get enough reminders about how great she is doing, including the dedication she has for school and other things that she is involved with. She needs a pick me up to reminder her just how wonderful she is and how much she is impacting the lives of others.The things I love most about her are her witty personality, her willingness to laugh at my jokes, and the humor she brings to my life. She has been there for me through many ups and downs and I would love for someone to remind her how great she is!Junior3133
27She is in some pretty tough classes this semester and has a large workload to go along with it. She needs a boost of happiness and some confidence to tell her to keep going. She really tries her best to balance her social life with school and also staying fit and she is doing a great job, but reassurance is always good!She is funny and i send most of my days with her. She is always a breath of fresh air and gives me different ways to challenge the teachings in class. She is witty and always knows what to say in any situation.Junior5092
28This is her second semester here at mizzou and I know that can be a little tough. It is hard to find a niche in this large campus, but also in our sorority. She is a great leader, but needs some confidence to shed her shell and meet new people.She is sweet and humble. When you think of someone who is sincere yet honest, think of this gal. When I see this specific person she always has a smile on her face and gives out the most genuine compliments a girl could ever want.Freshman6390
29our fearless president. She spends countless hours on making our chapter the best it can be. She has been doing great in her role and just needs an overall reminder that she is helping our chapter tremendously. A boost of confidence and some compliments would be great. She is putting so much of herself out there for our chapter and I want her to be able to get this letter and know that someone else thinks she is doing great things.Where do I begin. I met this girl during our first formal recruitment and we have been best friends ever since. She is dedicated, passionate toward school and others, and also always can recite a vine on command. She is a genius and is a great friend.Junior3133
30She has been doing worse in school this semester than ever before. she's really struggling to find time between social life, sorority, school, and more extracurriculars. She just needs to find some motivation to do as well as she knows she can.Love of animals, determination, will to help others, always up for any adventureSophomore5678
31Stressed about getting into the accounting program.Hard working kindSophomore5092
32She just needs a boost of confidence. In school...her body image...her self worth. It would just be awesome if she got letter(s) that told her how awesome she really is and how lucky the people in her life are to have her there. She needs to hear how beautiful she is, inside and out.This girl is honestly amazing. She is the mom of the friend groups for sure; she is level-headed, always down to listen to your problems, and will do anything for you without asking. She has the biggest heart and is selfless, and always has a smile on her face. She is also really funny and can always brighten my day.Freshman6675
33This girl is so beautiful, I just wish that she could see it. She can get really self conscious about the way she looks and what she says, and it can affect her relationship and friendships at times. She needs a reminder that she is absolutely stunning inside and out.She is confident and never afraid to do her own thing. Stunning herself, she always takes the time to make others feel good about themselves too. Her sense of style is amazing, and she is so intelligent that she pushes everyone around her to strive to be their best. She is an overall ray of light and is so easy to talk to.Freshman6390
34Since my senior year of high school, I have struggled with anxiety and depression. I'm doing a lot better now but still struggle with jealousy (like seeing what other girls have that I don't, not stuff but more so like personality traits) as well as self-esteem and being confident in the person that I am. I would love to just have some confidence boosters and some positivity to remind myself that I kick butt and can tackle any challenge that life throws at me!Oof since this is about me I guess I'll talk about myself haha?? I think that I have a big heart and love to be there as a support system for the people I love, especially because I have faced difficulty without a solid support system. I love to laugh and find humor in most things, even some of the more difficult things that I deal with. I'm also really passionate about everything I like and believe in.I'm SO excited to get this letter! Didn't participate last time and regretted it as soon as I saw everyone getting their beautiful letters and feeling some MAD #PHAlove. Can't wait!!!Sophomore6153
35She will be applying for grad school in the early Fall, and she is nervous about the future, and it just seems daunting for her. Her confidence has been shaken from not getting certain positions that she really wanted, and I think it is sometimes hard for her to realize her worth. She needs a boost of confidence and something to reiterate how AMAZING she is.She is extremely dedicated to her studies and is one of the smartest people I know!!! She is so passionate about helping others, and I admire her passion for those living with disabilities. I know she will change he lives of many in the future as an occupational therapist. She is bubbly and funny and I know I can rely on her if I'm ever upset or worried. She looks out for me and makes sure I don't make any stupid decisions!! She is a blessing and I am eternally grateful that our chapter brought us together!Junior5678
