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2018.12.4Imagine a circle, with a little spinner on it that you can flick. The circle is 80% red and 20% yellow, like a yellow pie slice. You flick the spinner. It spins, and slowwwly stops. Where did it land?76On the red24On the yellow104575443023575.1176471.08
2018.9.3Which of the following categories do you think presents the greatest existential threat to humanity?24Climate change18Nuclear war19Artificial intelligence39Drug resistant disease92061221341735.5294121.23
2019.8.4If everyone who answers this poll were arranged on a spectrum of least to most intelligent, you'd be in the:8.3Bottom 25%13.5Lower 25-50%36.7Upper 50-75%41.5Top 25%714615442910.3529412
2017.10.15 23:06:22
Can someone both be a kind person and also hold the exact opposite of your political views?89yes11no42746766846.41176471.14x
2017.07.31 18:23:28
What's your gender || Do women have any systemic privilege due to their gender?23M | Y22M | N8F | Y47F | N21221975743.82352944.04xxx
2019.8.29You die. They scan and upload your brain to the fancy simulation in the sky. Would your experience be a continual you - as in you die and wake up in a new digital environment - or does your experience end, and the thing in the fancy simulation is a new thing entirely?34.3Continual, it's me57.5I die, the scan is new8.2Other (pls explain)44688843694.8235294
2017.11.02 23:52:55
What's your gender || Would you support parents genetically modifying their children in order to increase intelligence and attractiveness?47M | Y34M | N7F | Y12F | N27642248568.58823532.26xx
2019.11.7You have to get rid of one, undoing nearly all of its effects and 'reverting' back to before. You pick:22.1capitalism77.9feminism38622938560.1764706
2019.3.16Out of the following options, your ______ feels like it conveys the most information about you10Gender22Nationality or ethnicity22Age46Level of education32036531501.41176470.68
2019.1.11People with dicks: are you circumcised or uncircumcised? If you could push a button and painlessly transform your dick to the other mode (circumcised to uncircumcised, or uncircumcised to circumcised), would you do it? (Dickless people, pls don't vote, look comments for results)24Circumcised | Yes31Circumcised | no7Uncircumcised | yes38Uncircumcised | no26943934469.47058821.02
2019.7.28In your culture, people tend to treat _____ the worst (re: stuff like job hiring, criminal sentencing, dating selection, everyday discrimination, etc.)46.4ugly people27.3dumb people18.2racial minorities8.2LGBTQ people28933125401.1764706
2018.11.12A woman rapes a man and becomes pregnant. Would you support a law that gives the man the right to force termination of the pregnancy?58Yes42No21333529392.47058820.99
2018.9.9In general, you have mostly ____ feelings about the word 'capitalism'73Positive27Negative28041824374.94117651.40
2017.08.03 15:29:51
When you feel an emotion, how often does it involve a physical bodily sensation in addition to a mental state?21Rarely or never32Sometimes30Frequently17Almost always or always18651431371.70588242.29x
2017.10.23 20:35:59
If a sex worker consents to sex with a customer under expectation of payment, but then customer refuses to pay, you'd view this as closer to12rape88theft289023223691.04x
2018.1.11In one room, a child is about to die. In the other room, an evil demon is about to revert global ideas about gender roles to those of the 1950s. You can either save the child or kill the demon, but not both. Which do you choose?55Save the child45Kill the demon21882926365.70588241.03xx
2019.9.22Have you ever felt like someone has fully, truly understood you?26.1Yes25.3Uncertain/mixed48.6No33053816360.4117647
2019.1.29Do you have someone you feel comfortable talking to about everything?31Definitely24Mostly12Kinda33Not really30082017332.94117650.92
2019.10.28Alternate universe: your parents are actually 2 adult yous (adult you as you are now). Is your experience as a child growing up in this universe better or worse?52.2Better47.8Worse26313816320.7647059
2019.7.13Would you rather kill a child, or forever after have all children in the world attempt to kill you upon seeing you? (Does not apply to your own offspring)68Kill a child32Hunted by children25082917312.52941180.70
