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NameGamer Tag/ PSN IDSocial Club NameReddit NameConsoleTime ZoneTime you playWhat do you like to do in GTAO?Mic?Real life job/hobbies
Zaca__bustaa_bustaa_bustaPS3Tuesday/Thursday - after 6:00. Any other day - any time.Anything and everythingYesWho is your daddy and what does he do?I'm looking for a man to call my Big Papa. Preferably Tango...
TravisA_ID_S_HAHAA_ID_S_HAHAA_ID_S_HAHAPS3Nights & WeekendsEverythingYesBOLDY
Josha1steaksauce1234a1steaksauce1234samadamscumminsPS3ESTmostly weekendsMissions,freeroam and general shenanigansyes but i dont always charge itTo Boldly this has been done beforeDude looking for a relaxed active crew
AlexAben314Mr0r3oIrishSpringPS3Depends on School, usually weekendsJob HuntingRarelyYes sir.None
AlexABlackCrownABlackCrownUnmappingPS3Mostly weekends, but some eveningsAnythingYeahRainbow parachute
JacobAboutTen0rphansDirtsk8rDirtsk8rXbox 360GMT -8:00Almost every day. Always on at nightHaving fun with a crew and general shenaningans.YesTransfering from Cooperative Mutiny (or at least attempting to. I'm in the proccess..)Happy birthday to the grooouuund!
Patrick W.AbvtheDribNamtrospeptobieXbox 3609-midnight weeknights and various times on weekendsI want to do it allYes, but usually quiet voice as I have a loft and wifey is upstairsI Love Lamp
AlexAdvent-OmegaAdvent-OmegadsgPS3ESTMost Weeknights and Sporadic on Weekends. Atleast 10+ hours a week of gametimeMissions. Lots of Missions. And racing, Clean racing prefferred but some bumbing here and there is fun too.YesBaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aint nobody got time fo dat!
BrentAgent_Dan_StorkclownsawsillysparkPS3EveningsMissions, Races, getting involves in anything goofyYes
TerryAgentAlienAgentAlienSecretAgentAlienPS3Random, mostly eveningsRacing mostly but up for anythingYes
Mannyahero2lateahero2lateahero2latePS3Varies (will make commitment)Don't know. I'm not that good. Not a sore loser.NoHen peckedcoolio
Alexaiux_Aleksandahaiux_PS3GMT+11Most afternoons and nights.Collecting bounties, flying aircraft, drag racing, land and air races and screwing around in sessions.Yes, but sometimes I need to charge it."Talk to me Goose."Not a dad, Looking for a busy crew that actually does things together.
Alanajd187ajd187esdJellyJarPS3ESTMost evenings, and random Saturday / Sunday times, dependent on toddler nap timeAnything, as long as I'm playing with cool people.Yes, but I usually play without it.What do you put in this space?  Anything?  OK here it is.  Senselless babble lol.Looking to play with a large group bc I only have one friend who plays, and he usually can't play much since he has kids too.  Public sessions have too many d-bags.
ChrisAKAStavrosAKAstavrosfind_the_fishPS3some weekday evenings after 8, anytime weekendRacing, missions, general tomfoolery
Nathanal Ateo_Ateo_AteoXbox 360CSTEvenings and weekendsMissions, parachuting, robbing stores, racing, general chaosYesPC TechDoneSingle dad with a 14 yr old
Amaramar_09AmarSJHABABABABPS3Evenings/WeekendsAnything- Missions, freeroam etc YesK
AndroAncOXAncoxAncOXXbox 360Random , WeekendsMissions , races , and everything else
RickAperape502Thedude502Thedude502PS3It varies from day to dayMissions, racing, goofing off.NoWhat do I do with my hands?I enjoy long walks on the beach, and balling out of control. I also know when to hold them and know when to fold them.
CalebApplejack28Applejack28Applejack28Xbox 360Random, when Xbox is functionalGetting money, doing races, and killing asshats that deserve it.YesI THINK YOU MEANT TO USE "TO"! My nigga I have no problem accepting money from questionable sources.
