Zettelkasten Software Comparison ChartWelcome! This is a community crowd-sourced chart of software that could be useful for implementing the Zettelkasten method. Link to comment-version.To prevent spam edits, this sheet is restricted to comments only. Feel free to message the mod* to propose additions (i.e new software). If you notice anything off about a value, please make a comment proposing a new change. If you can, include the source showing the correct value. Thanks in advance!*I may take a while to respond (up to a month or more), but your comments will be visible for all to see until I get to it :)
Features ⬇️AtomAtomBearBoostnote.ioConnectedTextDEVONthinkEmacsEmacsEmacsEmacsEmacsEvernoteKeepItMindforgerNeuronNotionnvALTnvpyObsidianQOwnNotesRoamSlipBoxSublime Text +Sublimeless ZettelkastenThe ArchiveTheBrainTiddlyRoamTiddlywikiTinderboxTrilliumTyporaVimVimVimVoodooPadVS CodeVS CodeVS CodeVS CodeVS CodeZettelZettelkasten 3 (aka zkn3)Zettlrzk
Atom NotesLinkist----Org ModeOrg-zettelkastenZetteldeftneuron-mode (designed to work with Neuron)Org-roam--any text editor-------Sublime ZK------GithubNotoireVim-Zettelneuron.vimDendronMemorizeMzettelVS Code Markdown NotesZettelkasten----
PlatformsAndroid-macOS, iOS-WindowsmacOS, iOS--Linux, macOs, WindowsLinux, macOS, Windows (using WSL)Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, webmacOS, iOS-Linux, OS X, Windows-macOSOS X, Linux, WindowsOS X, Linux, WindowsOS X, Linux, WindowsWeb---OS X-BrowserWeb/self-hostedOS XWindows, OS X, Linux, webWindows, OS X, Linux, web (Github)-Win/*nix-macOS, iOSLinux, OS X, Windows------Linux, OSX, WinOSX
CostFree-Freemium-CommercialCommercial--Free-Freemium$50-Free-FreeFreeFree for personal use, $50/year for commercial use-Commercial ($15/month)---~$20 USD-FreeFreeCommercialFreeFree (BETA)-Free-$25Free------FreeFree
LicenseMIT-Proprietary-ProprietaryProprietary--GGPLv3Open Source-ProprietaryProprietary-Open Source-Open SourceOpen SourceProprietary-Proprietary---Proprietary-Open SourceOpen SourceProprietaryOpen SourceProprietary-Open Source-ProprietaryAGPL-3.0 License------Open SourceOpen Source
File storage locationLocal---LocalBoth--LocalLocal--Local-Local--Both (Simplenote)Local, paid Online-Online---Local-LocalLocalLocalBoth local and onlineLocal-Local/Cloud-LocalLocal------Local/CloudLocal/Cloud
File formatMarkdown-Markdown--Plain text--Plain textPlain text-XML, any--Markdown (Pandoc)-Plain textPlain textMarkdown-----Plain text-Plain textLocal DatabaseHTML in SQLitePlain text-Plain-text-SQLite + RTF + raw filesMarkdown------Markdown, TeX, YAML, and JSONPlain-Text
Visualization of note structuresNo----Yes (Hierarchical tags, tag cloud)--Yes (Linked network)Yes (Structured index)--Yes (hierarchical index)-Yes (Structured index)--NoYes (Linked network)---No-No-NetworkNetwork with TiddlyMapNetwork graph, visual timeline, hierarchical outline & othersNetwork graphNo-No-Yes (hierarchical indexes)Yes------planned to supportNone
Automatic backlinksNo----No--NoYes-Yes, available for Premium subscriptions as a "Discover" feature.No-YesNo-NoYes-Yes---No-YesYesYesYesNo-Yes-YesYes------YesYes
Reference manager integrationNone-------NoNo--No-Planned to support (Roadmap)--NoYes, with plugin-----No-NoNo-NoNo-No-NoYes, via other VS Code extensions (ex. Pandoc Citer)------YesNo
Plain text stylesYes----Yes--YesYes--Yes-N/A-Noyes---Yes-Yes-YesYes (As plugin)NoYesNo-Yes-YesYes------YesOptional
Automatic note ID (or file naming) generationTitle----Yes (auto-generated UID)--Yes (customizable)Yes (customizable - default: date/time)-YesNo (not necessary)-Yes (Date-based, and custom IDs)--NoYes (via Plugin)-----No (but hotkey for date/time ID generation)-NoNoYes, customisableYes (random alphanumeric)Yes-Yes, custom: date+time+count | date+time+title | date+time-No (not needed)Yes (autogenerated UID)------Yes, fully customizable (default: date and time).Yes (EPOCH)
Note link autocompleteYes----Yes--YesYes-YesYes-N/A--YesYes-----No-YesYesYesYesNo-Yes-YesYes------Yes-
Tag autocompleteNo----Yes--NoNo-YesYes-Yes (hierarchical tags)--Yes (custom tags)Yes-----no-YesYesyesYesNo-No-YesYes------YesNo
Custom note templatesNo----Yes--NoYes (using YASnippet)-YesYes-N/A--NoYes, with plugin-----No-YesYesYesYesNo-Yes-YesYes------YesNo
Front matterNo----Yes (can define custom fields)--NoNo--Yes (custom fields)-Yes (YAML)--NoNo-----Yes-No, own property formatNo, own property formatYes (custom fields)Yes (Labels in SQLite)No-N/A-Yes (can define custom fields)Yes (YAML)------YAMLYes
Markdown text stylingYes with additional plugin---NoYes (side-by-side editing & preview panes)--NoNo-YesYes-N/A-YesNoin the works, Preview Mode---No-Yes-NoNoNoYesYes-No-YesYes (styled, visible syntax)------Yes, text style is rendered inline instantly. Optional. What can be rendered: headers, bold, italics, links, tasks, images, tables, formulas (LaTeX), diagrams (Mermaid.js), code (all major languages), and citations.Optional
Links function in editorYes----Yes (both)--YesYes-Yes (opens linked note in new tab/window)Yes-N/A--Yes, same windowYes-----Yes-YesNoYes (both)YesYes-Yes-YesYes------YesYes (Links using
Search typeFuzzy Search----Yes (complex & fuzzy)--Simple textYes-simple booleancomplex boolean & fuzzy-Fuzzy search--Simple text/RegexYes-----Fuzzy-Simple textFulltex, complex and fuzzyFulltext and complex boolean searchSimple text-Complex boolean and fuzzy search w/ Ag, vimgrep, fzf-Fulltext and complex boolean searchFuzzy search note names with Dendron Lookup; simple text and regex of note content via VS Code search------Yes (fulltext, simple boolean, and regex searching)
Last updated2022-02-15
General guidelines- write "yes/no (detail)" when it is listed in the options, this will trigger the conditional formatting to paint the cell- use "planned to support" and include a link to the source of information, this will paint the cell orange- use "-" for empty cells to paint it gray