What kind of apps would you like? (Responses)
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What kind of mobile devices do you use?
Which disabilities do you have?
How do your disabilities impact your job?
What kind of apps or technology do you currently use to help you lessen or negate those impacts?
What kind of apps do you still want or need that are currently not available?
How would you like to contribute to the costs of making these apps?
How do your disabilities impact your ability to communicate?
How do your disabilities impact your ability to study at school or at home?
How do your disabilities impact your social life (ie. making friends or going out)?How do your disabilities impact you in areas of your life that were not mentioned?
08/12/2014 11:50:18nokia 6300
fysiek hrmiparese(halfzijdige verlamming)
cognitief: slecht geheugen, snel afgeleid slecht tijdsbesef( net zoals bij ADHD
laag werktempo *25%)
snel moe(moet eigenlijk een powernap na 5 uur concentreren
ben afgekeurd, ik werk 12 uur per week onbetaald
herinnering met alarm in mijn telefoonnvtDonations
nauwelijks, ik tik 4x langzamer maar heb ook genoeg tijd
ik kon het tempo van klassiekaal niet bijhouden en kan maar een uurtje intensief leren en dat blijft dan ook nog slechter hangen
ik vergeet mensen, dus als ik iemand heb gesproken dan zeg ik er bij dat ik m de volgende keer niet herken en dat ze mij moeten aanspreken en vertellen waar ik ze van ken.
Nederland is heel aardig aangepast aan rolstoelen en mensen willen altijd helpen
how so my disabilities INFLUENCE? other areas?
zoals vrije tijdsbesteding?
danzij mijn beperking ben ik afgekeurd, hoef ik niet te werken en heb ik alle tijd voor hobby's
08/12/2014 12:04:45Android Phone
Autism, bipolar schizoaffective, OCD, chronic pain, chronic exhaustion, PCOS, hypothyroidism, dyscalculia, avoidant personality disorder
I get super super tired easily, especially because I work a customer service call center job. It gets super hard having to talk to people for 8 hours a day and listen carefully to their tone and sometimes I end up dissociating or trying to shut down while on the phone.
Nothing really, I just mostly rest.
Something that will be able to communicate to people my energy levels and/or my ability to communicate in general. Maybe something that also sends a message to people you choose with wording like "hello i am experiencing a lot of pain right now please dont make me do stuff" or "hey i'm gonna shut down, give me some space and let me go to a quiet room"
Pay once in the app store, In-app purchases, Donations
I tend to stutter and forget words, or completely miss what I was trying to say in the middle of my sentence. Or when I'm on a manic upswing, I'll speak super fast and slur my words.
I dropped out of college not only because I needed to move away from my abusive situation, but also because I can't handle studying at all. It takes me a while to absorb information as well, and having the pressure on me to perform well just becomes too much to process and I can't do it at all.
I need to carefully calculate if I would even be able to go out on a certain day depending on my work week and what I need to do. I can't go out 99% of the time before my work on the night shift because if anything happens that could make me lose spoons, then I wouldn't be able to perform well at work. On the weekends, I need to plan carefully as well because I use them to rest up and recover, and again, if there's anything that could make me lose a Disastrous amount of spoons, then I can't do it.

I mostly have friends online, and it's a lot easier on me to communicate there!
I don't know if it's because I just got off of work, but I had a hard time understanding what you meant by this question!
08/12/2014 12:36:43Android PhoneStroke
Right arm en leg is disabled, I have aphasia
I forget a lot so I use any.do
I've found an a website http://weerhandig.nl/revalidatie-apps/ where I find a lot of apps en sites. "Woordwolk" is a promising app, but he is not available in Android.
I would like an app that combines adresses from compagnies and institutions that engage in strokes.
Pay once in the app store
A lot, I write well but I speak worseI manage wellI use the social media to communicate
I am self employed and I started a website called Weerhandig.nl where I advice other victims of strokes and I sell devices that help others
08/12/2014 12:37:39
Android Phone, Android Tablet
autism, anxiety, and depression
I can't work, I get too anxious and overwhelmed in all workplace situations that I've experienced (including volunteering). I will probably only be able to work if I can do something from home/in my own time.
HabitRPG helps with executive function. I keep a daily routine which helps me keep track of what I'm doing.
Something that would help with self-care and tracking mood/mental state. A while ago I made a Google form which I used to try and track mood by asking indirect questions (like "how much did you sleep" and "how many times did you cry"), to calculate a rough score for mood. Something like that would be good, with the ability to look at graphs and long-term measurements too.
Subscription, Donations
I function best with very explicit and precise communication. I am good at using words to get my exact point across (not so good at using nonverbal communication, so I've adapted). But it's hard for me to pick up someone's full meaning if *they* aren't using words as precisely as I need.
I can't concentrate when other people are around or when I'm in unfamiliar or uncomfortable environments. I've never been able to study in class, and most of the time I don't learn in the way teachers explain things. So I've always had to teach myself the material at home in my own time. Now I'm studying a distance-learning degree, it cuts out the wasted time spent not learning anything in lessons. So I can just do the teaching myself part, which is much more efficient.
It's hard for me to socialise or initiate interaction, even with people I really like and want to know better. I don't really understand how to form relationships, like the process of stranger-acquaintance-friend-close friend. I don't get it, so I don't know how to make it happen if I want it to.

Also, I get anxious about leaving the house or going to unfamiliar places, so I don't go out much.
Executive dysfunction - I can be forgetful about short-term things or tasks, and get overwhelmed when there's lots to do.

