QC/Proofers, Editors, and Masterers
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First NameKimEmailPhoneTimezoneQC/Proofing rateEditing RateMastering RateWebsiteReferred/Added byComments
You MUST be referred by someone who will vouch for your abilities BEFORE adding yourself to the list. Add your name to the BOTTOM of the list.
JeffreyKaferjeff@jeffreykafer.com805-385-2337PST----$25 pfh - 2 hour minum with a $250 maxJeffrey KaferMastered over 300 titles per the Audible spec
SarahKaferskafer74@gmail.com661-360-6812PST$25----Jeffrey KaferHas done dozens of books for me and others and finds nearly every mistake and mouth noise.
ChrisCostachrisjcosta612@gmail.com PST$25------Jeffrey KaferExcellent proofer. Masters in Education, too. Excellent at both fiction and non-fiction
LyndaRossiproofer12@yahoo.com919-847-5897EST$25--www.audiobookproofer.comJeffrey Kafer
GigiShanegigishanevo@gmail.com$25----Jeffrey KaferHas completed dozens of books and works very quickly.
PaulHeitschpaul@pushplayaudio.com540-271-3939EST$50, $65 for editing/proofing.$25http://www.pushplayaudio.comJeffrey KaferProduced audiobook titles for Tantor, Crossroads Press, Wildside Press, and Redwood Audiobooks. Over twenty years experience producing spoken word content, including all the audio for the launch of Rosetta Stone's V3 product. Adjunct instructor at James Madison University in Multitrack Recording and Engineering.
Tanya Perezdogearedcopy@gmail.com541-944-5273PST$25Jeffrey Kaferwww.linkedin.com/pub/tanya-perez/40/533/a34/
AmandaSmithamandarosesmith@gmail.com(413) 218 1336ESTdoesn't do proof as a stand alone, its included with editing $70 pfh, proof, edit, and master, (punch) $25 PFH (included with editing)www.amandarosesmith.comJeffrey KaferRecorded, edited, mastered audie winning and nominated books. 500+ books, years of experience, both in editing and in NLS style rigorous QC. Experience with Spanish, Italian, and German. Also very experienced in noise reduction and audio sweetening
ShaunTooleshaun@shauntoole.comCentral$25 pfh $70 pfh, proof, edit, and master, (punch) www.shauntoole.comJeffrey KaferHas done dozens of books for me and Tantor. Excellent all around
KarenSouerkaren@karensouer.com (980) 285-8145EST$35 pfh$60 pfh edit/proofhttp://voiceoverassistant.com/Jeffrey Kafer
PaulFowlie paulfowlie@yahoo.comemail for ratesJeffrey Kafer
NicholasBurbachnhburbach@gmail.com(404) 374-4370ESTemail for ratesemail for ratesBasil SandsQC/Editor for ListenUp Audiobooks
LindaFlorencemrmotopurr@yahoo.com813-792-8580EST$25 PFH - Proof-listening ONLYLee Ann HowlettRetired university medical librarian. 8 years proofing experience for university library newsletter. I've been using her for all of my recordings for the past 5 years. Catches EVERY error.
JenGosnelljen@jengosnell.com971-258-2448PST$35 pfhwww.jengosnell.comUlf BjorklundJen did an outstanding job on my audiobook. Very thorough - every error caught. I had no corrections from the RH at all after uploading.
NatalieHoytnathoyt@gmail.com206-371-6203PST$25nataliehoyt.comJeff HoytYes, she's my daughter, and a narrator herself. She's also a super-efficient QC wiz and finds the tiniest of artifacts and mistakes in my performances. No RH corrections to date.
BrandonBujnowskibrandon.bujnowski@gmail.com$40 pfh$40 pfhHeather Costa
Chris Moscatiellocmosco@sbcglobal.net$60 pfh$60 pfhHeather Costa
Jayme Mattlerjayme.mattler@gmail.comEST$75 pfh QC/edit/master$75 pfh QC/edit/master$75 pfh QC/edit/masterjaymemattler.comHeather CostaJayme started editing audiobooks in 2010. She has worked for Audible, Harlequin, Penguin Random House, etc. Currently full-time at Blackstone as Director/Producer.
