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EstablishmentNeighborhood or CityPhone NumberFlavor and StyleSells by Slice?Mails Cakes?Accomplished?GradeCommentsNotes
Adrian's BakeryGentilly504-875-4302standard king cake -- double and single filling options (looks interesting)
Antoine's Famous Cakes and King CakesGretna504-368-6222Kringle Queen CakeYesI want the one that has caramel and pecan, but filled with cream cheese; actually the queen cake looks like the most unique option
Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectariumcricket kingcake...fml
Aunt Sally's PralinesFQ504-524-3373praline king cakeYesA+My first praline king cake was a pleasant surprise.  Moist and not sparse on the filling.Also has an almost croissant queen cake I'd like to try.
Bagel Boysking cake-colored bagelsYesB+Standard bagels that are green, purple and yellow.  Would be fun to bring to a Fat Tuesday morning party.
Bakery BarLGDNo king cake, but they have a king cake doberge!YesYesA-Visually beautiful, and I am biased toward doberge cake.  Not really king cake, obviously.Also sold at Toups Meatery
Berry Town ProduceHammond985-345-0048strawberry cream cheese is supposed to be awesome
Bittersweet ConfectionsSt. Rochchocolate cream cheese filling and icingYesYesA+chocolate cream cheese filling and icing and was delicious and generously appliedAt St. Roch Market (also in Warehouse District)
Blue Dot DonutsMid-City504-218-4866Donut king cakeYes (smaller size full cakes)YesAReally liked this one, but I love donuts and the cake was actually donut.  Maybe a cream cheese icing?Need to special order it
Bombay ClubFrench Quarterbacon-stuffed (candied bacon)Yes (smaller size)YesAGreat balance of bacon.  Nice to share with someone else.
Breads on OakCarrollton504-324-8271double stuffed adult king cakes (bourbon tiramisu, champagne orange almond cream, bourbon apple cream cheese and rum strawberry cream cheeseYesYesAdense and solid amount of fillingKING CAKES AT THE BAKERY WILL BE AVAILABLE STARTING JANUARY 6. SHIPPING BEGINS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11. ORDER CUTOFF IS MIDNIGHT MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2017; if picking up the big one is $30.
Breaux MartVarious504-262-6017Mudslide versionYesA-A pudding inside.  Filling is rich, and cake is airy.
Bywater BakeryBywatertraditional brioche slathered with ooey gooey butter, pontchatoula strawberry and creole cream cheeseYesAFilling was delicious.  Pretty moist.Also has a Chantilly cake I'd like to try; and a Cajun bouille custard
Cajun Pecan HouseCut Off (toward Grand Isle)blueberry and cream cheese king cakeAround 30 different flavorsYesYesAWow -- it was the last cake I had at king cake fest.  The cajun bavarian cream was the first bavarian cream-filled one I really liked.cinnamon pecan also lookds good; looks like around $35
Cake CafeMarignyboudin and bacon king cakeYesYesB+My first savory king cake!  Bacon on top was a nice touch, cake was nice, boudin was tasty, but could have used more.  Ate half with the maple syrup dipping sauce and half without, I don't know which I preferred.  I would rate their apple/goat cheese an A-, and their cream cheese one an A-, as well.  The indivual ones just have a lot of dough.Also has the apple and goat cheese-filled cake
Cannata'sHoumaOver 60 flavors, including unique ones like "Gooey Butter Cinnamon" and "Snickerdoodle"YesYesBI think I would have loved one of the crazy flavors a lot more, but someone brought the original in and I thought it was a little dry.  Also, I'm probably just tired of original ones at this point.other great flavors are red velvet, Amaretto cream cheese with almonds, gooey butter cream cheese, brownie parfait, black forest, apple cream cheese, rasberry gooey butter, etc.
CartozzosKennerMuffuletta king cake; crawfish king cakeNoYesYesAKind of like the slice of crawfish bread at Jazz Fest.  The icing and colored sugar on top, are actually some sort of spice that is colored -- maybe by food coloring?  It's really good.
Central City BBQCentral CityBBQ-stuffed king cake sandwich (can get with pork or chopped brisket)YesYesA-This was awesome, and the restaurant is great.  It's just a lot of stuff -- brisket stuffed between two halfs of king cake.  I liked it more when I started putting the barbecue sauces on top.  Good mix of sweet and savory.
