Crafting v 1.0
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Crafting v 1.0
How do I turn Chocolate Powder into a Cheeseburger?Can I be a level 10 Mineral Refining Master?What happens in Season 2?
To being crafting, you need the a Crafting skill. To get a Crafting skill, you need to reach level 10 and walk near Valt or Keber in the Belos Weapon Shop. Valt can give you Weapon, Accessory, or Armor Crafting, while Keber can give Refining or Alchemy.There are 5 types of Crafting: Weapon, Accessory, Armor, Refining, and Alchemy. Alchemy has been split into Potion and Food because of the sheer volume of data.Season 2 of La Tale will introduce the new Soul Breaker class. Soul Breakers receive their own level 80 and 130 armor, as well as their own weapons. Armors will require PPoe Remedies, while weapons require only minerals. As of Dec 15-28, 2011, they do not have special weapons.
You can only have 1 crafting skill out of the 5 available. Once you have made your choice, you cannot switch to another Crafting skill. The Astro item Crafting Skill Reset book, however, resets your crafting skill, and lets you choose another skill to be obtained at your previous skill level.Each Crafting type is divided into 4 or 5 tiers: Novice, Skilled, Expert, Skilled [Subtype], and Master. Each tier has a base level requirement; the higher the tier, the higher the base level required. Skilled [Subtype] requires that you visit an NPC to learn it, assuming you have the required levels.Alchemy - Food is the only Crafting largely affected by the Season 2 update. Tiers 3 and 4 will be most affected, changing item requirements from Bongolie Train, Capt. Bong's Land, and Cookie Garden to the Big Toad Seashore/Mountain (Mossman, Mountain Pig, Nepenthes), Abyss Ruins (Corala), and Snowfield (Ice Lady). Foods that require Dark/Red Ninja Masks will continue to do so.
Currently, you need Crafting Capsules to being crafting most items. These can be bought by Rohan in Belos. There are various types for various items, which are indicated in the following spreadsheets. Higher level items require higher level Crafting Capsules. Skilled [Subtype] is what you will most commonly see when people say they have XXXXXX Crafting Level YY. After Expert, you have a choice as to which direction you want to keep Crafting. These vary by Crafting type, but usually split into categories seen together in previous skill tiers. You can only go down 1 branch.NPC [Element] Elemental Stones will be replaced with Elemental Stones that give intensity to all 5 elements, which includes the new Dark element. Special Elemental Stones are unaffected in terms of Crafting.
In Season 2 of La Tale, Crafting Capsules will be eliminated, and you only need to pay a small Ely fee each time you wish to craft. The fees are shown in the Overview - Charts sheet. They are accurate as of Dec 15-28, 2011.You gain Crafting experience as you craft things. The experience you gain depends on what your success rate is, and whether you succeed or not. The lower your success rate, the more you experience you gain. Failure does not give much experience. There are minimum Crafting skill level and base level requirements to proceed ot the next tier of Crafting.------>Crafting success rate is a minimum of 60%; otherwise, you cannot craft the item. For each Crafting skill level beyond that of the item you are crafting, you gain 3% success rate. The maximum success rate is 95%. Crafting Level cannot exceed level 40.
Most redundancies were removed for the sake of shortening the length of the spreadsheets. This includes options to make (15) of items in Refining and Alchemy, and most [Elements] for Accessories. In weapons, where possible, (Optioned) was added to where it was approriate.The Crafting Skill Level experience table is shown in the Overview - Charts & Labels sheet. This table does not change when the Season 2 update comes. ------>Crafting experience gained on successful item creation decreases as your Crafting Skill Level increases. The Crafting experience table in Overview - Charts & Labels only applies to the corresponding level. If you create (15), then multiply the experience shown by 15. The minimum experience you can get for crafting anything, regardless of success or failure, is 1.
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