It's difficult for me to keep track of my mental health because of alexithymia and related things. I can't really identify my mood instantaneously, and so I can't track it long-term either. I often end up having to rely on people around me to judge when I'm having a bad time mentally.
08/12/2014 14:29:04iPad, iPhone
autism, depression, anxiety
i cant leave the house, i dropped out of school two years ago (im 15)
i dont really know anyanything really
Pay once in the app store
all my friends are online friends, i can only really talk to my mum in real life
i cant study at allive gone out twice in the last six weeks, both times with my mumi struggle at working out what people mean, and what is real and what is not
08/12/2014 15:22:59iPhonebrain injury
I don't have a job since my car accident, the brain injury disables me
I need gps in the car and on foot. I bought Tom Tom for the car and I bought an I-phone that has the app 'maps'.
NoneThey have no impact, I guessI can't memorise muchThey have no impact
08/12/2014 18:02:19Windows Phone
Asperger (voor zo ver dat nog bestaat), Dyslexia, Astma, hoogbegaafd
No job ivm school
(gaat gwn naar Nederlands)
Het zorgt ervoor dat ik niet optimaal kan functioneren, veel stress door snel het overzicht verliezen. Enorm slecht in plannen. Veel beren op de weg zien. Perfectionistisch.
Eigenlijk geen. Er is wel een plan app, maar zelfstandig plannen werkt ook niet ideaal, al helemaal niet als het per uur moet ofzo. Dan raak ik in paniek zodra ik een kwartiertje achter loop. Wacht, chats (WhatsApp en Skype) met groepsgesprek mogelijkheden zijn wel ideaal, vooral voor een groep autisten, is alles duidelijker en kan je gemaakte afspraken terug zoeken. Als modeling iets afspreekt kan je het soms verkeerd onthouden.
Een app die rekening houdt met meerdere aspecten. Dat je huiswerk maar e max. aantal uren mag inplannen en verplicht 'leuke dingen' moet toevoegen per dag. Dat schiet er altijd bij langs met als gevolg dat ik enkel huiswerk inplan.
Donations, Geen reclame ivm extra afleiding, dat zou erg onhandig zijn.
Ik heb mijzelf sociale echt aan moeten leren, dus ben er continu van bewust. Nog steeds in een leerproces. Wat me nogal zenuwachtig maakt, dit kan ik verbergen maar extra zenuwen = stress + het zweet breekt me uit. Letterlijk.
Plannen lukt me niet goed. Ik kan niet goed onderscheid maken tussen wat belangrijk is en niet, ieder huiswerk komt even belangrijk over zodat ik geen keuze kan maken wat ik eerst zal doen.
Ik ga nooit uit in de zin van drinken en clubs bezoeken. Te druk, slechte muziek, niks voor mij. Bios pakken of naar een pretpark gaan doe ik wel, zij het mij vaak een (halve) dag kost om bij te komen. Dit weten mij niet-autistische vrienden niet, bang om 'slap' over te komen. Vrienden maken gaat steeds beter alleen heb ik niet de behoefte om veel vrienden te hebben. Een paar om het leuk mee te hebben vind ik genoeg, met als gevolg dat als ik een paar vrienden heb gemaakt ik amper meer vrienden erbij mask (wat op zich niet echt vreemd is)
Dus buiten school, uitgaan, communiceren en studeren? Niet veel eigenlijk, er is niet echt meer.
08/12/2014 18:13:52iPad, iPhone
memory issues, multi-tasking issues
Can't remember what I've done and have difficultly switching from job to job
alarms on phone
Pay once in the app store
i don't like answering the phone unless i know who it is
08/12/2014 21:46:52iPad, iPhone
Autism, depression, anxiety
sometimes a difficulty focusing, sometimes hyperfocus, sometimes unsure of where to begin with a task
I use Unfuck Your Habitat to help me clean, which is nice. there's an app called Breathe which helps me calm down and understand my moods.
Pay once in the app store, In-app purchases
sometimes going non-verbal, often missing body language, often not communicating efficiently or correctly
very easy to develop a kind of inertia, balancing that versus becoming burned out
aahahahahahhhhhhh I don't make new friends
08/12/2014 22:04:18Android Phone
Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder
I can be easily overwhelmed or lose track of reality.
I currently use mood trackers, calendars, and anxiety managing apps. I also have a text-to-speech app for when I am nonverbal.
An app for memory loss or anything that would help with the social and sensory issues related to autism would be great.
Have ads pop up, Donations
Sometimes I am nonverbal or cannot understand what people are saying.
I am easily overwhelmed and have no motivation to work on things that are of no interest to me.
It is hard to relate to people and to make/keep friends. I often do not want to go out and will cancel plans, which makes it hard to keep in touch with people. I am easily socially overwhelmed.
I'm not sure.
08/12/2014 22:49:21iPhone
Autism, Tourettes, Bipolar, AD(H)D, Anxiety
Not being able to get out of bed, being overloaded and having a panic attack, occasionally not understanding the instructions given to me. I work an office job so I don't see that many people, but when I'm at school (college) it's near-unbearable sometimes. I have nightmares every night and I can't focus on my work sometimes for weeks at a time if I get worked up.
Rain apps help to calm me down- I have this one white noise program that has a tumble dryer on it too and it's the most soothing thing… I listen to cat purrs (or real cats when I'm at home) as well. When I'm out, I often use tumblr, etsy or pinterest to distract myself from crowds if it's not a "people day." With bipolar, I just need people. Technology can't and hasn't done a thing to help with that.
A simple chat app that can be used for non-verbal days (there's one for android that would be perfect actually if it was for the iPhone.) Maybe an app that locks down other apps (like focal filter for the computer) so that certain apps can't be accessed for a set amount of time so I could actually get to sleep at night. Some kind of app to hold me accountable for my work (not just a to-do list that will pester me all the time either) and reward me for my progress and finally, an app that will let me vent somehow so I don't drain my friends all the time.
Pay once in the app store
I had a day last week during which a nightmare had scared me so badly that I couldn't utter a word all day. I was eventually able to coax my vocal chords to "unlock" but it was the first time it had happened and I'm not sure if/when it will happen again. Tourettes makes me feel the need to apologize all the time for pausing in the middle of sentences, bipolar makes it difficult to show people who I truly am if I am having an episode and with autism/ADD sometimes I just don't hear them or "get the point" right away.
In every way. My special interest is crafts/story-telling so I get distracted all the time. No matter what anyone tells me about prioritizing and commitment, I just can't seem to force anything out onto paper. I've tried everything- punishment (taking away privileges), rewarding, EVERYTHING. Nothing works except actually having my own brand of motivation- the same kind that compels me to draw.
My first and only boyfriend got so mad sometimes because he couldn't help me- that didn't last long at all. Bipolar really does suck. People you thought were really on your side suddenly don't want to stick around as soon as you have an episode, no matter how much you apologize and try to make it better. It makes you feel like trash. On the flip side, I'm always the last one to get a joke and/or answer the hard questions without doing a lot of thinking first. With anxiety, it makes it difficult to well… do much of anything unless the conditions are right. Some days I can handle thousands of people and others I don't even want to look my friends in the eye.
Overall, they make me feel kind of small sometimes. Like I'm powerless. I know there's nothing that can be done to help some of them without being put on medications that will only cause more problems in the long run but I wish I could just be an efficient human being like I feel like I'm supposed to be.
08/12/2014 22:58:56iPhone
Autism, ADD, depression
Well, my job is being a student. School is a very stressful and loud environment. I'm hypersensitive to sound and light so it's pretty bad. ADD makes it very difficult to read, write, and complete assignments on time. Depression just makes everything difficult. Things take too much energy to complete.
I would like an app that could speak for you without needing an Internet connection. If the app had several voice options, that would be cool, too.
Have ads pop up
Sometimes I become nonverbal. I can usually manage alright. I have an app that's supposed to speak for you, but you need an Internet connection for it to work. It would be cool if you could input a bunch of phrases/sentences into an app and save them. That way, you wouldn't need an Internet connection for the app to talk for you.
Stimuli at school makes it difficult to concentrate. I often misunderstand direction or forget things. The overstimulation also leads to exhaustion. It's almost impossible for me to get homework done because I get so tired.
Depression affects it the most, I think. I have a couple of friends but the lack of energy just makes it impossible for me to communicate with them.
08/12/2014 23:04:24iPhone
Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Body Dysmorphia, ADD
Some days I can't get out of bed, other days I feel so sad, and other days I'm just incredibly irritable, I can't focus on one thing at a time and it makes me crazy, some times I obsess over the littlest thing that will have no impact on anything what so ever so I don't do any work I just obsess over that one thing.
I don't use anysomething that will help me to better communicate
Pay once in the app store
I get a tick when I speak publicly, I kick my legs and snap my jaw. I am not able to get everything I have to say down on paper nor verbalize it well. In debates I have a lot of trouble with.
I cannot study unless I am in complete silence and am in an Obsessive mood
I have a very hard time making conversation, which means I'm bad at making friends. I also am scared of parties, because of my phobia of vomit, I am so paranoid that at every party somebody will get sick, and I know it's irrational but I can't go to parties.
08/12/2014 23:14:52
Android Phone, Android Tablet
Add, autism, ptsd
Severely, im a homemaker so when i forget to take care of myself the whole house suffers. I need help with executive function mostly and self care. It would be great to have a self care app give me an alarm on when to brush my teeth, shower, go to the toilet, eat etc. I would like multiple alarm sounds to make each action separate, also weekly schedules so i don't have to program every day.

