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Which country do you live in?What stage of your research career are you at?Please state what you are researching in just one sentence.ÂIn your experience, what is the biggest challenge early-career researchers face?In your experience, what are the biggest pitfalls an early-career research should seek to avoid in order to advance their career?What are the top two or three pieces of professional advice that you'd offer to your younger self?Start Date (UTC)Submit Date (UTC)
RS - SerbiaFirst year of postdocCancer research, anti cancer drug developmentThe support for developing own ideas, lack of funding for young independent researches.They should avoid going to a superstar-lab, without first researching the level of independence they are likely to get, and support from the PI.Don't disregard the importance of networking during your PhD studies.19/07/16 15:2619/07/16 15:29
GB - United Kingdomfinished postdocgreenhouse gas emissionsfinding a stable jobThey should not close their minds to different career avenues.1) Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do. 2)Don't close your eyes to opportunities or viewpoints just because they are unexpected or don't fit in with your own expectations. The world changes and no one has a set career path anymore. 3) Treat every experience as just that - an experience. An experience that will add to your wisdom.19/07/16 15:2719/07/16 15:33
IE - IrelandJust completed PhDLooking at new methods in glycobiologyGetting appropriate support from mentors/senior researchersTry not to isolate yourself, always be networkingAlways be networking
Write, even when you don't want to
19/07/16 15:3419/07/16 15:36
GB - United KingdomReasonably high level, mentoring and supervising staff and studentsThe impact of pregnancy, loss and parenthood on relationshipsEconomics - if you're struggling financially it's very difficult to get ahead. Gatekeepers and lack of mentorship and secure job contracts also a factor.Taking on too much, not being focused and trying to do everything. Conversely being so specific you can't develop core skills - writing, critical thinking, presenting, public engagement, mentoring etcWhen you are not offered adequate supervision, complain and find a better mentor. Do not proceed without funding. Do not believe that all research or academic life starts or resides in a university or industry.19/07/16 15:5319/07/16 15:57
GB - United KingdomI'm a research managern/a. I'm supporting researchers to increased the impact/application/exploitation of their researchWorkload issues i.e. too much time required for teaching and admin and not enough available for research. Applications to competitive grant funding is very difficult when they do not have a track record, especially in institutions without a strong reputation for resarchUnderestimate themselves because they are "junior". The application of their research could still have a huge impact outside of the academic community irrespective of their academic track record. When it comes to "making a difference" in the world, it's a much more level playing field- think about your impact goals first (i.e. "How do you want to change the world in the next X years?"), not your own personal pet research questions or chasing after the money
- promote your research widely through social media, blogging and engagement with non-academic audiences
- develop a plan for how you will foster the impact of your work. Be prepared to do more than just research!
19/07/16 15:5819/07/16 16:06
GB - United Kingdom6 years post-doctoral experienceBehavioural NeuroscienceUncertainty about their futureDont think that there is only one path to follow after a PhD19/07/16 15:4119/07/16 16:09
GB - United Kingdom16 yrs post docfood and healthpromotion and job securitydon't be too nice, its always the mean bas***ds that progresspush yourself forward more
make sure you are seen and counted
19/07/16 16:1319/07/16 16:15
KE - KenyaThird year of my post-docUnderstanding and identifying targets of malaria transmissionFunding opportunitiesLack of publications1. Always ask what the question(s) is
2. Don't move on to a post without completing publications
3. Design your research in a way it is easily publishable
19/07/16 16:3119/07/16 16:38
US - United StatesBeginning of fourth year as research facultyPublic engagement with agriscienceLack of Collaborators, especially at the same institution.Publish earlier and more often. Cultivate and nurture strong collaborations.20/07/16 02:0520/07/16 02:08
