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MOOP Map Data Sheet 2015
Summary at bottom.For the interactive MOOP Map click here:
Camp / AreaAwardButtsPegsNotes
Alcazar RiffleGreen92Some food scraps. Awesome work yet again.
AWCGreen70Characteristically awesome work from the Alien crew. Just a few misc tiny things.
Bacon EmporiumGreen52Miscellaneous tiny things. Very very little remaining. Sadly, no bacon laying around. Awesome job, dudes.
Bean Bag BabylonGreen80We've combined the results from these sites due to their close proximity, and due to the fact that the whole area was damn near spotless. Great team work and truly superb MOOP control over this whole corner.
Coco Poco Loco
The Wonky Queenslander
Morning Joint
The BrinkRed70Really good effort, apart from the sign left behind. Turns out The Brink loaned their sign to some hitch hikers, who then dumped the sign when they got a ride. Choose your friends carefully, folks.
CasbahGreen22Very clean. A few bits of coloured cotton. Good work.
Chaotic Paradox*Yellow40A VB can left inside a dead tree stump which had a block of wood tek screwed to it push this renegade camp's award onto Yellow.
DagwoodGreen20Superb job. Very little left at all.
DetoxYellow84A rope left in a tree, along with a few other tiny things pushes our very own Leave No Trace team lead's camp into Yellow territory. Even the best of us make mistakes to learn from!
Dirty BirdsYellow108Pretty good, but the amount of MOOP recovered was over 200ml, and not far off 1L which would have been Red. Bits of rope, a coconut flakes packet, a plastic tent peg, a dream catcher, and a pink flamingo.
First CampGreen141Good job, just watch those ciggie butts.
Get Sexy*Green101Renegade sound camp way the fuck down the south road at the far end of public camping. Great job cleaning up, just a few misc tiny things like some string and zip ties. Did you see who left behind all those rubbish bags by the tree??
Hamsters Without BordersGreen123A few misc tiny things, sweet job.
Hardware ShmardwareGreen00Damn near spotless. Great work, and we appreciate your help containing those goddam polystyrene balls. You also get a Gold Star for have neither ciggie butts nor pegs to be found anywhere.
Inner ChildYellow53Items found on and attached to the stretch tent hired by Inner Child pushed them into Yellow. If you don't MOOP it, someone else has to!
IlluminatiGreen123Misc tiny things. Good stuff.
Jam FancyGreen60Almost MOOP free, save for some bits of a broken tail light and a few tiny things. Great effort.
Jasmine Underground*Yellow644Unregistered theme camps - we've got our eyes on you. That's a lot of butts, and there was a fair amount of glitter, gem stones, and various other things still laying around.
Jedi Temple (DPI/Rangers)Green14A few misc tiny things. Rangers and other crew had their fortified compound here. Great job for the number of smokers you had among you!
Juicy CarrotsGreen20Great job, not much left at all.
Kamp KrakenGreen255Damn near nothing on the site of the Slippery Tentacle - just 3 ciggie butts at the theme camp site, the other butts recovered from where the Krakens were camped. Great work.
Kettle Tea HouseGreen63A few miscellaneous tiny things and some citrus peels under a bush. Superb MOOPing yet again, despite unknown participants dumping several bags of recycling on your doorstep in the middle of the night!
Kids CampGreen95Really great effort given the size of your area and the number of people in your camp, just a few tent pegs stuck in the ground.
Last CampGreen83Misc tiny things. Good effort.
MaharajaGreen103A few clusters of ciggie butts, otherwise pretty good.
Middle Eastern MafiaRed160I hate having to dish out results like this because they are a bit unfair. Three lengths of timber were dumped on the MEM site which the camp didn't remove. This is a case of randoms loading theme camps up with extra MOOP (fuckers). Other than that MEM did a stellar job, especially considering it was set up, packed up and cleaned up nearly entirely by two people. Respect!
Mint Country ClubGreen70Miscellaneous tiny things. What colour is mint? Superb example.
Moarsauce InstituteGreen33Misc tiny things. Good job.
Music Medicine MagicGreen23Some bits of citrus peel on the ground, but not much else - great work.
OrphanageGreen42One gemstone and a few ciggie butts. Bugger all else. Great work.
