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FALSEFALSEFALSEFALSETask 1090[a] A researcher is looking for advice and/or antibodies used in co-immunoprecipitation of endogenous Smad7 (inhibitory Smad in the TGF-beta signaling pathway). Many publications in which endogenous Smad7 co-IP is done use antibodies produced in-house. They would like some advice on why endogenous Smad7 cannot be pulled down with commercial antibodies, and especially if there are people willing to share antibodies they have had success with. They would also like a discussion regarding immunoblotting of Smad proteins in general (Smads 2/3/4), especially in T cells, e.g. stimulation conditions, cell numbers, lysis conditions etc.
TRUETRUETRUEFALSETask 1087[a] A researcher is looking for a specific E. coli strain rom ATCC: E. coli (Migula) Castellani and Chalmers (ATCC® 35860-). Unfortunately, it is no longer available from the ATCC strain catalogue and they are wondering if someone would still have a stock and be willing to ship it (costs covered of course).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1086[a] A researcher is looking for a collaborator with access to a BSL-3 lab to perform experiments with the live SARS-CoV-2 virus. They have obtained data from a simplified model of SARS-CoV-2 infection, suggesting that membrane trafficking of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can be modulated by a low concentration of the antidepressant Fluvoxamine, suggesting a cell biological mechanism underlying potential utility of antidepressants in COVID-19 therapeutics: (https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.15.448391). They would like to confirm this finding with the live SARS-CoV-2 in a physiologically relevant system (primary cells, organoids, model organisms, etc...)
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1084[a] A researcher is looking for someone with research interest / background in biomolecular condensates (or liquid liquid phase separation) and/or virology, to write a review article together with a highly collaborative & international research team led by himself. The project will be focused on SARS-CoV-2, but other viruses will also be included.
FALSEFALSEFALSEFALSETask 1083[a] A researcher in France would like to discuss with experts in the history and evolution of handwriting. In particular, they would like to know what methods exist to study how the shape of handwritten symbols change over time and across space.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1082[a] A private company in New Zealand working on specific drug targets to be repurposed for Covid-19 is looking for collaborators who can perform certain biochemical, cellular and protein interaction assays. Specifically, they are interested in building collaborations with those who have expertise in the following:
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1081[a] A researcher in Greece is looking for a long-term collaborator with experience in metabolomics. They are starting a project on metabolic characterization and amino-acid concentrations in a series of samples related to fish gut microbiomes.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1072[a] A researcher is looking for a protocol of Ral GTPase activity assay. They are considering buying one activity kit (for example https://www.cytoskeleton.com/bk040) and are looking for personal experience.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1069[a] A private company in New Zeland is working on specific drug targets to be repurposed for Covid-19. They are looking for a bio-containment facility for SARS-CoV-2 propagation and conducting CPE and plaque reduction assays.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1066[a] A non-profit organisation devoted to spreading real scientific content (https://stemcognito.org/) is looking for coronavirus and vaccine experts. They want to collect videos that could include simply slides, interviews, panel discussions or animated videos, to highlight the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. They can also help in the production of new videos (free of costs). They are also hoping for experts that would be interested in participating in a panel discussion on vaccine safety that they would record and make available.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1059[a] A researcher is studying how users of self-quantifying technology (related to nutrition in particular) are affected by stressful living conditions and times of uncertainty. They are focused on a particular demographic (Dutch millennials who use nutrition tracking apps) and would like to discuss about their research with other researchers that work on similar projects.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1060[a] A researcher in Europe is looking for THP-1 (human acute monocytic leukemia) cell line. They are interested in differentiating the cells into M1 and/or M2 macrophages for use in in vitro culture.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 1051: A research group is attempting to set up Oxford nanopore NGS for analysis of whole SARS-COV2 genomes. They are currently trying to use an ARTIC V3 amplicon tiling protocol.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1051[a] They would like to discuss with someone that has experience in any of the following:
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1051[b] They have limited capabilities in terms of computing power and experience in bioinformatics. They would like some help to being able to use remote computers or some guidance around bioinformatics.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1056[a] Serratus is an Open Science project to capture the planetary virome. The goal is to allow the entire virology community to quickly and intuitively access the relevant virus sequence data across all of Earth's virome. They would like to expand the technical and non-technical interfaces for their data structures (see: serratus.io). They are looking for experienced developers working in: javascript, react, d3, postgres, and/or R.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1055[a] A non-profit enterprise is builing an open-source web-based platform aimed at the dissemination of artificial intelligence / machine-learning (AI/ML) models for drug discovery. They are looking for a full-stack developer who can contribute to their GitHub repository.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1049[a] A researcher is looking for collaborators with expertise on behavioral change based on social cognition. They want to start a project focused on changing human behavior towards actions that emit less carbon (eg eating less beef, bicycling more, etc.).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1050[a] A researcher is looking for advice on an optimized protocol for protein isolation. They bought an Elisa kit to measure p-GSK3beta. But they can't find any information in the manual if this kit can be used for samples from tissue homogenate. They would like to have a brief discussion with an expert that could give them some advice.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1028[a] The team from the COVID19PATGENOME (https://devpost.com/software/covid19patgenome) are looking for expression data from COVID-19 patients. They are looking for bulk RNA-seq data (Raw data counts - normalized values/ counts; not single cell RNA-seq) from blood or another tissue/organ including lung (ephitelium,etc.), or multiple organs (for example: lung+bowel+other organs in case of autopsies). They are interested in cohorts or projects with at least 60 patients or more and healthy controls. Preference for severe cases or diseased.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1042[a] A researcher is looking for advices and tips on how to perform immunofluorescence imaging of haematopoietic stem/progenitor cells in mouse foetal liver. They didn’t find specific information in the literature so they are looking to discuss with an expert about a specific location in the foetal liver where HSPCs are to be found and optimisation of the staining procedure.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 1040: A research group is starting a project producing growth factors and cytokines in bacteria.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1040[a] They would like to contact groups and professionals that are experienced in transforming bacteria with plasmid for GF or
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1040[b] They would like to get a plasmid sample for this kind of molecule to run some tests.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1034[a] A researcher in France is looking for Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus-positive sera (IgG and IgM, 100µl to 1ml per sample). They will pay shipping costs.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1031[a] A researcher in Ghana is looking for collaborators to study the pathology and immunology of COVID19 in pregnancy among Ghanaian women. They would like to write a grant to perform their study. They are looking for a senior researcher who can advise on project design and strengthen the proposal or for someone that has already a similar project. If that's the case, they can facilitate the collection of samples from Ghana to achieve a cross country comparison study.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1030[a] A researcher in Australia is looking to collaborate with epidemiologists/researchers looking at the effects of long-term lockdown and online learning on school age children. The aim is to gain information on eye health, specifically refractive error/myopia, to correlate this with outdoor activity. They want to investigate whether long-term lockdown contributes to an increase in the prevalence of early-onset myopia They would like to collaborate with: Epidemiologists, vision scientists, ophthalmologists, neuroscientists, molecular biologists and/or geneticists.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 1029: A recently formed Ethnicity and Covid-19 research consortium is looking for volunteers with experience conducting systematic reviews to help with two separate living systematic reviews related to Covid-19 research involving Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (people of colour) populations. Co-authorship from all publications will be granted to all volunteers involved in these projects.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1029[a] They are looking for volunteers with a background in creating search strings, performing searches and screening via abstrackr (both abstracts and full text papers), PRISMA reporting and using reference management software to extract data.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1029[b] They are looking for volunteers to assist with appraisal and assessing for risk of bias for full text papers that will be included in the systematic review
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1029[c] They are looking for volunteers to assist with the analysis, synthesis and interpretation of both qualitative and quantitative data included for the systematic review
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1029[d] They are looking for volunteers with experience in writing research articles to assist specifically with publication of papers arising from the systematic review.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1029[e] They are looking for volunteers to join a team to contribute to the development of a Covid-19 database that has been initiated: (i) to assist with content and (ii) to work on the design (UI designer or a Front end developer with an eye for design).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 1022: We are hoping to find a research group that would be willing to share a SARS-CoV-2 (or related coronavirus) replicon/ non-infectious reporter virus (that can be used in BSL-2)