36She does A LOT for our chapter and is so dedicated, and she is only a freshman. I want her to know how awesome she is and let her know the great power she has to make powerful changes within our chapter and in PHA as a whole. Her sister will be graduating at the end of this year, and she may be feeling a little nervous about conquering college without her best friend. I want to instill some confidence in her to let her know that she will be okay.She is ALWAYS smiling, and has one of the biggest hearts. She is passionate about kids, and I'm so excited to see all the opportunities that come her way! She is always willing to help out our chapter and is a go-getter!Freshman5737
37I just want this girl to know how loved and appreciated she is by all of her friends. Sometimes she struggles with her decision to come to Mizzou as many people from her high school came here. I want her to know she can make her experience at Mizzou anything she wants it to be. I certainly would not have had such a wonderful freshman year without her in my life.She is unapologetically herself. Whether she is being silly and fun, needs her alone time, or is stating her opinion, she is never afraid to be 100% who she is. This girl is always checking up on her friends, whether they had a big test that day or just wants to see how their day has been.Freshman2433
38There is nothing specific that I would like to address. She just needs a pick-me up and a little something to know much she is loved by her friends at Mizzou. My life would certainly be drastically different without her in it. She is going to make such an impact at Mizzou and be so successful in the real world.She is so unique, yet also well-rounded. She is fiercely herself and is not afraid to show that. She is intelligent inside and outside of the classroom. Her presence makes people smile whether they know her or not.Freshman1069
39She struggles with anxiety and the ability to be completely herself. She is such an amazing friend and person. I'd love for her to know how much other people appreciate her and need her in their lives. She has trouble being confident in herself. She should know just how incredibly capable she is of achieving her dreams.She's funny, intelligent, and a wonderful person to be around. She is always asking others how they are doing. She is a hard-worker and will accomplish great things in her life.Freshman1851
40She struggles with comparing herself to others. She should know how loved she is by her friends and family and should know being herself is more enough. She lacks confidence in the difference she is making in other's lives, but should know how much her friends appreciate her and need her in their lives. She is an amazing person with an amazing heart.She is intelligent, well-rounded, and caring. She puts other people's needs before her own. She is someone who makes you want to be a better person.Freshman1489
41She is a freshman from out of state and is staying for the summer. She is extremely close with her family, and gets sad when thinking about having her first summer without them. In addition to this, she is in a long distance relationship. And while all is going well I know she worries about going more time without seeing him.She is the most genuine and loyal friend I have ever met. She goes out of her way to make sure you have had a good day before she worries about getting her own things done. She is a great example of what it is like to live life following Christ. Besides this she is extremely creative, outgoing, and upbeat.She would do great from a letter just to encourage her to keep going. Something that instills her confidence that she chose the right school no matter how far from home.Freshman1014
42She’s struggling super hard with some friends and some minor mental illness with sadness and depression. She is also dealing with a dying Grandpa which is super hard for her.She has the best attitude about everything. She makes anyone smile because her smile is so contagious. She would bend over backwards for anyone.She needs a little pick me up and I think this is the best way to do it. I love her so much and want her to be happy.Freshmanzero122
43She is having a difficult time with her confidence level in her love life. She sometimes will express that she does not feel like she is good enough for any guy and has a hard time expressing her feelings about this to her friends who care about her.She is extremely kindhearted, a great listener, will do anything to make people feel cared for, strong, ambitious, and independent.Senior4555
44She recently got pretty far in the recruiting process with lots of interviews and papers for an internship she wanted SO bad! The moment she told me she didn't get it, she was absolutely heartbroken and I really felt her pain. I was at loss on how to cheer her up because we usually go get good food or something, but she was on a diet. I just want her to see that there are better things out there besides that internship. I want her to know she is capable of so much, she just has to hold on!I love how she makes EVERYONE feel included. She has the best personality, but lacks in her confidence in herself and her schoolwork. I know she's smart, but she doesn't believe in herself. She has so much going for her and I know she is going to go far in life! I really just want to shower her with extra love, and reassurance in herself for whatever she puts her mind to.Sophomore6262
45She's struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, so she just needs a little pick-me-up. School has been stressful for her recently. She's still struggling with the loss of her grandpa from a while back, so that gets to her sometimes. She just needs like a "you can do it" type letter.She has a heart of gold and is super passionate about mental illnesses. She's going to school to be a counselor, as she's studying psychology. She's incredible and would do anything to help anyone. I love that she's always willing to listen and is there for all her sisters. She's a beautiful soul inside and out.Sophomore9001
