IASPM Norden Database of Popular Music Researchers of Nordic Countries
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Welcome to the IASPM Norden Database of Popular Music Researchers of Nordic Countries! It aims to contain the contact information of all the popular music researchers in and from the Nordic countries. We encourage everyone that are or should be listed to update or enter their own information. If you wish to add your information, you can write a new entry at the bottom where there are empty rows (we'll take care of the alphabetical order later). If you want to edit your information: if the cell is empty, you can write in it; if not, write the new information as a comment in the cells that need updating. If you have a question, mail to iaspmnorden@gmail.com.
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Ahlsved, Kaj
Musicology, Åbo Akademi University
PhD Candidate
kahlsved@abo.fi; www.kajahlsved.com
Ubiquitous music, music in everyday life (sports), mediatization, soundscapes, imagined communities, local/national identity
Music and sport: soundscape, identity, context and function (PhD Thesis)
Arvidsson, AlfEthnology, Umeå UniversityProfessoralf.arvidsson@umu.se
Jazz history in Sweden and the Nordic/Baltic countries, Folk/pop crossover, world music,Amateur music, Classical/pop crossover, Music and politics, Narrative analysis, Discourse analysis, Recording history
Askerøi, Eirik
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Associate Professor in Popular Music
sonic markers, studio production, popular musicology, production aesthetics, popular music and gender, popular music and culture, discursive analysis, trends and traditions in pop production
Popularising Musicology: Methods, Identities, and Audiovisual Aesthetics, ‘Sonic Values Narratives of Masculinity in the Music Classroom', Sonic Markers in Popular Music: Temporality, Trends and Traditions in Pop Production
Auvinen, TuomasMusicology, University of TurkuPhD Candidate
tuomas.a.auvinen@utu.fi; https://www.linkedin.com/in/tuomas-auvinen-9a05b762/​
Music production, record productionThe Producer as Creative Agent: Studio Production and Cultural Space in Three Case Studies
Bjälesjö, Jonas
Head of the Music & Event Management Program and lecturer at the Linnaeus University School of Business & Economics, Kalmar & Hultsfred, Sweden. He teaches the subjects Music & Event Management with focus on cultural and social aspects of music and music industry. He has been a guest teacher and mentor at universities in the US, Germany, Finland and Norway.
popular music, youth culture, music festivals, local music life and music tourism with focus on the festival phenomena and the landscape of Scandinavian music festivals. His doctoral thesis Rock’n’roll i Hultsfred – ungdomar, festival och lokal gemenskap was published in 2013. He is also in the board of the Swedish Rockarchives.
Efter Hultsfred – kulturella entreprenörer i spåren efter festivalen/After Hultsfred – cultural entrepreneurs in the aftermath of the festival.
Björnberg, Alf
Dept of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Professoralf.bjornberg@gu.seHistory and analysis of popular music; music and media
Everyday Devices: Mediatisation, Disciplining and Localisation of Music, in Sweden 1900-1970 (see http://kultur.gu.se/english/research/Research_Projects/project-title/Everyday+Devices:+Mediatisation,+Disciplining+and+Localisation+of+Music,+in+Sweden+1900-1970 ). The Rise and Decline of Swedish Hifi-Culture (see http://kultur.gu.se/english/research/Research_Projects/project-title/the-rise-and-decline-of-swedish-hifi-culture )
Bottà, Giacomo University of HelsinkiPhD, Docent
giacomo.botta@gmail.com; www.giacomobotta.wordpress.com 
Urban culture, Europe, industrial cities, interculturalism, cultural heritage
Industrial Cities, Industrial Sounds? Popular Music and the European Urban Crisis in the 1970s and 1980s
Brinck, Lars
Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium/Rhythmic Music Conservatory, COpenhagen
Ass Professor, PhD, Head of research and development
Learning through mutual practice, spontaneous musical communication, jamming, musical leadership
"Collective art production and artists’ development in a dialectic perspective. The rock band as an example" supported by the federal Danish Ministry of Culture
Buanes Djupvik, Maritamaritabuanes@gmail.com
Audiovisual analysis, critical musicology, music and gender studies, music videos, film music, national identity and music.