Pelican VillaRed811A coconut shell, pistachio shells, miscellaneous tiny things, and a used tampon. A few things still attached to the stretch tent they hired. Also some egg shells, food (possibly cornflakes), and a rope tied to a tree. 2015 record holders for most ciggie butts in one camp area. Guys, I know you had some trouble getting people to take stuff with them, but that's an organisational problem that causes MOOP to happen. You need to sort it out for next year.
PiraniaGreen00A toy dinosaur and a gemstone. That's about it. Yet another fine example from the Pirania family. Just ensure your crew are off site in a timely manner next year. Gold Star for having neither butts nor pegs anywhere in your area!
PotatocalypseGreen11Damn near spotless. Good job.
Purple TurtleGreen12A few misc tiny things and some bits of food. Exceptional.
Red Earth BreweryGreen120Almost nothing, just a few ciggie butts around. Great work.
Secrets & StoriesGreen11Nearly spotless. Super effort.
Shed PubGreen22Misc tiny things - great stuff.
Smoker's ParadiseGreen43Good job containing those ciggie butts, smokers.
Snake PitGreen50A few tiny things. You came, you saw, you played excellent music, you cleared off with nary a trace. I like you.
Soul A FlareGreen21Almost nothing. Some bits of red carpet. Great work.
Splash MansionGreen00Nothing! Absolutely pristine.
SpoonologyGreen20Some uncooked spaghetti and a few tiny things. Nice one.
Star ShittyYellow173Some food scraps amounting to more than 200ml along with the Misc tiny things. We know you made a good effort, I guess there's always room to improve.
Sunset IslandYellow346A large area with tall plants everywhere, so 34 butts is okay. A few glo-sticks, some straws, and a tampon. Ewwww. Altogether more than 200ml MOOP, so you get Yellow. We reckon you can nail this to the wall next year. ;-) On a related note, advice from our resident ecology expert informs us that if there is a similar wetland experience next year we will need to liaise with you about the local plants, flowers and animals with whom we share the location, as some of them were negatively impacted this year. We weren't to know, and this is a learning opportunity.
Swing Dog CircusGreen54Miscellaneous tiny things; some unpopped popcorn; a few well-buried pegs that took some sweat to remove. Couple of zip ties still on the stretch tent when Jaes packed it up. Good effort.
Teepee SaunaGreen82Misc tiny things. Good work.
Telekenetic Chair RepairGreen31Some plastic ivy leaves, miscellaneous tiny things. Really well done.
TOSGreen30Did you get your slaves to clean up? They did a sweet job and they deserve a reward. ;-)
TinyvilleGreen103Just a few tiny things. Nice work.
Trash MansionGreen70Some tiny things. Partied like animals and cleaned the fuck up after themselves. Some misc tiny things. Great job.
Viral HappinessGreen64On top of your shit. Good job.
Wombat ManorGreen40Besides the ciggie butts, nothing else. Great work.
* = Unregistered camp.
Centre CampGreen50A few ciggie butts, couple of misc tiny things. Really clean. A couple of cable ties and a few brass tacks — looks like you got down to them ( both literally and figuratively).
StockadeGreen120This year DPI benefitted from having several LNT crew on site until the final crew pack out. DPI systems this year were also vastly improved, with awesome composting and waste management solutions making significant upgrades on last year. Daily MOOP checks by numerous crew during pack down made things much easier in the end.
Woop Woop / Rangers / MedicGreen30Clearly the Rangers were doing regular MOOP checks around their area. Very clean site, just a few misc tiny things.
GateGreen150A few misc tiny things, pretty good job.
GreetersGreen00Hardly a trace at all, just a few tiny bits of tinsel and a couple of other minuscule things.
Art Work sitesGreenSmall amounts0Generally very good - the Angler Fish and the Poofer next to it were utterly spotless. The Tool, however, which burned on Friday night, scored Red -- ash left behind at the burn scar from Friday night.
The EffigyRed17Problems with planning and clean up resulted in a very large amount of fixings and ash being left behind for DPI to clean up. Dare I say it — disastrous. This needs to be better organised next year.