46College is hard and she has had a hard time adjusting to school. She has a lot going on with her family (mostly sister) and her roommate has had a lot of problems and she wants to help her as much as she can so she's stressed.She's always smiling.Freshman4815
47Sam has gone through a lot. She use to suffer from an eating disorder and has since over come it. She also suffers from a lot of anxiety and stress especially when overwhelmed. She stresses out a lot and sometimes I wish she would stop for a second and breathe. I think this letter should just tell her to love herself and make sure she makes time for herself.She’s my big, so obviously we talk a lot but she’s the best. She always is willing to talk to me or let me talk to her about anything! She is always there to help her friends out and lights up the room when she’s there. She also is amazing at crafting and loves to paint!Junior7799
48Well she's our chapter president and I know she is struggling with everything on her plate so I was hoping she could get a little boost from the letter. I know she still loves this chapter but sometimes I see her losing her faith in her own abilities but I wish that she had the confidence to know that she is doing her absolute best as our president. Any problems she sees she blames herself and I wish she saw that it's not her faultShe is actually one of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She's the funniest person I've ever met and can put a smile on absolutely anyone. She inspires me to be a better sister and a person and to do everything in my life 100%.Junior3133
49This girl is my best friend and I wish she had more confidence in her ability to lead our chapter. She feels that even things in our chapter out of her control are her fault and how she could have prevented them She feels so overwhelmed with everything in her life but she just needs to stop and breathe and remember that she is capable of anything she can put her mind to.She is so bubbly and outgoing I don't think you'll find a louder person. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and loves everyone even when she first meets them. She genuinely wants the best for this chapter and she just needs a little boost.Sophomore5954
50She has just been very busy with school work, being involved in sigma and leadership for Mizzouthon. She needs a pick me up and positive vibes to end the semester strong. She just needs to know she is loved.She has a beautiful soul and is probably the strongest person I know. She loves mizzouthon so much and would do anything for those kiddos.Sophomore2326
51She works 20 hour work weeks on top of being a bio and psych major. Her science classes require a lot of time for studying and with work makes it very stressful for her. She has friends around her that have easier class loads, and they don't understand why she is always busy, which is hard on her. On top of all of that she has been experiencing some health problems that makes it harder for her to study, which adds to the stress.hard worker
will drop anything to help or hang out with a friend
never wants anyone to feel left out
good friend
Looking for words of encouragement because there have been people around her that are negative, and I think it would be nice to have an uplifting letter.Junior1028
52She needs a confidence boost! She is beautiful inside and out and needs to know how special she is. She needs to know that she has people that care about her. And I want her to know that she has a bright future (as a nurse—she’s in the Mizzou nursing program)She is insanely funny and caring. She always brings a smile to my face and I rely on her for so much. She is always there for me in my times of need and I really want to be there for her more.Junior1120
53She has been struggling with self confidence and really needs a boost! She needs to feel confident in her own skin! She doesn’t need a guy to make her happy. I know she has not been feeling herself for awhile and has had negative thoughts, and although I think she is getting better, I want her to know she is beautiful inside and out.I love that she can rock her crocs and isn’t afraid to go out in public wearing them. She has a great personality and deserves to have more self confidenceJunior1003
54I mainly just want this to be written as a confidence booster. Emma works really hard in her classes all semester long and dedicates a lot of her time to the Panhellenic community, as well as her own chapter. She never fails to put a smile on everyones face and brightens everyones day. I want her to know that all of her friends, especially myself, love and care about her so much and truly admire her!She is always positive, encouraging, and is always willing to listen and offer her advice. She is always up for an adventure and is extremely fun to be around. She is always up for a study date as well as a night on the town. Emma is a great friend and I am truly blessed to have her in my life!Junior5737
55She just needs encouragement for the rest of the semester.She is the most selfless and compassionate person I have ever met and will do anything for her friends!Sophomore5821
56She is someone who is ALWAYS stressed. Every week seems like there is a ton of new stressful tasks for her to take on. I feel like she can be very hard on herself which adds to her stress levels. I don't think she understands how intelligent and special she is. I hope that this note just helps her realize that she has so many people who love her and believe in everything she does!This girl one of the closest friends I've ever had. I've never had such a close friendship with someone before and I'm so grateful she's in my life. This girl is one of the most hard working and dedicated people I know. On top of that she is so insanely intelligent it blows my mind. She has made so many accomplishments and I don't think she realizes all the impact she's made on the lives of others. This girl has a beautiful soul and has touched my life and the lives of others in so many ways. I hope she realizes all the incredible talents and potential she has. I can't wait to see how she's going to change the world!Junior1990
