NameName 2Who is aSpecifically, aExcited bySpecificallyHindered bySpecificallyAnd is in/on/atSpecifically,
"Big Ben Grim"GreyHired GoonBouncerCatching liarsKids with fake ID'sDelusions of GrandeurThinks he can scare anybody onto the straight and narrowA NightclubThe entrance
"Big Chicken"SantiagoJob that gets pretty lonely at timesMimeDays off workSnow daysCrippling phobiaThat somewhere a duck is watchingSomewhere loudA nightclub in the centre of Auckland
"Big Mike"SaparelliJob that requires travelCargo pilotHobby: a sportHigh-stakes miniature golfAllergy to a synthetic substanceAllergic to artificial sweetenerA place that evokes a romantic feelingA cliff overlooking the sewage plant at night
"Birdman"WilkinsSausage makerfrankfurter manufacturerApple computersMac ClassicsBananasBanana peelsA space stationSitting on the launch pad
"Black Widow"EganA SportswomanOlympic ArcherAfrican AnimalLeopardsAnimal PhobiaJaguarsA Sporting EventThe Olympic Games
"Bunny"MacLeodUnusual ProfessionDolphin TrainerHobby: Outdated activityNeedle point Alphabet SamplersUncontrollable CravingCrustaceansA quiet placeThe library
"Captain" RaleighLu SolJob that involves crimeLate 18th century pirateThings that are stolenValuables looted from Caribbean settlementsPhysical HandicapsTwo peg legs & a wooden eye A dockRestocking his ship "The Grim Fandango"
"Choppy"The SwordslingerWeapons MasterMelee SpecialistWeaponsBladesMemory ProblemsAmnesiaThe TempleThe backyard
"Dead Joe"JohnsonCorpseHuman CorpseNothingThe abyss that awaits us allDeathHis ownA graveyardBuried in the grave marked "Joseph Johnson"
"Dude"The GunnerShrine PriestMurderous GunmanGeeky StuffComic Cons!Language BarriersCan speak only in internet speakThe TempleThe Main Hall
"Dumbass"The NerdA Humanoid OrganismGenetically Engineered HumanFoodBubble Tea (LARGE)Strange Thought PatternsLack of Common SenseThe GraveyardThe Tent
"Hawk Eye"HawkinsCurrently UnemployeedLost sight at previous jobWorkingUsing talents to do a good jobRecent BlindnessIsn't used to being blind yetWelfare OfficeThe waiting room by himself and his new seeing eye dog.
"Insane" NathanPenguinTeacherScience TeacherDeathThe Strange Deaths of OthersAnnoyancesChildren HouseIn the basement of his house
"Jay the Red Raven"PulloutskiCreeperJust likes to be creepy"Pranks"Freaking other people outApperancePeople who see him coming know to avoid him 'cause he looks like a creepWhere you're playing this gameHiding in the nearest closet
"Kipper"AloysiusTreasure Hunter
GeocacherDon Knott's FilmsThe Incredible Mr. LimpetSocial DecorumTiesGeocacher's SymposiumAt the inagural dinner
"Letal" LaianaBlancaType of person you wanted to grow up to beLefty swordwomanPet birdsCocatoesSocial skillHandshakesTrapped in an enclosed spaceProsthetic shop
"Life Sentence"BartwoskiHip-hop artistmob-backed rapperpimped-out carsHis million dollar stretch MIni Cooperallergiespeanuts and tree-nutsthe Venice Beach Starbuckswriting rhymes in his journal at the corner table and he hasn't refilled his latte all day.