I forget to take the tea kettle off, i forget I'm cooking, i forget about laundry in the dryer, i miss times to start cooking, i forget about self care
I use aac apps, notes, calculator. Beyond that it's all analog
A decent scheduler!! Also a picture based aac FOR ADULTS. 30 pictures of crayons don't really help me. Really though an executive function app.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
On bad days i don't speak, i use aac apps. I often use the wrong word, especially when dealing with emotions. I'll use angry when i really mean frustrated- this causes lots of arguments.
I'm an adult so when i study something it's because it's a special interest so no trouble there.
I dont go out. Too much noise, smells etc. I talk to my friends via text, not on the phone.
I don't eat well, textures are gross. I have trouble explaining to people that I'm different but still capable in my own way. People try to force a ' connection' by touching me, i hate that.
08/12/2014 23:50:44iPhone
autism, bpd, adhd, and depression
can't focus, can't think, can't multitask, hard to organize
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
tutoring while being seminonverbal is disgustingly hard
no more studying but we've never had to study
we don't do those things
09/12/2014 03:14:52iPad, iPhone
Autism migraines chronic pain food allergy/intolerance
Social relationship/networking
Memory/executive function
Document storage (Evernote Google drive)
Data Tracking esp multimedia. Can sort of do this with Evernote but clunky.
Integrated messages/reminders - send reminders to others. Create reminders from messages/emails from others.
Pay once in the app store
Communicate best in writing. Especially when stressed. Can be seen as rude. Can't see others view well enough to explain clearly/effectively. Tone issues. Bad habit of talking before processing.
N/aI don't. 'Nuff said.
09/12/2014 03:17:28Android Phone, Kindle Fire HD
Autism, Irlen's Syndrome
I have a harder time focusing, and bright screens give me migraines.
I have all screens as dark as I can.
Maybe a thesaurus with options to find similar words under a different part of speech. That would be very useful.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, In-app purchases, Donations
I struggle to come up with the word I mean more often than average.
09/12/2014 03:30:18Android Phone
Autism, chronic pain syndrome, fine motor issues, POTS (causes dizziness and brain fog when upright, especially when standing), anxiety, depression, joint issues (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
Unable to work due to disabilities
Have ads pop up, Donations
Anxiety, depression, pain, POTS all make it difficult to think. Enough anxiety can lead to selective mutism.
Had to drop out of school
09/12/2014 04:47:56
Android Phone, Android Tablet
Autism, tbi, depression, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia
I'm on disabilityinternet. nested to do list. procedures list. alarms that aren't startling
Pay once in the app store
Sometimes speech is very difficult to produce.
Concentration is difficult
hard to have the energy to go outenergy level is very low
09/12/2014 06:06:11Android Phone
anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss, ADD/ADHD
difficult to hear other people speaking, difficulty focusing on tasks, difficulty performing under stress
I play calming games during anxiety attacks and use notepad apps to communicate when I am nonverbal or have difficulty hearing
Pay once in the app store, Donations
very difficult to carry on conversation due to hearing loss, sometimes when I am nonverbal due to stress I do not want to communicate through spoken language
very. difficult to stay on task
hard to communicate with new people and enjoy shared activities due to hearing loss
09/12/2014 10:26:05Android Tablet, iPhone, Kindle
Autism, OCD, anxiety (general and social)
Lots of anxiety surrounding meetings and having to answer the phone, have to "act" a lot in interviews and when socializing with coworkers
I have small repetitive games on my phone that help me calm down when I'm panicking because they take little thought or skill to advance but still take my mind off what I'm worrying about
I would love to have an app that would help me with my sleeping problems, or an app that could help me when I have to socialize with people I don't know well
Pay once in the app store, In-app purchases, Donations
Very nervous in groups of people I don't know and I tend not to talk at all in these situations, trouble communicating on the phone because I can't tell when a person is going to talk and I often interrupt accidentally
Trouble concentrating at times, lots of anxiety surrounding homework and projects which causes me to put them off for fear of failure (more of an unwarranted worry, as I'm an A/B student usually, definitely OCD rumination)
Making friends is difficult sometimes because I have very specific things I like to talk about, I also don't like to make eye contact or really even look at or be too close to people I don't know well
I have a huge amount of trouble falling asleep many nights because I can't "turn off" my mind for long enough (I tend to obsessively worry and have panic attacks as I'm lying in bed)
09/12/2014 10:47:04Android PhoneAutism, dyspraxia
I do not have a job but I know that it usually causes me a lot of job related anxiety
things for lists
White noises app
More apps to help organizing myself, things to relieve anxiety or sensory overload
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
I find it very hard to hold conversations and meet new people, as well as making requests or talking in public (depending on the place). Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel misunderstood, and I find it hard to talk in noisy places
I have a lot of trouble organizing myself and getting tasks done or starting them.
I don't really know how to make friends. I can go out with trusted people but it can get stressful and only during weekends because I am too tired by school during the week. I avoid noisy places like bars. My most trusted friends are online.
New things make me anxious and a change of environment can impact my communication and social skills and make them really worse. I also get sensory overload in noisy places, which impacts my communication skills as well (sometimes i can't talk anymore)
I am very anxious everytime I have to do something important (find a job, send an email)
09/12/2014 20:27:06Android TabletCP
Wheelchair user - need access to office plus office equipment.
Searching websites for access information is helpful, especially disabledgo, and Google street view is helpful too sometimes. I socialise online quite a bit too.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
Needing wheelchair access restricts choice of venues and activities
13/12/2014 21:56:50Android PhoneDepression
Make it harder to do what I have to do.
Have ads pop up, In-app purchases
Can't tell anyone about it,parents will freak!
Difficulty communicating with parents and focusing.
Cling onto the few friends I haveFell like a block of wood
14/12/2014 00:53:20iPhone
depression, some form of anxiety
I'm unable to get a job because of my illnesses
I have a nature sounds app for when I can't end a panic attack. I use YouTube to watch videos of cute puppies
I've never been able to find something that engages me when I'm in a depressed episode Have ads pop up
I only communicate with one friend and some family. sometimes I'm not even capable of that
not possible I have no social life. I only leave the house when absolutely necessary I don't have a life. I've never had one
14/12/2014 00:59:58Android PhoneDepression
when i suffer from my depression, i can't focus on my work/i feel like it's pointless to continue working
nonei'm not sure
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
when depressed, i can't really tell people how i feel
it keeps me from thinking there's a point to studying whenever it hits me
i tend to stick with my close friends that i've had for years and whenever i do go out, i get drained quicklyjust generally getting up and existing are hard some days
14/12/2014 01:01:00Android Phone
Depression, heart condition.
I can't stand for long hours, I get lightheaded a lot, I need to stop what I'm doing to take medication/occasionally blood pressure, no heavy lifting, can't be around people who are ill and can't handle certain items due to germs.
Not sure if it counts, but when I'm having anxiety about my heart beating too fast I use my blood pressure machine to show me that my levels are fine.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, Subscription, Donations
I'm generally fine with this.
When I'm sick I'm basically useless until it goes away, if I have the same thing for more than two weeks no matter how harmless I need to go to the hospital so I miss out on classes a few times a year due to that.
I don't seem to have trouble making friends, but when I am out I can't be standing for too long or be in places with large crowds (such as local fairs) due to illness and medication side effects.
I have a lot of trouble talking about depression with the people that do know so I get really anxious on bad days and shut people out and generally ignore the world until it passes. This doesn't always help going about everyday things.
14/12/2014 01:31:24iPhone
ADHD. And depression, but I need more help with the ADHD.
Organization, focus, remembering to do things. My iPhone does have various apps that help me with these things, but it would nice to be able to have it all together.
I use the "reminders" tool on my iPhone, and the alarms as reminders. The reminders app is good for making lists but it's a little weird to navigate. And the google calendars are good too.
I would love if it there were something comprehensive for people with ADHD - reminders, organization tools, a calendar, all in one app. with encouraging notes and tips for people with ADHD!

Oh P.S. In case you're curious, the DSM just calls it ADHD now, not ADD - though people do call it that colloquially. So you're not being inaccurate if you call it an app for ADHD. It's still technically ADHD even if the person doesn't have symptoms of hyperactivity.
Pay once in the app store
It's hard to stay on topic in conversations, and it's hard to focus when other people are talking.
The typical ways - hard to stay on task (which manifests in different ways), hard to remember everything I have to do. Hyperfocusing (another trait of ADHD) on something else sometimes makes it hard to shift my focus to something I need to do.
Not too severely. The depression sometimes makes me not want to go out, but I'm not really too bad at making friends. A lot of people with ADHD are very outgoing - I'm a "social introvert" according to my therapist. Good at socializing, but I need alone time to recharge. My real problem is socializing in close relationships because that's where longer, deeper conversations happen that I sometimes tune out of.
Well the ADHD largely causes the depression. People with ADHD have a way higher rate of depression pretty much because of feeling inadequate and constantly overwhelmed in a lot of ways.
14/12/2014 01:32:23Android PhoneOCD
It really affected me to the point that i called saying i was sick only because i was scared to go
I Don't use any, but i installed Samapp i while ago and it was great, it helped me a little bit
Have ads pop up, Subscription, Donations
A lot. i can't say certaing things, talk to certain people or say certain words because of it.
My grades went down a lot since i was diagnosed with OCD.
I lost a lot of friends thanks to OCD
14/12/2014 04:03:51Android Phone
None right now I think; diagnosed with MDD in 2012, but the worst of it has passed I think.
I'm a student. MDD made me completely unable to go to university. No drive, no motivation.
I don't use any. None directly, really.
I'm honestly not sure, there's not really anything I want. I resorted to drug use a lot and there'd be times where I'd feel really messed up and my phone was my only tie to reality. An app that is easily accessible and lightweight that gave me reminders like "Chill" or "Everything's alright, remember what you took a couple of hours ago? That'll be done soon, -- Letter from Yourself" Stuff like that. Custom messages or pre-made one catered towards certain mental disorders; general anxiety, major depression, bipolar... that sort of stuff.
Pay once in the app store, Donations
It made me not want to, and it made me particularly harsh. Besides that, not really in any other way.
It was difficult, especially at home. A lot of emotional ties are at home, so I avoided study there.
It made me not care much for it. However, I see that more as an innate trait than a symptom of a mental illness.
I'm not sure. My main focus was on how they affected me. In essence, they affected everything. I completely changed how I live life in order to cater towards it. I never saw people, or spoke to my family. I didn't study or work.
14/12/2014 05:33:06Android PhoneDepression, Anxiety
It's difficult to get motivated during the day. Tasks go undone despite knowing they're important and NEED to be done.
If I'm having a bad anxiety day, I may not be able to do much of anything except try to calm myself down.
The SAMapp (Self-help Anxiety Management app) is what I use to help distract myself during bad anxiety moments or attacks. They have many good tools for distraction and reflection on what might be the root of the issue and maps out information on graphs so you can see if there's a pattern you may not have seen otherwise.