RobertToherroberttoher@gmail.com30 PFH35 pfh$35 pfhHeather Costa
Cliff Charlescliffcharles@gmail.com$50 pfh$50 pfhHeather Costa
Paul Pontiuspauliep83@gmail.comemail for ratesHeather Costa
KarenLundhnewvoices@juno.com978-704-9665EST$25 pfhPeter BerkrotKaren proofed books for the Library of Congress through Soundscape Productions in Boston from 2007-2009. Between 2012 and 2015, Karen directed 45 titles for Brilliance Audio which included proofing and research. Her degrees are in English and Theatre and she continues to proof independent projects for her husband/narrator Peter Berkrot as well as others. As an actor/narrator, she has worked with Audiocomics Productions.
Katie Floodkatie_flood@ymail.com(574) 261-3600EST/EDT$30 PFH$30 PFHPaul Heitsch
TinaMaloneyTina@TheVOhelper.com702-686-9286PST/PDT$35/pfh$65 PFHhttp://www.thevohelper.comJack de Golia(rates edited by Hope Newhouse - I contacted her to edit a book and she was very professional and helpful. Her current rates are as listed now.)
KuchAshleyakuch3110@gmail.comEST$25 pfhn/an/aGreg TremblayAshley is an English teach, proofs and edits freelance and for Common Mode.
Ulf Bjorklundulf@ulfvo.com503-982-4621PST/PDT$65/pfh (inc mastering)$65 pfh(inc. editing) $25 mastering alone http://www.ulfvo.comDenice StradlingUlf does excellent and timely work -- I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product!
SeanWilliamsSean@AirbendingMediaProductions.com(703) 596-2057ESTemail for rates$30 PFH (Punch); $45 (Unedited)$30 PFHwww.AirbendingMediaProductions.comTiffany WilliamsSean in excellent at his job, finds everything that needs correcting, and can turn-around projects quickly and efficiently. Follows Audible specs. Professionally trained at Omega recording studios. Has edited over 175 books for Tiffany Williams, Lia Langola, Anne Flosnik, Caroline McLaughlin, Samantha Cooke, & more.
ErikSynnestvedteriksynnestvedt1@gmail.com703-969-2196EST$35$35 PFH (punch)$20 pfheriksynnestvedt.comJeff KaferOver 15 years and 300 titles as a narrator. Post-production on more than 200 projects for Lyric Audiobooks, Eljin Productions, Tantor Audiobooks, Deyan Audio, Common Mode, Punch Audio and others. Monitor, reviewer & narrator for Library of Congress Talking Books program. Excellent ear for misreads and pronunciations. Please contact for individual narrator references. That's SIN-est-vet.
JulieRiddlejulieriddle89@gmail.com801-671-2774MTProof $25/PFHn/an/aNancy PetersonJulie is an excellent proofer and she has a quick turnaround time. I'm very pleased with her work. She has proofed 6 of my titles so far.
44 (0)7759 386 661
GMT$25 pfh
$70 inc proof, edit, master

$60 for edit and master, no proofing
$25 pfh
Sierra KlineI've done dozens of projects with John. He is a skilled editor and proofer who is very professional and an excellent communicator. Files are always returned in a timely fashion and of excellent quality. He's incredibly reasonable and very easy to work with. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Erin Graygrayerin@isu.edu208-380-3684MST$50 pfh$75 PFH Edit + MasterIncluded w/editingDon BarnsTaught English @ a University for 7 years (1,000+ hrs of proofing), 10+ years at an NPR station as a Show Host and Production Manager.
Craig Leecleesound@gmail.com773-701-9780CSTincl with editing$75 incl edit,mstr,prfincluded w/editingclsound.comTeri SchnaubeltCraig has over 25 years experience as an professional audio engineer, has recorded and edited/mastered more than 90 books for ACX. He's easy to work with and is a total expert.
Chris Rainchristopherrainnarrator@gmail.comCST$60 pfh$60 pfhnegotiableJack de GoliaChris is a flexible, quick-turnaround editor. He's eager to please. I've been pleased by his work on my audiobooks.
CameronFitzpatrickcsfitzmusic@gmail.com336-706-1533EST$60 edit/proof/masterBecket RoyceCameron has been in the sound engineering business for many years. He's professional, reasonable, and very good at what he does.
RickAgronickrickagronick@gmail.com609-402-7573EST$75 for proof, edit & masterSophie AmossI have been working with Rick and it has been a fantastic working experience. He will sometimes work on full length audiobooks, and other times he helps me out with large auditions for my agent. His turnaround time is fast. And he's super flexible with requests, I just ask or give a heads up and he's able to return the full product back to me within usually 24 hours with a few reasonable exceptions. I feel totally confident trusting him with large projects and big auditions.