"Maneater"Malone, PhDSex TherapistA Helpful DominatrixPornographyVintage Playboy/PlaygirlSpeech ImpedimentA terrible stutter when she's not in controlLos Angeles Warehouse DistrictHer "office" in the basement of an old Meat Packing warehouse
"Mangy"MuttSuperheroPerforms at kid's partiesCapesCapes with stars and stripesKryptonKrypton laser beamsBack porch

Trying to light the grill
"Pork Chop"PalliniProfessional GamerTop 200 player on "Super Smash Bros. Melee"Rock MusicKlaatu's "3:47 EST" albumBody PartsProne to kidney stonesA monumentAbove Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side)
"Potatohead"MastertonMale modelGlamour torso shots onlyBlack and whiteBlack and white foodsA NumberThe Number 36On locationThe moon
"Slapnuts"McGeeCashierTaco BellAn animal with four legsA horseFood that is orangeGeneric Mac & CheeseWestern Themed BarWaiting to ride the mechanical bull
"Smooth Stills"Gunther Rawlingspurveyor of refined liquidsmoonshinersmall rodentssquirrelsa social inabilityspontaneous sneezing around womena forested areathe woods right behind your house
"Stump Juming"JimmyManager grocery store managerscratchinghimselfintelligencelogicat the front deskthe Free Clinic
"Swanky"O'haraJob that's not strictly legalMafia pizza delivery boyPaper macheScale replicas of landmarksMissing limbsHis right arm and left footOn top of something highThe Golden Gate Bridge
AlJust AlStrangerMan from That There Somewhere ElseIncidents and accidentsThose which happen in alleywaysLack of currencyOnly having Swiss FrancsA Foreign LandWho knows? Maybe it's the third world
Al "The Greek"FalafelLeader of an organizationCEOWealthBuying expensive carsinability to pass the driver's testparallel parkingwaiting in lineat the DMV
AliceColdwaterJob that sounds impressive but could be all fluffJunior VP of Directed Marketing Research at Consumer Brands, Inc. ("We produce what you consume!")Foreign affairsHer Parisian summer fling, Jean-PaulHopeless idealismBelieving in doing what's "right" even if it's not pragmaticA place with 360-degree viewsThe rooftop of a 54-story building
AndeHassleEvil cloneAndrew Hussie's evil Zoosmell cloneHiatusDays MSPA does not updateWebcomic FansHorses that read HomestuckImaginary Placethe Internet
Anna Diggs WellArchaeologistdirt screenerNatureRocks and rainbowsAllergiesOver her left eyePerulooking for the answers to life the universe and everything
AnswerBoothBusinessmanTraveling SalesmanPuzzlesRiddle Gamesstrange foodgecko on a stickon the roada cheap motel by the interstate
Antonio"The Machine" AlfonsoWannabe Jersey Shore cast membersuper tanned, hair blown out muscle headsmellsfitness centers, and spray on fake tansintelligenceaverage highschool graduatesa studo apartmenthis mothers renovated basement
ArielWhitebirchA job that involves natureA land developerPhotographyPictures of herselfAn obsession with an itemObsessed with blanketsSomeplace scenicA large theater
ArtJohnsonBartenderThe self-proclaimed "Legendary Bartender of Baltimore"MusicSmooth Jazz
Rowdy CustomersThat one "Steve" asshat, who I'm certain is just fixin' for a fightA Convience StoreThe Come'n'Go down the street
Art "Argentina"SteinbergMuseum CuratorThe Museum of South American Relics and other Interesting Bits of ArtPotteryAncient artifacts depicting male feats of strengthWhitenessCan't speak Spanish and hasn't really bothered to learnIn the act of raising money at a fancy eventOn a fine summer's day in the park
ArthurDentWorks in the mediaTelevision ProducerWarm DrinksA nice, hot cup of teaEasily distractedLed astray by friends who turn out to be aliensA small blue-green planet where people still think digital watches are a "pretty neat idea"The Earth
BallupCornocallskeekChampionHot Dog Eating ChampionCondimentsMustardAddiction to crappy musicSing TalkA canoe in the rainforestThe amazon