I also have a "Nemuriale" which is a vibration device mostly meant to help with sleep, but I've found the device to be excellent for anxiety attacks as well. The device mimics a person's heartbeat when they are calm and relaxed. Eventually your heart follows the pattern and you feel more calm and relaxed. I use it to get to sleep some nights, but found it soothing when I was feeling anxious recently.
I think having a vibration and sound app combined would be helpful. I would love to have an app on my phone as a backup for the inevitable time I forget my Nemuriale or it runs out of batteries when I need it etc. It would be really great if the app also had a selection of soothing sounds you can customize to your particular taste.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
Depression makes me not want to communicate and withdraw from people in general.
Anxiety can make it hard to articulate what I'm feeling or why.
The motivation thing is an issue again. Panic attacks and bad anxiety days also do that.
Depression makes me want to stay in and cancel plans all the time. Anxiety can too. My anxiety tends to manifest itself in different ways so if it's a day that it becomes more social anxiety, I might not function well at a party or get-together and only think about how I can excuse myself gracefully without seeming like I'm snubbing anyone.
My depression affects my self-esteem quite heavily. I'm constantly hearing my brain telling me that people are only being nice to me, or that the reason they're behaving a certain way is because they secretly hate me.
14/12/2014 12:58:08iPhoneAsperger's
It's difficult to maintain eyecontact sometimes, and to understand what someone is saying if they mumble or have a strange accent. This is annoying in my job as a bookseller.
I listen to music that I know
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
Same as above, I need clear articulation and clear, direct sentences to understand what someone means.
Studying can be difficult when there are ambient noises such as a car driving by, someone shearing their hedge, etc. I need music (familiar sound, repetitive but not constantly the same) to be able to focus.
I dont have very many friends and it's hard to remember to keep in touch with them (I forget that this is necessary). I dont like to go to parties because there are so many people, most of them strangers, and the music is loud and not my taste, and everything smells like alcohol.
14/12/2014 16:52:02iPad, iPhone
Not a disability in the strictest sense but I do have a very strong phobia.
None. There is literally nothing I've found that helps coulrophobes tag films or episodes of series or games or even sites.
Whenever I watch Batman beyond for example, I need someone to watch it before I do and note where the clowns appear so I can skip those parts without missing out on too much
An app in which coulrophobes can tell each other in which movies or episodes clowns appear and when, so that others don't have to. Also maybe with locations that currently have circus posters all over them and should be avoided. I saw a circus poster this morning and had a panic attack.
Have ads pop up, Donations
My friends sometimes think it's 'funny' and post clowns on my Facebook and then make excuses like 'but it was not a scary clown' or 'it was low resolution' which doesn't make it okay at all
Whenever I see a clown I get a panic attack
15/12/2014 06:11:32iPhone
Depression, anxiety.
Panic attacks at work when things get stressful; often need to take a break when it goes too far, maybe cry. Often drink after work because of the stress.
I like to play games that basically run out of plays after 5-6 turns. It's just enought that I can focus on something else for about 10 minutes but it doesn't entirely detail me. I also like to read about stress relievers/ symptoms even though I know it may not be helpful. I also get on tumblr as a distraction, but it can be negative also. Mostly I enjoy things that help alleviate my anxiety.
I have never considered this an option and now I'm really excited to do some research! I would love to have something low impact that would be stimulating for the positive side of my outlook/ maybe help me get through a panic attack on my own
Pay once in the app store, Donations
They don't impact it much, just make me more aware of what I'm saying. I tend to tiptoe around certain people
It's almost impossible. I can't focus for very long.
I have a hard time in public without alcohol. Withdrawn, introverted, anxious. A few friends can help me to feel comfortable.
My partner is definitely a major help in my life, though I think that it becomes hard on me to focus on the relationship and I can be really selfish. I have to take care of myself and I can be even more anxious that I'm not being a good partner.
15/12/2014 23:31:02iPhone
Retinoblatoma and osteosarcoma
Lack of mobility, extreme fatigue, concentration problems, mediocre eyesight
Mostly calendars to plan meet-ups, and maps to look up places that accommodate people with lessened mobility/places near to each other if we have to move between them, reminders to make sure I don't forget things
Something that would combine the previously mentioned things
Pay once in the app store
Lack of mobility means it's hard to meet up with people
Fatigue and concentration problems means I'm not as efficient as I'd like to be
Lack of mobility means I can't easily meet up with people, I tire easily, and walking longish distances or standing up for a long time is hard (finding places wit extensive seating/that accommodate a wheelchair is hard)
Limit my ability to do exercise and keep healthy
16/12/2014 16:59:13Android Phone
Autism, chronic pain, Anxiety
Schooling is difficult sometimes because I don't have the mental willingness to actually get to class due to sensory processing issues because of Autism, and when I have a bad pain day, movement can be minimal.
I like to play games on my phone, and I have over the ear headphones to lessen some of the effects.
a screen reader app, that I can type things into quickly and it be read aloud to the person i'm with for when I break down.
Have ads pop up, Donations
When I'm overloaded, I sometimes shut down and literally cannot talk. Other times, I have a difficult time focusing on words as they are being spoken, resulting in hazy memories of important class information. It also impedes my ability to take reliable notes.
Studying? What's studying? I read the material once, it stays in my head fine. I try reading it more than once and it starts getting jumbled up with everything else in my head. I can't remember if this date was for that event or that event. I can tell you a lot of things from memory about certain events, but I can't tell you all the fine little details that are often important.
I don't go out and socialize much because I've never been able to keep friends. I've always had friends, but never any close ones, and I seem to be all too easy to lose track of. Making new friends is daunting because of this. I'm friendly and I like to think I interact with people fairly well, but I've never the friend who's always invited to events with the group. This may be due to my anxiety as well as my autism, because oftentimes I don't like going out due to either sensory processing, or just being scared of possibilities while we are out.
I cannot be out in public for long on a very bad sensory day or I break down and freak out at the tiniest thing.
16/12/2014 17:08:43Android Phone, Ipod touch
Autism & Bipolar disorder
Can't work anywhere that requires a lot of social interaction or has a lot of sensory input (bright lights, loud noise etc.) I tend to only keep jobs until I have a depressive episode at which point I just can't bring myself to work.
I've tried a few apps, mood trackers and anxiety help type stuff but I've never really found one I could stick with.
Something that has a to-do list feature that can break the list into small parts so it's not overwhelming and discouraging. A mood tracker that includes more than just anxiety, depression and mania. I'd like one that let's you rank how overwhelmed you are, how tired you are, if you had a meltdown, sensory overload or shutdown. stuff like that. I'd like it to be tied into the to-do list so you can see what things you've done that day that led to how you're feeling.
Pay once in the app store, Donations
I have a hard time keeping conversations going although to be honest I don't mind, conversation is weird for me. I like silence. For the most part I can communicate ok as long as I'm not under extreme amounts of stress. I do lose the ability to speak in stressful circumstances.
I can't study at school because of my sensitivity to noise. A home it's more of a lack of motivation because of depression that makes it difficult. I'm also easily overwhelmed and sometimes will get to tired to study if I've done something that day like going out shopping or going to an appointment.
I don't really have friends and I avoid going out because of my sensory sensitivities and how easily I get tired.
Doing self-care things tires me out easily and is hard when I'm depressed. Things like taking a bath or changing out of my pajamas.
16/12/2014 17:20:54
Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPod touch
(clinically diagnosed) Autism, (self-diagnosed) misophonia, (self-diagnosed) Avoidant Personality Disorder
It's difficult to connect with my co-workers; I struggle to communicate the full extent of my needs; I get upset when co-workers are disciplined for making a mistake; I've gotten reported for "sounding rude" when I was really wanting to help and just defaulted to my normal tone of voice; I fluster badly when my internal verbal script is broken; I'm "less there" when I'm in an adverse mood (likely signs of shutdown); my speech stutters and halts when I'm too upset; I worry that my co-workers are continually judging me and treating me differently/badly.
I have a variety of games/apps on all three devices listed above that can distract or relax me (or both); I use my car as a literal comfort zone; I cannot function in a loud environment if I don't have a noise-cancelling device; Music on aforesaid devices frequently are able to calm me down, or at least focus on something not stressful.
Honestly, I am not sure. Perhaps something that can make the auditory delay a little more manageable (it makes me wary of lengthy phone calls and outright makes me avoid drive-throughs).
Pay once in the app store, In-app purchases
I speak at a fairly loud volume and a rapid pace; my speech is impaired when I'm upset; I experience auditory delay which occasionally makes speech sound like garbled nonsense; I have trouble understanding the body language and motivation of others; I am unsure of how much I should trust someone else with information that, to me, is very sensitive and personal; I'm terrified of rejection; I react badly to criticism and I work to avoid it.
Too many auditory distractions make it difficult for me to properly focus; I've never been taught "how" to study and thus truly have no idea how to go about it without guidance; I get overwhelmed with how much I need to know; I'm not sure how to find assistance when I need it, so I usually try (and fail) to go without.
I find small talk impossible at times; I have difficulty maintaining a conversation if I have no interest in what's being said; I'm constantly in fear of judgment and criticism that I cannot properly discern; I keep silent when I'm unsure of what to say and that tends to bother people; I usually am not the first to initiate conversation, but I tend to speak when spoken to; I have no internal script for most conversations and so I struggle to say what I actually want to say; I have no idea how to maintain, cultivate and give proper care to a relationship; I have tremendous difficulty discerning healthy and unhealthy relationships.
I prefer self-checkouts at big stores, and get hugely frustrated when they are made inaccessible; when stores re-organize their stock, I grow frustrated and flummoxed and often leave rather than search aimlessly for what I'm looking for; I prefer to pay for car gas by card rather than speak to an attendant and pay cash; being unable to park my car at any time is a huge source of anxiety for me; I need motivation or removal of stressful conditions to do housework; anything I am not accustomed to, I fear heavily.
16/12/2014 18:11:44iPhoneDepression, Anxiety
Keeps me from getting and maintaining one. I'm currently unemployed.
I don't really have any.
Maybe something that could be an alternative to calling on the phone. Or things to help me stay organized since my brain isn't very good at doing so. I have pretty bad comprehension problems due to my illnesses, so something that wouldn't mind holding my hand to guide me through it sometimes. Also something to boost motivation. (though i'm not sure how that one would work >.>)
Pay once in the app store
Speaking to people at all usually causes me to be terribly anxious to some degree. I'm very fidgety and I don't know how to use words very well. Talking on the phone is crippling though. I have full blown panic attacks. Even if it's a family member.
N/A (not currently in school)
Not that bad actually, it's mainly just important things. (jobs, etc.)
They really mess up my sleeping schedule. I think I might have some level of insomnia it's pretty bad.
16/12/2014 18:31:39iPad, iPhone
Sensory Processing Disorder
I don't have a job.
Repetitive games like 2048 to help distract me when anxious etc.
The standard notes app and calendar on iPad.
A shopping app; one where I can plan the trip with sections for different shops so I can make lists of what items I need in each shop and which order to go in and a place to type in how much I've spent and on what.
Something for anxiety; with focused easy games or breathing techniques and stuff.
A productivity app; like an app with sections for lists, timetables, timers and scheduling etc. (like an integrated all-in-one calendar, clock, notes app thing)
Maybe a communication app with sort of buttons/flashcards you can pick which have messages like "I am very anxious right now and would appreciate not being touched thank you" for when I'm non-verbal, but like pre loaded ones and ones you can make (idk that's a bad idea maybe but you get the idea)
An app that helps you identify how you feel, if you're hungry, anxious or tired etc. (like a decision tree type thing)
Pay once in the app store
I rarely answer the phone and force people to text instead.
I have trouble expressing emotions and opinions clearly when necessary.
Occasionally I go non-verbal when very upset.
The noise and lights at school give me frequent headaches which makes it hard to work and focus properly.
I get easily distracted and completely loose track of time.
I can't really go out shopping or for 'a day out' because I just get so overwhelmed and tired.
I find it really hard to ask my friends to do things like I never know if I sound needy if I ask them to hang out of if I'm being rude when I don't text them for months.
16/12/2014 20:21:44iPhone
PTSD, ADD, BDD, Panic Disorder, Depression, Social Anxiety, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bipolar.
I cannot work at all. I cannot even down hold a job. I become so dissociative, unresponsive, unfocused, overly self conscious and honestly suicidal that working in any environment is nearly impossible. Focusing on any task for an extended period of time can lead my mind to other feelings of worthlessness, rather than completing the task at hand.
My Net Diary to plan meals.
Solitaire to distract myself from panic attacks.
Pandora's Aquarium to discuss my past sexual abuse, my disabilities and my life in a safe environment.
I can't say. I'm not quite sure what possibilities are out there.Have ads pop up
Communicating is physically possibly but mentally and emotionally complicated. It's hard for me to communicate my most basic needs let alone hold down an actual conversation without needing to figit, avert my eyes, hide my face, and feel and intense imposing need to escape.
I once was an straight A honors student attending college. But after sexual assaults and other related traumas that worsened my mental illnesses, I find it difficult to even fill out this survey, let alone study an actual subject.
I don't have a social life. I no longer do. I can no longer relate to anyone or anything around me. Leaving the room, is debilitating and can send me into panic attacks. Leaving the house is rare, I only leave when I'm forced. My mental illnesses have consumed my life to the point that showering and eating are a struggle, let alone maintaining any relationships or having "fun". I don't even know the definition of that word anymore. Friends that once were there eventually expected me to cure my own disabilities and be "normal" like them. And it doesn't fix itself. I can only pretend to be normal for so long. So they left. And I don't mind that they did. It's better than dealing with their ableism.
They have left me without much energy nor motivation to carry on living, let alone succeeding.
16/12/2014 21:50:55iPod touch
Autism, depression, adhd
notes on my ipod for communication sometimes.
Have ads pop up, In-app purchases, Donations
my facial expressions are weird, sarcasm is hard, sometimes cant comfort friends bc it will make me sad too which is helpful to noone.
i dont have much motivation to do it. i also cant keep my brain focused on one thing for long.
my friends get mad because emotions are hard. also fear of approaching people means making friends is hard.
16/12/2014 22:46:05iPad, iPhoneBipolar, add, ocd
I go to school but my meds don't work so sometimes k can't get up, sometimes I'm unmotivated to do anything, I have a hard time studying.
I currently use a mood journal, but I don't like the presets and it doesn't give me an option for stable or mixed state for bipolar.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, In-app purchases, Donations
Some days I have selective mutism.
Lack of motivation, hard time concentrating, blurry words and numbers
I have to hide my disability
17/12/2014 01:30:08iPhone
Autism, Schizoaffective, OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, DDNOS, Chronic Pain and Fatigue
It's hard to remember to do things on time and to meet deadlines in general. I have a lot of trouble asking for help when I need it. I lack the motivation to do more than the bare minimum. I am ridiculed for having trouble speaking coherently at times. My obsessions distract me and my compulsions are time consuming and distracting. Paranoia interferes with my ability to work with others.
I use my phone as a 'crutch' in social situations and to communicate my needs with the few people that I do trust, as well as texting when I am nonverbal. I use the notes app specifically to carry out dialogue betweeny alters and I, and to help with memory problems. I use the voice memos app to ascertain whether I am
hallucinating or not.
An app that blocked or warned for posts with triggering content on multiple social media sites and an app listing mental health professionals where the people seeing them could leave reviews that the professionals could not see.
Pay once in the app store
I experience thought blocking, which leads to stopping in the middle of sentences often. I have difficulty with expressive language and resort to onomatopoeia or overly formal speech to compensate. I have brain fog from mental illness and pain which limits the amount of words I am able to speak at any given time. I do not have the energy or motivation to keep up regular contact with people. I do not understand what is being said to me sometimes. I have extreme difficulty communicating my needs and wants effectively. Psychosis leads to disordered speech and thinking and impairs my reasoning.
I lack focus, energy, and motivation to study. I have a handwriting compulsion that makes taking notes very difficult at times. School induces suicidal ideation in me and that contributes to 'procrastination.' I have severe memory problems.
I find it near impossible to make new friends or trust the ones I already have. People do not like getting close to me because I am neurodivergent. I am often too exhausted for friendly conversation. I have alters who purposefully mess up relationships or tell others secrets about me. I am not a 'fun person' to take out because of my low energy level and need for familiarity.
17/12/2014 03:22:40Android Phone, iPadAutism, ADD
I don't have a job.
Miracle modus for android and apple, for sensory problems
Something that would help me communicate without others knowing I'm using it would be useful.
Have ads pop up, Donations
I have a hard time explaining anything and communicating what I want.
I find it very hard to focus on schoolwork and pay attention in class. When I'm at home, I can't focus on my homework because I'm always distracted and I have a hard time getting motivated.
I have a really hard time making friends because I don't know how to talk to people. Even friends I do know I have a hard time talking to, because I literally have no idea what to say or how to act. I can communicate by answering questions though; like if someone asks me something like 'do you have any pets?'
I don't like loud noises, and when I'm touched unexpectedly or the wrong way. It makes me feel really bad, and it's even harder to do things after stuff like that happens.
17/12/2014 18:25:20iPhone
Autism, PTSD, depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD, chronic pain condiion
I can't workschedule, calendar
maps help me go out alone
i dont know
Pay once in the app store, Donations
trouble speaking. dont even try talking to people. cant understand or keep up with conversations.
no school. too muchtrouble staying on task, need help understanding assignments and more time to do them
no friends. cant leave huse because of ASD, PTSD, and anxiety. social life is non existantevery aspect of my life. i dont have one. just wasting away.
17/12/2014 18:26:32iPhone
Autism, depression, severe panic disorder
I am in an environment now (less contact with noise and general public) that helps so much. But when it gets noisy I have sensory overload and everything is too bright as well. Or something unexpected and loud happens (fire alarm, someone dropping a big book in an echoing space, etc) and I have a panic attack and I am a hot mess the rest of the day.
Couple--helps me make joint lists with husband even when we're not in the same place because I think of things at weird times and don't remember later.
Text messaging--very important for me. Not just for communicating with husband the rest of the time, but I really hate talking on the phone. I am scared of the one in my office. I would rather call people on my cell phone from my office instead of using the one at my desk. I don't like receiving calls.
Maybe something that helps me slow down when my mind is racing and I can't concentrate on one thing, or something that helps me get back on-task.