GB - United KingdomR&D group leaderBiofuelsFor me, ageismPublish fewer, but good quality papers, rather than lots of inferior quality onesBe patient regarding publishing and progressing. Get plenty of bench experience. Be a team player, regardless of your particular lab's culture20/07/16 07:3920/07/16 07:48
RU - RussiaLast year of my PhD courseEnvironmental impact to non-human biota resulted from radiation acidentsLack of data, the topicality of the research, lack of fundingLa ck of fundamental knowledge can be a pitfall1. Study foreign languages
2. Learn to read fast
3. Do not hesitate to ask questions
20/07/16 08:4220/07/16 08:47
BE - BelgiumJust finished my first postdoc.I did basic research on the molecular basis of synapse formation/remodellationHow to get good-quality publications (needed to get funding) in a short time, while still learning and developing themselves as scientists.1) wasting time and effort in projects/activities which won't yield any CV-relevant (and funding-relevant) result; 2) not interacting with other scientists (inside & outside their institute) to improve his/her work and career.1) Find a great MENTOR (not a "supervisor" or "boss") who cares about you and helps you develop as a scientist; 2) Stay focused in 1-2 projects and be productive on them (publications-wise)20/07/16 16:4320/07/16 16:55
ZA - South Africafirst year postdoctoralThermal ecophysiology of ectothermsToo many PhDs, very few jobs, ZA students not internationally competitivePutting all their hopes in academiaDon't do a PhD, get out of the system and find something that makes you happy21/07/16 05:3021/07/16 05:35
ZA - South AfricaPostdocAlgaeMentorshipChasing funding over career development and experienceKeep going, always follow your passion and don't listen to all the critics21/07/16 11:0221/07/16 11:05
ZA - South AfricaMastersSpecific Emitter Identification for GSM Cellphones.Getting recognition.Having too wide a scope in their research topic.1. Pick a topic you'll enjoy. 2. Make sure it can solve a problem prevalent in today's/tomorrow's society. 3. Get it done ASAP.21/07/16 11:5221/07/16 12:01
ZA - South AfricaFirst year of a master's degreeOil and gas infrastructure as a potential vector for marine alien speciesEarly career researchers are faced with the huge hurdle of having to keep up with the already existing system that accommodates scientists/researchers that have long been in the research industry for example to progress from one level to the next you are expected to publish a specified number of scientific papers; sit on local and international working groups.From their honors level they need to be able to produce research projects that are at a standard good enough for publication.Do more research on the career you want to find out if it will work for you
Find researchers in the potential career you want and ask for mentorship
21/07/16 13:4021/07/16 13:57
ZA - South AfricaMastersScience communicationFunding1. Lack of motivationpersevere21/07/16 14:1721/07/16 14:18
GB - United KingdomFirst year of my PhD (towards the end)water policy/legislation implementation at catchment/community levelThe ability to search relevant data. In the first place one starts a research is not sure of the boundaries of data requiredStrive to ask, ask, ask, ask! even if you may look stupid1. Be prepared to spend time on books/journals
2. Understand the bigger picture of your research as early as possible
3. Work hand in hand with your supervisors
21/07/16 16:2021/07/16 16:27
BD - Bangladesh3rd year of my PhDPopulation and genetics of Bengal tigers in Bangladesh SundarbansFunding for study and researchLack of proper guidanceDevelop relevant research skills during BSc/MSc courseworks
Develop networks amongst fellow researchers in the relevant fields
21/07/16 16:4621/07/16 16:51
GB - United KingdomFirst Year of PhDPath Planning of Swarm of Marine VehiclesFunding and Research CollaborationPlagiarism and Wrong Research PlaceHard Work pays, if not sooner then later !!
If I can see further, it is by standing on shoulders of my teachers
21/07/16 17:0921/07/16 17:13
UG - UgandaMasters degreeVote buying practices in emerging democracies and its implication for the urban poor: A case of Kampala,UgandaLack of careerr guidanceguidance . Often one is filled with loads of ideas but how to stay focussed and consistent is a challengeAvoid procrastination. Start now and not then.Ensure you have an online presence on social media and blogs ro showcase your work and interests.

Networking and collaboration not only with like minded people but those outside your field.