SimonRobinsonsimon_j_robinson@icloud.com447904589623GMT£45/fh£75Included w/editingwww.simonrobinsonsounds.co.ukJack de GoliaFabulous Simon! Thank you so much. You've been incredible; so graceful and efficient. I just listened to your file and must say: this is perfect!
DylanGamblinDJGamblin@gmail.com603-566-5208EST$25$50 edit AND ProofingMoe EganDylan is meticulous as a proofer/QC guy- and turns editing around quickly. He's a work horse!
RyanMeyryan@darkwaveaudio.com616.295.6700ESTemail for ratesemail for ratesemail for rateshttp://darkwaveaudio.comJames FosterRyan is a full-time audio engineer for an audiobook publisher in Michigan (you know who I'm talking about), who also works individually with narrators. He offers proof/qc, editing and mastering, with excellent quality and quick turn-around. Highly recommended.
CeceliaDoddsceceliadodds0417@gmail.comCST$25pfh - proofingErin Spencer
AlexVieiraalexrobertvieira@gmail.comEST$75 PFH QC/edit/master$75 PFH QC/edit/master$25 PFHJayme MattlerAlex worked as a recording engineer and director for Audible before fouding Password Studios with two other engineers in NYC. He has edited and mastered hundreds of titles for many of the major publishers. His credits include: Born a Crime, written and narrated by Trevor Noah; Empire of Storms, written by Sarah J. Mass and narrated by Elizabeth Evans; and Steel World, written by B.V. Larson and narrated by Mark Boyett.
BrittneyPatridgethepatridges@gmail.comMST$25 pfh ProofingNancy PetersonBrittney has proofed about 10 of my books. She is very thorough.
JonGiljongilmusician@gmail.comEST$75 QC, edit, masterJayme MattlerJon currently works at John Marshall in NYC and does freelance editing. He's fantastic.
FrancescaAmarifrancesca@francescaamari.com616.364.8589PST $25 phf proofing/prepping; $50 directinghttp://francescaamari.weebly.com/contact.htmlTanya Eby, NarratorI highly recommend Francesca's work; I use her all the time with prepping and research.
JohnDennisonjohn.dennison@gmail.comEST$60pfh-QC/Edit/Master$60pfh-QC/Edit/Master$60pfh-QC/Edit/Masterwww.soundscape-audio.comA.T. Chandler, NarratorJohn is the man. I highly reccomend him for engineering and proofing. Not only is he extreamly detaliled, he takes the time to learn about your cadence and tendencies and will even give you a heads up if you start to stray. He produces quality
RossLandylinuus41@gmail.comemail for ratesemail for ratesemail for rates Julie HoversonRoss is particularly good with noting accent and character voice vagaries.
BeccaRuermrue86@gmail.comEST$25 PFHAndrea ParsneauI have worked with Becca on several titles now and she is fast, extremely flexible and exacting to an amazing degree! She has a BA in English Lit and is currently a grad student in Professional and Digital Media Writing. She sends as much or as little information as desired and will tailor her listening to your exact needs. Amazing to work with, could not recommend more!
SamanthaDeszsam@samanthadesz.com646-729-3678CST$30 pfhwww.samanthadesz.comAmanda Rose SmithAccurate, thorough, detailed. Calls out pronunciations, misreads, recording glitches as well as inconsistencies in character and pacing and whatever else the specific project calls for. Prompt, able to do rush jobs, flexible, always meets deadlines. Does research includes links to resources in proofing spreadsheet.
Steven JayCohensteven@stevenjaycohen.com413-203-4271Eastern $75 pfh: proof, edit, and master $75 pfh: proof, edit, and master$75 pfh: proof, edit, and masterwww.stevenjaycohen.comJohnny Heller
Adriana (Andy)Melendezandy.melendez@gmail.comEastern$25 pfh25 pfh$25 pfhSteven Jay CohenAndy is highly meticulous, a strong researcher, and has a musical ear. You will love working with her as much as I do.
JohnSandelsandelQC@gmail.com626-253-1451PST$25 PFH------Petrea BurchardJohn is thorough and quick. He has sharp ears and eyes, and is able to point out misreads, pacing problems, anything else that calls a listener out of the book. As a writer he has a vast knowledge of the English language, and he's one of those guys who reads everything and remembers what he reads. A great fact-checker. With a freelancer's schedule, he can meet deadlines.