City PorkBaton RougeCity Pork: chocolate, cinnamon and house-cured bacon
Clauda's King CakesVarious locations (available at Angelo Brocato's)traditional, cream cheese, praline-filledAvailable at Angelo Brocato's
Cochon ButcherWarehouseThe Elvis: banana and peanut butter filling, topped with marshmallow creme and house smoked baconYesYesA-Peanut butter stuffing and bacon topping was great.  Cake was a little dry.
Coffee & Co.Marrero504-328-9494modern traditional (deliciously soft), but also has an assortment of small king cakes
Copeland's BistroUptownCheesecake King CakeYesYesAIt was so delicious.  I love cheesecake, though, so I'm partial.  Would give it an A+ except it's not actually king cake, it's cheesecake that's colored like king cake.
Cottage Catering & Bakery / Caluda's King CakesHarahan504-343-5706white chocolate bread pudding!YesAlso have chocolate hazelnut, maple bacon praline, white chocolate bread pudding, as well as fruit filled varieties, and plain; ARE THEY STILL DOING THE MUFFULETTA KING CAKE?  THE CRAWFISH ONE?
Creole BagelrySlidellcream cheeseYes
Croissant D'OrFQgalette des roisYesA+Big fan of the almond cream.  Sweet, but not so sugary like the other king cakes.  I may have just loved it because of the contrast to everything else I've had.original-style
District: Donuts, Sliders & BrewLGDI think a modern traditional (with cream cheese in the icing and colored with natural incredients that add flavor, like matcha for the green, ube for the purple, and satsuma for the yellow) , but they also have king cake donut!YesAThe icing on these are delicious, and it's like having three different flavors in each cake.  Cake, itself, not quite A+, but this is one of my favorites for a party.Also has a king cake donut -- gotta have it!
DomenicaCBDgold-leafed topped, banana, mascarpone, caramello, and salted caramelNot currently selling them (and not at Will Jean or Luke, either).  Says they might sell them in February or in the lead-up to Mardi Gras.
Dong Phuong BakeryNew Orleans East (and various neighborhoods)Hybrid brioche-dough with whipped cream cheese icing (has fillings also)YesA+Wow.  Had this with blueberry so I thought it would be at a disadvantage.  Filling was delicious, and so was the unique crust.  Had to have seconds of this.$18 for the Cinnamon cake, and $20 for Cream Cheese, Blueberry, or Strawberry at PIzza NOLA; sell by slice at Joe's uncle's place.
Dourignac's BakeryMetairiemodern traditional with cream cheese fillingYesB+Hearty amount of cream cheese icing.  Maybe would have liked it a little sweeter.  Cake was fluffy, and a little dry.
Emeril'sWarehouse DistrictMonkey Bread King CakeYesA+I love monkey bread, and this had three different kinds of icing to choose from.  Bananas Foster was my favorite.
Frey Smoked MeatsMid-CityKing Cake inside a King Cake milkshakeSeems like they run out, so get there early.
Gambino's BakeryMetairie504-885-7500Blueberry/Bavarian Cream or Bavarian Cream/Chocolate Cream CheeseYesA-Classic.  Nice cream cheese icing.  Kind of like a cinnabon.Lots of variety!
Gerald's DonutsChalmetteTraditionalYesB-I love Gerald's more than most, but it was a little dry.
Gracious BakeryMid-CityAlmond-filled queen cakeYesB+Soft, light.  Tasty, but maybe a little light on the filling.Also have Meyer Lemon King Cake, and Nectar King Cake.
Haydel's BakeryModern traditionalYesA-Sweet, and traditional.  Moist.Also has a pecan-praline filling and sweet caramel topping one I'd like to try.
Hi-Do BakeryTerrytowntraditional dough king cakes dusted with sugar (in fun shapes), don't have the white icingYesA-No filling, but delicious cake.  Standard, but really good.
Joe's CafeMarrero504-328-1234bavarian filled
KebabMarignydeep fried king cake with ice creamYesYesADeep fried and delicious.  The icing and ice cream are a great addition.  Yellow icing is turmeric and lemon zest, green is pandan, and purple is beet reduction.  Amazing!Says they'll have it in a week or so, so check the FB page.