21/07/16 17:0821/07/16 17:14
IN - IndiaJust Finished Master'sHuman Rights LawFundingChanging sectorBe specific in what you want to do in the future21/07/16 17:1921/07/16 17:21
GH - GhanaThird year PhDcultural feeding practices of childrenhave a broad knowledge of research methodology and funding to develop their skillsAvoid taking up areas one is not competent in that could signify incompetence and thus reduce the confidence of senior researchers or research councils in themI would encourage them to manage their time effectively to develop other research design skills during their training. I would also suggest that on completion, they should seek for support to develop the skills they lack to make them effective researchers, and to sharpen their existing skills to make them proficient.21/07/16 17:1721/07/16 17:35
NG - NigeriaFirst year of my PhDExperiences of academic failure in high-stakes examinations.Disciplinary identity and inclusionNo ideaPrioritise professional growth as much as academic growth.21/07/16 17:4021/07/16 17:44
BD - Bangladesh1st year of my Phd, 9 months gone.Risk Perception and Enterprise Risk Management in Banking Industry.Data collectionFrastation.Be patient. Be determined. Maintain Regularity in Study.21/07/16 17:4321/07/16 17:48
UG - UgandaFirst year on my PhDExploring quality in managing learner support for distance education in-service primary school teachersLimited research skills and experience to compete favourably for research fundingFear to venture in the unknown in the field of researchPersevere and persist to improve on your research skills, Learn from what has already been done in your field of research, and desist from academic theft.21/07/16 18:3021/07/16 18:43
GB - United Kingdomthird year of my PhDmodeling and analysis of future generation wireless networksto get up to speed with the rapidly evolving literature. Time management and organizationAdhering to your area and maintaining a narrow scope. While research demands a focused study of an area, we have to constantly remind ourselves to not lose sight of the bigger picture.Make a firm and an informed decision about your research area and stick to it.21/07/16 18:3821/07/16 18:48
GB - United KingdomFirst year of my PhDDexterous manipulation in RoboticsOverconfidence due to the Dunning Kruger effect.Taking an admission in a research field you are not passionate about. Your publications, network are all directly related your supervisors ability. So choose one wisely.When you do a thing for the first time, do it in the proper way. Especially theoretical foundations.21/07/16 18:4821/07/16 18:53
GB - United KingdomSecond year of my PhDEnergy efficient collaborative processing in wireless sensor networksManaging your supervisory teamResearch a school and supervisor properly before applying. Your success and progress in the early years depends a lot on the support you receive from your supervisor and research group.Intelligence is not enough to succeed as an early researcher. You'll need loads of pattendees both with yourself and your supervisorstaff. With persistence, every challenge can be surmounted.21/07/16 18:4521/07/16 18:54
GB - United KingdomMaster's degree in viewA review of the approaches used for the management of invasive plant speciesThe access to research information and the rigour of writing critically.Plagiarism and lack of collaborative work with other researchers.Stay focused.
Think longterm.
Do not restrict your imagination and creativity.
21/07/16 18:5021/07/16 18:57
UG - Ugandapursuing a master's degreeSex and cultural differences in childhood predispositions towards fantasy play and existence of imaginary companionsChoosing a good and feasible research topic/right research topic yet it is very important to have one. Once the topic is off, most of the other aspects of the research become hard to go about, finding literature becomes challenging etcAvoid using jargon. Failure to carefully and critically assess previous research. Failure to stick to the stated timeline.Pay attention to detail, ground myself in research and also ready to listen and learn.21/07/16 17:0721/07/16 19:03
MY - Malaysia2nd year of PhDdrug discoverypeer supportMore haste less speedFollow your interest21/07/16 19:0221/07/16 19:04
GB - United Kingdomlast semester of master's degree“Mothers perspectives of the effectiveness of the ‘Community Management of Acute Malnutrition’ (CMAM) intervention: a comparison of urban slum and rural areas of Bangladesh”1. Identifying sampling size
2. Appropriate analysis procedure
1. Planning appropriate methodology before starting the research
2. Setting research question and objectives
3. Preparing data collection tools, specially questionnaire
1. Understand your objectives properly
2. Start in small scale
21/07/16 19:0221/07/16 19:16