Chen, Ying-HsienMusicology, University of HelsinkiPhD Candidateying-hsien.chen@gmail.comFinnish kantele, transnationalism, Japan, kantele clubs Intimate distance: Finnish kantele in Japan
Dale Carter
Department of English, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University
Associate Professor of American Studies
Anglo-American pop and rock music, 1950-75; Anglo-American vernacular music and folk revivals; Anglo-American popular music and cultural capital
(1) Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks and The Beach Boys’ Smile; (2) The Songs of Van Dyke Parks
Damsholt, Inger VintherUniversity of Copenhagen, DK,
Associate Professor, Ph.D
Dance, Disco, Clubbing, Participatory music, Choreomusicology
Intersections of Choreomusicology and research in Dance in Popular Music Studies
Danielsen, AnneRITMO, University of OsloProfessoranne.danielsen@imv.uio.noRhythm, afro-american popular musicTIME Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm
Dankic, Andrea
Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies at Stockholm University
PhD candidateandrea.dankic@etnologi.su.semusic-making processes, intersectionality, hip-hop, practice.
”Doing hip-hop. Music-making processes as practice and position” is the working title of my coming doctoral thesis, which investigates music-making processes within Swedish hip-hop music
de Boise, SamÖrebro University
Postdoctoral Researcher
sam.deboise@oru.se; https://www.oru.se/english/employee/sam_deboise
Gender, gender inequalities, critical studies on men and masculinities, neoliberalism
Gender inequalities and music engagement
Devine, Kyle
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
Associate Professorkyle.devine@imv.uio.no
Drabløs, Per Elias
Dybo, Tor
Department of Popular Music, University of Agder
Professortor.dybo@uia.noMusicology (Ethnomusicology, Jazz- and Popular Music)
Eigtved, Michael
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professoreigtved@hum.ku.dk
Popular music theatre, musicals, cabaret, circus, music as theatrical experience
Musicals and money: the paradoxical case of a lavish genre depicting ordinary lives
Engevik, SynnøveRockheimCuratorsynnove.engevik@rockheim.no
Fjeldsøe, Michael
University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Professor in Musicology
Applied and functional music (popular music as well as art music), esp. 1920s-1950s; music for theatre, radio, educational purposes
Applied and functional music in relation to the question of artistic and societal progress
Fornäs, Johan
Department of Media and Communication Studies, School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University
johan.fornas@sh.se; www.johanfornas.se
Cultural studies, cultural theory, identity, conceptual history, music media, Eurovision Song Contest
Narratives of Europe; Rethinking Cultural Theory
Fredriksson, DanielHögskolan DalarnaPhD, lecturerdfr@du.semusic funding, metal, folk music, cultural policy
"Musiklandskap: Musik och kulturpolitik i Dalarna" (Doctoral thesis project about cultural policy, musicking and place, planned thesis defense February 2018 )
Gadir, TamiUniversity of Oslo
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Sociology of music; cultural study of music; DJ & dance music culture and sound; intersections of gender & race in music; musical utopias and dystopias; music & geography; music & politics. 
Gender issues across global DJ/club cultures 
Ganetz, Hillevi
Dept. For ethnology, history of religions and gender studies, Stockholm University
Professorhillevi.ganetz@gender.su.sepopular music and gender, idols and fans
The prize of science: The science and media interface in the televised Nobel Banquet (no popular music project, but I hope I will return soon to gender and music…)
Gavanas, Anna
Arbetarrörelsens Arkiv och bibliotek
Associate professoranna.gavanas@gmail.comelectronic dance music, DJ culture, history of popular cultureInträdet av disco och rave i Stockholms dansmusikhistora
Gligorijević, JelenaMusicology, University of TurkuPhD Candidatejelgli@utu.fi
Music, place and identity, with a special focus on gender, queer and national identities in the Balkan/Serbian context; also, music festival studies, karaoke studies, metal studies, etc.
Contemporary Music Festivals as Micronational Spaces: National Identity Articulations in Serbia’s Exit and Guča Trumpet Festivals in the Post-Milošević Era
Graakjær, Nicolai Jørgensgaard
Aalborg University, DenmarkProfessornicolaig@hum.aau.dkMusic in Advertising; Sound Branding; Music, Media & Sports.