57I just want this letter to be sent as a confidence booster! She always goes above and beyond for everyone and I want her to know that it doesn't go unnoticed. She is our chapter President and is always putting her schedule on hold to help anyone and everyone out!She is genuine, loyal, hard working, compassionate, considerate, and one of the most incredible humans I have ever met. She always stops what she's doing to listen to anything I have to tell her, and is always genuinely happy for me when I have good news to tell.Sophomore2684
58This girl has been going through a lot and has a lot of stressful things in her life. She's a nursing student, works 20 hrs a week, is involved on campus, and is involved in the greek community! It's incredible that she does all of this, but i feel it can overwhelm and stress her out at times. I think she just needs some encouragement to finish out the semester and realize that she is going to be a great nurse one day!This girl is the most kind human I've ever met. I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone and is always so positive. I know I can count on her to brighten my day and give me the best advice. Her genuine kindness brightens every room she walks into! She is so passionate, joyful, and grateful for everything. I'm so lucky that this girl is my friend because she has changed my life for the better!Junior2476
59She is experiencing that sophomore slump where you are unsure if what you’re pursuing is right and what your future should look like. She has some doubts, but she shouldn’t, because she is doing incredible things. She is doubting her choices and her abilities and still working on discovering what next steps are the right ones.She is a creative soul with a desire to use her talents to brighten the lives of others and do good in the world. She has a heart for The Lord and for loving others well and taking care of them first. Cate can get along with anyone, but is still an exceptionally unique person.Sophomore2828
60I just want this letter to be sent to her as a confidence booster. She works hard all year long to maintain her grades and studies like no one I have ever met before. She is also one of my best friends and I want her to realize how much I cherish our friendship and how blessed I am to have her in my life.She is hard working, passionate, genuine, and energetic. She is always willing to help me with anything and listen when I need to vent. She is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met, even though she has faced some pretty tough things. She can always put smile on my face and never fails to pick me up when I'm feeling down.Sophomore4753
61She is going through the typical senior struggle of knowing what’s next. She has all these incredible goals and dreams but is waiting for everything to take off. It’s not just career, but where she will be and with who and what the future holds in general. Patience and disernment and just some unwavering confidence could use encouragement.She got me through college. She’s selfless and a servant heart. No matter how down she is, she puts everyone else’s needs first. She gives her heart to her clubs and other people’s organizations and never slows down. She’s important to our Columbia as well as our PHA community.Senior4172
62I just want this to be sent to her as a confidence booster and to make sure she realizes how happy I am to have her in my life. She is the goofiest, positive, loving person I have ever met. I am truly blessed to get to call her my little.I honestly don't even know where to begin or how to describe her. No words even begin to describe the type of human she is. She is positive, genuine, energetic, compassionate, full of life, bubbly, goofy, and just all around an amazing person. I am beyond blessed to have her in my life, let alone to have her as my little. She never fails to make me laugh or to put a smile on my face, and does this to every person she encounters. She is truly a ray of sunshine and the definition of a great human being.Freshman3012
63She is my best friend and this semester I have seen her struggle with managing school, dance, work, family and friends. She works harder than anyone I know, but she feels like she still isn’t good enough. Every one of our friends always reminds her of how amazing she is, but she still doesn’t have enough confidence in herself.She is one of the most outgoing, kind, funny and smart people i know. She ALWAYS brightens my day and supports me and i can’t thank her enough. She constantly brings laughter and burps to our friend groupSophomore2898
64Recently, she has been struggling to love herself. She's been feel less confident in who she is as a person, as well as in her physical appearance. She's been self-conscious about the weight she's gained last semester, but has been working her tail off to get back in shape. She could really use some encouragement and reassurance that she's perfect the ways he is.She is beyond driven, caring, and intelligent, She's sarcastic BEYOND BELIEF and wittier than anyone I've ever met. She's a quiet leader and puts her friends before herself.She is weirdly obsessed with chicken and pepper. Like weirdly. It'd be hilarious if you mentioned that she's addicted or something along those lines.Sophomore1999
