Martin Luther King, Jr.: Looking at Race in 2018 (Responses)
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Time stampIn what ways do you see Martin Luther King Jr's legacy continuing in today's world? If Dr. King had never been actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement, how do you believe the outcome would have been different?If Martin Luther King Jr. were still alive, would he would be active in today's movement toward racism ideals?How do you believe Dr. King would react to the biggest racial incidents that have happened since his death? (Rodney King, Trayvon Martin etc.) How would he react to people's reactions?
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1/29/2018 9:52:11I think his legacy continues in the Black Lives Matter movement.I think equal rights may have come a lot later.Yeah.I think he would be appalled, and stand by those who are protesting inequality.
1/29/2018 10:32:54I see the King's legacy continuing in our world today by people using their right of freedom of speech to protest and fight for racial equality throughout the world. Also, in today's world we still use the King as a historical reference for some many things, such as education, evidence and examples to inspire us and persuade others. Without the involvement of Dr. King, the Civil Rights movement would have much different in that it wouldn't have been as rewarding and progressed at the rate in which it did. Since, Dr. King was so proactive and devoted his life to the movement, he actually made progress and was successful in the a fast time period. I think that if MLK was still alive he would still be apart of groups similar to the SCLC, expanding upon groups, organizing protests and bringing in new ideas and reaching out to the younger generation to move progressively towards racism ideals. I believe that Dr. King would be devastated to the major racial incidents because he can personally sympathize to that as well as feel devastated because it is a loss and he worked so hard for the Civil Right's movement. Based on people's reactions he would feel for them but also be inspired to act upon it and bring on new racism ideals and solutions to racial challenges.
1/29/2018 10:46:56I see that we still are learning to accept people of all races and treat them with the respect they deserve.I believe equality still would have risen but much much slower.Only if he believed they were logical and accurate. Jr. would most likely would’ve spoken his peace.
1/29/2018 10:48:04We all equal dawg What?Of course he would. That’s like his bread and butter He would be pissed about people jumping to conclusions based on race. He would be sad to see what he fought for and what it came to
1/29/2018 11:00:48Today, we recognize him as a champion of freedom, and a role model for peace and justice. As a role model, he demonstrated courage, and non-violence. He inspires many today with his values and contributions.It would have taken longer to gain civil rights.He would be around 86 years old, and I think he would lecture in Colleges around the world.With answers that would define non-violence, and non-violent actions.
1/29/2018 11:12:55The fact that I’m able to go to school with all of my friends desregarding race or ethnicity.I guess we’ll never know.Yes. He would actively be fighting for DACA at the moment I don’t even know duddeeee
1/29/2018 11:25:29to help reduce racismwe still would be fighting for the rights of black peoplei feel he would be involved but the standards would be higher he would be very appalled but then be more driven to fix the problem and for the second one i think he would agree with some people and disagree with others
1/29/2018 12:08:17Being aware of racism.We would still belive in white supremacy and potentially not have African Americans.Yes, he would have more speeches and things to bring up current problems.He would be outraged that these things still happen today and would be dissatisfied and disappointed.
1/29/2018 12:10:29Less racism everyday. More and more people continue to ignore color Yes he gave the people a voice and someone to follow , if no one else stepped up then no one would have brought everyone together. Most likely because there is still racism and it will never end because some people are to headstrong to realize we are all the same. Would not be happy ,
1/29/2018 13:02:23We learn about him in school and try to eliminate racism in everyday life.We probably wouldn't be where we are today. Racism would probably be more prominent.He would probably just think that everyone deserves to be equal regardless of color.He probably would've been offended and horrified. He would've thought a lot of people have matured in their way of thinking about race however it is still far from "the dream."
1/29/2018 14:54:21People coming together to peacefully advocate for social change. 'I have a dream' speech often quoted, MKL serves as role model and inspiration for many. Change would have come much more slowly, but it would come.Definately, he would be in the forefront of all human rights, Me Too and Times Up movements, race, imigration, etc.He would stick to his core values, and would motivate, advocate and organize people across the nation to peaceful protest/advocacy -- but he would need to adjust to using social media to reach more people and broaden influence.