Grimshaw, Mark
Institute for Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark
Obel Professor of Music
grimshaw@hum.aau.dkComputer games, Sound perception, PresenceThe Oxford Handbook of Sound & Imagination
Gronow, PekkaUniversity of Helsinki
Adjunct professor (docent) of ethnomusicology, University of Helsinki
phtgronow@gmail.comhistory of the recording industryPopular music in the Baltic countries
Gunell, Johanna
Gender Studies, University of Turku
PhD Candidatejpgune@utu.fiPopular culture, popular music, gender studiesTwist of Lennon – Cynthia Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s agency and public image
Hadžibulić, Sabina
Sociology, Åbo Akademi University; Uppsala University (from September 2017)
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher
sabinica602@gmail.com; http://www.abo.fi/fakultet/Content/Document/document/33718
Music audience, fans, musical taste, musical participation, Nick Cave
Fans Internet grief expressed over the death of Vlada Divljan (rock musician/composer)
Hagen, Anja Nylund
Department of media and communication, University of Oslo
Postdoctoral fellowanjanh@gmail.comMusic and new media, music industriesMusic on demand: Economy and copyright in a digitised cultural sector (MUSEC)
Hagen, Per Ole
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
Lecturerp.o.hagen@imv.uio.noMusic and media
Hall, Þorbjörg Daphne
Department of Music, Iceland University of the Arts
Assistant Professorthorbjorghall@lhi.is
Contemporary popular and jazz music in Iceland. Image, national identity, audio-visual representation.
PhD thesis: "The Idea of Icelandic Sound: Identity, Place and Space in Icelandic Popular Music".
Hansen, Arve
UiT, The Arctic University of Norway
PhD Candidatearve.hansen@uit.noUkrainian, Belarusian and Russian protest musicThe music of the Ukrainian revolution 2013-14
Hawkins, Stan
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
Professor of Popular Music
Pop music analysis, Gender Theory, Audiovisual analysis, Queer temporality
Heikkinen, Olli
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
Researcherolli.heikkinen@uniarts.fiMusic classification systems, recording aestheticsDomestication of Music Institutions in Finland 1790–2010
Hellman, Heikki
Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Tampere
Dr. Soc. Sc., Docent
heikki.hellman@staff.uta.fi; http://www.uta.fi/cmt/en/contact/staff/heikkihellman/index.html
Media and broadcasting policy, television programming patterns, digitalization of television, cultural journalism, radio music
Changing status of radio music in Finland
Hilder, Thomas R.
Department of Music, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen
Postdoctoral Fellowthomas.hilder@uib.no
Sámi music, European LGBTQ music ensembles, Indigeneity, gender & queer theory, digital media theory, Nordic and European studies, ethnomusicology & popular music studies
Hiltunen, RiikkaMusicology, University of HelsinkiPhD Candidateriikka.hiltunen@gmail.comPopular music studies, futures studies
The creative process and future-oriented thinking of Finnish pop songwriters (an incomplete PhD thesis)
Holt, Fabian
Roskilde University / Humboldt University
Associate Professor
fabianh@ruc.dk / fabian.holt@hu-berlin.de
History and ethnography, social and media theory, Europe and North America
A monograph on live music
Hsu, Hsin-Wen
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan
Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies
Ethnomusicology, institutionalization, organizational culture, globalization and transnationalism, fandom of Nordic music in East Asia, history of recorded music industry, public humanities
I am currently working on two projects related to popular music. The first one is on the history of Hakka music record industry in postwar Taiwan, and the other is on the discourse of Nordic music and sound fidelity among audiophiles.
Hyltén-Cavallius, Sverker
Swedish Performing Arts Agency/Svenskt visarkiv
Research archivist/Associate professor
Popular music historiography and narration, early 20th century popular music, gender in pop histories, migration, ethnographic research methodology
Migration movements and early Swedish progressive rock
Hytönen-Ng, Elina
Cultural Research, University of Eastern Finland
University Researcherelina.t.hytonen@gmail.com
Jazz, Musicians, Venues, Work Environment, Mobility, Career Paths, Gender, Peak Experiences, Trance, Spirituality
(Jazz) Musicians' Mobility
Høyer, Ole IzardAalborg UniversityAssistant Professoroleizard@cgs.aau.dkJazz history, music and culture, identity, discourse studiesGoing Back': Constructions of authenticity through autobiographical narratives.
