Sifchain AddressContact HandlesWhat other blockchains do you *currently* run nodes for?Please share your experience in operating a Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint based blockchains. What kind of emergency response plans do you have?You have an uptime below 90% during the past one thousand blocks. To restore stability, what measures will you take?Your validator node is unstable due to a sudden rise in network transaction. What measures will you take? Do you have 24/7 node monitoring tools? If so, could you please briefly describe it? How are you alerted when your validator node has a problem? Where are you going to operate your machine? Please share the security measures you use for your validator nodes.How long are you planning to run your validator node?In what kind of situation will you stop operating your node?What can you contribute to the Sifchain community aside from what we've asked of you?Any other important notes you want to add about yourself and/or your node operations.
Jhongotz#6364HoprYesHomeLongNo profit
Danil Ushakov#5735Solana, Stafi, Darwinia, Oasis (Tendermint), Akash (Tendermint), Certik (Tendermint), Avalanche, Pocket (Tendermint)I'm Danil Ushakov (nickname) a professional blockchains dev & run a validator nodes on a lot of blockchains.
I have ready infrastructure for rapid deploy a new testnet or mainnet nodes in most popular ecosystems (Polkadot substrate and Cosmos tendermint).
My experience:
- Participation in mainnet as a validator: Solana, Pocket, Stafi, Darwinia, Oasis, Akash, Certik, Avalanche.
- Participation in testnets as a validator: Oasis, Avalanche, Nucypher, KEEP, Casper Labs, Pocket, Akash, Plasm network, Near, Solana, Darwinia, Joystream, Bluzelle, Matic, Celer, Elrond, Stegos, Certik, Stafi, Phala, Bifrost, Crust, Sifchain, CODA/MINA, Orai
I use moniker "ushakov" for my nodes.
Special award "Zaki Prize" in the KEEP testnet from Zaki Manian (Cosmos):
Successful attack in the Akash testnet (under the nickname devurandom, as a member of the Russian Validator Club team):
Detail testing report TBTC dApp KEEP Network (in cooperation):
My Professional skill:
- Installation, configuration, and monitoring of validating nodes in PoS blockchains. Experience of 3 years.
- Programmer, linux servers administration. Experience of 7 years.
Knowledge: Ecosystems: Cosmos (Tendermint), Polkadot (Substrate).
Programming: c/c++, bash, python, solidity
I use a backup node that runs in parallel on a separate server and is fully synchronized (hot standby)In general, in other blockchains, I have not yet had such a situation, but I am ready to quickly solve a similar problem. Action plan: I will switch the validator to the secondary server/node. On the primary server, I will upgrade the CPU/ram/network, depending on the reason for skipping blocks.Server with the validator node has a large reserve of network bandwidth (1Gbps)I collect runtime metrics with prometheus+grafana. Also i use alerts in grafana for critical parameters (block height, ram/cpu/ssd usage) that send me notify messages to my telegram and email.telegram message / emailData CenterI use sentry node for protect a validator node from flood/direct access. Remote access to the validator node is performed using ssh least 5 yearsinfrastructure maintenance costs will be higher than income within 3 monthsI am a member of the Russian validator club, and I can provide technical support to users
5 Certik, Stafi, marlin, fantom
Testnet:, nym, bluzelle and others
We run nodes as operators in Check our web site. We have experience with tendermint and sentry nodes, signing nodes, etc. We were selected node for genesis Certik and still running.We configure online monitoring alerts about system status, node health and events as jailed. We run always a node bakup (not signer but sync) for mainnet nodes. We can rotate our nodes in case os disaster configuring priv node key easy. We use script to this action.Review memory and cpu usage. Could be a restart service. Check the network, too many connections. Parameter max_open_connections Up the maximum number of transactions in the mempool with size parameter and restart.prometheus + grafana, and uptimerobot with specific querys that we publish in port webserver. We use SSL + atuh basic to access statistics. Email + telegram bot. Several persons notificatedData CenterTLS+ firewalls + sentry nodes + private key access , no password allow, ssh Yearsseveral months that node dont cover hardware costsI have I can take the project to spanish community.
sif1q4zknsmnzjtn569mmttufauwpgh5j9rc78dzcxAlibaba#0280Oasis Mainnet, Solana Mainnet, the Graph Mainnet, Certik Mainnet, Dock testnet, testnet, Kira testnet, Casper testnet, Robonomics testnet, Bitsong testnetBeing in crypto since 2018 I took part in a number of various testnet and mainnet launches, took part in the community contribution, and successful spin off of the various projects, like, but not limited to: Sero testnet and mainnet, QuarkChain, NKN, etc. Was interested in POW and then mid 2019 moved to POS investigations and took part in many testnets, like Elrond (and now participating in pre-mainnet beta test),
CELO – Testnet, Oasis (and now I'm winner of testnet, received the rewards and running pre-mainnet validator with this stake), Solana (and now I'm mainnet-beta qualified validator, with the stake received from Development team), Regen (I’ve received points for testnet), Desmos, and number of Cosmos and olkadot projects.