65This is a very busy semester for me and at times I feel very overwhelmed! I am requesting a letter because I am very hard on myself and my anxiety sometimes gets the best of me.This is to myself, but I am a very dedicated, hard worker.Junior1028
66Last summer she tried out for Mizzou cheerleading and only made an alternate position which she was upset about. This year she has been working super hard to improve and will be trying out again for the team during the first week of May. Cheer is something she is so passionate about and she really wants to be able to make the team and compete.She is a hilarious person who only wants the best for her friends. She appreciates a good vine and is obsessed with dogs. No matter what she is always willing to drive me where i need to go.Freshman(0)3(0)2
67I think she struggles with confidence and where is going to end up after she graduates. She is very very hard on herself and doesn't always feel like she is doing things right.What isn't there to love about her? She took me under her wing and without her, I'm not sure where I'd be today. She is the friend that is always there for you, the first person to call when you need to talk. She is the smartest person I have ever met both as a student and as a person. She is also incredibly talented and I look up to her, she is my number one role model. She has been there for me in my darkest moments and helped bring me back from the edge. I am a happier person because of having her in my life. She is going to do amazing things in her life.Senior4753
68She is the risk manager and is doing great. This is a tough position that she is taking on, but she is doing fantastic. It is really easy to feel like you are always the bad person in this situation, so a boost of confidence is always needed. She is doing the best for our chapter and I would love for her to know that.She is a genuine and fun loving girl. She is obsessed with memes and vines and can find humor in anything. She is so pure and very honest. I love how much she is dedicated to a persons healthy wellbeing and the fact that she would drop anything for anyone.Sophomore2326
69She is incredibly hardworking and motivated, but has had a hard year. She is trying to go for a super competitive internship rn and just found out her ex bf of forever came out as gay. She has mostly bounced back, but I know sometimes she still gets very down on herself, specifically body image which is something really important to her. She just needs some external validation and motivation to push her out of her head from time to time and I know she would love some PHA love!She is literally a spot of sunshine. She is always upbeat and never fails to light up a room with her smile and laugh. While being so fun, she is also very driven and runs an amazing blog on body positivity, something she oftentimes struggles with herself. She is full of love towards everyone, and has so much energy. She has always been there for me when I need her, and she is one of the best parts of my PHA experience, even though I only met her over the summerJunior5737
70She is a BLESSING ON EARTH with the biggest heart imaginable! She is always there to lend a hand or listen to whatever it is you need help with, and I want her to know how VALUED she is, and that it is okay to take time for herself (#selflove). She should know that her tenacity and dedication to helping others is one of her most amazing qualities, and I'm so lucky to call her my friend! With a heart as big as hers, she will make big changes to this world (and already has done so within the PHA community).She will drop anything to help her friends, and is passionate about our chapter and PHA as a whole. She is an advocate for all women and can make anyone laugh. She always has a smile and is optimistic, kind, and encouraging 24/7!!!! I love her carefree attitude and her loving nature!Junior1818
71She is just always stressed out because she has a very demanding schedule and is studying to take the LSAT. She feels insane pressure from her family and chapter to succeed and do well, and i think it gets to her too much sometimes because she always says she's just kinda disappointing to everyone even though she is insanely talented and smart with a practically perfect GPA. She compares herself to those around her too much, and needs to believe in herself because she is AMAZING and EXCEPTIONAL.This girl is so down to earth and also quirky. She sometimes just comes up to me and shows me memes and vines. She honestly might conquer the world one day because she is very intelligent, not just book-wise but people-wise. She is very driven and is always raising the bar, and is a true leader. She is one of the most accomplished people I have met and makes being a PHA woman so worth is because I met her.Junior1990
72She is becoming unmotivated on school work. She is finding it easier to sleep in than go to class or do other homework related things. This is obviously is letting her grades slip. She is involved, which is awesome! She needs a boost of confidence and someone to tell her she will do great things once she puts her mind to it.She is caring and funny. She is my little, so I could be a little bias. Her personality radiates smiles to everyone she speaks to and her kindness is contagious. She just got bangs and I wish I could rock it like she does.Junior1120
73She is such a ray of sunshine! She works harder than anyone I know, and I want her to get a letter giving her some encouragement to finish the year strong with finals and such. She is such a great friend and deserves to know how much she is loved.She is so energetic and positive! She is a friend to all! She teaches amazing spin classes and has so much going for her!Junior1999