1/29/2018 16:29:22international relations, the way we organize rebellions,yes, he was a figurehead and with out that nobody would risk their lives for a caulse.yes, he believes in what he stood for and nothing will change that.he would be impressed at our overall achievement and the peoples reaction but appalled at the fact that people still commit these acts.
1/29/2018 16:38:48Race equality May have been different due to the fact we may still be where we were with segregation I don’t see why not He may react poorly due to the fact that no one reacted the way he would’ve wanted
1/29/2018 17:13:19The holiday honors his legacy and we see that as he fought prejudice by encouraging the end of judging others by their color which has continued into our world today.if he had never been an active leader and spokesperson to end racial segregation there could be a chance that it was never fixed and that it continued on for a longer amount of time, i believe the outcome could have been different because martin luther king jr. was a special man and anyone else could have done things so different. I believe he would still work to end the racism or prejudice that is still underlying today, if he were still alive i would believe he would work to make a difference more than he already did.I believe he would react with huge disapointment and create groups to end those racial incidents, i belive he would react the way he did before his death, speak on behalf of those he is standing up for.
1/29/2018 18:37:21Current peaceful MarchesNot sure if we would have Civil RightsYes, of courseProbably through sit ins, action and working directly with local governments and police department s
1/29/2018 18:48:43I see MLK’s legacy in today’s movements by the determination and heart these people have. He showed to fight through peace and strength for what you love and believe in to no end.I believe it would have taken a lot more time to truly spread and the movement to all take off in the way it did. I believe so, I believe he would help guide these movements in a more peaceful but more powerful actionsMLK was a passionate person and he would not riot like many did, he would have tried to bring all closer and way from the evil actions of the ones who preach hate
1/29/2018 22:28:19Peaceful protests still occur today thatbare inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. Especially over the past few years because of issues surrounding the current president.The outcome may have happened much later in history, may have involved more lives lost, and may not have had a lasting impact on today's society.Yes He would encourage peaceful protest and civil disobedience. He would discourage the violence that followed these events but would probably be happy that so many people became involved in the movement
1/29/2018 22:28:47He fought for civil rights which are now equal among African Americans and whites.The voice of someone as influential and powerful as him wouldn't had been heard and the movement would have taken longer.I believe that he would still be striving to ending all racism even if it isn't geared towards African Americans.I do not know anything about these events but I believe if they forwarded the movement for racism to diminish or tried to promote racism he'd be strong for the public.
1/29/2018 22:31:03Fighting for equityThe movement would not have been as powerful and would not have had the lasting impacts it didHeck yesHe would be disappointed with our reactions
1/30/2018 10:00:02Has become symbolic in the quest for equal rightsNo...I believe he would be actively involvedI think he would be extremely disappointed in the violence that has taken place following these events.
1/30/2018 12:01:37The examples of peaceful but unbending resistance shown by King and Ghandi were reflected in the Arab Spring movements of a few years ago.The changes in Civil Rights still would have occurred, there were other leaders in the movement, but they probably would have taken longer and been even more violent and contentious. YesI hope he would have been a force for communication and understanding, to get people to reduce their prejudices enough to hear the other side, and affect change more quickly. I also hope he would have rallied those who rioted to more peaceful, and ideally more productive, actions.
1/30/2018 12:33:19The human race is closer to equality than it ever has been. With his legacy, people are more passionate and caring every day.I believe we would be significantly less tolerant and accepting of all minorities and anyone who didn't fit in.He would be active, but he would change how the system works and broaden people's minds.I believe he would be disappointed that there are so many people who have still not realized how important it is to see one another as equal human beings. I think he would also disagree with the riots that have occurred in response to these instances, as he was a peaceful man.