KE - KenyaFirst year PhDExamining kangaroo mother care practice in nairobi county,Kenya using mixed methods approach with the aim of improving preterm infant survival rate.graduate writing skills/competencyReading on graduate writing and learning computer technologies like Endnote, OneNote and outlook calendar among others.Network with many professionals and fellow students, have a good relationship with supervisors, grab every opportunity that comes by for professional and developmental growth, be aggressive/assertive. look for what you want and finally but not least pursue technical writing competency persistently.21/07/16 18:0121/07/16 19:38
GB - United KingdomJust finished a master's degree and proceeding to a PhDILO's Convention for Domestic labourGuidance and mentoringThe tendency to assume you can do it all aloneNetwork and always be on the lookout for new information21/07/16 19:3721/07/16 19:40
BD - Bangladesh2nd year of phdContribution of thin overbank sandstone in/as petroleum reservoirResearch hypothesisGo through lots of recent articlesLiterature review, research methodology21/07/16 20:3321/07/16 20:42
GB - United KingdomFirst year of my PhDMaternal Health services use among adolescentsLack of access to relevant literaturePlagiarismStick to a timeline of activities21/07/16 21:0321/07/16 21:26
UG - UgandaJust finishing a master's degreeIdentify antigens that might elicit a robust HIV-1 vaccine.Unecessary red tape required to get novel research ideas funded. I appreciate that a lot of it is necessary to clearly support feasible research that will directly benefit public health or lead to novel discoveries. However this should not give a lot of powers to third parties precisely, local institutional directors and or supervisors that in many cases impede progress by using the rules to enhance their own sinister goals.Getting comfortable with accomplishing other people's research. A great deal of researchers start by working under principal investigators whose research they accomplish and end up destroying their own research aspirations.1.) Write down all your ideas and carefully think through them, 2.) Just because an expert in the field presents a notion does not mean it is correct or cannot be challenged, 3.) There is nothing academic you cannot achieve with the necessary input of effort.21/07/16 21:1121/07/16 21:38
NA - NamibiaDissertationPublic Health, Developing a prediction model.Time management and commitment and speaking to people about your work.Avoid keeping your work to yourself, always speak out your work to friends and other lecturers apart from your supervisor or generally those working in that field, they always have a lot to add and suggest, that can improve your work.1. Set up your work timeline and try by all means to stick to it. 2. Explore everywhere online, books, other libraries and communicating with people and above all enjoy what you are doing and always have fun.21/07/16 22:1121/07/16 22:19
GB - United KingdomCompleting MastersSurface Mineralogy of PlanetsFundingNetworking and being uptodate in the respective research area1. Lots of reading
2. Lots of writing
3. Lots of speaking
21/07/16 22:2021/07/16 22:24
NG - NigeriaLast year of my PhDI am working on using clay and sawdust, which is a cheap and readily available material in some developing countries, to improve the containment of toxic substances from landfills in order to protect groundwater from contamination and thereby protect public health and the environment.MentorshipWorking alone, ignoring the advice of experienced researchers, not being self-critical, and not supporting other researchers.1. Identify and work closely with a mentor. 2. Develop collaborative and communication skills.22/07/16 05:2322/07/16 05:49
ZA - South AfricaMasters and 5 years of working in scienceStudies were on grassland suffrutices and their conservation but working in Vegetation science in generalWhether to invest in time and energy in publishing or to invest time in gaining practical experience.Publish honour and masters work as soon as possible. This can be difficult if you begin work soon after your studies but get as much done as possible when you can.1. Publish your masters!
2. Make the best of your internship/s as the people you meet and the skills you learn are all relevant.
3. The sub-communities in science are small and you will keep meeting and working with the same people repeatedly so be nice to great people and steer clear of gossip.
22/07/16 06:4822/07/16 07:04
AG - Antigua and BarbudaFinishing my Master's DegreeI am researching Master Teachers perception, practice and policy.I believe we face knowing exactly how to write our research.Avoid not following your own interest.Distinguish between what you know and what you should know as a researcher.
Allow space for changes.
Know not all advice is good advice.