I'm interested in running new, and innovative validating projects, especially if there is some interest for early adopters and validators -- if I would be able to run the mainnet validator with your Foundation votes/support and compensation - this is one of the best approaches I've seen, with proven efficiency.
alerts, back-up servers, sentry nodes as applicablesync from the back-up blockchain I'm usually takingbalancing the load, using only powerful dedicated servers with redundant capabilitiesYes, telegram bots, Graphana+Prometheus alertsTelegram, emailData Center DDoS protection, Firewalls, VPN, UFW and endpoint encryption if neededAs long as requiredThe profitability of the node
sif1jdrz7y4u8e9ang8d2tfjgwwl4r72yp8ry8hdn4lukfm#2154plasm, hopr, akash, agoric, concordium, edgeware1 year of nodes... backuping/mirroringfirst of all - changing the server or Internet provider. (depending on the situation)immediate upgrade)
I have my own hardware control system, I am a miner with 7 years of experience) i have backup internet channels, i can reboot hardware by telephone call, and etc ...
I will write a script that will monitor the node in the dashboard and send SMS if something is wrong)my mining farmi have my own vpn srvers, think it's enough)depends on payback. years is good. if costs are higher than income, for more than 3 monthspart of the structure =)
sif1madlfff36f0dtq0tzcjfstfkzt80cu83f6sgv0OranG3#1415Mainnet: Certik, Bluzelle, Akash, Avalanche, Nucypher.
Testnet: Desmos, Mina Protocol, Near, xx network, Bitsong, Concordium.
In fact, the validators in the cosmos network are my favorite =). As you may have noted above, most of my nodes are currently in the cosmos network, but I also like other networks, because it promotes the development and learning of something new, without which I can not live: - D.I am always in touch in telegram or in discord. I also want to note that we run nodes together. I monitor the network support during the day, my friend-at night, so we are always in touch 24/7. And there have never been situations that have presented us with unsolvable problems.In my experience in Cosmos networks, this has not yet happened, because I have 2-3 sentry nodes running in the mainnet for all nodes. But if such a situation still occurs, I will check the possible problems with other validators in Discord, check the connect of my node, the amount of remaining space on the server, and the work of my sentry nodes.I always allocate servers for my nodes with a large reserve of resources, so I have not had such problems yet. I think that with the stable operation of the network as a whole, the technical characteristics of the server are most important in this situation.To all my nodes, I connect the service, which in turn I configure for notifications in the bot in telegram. The service is very flexible and allows you to set up flexible notifications. I also use zabbix, which, if configured correctly, allows me to monitor the node's performance in a timely manner ;-)I think I answered this question in the previous sentence =)Data CenterGood passwords and simple things like fail2ban and a well-configured UFW help me a lot :-D However, I always listen to the recommendations from the creators of the project.I am here for a long time, as long as there is a project, and I think your project will always exist, judging by the professionalizm, I will be in your team!Only in one case, if the project ceases to exist =(I'm awesome at making cool memes :-DI currently validate in the testnet, my moniker is Orang3club:
sif1yxu747s6wj49q7rf7cav206mqcv2tjlqw2ays5Photon#4219NEAR, CertiK, MaticOur mainnet validators for CertiK and Matic use Cosmos SDK. We are also betanet/testnet validators for Nym and Sifchain, which also use Cosmos. Our mainnet validators can be found here: We are very comfortable with the Cosmos SDK and have already created many monitoring, mitigation, and automation scripts for Cosmos.Bash scripts for monitoring, alerting, and automation of tasks. Another node in a different datacenter, syncing but not validating.Earlier than failing to 90%, the scripts must have already restarted the `sifnoded` service. If it still keeps failing, scripts will stop the validator and start the backup node using the validator keys. Logs will be analyzed for the source of the issue. If the backup still fails, message will be sent to validator chat groups (e.g. Discord) and see why the chain is failing.Create a new instance with a higher capacity from the latest backup image, depending on the bottle neck (e.g. CPU, RAM, or both). This should take only between 3 to 10 minutes depending on the disk size. Update the `~/.sifnoded/data` from the running validator to the new instance. Stop the old instance and run the new higher capacity instance.We use internal (running in the same machine) and external (calling APIs) Bash scripts to monitor, and more importantly, mitigate the situation. Alerts are set for cases needing human intervention, such as when mitigations did not succeed. The Bash scripts have worked very well in monitoring and mitigations in the other chains we validate on.Email and Telegram bot.Data CenterLatest best-practices on hardened configurations for exposed services (e.g. SSH), complete firewall allowing only the required exposure (UFW), DDoS protection from the datacenter provider (GCP, AWS, Hetzner). The OS running the nodes is updated every hour to patch any security vulnerabilities. Total sandbox: the OS runs minimal software only needed to operate the node, and the instance is dedicated only to the node software. This minimizes the attack surface on the validator.As long as it will be possible.When Sifchain becomes a dead project.We are guild leaders for the NEAR Protocol. We can launch educational campaigns on Sifchain and blockchain in general.We are longtime Linux sys admins focused on security and automation. We have just recently turned our attention to blockchain and are in the process of building up our validator portfolio.