1/30/2018 13:17:55I have to believe that the majority of people are good and want peace and equality. I feel that most people want the same things that Dr. King believed and fought for. When we look back 20+ years ago, we see how far we have come. That being said, I believe we still have a long way to go. When I look at our world today, I don't see a Black vs. White fight as much as an intolerance and fear of those that are not like us. This attitude comes from a few, but loud, group that ultimately spread fear and end up looking ignorant. My hope is that Dr King's message of peace and acceptance will again drown out the hate!I believe it would have happened, but much later and after a great deal more violence. We would be a good 20 years behind with our progress.I believe he would be, it was in his blood! I think he would be sad to see that so many years later, we are, at times, still faced with the same challenges that he saw during the Civil Rights movement. I would like to believe that he would react with purpose and reason to the reactions that we have seen by people. He had a gift for being able to speak sensibly to people (regardless of race, status or gender) and do it in a non-accusatory way that his message was able to be heard, if not embraced.
1/30/2018 15:34:39In the resistance to Trump administration policies It would have taken much longerYesHe would have been outraged but would have channeled his anger into constructive action for positive change
1/30/2018 18:35:39The strides made in education and the work place. The opportunities finally began to open up for African Americans! Very, very different! Things eventually would have begun to change but probably at a much slower pace!Absolutely! He was dedicated to see change happen and never given up!It would have saddened Him but inspired him to work harder to see that changes begin to take place!
1/30/2018 20:00:53An increased willingness to help others pursue their dreams.The movement would have been far more violent.I think he would be in public office, possibly a former president by now!Disappointment both at the authorities and at the violent responders/looters.
1/30/2018 22:10:14Equality between raceI believe he might have done alot more to support african americans yes he wouldAfter seeing the man MLK jr was and the legacy he left, i believe he would approach the subjects in a more nostalgic manner yet displaying it in a powerful movement. I don’t think MLK would have been found neither supportive towards the actions and retaliation of the racial incidents occuring in this country.
1/31/2018 1:12:05Children are taught about MLK from an early age. People have in mind how he died in the midst of making this a better world for all races. People continue what he started by seeking equality for all. Very hard to say. Perhaps someone else would have come along to fight the fight. Of course he would. He would be front and center, saying things that need to be said. He would not cower.
1/31/2018 12:08:49Martin Luther king Jr legacy will forever effect the future of freedom and civil rights.I personally believe that if MLK wasn't actively involved with Civil Rights Movment the impact wouldn't have been as dramatic and influential as it was.Absalutley, I also believe that his death made a very big impact and point which helped immencly with freedom.I believe he would solidify as almost a Gondy status.
1/31/2018 12:16:30There are many ways Martin Luther King's legacy continues today. He is celebrated for his beliefs and actions - how he spoke out for equality and opportunity for all of mankind. We use him for a positive example in moving forward today. This is taught to our children in schools as well as celebrated nationally. It's hard to say. He was a great and influential activist but it's hard to try to change a whole nation all by yourself. He had many goals and kept pushing for peace and equality. He believed in so much more than just racial oppression -poverty, war, economic equality, etc. I think it took a lot of courage to do what he did and I believe in his fight, many people do. There were many positive outcomes that came from his work - but unfortunately, you can't change some people's beliefs. I cannot say for sure whether he would be active in the current racial movements - he seemed to look at the issues of race a little differently than some of those do today. I feel he would be very disappointed with where we are today regarding this matter of race. I think he would feel the disappointment coming from both sides...mainly because it's senseless and unnecessary and totally avoidable if people would choose change instead. I'm really not sure how he would react to these now - all too common situations; would he join or lead a movement or try to be more of a mediator and team player for positive change?
1/31/2018 13:07:05I believe his legacy is proof that nonviolent (not passive) resistance works to affect change. And that people of color will not be convinced any longer that they should "be patient" for change.I think he was a singular leader. Without a similar person of strength and genius, the movement would have been slower to progress.I'm confident Dr. King would have remained active and continued to evolve his stance on civil rights, including expanding his movement to include new cultural shifts.Dr. King was devoted to nonviolence but he was never passive or silent on injustice. He would have led boldly to coalesce effective movements around these egregious instances of injustice.
1/31/2018 14:21:13Dr. King’s legacy created opportunities for many of color in society. Unfortunately, today’s world seems to have forgotten everything he did and we have been set back over 50 years as a nation.Someone else would have stepped in and the Jim Crow laws would have been overturned eventually. Watch the movie ‘hidden figures’. Oven in the late 1960’s, they were still occurring, years after his death.