Pie-in-the-sky? Something that could help when I am unable to make the visual in my head go to words coming out of my mouth.
Pay once in the app store
I "lose words" when I'm talking. Or just can't really muster up the ability to communicate. Like... talking is more work than my brain can handle. or I forget to make eye contact, etc. which is bad in a customer service position. I get frustrated to have ideas in my head that I can't get out. I can visualize them and see them clearly, but the connection isn't being made between brain and mouth.
When I was in school, or even now: I CANT study at home. Trying to write at home, etc is REALLY distracting. Even just the cats are too much distraction (cat, keyboard). I have trouble concentrating on what I am reading. Ereaders help cos I can change the font, but with books, lines of text seem to wave in front of me, depending on font. I'm much much more auditory and visual of a learner. i'm really bad at focusing and staying on-track. If I get onto something, I will skip lunch or stay late to work on it because I am DOING it. it's getting to that very involved part where I am in that zone that is difficult. Yesterday I couldn't manage it and so nothing got done.
I... kind of don't have a social life. I really tried to in my 20s, but it was awkward and terrifying. And i think people in general think I am weird, or not interested in a friendship. Now I really only see people or interact with them at work or at scifi cons.
I am good at "lecturing." Telling a group of people about something that excites me. I am good at presentations at professional conferences and being on panels at scifi things. I am terrible one-on-one or in small groups. It can be difficult to build a rapport with people and connect with them, which, in a public service environment, is important
17/12/2014 18:32:05iPhone
Autism, ADHD, major depressive disorder (recovering), suspected PTSD, GAD. Autism & ADHD are the most prominent in my everyday life.
When I had a job, I became overwhelmed throughout the day and would have trouble sticking the work day out to the end of a 6 or 7 hr shift. I often tried to deal directly with customers but would become confused and have to refer them to a co-worker. I was slow to memorize workplace routines and often unable to adapt to change or new positions without being specifically instructed on what to do. I would become confused and overwhelmed while multitasking at the grill.