22/07/16 07:3522/07/16 07:41
GB - United KingdomJust finished a master's degreePublic Procurement PolicyTelling how to go about their research and which articles are worth citingNot being able to define the research questions as soon as possible1. Define your research question 2. Know how to conduct literature search 3. Identify and know how to use tools for literature write up22/07/16 07:4422/07/16 07:50
NG - NigeriaRounding off with first year of my PhDNew technology for recovering precious metals from solid waste matricesPoor competence with laboratory proceduresRefusing to ask questionsAsk questions
Share your frustrations
22/07/16 09:2822/07/16 09:34
PK - Pakistan3rd year of my phdWind farm control and optimisation for power maximisation and load minimisationGetting industry input and data and the pressure to publish papers.Researchers should go for depth rather than breadth in their specific area of research.Read and read more, keep yourself updated in your field of research.
Go for depth rather than breath in your research.
Networking with academics and industry
22/07/16 09:1922/07/16 09:40
BD - BangladeshFirst year PhDI am exploring the Immune response of MelioidosisLack of opportunities.
Recognition of work particularly in developing countries.
Lack of facilities/ resources.
Lack of empowerment.
Role model to follow.
Continue your endeavor and wait for your time.
Choose the work you can enjoy.
Build rapport with your peer colleagues.
Be professional and motivated.
Set goal/ target
22/07/16 10:4722/07/16 10:54
DE - GermanyJust finished my PhDCharacterization of proteasome precursor complexes in yeastThe lack of positions in academia and the fact that PhD does not prepare students for other jobs outside academia.An early-career research should avoid focusing only on his experiments and seek professional formations outside the lab.I would do more professional courses outside the laboratory and take more time to read scientific papers.22/07/16 12:1322/07/16 12:16
NG - NigeriaFirst year of my PhDbovine tuberculosis in plateau statedifferent research environmentlaboratory experiences on new methodsbe the best you can be
22/07/16 12:2222/07/16 12:26
GB - United KingdomFirst year of my PhDBarriers to innovation and their impact on firm's innovative capacity and economic performanceGetting funds for research and having their research published in internationally recognized journalsAvoid working without a clear direction,Team up or maintain close contacts with your PhD supervisor even after graduation. It will enhance your research capabilities and open up new research opportunities22/07/16 12:1722/07/16 12:35
ZA - South AfricaJust completed my PhDCharacterization of nutritional and health beneficial properties of indigenous banana cultivars obtained in South AfricaEarly career researchers are faced with the problem of their research niche and area of specialization. Another challenge faced with early-career researcher is in the choice of supervisors or principal investigators in their area of specialization. This is very important in the early stage of the career-researcher as the researcher navigates their way around in establishing them self in their core area of specializationChoosing a research niche which the early researcher is not comfortable or happy with. The early researcher must choose a field that suites the strength of the researcher else there will be a struggle when troubles and challenges ariseDiscipline, hard work and self motivation.22/07/16 12:3022/07/16 12:50
GB - United KingdomJust finishing my master's degreeSmart grid technologies for sustainable energy solutionsWhen there are multiple parties involved in a same project and you need approval for every major decision, you lose significant time in bringing everyone on same page to agree on the decision after numerous tailoring.Never think you know everything! One will be surprised to see the amount of things one has to unlearn every dayNetwork, attend lots of events to learn about current markets & developments22/07/16 13:0122/07/16 13:11
NG - NigeriaSecond year of my PhDThe biogeochemical factors triggering arsenic release into aquifersGetting funding for postgraduate studies (PhD mainly); getting a post-doctorate position; getting national/international grants for the purchase of relevant equipment/machinery in support of high quality research in the researcher's country.An early-career researcher should avoid focusing on projects that are outdated or all-over-the-place. The best means of choosing a relevant research focus in this century is to key into any of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that is related to the researcher's interest. This way, the research area will be relevant both locally and globally, and has a higher probability of getting funded.

Early-career researchers should also learn how to actively publish their findings in international journals and stop the habit of postponing it or leaving it in the hands of their supervisors who may not have the time to pull it through. Despite how rigorous the process of publishing may be, its benefits cannot be overemphasized. Having high quality papers in international peer-reviewed journals with moderate impact factors, may assist researchers climb to the next stage of their academic careers.