There is no movement towards racism ideals today. The current movements are made to upset everyone else.He’d be crying and shaking his head in dismay.
1/31/2018 14:38:43The struggle for equality for all people, of all backgrounds. And as an excellent leader.It would have been much more violent, and probably not as successful.He would preach equality for all, and peace for all. No violence and kindnessI believe he would think of them as tragedies, he would react to people's reactions with sorrow and empathy.
1/31/2018 18:54:09His dedication to peace and nonviolence continues in the stories and books we read to our children about his life and work. I think it would have been far more violent. More bloodshed - possible war - not as much progress. Yes, I believe he would be. I think he would be devastated and heartbroken and maybe disapointed that we are still in such a place. I think he would continue to tell people to fight hate with love and nonviolence.
1/31/2018 19:21:07His legacy to create a world that is free for all humans that live in America to live their lives in a free country, free from oppression; free to make any decision they choose, is what Martin Luther King stood for in America. Martin Luther King (in my opinion) gave the American people a vision and hope for the future to finally be accepted no matter their race or background. And I believe that those ideas also symbolize the relationship between a father and his children, that no matter what the past generation has done, the next generation doesn’t have to be like their parents, and often choose not to be. So I’m conclusion Martin Luther King showed us we can change, no matter our past to create a brighter future for ourselves.The struggle the African American people, as well as many other segregated races, went through would have taken years longer to overcome. Without a large civil activist like Martin Luther King jr. to be the voice of the people, someone else would have had to take his place and would likely not have had the same impact as he had on the American people.I believe he would have, and in the same way there would have been activists like the black panther gangs that would have had the same impact as they did back when Martin Luther King was still aliveHe would think that the outbursts were wrong. Considering Martin Luther King Jr. did not agree with violence to solve our problems. He believed the American people should live as brothers and sisters who share this land together.
2/1/2018 18:09:21Well for starters, the rights we have today and the rights that have changed since then have created a huge impact. When it comes to the speech he made, the "I Have A Dream" is a speech that schools talk about and emphasize on.If he wasn't involved rights would still be made at some point but I don't think they would have been made as quickly and whoever made the points of what needs to be changed might have been a bit different because they might have some different point of views.I bet he would be because there is still a whole bunch of racist points that could still be brought up and changed even if they are just jokes. As well as the conclusions or assumptions that people make when they see someone of a different race.I think that he would have more marches and come up with more speeches.
2/2/2018 7:32:52People strive to be more acceptingThe movement might have taken longer delaying changeProbably not the extreme ones but the peaceful accepting ones sureHe would be disappointed
2/2/2018 11:33:51I see Mr King's legacy continuing in our society in a big way. The search for social justice and equality is an ongoing battle. If MLK hadn't been involved within the Civil Rights Movement, I think that while equality would have ultimately won out, it would have taken a longer period of time for the effects to manifest themselves. If MLK were still alive, I think that he would still be fighting to end racist ideals. While I don't think we will ever reach true equality as history has as way of repeating itself, I do think that MLK would want to see it through to the very end. I think that MLK would be shocked and abhorred by the biggest racial incidents that have happened in recent years. I think that he would be shocked at other people's reactions as well, because the population of humanity often becomes complacent, just to get through another day of their lives.
2/2/2018 13:12:40The "Black Lives Matter" movement in modern society. The Civil rights Movement would have been much more violent. Yes. He stood against racism ideals from the time he was young. It was ingrained in him. He would be absolutely livid about Trayvon Martin's murder. The Justice Department, which he urged for, did not press any additional charges against the police officer that shot him out of cold blood even though they conducted a thorough investigation. MLK would be happy that a thorough investigation was undergone though.
2/3/2018 16:52:55One of the way's MLK Jr's legacy continues today is from the rights from social justice. I believe the outcome would have been completely different without King I believe the African Americans would have the same rights as they did in the 60s.I think King would still be actively involved today. I feel like he would definitely be sad with what happened with many things today, but I also believe he would help to solve the problems.