The TempleGreen133 tek screws, 1 big nail, otherwise immaculate. Great job cleaning up the ash, exemplary work.
Toilets - East Paddock5Some bits of food, a few scraps of toilet paper. We heard there were some non-crew participants looking after MOOP in the areas around toilets - we love you! One of our Red Earth Ecology organisers, Ash, spent a morning MOOPing around the toilet blocks at the eastern end of the paddock. Here's what he found... "I think leaving these areas scrappy for too long could provide a subconscious tolerance of MOOP at the festival especially with folks that haven't fully integrated what we do, and why and how we do it. Blah blah social science stuff... Anyway, the toilet rolls (yeah we lost a few whole ones) tp, and toilet rolls probably constituted 1/2 or more of the moop by mass and probably half or less by item. In the photos I put some other bits of paper and things in with the tp, for my own ease and lack of time. There wasn't a heap of stuff, a few bit's of paper and scraps of things. "
Toilets - North End16Some small bits of plastic.
Toilets - Far East End7We were told that some participants close by basically adopted this toilet block and kept the area around it quite clean. WE LOVE YOU.
Toilets - South intersection15Toilet paper, misc tiny plastics and a used condom. Ewwww. Also someone left a sign behind saying "Wollongoon" - anybody want to claim that?
Toilets - South Road near MCC8A couple of bits of TP and TP rolls rolling around in the breeze. Looks as if some folks have been keeping an eye on the area.
Toilets - West Side12A few gem stones that must have fallen off some faces, couple of bits of tinsel, and your standard ciggie butt fare.
Toilets - Woop Woop8Realtively clean for such a high-traffic block, a few TP rolls wedged between the loos and just a few misc tiny things.
Central Areas
Central Paddock - West12A number of participants did an incredible job MOOPing this area during the burn. One of them even took photos of what he found - see for yourself. had it not been for these keen MOOPers, the area would have been a lot messier. Salute!
Central Paddock - North East21A few bottle caps, one glo-stick.
Central Paddock - South East11Misc tiny things like gem stones, bits of string, not much really.
Public - Deep SouthRed18658Total shit show - literally. Three nests of human faeces, and 12 large garbage bags dumped under a tree. You wouldn't believe it. We filled a flatbed ute with it all.
Public - East End NorthYellow3312Several camp sites back into the woods where bits of plastic, a few piles of poop, and some rope were found. Otherwise pretty good.
Public - East End SouthGreen56Toilet paper in amongst the trees and a few piles of poop. One area of glitter and confetti sparkles. Other than that, not bad.
Public - North End / EntranceRed398Ye Gods, that's a lot of poop. Seven sites of shit were found and cleaned up. Also a pile of stuff left behind by a hitch hiker who might have scored a ride without enough room for her stuff. Dickhead.
Public - North SideRed489A few sites were located back into the thick of the woods and we had to go ranging. We found a black door mat, a 10 metre garden hose, several site of poop, and a she-wee in a plastic bag. Closer to home, directly north from Centre Camp deep into the woods we found some serious glitter bombs requiring quite a bit of top soil to be removed. There were also four large piles of compost dumped under bushes, full of non-indigenous seed and weed-feeding nutrients - about 10Kg worth. Additionally someone further west on the north side dumped the coals from their barbecue as well as the food scraps mixed in everywhere. Bag it up, pack it out, assholes.
Public - South SideRed152Not much moop, but… So. Much. Poop. The most poop out of any area at Seed this year. Very little of anything else. What can we do about this??
Public - West SideGreen7824About 1 ciggie butt per 20 sq m, intermittent tent pegs, misc tiny things / micro-plastics, numerous cable ties, tinsel, gem stones, smatterings of food waste e.g. citrus peels and apple cores. Apple trees don't belong in Matong! The public areas behind where Moarsauce were was shocking: 17 butts close together, several tent pegs, and someone had chundered. Yes, we cleaned it up.
Ciggie Butts Total1070
Tent pegs total193
General Summary:GENERAL SUMMARY:

This year we had an unprecedented number of participants (about 3,400 including kids) as well as newcomer participants (about 50% of that). Additionally the Leave No Trace crew were twice as organised and equipped as last year. As a result, the amount of MOOP we recovered was significantly more when compared with last year. We estimate that this year's total volume recovered during the seven days following close of Gate was roughly equivalent to about 3.7 household wheelie bins. Split between public areas and theme camps, about 3.5 of those bins were in public camping.
Lots of work to be done to improve this result.

That being said, we were genuinely impressed with the fact that despite there being no rubbish bins or recycling points at Burning Seed, the community still performed pretty well. The main problem areas were isolated and discrete; by-and-large, the burner community this year - including the newcomers - did well.

In many cases a number or non-crew participants spent some voluntary time during the burn doing their own MOOPing of the public areas, which is amazing community spirit and, really, the highest example to the rest of us. We'd love to see more of this.

However, the darker side of our job was dealing with the piles of poop (and there were a lot), and the mountains of rubbish which were simply dumped in a few places.

Then there were the big mounds of food waste simply left in the open for us to discover, hidden under bushes, to clean up. We felt a bit like we were wiping your arses for you, at times — spitting on the loo paper for you and everything.

Once again, cigarette butts were the most common feature on the MOOP landscape. We recovered close to a thousand butts this year, up from nearly 700 last year. We also counted the number of tent pegs we found still buried in the ground: 189 all-told from across the site. A number of large single items were also found back into the woods, including a 10m garden hose...??

Other problem items were sparkly confetti, glitter, tinsel, food waste (pistachio shells were all over the fucking shop), and bits of string or cable ties. There were also some staggering dumb-asses camped just opposite Centre Camp who thought it would be clever to try filling a bean bag with tiny polystyrene balls which were subsequently blown all across the site. We found these tiny fuckers as far away as the south road. Of course they got out, they got every-fucking-where. The bag then stayed, opened up, in the back of a trailer until a neighbour from HardwareSchmardware asked them to cover and contain it. Is your skull filled with polystyrene balls, too??

Theme camps, for the most part, noticeably improved their performances on last year. The only problems at theme camps were usually large single items which were simply missed, and which tipped them into red or yellow. We were also stoked about the stellar job cleaning up the burn barrels across the board — great stuff, all of you.

Worst of the worst overall was the far south public camping area, closely followed by the south side area which, while not full of much else, had a pile of human faeces on the open ground about every 15m or so. Around 12 piles of poo were found in this area alone. And yes, if you're wondering, we picked it all up and disposed of it properly. Poop seemed to us to conglomerate at a distance roughly >100m from the nearest porta loos. We think that if you're going to choose to camp that far away, you need to sort your own shit out.

Finally, a few Red Flags for next year. There were no precedents for these things this year, but if we see them again they will raise penalties:
- More than one theme camp deposited MOOP into the DPI waste system due to having camp members who were also community crew members. DPI does not take theme camp trash under any circumstances — theme camps need to separate and manage all their own trash. The DPI waste system simply does not have the carrying capacity to take more than it already does to be able to take this kind of privelige.
- Two theme camps were present on site up to four days following close of gate. Next year any camp with people or gear still on site 2 days after Gate closes will get automatic Yellow on the map; anything still around after three days gets Red.
- One camp had not made adequate plans to be able to remove a large item from site, post-event. Our Event Coordinator negotiated with a local party for pick-up and storage several days after close of Gate, after the camp members had all departed. We can't babysit you guys — if you need similar help from us next year, you get Red.

So, all in all, a large number of MOOP Angels held it all up against the small number of MOOP Devils. Classic tale of Good vs Evil!

See you next year, peeps.

– Love,
the Leave No Trace Crew.
MOOP Map 2015