Public Comments for CDBG Consolidated Strategy Plan (due date: 5/15/19)
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MadelineBognerKingstonCould affordable student housing (with amenitites) be a citywide goal?
EvelynWrightKingston(Pg 58) We should include that while the Three – County Housing Needs Assessment 2006-2020 study stated that 1000 affordable housing units were needed, that we have only built 50.
In the non-housing communty development (economic and workforce needs), the job table (taken from American Community Survey) seems to show that we don't have a job problem in Kingston. If some of the jobs that don't have workers are jobs that are 'on the shelf' because employers don't have the funds to pay them, then they don't belong in the table. It emplies that there are 1000 jobs waiting to be filled in the city which seems hard to believe. Please explain what the jobs and work data means, and provide detailed context for a better understanding.
Are the goals offered by HUD ones that we choose? Are there others that we decided not to include and if so, why?
Marissa MarvelliKingstonPerhaps I am missing it, but there is no acknowledgement that this report has been prepared by an outside consultant.
This report's introduction (methodology) does not explain the data set from which conclusions are drawn. Why was "2009-2013 CHAS" data used? Is 5-year-old data an accurate reflection of current conditions? The methodology should also state the date range in which conclusions are made. Are programs started in late 2018, like the "Peaceful Guardians" project or the new Opportunity Zone, to be included?
Regarding state and federal programs for housing-related financial incentives, the report entirely overlooks the state and federal historic rehabilitation tax credit programs. Some of Kingston's largest affordable housing projects (Lace Mill, The Kirkland, Stuyvesant, and forthcoming Alms House) were made possible with this. In addition to providing much needed housing units, these high-quality rehab projects have a positive ripple effect in their respective neighborhoods in terms of stabilizing property values and setting the bar for future building projects. A goal could be to create new historic districts so that properties within them will be eligible for this program.
(Pg 53 & 80) "Public Facilities": There is no mention of the public library on Franklin Street, a vital community resource.
(Pesky editor's notes on pg. 53) The Midtown Community Center is more commonly known as the Andy Murphy Center. "The City of Kingston dates back to 1652 and was the first Capitol..." It would be more accurate to say that "Kingston's history as a European settlement dates to 1652." There is history prior to 1652. Also "Capitol" should be "capital." "Capitol" more commonly refers to the seat of the US Congress.
(Pg 71 & 114) "Barriers to Affordable Housing": Some of the points made in this section seem awfully generalized. What improvements has the Planning Department made? The "streamlined review process" if it actually exists needs to be described. How has SEQR hindered affordable housing development in Kingston? How does the city stand out "as an exception on density allowances and incentives"?
(Pg 78) "Community Development Assets": Is it accurate to say that Midtown has "high commercial vacancy"? There has been a significant uptick in development activity in Midtown with three significant rehab projects in various stages of realization—Energy Square on Cedar St, The Metro on Greenkill Av, and Fuller Shirt Factory on Pine Grove Av.
(Pg 99) Energy Square is in the construction phase.
JenniferSchwartz BerkyKingstonCan the document outline the process of how it is to answer public comments?
What is the impact of housing pressure related to things like gentrification or short term rentals? This should be a part of the analysis and would be a helpful discussion to share with the Common Council as they consider legislation to address these.
Displacement needs to be discussed further in the HUD-offered goals.
Throughout the document, replace "Consortum of Care" (a typo) with "Continuum of Care" (the correct name).
Was Ulster County Planning's rental housing survey consulted and were they consulted for costs and vacancy rates?
Are you able, as part of this plan, to make recommendations of other remedies besides the ones that are available to you through HUD programs?
In the 2020 Census, the potential for under-counting Latinos in NYS is 15%. We're projecting our Latino population in Kingston, measured at 13.9% in the last decennial census (2010), to grow to more than 20% at the next census. If there is any way to talk about these numbers in the analysis as our Latino population is growing faster than what might be represented, as we could lose HUD funding (among other funds) if the population and their needs are not reflected in the numbers?
Because African-American households experience an equity and income gap that is significant, is that identified for us in Kingston somehow? Mobility is a bigger issue for AA than non AA as they get squeezed in certain census tracts as a result of ongoing housing discrimination, access to credit and the well-documented pay and equity gaps still prevalent in our society. Can the report discuss this in order to acknowledge the need for steps to address it?