1. Never give up irrespective of the tonnes of disappointing mails you receive from scholarship sponsors or potential supervisors.
2. Always be willing and prepared to learn new skills/competences even if not directly related to your course of study.
3. Keep an active professional network with researchers of similar interest/drive, for the sharing of ideas/advice for the next phase of your career.
22/07/16 14:5422/07/16 15:15
GB - United KingdomSecond year of PhDRobustness of Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksThe clarity of research direction and tools to use.They should be very well aware of who are they going to work with and whether it suits their style. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a supervisor and team that you're not compatible with.Do extensive self-analysis if you will enjoy the research on the topic that you have chosen. Obviously, for that you will need to know what does researching it involves. It's extremely difficult to keep yourself motivated if you don't like even a single bit about your research.22/07/16 15:4722/07/16 15:57
BD - Bangladeshjust finished a master's degreeI am working with oral cholera vaccine since last 3 years.To find out a best platform.A secured jobBe focused on your work.
Take time to think what you are doing.
22/07/16 16:1022/07/16 16:14
US - United StatesMaster's degreeAntimicrobial resistance surveillanceFunding difficulties.Avoid plagiarism in researchMore sincerity22/07/16 16:2422/07/16 16:27
NG - NigeriaFinished a master degreeResearch on effective HIV program strategies for key populationAvoid danger of being too busy carrying out research and not having the time to publishDont stay in my small world, seek opportunities to network with other researchers22/07/16 16:3322/07/16 16:40
IN - Indiasecond year of phdanalog vlsiwriting proposal
paper writing
paper publishing
nothingdont do research22/07/16 17:0522/07/16 17:08
IN - IndiaFinal year PhDfever patternsFellowships and funds for researchIt mainly depends on topic, mentor and university where your doing research . If every thing is well and good, work goes easily.1. Choose a good topic, good guide and a reputed university22/07/16 18:1722/07/16 18:23
BD - Bangladeshjust finished a master's degree"climate change and environmental issuesThe absence of a mentor or efficient guidance and lack of access to necessary data and also a shortage of financial support for conducting field data collection and lab analysis.Free themselves from all kinds of ego in practical field and be hardworking at the same be concerned about research hardworking, be ethically honest.22/07/16 18:3022/07/16 18:56
NG - Nigeriajust finished MSC and applied for PHDeffect of plant extract on biochemical profile of albino ratsself confidence and financedon't lose confidence,be ready to be mentored, encourage team work instead of working advice from mentor and start career with a team consisting of researchers with similar interest22/07/16 19:0622/07/16 19:20
BD - BangladeshMastersRCTData qualityQuality data collectionData analysis techniques need to learn more23/07/16 00:5823/07/16 01:02
PK - PakistanMiddle Stage- PhD Completed five years agoOrganizational Management and International Business PracticesAccess to resources and English proficiencyavoid becoming victims in the hands of cyber criminalsRead extensive literature, improve English, access the latest data and research papers from top class journals23/07/16 05:0323/07/16 05:08
NG - NigeriaA postdoc researcher in UK, got my PhD in 2011.Nanoparticles in eco-friendly pesticide formulationsFunding.1. Getting very deeply drawn into administrative responsibilities.
2. Publishing in predatory journals.
1. Apply for postdocs almost straight after PhD
2. Write down your goals and work at achieving them
3. Create time to write manuscripts to publish your work. And for projects, IF IT'S NOT WORTH PUBLISHING, IT'S NOT WORTH DOING!