2018.2.15You travel 100 years into the future. Will you discover that you hold a social/moral belief that everyone around you considers outdated and barbaric?83Probably yeah17Probably not16063423312.47058820.89x
2019.9.18Polyamorous people: Does being polyamorous feel like 'a choice,' like you could switch off being poly if you wanted?10.1Yes, definitely8Uncertain/mixed6.6No, definitely not75.3Not poly, results please!27132115300.5882353
2017.05.25 19:31:26
What's your gender || If you woke up to a 10/10 hot stranger of your desired sex performing oral on you (without asking), you'd feel: ____67Male | Positively21Male | Negatively6Female | Positively6Female | Negatively19681519282.76470591.34xx
2019.9.16Do you regularly engage in a meditation practice? || Are you more drawn to whales or lions?34.6No || Whales36.4No || Lions15.9Yes || Whales13.1Yes || Lions14531812282.4705882
2018.9.16From your 18th birthday to today, approximately what % of the time have you been single, without a partner, not dating anybody?3090-100%1670-90%1550-70%390-50%3357257278.47058820.35
2019.10.12A woman says she's on birth control, and she has sex with a man without a condom. But she was lying - she was not on birth control. Is this rape?19.4Yes, this counts as rape.18Yes, but... partially?62.5No, this is not rape.3707143256.0588235
2018.4.8If everyone’s stats were displayed above their head at all times (intelligence, charisma, dexterity, etc.), would you be treated better or worse?55better 45worse 17942016253.52941180.91
2019.9.23You have a piece of art you really like hanging in your living room. One day you learn the artist has been convicted for rape. What do you do with the art piece?66.1Leave it on your wall12Moveto less visible place21.9Get rid of it25011811253.1176471
2019.10.28Two teams of 30 are assembled - both extremely intelligent and well-read. One team is exclusively people who work in academia, and the other team has little/no academia exposure. Each team is put in charge of building a small country from scratch (laws, roads, etc.). You predict30.5Academics do better69.5Nonacademics do better20862313249.7058824
2019.6.11For dudes who like chicks: You're flirting with a girl. She's cute, and has unshaved armpits and legs. How much does this affect your attraction towards her? (For women.... imagine being gay I guess?)29Strong negative effect41Slight negative effect24No effect6Positive effect3361194248.70588240.27
2019.3.6Universal Basic Income is probably a _____ idea22Bad and unrealistic6Bad but realistic36Good but unrealistic36Good and realistic17311415235.82352941.15
2018.5.5If you had a little teleportation portal, would you fuck yourself in the ass?29Yes61No10I don't have a penis13072117233.88235290.97
2019.8.26Imagine a screen. On the screen are numbers, counting up sequentially from 1. Can you visualize the numbers *without* also hearing them?25.4Yes, easily32.6Yes, but with effort39.7No, it doesn't work2.3N/A, I have aphantasia2035318214.7058824
2019.1.13Reality is: A: 100% subjective; no external truth B: We can only ever access the subjective, but objective reality does exist C: Objective, but only accessed rarely, with immense effort, or by few people D: Objective, and can be accessed with proper rationality and science10A39B17C34D13103213213.05882350.65
2019.7.15Have you ever put your own finger into your own butt hole?64.9yes35.1no2488107212.3529412
2019.10.13A man says he's wearing a condom, and has sex with a woman who's not on birth control. But he was lying - he slipped off the condom. Is this rape?28.7Yes, this counts as rape.22.2Yes, but... partially?49.2No, this is not rape.3015103211.3529412
2019.3.6An AI is built to make predictions and recommendations for outcomes (investing, hiring, where to move, financial policy, etc.) This AI is trained without bias, out of vast amounts of reliable data. Is it possible for this AI to be racist?41No59Yes18421910207.35294120.63x
2019.10.15Do you have a life that could get ruined if a photo got leaked of you doing coke off a hooker's butt 5-8 years ago?8.2Yes, would destroy it16.2Yeah but recoverable35.6Some waves but fine40Nobody would care2292354201.8235294
