Yeast Strain Guide 2
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Yeast NameCompanySourceAttenuationFlocculationTemp Notes
WLP 565 - Belgian SaisonWhite LabsBrasserie Dupont (Saison Dupont)65-75med68-75May Stall, use at higher temps to prevent
WLP 566 - Saison IIWhite LabsVieille Provision Saison Dupont78-85Med68-78Saison strain with more fruity ester production, Fast Fermentor
WLP 568 Belgian Ale Yeast BlendWhite Labs70-80Med70-80 Belgian style ale and saison strains. The strains work in harmony to create complex, fruity aromas and flavors. yeast strains encourages complete fermentation in a timely manner. Phenolic, spicy, earthy, and clove like flavors are also created.
WLP 585 Saison Blend IIIWhite Labs70-74Med68-75Produces beer with a high fruit ester characteristic, as well as some slight tartness. Finishes slightly malty, which balances out the esters. low levels of clovey phenolics. Great yeast choice for a summer Saison that is light and easy-drinking July - Sept
WLP 072 French AleWhite Labs68-70Med63-73Low to moderate esters, when fermentation temperature is below 70°F.  Moderate plus ester character over 70°F.  Low diacetyl production. Good yeast strain for Biere de Garde
WLP 670 American Farmhouse Blend
White Labsfarmhouse yeast strain and Brettanomyces75-82Med68-72 complex flavor profile with a moderate level of sourness
3711 - French saisonWyeastBrasserie Thiriez77-83Low65-77 peppery, spicy and citrusy. This strain enhances the use of spices and aroma hops, and is extremely attenuative but leaves an unexpected silky and rich mouthfeel
3724 - SaisonWyeastDupont76-80Low70-95 It is very tart and dry on the palate with a mild fruitiness. Expect a crisp, mildly acidic finish that will benefit from elevated fermentation temperatures. notorious for a rapid start , only to stick Fermentation will finish, at least 90°F 
3725 - Biere De GardeWyeastSoy-Erezée, Belgium / Fantôme74-79Low70-84Low to moderate ester production with subtle spiciness. Malty and full on the palate with initial sweetness. Finishes dry and slightly tart. Ferments well with no sluggishness.
3726 - Farmhouse AleWyeastBlaugies, Belgium74-79Med70-84This strain produces complex esters balanced with earthy/spicy notes. Slightly tart and dry with a peppery finish. A perfect strain for farmhouse ales and saisons.
Danstar Belle Saison - DRYDanstarHigh63-80Belle Saison is also a prodigious sulfur producer, so extended conditioning may be necessary
RBY41 French SaisonRBYBrasserie Thiriez77-83Low65-75
RBY58 - Fantome Saison Clone #1RBYFantome70-80low75-85
ECY08 Saison Brasserie ECYSeveral Strains80 +75-85everal saison yeast strains for both fruity and spicy characteristics accompanied with dryness
ECY14 Saison SingleECYSingle Strain76-7875-82
smooth, full farmhouse character with mild esters reminiscent of apple pie spice
ECY03 Farmhouse BrettECYBrett from Small Saison Producer in belgiumsaison strains with the addition of a strain of Brettanomyces isolated from Fantôme
Saison BlendThe Yeast Bay80Med70-78Blend of 2 yeast strains, Flavors of pepper, grapefruit, Orange zest
Wallonian FarmhouseThe Yeast Bay81-88Med68-78 slight earthy funk and tart character to the beer; we recommend controlling the dryness by adjusting the mash temperature or adding malts or adjuncts to the mash tun that will lend some body and residual sweetness to the beer
SaisonStein MonsterOmega80-90Low65-78resulting from the mating of strains OYL-026 and OYL-027 Less phenolic and more fruit character than 026. Exhibits some of the bubble gum character of 027.
GY018 Saison 1GigaYeastFrench Brewery81-83Low64-80Traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. Strong attenuator that produces a dry beer with a beautiful fragrance and the traditional Saison taste of fruit and pepper.
GY027 Saison Yeast 2GigaYeastTraditional Saison79-83Low64-80Creates the fruity/spicy aroma traditional to the style.  Warmer fermentation temps result in more intense flavor.  Produces a tartness not found in most of our yeast and a slightly sweeter beer than GY018
GY047 Saison BlendGiga Yeast80-83Low64-80A blend of Saison yeast. This Blend is a super robust attenuator that produces a complex flavor profile of fruit and spice.
GB121 Farmhouse SourGigaYeastLow68-80Belgian Ale Yeast, Brettanomyces and Lactic Acid Bacteria, Bright sour flavors with sweet, fruity esters, small amount of spicy phenolics and a hint of funky barnyard.
GB124 Saison SourGigaYeastSaison Ale Yeast and Lactic Acid BacteriaLow68-80Sour with fruity esters and black pepper.
M27 Belgian Ale DryMangrove JackDry yeast85 + Med75-90characterful beers with spicy, fruity and peppery notes ideal for Belgian Saison or farmhouse style beer. Suited for brewing all Belgian ales, including Quadruples of up to 14% abv.
Safebrew T-58 DrySafeBrewDry yeast70Med53-77A specialty ale yeast selected for its estery, somewhat peppery and spicy flavor.
 RVA 261 Saison IRVA YeastDupont65-75Med75 +fruity, bubblegum esters with all the spice and pepper that makes Saison so appealing
RVA 262 Saison II RVA YeastBrasserie Thiriez75-82Med67-77French origin, this strain produces a bit less of the fruity, bubblegum esters with less spice and pepper then RVA 241 
RVA 263 Ghost Ale RVA YeastFantome74-84Med65-80Ripened fruit esters and a crisp earthy finish can be achieved even at lower temperatures with this Belgian farmhouse strain
RVA 804 Orchard BrettanomycesRVA YeastLocal fruit trees75-85Med65-72 amazing aromas of pears, and other fruit esters. We highly recommend this strain for Belgian Dubbels. This strain also makes a very nice cider. A highly flocculating, medium-high attenuating strain adds nice complexity to stouts, and Belgian Ales and Specialty Belgian Ales
RVA 806 Lickinghole Creek AleRVA YeastVirginia’s LHCB farm 78-85Med68-74 citrus esters, a nose of sweet honey and a dash of phenolic spice, this strain will complement a variety of dry Belgian style beers. We highly recommend this strain for Belgian triple and Saison.  
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