BeatriceMinxingtonExpert at something nobody else has ever donePizza CriticHobby: something most people hate doingLoves flossingPhobia of something naturally occurringEyelash fallingIn the act of accomplishing something impossibleSitting through another season of American Idol
BeetlemikeSausagemeisterCar Detail SpecialistFlame PainterObscure BandsAnyone unrecordedBright lightsPhotographic FlashesDank Barely Lit PubNext to the stage
BelleGooseHigh School Girl"Unpopular", but everyone still thinks she's greatunknownShe shows little to know emotions/reactions to what's around herSelf-CenteredWill allow the lives of those around her to be ruinned around her to get things her waySchoolTalking with the mysterious boy who just transferred there
Billy "No Chew"BrochuAthleteCompetitive EaterAwardsOversized TrophiesLack of cleanlinessAlways running out of napkinsa festivalThe Minnesota State Fair
BobSpriggsBuilderCarpenterGolfBeers with mates at the clubNervous problemNo feeling in three fingers on left handCarDriving on the highway
Bobo(No Last Name)BearBrown BearActicities in the Great OutdoorsSalmon FishingLack of thumbscan neither hold nor throw a baseball.Central ParkEscaped from Zoo and is hiding in the concert area
BoxxyMcBrideInternet Meme QueenYouTube SensationEverythingEyelinerTrollsNeckbeardsAn amusement rideThe Do-Or-Die - a roller coaster with the world record for longest vertical drop
BrendtWilliamsRetailerJewelerPublic expressions of emotionCryingObsessive CompulsionNeed to polish off fingerprintsA shopping facility
Mall of the Americas
BrianClinkingbeardJob that involves foodBakerThings that are on fireBirthday cake candlesAnimalsSmall yappy dogsA fairgroundRiding the ghost train
BubblesXChimpanzeetest subject in top-secret government labparticle physicsthe Higgs bosonfeelings of inadequacylack of any higher degreesthe doorto the outside world
BuddyCharlesYoga instructorrestorative yogawar machinesWorld War I-era artillerypovertyhis povertysuburban townhomesmoking on the balcony
Captain MurphyWilliams JrSailorSubmarine CaptainSodaMingus DewInsectsScorpions A sealabAt the bottom of the sea
CarlosRomeroCaptainCruise ship captainVoyeurismWatching the pool from the bridgeFinancial problemsA wife in every portSeaOn the head
CeceliaFairmaidenHousewifein a mormon householdPinkPink doiliesDoor KnockersMormonsAt homeIn the front sitting room
CharlesVon StraussenhoopenVery Rich IndividualBavarian CountColorsThe Color of FireMedical ConditionOne Cut and He Bleeds EverywhereAn Unsettling PlaceThe Paris Sewers
CharlieWellsAuthorYoung Adult Fantasy WriterThings that are sweetSmall candy he can eat by the handfulMental StateLack of motivationHis parents houseThe small studio apartment in back where he has lived alone, rent free, for ten years.
ClownyMcClownfaceEntertains Childrenballoon specialistOlder womenMothersUnknown Allergyconstantly sneezingwaiting in lineat the Pharmacists
Crufty QuacksalverJob working with animalsPet MassueseThings you see when stuck in trafficBus advertisingGood luckFinds lucky pennies with astonishing and distracting regularityStationary shopBrowsing the pencil display
DallasDixonRich PlayboyTrust Fund babyExclusive ClubsThat new oneCommon PeopleThose who are less than Coola Private Yachtin the Carribean
DannyCattJob that requires a lot of effort to keep up withDedicated follower of fashionShiny thingsHairclips covered in glitterNarcolepsyNeeds to nap at least 5 times a day so he has enough energy for his main evening snoozeSan DiegoRiding the San Diego Trolley
DickGraysonSuper HeroSidekickAdventureDefeating nefarious plans concocted by super villainsA Superior HeroBatmanA place under the groundThe Batcave
DickDorklyjob that requires little brainpowercorporate dronemenial taskscounting objectsmoderate medical conditionasthmaa place of great commotionthe circus
DJ Kwin10ThortonPersonality on local TV/RadioDJ that plays only songs from 1993Striped ClothingPinstripe suitsflying animalbatshis workplacein the booth crying to "Everybody Hurts" by R. E.M.