Johnson, Bruce
Cultural History, University of Turku; Communications, University of Technology Sydney; Music, University of Glasgow
Sound as cultural history and cultural history as sound; popular music; jazz studies; Australian Studies; the history of modernity
The jazz diaspora (Routledge); Popular music, memory and heritage (Routledge); The history of jazz in Finland (Oxford University Press)
Järvenpää, Tuomas
Cultural Studies, University of Eastern Finland 
PhD, University Teacher in Media Culture and Communications
Anthropological study of popular music, ethnography, popular music and religion, reggae and dancehall music
Roots Reggae from Cape Town to Helsinki – An Ethnographic Study of Local Belonging and Cosmopolitan Imagination in Rastafarian Reggae Music (dissertation work, to be completed in May 2017)
Kaijser, Lars
Department of Ethnology, History of Religion and Gender Studies. Stockholm University.
Lecturer, Associate professor
Popular music historiography, Music tourism. Popular music reenactments.
No current research project (Currently studying Public Aquariums as institutions of knowledge.) Former research projects: Popular music tourism, especially, Beatles tourism in Liverpool. Concert organizers in a rural part of Sweden (Jazz/Chamber music and rock music). The historiography of Swedish Progressive Music.
Kaitajärvi-Tiekso, Juho
Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Tampere
PhD Candidatejuho.kaitajarvi@gmail.com
Popular music, recording industry, music industry, digital music, indepedent ideologies, micro labels, do-it-yourself, neoliberalism and music, music & countercultures
Dynamics of Democratization and Digitalization in the Record Production in Finland in the Age of Streaming
Kallio, Alexis
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
alexis.kallio@uniarts.fi; www.alexisanjakallio.com
Popular music pedagogy, democracy in music education, music censorship
Intercultural music teacher education in Finland, Israel and Nepal
Kantola, Ismo
Department of Social Research / Sociology, University of Turku
Adjunct Professor (Docent)
ikantola@utu.fi; http://users.utu.fi/ikantola/
Sociology and philosophy of music, sociology of jazz, science & technology studies, social theory, philosophy of sociology
Metamorphoses in the middle earth of celebration and art. Two cases: jazz and electronic music in Turku
Karlsen, Sidsel
Department of Fine Arts and Computer Science, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
sidsel.karlsen@inn.no; www.sidselkarlsen.no
Cultural diversity in music education; the interplay between formal and informal arenas for music learning, music festivals, popular music in higher music education
"Musical gentrification and socio-cultural diversities" (www.inn.no/mg), “Global visions through mobilizing networks: Co-developing intercultural music teacher education in Finland, Israel and Nepal” (http://sites.uniarts.fi/web/globalvisions)
Kilpiö, Kaarina
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
Docent, University Lecturer
Functional musics, music in audio-visual contexts, use(rs) of music,
Music and sound in the history of Finnish non-fictional cinema. The research focuses on community building and communication through the sonic elements in the historical Finnish non-fictional cinema. Documents from the copyright organization Teosto’s archives and films from the National Audiovisual Institute collections form the main research materials.
Kjellander Hellqvist, Eva
Department of Music and Art, Linneus University
eva.kjellander@lnu.se; https://lnu.se/personal/eva.kjellander/
Fandom, fans, music in the 70s, high brow and low brow genres
Me and my fandom, Music and idols, Taste in music
Knakkergaard, Martin
School og Music, Music Therapy, Psychology, Art, Communication & Technology; Department of Communication and Psychology; Aalborg University
Senior lecturer, lic.phil., ph.d.
mk@hum.aau.dkMusic technology, music theory, music philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Imagination (co-editor); Claustrophobia in the nineties. Ominious tendencies in popular music and culture in the last decade of a millenium. (monograph)
Knapskog, KristineUniversity of Agder
Ph.D. Research Fellow
Music Industry, Popular Music Studies, digitalization, business model, policy development, music industry research, recorded music, live music, research on cultural institutions and cultural policy evaluation, music funding, music business
Currently working on Ph.D. research project and dissertation within the discipline of popular music studies, on the music industry, music industry structure, music industry development, production of music, digitalisation, funding of music production, cultural policy.