74She gives all of her time to others and uses none of it on herself. She dutifully serves as a PHA delegate and on her chapter exec board. She could probably use a little encouragement because she seems a little worn out. Also some encouragement on future decision making as she is adding minors and changing career trajectories. She doesn't seem totally confident in these big choices, but she is making choices where she is going to be a huge help to others because she is so selfless.She is the embodiment of "PHA love." She cares deeply about other women and the opportunities they have to succeed. She is the friendliest face in our chapter and drives the attitude of other sisters. I know I wouldn't have made it through some of my toughest times without her love and encouragement. Her optimism is admirable and her friendship is a blessing.Junior1990
75She is worrying about the future and is stressing out about school. Even though she is extremely talented, she often doesn't realize how amazing she is.She is super smart and the sweetest person I know. She is responsible and creative.Junior5683
76She is graduating and moving to a city where she does not know anybody. I have no doubt she will put herself out there to do great things, but it is always a little scary to move somewhere you are unfamiliar. Some words of encouragement would be great along with any parting advice.She is honest and witty. She gives real life advice with no sugar coating. It is always nice to have one of those friends that is always 100% real with you, and she is definitely that person for me.Senior1851
77This girl is incredible and one of the sweetest people I know. However, she gets upset about ex boyfriends and doesn’t always feel like the most confident person. She has been working on herself so much lately and I want her to know she is doing great, is amazing, and should keep working to love herself always.She is kind and works so hard to make others happy and as confident as possible. She loves inspirational quotes that make her feel empowered!!Junior2222
78She is in the Masters of Accounting program here. She gets very stressed out a lot because of her extremely busy schedule while trying to keep her grades top notch! She also sometimes gets down on herself when she doesn’t do the very best and this can make her very sad. But she has so much more to be happy about. Her friends and family love her and she is beautiful inside and out.She has a sense of humor that can light up anyone’s day. She has a beautiful smile and she cares for the one she loves like nobody else.Junior2488
79She is about to graduate college!! She is the president of the Multicultural Greek Council. After a lot of thought, she has decided to stay and do grad school at Mizzou and work as a grad assistant. She takes on more responsibilities than any 1 person should have. Even though she is constantly around people, serving them, I feel that she is lonely and has a hard time treating herself.She is the epitome of the unsung hero. She leads her small army with strength, wisdom and logic, and never looks to be acknowledged. In moments of stress and crisis, Huong is the leader we turn to for guidance and reassurance.She's in the MGC councilSenior5092
80She is the president of her chapter. she is on the quieter side, but her passion is so evident. She has to deal with members that can be unkind, resistant and stubborn. She can sometimes feel that she has spread herself thin, but needs reassurance that she is doing her best.She is a brilliant designer. She creates wonderful pieces, and is humble about her talents.Junior9305
81I am the president of a student organization. I am busier than ever, learning how to be an effective leader. As a gold personality type, I overanalyze everything-every exchange, conversation, email, text-whatever. I feel as though I must always come off as strong, decisive and flawless. Some days and weeks, I feel like I have everything under control and balanced, some weeks I feel like something gives, whether it's academics, extracurriculars, or relationships.My friends joke that I'm a walking party-just add water. I make friends easily and I'm well-rounded.I'm a believer, so any biblical advice or verses are much appreciate :) or a good podcast!Junior1414
82She is our chapter's standards chair, she has the toughest job of all. She relentlessly gives our members the benefit of the doubt and approaches every conversation with the questions of "how can I help this member grow?" and "what does SHE need from us?" For the past few weeks, members have been a bit less appreciative of her. It's easy to see She as the bad guy, so members will get carried away with their words and be rude and hurtful towards her. I think she would deeply appreciate some words of encouragement and a reminder that she is doing what is best for our members by challenging them to grow and be better.I love how she loves others. Whether it be her friends, peers on exec or family, Maddie is constantly showing her appreciation for others. She continuously puts herself before others, which is evident in her dedication to her position on our exec board.THANK YOU for being so wonderful!!Sophomore2693
83She's about to graduate and she is very nervous about being on her own for the first time and I think she is worried about being lonely in a new state where she doesn't know anyone.She's always so helpful and provides a lot of guidance and advice to me when I need it. She has a super kind heart and is always taking care of others. She does way more than she needs to for our chapter and always helps when needed.Senior1414
84Aarika will be stepping up as Multicultural Greek Council President next fall. She's tackling on a lot of work being in Journalism School, MGC Exec-Board, an Active Sister, a job and more. Sometimes, she worries a lot and needs a boost in confidence that things will be alright. She needs to know that people support her and do care.She's a dedicated worker who hits home with the feels. She's patient and cares about others. She chases after her dreams — to become a successful suburban mom that shops at Target at least once a week. Her laugh is contagious, and she honestly made to be a mom.Sophomore3133