Solana, Mina Protocol, Akash Network, Plasm, Crust Spacemesh, NYM, Robonomics
I am setting up monitoring and alerting for all mainnet solutions. There is always a backup node, to which I can quickly move the validator
Snapshot share system -
First, we need to find out the reason that caused such a low aptime, and then take measures to eliminate it
- Check logs
- View monitoring data (Grafana)
- Check configuration files

For example, if the problem is the lack of performance of the dedicated server, you need to transfer the validator to another server
If the problem is on the side of the provider, it is necessary to change the provider
If there is a problem with the software version, you can switch to another version
increase ulimit
increase the size of mempool
If it's a garbage transaction with a fee of 0, I'll put a fee limit in the app.toml

If resources are scarce, I will move to a more productive server
Monitoring system:
Node exporter
Custom node exporters
Alerting via Telegram (Prometheus)Data CenterRPC, REST = localhost
Access to Prometheus metrics is limited to a white list of IP addresses
Hetzner DDoS protection
I use containerization as an additional isolated layer
Each project creates a separate user
I don't use passwords for authorization, only ssh keys
Validator is a business. Any business makes sense as long as it is cost-effectiveLack of profit at a long time intervalNow I'm writing a TG bot that will track validators, block omissions, validator status, new delegations, and so onI am a technical ambassador in Mina Protocol. I know 2 programming languages (Python, Golang)
sif1dlhmeawzx72ll7x88k9e8llf2ggrz7u9yk28chslayer_hellraiser#5093Plasm, Certik, Solana, Oasis, Keep, Subsocial, RegenGreat experiencemonitoring and backup serverrestarting node, and upgrade it hardware if neededUpgrade itZabbix monitoringtelegram botData Centerall of them12+ monthsIf the profit from it decreases to zero
sif1cx05z2y0kwg0t6kf2pvkqnzepq95eg0nfyug0vB0ban#4075Graph, Kusama, Stafi, Darwinia, IPCI, Robonomics, Sifchain, Clover, Plasm, Cryptocom I participated in test networks as a validator Secret Network, Sifchain, CryptocomI have set up automatic notification and restart of the node in case of problems, there are also monitoring toolsFirst, I will look at the system load, check the amount of free space on the server and the server's uptime. Then I will see how stable the blockchain works for all validators. If everything is fine, I will restart the node. If this does not help, I will think about moving to another serverI will increase the power of the validator, so that it can cope with the loadtools like Prometheus and ZabbixZabbix and telegram botData CenterAll the time while the project is runningwhen the project stops workingany what you wantexperienced validator
sif100ezpz94hxqzph3cfxejpaq2gkkrsfn523aqhpTommyWesley#5661Casperlabs, Certik, Skale, Mobilecoin, Coda(Mina), Nucypheryes, grafanaData Center
sif15cacq7v7us0ykrqp0t79f6tgulrtkzw4mjhx4eTyler34214#4119AVA, Matic, Near, Bluzelle, Plasm, Dusty, SpacemeshCloudabout 6-24 months
sif1rjylaeyxeswfdnhcpuzh3v60faapyjlge3lp3hKusama, Regen, Certik, PolyMath, Agoric, DustyInvestigatioan about this problemperformance measuresgrafana, zabbixData Center9+ mo
sif1hfwhl3hxpe8ddrl09059zzd4x9kpwrfsr9nf44FredrikMalmqvist#9370Scale, Solana, Pocket Network, NuCypher, KEEP NetworkData Center
sif1jd6e4zqhq7jl57rkdf0mpkrazfrmz945gq94w5Olai Olsen#0267Dusty, Solana, Plasm, Oasis, witnet, Acala, CasperLabsData Centerfirewall, non standard ssh port, ssh keys etcI have some skills in participating in testnets (many all in last 2 years)
sif1eksamtmtx7vtta0m2m9rlzc47s046we4yeka53OliGarr#8360Centrifuge, Certik, KAVA, Stafi, Mobilecoin, meter, NearCloud
sif1cuqsgxw32tc3t9u2vxnkak2auyxl8aq2r46ffaStafi, Kusama, Casperlabs, Certik, Pocket, AkashData Center
sif1ft8ejg5qq4rxfexnlegdp36u5xejxftg3ufh7dSimonHugo#7540Matic, Nest, Oasis, Plasm, Solana, Mina, Skale, CasperData Center
sif1n7g5vm6vgmegtkp8g9jx9j2sfc2dt0mndd3ekmVilliamSivertsen#1052Openlibra, Pocket, Nucypher, Matic, Regen, Potecoin, Mobilecoin, AkashCloud
sif1xgph2jw93ugmrlmz0rrah6lr6papxlkd7htzlqJanLiamNilsson#7070Dock, Pocket, Spacemesh, Plasm, Dusty, Certik, CasperlabsData Center>12 months
sif104lk9kwvk7zhqqzstjtjug3tj8wvzqt2cltfadLauno.Osku.Arttu#5333NYMTech, Sentinel, Skale, Dusty, Plasm, Certik, KAVA, MINACloud
sif1hy84ze2uam6s7p82wxudd9qqedfedprn3naywkSolana, NU, Mina, Certik, BlockStack, NearData Center