Kopomaa, TimoUniversity of Helsinki
Dr. Soc. Sc., Adjunct Professor, Freelancer
timo@kopomaa.com; timo.kopomaa@helsinki.fi; http://blogs.helsinki.fi/kopomaa/
Evolution of Finnish rock, rock-ecology, festival citySmall handbook for vinyl records: care, repairs & storing (written in Finnish)
Korsgaard, Mathias Bonde
Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture
postdoc/assistant professor,
normbk@cc.au.dkmusic video, audiovisual studies, remix culture
Audiovisual Literacy and New Audiovisual Short-Forms, individual postdoc project, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research
Kraugerud, Emil
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
PhD Candidateemil.kraugerud@imv.uio.no
Record Production, Music Technology, Popular Music, Sonic Intimacy, Sound Analysis
«Intimacy in Popular Music Sound», doctoral project, 2017–2020
Krogh, Mads
Aarhus University, School of Communication and Culture – Musicology
Associate ProfessorMusmk@dac.au.dk
Genre, practice, mediation, hip-hop, ANT and assemblage theory
Participant in RAMUND - A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark: Music Genres, Radio Genres, and Mediatization
Kukkonen, Jarno
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
PhD, Part Time Teacher
jarno.kukkonen@uniarts.fiJazz music
Kärjä, Antti-VilleMusic Archive Finland
PhD, Academy Research Fellow
avk@musiikkiarkisto.fi; www.musiikkiarkisto.fi/mmf/
Postcoloniality, multiculturalism, ethnicity, historiography, defining the popular, audiovisual ethnomusicology
Music, Multiculturality and Finland (2014–2018)
Kärki, Kimi
Cultural History & International Institute for Popular Culture (IIPC), University of Turku
PhD, Researcher
kimi.karki@utu.fi; http://users.utu.fi/kierka/
History of popular culture, especially popular music, spectaclesImagine the Superman: A History of Transhumanist Popular Culture
Larsen, Charlotte Rørdam
Associate Professor music
Aarhus University, Faculty of Arts, School of Communication and Culture
Popular music history (musicians), sound cultures, music in commercials, music cultures, music policy, music and gender, radio history
The Danish State Radio Seen from the Outside. Radio, Music Transmissions, and Recordings as Seen from the Danish Provinces – 1925-35.
Luck, Geoff
Department of Music, University of Jyväskylä
Associate Professor
geoff.luck@jyu.fi; www.theexperiencefactor.net
I’m interested in the science of sound and music, including music-related aspects of emotion, wellbeing, behaviour and personality. I’m also interested in quantifying what elevates great music above the rest (with a focus on popular music) with the goal of helping music creators write more compelling music, industry professionals produce more engaging experiences, and fans connect more deeply with the music they love.
I am working on a range of initiatives related to my research interests rather than a single project.
Luoto, Aki
Political Science, University of Tampere
PhD Candidateaki.luoto@uta.fiPolitical representation, politics of aestheticPhD thesis: "Popular Musicians as Political Commentators in the 1980's Finland."
Maasø, Arnt
Department of media and communication, University of Oslo
Associate Professorarnt.maaso@media.uio.no
Malm, Tobias
Department of Education, Stockholm University
PhD studenttobias.malm@edu.su.se
Organizing, identity and learning, particularly within small group formation and collaboration in the area of creativity and artistry.
The PhD project aims to develop understanding on social conditions and challenges with regard to the formation and development of pop and rock bands. The research is mainly based on ethnographic close-up studies of several bands within a range of amateurs to semi-professionals.
Mangaoang, Aine
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
popular music and mediation; music and place; music and social justice; popular music heritage and curation
"Prisons of Note" - a project that maps the use of music in places of detention.