2019.10.29Is your yearly income above or below $35k? || If you press the button, the top 1% global income earners have their wealth automatically, proportionally redistributed among the 99% (with a little left over for them to live on). Do you press the button?28Above || yes38Above || no16.7Below || yes17.4Below || no2034237198.6470588
2018.11.25You think prostitution should be:3Illegal5Only legal in brothels61Legal w/ regulations31Decriminalized15151212197.11764711.08
2017.12.29Can you make your ears roar/rumble by contracting that one muscle inside your head?59Yes!41No, what?13102312196.05882350.70xx
2019.8.28Should men be allowed to "financially abort" their rights and responsibilities for a fetus? This would probably look like "signing a legal document that removes their legal status as father"14.6Yes - even after birth38.4Yes, during pregnancy14Yes - only before pregnancy32.9No15591611195.7058824
2018.5.3What's your gender? || If you could make it 2% more likely that all new babies would be born female instead of male, thus slightly shifting the gender ratio for future generations, would you do it?36Male | Yes52Male | No4Female | Yes8Female | No1895119194.47058820.88
2019.11.3you feel _____ safe when expressing your most controversial or edgy opinions to a stranger who's extremely intelligent, compared to expressing them to an average joe stranger?59more20.3the same amount of20.7less2189176193.7647059
2019.3.16Vote for the option that will get the fewest total votes:13Penis16Vagina48Testicles23A Butt Hole1539319193.52941180.49
2019.9.29Would you support the use of realistic child sex dolls for pedophiles?45The US educational system55Global warming1748268192.8235294
2018.8.19Can you fit a toilet paper roll around your erect penis?44Yes18Just barely/sometimes26No12I don't have a penis2213146192.17647060.49
2018.1.22A straw has631 hole372 holes11341713187.70588240.91x
2019.9.1We live in a simulation. People can edit their minds (e.g., removing memories, depression, fatigue). Would you support a law that allowed people to edit other people's images of them? (E.g., editing people's views to see you as your preferred gender/more attractive/extroverted)6.8Yes, definitely9.8Yes, but with limits20.6No, tho open to exception62.7No, definitely not1648268186.9411765
2019.6.13Which came first?22Consciousness78The brain2148363186.35294120.25
2019.7.16The world's about to end. You can either let it end now, or you can replay the whole of this reality from the beginning, exactly as it all happened before. Which option do you take?45.7Let it end now54.3Replay the world1872197185.1176471
2019.8.20Every time you press the button, you gain 2 years on your lifespan but lose 1 inch of height. How many times do you press the button?55.5Not at all12.41-2 times7.63-4 times24.65+ times2171254184.7058824
2019.7.5Do you view 'social justice warriors' and 'the alt-right' as roughly equivalent in extremism, just on opposite sides?18No, SJW is more extreme40No, altright more extreme42Yes2031176184.47058820.44
2018.11.25You think prostitution should be:3Illegal5Only legal in brothels61Legal w/ regulations31Decriminalized15151210181.11764710.91
2019.11.14A candidate's promise as president is this: He'l hire the top 50 people in the country, educated or not, who can make the most accurate possible predictions based on large, complicated data. He will have them vote on the outcomes of his potential actions, and then follow that.57.3I'd vote for him42.7Would not vote for him1749227180.8823529
2018.12.2What's your gender? || An app appears for digital sexual consent. It's obviously not foolproof, but men are starting to request that women sign their name "agreeing to consent" before they have sex, as an extra layer of security. You personally feel _____ about this app42Male | Positively42Male | Negatively5Female | Positively11Female | Negatively14891310180.58823530.86
2018.12.28Bob, who is dating Alice, sends her a nude selfie. Later on at a girl's night, over glasses of wine, Alice shows the pic to her two close female friends, without asking Bob. This is:8Fine! Don't kink shame.10Sorta fine27Sorta not fine55Not fine at all1862157180.52941180.55