sif1sykaa5wz4t0p9dq620uhlshpyeslnpqtdydk4kCertik, KAVA, AKash, Spacemesh, MarlinData Center
sif1uq7nkerr8jkvtnc6nntml2yu068ardlvmn2afzvanyok_kangaroo#0512Hopr testnetI have little experience in operating, I'm still learning.stop and restart the node, restart the servermaybe I'll move to another server, or ask in Discord)stop and restart the node, restart the server, ask in DiscordI look at the statistics in the explorer, several times a dayI don't have such toolsCloudI have not used a firewall for the Sifchain testnet, but I am going to configure ufw in the future.minimum three months, maximum a couple of yearsemergencies with me when I am unable to support the nodeI can tell in the Russian-speaking community about the progress of the project development
sif16t3g9kl26e58r4dd49qc0p70yqex4rymg76nusOkunDima#7060Darwinia, Plasm, Certik, akash, casperlabs, Skale, XXData Center
sif1ast0jm7uhp2y2xuns7f0wqh958xyqyhw9cvdekCELO, KAVA, COSMOS, IRIS, MATIC, Polkadot, Kusama, NEAR, The Graph, SECRET-Network, Centrifuge, STAFI, PLASM Network, CERTIK, SOLANA Our entry into the blockchain world as a validator took place via the Blockchain Cosmos and some Gaia Tesntnets. We have expanded our experience with Cosmos SDK-based test networks such as REGEN NETWORK, KAVA, BITSONG, IRIS, Ki-Chain and Certik. We are now happy to be part of the Sifchain project and to accompany it in the mainnet.In every project we have at least one fully synchronized hot backup node with priv_validator_key.json and node_key.json in a special folder.I will switch to Hot Backup Server.First set a higher gas price, then consider whether to switch to a larger server model.because we don't have time to look at graphana dashboards any more, we let the following parameters be monitored with a python file and output via telegram bot. Telegramm Bot and SMS In case Telegram bot failsData CenterWe try to use the hardware that meets the respective project requirements. VM machines are usually used for testnets. For mainnets I use half or full dedicated servers, as a validator node and one or two sentry nodes for a project. set up own private network between Validator and Sentry Nodes and connected it to the public chain. We change the SSH port, only connect via authorized ssh keys, mostly use the ufw or iptables as a firewall.As long as the project existswhen it becomes uneconomical and our expenses exceed incomewe can help by building a German-speaking community
sif18upctdzw8kdsuk54z0ze7f4vv89wrqdjkuh8a0bestlet#9508Bluzelle, Akash Network, Certik, MinaI've successfully participated in testnets and mainets of various Cosmos-based chainsI can setup backup nodes and solutionsI'll change hosting to more powerful and unjail validator if it got to jailthis is unlikely but I'll change hosting to more powerful I have Prometheus / Grafana monitoring with alerting via Telegram and SMSI'm alerting from Prometheus / Grafana via Telegram and SMSData CenterHosting is protected from DDoS and protected by firewallforever if the cost of maintaining the node is higher than the profitI can translate manuals to slavic languagesI've participated in all your past testnets and hope to be a successful mainnet validator
sif1wvq855v7adaflq3e8l36l30n72y5msg48eud0maliefaisala#3118Currently I am Genesis and Technical Ambassador of Mina Protocol, then validator of Agoric, validator of Nymtech, validator of HOPR, validator of Stafi, validator of Dock, validator of Meter DeFi, validator of Near Protocol, validator of Marlin Protocol, and the last I am validator of Pirl.Operating Cosmos-SDK is more simple than other based blockchain, like Substrate Polkadot.I will setup Monitoring and Alert tools for my node.Check the logs and make sure my node is not jailed. If jailed I need to unjailed then node.Check the CPU and Memory usage, if needed to upgraded the machine.I can use Prometheus with Grafana dashboards to monitoring my node.Prometheus periodically extracts values to a time-series database, and it will give me alert when my validator node has a problem.CloudDDoS protection and Firewall.I will keep maintain and help the Sifchain network node as long as Team give me reward to play as validator role.if I cannot pay my Cloud bill.I can help the community and help new comers to knowing more about SifchainI am professional validator and has been working in a lot of other Blockchain project, so I hope can help Sifchain network and get selected as validator Mainnet.