Marstal, Henrik
Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium/the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen
Assistant professorhm@rmc.dk
Music and power relations; identity relations in music, nordicness and danishness; canonization; gender and intersectionality, organlogy
Marstal, Henrik (2018, in print): ‘Nordic Cool as a Janus-Headed Concept for Artistic Inclusion and Expulsion’. Tim Howell (ed.): The Nature of Nordic Music. Farnham & Burlington, VT: Ashgate. Marstal, Henrik (2018, in print): "Edge, ring those bells": The Guitar and Its Spiritual Soundscapes in Early U2.’ Scott Calhoun (ed.): Take Me Higher: U2 and the Religious Impulse. New York et al.: Bloomsbury Press. Marstal, Henrik (2017, in print): ‘Urban Music and the Complex Identities of "New Nationals" in Scandinavia’. Fabian Holt & Antti-Ville Kärjä (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of Popular Music in the Nordic Countries. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 325-343.
Mesiä, Susanna
Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki
PhD, Senior lecturer (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki)
susanna.mesia@uniarts.fi; susannamesia.weebly.com
Popular music and jazz vocal pedagogy, higher music education
Constructing a community of networked expertise in pop/jazz singing pedagogy: a collaborative project between teachers in Nordic countries’ higher education
Michelsen, Morten
Musicology, University of Copenhagen
Associate Professor
momich@hum.ku.dk; https://mortenmichelsen.sites.ku.dk/
Mediation theory, medialization, genre theory, music criticism, music analysis, sound studies
A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark: Music Genres, Radio Genres, and Mediatization (RAMUND, http://ramund.ikk.ku.dk/)
Mononen, SiniMusicology, University of TurkuPhD Candidatesiinmo@utu.fi
Representations of violence and violent experience, film music and sound
The violent experience of stalking in film music and sound
Muchitsch, Veronika
Department of Musicology, Uppsala University
PhD Candidateveronika.muchitsch@musik.uu.se
Pop Music, Music and Gender, Voices, Sound Studies, Music and Philosophy
Resonances and tensions between the sound of voices in pop music and norms and politics/norms with a special interest in aspects of gender
Nathaus, Klaus
Department of Archeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo
Associate Professor in Western Contemporary History
The history of popular music in West Germany, Britain and the US; production of culture; social relations and distinctions in popular music; creative labour
Musicking in Twentieth-Century Europe (a handbook on the history of musical life in twentieth-century Europe), Dancing Worlds (an anthology of social dancing around the world between Ragtime and the Twist), From Art to Industry and Back? Histories of Creative Labour in the Twentieth-Century Music Business
Nelson, John
Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki
PhD, External Postdoctoral Researcher
Socio-political interaction between questions of national identity and the arts
The influence of the arts on the national identity of Russia; Music and as a weapon of political rhetoric in the former CIS States
Nielsen, NinaThe Norwegian Academy of MusicPhD CandidateNina.Nielsen@nmh.no
Music and identity; nationalism; extreme music; black metal; Norwegianess; film music; music and discours
Norgård, Daniel
Department of Popular Music, University of Agder
Associate professordaniel.nordgard@uia.no
Padilla, Alfonso
Musicology, University of Helsinki; Global Music Center in Helsinki
PhD, Docentalfonso.padilla@helsinki.fiLatin American Music, Finnish tangoFinnish tango – History, the development of style, and meanings
Pajala, MariMedia Studies, University of TurkuUniversity lecturermari.pajala@utu.fi
Television history, mediated cultural memory, televised popular music competitions, especially the Eurovision Song Contest
Exchanges and connections between Finnish television and socialist television cultures, 1960s-1980s
Partti, Heidi
Music Education, University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy
heidi.partti@uniarts.fi; http://www.heidipartti.com/
Music-related learning communities, digital technology, peer learning, collective creativity, and the development of intercultural competencies in music teacher education
Global Visions Through Mobilizing Networks: Co-Developing Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Finland, Israel and Nepal
Poutiainen, AriUniversity of Helsinki
PhD, University Lecturer
Jazz, improvisation, popular music history, jazz violin, music education
Jazz violin pedagogy, improvisation in teacher education
Ramstedt, Kim
Musicology, Åbo Akademi University
PhD Candidate
kim.ramstedt@gmail.com; https://abo.academia.edu/KimRamstedt
DJs, reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, Latin American music, iskelmä, schlager, samba, African music, diaspora, localization, performance, race, ethnicity, gender, memory, nostalgia, genre theory
DJs as Cultural Brokers
Rantakallio, InkaMusicology, University of TurkuPhD Candidateinka.rantakallio@gmail.com
Hip hop, rap, popular music, subcultures, religion, popular culture
Authenticity and spirituality in Finnish underground rap
Rantala, Janne
Finnish Language and Cultural Research Department, University of Eastern Finland; University of Western Cape
Postdoctoral Fellow in the DST/NRF Flagship Programme at the Centre of Humanities Research, University of Western Cape
janne.juhana@gmail.com; https://uef.academia.edu/JanneRantala
Mozambican rap music and hip hop culture, popular music, poetic license, social commentary, socio-cultural structure and public memory
"Memory, Political Ancestors and Reconciliation in Mocambique" where I look at meaning of invocations of political ancestors in such forms of public expression as rap music, official ceremonies and statue disputes etc.