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 986: A biotech company is looking for volunteers to assist with a project that aims to identify and isolate anti-SARS-CoV-2 bioactive substance from natural sources such as medicinal herbs, traditional medicine, and functional food.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 986[a] They​ are seeking help from a volunteer to perform a literature search. The aim of this literature search is to narrow down the number of targets for testing. They may suggest some particular kinds of natural sources or take on the recommendations of the collaborator.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 986[b] They have a few purified samples/fractions derived from functional food sources which they would like to test for antiviral activity. ​Therefore, they are looking for collaborators/volunteers who have the capacity to perform some biochemical/enzymatic assays, or even use live/attenuated virus or pseudovirus models to check for anti-COVID activity.​
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 986[c] They are looking for volunteers who would like to be involved in collaborative writing, on topics including plants/food/herbs with potential anti-COVID/anti-SARS-CoV-2 ability. They are happy to contribute to review articles, or research articles should there be any collaborative research work established.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 983: An interdisciplinary team at Boston College and the University of Maryland at College Park are studying how child development is being affected by pandemic-related disruptions.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 983[a] They need Web/app developers to extend the functionality of their "citizen science" app, which volunteers use to record speech samples of their children. They are using Firestore for database storage, Capacitor to package the app in iOS/Android, and React and Web Components to structure the app.
TRUETRUETRUEFALSETask 983[b] They have been working with a streaming aggregator (Reelgood) to collect ground-truth data about changes in child screen time. They would love to hear form anybody who has access (or may possibly have access) to similar data from other companies: streaming companies, television ratings companies, child-focused app companies, etc.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 985[a] A researcher in Finland is looking for a collaborator who can perform SARS-CoV2 replication assays in vitro (plaque forming assay or similar / biosafety S3 level facilities needed). Virus samples will be provided.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 973: A recently formed Ethnicity and Covid-19 research consortium is currently conducting a systematic review and mixed methods study examining the experiences of ethnic minorities across developed countries.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 973[a] They are seeking help from a volunteer to assist in further developing a database for a pilot project lasting 3 months (They estimate it would involve ~2hr/day for 2 weeks, then up to 2hr/week). The volunteer will work with others with similar backgrounds and should have hands-on experience with:
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 973[b] They are seeking two volunteers who can offer 2-3 hours per week to assist with office tasks, scheduling and booking Zoom appointments, and email follow-up. The volunteer should be computer literate and, ideally, have a good understanding of Zoom and other basic web application software, such as Trello.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 973[c] They are requesting volunteers, ideally with a background in policy-making or healthcare, that reside in different states in the USA to help gather information for a database about Covid-19 testing centers and regional testing and health information about Covid-19. Volunteers, please indicate your state in the response form.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 973[d] They are seeking a collaborator at the University of Adelaide with a background in public health and/or sociology to assist with the recruitment of participants in Australia for their mixed methods study focusing on the experiences of ethnic minorities during the Covid-19 pandemic.
TRUETRUEFALSEFALSETask 969[a] We are looking for information about biobanks. We often receive requests asking for biological samples so we would like to expand our list of biobanks that could help our requesters. If you have useful information please write it below.
TRUETRUETRUEFALSETask 937[a] A school management team needs a literature search for studies that show covid positivity rates stratified by age (specially for children)
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 918[a] A researcher in London (UK) is looking for A549 cells stably transfected with human ACE2
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 784[b] A research group is looking for some open genomic data (FASTQ files) from patients. Ideally, they would like to have the genomic data + clinical data. They are working on a project based on genomic data from COVID-19 patients (https://devpost.com/software/covid19patgenome).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 912[a] A researcher based in King's College London is looking for lab in Europe that can host him for a short-term academic visit (several weeks) to expand an ongoing research project on anti-COVID-19 drug development and repurposing. Resources required: BSL1/2 cell culture; lab space for 1 person; ELISA setup. Desirable: ongoing culture of human lung cell lines; confocal microscopy capabilities; potential for further validation in primary human cells and/or animal models and/or live SARS-CoV-2 virus (BSL3). Further details concerning the project can be found in this publication: https://febs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/febs.15369
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 903[a] A research group is looking for two sociologists/psychologists from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders backgrounds to join their team. They are a recently formed Ethnicity and Covid-19 international research consortium currently conducting Covid-19 research throughout developed countries. The aim is to help them recruit participants from these minority ethnic groups for a mixed methods study, (survey and qualitative interviews).