sif1un6rzuv5gpeul673jrgxvl4fr58wrw3jskmajcDmitrievSerg#4760Near, meter, Certik, Skale, XX Network, Celo, AVA etc.Data Center
sif1fmsl5zcfhrlwlul4gvyht62vkdmu3eklqjqa0rconcordium, dock, near, marlin, akash, agoric, nucypher, matic, pocketCloud
sif17kvern0jcm73uzaxy86e0rzpmyn66cnwhwgyxugladvlad#5053BlockStack, Kusama, Certik, Keep, Vega, Skale,, XXData Center
sif1squnxw2ts0uyn8rqx66mwjw8pzyq90452fqvlgRamazKar#8592Certik, Centrifuge, Acala, Kusama, Matic, Pocket, Elrond, CeloData Center
sif1wvrpeykzrvzpmzr32lhcd2606wmwrhw950q8klkantartu#4838NYM, Near, Certik, Stafi, Akash, Concordium, KAVAData Center
sif15kt23267r6hteqpeds84qdjs3dgzzq2dplflvjUteGulshat#6116AKash, KEep, Nucypher, Certik, Centrifuge, MinaCloud
sif1aqetrprwmjljqq0kxumgsl7u52emkgc8gd7cpvJohn88#2911Elixxir, Certik, Bitsong, AVA, Bluzzele, Cocordium, MinaBig expirience, know many commands. Bluzzelle, Certik, bitsong it's comsos networkfast change server, if it needed, backups keys and db, using servises (not sreen or tmux)firts i must understand problem-through logs, check version , then i must look into ussage of CPU, memory, disk. if i did not find mistakes-go to discrod and ask another users. also i must create new server from zero in parallel!Must choose better vps with better hardware!Graphana, UprobotyesData Centernonroot user-ufw enabled-ssh acces to server-vpn. Also in cosmos we can create sentry!2 years minmumStop-no, paused, maybe illness, maybe some home troublesVideos for validator and delegator!Was paid validator - it was very interesing and cool! Wondered by peggy!
sif18hlpn5kvpcn5wml5cx3s4uquyqm7ter49q8gugStafi, Certik, Darwinia, Near, Meter, Bluzelle, Akash, POcket, Agoric, DesmosCloud
At the moment, our focus is only Sifchain. But we're running nodes on several testnets(Desmos, Regen Network) scheduled to launch in 2021.Our engineers are on standby 24/7. We have 2+ years node operation experience, including Cosmos hub and Irisnet. We use multiple public sentry nodes with different cloud providers and multi-cloud and multi-region. We use an additional DDoS protection layer (firewall and load balancer). Our objectives are stability, speed, scalability, and security.To respond to emergencies, we always prepare reserve nodes and use snapshots to restore our node. Our primary focus is to avoid double-signing, and our emergency measures are validated through our team's internal testnet.First of all, we would check the hardware status of our validator and sentry nodes—for instance, CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, Network I/O, etc. Then, we will check the state of our nodes. Below are the few questions we would ask ourself.

- Are there too many tx in the mempool? If so, adjust the mempool size or increase the transaction fee.
- How's the peer status? If there's a shortage, increase the number of peers. Or contact other validators who are geographically adjacent to us and connect private peers.

The above mentioned are rudimentary measures. Depending on the situation, we will take additional actions.
Increase the mempool size or temporarily increase tx fee. If transactions continue to grow, we will upgrade our hardware.We use two proprietary monitoring tools. The first one runs within our node and checks the server's status. It has a self reboot function along with an alerting system. The second one runs on an independent server and externally checks the node status. We use Prometheus and Grafana too. Thus, we utilize a three-layer node monitoring system.VoIP voice call, automated Discord, and Telegram messagesSome nodes will be on IDC, and the majority will run on the cloud.We use all the above-mentioned security measures. However, due to latency problems, we may not use HSM. Furthermore, we have strict server access policies. We use a multi-layer access control system, which deters hackers from causing damage even if they access our machine via ssh.Our general policy is two years. After this period, our team revaluates the project and decides whether we will operate the future validator node. We check the development progress comparing with the project's roadmap. We consider the economic incentives – whether the fees are enough to cover server and security costs, etc. Please note that the actual operation period may vary based on other factors.We will shut down our node if the project violates local or the project's domiciled jurisdiction's law. Also, if there is no development activity, we will consider halting our validator node.We are still working on onboarding experienced validators to the Sifchain community. Besides that, we are in talks with Sifchain Korea community manager to come up with some promotions. We are very bullish on Sifchain and glad to contribute to the project.