I should say though that while some of these things affected performance, overall my boss was happy with my work ethic. It was a summer job and I've been invited back for next year.
I use Spotify and noise-isolating earbuds to drown out noises. Sometimes I use white noise/rain sounds from mynoise.net for the same reason. I use an app for the iPhone called Modus for visual stimming; it shows colorful patterns of light that i find extremely soothing especially when I'm freaking out and need something to concentrate on.
Modus is an alright app but I'd be interested in more refined and user-friendly apps for visual stimming.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, Donations
I often fail to understand sarcasm and occasionally will speak in a way that other people can't understand, using incomprehensible metaphors or leaps of logic others don't make (I don't understand exactly why that happens). I dislike making eye contact and my body language and posture are idiosyncratic and can be hard to read.
I have trouble staying in the classroom when others are making noises such as gum-chewing or sniffling. I often have to leave the room because of sensory overload or even sensory-induced shutdowns/meltdowns. In the past this has impacted my grades.
Currently I have very understanding friends; my closest ones know I'm autistic and work with me so that it doesn't affect me. In the past I've had problems keeping friends because of accidentally starting fights and generally being socially inept. I also have very low confidence when dating, and that combined with a lack of understanding of social norms has lead to me being abused/sexually assaulted.
Sensory issues can really be a torment sometimes - I have extreme auditory sensitivities that sometimes lead to self-harm or as previously mentioned shutdowns/meltdowns. I also have trouble leaving the campus I live on because I don't have routines for leaving, so even going off campus for dinner can be extremely stressful for me.
17/12/2014 18:42:00Android Phone
Autism, anxiety (recovering from depression)
I'm currently still in education so I'll say how my disabilities affect that instead. I can't do class presentations or anything similar and so when I'm assigned them, I panic a lot and have to get my Additional Support teacher to explain to my class teacher that I literally am not able to do a formal presentation in front of the class, and then I am excused. But my class teachers dont really understand my autism and so they assume im making up an excuse and generally that kind of thing is not great
If I'm having a sensory overload I often listen to audios on youtube of background noises from places like coffee shops, or a fire crackling and so on. going on tumblr and looking at the nice drawings and photos also can calm me down.
I think that an explaining autism / other mental disabilities to people would be a really great idea. a lot of the time i feel i need to explain my autism so that people can understand me better, and cater for me etc. but then my autism and anxiety makes it so i cant fully articulate what I want to say in that moment. An app as a database of little facts and tips about autism, which if in a conversation I wanted to explain something about myself to someone, I could open the app and go to the relevent section (for example, 'issues in the workplace' or 'issues in sensory overload), and then let the person educate themselves about it
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
Sometimes I get too anxious/distracted to be able to communicate properly and then people will get annoyed at me for that, and then I cant even communicate to explain why I cant communicate
My autism & anxiety dont really affect me at home so long as I can monitor sensory outputs and so on. But at school obviously I cant turn down the volume of the people around me etc, and then if the volume is too loud, colours are too bright and so on, i get distracted and cant study very effectively
I dont make friends very well and dont like meaningless social 'chit chat' or being around too many people, but I have managed to get around that, mainly because I can develop friendships with people I've met via facebook and so on, which is a lot more easier than talking face to face with new people, and have a few very close friends now
I think the above questions have covered most of it really :)
17/12/2014 18:44:45iPad, iPhone
Autism, type 1 diabetes, depression, anxiety
I am unable to work because of anxiety and sensory processing disorder
I use a fitness tracker that helps me track my sleeping patterns with an integrated app
An app that brings together all the different things I have to manage - giving insulin, carb counting, medications, as well as tracking things like mood and meltdowns and other things like that so that I can see how my mental health affects my physical
Pay once in the app store
I become non-verbal when very anxious or depressed
I am unable to attend mainstream education and home study is difficult because of executive functioning issues
Because I rarely leave the home I find it difficult to meet members of my peer group and make friends
17/12/2014 19:53:46Android Phone, iPad
Autism, cerebral palsy
I have a lot of problems with fine motor skill tasks, and my speech is slurred. I also have a hard time understanding speech if there's any ambient noise
I use an AAC on my iPad
Id really love a video player with large picture icons, where you can play the video by touch ing the picture. When ios upgraded to 8, their video player list that capability, and it really pisses me off
Pay once in the app store
When i speak to a stranger, i have to repeat myself multiple times. I can type one handed but touch pads are hard, and voice recognition doesn't work for me, so texting is hard, and see the answer to the previous question
Im okay with studying at home.i can't study anywhere elelse
Social life? Friends? What are they? Because of the fine motor skills, touchscreen can be difficult
17/12/2014 20:52:55iPhoneautism
Unemployed because I've never been able to get a job due to disability
Checklist app
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
Shut down and go non verbal
I have problems knowing how long I should spend on tasks and don't manage my time well
Don't know how to make friends or engage someone in a conversation,
Don't know when it's my time to speak
Self care skills : forgetting to shower, eat, brush teeth, ect,

Or not wanting to put up with the sensory overload of things like showering
17/12/2014 22:19:07iPhone
Autism, ADHD, SADD
I am a graphic designer, and I have a hard time finishing projects from lack of ability to focus at times.
I don't have any really...? Music helps
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
I can't tell how a person interprets what I tell them, and have an exceedingly hard time carrying on conversation.
Same answer as job question
I can't tell when someone is my friend or just an Aquantince that put ups with me
17/12/2014 22:58:38
Android Phone, Android Tablet
Autism, ADD, Anxiety, Executive Dysfunction, some memory problems.
the brain stuff i have going on makes it hard to...
- get things done
- concentrate
- start things i need to do (especially if important)
- remember to finish things i have started
- get to places on time
mainly the only thing i use right now is social media to replace face2face social life and outlook/google calendar to remember to go to class.
i don't know if i need like more of those self-nagging apps? a lot of PwD swear by them, i know... i find them annoying but maybe i should just suck it up and start using them.
Pay once in the app store, Subscription, Donations, i will not use an app with pop up adverts, it's a deal breaker. i'd rather subsidise the app for broke/poor other users than have adverts
not that much, but sometimes i miss things. also anything social is going to be more difficult.
i'm a teacher, so... i don't have to study that much anymore, but when i do want to brush up on things, the same difficulties i mentioned about work apply to studying.
i don't have a social life in face-to-face, because i run out of social energy after being in contact with 50-100 students every day. my only social life is my husband and online. this is ok, actually.
i have a lot of social mistakes and misunderstandings, even online. not with people i know well, but like with random people.
17/12/2014 23:06:15Android Phone
Autism, depression, general anxiety disorder, PTSD, fibromyalgia, GERD, psychosis, BPD
I work at home as a writer because I can't leave the house or work everyday. My hours are limited due to brain fog and fatigue and I have difficulty with motivation, focus, and starting work. I also have difficulty stopping or taking a break.
I use habitRPG to help me with motivation, routine, and memory. I also use timers on my phone to help remind me of the passage of time, and Duolingo, a language learning app, to help with education (since I can't be in school. Sadly it doesn't do ASL). I also have an anxiety control app, and Medbuddy.
Apps to help with physical therapy, crosstracking behaviors like diet and sleep with symptoms (as well as time of day and weather), apps to help with communication and staying in touch with people, apps to help track spoons (how much energy I have, how much a task will use). Also apps that go through the various steps of self care tasks, and that provide practice in breaking those tasks down.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, Donations
I am sometimes nonverbal or have panic attacks or meltdowns, during which talking is difficult. Brain fog and autism can also make it difficult to say what I mean. I sometimes write things down instead of trying to talk, if I think of it; since I don't know ASL.
My disabilities made school and full time study difficult to impossible because of unpredictability, difficulty getting around, difficulty concentrating, and anxiety. I left college and now study online at my own pace.
While I make friends relatively easily, I have trouble keeping in touch with them, and I find going out and spending time with people difficult.
I find self care very difficult. I have trouble remembering to do things like eat and bathe, as wellas getting through the steps and reading my body's signals. I also have difficulty being alone sometimes due to my psychosis
22/12/2014 19:02:18iPad, iPhone
Autism, ADD, Anxiety
Easily distracted, have to continually make lists to remind me to do things, sometimes have a hard time planning out tasks
Reminders, alarms, lists, calendars.
It would be nice to have a timer, lists, calendar and reminder app that isn't complicated. The more complex it is, the harder it is to use because there are so many decisions. (Is this task high priority? Is this event an all day event? Pick a tone out of 25 different tones for your timer.)
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, Donations
I hate having to call places for information and will procrastinate this, hard time dealing with strangers, I can become nonverbal during an anxiety attack or shutdown
Yes, as it is hard for me to complete tasks. I'm not in school but I do take courses online.
Very much. I can't read people to know if I'm boring them or offending them. I have a separate dialogue that runs through my head reminding me to ask about them, limit discussion of special interests, make eye contact.
I have a baby and I can get exhausted or overwhelmed at time with him. There is a lot of sensory input going on with that, plus planning and remembering things.
23/12/2014 04:17:58iPhone
Professional dx: Autism, ADHD, Panic Disorder, Chronic Insomnia
Self dx: Dyslexia (professional refused to test me due to my good grades)
I am a college student and currently don't have a job. In the past, two of the biggest problems have been missing work days and specific things about the job that I can't do. While some employers are accommodating about needing to take more sick days than usual, others are very judgmental, even angry, and make it very hard to make up for missed time.

