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Program Track #
DateTimeProgram TitleProgram DescriptionPresenterRoom
Session 1-1Aug. 191:00pm-1:50pmOperation Boiling Point212 Leadership is designed to make you think...to help you grow...and to provide that extra degree of passion to take your leadership skills from effective to extraordinary!Dr. KonvalinkaHEC 103
Session 1-2Aug. 191:00pm-1:50pm
Relationship Building and Networking: More Than Just Buzz-Words
This presentation will introduce attendees to the essential and sometimes intimidating process of networking and relationship building. Through sharing personal experiences and common practice strategies the presenters will provide attendees with an understanding of the positive impact that personal and professional relationships can have as well as the tools necessary to build them. Connor Pillow/Colin ByardHEC 104
Session 1-3Aug. 191:00pm-1:50pmMission Improvsible: Improv(e) Your CommunicationTurn the daunting task of improving your verbal and nonverbal communication from impossible to IMPROVsible in this exciting, interactive program.Nicky Brok & Matthew BonacheaHEC 111
Session 2-1Aug. 192:00pm-2:50pm HEC 118
Session 2-2Aug. 192:00pm-2:50pm Exploring Your ValuesIn this session, participants will explore their values through activities and learn how their values define their leadership styles.Daniel Faria & Anaija LapaixHEC 103
Session 2-3Aug. 192:00pm-2:50pm How to make your social media more "Memeingful"The purpose of this program is to enlighten students on the ways in which they can set themselves up for success in college while using social media. It also covers the importance of maintaining mental health in a technology driven society and as they enter a new stage of life. Sarah StukeyHEC 104
Session 3-1Aug. 20
Don't Dwell. Get Well.Worried about how to manage your overall wellness in college? Well, don’t dwell! We’re here to help you get and stay well. Join us in discussing the 7 components of the wellness wheel and how you can utilize them in your everyday life. This presentation will allow you to take ownership of your wellness and understand the resources that UCF has to offer you!
Amanda Torrellas & Marcia Hatcher
PSY 105
Session 3-2Aug. 20
Leadership Styles UncoveredEveryone has leadership qualities but we all execute these qualities very differently. Our experiences and identities play a major role in how we present ourselves as a leader. This program will use a modified version of the MBTI to help participants explore their leadership style.Kaila KowalskiPSY 106
Session 3-3Aug. 20
Small Hospitality Tips for a Big FutureFrom Disney to the Ritz, high-quality customer service has become the core of their success! We can all learn something from the companies that do it right, but what exactly are they doing to receive such high praise? In this presentation, we'll cover positive impact customer service techniques utilized by successful organizations and discuss why it is important within Residence Life and beyond.Erin Creel and Ashley PowellPSY 111
Session 4-1Aug. 201:00pm-1:50pmThe Pursuit of Happiness In this program, students will assess their happiness level and do an activity to show gratitude to the most influential person in their life. Students will learn how this activity pertains to their new life in college and how they can repeat this activity when their happiness meter is running low.Simara Gauntlett, Stephanie Joseph, Victoria Mederios, Niyyah Bilal HayesBA1 110
Session 4-2Aug. 201:00pm-1:50pmI Just Can’t Wait to Be Me!Want to be a mighty leader? Join us as we help you become the main event by identifying and understanding your personality type as it relates to others. We bet you can’t just wait to be you!