23/07/16 09:1323/07/16 09:23
SZ - SwazilandThird year of my PhDMoral Phiilosophical Perspective on Citizenship EducationGetting publications is one of the challenges early career reserchers face because funding for their research including fellowships, post-docs and acdemic jobs are dependent on one's publications (particularly REF-able publications).Early career resarchers should avoid leaving writing for publication until very late into the PhD. While writing for publicaation takes time off the PhD, one should aim to finish early so that he/she may work on writing for publication. If you can publish and produce your thesis at the same time, all the better.Research is more about effort than your brain power. One needs to be resilient and have a strong mental character in order to make it in research/PhD. Social life is also important in as as much as one should devote most of the time on research. Volunteering, sport, family, friends, etc are important aspects of making it in research. Networking with other colleagues is also very critical for growth and testing one's ideas through conferences, informal gathering etc.23/07/16 10:5523/07/16 11:12
BD - Bangladesh2nd year of PhDattribution of extreme weather eventslearning and utilizing research tools and techniques; time management and becoming interactive with the existing researchers of the same fieldTaking a research field, where s/he has no prior knowledge base or experience#NAME?23/07/16 13:2223/07/16 13:33
GB - United KingdomEnd of second year of PhD, following MScNew materials for perovskite solar cellsInstability and competitive nature of funding. Most funding schemes e.g. post-doc positions are for up to two years, and after this the funding for establishing a research group is seldom for more than five years. Obtaining the funding is also incredible competitive.I'm not sure yet. Perhaps being unable to accept criticism in a constructive way? Or assuming that the only positions available are those that are advertised?You've got more time than you think. There's no need to rush through life like a crazy thing.
Make the most of all the opportunities offered to you.
If you don't ask, you won't get - most professional opportunities come through networking rather than online searching.
23/07/16 18:2823/07/16 18:34
ZM - ZambiaFirst year of my PhDI am researching in intermittent water distribution systemsGetting research equipment and fundingFailure to integrate with existing old researchers in ones institution(1) Identify old researchers your can work with; (2) putting in the best when you have a chance to work in a team; (3) Write research proposals whenever there is a call in the relevant field23/07/16 20:5923/07/16 21:09
PK - Pakistanfinished PhDpolio eradication and immunizationresearch fundsavoid conflicts with senior researchersalways avoid conflicts, give preference to the benefit of your institution/ organization, give respect and learn from your seniors24/07/16 03:2624/07/16 03:34
CG - Congo, Republic of thesenior researcherMaterials science and particularly natural fibers and earth bricks propertiesknow how to draft project and find sources of fundingSearch quantity of publications in the expense of quality;insulateTaking the time to plan its work
Look for competent collaborations instead of going out of his field of expertise
24/07/16 10:0024/07/16 10:18
DE - GermanyEarly career researcher, Just finished a PhD degree.Effects of land use change on the ecological potentials of landSecuring funding for researchAvoid not to be alone but also avoid to liaise with the wrong group of people. It is good to aim high but avoid stating ambitious objectives that may take a long time or worse still, never be achieved.If you want to stay on in Academia, endeavor to publish articles, peer review papers, from your works as you find the opportunity to do so. Keep yourself connected with colleagues and expand your network with professionals in your research area, for you may need them in future.24/07/16 12:5324/07/16 13:11
GH - GhanaJust finished a masters degreeNutritionFundingProcrastinationLearn every day and don't wait24/07/16 17:1924/07/16 17:25
GB - United KingdomStill working on my Master dissertationI am searching an impact of continuing professional development on personal and professional development of academic staff in higher educationThere are many challenges indeed but I would mention one or two according to my perception and experience of research abroad. This is not an easy task to approach your desired participants or respondent to collect data for the research.According to my understanding, at an early-career research there is a need that a research should have excellent understanding about each and every aspect of research, data collection, data analysis etc. Apart from this, a researcher must have several other skills to encounter unwanted problems such as problem solving, critical thinking skill, analytical skills etc.Always respect the suggestions and opinion of seniors24/07/16 18:5624/07/16 19:19
ZA - South AfricaHIV AIDS and TBKnowledge of how to find funding and how to convey their results to academic and lay audiencesNot having a good academic mentorStart your research career early. Find the world expert in your field and make contact and read all their publications.25/07/16 08:1425/07/16 08:28
ZM - ZambiaAbout to begin my third year of my PhDIllucidating the contact interfaces of two partner proteins, one of which when deregulated promotes the progression of cancer.Research has several unexpected pitfalls, not necessarily due to the researcher but 'science' as it were. Adequate knowledge of how to negotiate these pitfalls, knowing when to divert is one of the biggest challenges early researches faceProcastination and loosing focus on the ultimate goal of the research especially when things are not moving as fast as one would have hoped for.Set out work plan, stick to it,have a contingency plan. Secondly, be confident,the researcher may fill inadequate for the task but with time they will be an authority in the field. Thirdly, avoid any stress,the researcher mental well being plays a significant part of the research. Thank you25/07/16 09:1225/07/16 09:31
UG - UgandaJust completed a Masters degreeReproductive HealthSearching for updated LiteraturePlagriarism1) Career development should be married with hands on experience 2) Need to understand statistical analysis methods other than merely cramming them25/07/16 11:2325/07/16 11:29
LS - Lesothofinished master's degreeePhone Facial RecognitionFinding a research question is the problem. And then finding all literature that talk about the same topic.Failure to contact potential supervisors in time.1. Make sure you choose the topic you understand very well.