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 902: A recently formed Ethnicity and Covid-19 research consortium is currently conducting a systematic review and mixed methods study examining the experiences of ethnic minorities across developed countries.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 902[a] They are seeking help from two app developers and two web designers to create a mobile phone software application for both iPhone and Android devices and a web-based platform based.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 902[b] They are seeking researchers with the ability to read and understand Spanish language to help us analyse data (research articles and grey literature) for a systematic review.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 902[c] They are seeking three professionals with experience and background in mental health who are enthusiastic towards helping set up an online support group with various activities to promote positivity and coping skills in the midst of the pandemic.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 902[d] They are seeking professionals with experience in medical writing, journalism, writing publications, peer reviewing and editing to help with research outputs based on research data.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 902[e] They are looking for two persons with a background in health or medicine that are willing to appear in short videos inviting people to take part in the study. The volunteers must be from a developed country and from an ethnic minority as follows:
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 899: A research group is looking for study to validate a very simple serological test.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 899[a] They are looking for a study that would already be in place to perform serological tests as well as collect whole blood samples. This could either capillary blood collected by pricking finger tips, or whole tubes of blood collected on anti-coagulant. They would join this study, performing their test on the collected samples.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 899[b] Alternatively, they are looking for collaborators who can set-up up a clinical trial to validate this serological test very fast, including meeting all ethical requirements (in France and in normal conditions this takes many months, and they need a faster pace)
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 893[a] An independent and multidisciplinary team of volunteers is looking for a social media/PR manager. They are working on gathering workplace data on incidence and prevalence of COVID-19.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 896: A PRIVATE COMPANY is looking for help to meet the requirements for a medical device. They have developed an RNA extraction kit for Covid 19 that has been tested in multiples labs.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 896[a] They are looking for detailed guidelines on the manufacturing specifications for Viral RNA extraction kit for SARS-CoV-2 (i.e. required clean room environment, batch conformity testing, and sterility confirmation testing).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 896[b] They need help with the certification and licensing requirements for an RNA extraction kit.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 879[a] A research group is looking for collaborators to test a drug in vivo. They found a drug combo that is very effective in suppressing SARS-COV-2 replication in vitro and would like to seek collaboration with in vivo efficacy validation.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 872[a] A researcher needs to discuss with other researchers using the Zymo kit or ideally the Zymo kit combined with the Genesig kit. They are having some issues with RNA loss and would like to have some advice. They are using the Zymo Quick DNA/RNA mag bead kit (R2141) and the Genesig Prime Design qPCR kit (Z-Path-COVID-19-CE).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 870[a] A researcher is looking for several collaborators that are representatives or have access to populations of Native Americans (in the USA and Canada) and Aborigines in Australia. The aim is to gather their experiences of COVID-19 through an online survey and, if possible, to conduct remote interviews.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 862[a] A nonprofit in the UK needs help translating 2 documents from English into: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. The volume of work is a total of 1,100 words of English with some scientific and medical vocabulary. Their aim is to connect researchers in biotech and pharma with biospecimen providers. These documents are required to recruit more biobanks to join their platform.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 849[a] A cell biologist is looking for another cell biologist or a virologist to discuss a manuscript he has written. He has performed a deep review of the coronavirus literature to see if there was something useful as perhaps a potential anti-viral strategy.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 851[a] A researcher would like to discuss with an expert with a background in validating diagnostic protocols. They need assistance on validating an extraction and qPCR protocol.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 846[a] A research group in Chile is looking for a collaborator with access to serum/BALF of COVID-19 patients and transformed mink lung epithelial cell line (TMLC). If not possible, they would still be interested in receiving the TMLC.