2/4/2018 12:29:49Segregation by race is no longer a thing, not to mention society isn't as horribly racist against black people as they used to be. Like, anybody of any color can still attend the same schools, bathrooms are no longer segregated based on someone else's skin color, and now a days everyone is treated more equally then before Martin Luther King had been actively involved in the Civil Rights movement. Either it would have taken much longer for black people to have the same amount of rights as white people, or segregation as well as discrimination of black people would still be going on today in some areas of the country. I think so. It is also believed he would try to make to to where black people aren't categorized by the police as criminals, and continue to support equality among races. I believe He would possibly try in someway to help support those close to people like Rodney King and Trayvon Martin, as well as continue to stand up for equal rights against discrimination.
2/4/2018 14:58:50The commitment to equity and conversations about race and how we treat people. I believe other leaders would have risen up, and the outcome would have been similar. Yes, I believe he would still see the many gaps -- pay, housing, opportunities -- and he would want to be actively working to eradicate the gaps and solve the problems. I believe Dr. King would react to those events the same way he did during the Civil Rights Movement---with peaceful resistance; with a call to action; by shining a bright light on the problems.
2/4/2018 15:41:26I see that the world is in a much more progressive state than it was in previous decades. Not only are people of color are being treated as human beings but so are people from different walks of life, such as people from other religions and sexuality. The way I see it, Martin Luther King Jr wanted to achieve unity among human beings, starting with people of color and for the most part, I feel like he has accomplished his goal.If Dr. King hadn't played the role he did, I believe that the American society would be one that is predominantly white, and many things would be different today. For example, there would still be Anti-Japanese sentiment in post-WW2 due to a lack of civil rights if it weren't for Dr. King. As such, xenophobia within the nation would remain.I believe Martin Luther King Jr. would still be active, despite his theoretical age. In fact, Dr. King would most likely been in opposition with Donald Trump as well as his policies since the moment Trump announced he would run for office.In regards to Rodney King, Dr. King would be shocked and be disappointed with what transpired with Rodney King. Not only would it be an issue of race but also an issue with corrupt individuals within law enforcement, as to this day, cops are still shooting black people, hence, the Black Lives Matter movement, however, if Dr. King was a part of the BLM movement, things would be alot different due to Dr. King's pacifistic mannerisms in handling issue, rather than the violent outbreaks that the BLM of now are known for. His reaction would also be one of disappointment with the outbreaks that occurred in LA, especially since he never indoctrinated violence in any of his movements.
2/6/2018 14:56:06
I see that people are fighting for their rights just like MLK jr. did.
I think the world would have been a very sad and separate place. I think the colored and white people would have continued to hate each other for much longer.
I think he would be, considering he fought so hard, I think he would want to continue helping others.
I think he would be sad and disappointed.
2/10/2018 16:32:01
He and his messages are represented in media, music, and art every day. People want to make sure his ideas are still thought about constantly. The rapper Common raps about him, movies like Selma are made still, and he is referenced in speeches by politicians and protesters alike.
I like to think that change would have still happened, but someone else would have been the face of it. He was such a peaceful human that he gave the movement the love and respect it needed at the time.
Totally! Our country still has a VERY LONG way to go towards equality and I am confident he would still be fighting for it.
He always argued for peaceful protest, and I think he would have advocated for that still. Fighting violence with violence just creates more violence- fighting violence with peace brings something different- something better, hopefully! I know that these events would sadden him and I am sure he would do what he could to help educate our country on how to be better.
2/10/2018 16:36:19
People are more willing to stand up for their causes regardless of criticism.
I don’t believe the outcome would be different, someone would fill the missing gap and the world would be the same; although perhaps it would have taken more time.
Todays moments on race are foundend on hate, they push for more hate than equality, they are no longer actually respectable movements, so no I do not believe so.
I believe he was a well educated man and with that he would understand that accidents happen, but because of the racial movements the incidents are blown out of proportion. If you dig deeper the same incidents happen weather you’re South American, African, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, or a Pacific Islander, but due to the new movements pushing for racism against the white people, Dr.King would try to fight for real equality instead of the current situations we deal with today.