I had to quit my previous job due to very ableist managers. I was constantly made to work the only register in the store, which was in a closed-off box of counters by the door, even though I was hired to work as a dog trainer. I explained that the register was not a good place for me, because of my difficulty with numbers (dyslexia) and hard time dealing with large amounts of people (autism). They refused to move me to the position I was hired for (which payed more) even after I started having panic attacks behind the register every shift and became very claustrophobic behind the counters. Every request for accommodations was met either with apathy or a guilt-inducing explanation of why those requests were too difficult for the managers or why it was a bad time to ask. I had no difficulties with any other job in the store - I did not complain about physically taxing stocking, was great with customers when I was 'on the floor', and was well liked by all the employees. When I finally gave up on the store and gave my two weeks notice, I was spoken down to by management, and made to feel like I was selfish for leaving. I was treated so badly that I ended up not even completing the two weeks - after a week I went to talk to the GM about the situation and he would not see me, so I stopped showing up to my shifts and they never called again. (Worst part is - I still have to shop there! Its the only store in town that sells my dog food)
-Soothing games and apps, like ThisIsSand and White Noise to help with attacks or overloads.
-The superbetter.com app for general mental well-being and self-care
-Accessible scheduling / daily planner app (for things like meal reminders, medication times, ect)
-Self-care apps of any kind
Pay once in the app store, Donations
I often slur and stutter my words, though I can speak very well and enunciate clearly if I put most of my focus and energy into it. I am good at putting false emotion into my words, but it also takes a lot of energy. I don't often have non-verbal days.

Combination of autistic sensory processing problems, ADHD, and sometimes chronic sleep deprivation, I can have major difficulties understanding people when they speak and following verbal instructions. This can get to the point where I can no longer process spoken words, I can tell it is in English but it sounds completely like gibberish or pig-latin.
Though they are better managed with medication, my disabilities have made school incredibly stressful and sometimes physically harmful. Before my senior year of high school I was not being medicated for any of these things, and developed several health conditions, depression, self harming tendencies, and a host of psychosomatic symptoms due to school-related stress. Because I have always scored very well and been in advanced programs, it was not thought that I had any problems with school until late high school, when I was no longer physically able to go to my classes.

Medication management has made school much easier to handle, although I still do have recurring problems, and student disability services can be difficult to work with.
I find it very hard to connect with people in an honest capacity, as my natural instinct is to perform a chosen personality role and keep people at arms length. Those who are aware of the real me (the one who is not performing) are often not tolerant, or are just very misunderstanding. Autism-caused sensory problems make it difficult to engage in or enjoy normal outings, like crowded public places, loud movies and video games, or parties and bars, so it is hard to find things to do that will not give me sensory overload or possible panic attack even with the friends I do have.
I often bond with people most easily over shared special interests.
All areas relevant to the survey were covered.
23/12/2014 20:00:08
Android Phone, Android Tablet
autism, chronic depression, generalised anxiety disorder, social phobia
because of my disabilities it is very difficult to get a job; so far i have been unsuccessful. while i am capable of verbal communication and often seem (inverted quotes here, and apologies for being currently unable to find a better term) "normal" to allistic people, my anxiety and reactions to many common situations make me an unideal employee.
i sometimes stim using simple repetitive mobile games, in order to reduce anxiety -- depending on how i feel, this can be a basic platform or puzzle game of varying complexity (but typically very very basic and requiring minimal thought). i also have a white noise/rain app that i play through my headphones to calm me down.
i understand that this section is probably one of the more important ones factoring into deciding where this project is going, but unfortunately i can't think of anything specific. i wish i could help more, and thank you for everything you're doing. c:
Have ads pop up, In-app purchases
sometimes quite extensively; i can become withdrawn or nonverbal due to my autism, which makes it hard at times to process words and speak, or alternatively makes me speak too loudly and fail to communicate nuances of tone; i struggle to read body language and i am not good at eye contact. during periods of high anxiety my talking speeds up and my volume increases.
i find school to be a very stressful and triggering environment for both my anxiety disorders and my autism. i have sensory processing issues and the noise and light is painful/causes nausea. i have panic attacks/anxiety attacks due to this and also because of being surrounded and overwhelmed by people, which can mean i have to leave my classes.
i find it hard to approach people and am often reprimanded for being too outgoing or not outgoing enough; i can make socially inappropriate comments and this makes it difficult to form friendships. i am often uncomfortable in places like shopping centres, towns, cities, cinemas etc, so going out can be hard. sometimes i go out anyway in order to expand upon my social life/skills, but this is unpleasant and makes me very anxious or upset either during or after the experience.
my disabilities can make it very difficult for me around my family, as they are allistic and do not understand why certain things (e.g. loud noises) are triggering or painful for me. family situations therefore tend to be unpleasant and i avoid them where possible, which impacts my relationships with many of my relatives.
29/12/2014 10:34:01Android PhoneDepression, GADDonations
29/12/2014 12:10:50Android PhoneADHDFIREDplaying my PS3.flappy bird.In-app purchasesLonelybeing called crippled.no want wants to friend with a crippled boy.just hide in my room.
29/12/2014 14:36:48iPad, iPhone
fibromyalgia, psoriatic artheitis, chronic tendonitis, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder
it's difficult for me to keep jobs because i often don't know when i'll be physically able to work. i also pretty much only have experience in hospitality & at this point in my life it's nigh impossible to stand/walk/rush/carry shit for 8+ hours.
medcoach, pain catcher, first opiniona transportation app (e.g., hopstop) that shows disabled & wheelchair friendly routes!
Pay once in the app store
they don't, really
i miss lots of class because i'm not physically able to attend, as well as often being too ill to complete assignments on time
i'm an incredibly social, extroverted person & it absolutely kills me that i can no longer spend every spare moment meeting up with friends & going out for drinks. hell, when i was moving from australia back to new york, I had to leave my own going away party early because i was so exhausted.
my family does not understand my illnesses & they make me feel guilty about them & they fucking suck
29/12/2014 16:32:33iPad, Windows PhoneType 1 Diabetes I can do
A book app called carbs and cals to help my count carbohydrates to set my dosage though this is quiet limited.
A diary app for blood glucose, a reminder app to inject or test etc. An app that you can scan the barcode of a food and how much you roughly ate and it boluses for you. A management to keep records of BG levels, food eaten, injection times, current hba1c and your goals etc.
Pay once in the app store, Subscription, Donations
It can cause lapses in concert ration as well mood swings.
Effects my concentration adminsely when trying to sit in class or study etc.
N/A it never effects me in this aspect.
Effects my health and General wellbeing greatly physically when my sugars aren't in range and mentally as its disheartning not having full control.
29/12/2014 17:36:17iPhone
Dyslexia, dyscalculia, depression, seasonal affective disorder, dysphoria, chronic fatigue
I am a full time student and have experience ableist comments, microaggressions and lack of compassion/empathy from both peers, supervisors, tutors and lecturers at my institution

Accessibility is hard, this society makes me disabled, and it is constantly telling me to try harder instead of altering my environment for me

I struggle to do my work at the pace of others, I struggle within academia at a higher education level, I feel like no one understands or makes room for me
I have lots of software on my PC, but nothing on my mobile phone

I have heard of Dyslexie browser I think? But I have colour disruption and require nice fonts and coloured background to be able to read properly Without my eyes going all fuzzy and the writing dropping from off the page

I am too poor to afford coloured lenses

I have recently been awarded some equipment from the UK government for my disabilities, and I got a recorder/dictaphone thing for me to record things and listen back to them
I cannot think of any
Pay once in the app store
My dyslexia greatly affects my working memory, my working memory works at 4% and affects my visual-audio processing

I have attended constant hearing tests, because I always could not make out what people are saying, I always asking them to repeat themselves, to turn up volume, for subtitles

Turns out my dyslexia is the cause for my struggle to understand information

This has greatly affected my education and my daily life, communication is greatly affected

I struggle to study, I feel like I have no guidance on different ways to study that would suit me better than what everyone else does
I get exhausted very quickly, and it takes a lot for me to get out of bed due to pains and aches

Also suffering with general depression and seasonal affective disorder, I never want to go out and socialise from about September to April due to colder, darker season (UK)
I feel like I am constantly scrutinised and put under a magnifying glass by everyone in my life, all my life I have been called ableist slurs like "dumb, stupid, idiot"

Having dyscalculia, and being of East Asian descent too; was never easy. People would be like; but you are an asian, why are you stupid at math?