DominicLemercierSingerFrontman for the Shakespearean punk band, the Mewling QuimsSpeaker systemsDiamond-encrusted Marshall stacksSuperstitionA surprisingly elaborate pre-show ceremonyThe highwayIn the back of the tour bus, half-dressed
DonQuixarteDelusional Medieval Knightold man riding an old horse, wearing ancient armor in a time when knights are goneKnightly deeds, windmills, giantssaving damsels in distress, conquering evilMental state(he's not actually a knight, chivalry is dead) All of his enemies are imaginedSpainWandering lost in the country side
DonarOodleA RacerTortoise JockeyDangerSpeedSports TeamsThe Philadelphia EaglesGermanyThe Autobahn
DouglasRhyneNurseA nursing home attendant who flips geriatric patients in their sleep so they don't get bed sores.medical equipmentbedpans and catheter tubingcircadian rhythmsgoing to sleep at 7pm and getting up at 4amHollywoodsleeping in the dumpster behind Conan's set.
Dr. ChizmbopNot the AbacusDoctorPhD in PsychologyEngineersMechanicalNeedlesThe Sight of BloodHospitalThe Mayo Clinic
DrewDandruffHair DresserLoose Hair SpecialistClean Floors, Brooms, Cut Hairfresh white hair clippingsNarcolepsy Narcolepsy a hair studiosweeping up the leftover hair from Grandma's trim.
Edgar W.FlintlockAdventurerDistinguished gentleman with a six-shooterOut-of-the-ordinary transportationZeppelinsHis magnetic attraction to dangerIn moments where things could either go splendidly, or horriblySomewhere nefariousThe Clockwork and Cutlass Bordello
Emily"The Bossman"Social WorkerWorks with adolescents with personality disordersBaby animalsPug PuppiesHer inability to have a childShe is infertile and unsucessful in her pursuit of adopting a childA bistroThe one her husband runs
EricLeathChefWorld Renown Fry CookHot OilCorn Oil and trans fatsHereditary Mental DiseasesBipolar Disorderloveless marriagewith the city's fire chief
ErnieGastersonImmortalHe can't die naturally, but he could be killed?BeerMicrobrewsLiving ForeverOutliving his friends, what friends? They died years ago. He is morbidly depressed.A tripA flight across the Bermuda Traingle
EvelynAppleheartJob with low payKindergarten teacherHigh and DangerousHang-glidingA phobiaFear of being encircled by penginsTrapped in a place where leaving would be dangerousShip on the ocean
FatherO'Shannonreligious leaderCatholic priesttall peopleover 12 feet tallvow of chastityno bunga-bunga allowedChuck E. CheeseThe Whack-a-Mole Machine
FatherBobPriestBlack Primitive Baptist LeaderHearing the confessions of sinnersGets off to adultery storiesMob blocking the streetIllinois NazisA mission from GodTo restore the worlds faith
FentonMillerSeasonal workerBounty hunterVery small objectsMiniature bicyclesShortcommingsIn the bedroomFireAll the rage in Paris this season
FintonMcGillGod of RockPetroleum GeologistDinosaur FossilsTyrannosaurus RexCreepy bugsSpidersA cabinat the base of a mountain
FloraMaxwellAuthority FigureFamily MatriarchArtPaintings of Sad ClownHer BodyShe's Older than SinA Shopping Trip
At The Grocery Store Christmas Eve Morning
Flynn The MalignantMarvel of Maniacal LaughterProfessor of SupervillianyCute and Fluffy thingsKittens, and ChinchillasSevere AllergiesA near lethal reaction to manufactured metal
Hidden BaseA bunker made entirely of ceramics, buried deep below the surface of the earth
FrancesButterfaceElephant instructorFor circusesNostrilsHairless nosesHis childrentwo sons with Oedipal complexesThe theatreAn amphitheatre playing a Greek tragedy
FrankincenseSpicyfaceHomeopathOdor-centric herbal remediestExoticsForeign products and herbal remediesFinancesGoing broke due to expensive cost of materialsArgentiaHunting down a snake that's venom is rumored to promote prowess in the bedroom
GilbertPutzingercelebrity for all the wrong reasonsTV pundit who specializes in denying scienceObsession: Food, unhealthyPork RindsNemesis: Authority figureThe Commissioner of BaseballInside a trap or cageSand trap on the 8th hole at Augusta
GlennNerdlingerJob that is incredibly boringSecure Hardware DestructionSexual fetishCarnivorous plants Aversion to a social situation of some kindHandshakingIn a building that will not exist in 100 yearsThe Ice Hotel
GrantPattersonCare workerNursing homeRecord ShopsSpecializing in VinylIrrational fear of mobility devicesZimmer FramesSeaworldWalking round the giftshop
GregFallspethA 70 yr. old printerA letterpress printer who used to run the linotype for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, but now has two dying Miehle Verticals in his studiofinding old lead typeinteresting old cuts, and especially intricate borders and dingbats.failing visionHis eyes are blurry after years of squinting at 6 pt. agate type.The New Yorker DinerThe counter seat closest to the bathroom near where that cute waitress Joanie usually hangs out.