sif17rug7q4hwnn9840zqm4al2wmhlfl4ymhvl6s76OlgaSidir#1109Kava, Oasis, Stafi, Dusty, Plasm, Darwinia, some othersData Center
sif1eksamtmtx7vtta0m2m9rlzc47s046we4yeka53Pocket, Centrifuge, Bluzelle, Vega, Nest Protocol, CertikCloud
sif1ll3uula8mcgk57p4fwkx99vztytr5kfntsf4ucAntonMatsul#8820Certik, Pocket, Keep, Nucypher, Skale, MaticData Center
sif16kevvjla75ncfcrehyus9hlh7ufm5mpa0l2lmf3DC, Certik, Matic, XX, Skale, witnet, NYMData Center
sif1t2vr9n7mc6n43zh42wpv2v633tzplpyjv0ymqwMazulSveta#4282meter, near, matic, kava, nucypher, certik, witnetCloud
sif1f6aradyumq7p6gdzynuxlu2xyskft8mr99vnd9haroondilshad#6890ZRXThe experience has been mostly smooth. The community is always great help.I am a developer and run the nodes with other developer friends of mine. We have a DevOps guy in the team as well and everyone is equipped with the knowledge to keep the nodes running.First off I'll check if this is an issue with my server and reach out to community. If it's a problem with just my node, I'll check the netsec groups and make sure my node can reach the internet and other peers. I'll ensure my scripts and daemons don't crash and personally monitor the node for an extended period of time to ensure it's able to validate new blocksI use Managed Instance Groups (MIGs) which auto scale based on the load. At the moment I use Stack Driver for cloud monitoring which gives me useful analytics and helps me with assessment logging and diagnostics should a problem present itself.I get Email, Slack and webhook notifications should my validator go downCloudVerifiable integrity with secure and measured boot, Firewall, no open ports, Live migration and patchingI have long-term plansIf there are some personal unavoidable struggless I might stop operating the nodeI can help new validators with their questions
sif1d5rn577vuue3mq33dakwupkhuvp4wqrl0agqveevoitenko#9994Acala, darwinia, certik, witnet, celo, maticCloud
my address: sif1qyyp6svg083ss7pl0kr4rkzzptxf5zm67vrysnWetez#9950Cosmos, Kava, Akash, IRISnet, Tezos, Polkadot, KimWe are wetez, we developed the wallet when cosmos went online1. Analyze the cause, if it is a server problem, you need to replace a better server.
2. If the process is interrupted, a daemon needs to be added
3. Add monitoring, if the block synchronization is not timely, an alarm will be issued
1. Improve the network
2. Use ssd disk
1. The cloud platform monitors the server, such as cpu, memory, network, etc.
2. Monitoring the difference between local blocks and browsing blocks
If the server or node is abnormal, we will send out SMS alarmCloud1. Use highly secure platforms such as aws and aliyun
2. The control port is open to the outside world
3. Configure sentinel nodes
When the profit cannot cover the cost for a long timeCommunity operation and promotionWetez is the most professional team in the POS ( Proof of Stake) field.
sif1hmt5reavj4dwn89r4tx8uha34gcjy6lehyfpyusilas#1155iris, mina, thegraph, matic, oasis, nucypherI have participated in Iris testnet bifrost and I have completed all of the mission. And I have developed a service based on response plan and node health response planchecking the problem with vps, find the reason of node down. Monitor the cpu, ram, ssd and port status. Monitor the cpu, ram, ssd, network status. Find bottlenecks that limit transaction processingSeaLion:SeaLion is a cloud-based Linux server monitoring tool. It also monitors all server indicators through a unified dashboard. It only takes a few minutes to complete the setup, and it has an instant alarm function so that when a problem occurs, you can quickly receive notifications and daily data summaries.mails and tg pushCloud Firewalls:close unused port.
SSH: only witelist ip with prv key could connet the shell.
DDoS protection: use tcp_syncookies, limit tcp_synack_retries and add tcp_max_syn_backlog.
all the time and same on the mainnetreward is less more than node cost organize meetup I'm from solidstake(, and we have bought token from wsifchain(though it's not the address I've provided). And we are proficient in node operation and maintenance and are committed to providing ecological construction for the public chain
sif14cn9sneeyu3q42486qlynwev5svwr9akl2aa3cUdenLee#4949Ethereum, Polkadot, FusionNetwork, IOSTI studied and used some cosmos based blockchain project, such as Binance Chain, Dfinance, IRISBuild an monitor service or website to watch my node, to ensure that is running well. In emergency I'll be received the waring email and fix it in a moment, and if is a bug of the core code or a blockchain error, I will report that to the official or community.Check the error, fix the problem, discussing it in the discord and add an issue on the github sifnode project if needed, and make sure the node running well for a long time.check the server resource is enough, if not, upgrade the server CPU, memory or bandwidth, if it not worked, ask for help in discord untill it have been solved.Yeah, I wrote a watching service based on nodejs to monitor linux service or port is available, it haven't been opensource, just running on my local server. It is very easy, it's a schedule that execute per minute, call a linux command to check the service if running well, and report the error via email or an IM robot hooks.I will recevied the email, robot message, even a sms, it wont mute until I fix it.CloudI will close the unnecessary port, usually just open the 22 port, and forbid root login, use ssh login instead password, event limit the IP. use TLS, mounte the domain to Cloudflare.From the sifnode start and to the world endWhen I upgrade the node, upgrade the server, and fix the error that connection error(The error was frequently appeared, and I'm not confirm the problem, just upgrade the code, download json file, update peers, restart, it will be worked)Contribute code to sifchain opensource, fix the bug if I can, answer the community's questions, help other developer to build their node, develop some funny little dapp.Is the validator node is limited number, or need compete for that?