King FishFQ“Mardi Foie” king cake with duck fat brioche and icing made from saffron, beets, and arugula -- with a seared piece of foie gras on topYesAAmazing combination of sweet and savory.  And the beet reduction icing allowed me to say I was eating a vegetable for the first time during this project.Can get a slice with lunch or dinner?
La BoulangerieUptowngalette des rois (they have two sizes -- 8 inch for $25, 10 inch for $40)NoYesA+Big fan of the almond cream. Sweet, but not so sugary like the other king cakes. I may have just loved it because of the contrast to everything else I've had.they also have a modern king cake, with strawberry mascarpone
La Louisiane BakeryHarahan504-739-7872brioche, cinnamon, plan and filled king cakes (pecan praline, apple, strawberry, or cream cheese)
Laurel Street BakeryBroad?Brioche, with some fillings (including praline, cream cheese, strawberry, or apple)see notesYesB+I thought it was good, but also a little dry for my taste.seems to sell the plain by the slice, but maybe not the others?
Mad Batter BakeryChalmette504-682-2253modern traditional with many varietiesYesBTasty, but pretty standard.  A little dry.will be at king cake fest
Manhattan JackUptown504-897-5551standard with cinnamon or filled with rasberry, chocolate, pecan-pralineYesBVery standard.  A little dry and fluffy for my tastes$16
Manny RandazzoMetairie504-456-1476Royal (with four different flavors)NoYesA-Only had the regular modern traditional.  It was very sweet.  Cake was soft -- icing was nice (as long as you like sweet, as I do.)also has the regular, and pecan praline
Maple Street PatisserieUptown504-304-1526French king cake: puff pastry with almond pastesee n otesYesYesAI really like this traditional french king cake (I think I like them in general).  Almond paste filling is amazing.not sure if they have by the slice, but definitely minis; also seem to have a guava and cream cheese
Marguerite's CakesNorthshoreso many fillings options! You can even choose two in one cake: brownie, peanut butter, cream cheese, bavarian creamBrownie Delight looks like the best one! But so does Boston Cream Bavarian, and the Zulu.
Maurice French PastriesMetairie1) Creamy, chocolate custard-filled cake with Kentucky bourbon; 2) Bavarian praline cream and a splash of Southern Comfort; or 3) the Pontchatoula (a confection with fresh strawberries, Chantilly cream and toasted almonds fille with Bavarian cream)YesAI really like this traditional french king cake (I think I like them in general). Almond paste filling is amazing.
McKenzie's Tastee RestaurantVarious504-483-9080old school traditional cakeYesB+Found at Tastees around NOLA
Meche'sLafayettedonut king cakeYesYesA+Holy cow -- the donut cake was amazing.  I had to have seconds of this one, too.  Maybe the one I'll crave the most mid-year.I think Amanda's getting one.
Monkey Monkey Coffee and TeaMid-Citymodern traditionalYesYesAno filling, but a cream cheese icing; homemade from scratch; cake felt dense enough and cream cheese was delicious.  I thought it was great.
Mr. Ronnie's Famous Hot DogsHoumadeep fried king cake; king cake donuts
Mudbug BreweryVariousking cake aleYesB+Pretty good beer!  Sweet, but not too sweet.  Hints of cinnamon and vanilla.  Inspired intense debate over whether it should have more cinnamon, more vanilla, or left as is.
NOLA RestaurantFQKing Cake Bread Pudding
Nonna Randazzo's BakeryChalmette, Covington, Mandeville985-893-1488Looks like their might be a praline option in there?YesA-A little fluffier than my personal tastes, but icing is nice.
Nor JoeOld MetairieCannoli king cakeYesARich and full of cannoli cream!
Norma's Sweets BakeryMid-Cityguava cheese-filledNoYesB+Tasty crusty dough, and I liked how unique it was -- guava and cream cheese.  But guava might just not be my thing.Approximately $17 for full cake.
O'Delice French PastriesUptown504-895-2144kind of like a double cake: the normal, and a cinnamon cake all together.YesA-Moist, and I liked the cinnamon cake mixed in.
Party PalaceVarious504-466-2378many varietiesSold at Zuppardo's, Langenstein's, Zara's Market, and MSY airport
Paul's PastriesPicayune, MS25 different fillings, including German Chocolate, Berry Deluxe, Mississippi Mud, and Chocolate Bavarian.$25 for large in-store pick-up; $15 for medium; $9 for small.