2019.4.26Would you rather be in the top 1% of wealth bracket in 1530, or the bottom 10% of wealth bracket in a modern-day town or city?451% in 153055bottom 10% in present day11771512180.23529410.93
2018.1.11A dragon demands a sacrifice. Either you can feed him a child, or your society can pool 1 trillion dollars to feed him instead. You would cast a vote to feed him:56The child441 trillion1520149175.41176470.73xx
2018.10.20You predict this tweet will receive:60-1 Retweets62-7 Retweets88-14 Retweets8015+ Retweets667516172.23529413.27
2017.08.22 23:50:31
In a world where prostitution becomes totally legal/regulated, should sex workers be allowed to discriminate their customers based on race?54yes46no13551110170.70588240.99xx
2019.10.8Do you personally know a prostitute, stripper, or someone who performs sex acts viewable online?17.4One of those8.5Two of those8.4All of those65.7None of those2423102168.5294118
2019.7.5Do you view 'social justice warriors' and 'the alt-right' as roughly equivalent in extremism, just on opposite sides?17.6No, SJW is more extreme40.5No, altright more extreme41.9Yes2031174168.4705882
2017.06.19 21:44:39
If you could become agelessly immortal, frozen at your physical prime, (but you can only die once every other human is dead), would you?72Yes28No11201411167.88235290.91x
2018.10.20You wake up in a body of the opposite sex. It takes years, but you eventually learn to operate in this body - how to navigate romantic/sexual dynamics and social expectations - about as well as people naturally born into this body. Do you predict you'd feel dysphoria?26Definitely yes38Probably yes30Probably not6Definitely not1799146167.82352940.51
2018.03.26What is your gender? || Would you rather be raped or falsely (but convincingly) accused of rape?55Male | Raped27Male | Falsely accused7Female | Raped11Female | Falsely accused1219811167.70588241.44xxxxx
2019.7.17If you had to bet money, you'd bet that Donald Trump ________ re-elected for another 4 years as president64.3will be35.7will not be217364165.8235294
2019.11.3If you press the button, your need to fart will be eliminated. Never again will a single fart pass between your buttlips. You will not experience any discomfort or issues from this elimination of farting. Your life proceeds as normal, if a little quieter. Do you press the button?72.4Yes27.6No208984162.8823529
2019.10.7What's your gender? || Do you often feel worried that you don't have much to contribute to conversation and/or that other people are smarter than you?35Male || yes54.5Male || no4.5Female || yes6Female || no227153162.5882353
2019.9.9A 35 year old has a disorder which resulted in them having the emotional and cognitive abilities as a 14 year old. Should this 35 year old be allowed to have sex with an actual 14 year old, given everybody is informed about consent and safety?3.3Strongly yes10.2Slightly yes23.2Slightly no63.4Strongly no245381160.2941176
2018.9.7You'd rather give up:38Oral sex (both ways)62Cheese1691126159.47058820.57
2019.10.11Female squirt is:23.9Pee20.7not pee36.1partially pee19.3no idea/what is squirt?2352131159.3529412
2018.1.21In one room, a child is about to die. In the other room, a demon is about to increase unemployment in your country by 1% for 3 years. You can either save the child or kill the demon, but not both. You:49Save the child51Kill the demon10291710157.52941180.75xx
2019.6.9How did you first become aware of my existence? If none of the options, pick the closet52Twitter25Porn/camgirling/modeling18Reddit/Tumblr/Etc.5Article/blog2468120157.17647060.05
2018.1.11In one room, a child is about to die. In the other room, an evil demon is about to set the maximum legal (and enforced) speed limit to 45mph (72 km/h) across the globe. You can either save the child or kill the demon, but not both. Which do you choose?49Save the child51Kill the demon11381010156.94117651.09xx
2018.12.25Is it wrong to put ice in a glass of beer?71Yes29No2219102156.52941180.25
2019.10.9Your body is a:35.1Temple64.9Factory1891134156.2352941
2019.11.1Which group do you empathize with the *least*? (for this question, 'status' is a general term where 'high status' means 'is powerful or attractive or rich or useful' while 'low status' means 'is weak or ugly or unhealthy or useless'.35.9high status men33high status women18.7low status men12.5low status women1865144155.7058824