85She struggles with worries and self-doubt. She's a super, SUPER extraordinary person - your classic overachiever that cares too much about others. Her dedication to Greek Life and her sisters shows, especially since she is taking on the role as chapter president next fall while doing clinical for school. She sometimes just needs a boost that life is gonna be okay.She's dedicated, strong willed and will do what it takes to make sure those she cares about are taken care of. She's ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand to anyone.Junior8924
86She is president which is a very stressful job but she is absolutely killing it! I just want her to know that her hard work does not go unnoticed. She is so loved by her chapter and does not get the recognition she deserves!Leader, Sweetheart, Wonderful FriendJunior
0 726
87I honestly haven't spent a ton of time with her but we were roommates together once on a trip to a conference through Mizzou and she is a really special person. She is a member of the MGC community as well as her chapter's president and a senior so she's about to head out into the real world and I know that can be a super stressful time. She has done so much for her MGC community and I would love for her to feel recognized and appreciated by receiving a letter.She is a little bit quiet but she has a huge heart and is always thinking of others. She is always silently leading by example, embodying what it means to be a well rounded and self-aware member of the Greek community on our campus. She is well spoken and is able to articulate herself really well. She carries herself with an aura of wisdom and every time she opens her mouth she proves it!Senior1002
88This woman holds a highly important office in our community and even though she is a powerhouse woman whom I can hardly believe is human sometimes--she is human, and therefore I know that there have to be moments where she feels worn out. She has done an absolutely incredible job in her role and she has truly embodied all of the Panhellenic values with ease and grace. She works so so hard and puts in an unbelievable amount of time so that she can help serve others. She deserves to be reminded of just how impactful her character, her attitude while working hard, and her leadership is on those around her. I would love for her to know that it doesn't go unnoticed!This woman has HEART. She seriously has an unparalleled love and genuine care for others. She is constantly looking to see what she can do for others and how she can make their lives easier. She is intelligent, driven, and well spoken. AKA she is going places!! Someone help me help her not forget it!Junior4815
89Needing to remember to be confident in herself and what she hasLovng, focusedSophomore1117
90She has gone through more than anyone this year. She went through an extremely difficult breakup following a 3 year-relationship, prep for medical school, and has so much stress. She is in the process of working on being an independent woman and accepting that pre-med is hard and an A- won't kill her. She told me "I just don't know if I'm smart enough for med school anymore" (mind you, she has a 4.0 and in a pre-med second semester junior). School is causing her so much stress, and the broken relationship made it worse. She is at a much better place now and happy, but deserves the absolute world!She has a heart of gold and literally is the most selfless person I've ever known. I've prayed for a friend like her my whole life, and I couldn't imagine college without her. She deserves the absolute world, and for some reason people have treated her like crap this year. Someone other than me and her family needs to remind her she's 1)perfect 2)beautiful 3) brilliant and 4) an incredibly giving person.Junior1312
91She is such a kind hearted soul. She has been through a lot over the years and has dealt with more loss than most should. I think lately she is feeling as if she isn’t enough and like she needs to change to find love. She is so beautiful inside and out and I want her to realize this.Her willingness to always go out of her way for others, her advice, her extra/ princess personality that brightens my life, her smile, her sense of humor.Junior1318
92In the past guys have gotten into her head and in result her self confidence has been lowered. I think she really just needs a boost of confidence and some positivity in her life.She is super involved, applying for accounting, always tries to surround herself with positive people. She's one of my best friends and always puts others before herself.Sophomore0 906
93She needs a boost of confidence. She is a beautiful, fun loving girl who doubts herself when it comes to relationships, being with a guy who is not good enough for her! Now this isn't something she would ever say out loud, but as her biological sister, I think she just needs a letter telling her she is good enough and she is important.She loves to laugh, she is strong headed, and very social. She wants to be friends with everyone and she never knows a stranger!Sophomore0 726
94Lately she has been feeling very insecure about her body. She complains about being fat when she isn't but she often says she's ugly and unhappy with her body and face. She has also recently stopped hooking up with a guy that didn't treat her well so I think that is what the cause of all of the insecurity is.She has the most compassionate heart of anyone I know. She is so giving and empathetic to everyone around her. She carries such a genuine presence where ever she goes. I can come to her with any problem know that I'm able to fully trust her. Not
Only does she have a beautiful heart, her outward apperarance matches her beauty.