Petite AmelieFQchocolate babka with nutella fillingYesCan grab lunch at Cafe Amelie; also a traditional babka and a traditional with nutella
Press Street Station (NOCCA)Bywatersatsuma and cream cheese (I believe it was french traiditional)YesAdelicious cream cheese, dense filling, flaky crust.  No icing on top -- by the slice I had, it seemed more like the french traditional
Quebedeaux'sAlexandriaboudin and butter stuffed king cake topped with cracklins and housemade praline syrup.Yes
Randazzo's Camellia City BakerySlidell800-684-2253white icingYes
Rocket Girl TreatsUptown646-342-7461caramel with pink Himalayan saltsaltAlso cinnamon or stuffed (with seasonal fruit)
RousesVariousberry chantilly creamYesBAiry and tasty, but I think chantilly cream just isn't my favorite.  I've had other cakes from Rouses (starwberry this year) and would rate it an A-
Shake SugaryBywaterbanana-nutellaYesYesA+Moist, and the nutella was substantial and delicious.Also has an apple, cheddar and rosemary version, as well as lots of other options; should all in advance for options.
ShayaUptowncinnamon babka cake with sea sale-caramel glazeYesAReally unique.  Babka cake.  Chocolate, but less sweet than your average king cake.  A welcome change.Offered in February; should call in advance
SucreLGDtheir standardYesYesBAttractive.  Light filling.  A little dry.  Their king cake macaroons, though, are amazing.
Sweet Savor's BakeryGentilly504-286-1123sweet potato pieYesAI had so many king cakes in such a small amount of time that night, I'm having a tough time distinguishing.  But I wrote down a rating of A so it must have been good!also variety of other filled options
Swiss ConfectionaryCBDPlain cinnamon, but also has a variety of fruit fillings (and a supreme, which has everything)Ben Janke's suggestion
TartineCarrollton504-866-4860standard with cinnamon or filled with rasberry, chocolate, pecan-praline (?)YesABetter than I remembered!  House-made and the cinnamon filling was amazing.Same as at Toast?
Teddy's Cafe (Roosevelt Hotel)CBDYesARasberry nutella -- also maybe babka?  It was delicious.
The Buttermilk Drop7th Ward504-252-4538dutch apple king cake?also modern traditional with cream cheese, praline or strawberry.
The Sweet Life BakeryLakeview504-371-5153bananas fostersee notesalmond, traditional, cream cheese and bananas foster are offered daily, while other flavors are available with 24 hours notice; sells "king cups" but maybe not in all flavors?
Thee Heavenly DonutBaton RougeLA Cajun Mud, filled with vanilla pudding and chocolate and topped with cream cheese icing, chocolate, and pecansYesYesAThis was a lot of stuff!  Pudding filling.  Rich.Also does a boudin king cake; opens at 4am!; $33 for a large, $24 for a regular, $14 for a small; also turtle, pecan praline, banas foster, zulu, etc.
ToastFairgrounds / Uptown504-267-3260house recipe with cinnamon-cream cheese filled cakesYesYesABetter than I remembered! House-made and the cinnamon filling was amazing.Same people who make the Tartine cakes.  Should make sure this is available at both Toast locations.
Tucker's SeafoodZachary225-658-1373fried king cakes (looks like multiple flavors)
Twins Burgers & SweetsLafayetteboudin king cakeNoYesYesB+I thought it was tasty, but I think I'm just not that into the boudin-stuffed king cake.  Had cracklins on top and was better with the maple syrup the provided as a dipping sauce.  Maybe could use some cheese or something to hold it together?
Twins Burgers & SweetsLafayetteblueberry cream cheeseYesYesYesAGreat amount of cream cheese and blueberry filling.  Sweet and dense.  I liked it a lot.
Whole Foods MarketUptown / Broad504-899-9119Chantilly creamYesA-A classic.  I like it better than Rouses chanitlly cream.  A good amoutn of filling.
Willa JeanCBDcaramelized milk chocolate and espressoYesYesA-Pretty moist, a little light on the filling.  Would have liked it a little more chocolatey.Not serving the one they have in the past (at least not yet - see Domenica)
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