My identities all intersect in ways others outside of those do not grasp or understand, it is so tiring
29/12/2014 17:44:46Android Phone, iPad
Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, muscle control issues.
Its hard to even go to work, and when I get there I'm terrified of messing up. My muscle control issues also causes me to drop things and occasional slur my speech.
Have ads pop up
I slur words and often talk at an accelerated rate.
I'm usually so exhausted ir anxious that I have trouble studying.
Basically I have no energy for social situations.
29/12/2014 18:25:39iPhoneDyslexia
I am studying to be an engineer with lots of numbers. In classes I have friends to double check, but I won't have that in the real world.
Maybe an app (or program in the iPhone) that could read a number out loud to insure I am processing it correctly.
Have ads pop up
Luckily it hasn't effected it much, minus slight resentment from some people when I have extra time on exams.
30/12/2014 01:10:52iPhone
Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar type (Schizophrenia and mood disorder)
Unable I use a medication app, but it doesn't help much.
I would really find an organising app helpful. I know that these exist, but few of them with this issue in mind, an app to remind people to take care of themselves. It would be nice to connect to people like me, too. If that could happen. My life is a mess. Hah.
Have ads pop up, In-app purchases
Some days are better than others. Usually, speaking fluently is difficult. I jump from topic to topic or become distracted and stop talking all together. I have extreme difficulty gathering my thoughts.
I have a genius IQ but am failing school because of my disorder. I have issues prioritising assignments and no organisational skills. I don't read well. I used to attend an alternative school, but it was closed due to lack of funding.
I have poor communication skills and during bipolar episodes, I become irritated and uncomfortable easily. I don't make sense. I inevitably scare people away with bizarre behaviour.
I have issues with caring for myself. I often forget to take my medication. I forget to eat, bathe, and brush my teeth/hair. I have issues cleaning around me or remembering to change my clothes.
02/01/2015 20:49:15
Android Phone, Windows Tablet
I talk to customers in scripts.
Speech Assistant, captioned videos, movie theater caption glasses.
TTS/AAC I can use for phone calls. Text relay phone service (thanks FCC /sarcasm). Better autocaptioning or for Youtube to do more to get people to caption their videos. App that tells how busy places are. Organizer app designed for executive function issues. App that tells about sensory issues in TV shows, movies, etc. Quicker-to-use AAC.
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up, Donations
Have trouble speaking, phone calls are awful.
Need help tracking assignments.
How do I friends? Avoiding activities where it will be too loud or too many people.Need captions to watch TV and movies. Can't drive.
02/01/2015 22:23:40Android Phone
Aspergers, Anxiety, Depression
I'm a lifeguard. Sometimes I get freaked out and have to be tagged out of duty till I calm down. It impacts my communication abilities.
Calming down apps, communication when in panic mode apps, kitten videos apps.
Pay once in the app store, Donations
If I have a melt down or panic attack I can't talk. Thats very frustrating for me.
I have to go to a quiet place that I have set aside for studying (its in the college but I also have a backup space in the res)
Yea.... I try though. I echo what others do.
08/01/2015 02:20:23iPhoneAutism
I am a student so no job
nonesomething like a text app that has prewritten texts/sentences so communication is easier
Pay once in the app store, Have ads pop up
I say the wrong thing a lot and i cant answer complicated questions on the spot; i cant verbalize my emotions well, i cant understand jokes most of th time
I lose focus very easily and sometimesi just do not have the mental capability to do scoolwork
i have a lot of trouble making and especially keeping friends; i have trouble starting conversations and i am always afraid that people dont want to talk to me
09/01/2015 12:22:03iPad
Autism, Scoliosis, Asthma, Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and possible others (waiting for tests).
I am too young to work.
I use larger text on my iPad. Maybe something that could enlarge my keyboard because it's kind of hard for me to type.
Have ads pop up, Donations
I have a bit of trouble spelling, as well as speaking correctly (I stutter and mix up words and pronouns.).
I have a hard time concentrating and filtering out background noises. I also have trouble reading small text, closely spaced text (I jumble words up.), and large blocks of text.
Due to my autism, it is hard for me to connect to others. I also do things physically that are considered weird (i.e. making awkward faces and twitching) which usually automatically deters a lot of people my age. Also, my depression usually doesn't motivate me to do much.
It's usually just in the above areas.
15/01/2015 04:05:04iPhone
ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder, and physical disabilities as well due to POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
I don't work. I'm a student. I do have to use a service dog, pace myself, and recieve accommodations
Symptom appsMental health stuff and sensory based apps
Pay once in the app store
Sometimes I have brain fog from pain and communicate messily.
I have a smaller coarseload than others and need extra time and other accommodations like a quiet area.
I get anxious. I still socialize but I get scared. I have lots of pain. I have trouble coping, walking, bathing, etc.
15/01/2015 04:59:46
iPod touch, which is kinda like an iPhone i guess
Autism, GAD, SAD, and if we're also counting physical disabilities, fibromyalgia
Difficulty focusing, remembering verbal instructions, making decisions quickly, understanding people (esp with heavy accents), etc.
All I'm using right now are to-do lists and HabitRPG
I'm honestly not sure what's available or not because my iPod is out of date, but I'm getting a new one soon and will go snooping. I really like the idea of an app that lets you make self-care action plans for when you need them, and maybe an app that helps track health and symptoms/difficulties?
Pay once in the app store, Donations
Sometimes I can't communicate verbally outside of strict scripts. Sometimes I have trouble understanding other people when they talk to me. I'm almost never able to communicate what is wrong when people ask if I'm alright.
Studying is next to impossible in most environments because too much noise/light/people moving about/uncomfy temperatures.
Can't go to a lot of social functions/gatherings because of communication/sensory issues. Sometimes am too anxious or depressed to leave the house.
I am perpetually unable to keep up on housework because executive dysfunction and pain and fatigue and inertia. Phones are so so so hard and that makes getting healthcare/dealing with social services super inaccessible because it's all over the phone. Remembering to eat and hydrate and tend to hygiene is also super hard. Remembering to do the things I need to manage my fibromyalgia, or having the energy to do them, also really hard.
22/01/2015 06:32:53Android Tablet, iPhone
Anxiety and depression
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Anger management
High anxiety
Pay once in the app store
bullying/discrimination get sensory overloaded

People think I'm naughty
social interaction
22/01/2015 20:08:12Android PhoneBipolar Disorder
Sometimes my manic stages overflow into time periods where I'm needed and I am unable to work effectively or communicate properly. It's embarrassing.
I'm big on social media because it gives me the opportunity to filter myself more. Also, it gives me the interaction I crave while also putting a space between me and my reactions.
Maybe like a check-in app? Like something that pops up with a notification every once and a while, and if I don't respond or view it, notify a safety contact. I know that sometimes I jump off the grid and that's not really safe. So maybe just a check in with a safety button as well? Especially if someone's in danger of harming themselves or others.
Pay once in the app store, Subscription, Donations
When I'm depressed, it's difficult to talk about anything. However when I'm manic, I talk about anything and everything while suffering from delusions of grandeur. While delusional, everything I say doesn't make sense, and it hurts my credibility.
When depressed, I lack motivation. When manic, my attention is blitzed so I can't actively work on one thing.
Those who know me well and know my tells are often super understanding and will go out of their way to help me adjust to my moods. However, I can't expect everyone to be this way, nor do I want to burden them with being the "bipolar" friend.
Relationships are difficult. I can't find myself to commit to someone when I feel like I'm already committed to dealing with my disorder all the time. I don't want a S/O to feel like their taking care of me instead of dating me. So I just avoid romantic involvement.

Spending is also an issue. I often deal with my spending compulsion which has proved riskier as I've aged. I can no longer drop $100 on bullshit when I have student loans to pay off. I've put myself in financial binds before, and it needs to stop.
02/02/2015 22:00:41iPhone
Irlen syndrome
Sensory processing disorder
Possible autism (undiagnosed)
Reading can be hard. Bright lights hurt.
Loud noises, some textures, etc, can be overwhelming and cause panic attacks.
I use overlays for reading. Will soon be getting tinted glasses for Irlen.
Color tint overlay apps would be amazing. The only ones available are expensive.
Also an app that will make sound in videos and audio more consistent. Videos that start quiet and have bursts of loud and screaming are the worst.
Have ads pop up, In-app purchases, Donations, A small add on the bottom
It's hard for me to read people. Often hard to hear and process what they say or focus on one conversation in a noisy area.
Textbooks are severely hard to read. Classrooms can be incredibly overwhelming and cause panic attacks and inability to learn
It's hard to hang out with friends. Most places are too busy and noisy for me to go. So I don't go out.
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