AmandaFridayafriday@gmail.com$25 PFH - Proof-listening ONLYLee Ann HowlettAmanda is a professional narrator but is also experienced in proof-listening. She's done this extensively as a member of The Online Stage. http://www.onlinestage.org/
DougMcDonalddoug@voiceimages.net541-840-2189PSTIncl in editingPFH: $60 for Punch rec.; $75 for click rec. - proofing included$20 PFHwww.voiceimages.netMarshall DavisDoug has been a great asset to my audio projects. He is thorough, detailed, and quick to turn around projects. He notes errors in the voicing of manuscripts, points out any specifics that I should be aware of, and makes sure any technical specifications are met. He is easy to work with and does a professional job.
DominicBenavidesdomoben@soundsandsuch.comCET$55/PFH$35/PFHwww.soundsandsuch.comChristina SouzaHelping narrators and voice over artists feel confident when it's time to let the world hear their masterpiece.
MatthewSchillmatthew.schill584@gmail.com860-373-3086EST$25 PFH------Chris RubanoMatt is fast and very reliable. He constantly hits or beats his proofing deadline. His spreadsheets are concise, easy to understand and have all the informaton the narartor needs. I never hesitate to reach out to him when I have a project that has to be proofed. He always delivers!
EricWesteric@ericwilliamwest.comEST$70 PFH edit, QC, corrections, masterJayme MattlerEric West worked full time as an editor at John Marshall Media for over a decade and recently went freelance. He's worked for every publisher and is one of the best editors in NYC.
DaveAlbertdavealbert@me.com515-278-2964CST$80 PFH QC-Edit-MasterLakeviewAudio.comStevie PuckettDave gets my highest recommendation. He's easy-going and turns out a top-notch product. I love working with him!
GretchenMonteygretchen1124@yahoo.com248-259-0037ESTIntro rate $23 PFHMeghan KellyExcellent Proofer been working for me for over a year 30+ books proofed never had more than 3 pickups after Gretchen doing her work! Quick turn around GREAT to work with.
BrandonDattolisimplifyproductions@gmail.com(818) 339-6420PST$40 PFH$80 PFH Proof/Edit & Master ($60 for edit/proof only, $20 for master)$20 PFH Mastering OnlyAdam James ConnerBrandon is the person I trust most with my audio, with 10+ years of audiobook & music expertise, he's probably worked on more books than you've heard in a lifetime--for every major publisher in the business. Works quickly and does a very thorough job.
ScottOneillbigztime@yahoo.comPST$30Jeffrey KaferHas done a ton of books. Good attention to detail.
AndreiTatuandrei@noiseintent.com7563-751-107BST$75PFH - QC,Edit & Master ($60PFH - QC & Edit)Gary KliewerHe's been a rock star for us, delivering seamless high quality sound to every project. Edited and mastered over 300 titles under ACX, Audible, Harper Collins and Greenleaf specs.
NickBiscardinickbiscardi@gmail.com215-313-0895PST$70 PFH incl. editing, mastering, proofingwww.nickbiscardi.comTeri SchnaubeltNick has done excellent editing, mastering and proofing for nearly all of my 81 ACX titles to date (as of June 2018). I consider him a boutique editor,\; he's got such great attention to detail. He has also worked with several other narrators.
JulieTurnerjulieturner0618@gmail.com615-509-8362Central$25/PFHProofing onlyJ Rodney Turner
Blake Blasiuskoradyaudio@gmail.com720-383-1746PSTJennifer SwanepoelBlake is excellent to work with! Very communicative, professional, and easy-going!
TuanTrantuantranaudio@gmail.com(+84) 934-528-785EST$30 PFH
TylerSmithtylersmithaudio@gmail.com(575) 520-0909CST$25 PFH$75 PFH proof/edit/master (punch OR unedited)Kristin JamesRESPONDED I have worked as recording/editing/mastering engineer for several books published by Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson. I have an extreme attention to detail and am very easy to work with! Samples of my work can be found on my ACX profile: https://www.acx.com/narrator?p=A85ZOV16G9GII
KatieLopezkat.ari.lopez@gmail.com347-733-7987EST$75 PFH proof/edit/masterktlopez.comJayme MattlerKatie worked full time at Audible for 6 years as an editor and manager of post production on projects, including sound effects and mixing for their audio dramas.
KanePowerkane@overnightaudio.net(+64)22-687-5091NZST$30/PFH$65 PFH edit/master - $75 PFH proof/edit/master$25 PFHwww.overnightaudio.netErinn Beck MachacekRESPONDED Worked as an audio engineer for 15 years - professional, friendly & fast. Worked for the likes of Universal Music & Warner Music UK. I work from New Zealand so can often turn around short project overnight for northern hemisphere clients. I'm also a narrator so I know the ACX requirements well.