Are residents living in public housing in the CoK reporting to the city (via their board/executive director) any negative conditions? They have organized tenants groups that meet regularly.They reported mold and leaks, among other problems, in both Rondout and Colonial Gardens.
The Patriot House seems to be underutlized. anecdotal information on how it could be better utilized. (many veterans choose not to be housed for different reasons)
On vacant properties in the city, can we use data (numbers) from the NYS Department of Financial Services Vacant and Abandoned Property Registry?
Are properties that are in foreclosure reflected in vacant properties as well?
(Pg: 65) Does the KHA articulate the numbers of the maximum repairs that are required? Is it possible to identify in the narrative that it is being done currentlly?
Why does the city suggest that SEQR is viewed as a barrier when in the passive voice? By whom is it viewed as a barrier? The language should be more specific if that is the case. The environmental reviews are a part of doing business. A municipality should be careful about characterizing it negatively in a report as it is something that protects the environment, economic and social factors in our community. Please state who views SEQR as a barrier.
Please note that SEQR Type I actions for residential actions in Kingston are now triggered with lower threshholds (e.g., In a city, town or village having a population of less than 150,000 persons or less, 200 units to be connected [...] to existing community or public water and sewerage systems including sewage treatment works).
(Pg. 72) Can the consultant be more specific regarding "Credit Market and Equity Market problems"? The general statements in this section need more accuracy and specificity as to how they apply in our circumstances.
What about displacement and gentrification due to short-term rental market? Please provide more data and analysis on this critical issue.
Census tract 9517 in downtown also has displacement and poverty. It is a potential environmental justice area (PEJA). It meets all the characterics of 9520, 9521 in terms of the threat of displacement as well as other environmental/social/economic harm.
Please include a narrative about targeting/using incentives or funds towards vacant properties in Midtown.
Please include a narrative that we are not trying to put poor, low-income housing in one area in Kingston (midtown).
RashidaTylerKingstonWhat were your strategies to identify diversify during your stakeholder analysis?
How will the "point in time" survey data collected in January, 2019 included in the plan?
How is 'resiliance' defined? Physical structures, planning, economic, etc? Social vulnerability index?
How is the way we house people coming out of incarceration addressed?
Why are there '0' workers under public administration?
Based on an assessment of needs and fair housing standards, why are we moving toward a reduction of affordable housing (from 20% to 10%).
We are missing populations as it pertains to housing needs. (i.e: drug users)
Tanya GarmentKingstonOn fresh food, the document should reflect all current food access points that include corner stores, bodegas, farm stands, farmers markets, food coop, food pantries, CSA pick-up points, etc.
What constitutes a slum or blight condition and what are the desired outcome?
LeahKingstonWho were the consultants that responded to this task, and how did the city make its selection?
Guy KempeRUPCO Inc.Significant % of homeless youth are LGBTQ and are not accounted for in data. It's a data set that is not captured. Pg 34: NA-15 Disproportionately Greater Need: Housing Problems – 91.205 (b)(2)- LQBTQ data is not collected by HUD.
We are RUPCO Inc. throughout.
The utlization rate of the city is significantly different than RUPCO, with alot of vouchers that go unused. Pg. 42 Utilization rate (5 of vouchers used by tenants) should be included here. The concern source descrimination, so a resource lays fallow. More discussion on this pointing to Pg 45
Ommission to include along with mental health services to include 'supportive' services. Pg. 46: Add "and supportive services" after "Residents are also in need of mental
There is federal data on HIV/AIDS population and their families within the eligible metro stats area as well as the NYS HIV Surveillance Report.
RebeccaMartinKingstonWho determines outreach strategies to target those in demographics required by grant and how does Kingston assess its success from year to year?
NeilMillensKingstonWhat type of projects have been approved over the past 5 years. Are the applications posted on line or otherwise available?
GiovannaRiginiKingstonWhat are the 'significant costs' that are alluded to that "streamlining" would eliminate? Pg.71; "has made the approval process easier and has eliminated significant costs." needs clarification.
What property taxes in Kingston are rising? The tax levy has remained relatively flat for four years at $17 million. This seems inaccurate.
SebastianPilliteriKingston(Pg. 37) in first segment, the numbers are not adding up. 160 is the total, but it adds up to 155.
Are the figures in the American Community Survey data adjusted for inflation?
TedGrieseKingston Land TrustDoes the city use the CDBG Strategic Plan when decieding housing policy?
Will the Kingston Common Council's housing hearings information be included in the strategic plan? How will it be implemented?