Rasch, Bjørn Ole
Department of Popular Music, University of Agder
Rauhut, Michael
Department of Popular Music, University of Agder
popular music history; sociology of music; rock, pop, blues, jazz; popular music and youth cultures; popular music and politics; popular music and socialism
The Meaning of the Blues in a Divided Germany, 1945–1990; Popular Music and the Church: Politics, Culture, Theology; Popular Music behind the Iron Curtain; Images of America in Popular Music; Popular Music in Exile; Popular Music in Korea
Ringsager, KristineAalborg University
Postdoc/from August '17 assistant professor
Musical anthropology; Musical agency and affect; The intersection between music, identity and politics; Music and social change; Citizenship, migration and nationalism; music in social work; Music censorship; Rap and hip hop; Music in the Kurdish-Turkish conflict; Radio and vocal anthropology; Educational anthropology.
Postdoc project (2016-2017) on gentrification of rap and hip hop in education inside and outside the classroom, empirically framed by two projects designed by the Danish NGO Rapolitics; From August 2017 my research will be framed by the title: Social change - anthropological perspectives on music, agency and migration politics
Rogatchevski, AndreiUiT-NAU
Professor of Russian Literature and Culture
andrei.rogatchevski@uit.noRussian and East European popular music War of Songs: Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations
Sandvik, Bjørnar
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
PhD Studentbjornar.sandvik@imv.uio.no
Schneidermann, Nanna
Oslo and Akershus University College
East Africa, Uganda, youth culture, entrepreneurship, hip-hop, creativity, production, music industry
Schulze, Holger
Musicology at the Department of Arts & Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen
schulze(a)hum.ku.dk; http://www.soundstudieslab.org
Cultural history of the senses, historical anthropology of media, sound in popular culture
The Sonic Persona: An Anthropology of Sound (forthcoming Bloomsbory 2018); Sound Works: A Cultural Theory of Sound Design (with Julia Krause & Carla J. Maier; forthcoming Bloomsbory 2019); Authoritarian Conditions: Arts & Culture Being Attacked & Attacking (2 conferences fall 2017/spring 2018)
Solomon, Thomas
Grieg Academy-Department of Music, University of Bergen
Professorthomas.solomon@grieg.uib.no rap & hip-hop, identity, postcolonialism, race
Steinholt, Yngvar B.UiT-NAUAssociate Professor
Popular music, art activism and soundscapes in Russia and the post-Soviet regions
War of Songs ­ Popular music and recent Russo-Ukrainian relations
Steinskog, Erik
Musicology, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen
Associate professoresteinskog@hum.ku.dkAfrofuturism and Black Sound Studies (book project)
Suutari, Pekka
Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland
Professorpekka.suutari@uef.fi uef.fiPopular music in KareliaFlexible Ethnicities
Tikka, MarkoHistory, Tampere University
PhD, University Lecturer
Popular music 1920-1940´s, Dance orchestras in Finland & Europe 1920-1950, accordeon culture in Finland & Europe 1890-1970
Monographs: Tanssiorkesteri Dallapé (Dance Orcestra Dallape 1925-2010) (SKS 2011); Suomalaisen harmonikan historia (The history of Accordeon in Finland) (MT & Vesa Kurkela (eds.) (SHI 2015); Articles on accordeon, singer Matti Jurva (1899-1943) etc. Editor historical recordings of Viljo Vesterinen (1-2, Artie Music 2007-2009) etc.