Amanda Torrellas & Ashley Powell
BA1 209
Session 4-3Aug. 201:00pm-1:50pmWhat’s your cupcake identity?Bring out your best decorating skills as we discuss aspects of identity that impact college student success and what UCF is doing to help. As we discuss, you will decorate your cupcake to be a reflection of your identity!Matthew BonacheaBA1 213
Session 5-1Aug. 202:00pm-2:50pm You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup (Self-Care 101)You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup (Self-Care 101) will be a lesson on taking care of yourself as you progress through college and start exploring more leadership opportunities on campus. It's imperative to put your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health at the top of your priority list. By doing so, managing your time with competing demands will become easier! We will explore how to define self-care, identify personal goals, and create a Glitter Jar that will serve as a "self-care" reminder.Jennifer FazalBA1 110
Session 5-2Aug. 202:00pm-2:50pm Microaggressions & Sense of BelongingWhat role do students' experiences with microaggressions play into their sense of belonging in college? The answer to that question may depend on who's answering. But should it? This program will discuss the importance of sense of belonging, microaggressions in today's climate, and strategies for creating inclusive spaces on campus. Norma AltidorBA1 225
Session 5-3Aug. 202:00pm-2:50pm Uncovering the Truth Behind PartyingCollege is one giant party, right? Learning how to make responsible choices regarding alcohol can be tough. In this program, we will talk through how alcohol impacts people differently through a simulated party scene. Come ready to party!Kaila Kowalski & Hailee BernardBA1 214
Sesion 6-1Aug. 2110am-10:50amImportance of Well-BeingThe professional staff of the Recreation & Wellness Center about health and wellness in college. Come learn about resources and services provided by the RWC.Michelle FitzgeraldHEC 103
Session 6-2Aug. 2110am-10:50amThink 30: Setting and Achieving Your Academic GoalsIn order to graduate from most majors at UCF, students need to complete 120 credit hours. By completing 30 credits per year, you can graduate in 4 years (30 x 4 = 120). But in addition to courses, there are a lot of great opportunities to take advantage of during your time at UCF, like internships, co-curricular activities, and student leadership positions. By setting goals, monitoring your progress, and using campus resources, you can graduate on time and with the skills necessary to take your next professional step!Jacob BonneHEC 111
Session 6-3Aug. 2110am-10:50amMad Hatter Murder Mystery PartyJump into the rabbit hole to a place like no place on earth, the land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say, to survive it, you need to be Mad as a Hatter, luckily it seems as though you are! The mad Hatter is hosting a tea party and is eager for your arrival. Alice has gone missing and things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Are you crazy? Or is this reality just different from your own. Have you gone mad? Or has someone else gone entirely bonkers? I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are. It is up to you your favorite characters from the book, the original movie, and the 2010 and 2016 sequel adaptation to find out where she went and who is the culprit. The question is would you like an adventure now? Or shall we have our tea first? Hailee BernardHEC 118
Session 7-1Aug. 21
Knights Exemplar-Boosting your Resume & Widen Perspectives
Growing as a leader and campus involvement is an integral part to building your resume. Get the inside information on how to become a student leader with Knights Exemplar. Involvement Ambassadors (IA) with Knight's Exemplar are student leaders who are looking to grow personally, professionally, and gain a greater diverse perceptive on different students at UCF. Involvement Ambassadors commit 2 hours a week to engaging in campus involvement activities with students with intellectual disabilities. Professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities are all part of being an Involvement Ambassador. Carley BladesHEC 104
Session 7-2Aug. 21
Morality, Ethics, and Decision Making in Housing and LifeOverview of morality, ethics, codes of conduct, adherence to command structure, absolute versus moral relativism. Socratic method, real life and story based examples.Charles SmithHEC 103
Session 7-3Aug. 21
Mission Impossible: Essay WritingAt some point at UCF you will think to yourself, "I rather drop out of school and take the L than write this essay." So the essay goes unwritten, for weeks. Suddenly, it is 3:00pm on the due date and your four page research paper in chicago manual of style has not even been looked at. It is panic mode and you click submit at 11:57pm. "Close one," you think, "that was so easy. For sure got an A." Results are in though and you only got a C. At this program I will teach you a guaranteed way to make your essay writing as easy as possible so the thought of writing isn't daunting. Regardless of your major, skill in writing, or procrastination habits there is something to learn here for all.Nicky BrokHEC 111
Session 8-1Aug. 211:00pm-1:50pmENG 1 224
Session 8-2Aug. 211:00pm-1:50pmIntruder Alert?! If you've ever been in a room full of people who and you are fully capable of talking about subject at length yet still feel like you don't belong or that you're a fraud then you've probably experience imposter syndrome. Learn what the imposter syndrome is, how it's related to you, and how you might have been affected by it. After Intruder Alert!? you will be able to spot signs of the imposter syndrome and equip yourself with the right tools to turn off the alarm. Nicky BrokENG 1 227
Session 8-3Aug 211:00pm-1:50pmDecoding Advocacy and AllyshipHave a discussion and learn exactly just how advocacy can be implemented into your life at varying degrees, as well as practical steps everyone can take to be a better ally to different marginalized communities.Curtis KalaiENG 1 327
Session 9-1Aug 212:00pm-2:50pm How to Finesse CollegeCollege is new and lot is happening, how can you make the most of it and on a budgetDarwins OlcimaENG 1 383
Session 9-2Aug. 212:00pm-2:50pm 10 Tips a Recent Graduate Wishes They Knew as a FreshmenJoin a recent UCF graduate to discuss 10 things he wishes someone told him as an incoming freshmen. From picking classes to applying to grad school, this program will help you “crack the code” as a new secret agent at UCF!Matthew BonacheaENG 1 224
Session 9-3Aug. 212:00pm-2:50pm Yoga NidraYoga nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. There is evidence that yoga nidra helps to relieve stress. Even secret agents and undercover spies need relaxation sometimes. Essential oils will be used during the program in the air through a diffuser and with the option to rub it on the skin. If you have allergies to the oils in the following please use your own discretion when deciding if this is the program for then.

Lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree
Hailee BernardENG 1 327
Session 10-1Aug 22
Life Beyond the Spy GameChudney is a published author that has learned how to utilize her skill sets in a variety of arenas. This program will help you learn how to take what you’ve learned at HLI and identify the transferable skills you can apply personally and professionally! Chudney DeFreitas-ThomasPSY 105
Session 10-2Aug 22
Let's Be Clear on What Knights Can DoThis program will be a brief overview of the Let's Be Clear violence prevention certificate series.Emily WentePSY 106
Session 10-3Aug 22
Counseling & Psychological Services Presents: Mental Health AwarenessA discussion about the difference between mental health and mental illness, prevalence and warnings signs of mental illness, factors that impact mental health, barriers to seeking help, how to support others, ways to maintain mental wellness, and a brief overview of CAPS services.Tamara NelsonPSY 111
Session 11-1Aug 221:00pm-1:50pmMission Backpack:Unpacking and Understanding Power, Privilege, and Allyship Often, it can feel like discussing privilege is like peeking into someone’s confidential file. The mission of this presentation, should you choose to accept it, is to unpack top secrets behind power and privilege by discussing what truly defines them, how each person is affected, and steps to become a better ally to those who are oppressed and to recognize privilege within yourself.Maxwell KaplowitzBA1 110
Session 11-2Aug 221:00pm-1:50pmUCF Cares: Building Your #SquadJoin UCF Cares in their new #ucfsquadcare campaign to learn more about expanding your network of support on campus. We are taking self-care to the next level by redefining what it means to care about yourself and others. Learn tips on resiliency through education about campus resources. Build your own #squad!Morgan QuinnBA1 126
Session 11-3Aug 221:00pm-1:50pmCouseling & Psychological Services Presents: Stress Management/Emotional WellnessThe presentation will be on Stress Management skills and will cover the following key topics: defining stress, the difference between healthy stress and distress, common stressors for students, stress reduction skills, long term stress management, and cultural considerations in stress management.Dino LiveranoBA1 209
Session 12-1Aug 222:00pm-2:50pm Building Character: How to Gain More ConfidenceIn the delegated time of my program, I will be presenting Disney's 7 Dwarf's Guidelines, which consists of 7 ways to make good first impressions on a stranger. I will be handing out colored papers and markers to everyone so they can write out the guidelines and decorate this paper to hang in their dorms as a reminder to always have confidence in themselves and smile. Second, I will be conducting an interactive seminar that consists of finding a stranger in the room, having a conversation with them, and applying these guidelines. My goal is for everyone to walk out of my program with a new friend!Isabel SessionsBA1 110
Session 12-2Aug 222:00pm-2:50pm Values Declassified: Life Survival GuideWhen was the last time you evaluated your life, the things in it, and how they've shaped you? It might sound a bit scary and leading to an existential crisis, and in most cases it does- but fear not, in this program we do exactly that, but in a way that leads to you feeling motivated and appreciative of what your life has offered you in the end. We'll take a look at the things that have shaped you, and the things that you deem most important in your life. Whether those are your friends, family, or characteristics you admire most in people, they can all be summed up in one word- VALUES. Come find out what your true values in life are and how these values help push you through life and shape who you are as a person. You'll then learn how values sometimes need to be compromised in a team setting and how to manage staying true to yourself while also working with your surrounding situation.Britania CortBA1 126
Session 12-3Aug 222:00pm-2:50pm Treat Yo' selfDo you love yourself? Self-care is one of the most important things we can do, but it’s easy to let it go when your life gets busy. Learn how to “treat yo’ self” so you can be happier, healthier, and make the most of college life!Casey CliettBA1 214