MoniqueBagwellMoniqueBagwellVO@outlook. com864-344-0097EST30 PFHMoniqueBagwell.comI have been proofing audio books for Jess Escalona at Narrative Cognition
JosieEllisjosie@scottellisreads.com413-281-6416EST$30/PFH$50 PFHwww.scottellisreads.comChris AbellRelatively new to the industry of proofing and editing for other narrators but my husband has produced over 30 books and I have proofed, edited and mastered each one. I have been slowly been expanding my proofing client base. I am easy to work with, accurate and fast!
BeckyNeimanaudiobookeditors.com@gmail.com310-869-1397PST$40/PFH$75 PFH$25 PFHaudiobookeditors.comTantor MediaLanguage skills include German, Hebrew and general knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian pronunciation. Expertise in history, including pre-biblical, Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek and Roman place names, gods and terms. Full-time audiobook editor with many corporate and individual clients.
JelenaKolundzicjkolundzic@gmail.com219-577-6959CNT$25/PFHMichael JohnsonShe's proofed most of my books so far and has done excellent. She has 2 masters degrees (biology&nutrition) and loves doing meticulous work like this.
BrandiLuethaudiobookobsession@gmail.comPST$25 PFH PROOF ONLYhttps://facebook.com/audiobookobsessionSarah PuckettHer and her business partner at Audiobook Obsession have proofed most of my work and have done a fabulous job with quick turnaround!
AodhanO'Reillyaodhan_o@hotmail.comEST$65/PFH QC/edit/master$65/PFH QC/edit/master$65/PFH QC/edit/masterJayme MattlerAodhan has worked at Brick Shop in Brooklyn for years and also works at Bookmark in LIC. He's engineered and edited hundreds of books.
DennisFlorinedennisflorine@gmail.com773-620-8618EST$50 PROOF$100 PFH EDIT AND MASTER $100 PFH EDIT AND MASTER


www.dennisflorine.comLoreen NiewenhuisDennis Florine has mastered all four of my audiobooks (https://www.audible.com/search?keywords=niewenhuis&ref=a_hp_t1_header_search). Amazing work, quick turn-around. He can even do intro credits and end credits with music.
ReneBridgmaninfo@eastsideaudioeditors.comCES (Berlin)$75/PFH edit/proof/master (punch and roll recording)

$120/pfh edit/proof/master (non-punch and roll recordings)

$30/PFH QC only
$75 PFH EDIT/PROOFhttps://www.eastsideaudioeditors.com/Amy DeuchlerRene Bridgman of Eastside Audio Editors has great communication and response time. I've had a very positive experience with him. He takes feedback well, does a great job keeping up with projects, and keeps me informed regularly as to his progress. He also keeps positive about the projects. I highly recommend him. Paypal accepted.
BrianCallahanbrian@fortunetelleraudio.com240-688-6931EST$65/PFH QC/edit/masterhttps://www.fortunetelleraudio.comKelli BoydBrian is an award-winning creative sound designer and mixer with over twenty years' experience in the post-production communities of Chicago and Washington D.C. He's recorded and mixed promos, programs, spots, podcasts and books for such clients as National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, PBS, NPR and countless independent creatives.
JustinMainero mainero.justin@gmail.com248 709 5418EST$50PFHJennifer M DixonJustin is  hardworking ,efficient with good attention to detail,and delivers work  quickly and without fuss.He pays attention to direction and communicates clearly.
Liam Tattersallliamwayne595@gmail.com818-751-3380PST$75/PFH edit/proof/master (punch and roll recording) MP3's delivered.

$30/PFH QC only
Christina TattersallHe's got a high level of attention to detail!! On noisy (mouth), accurate recordings, he's at a 1:3 ratio so he's quick. Ask him for a sample. He's cuurently working on my second audiobook and worked on my first. He prefers email for communication please.
VasilZguricontact@sound-pulse.com491608115290CES (Berlin)100$/PFH QC/Proofing/Editing/Mastering100$/PFH QC/Proofing/Editing/Mastering100$/PFH QC/Proofing/Editing/Masteringhttps://sound-pulse.com/
JustinMarrathetreecave@gmail.com401-648-7343EST$25/pfh +Mastering rateIncluded with Mastering $50/PFHhttps://www.treecave.comElise ArsenaultJustin has engineered dozens of books including several of my titles for Highbridge, Tantor, Blackstone, and MMB Media/Insatiable Press. He is awesome at helping narrators get their home studio set up and has a support package available for this. His attention to detail and love for audio are worth the investment.
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