2. Never Plagiarise
25/07/16 11:5825/07/16 12:14
ZW - ZimbabweFinal year of my PhDHerb-antiretroviral drug interactions in HIV patientsAccess to fundingNetwork, focus conference attendance to only one or two areas of research, oral presentations give the best value for time invested25/07/16 12:2225/07/16 13:11
GB - United Kingdomfirst year PhDMarine biodiversity on artificial structuresGetting started; finding the appropriate resources to help start the project; connecting with the appropriate researchers to help launch the projectBecoming frustrated if things don't fall into place immediately1. read more lit and 2. network!25/07/16 18:0325/07/16 18:06
NG - NigeriaAbout to do seminar for my PhDClassroom environment and resource provision for meeting the information needs of students with hearing impairmentThe biggest problem early career researchers face is the money involve is data collectionManipulating research dataIt is good to collaborate with more experienced re-
Do not get frustrated when publishers turn down your work and Keep trying
26/07/16 15:4226/07/16 15:51
NG - NigeriaAbout to finish my Master's degreePhysiological and Morphological Basis of Drought Tolerance in Selected West African and Malaysian Rice CultivarsCommunicating their ideas properly.An early-career researcher is likely to attempt to 'save the world' with one research topic. Research endeavours must be realistic, broad but reasonably focused. Also, the tempatation to go in every direction as far as your research interests are concerned. I think it's better to find a niche and be an expert in a few fields not in everything.Quit being so afraid of failing. It's better to attempt and fail than not do anything at all. Learn to work on your ideas and talk about it to the right people. It may just be the breakthrough you need.28/07/16 12:1528/07/16 13:27
GB - United KingdomFinished my PhD, now in a 2nd post-doctoral role.I am conducting practice-based educational research, focused on pedagogy and policy solutions for combating socio-economic educational disadvantage.Finding a decent paying, long term role which provides training and career progression is the greatest challenge.Avoid narrowly pursuing only one career path -- success as a researcher in many fields now means being able to demonstrate a broader portfolio of skills and competencies. Say yes to opportunities!Seek out and say yes to opportunities which broaden your experience base. Avoid over committing to time-consuming projects with poorly defined schedules and outcomes. Master a practical skill within your discipline which gives you an edge.31/07/16 20:3531/07/16 20:43
NG - NigeriaLast yeat of PhDEcology and diagnostics of Banana bunchy top virusAccess to well-equipped laboratory and fundingPublishing in predatory journals, research ethics1. Beware of little errors that can ruin 2. Have a healthy relationship with your academic adviser. 3. Always ask questions when you are not clear.01/08/16 06:5501/08/16 07:03
CM - CameroonProfessionalThe development of solidarityFunds for the researchlazinessHardwork, research, curiosity01/08/16 10:2101/08/16 10:32
GB - United KingdomThird year of my PhDApplication of remote sensing products in hydrologyTime management, research resources, and communication skillsTime wasting and distractions1. Focus and concentration
2. Time management
04/08/16 21:5004/08/16 21:57
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