sif16266grdv67vc8qsrn32sq2clvl7fpt7a0nna2hNadyaVas#5798Regen network, Keep Network, Certik, Pocket, Nest, SkaleData Center
sif1hy9cgqnnssgq060hzl8zd7v8wavhx3halfh42rAnna1242#2262Nucypher, Mina, Certik, Keep network, xx network.I currently run node in Certik, whick is Cosmos based. Also previously I participated in such testnets as: Bluzelle, Bitsong, Akash.I have a telegram bot set up that alerts me if something goes wrong with my server. I also use sentry to protect my validator.I will eliminate the reason why there was such a problem. And it will most likely be associated with a server outage.I will move the node to a more powerful server, so that such problems do not happen in the future.I use Zabbix.I have a bot set up that notifies me of similar problems in a telegram.Data CenterI will have the port open only for sentry node access. Also, the necessary protection for the server will be provided by datacenter employees.I'm interested in the project, so as long as it takes.I won't stop it =)
sif12yx7gk3dku33872zazy2e890ew03fnv5yyttznharoondilshad#6890LISKNone yetMultiple redundant VMs running in different geo origins. A team in multiple time zones so someone will always be available to do rescue work.Check my VMs health, rummage through logs and monitoring dashboards to make sure everything looks alright. Check netsec groups, firewalls for outgoing connections, resource usage of the VMs, check to see if HEAD is at the latest in the repo, reach out to community to see if someone else already faced and solved the recurrant issues. Manually monitor the VMs for some time.Check to ensure my node's resources will suffice, already have auto scaling shield VMs running on Google cloud which will come in handy. I've used Google stack driver in the past.Email, slack and webhook notificationsCloudBuilt in DDoS protection, Google Shield VMs, Firewall locked in, Verifiable integrity with secure and measured boot, Trusted UEFI firmware, Live migration and patchingLong termUnavoidable personal issuesHelp new joiners with node setups and sysadmin, create PRs in sifnode repos for some features/bugfixesI'm a Software Engineer by profession currently working in the IoT division of a renowned Equipment manufacturer. My team has a DevOps Engineer, Full stack Engineers based across 3 continents and we're all technology enthusiasts
provide pos poolValidator(dolphintwo) in iris, ops for cosmos, kava, terra, okexchainhot standby for all node, set sentry nodescheck resource consumption and network status, move to bak nodeImprove hardware configurationzabbix to check node status, alart will email meemail and dingtalkCloudfirewalls only allow program, vpn for login to hostalwaysthe machine cost cannot be coveredcommunity promotionoperator experience of more than 40 blockchains
Serhip#8971Mina protocol
sif1uu9m35eev3sg5rs9ry3d6244q7qxw6f3yhgn33Audi#4222AVA, Cocnordium, Bluzzele, Near, XXnetwork, Idena, CasperlabsAbout one year experienceFind mistakes in logs, setuping service or docker run, setupping configUnderstanding the problem, changing hardware, find mistakes in light setupwill searching for problem, asking in discordyes, graphana, zabbixon tg and mailHomeVPN with microtic firewall, additional ubuntu ufwlong term Force majeure situationscan try any of it neededLet's do world bettter
sif19luwftvvl3fdu0m8ehpfyzcxe3ge0w627lje2uStakeTab#5707Solana, Mina, Crust, Avalanche, HOPRBig experience in Bluzelle, Desmos, Crypto-comLaunching the Sentry node.I'll move to a more powerful server.Increase ulimitGrafana monitoring.Alerts on Grafana.Cloud dedicated serverFirewall and VPNAs much as you needThere is no situation in which I stop operating my nodeI create high-quality guides.
Examples made for other projects:
Also i am a staking provider
sif1dqjc7mr8cpug4w0l36k20lrxd4pv68avv76r27Wanderer#1042Oasis, Solana, Crust, Robonomics, the Graph, Nucypher (now stopped), Regen (testnet), Bitsong, Desmos, Sentinel, Certik (testnet closed)I have extended experience in running Cosmos networks. Since 2019alerts, notifications, backup hot swap backupscale of serversyes, telegram, scripts (self made) and grafana toolstelegram, emailData CenterDDOS protection, firewall, VPN for sentrieslong term as needed not expectedtbcI'm well experienced and known in various testnets and mainnets validator. I expect Sifchain foundation delegation votes to receive and foster decentralization. Welcome to the delegators, as the nodes are 100% reliable and ready.
sif1lqhyug025nlsutrccckmnlm33r349cuqlu2fzeharoondilshad#6890LiskNone yetMultiple redundant VMs running in different geo origins. A team in multiple time zones so someone will always be available to do rescue work.Check my VMs health, rummage through logs and monitoring dashboards to make sure everything looks alright. Check netsec groups, firewalls for outgoing connections, resource usage of the VMs, check to see if HEAD is at the latest in the repo, reach out to community to see if someone else already faced and solved the recurrant issues. Manually monitor the VMs for some time.I've used Google stack driver in the past.