2019.2.1Do you tend to feel unease as an overlay on top of a base layer of calm, or calm as an overlay on a base layer of unease?44Unease as overlay56Calm as overlay1039288153.11764710.56x
2019.8.31When you were a kid, the answer to "what do you wanna be when you grow up?" was closest to the category of:20.4Performer/artist14.6Police/fireman/law/war55.4Scientist/discoverer9.5Fixer/builder1655234152.3529412
2018.6.22Should prostitution be legalized?2No-laws should be harsher2No-current laws are ok69Yes-with regulation27Yes-little/no regulation13261081520.88
2018.1.19Two players enter the Hunger Games arena. Who comes out alive?16ISIS84A mexican cartel1297197151.29411760.51x
2019.10.9Which is the correct answer13.9Rare59.8Medium rare17.5Medium8.8Well done2169131148.5882353
2019.10.18What's your gender? || You'd rather push a magic button that _____ your sex drive52.4male | increased36.7male | reduced7.1femlae | increased3.7female | reduced1654115148.2941176
2018.8.18What's your gender? || Would you rather be raped, or convincingly but falsely accused of rape?51Male || Raped28Male || Accused6Female || Raped15Female || Accused1421166147.58823530.49
2018.6.22Are some human lives worth more than others?67Yes33No128478146.52941181.20
2018.11.11Have you ever given money to a sex worker in exchange for their services? Sex workers in this case including strippers, "massages", camgirls, people who sell their own porn, and full service escorts50No15Only tipped strippers19Yes, more than strippers16Yes, including escorts1784173145.94117650.27
2019.10.4If you tried, could you poop in the next few minutes?12.8Yes, definitely21.6Yes probably39.6No, probably not26Definitely not1928162145.4117647
2017.09.29 01:51:48
vote for the color that will receive the lowest % of votes19blue19red21green41%magenta9411010145.35294121.11xx
2019.7.18Without looking it up: What percentage of prisoners in the US are in private prisons?24.80-15%32.915-50%32.150-85%10.285-100%2140111144.8823529
2019.1.11What's your gender? || You'd rather magically grant homes and jobs to 50% of all homeless _____ in the US?46Male | Homeless men39Male | Homeless women5Female | Homeless men10Female | Homeless women127068144.70588241.38
2018.5.4Women, have you ever tried to fix constipation by pushing fingers (or other tools) against the back vaginal wall to help shove the poop out?3Yes9No88Not a woman1653154144.23529410.36
2018.12.12If you press the button, you enter a magical, permanent state where everything you want is automatically granted right before the want hits your conscious awareness. Besides 'you can't enter a state of desire' or 'suicide,' there are no limits in fulfilling what you want. You:54Press the button46Do not press the button1321186143.70588240.47
2019.1.17What is the required level of development a fetus/child has to reach before you consider ending its life to be 'murder' or 'wrong'?15Moment of conception39Month4; heartbeat/nerves18month6; moves to sound28month 9; birth (or after)1381146143.23529410.53
2019.9.5We invent tech where we clone you but with minimal brain required to keep the body alive - so that it's barely or not at all conscious. When the body is big enough, we scoop your brain out of your body and put it in the clone. Assume this procedure is quite safe. Would you do it?45.4Yes, absolutely31.5I think so15.7Probably not7.4Absolutely not1449175142.2352941
2019.6.30How often do you experience the scenario where (usually when falling asleep), you spontaneously recall a super embarrassing moment from a long time ago and get a full body cringe/shame/tensing sensation?17.2Multiple times a week20.3Once every 1-2 weeks31.7Monthly or less often30.8Basically never1876231141.3529412
2019.1.12Bob, an extremely wealthy man, starts up a charity, to give away free meals, clothes, and showers to the poor and homeless - but only if they're white, cis men. You have the ability to magically stop Bob from forming this charity, with no negative repercussions to you. You:19Stop Bob81Don't Stop Bob1599154141.05882350.36
2018.12.1How often do you think about your own death?32Daily/near daily30Weekly ish14Monthly24Few times year1656104139.41176470.46