She also has been feeling very used by guys which has impacted her feeling very insecure. She feels like she will never find a boy friend because she's ugly and fat and not good enough.Freshman7777
95I recently got dumped by my boyfriend/one of my best friends in college. It’s been really hard for me. It’s my first break up and I just haven’t been feeling like myself. I’ve been really down and not dealing with it in the best way. I would love to get a boost of confidence to finish the semester.Caring
96I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years because he told me that he didn't love me romantically anymore. Honestly, my self worth was a little shot after that. I thought we were going to be together for the long haul but I guess not. My friends and family have been a great support system, but something still just feels "off" to me and I'm not sure what that is. Maybe I'm afraid I will never meet anyone else that will love me in that long term, commitment type of way again?I generally have a pretty positive attitude towards everything but this whole thing I just haven't been able to see the bright side yet.I usually bottle up my emotions, so requesting this letter for myself was pretty hard/uncomfortable haha but I thought it would be nice to read what someone else, from a third party's perspective, had to say.Junior2407
97She has struggled through boyfriend issues this past year. He would say mean things to her and belittle her past problems of self harm. She finally cut things off with him and hasn’t self harmed in over a year. However, she still stuggles with being alone.She is so honest and true. She is hilarious, she seriously can make anyone laugh. She knows exactly what to say & gives great advice but will also tell you when you’re wrong. She seriously is one of the best people I know.Sophomore9997
98It is a lot to juggle school, work, and sorority life on top of wanting to have a social life and making time for self care. I just need the confidence to go out there and do the best that I can, and remember to take time for myself as well. There is also this guy that I am into, but need help in just putting myself out there just a little bit more.One of my favorite things to do is always make other people happy and also make them smile. My goal in life is to always make people smile and brighten their day up even if it something small. I also love how dedicated and passionate I am about the things and people I love and care about.Sophomore2124
99She is an amazing woman, she has struggled with boy image issues and confidence. She has relied on validation from guys to make her feel cute and wanted when she is such a warm and thoughtful woman. She has so much worth and contributes so much love and positivity to our chapter.I love how kind and selfless she is to all members of our chapter. She is a ray of sunshine and comes from such a positive and happy place.Sophomore5404
100I have been struggling for the past year to know my worth in my relationship/friendships, love my body (not compare myself to others), and to feel confident in my faith. I am doing fine in school and I enjoy my campus involvement; however, I don't feel excited to wake up every morning and go to class or get things done. I don't really know how to get out of this rough patch and I feel like everyone around me is so much better at staying positive and not letting the little things bother them. I feel emotionally and mentally drained at the end of every day and I don't really know who I am. I want to love my body, feel like a confident and positive person that others like to be around, and be motivated but I don't really know where to start.I'm proud of the fact that I haven't given up yet and that I still try to put myself out there in situations where I could just shut down. I feel like I have the potential to get to a place in my life where I am confident in who I am and I love myself, sometimes the negativity just takes over and that is something I need to work on. I think I am aware of what needs to be done in order to get on the path towards change and happiness, I just struggle getting myself there.Freshman9305
101She, along with so many others, struggles a lot with confidence and not seeing herself as the beautiful girl that she is. This year has been really challenging on her in terms of faith, body image, and sometimes even boys, but she has never failed to be the most loving and supportive person I know. I just wish that she knew how much of a blessing she is to everyone's life and how truly beautiful she is!She is easily the most supportive and caring friend that I have. We have had so many memories throughout our friendship, but even when we weren't as close, she was still so constant and I always knew that I could count on her. I've met very little people with the big heart the she has for people and the selfless attitude that she displays for everyone that she loves. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would drop everything for me if I needed it, and she has literally picked me up off of the ground when I've been very low. She takes care of me while still making me come out of my shell and let loose, which is something that I really need, and she knows this. She is one of the truest friends I have ever had and one of the most loyal as well; I am eternally grateful for her sheer kindness and how she gives off an aura of love and happiness to all she encounters. I can confidently say that she will be a part of my life for so many years to come, and she'll make an amazing bridesmaid and aunt figure to my kids one day! I love this selfless, silly girl so so so much!Freshman5123
102My grandma has been in the hospital for a while with a surgery for a pacemaker that had some complications. I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of over 3 years, and just struggling with being apart all the time. School is starting to get more of a struggle this semester and i’m just waiting for summer.My strength in keeping everything going and balancing work, school, friends and family while not going insaneJunior1205
103She is having a tough time feeling like she fits in and sometimes is worried some of her friends may be toxic. She has also been struggling with body confidence and has been trying to lose weight but has not seen the results she wants. She is also going home a lot because she misses her family and sometimes feels lonely at school but then feels like she is missing out on fun things going on at school with her friends. Her long time boyfriend of 4 years and her are doing great but she is getting nervous that since they met so young it might not last.She is kind, genuine and always tries to make everyone around her laugh as hard as she does.She just wants a little pick me up and reassurance that everything will be okay! :)Sophomore3125
104She is one of my good friends who struggled with mental health in high school. Although thats not something she necessarily wrestles with today, she still faces other battles. She's been in and out of relationships which has taken a toll on her and sometimes struggles knowing her worth and how loved she is!! I want to remind her of her value in herself and that she has a lot of friends who love her and care about her.She is always down for anything. She loves to spend time with people. She is also super fit and outgoing. She cares about others wellbeing and always wants to lift others up.She's spending her summer in NYC because she landed an internship there!!Junior3113
105She is a dedicated woman to her sorority and gives her all. There has been changes in her friend group this year and due to her serving on the executive board of her sorority. She gets homesick sometimes and has a long difference boyfriend. She has struggled with depression and mental health as well.She is so inclusive and loving and has so many great ideas to make the greek community inclusive. She is loving and accepting of anyone and is so hardworking!Sophomore1247