Email, slack and webhook notificationsCloud
Built in DDoS protection, Google Shield VMs, Firewall locked in, Verifiable integrity with secure and measured boot, Trusted UEFI firmware, Live migration and patching
Long termPersonal reasonsCan be an active menber of the community trying to help newcomers get up and running, answer their questionsI'm a Software Engineer by profession currently working in the IoT division of a renowned Equipment manufacturer. My team has a DevOps Engineer, Full stack Engineers based across 3 continents and we're all technology enthusiasts
sif1ll8rk9nc2htvn9tgrk4jpayd6gjc8l2uguhdwnAlexandr0#3398oasis, certik, akash, solanareserved node running in parallel main nodeupgrade server (probably cpu and network issues)swith to reserve nodei use grafana monitoring tool with email alarmsemailData Centerat least 1yearhigh operating costs that are not covered by validation awards
sif18amckc3fhslgl4kly62h3rw5y0q59ew59dw7peMax999#8995Solana, AvalancheHot reserved server with full synced running nodeUpgrade network and CPUSwitch to reserved nodeCustom bash script that verify block height and send alarm if it differs from actual block heightSend email and telegram messageData Center3-5 yearsi don't plan to do this
sif1nhz30nvsvu3elruxwtueusmdzfxxvjc46amn32Zorian#0336MAINNETS: Solana, Pocket, Stafi, Darwinia. Paticipated in testnets: Oasis, Nucypher, KEEP, Casper Labs, Bluzelle, Matic, Celer, Elrond, Stafi, CODA/MINA, OraiVery experiencedI have an emergency planUpgrade serverUpgrade serverCustom monitoring scriptsEmail, telegram, smsData CenterServer provider have a DDoS protectionAt least 1+ yearIn case no delegations for long period (3-4 months)
sif159p7d04xeuxz4l4letvnsfq6ax79fv0p7k9lgtgalector#7182AVAX, SOLANA, STAFIData Center3-5yearsno plans
sif1hj828qezp2scwqgwve8rxqgrnyhp0js6qfx2muMuMuOp#1045Oasis, AkashI participated in many tendermint-based blockchain testnets: Oasis, Pocket, Certik, Matic, Bluzelle, AkashDouble reservation server, RAID 5 SSDUpgrade serverZabbixemail, smsData Centerone year +-
sif10ps0r8zym8f9pw4euvs9qgqxjrwyzpyugcvvgcakshayalenchery#5574Casper 1 year Monit along with email notifiers 1. Debug cause of failure - cloud vs service
2. Check Logs for crash points
3. Add Automated restart scripts (monit already done)
For other factors causing low rate (high/spiking traffiic) etc.. there will be a different approach
Ideally the blockchain should support docker-swarm/kubernetes

In current system:
Spawn multiple instances the service and load balance using nginx / some other reverse proxy (redundancy)

Go for additional independent nodes (we are currently running it like this)
Currently monit raises raises an alarm if the service goes down - continue with same
Alternatively, if docker is brought into the scene - we will go for a swarmpit / traefik deployment with automated management and updates
Email / discord messageCloud- AWS Firewall
- Rotating Keys
- SSH only access from org VPN
As long as the chain is aliveCost of operation mismatchArchitecture, Code reviews, ModulesIdeal workflow: We take care of infrastructure, security and uptime and serve as a validator node. Staking is something users can do and increase our voting power while we scale as per the transactions and add more nodes
sif1vqysw7rv9lf6ryk8xx3t2t2r9pmc5nhmryvhdlPerfect Stake#5940Celo, Kusama, Band, Solana,, Certik, Plasm, CentrifugePerfectStake = A reliable staking service provider
Our operations consist of dedicated servers located in the specialized and highly qualified well-known data centers around the world, using only the highly secure networking and role-model infrastructure setups with the full regular back-up using the N + M scheme, controlled by the external independent watchdog services.
Our team core value is delivering the maximum reliability and security for the various blockchain projects coupled with the maximum transparency for important and respectful delegators.
We're operating in many cosmos-based projects and have strong experience.
Please refer to:
back-up, hot-swap nodes, alarms and tier 1 data centersback-up and hot-swappingrunning the back-up validatortelegram, monitoring tools (prometheus+alarms)email, sms, telegram messageData CenterDDOS protection by default, long as requiredto be determined at a later stagecan post the twitter reposts and promote the project as applicablePerfect Stake PoS history started in 2019 from the various testnets and now Perfect Stake supports many of these networks in mainnet.
Our team credo is high demand to ourselves and accountability in delivering the maximum reliability and security for the various blockchain projects, with the maximum transparency for our important and respectful delegators.
Web: — Twitter: @perfectstake — Email: — Github: — Keybase: perfectstake
oasis, nucypher, irisnetirisnetwe are professionalto monitor and restartchange vpsyes shell and use systemdmailCloudSSH Keyforeverhave little delegatewe have hundreds people communityno
sif1chky4sqt0nqegd2cz8c2gtchtnw9ctu2f546flBreather#0955Solana, Robonomics, Bitsong, Oasis, and elseyes, I have strong experienceI have 100% uptime and back upalertsback up yes; email and telegram alertsas soon as possibleData Center DDoS protection, Firewalls, VPNas long as I receive the delegations from Sifchain foundationthe level of delegations