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 839[a] A research group in Spain is looking for a collaborator with access to blood samples of COVID-19 patients. Ideally, they would like someone who can perform ELISA for one protein (a stress marker) and send them the results, but they can also receive the samples and perform the ELISA themselves.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 698[a]: A research group (health experts and a statistician) is coordinating a grassroots effort to collect data on patients with Covid-19. They seek contacts in additional hospitals to collect detailed history of disease progression and treatment of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. The main focus is on efficacy of experimental pharmacological treatments and on biomarkers of disease progression. They work with detailed data, but are happy with small patient cohorts (5 or more per site). The resulting dataset will be accessible to other researchers. The project has been approved by an ethical commission.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 808: A researcher is looking for time-series data describing how the number of people who wear masks, or who self-distance relates to simple factors such as age, gender, socio-professional group or previous experience of pandemics, or more complex ones like social norms or approval of others. Her aim is to model these data within a more dynamical framework (individual based models) to understand how introducing a continuous variability in these factors may affect results.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 808[a]: If you are aware of any literature please write below.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 808[b]: If these data do not exist, please state if you (or someone you may know) are interested in collaborating with this researcher to investigate how to gather these data.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 809[a]: A researcher in Stellenbosch, South Africa, is looking for someone to help set up an antibody ELISA. All capable virology people in their lab are working flat-out in the diagnostic laboratory or translational research projects so the need more hands to assist. They are willing to pay for accommodation but the person should already be in South Africa (preferably from the Western Cape province) and available for ~2 weeks.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 818[a]: A researcher in the USA is looking for BSL2-compatible GFP-tagged human coronavirus (hCoV) strains. It would be ideal to have a BSL2-compatible version of SARS-CoV-2. If that proves to be too difficult, then BSL2-compatible, GFP-tagged strains for hCoV-NL63 and hCoV-OC43 would be great.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 818[b]: They are also looking for a database with numeric values for intracellular rates of transcription, translation, molecular binding association & dissociation, viral assembly steps, as well as copy numbers for as many viral components as possible.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 803[a]: We at Crowdfight need advice on anti-spam filters and domain reputation. We are having some trouble with our e-mails being blocked by anti-spam filters and our domain being flagged as suspicious. We are looking for someone with expertise in these fields, or someone with expertise in IT and willing to do some research into the matter.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 784[a]: A research group is looking for some open genomic data (FASTQ files) from patients. Ideally, they would like to have the genomic data + clinical data. They are working on a project based on genomic data from COVID-19 patients (https://devpost.com/software/covid19patgenome).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 793[a]: Are you willing to contribute regularly to an anonymous survey to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in your region? The survey takes less than 2 minutes to fill (https://coronasurveys.org/), and filling it once or twice a week is enough.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 798[a]: A research group is looking for Dicom files of CT scans and/or angiograms from Covid-infected patients. They are investigating the effect of the disease on coronary arteries.
TRUETRUETRUETRUEIntro to request 800: A PRIVATE COMPANY has strong knowledge on lentiviral vector design, which is a suitable platform to rapidly screen a wide range of factors in vitro and in vivo, including antigens for vaccination. They would like to characterize and compare candidate antigens through this technique. They are looking for:
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 800[a]: Partners who can provide sequences of covid-19 potential antigens (preferably in the form of plasmids, but they could also synthesize them from a computer file with the sequence).
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 800[b]: Partners who have in vitro and in vivo vaccine models to test LV carrying antigen.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 776[a]: A researcher is looking for SARS-CoV-2 gene expression data using microarrays. He is studying genetic differences across time and space, so he needs the data annotated by date and place of origin, and needs at least 4-5 samples per region and period.
TRUETRUETRUETRUETask 792[a]: A research group is looking for assistance from systems biologists and proteomics experts to assist with data analysis. They have predicted which human proteins may be cleaved by the SARS-CoV-2 main protease. They need this assistance in order to understand the relevance to host-viral interactions and disease pathogenesis.