HaileyRumbleChristian MissionaryUniversity Christian group workerForeign languagesDutchPersonal belongingsHeavy backpackA cliffThe top of a fjiord
HerbWesMed. StudentRe-animatorGraveyardsGraverobbingThe FacultyThose FOOLS who doubted him!Someone else's dorm roomSleeping on the couch
HermanFrankzapperInventorMad ScientistDairy productsMuenster cheeseWomenHis motherA buildingThe Frankzapper mansion
HiroNagimaMaritime engineerSubmarine designerMathematicsDifferentiationCommunicationUses words that are too longYacht clubStanding at the end of a pontoon
Hobart G.ThistlewhiteA dull desk jobAccountantneatnesscompulsive neatnessAnything not parallel or perpendicular to something elsefood and drink stains... anywhwereMass transitthe #8 downtown bus
HopperMillerFarmerTulip FarmerShiny ObjectsShiny SpoonsDarknessLack of SunlightLiving in the middle of nowhereThe Midwest
IgorVon KruptenhausenMusic TeacherChoral ConductorLoud voicesHigh PitchesDisabilityLeft leg peglegThe way to workA busy highway in the middle of the day
IgorVlaslavovichFemale ImpersonatorLisa Lampanelli look-alikeOperaPavorattiSylvester Stallone moviesRocky I - IVCracker Barrelthe gift shop
JacksonTerwilligerMoves around alotGypsy HandymanBells of all shapes and sizesJingle BellsStickinessA proclivity for Molasses and an aversion to using spoons or other utensils while enjoying itThe Road AgainThe Southwest United States
James "Jimbo"MakaronasPerformerWedding SingerTV80's Medical DramasAnxietyUncontrolable StammerStage performing a songAt his mothers 5th wedding
JeophFiffersonNewscasterWeatherman at News Channel 6OrderEfficient completion of paperworkChaosGrammatical errorsThe beachMinutes before the hurricane arrives
JessVon RibbentropJob requiring physical agilityTightrope walkerSomething found in an officepens, pencils, writing utensilsAn uncommon animalfear of rhinocerosSomeplace darka movie theater
JoannaChutneighPhilanthropistAristocrat dedicated to saving African mammalsMusicEducational rockPersonalityBlind optimismHomeThe violet drawing-room on the third floor of her estate
JoePackerPostal WorkerMail HandlerPackaging materialsPacking peanutsCrippling fear of the unknownImpending alien abductionA lonely but beautiful placeA van driving in the country
JohnDoeSerial KillerKill everyone that shares his nameJane DoeUnidentified corpse at the morgueCopsThose who name everyone "John Doe"A place of workThe morgue
John Walker KegThe baby Talibanchildinfantmusic"Blackbird" by the Beatlesfurnituredad's ottomanthe floorthe rug in the TV room