MatascupartlullyluvkarmabastardPS3Europe daytimes, eveningsCrew jobs, coop missions, making cashmost of the timedo'h - should've read the application instructionsI've completed story mode - just started it again though
TonyAviator573Aviator573isthisonealsotakenPS3CSTEvenings and nights weekly, all Wednesdays and Sundays.Parachuting, Capture, Deathmatch, as long as I have some people to play with.I will purchase a mic upon being accepted!Entrepreneur/Investor, small business owner. Winner. Champion. Legend.Ok.. but what do I put in this section?Let's do this.
DaanishBabaORiley375FlamingEraserDaanish3751Xbox 3602-3 hours a day, no hours a day during examsClassic Rock, running missions, and cruising with crewmatesYesI guess I'll fill this in
MarioBadluck95 Badluck95 Badluck95PS3EveningsUp for anything. I have one but it's not usually on.
Tombaldygatorbaldygatorbaldygator32PS3Weekends usually, some week nights.Group events, mucking around, having funYup.Whatever mate
DamienBawssdubbbdubbbdubbPS3usually after 9:00pm MST Weekdays. Anytime on the weekendsgood time.yesalrighty then.this is my comment.
BeardlaceBeardlaceBeardlaceBeard-lacePS3Some afternoons, some evenings, nightFriendshipYesOK? Please save me from whiny children and endless jumps jumps jumps.
MohBeast_Shot17Beast_Shot17bladeoftruthPS3Weekends & nights from 9:00pm GMTFreeroam, Missions, basically whatever you guys are up tonope. I have a mic on my PS move cam but I don't use it that often. It might come in handy though if there's any need.ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?!?!?Student here so I might get distracted by University some days. Oh yeah and I like soccer. That's pretty much it.
NickBeastie66JobeastieSchwam66PS3Usually mid weekMissions, tennisYupSports traderNot sure what to put here.
AaronBecauseImBatman1/Highlife415Highlife562Highlife562Xbox 360Usually after 9:00pm MST Weekdays. Anytime on the weekendsEverythingYes.Have you heard about the bird?
Dannybeefcake1115beefcake1115julio_and_iPS3Weekends at nightMayhem, Races, MissionsNope
MarkBelowMeNow14Markfu14ChewyScrotumXbox 3609pm - 1am, weeknights, weekendsAnythingYesOk
MacBenz E420LiwethaLiwethaXbox 360CSTMost afternoons and eveningsI espically enjoy racing helicopters. Besides that I enjoy helping out players in need and doing mission other than RR and Coveted. YesStudent (Training to be an Aircraft Technician)IndeedBoo ya!
MacBenz E420LiwethaLiwethaXbox 360CSTMost afternoons and evenings Helicopter races. Exploring, and helping out new players.YesStudent (Training to be an Aircraft Technician)
JeremyBigBulgeInPantsHolcomb227HolcombPS3Random times once or twice a week.Strictly darts. Nothing else.Yes
CraigBigdaddywellyBadbobpen45514BigdaddywellyXbox 360GmtNightly from 9pm till I can't play anymoreRacing missions deathmatch
And goofing about
Yes Why not that's what I thinkHelp me play with some adults please 38 single dad of two teenages
Billy OBill0giBillogiBillogiXbox 360London GMTMost weekends and some week nightsMissions, collect bounties, anything worth making a video out of (have capture card)YesMature undergrad studentBut what if I fill them in?As mentioned earlier, I have a HD capture card so if any videos are being made I am happy to contribute should I be avaliable. Also, the 0 in my gamer tag is a zero
Lester MBJDAOGBJdaOGlocalcreepPS3Evenings/WeekendsKillin fools, leveling up, riding around in styleYes
Beckybke420b-e-c-k-y_420bke_420PS3PST8pm - 11pm couple times a week and during napsMissions, coveted farming, races, survival and morenot at the momentMarried to a gamer and we have one son.
SethBl0ody c0mmAnD0Magmor4/ or my XBLGTMagmor4Xbox 360Somewhat available. Have a job and school that come first.Casual cruising. I'm a damn good driver.Yes, but sometimes I'll be in a party with friends that don't play GTA.Well, I'm 17, and fortunately I'm not a dad at this age, but I'm here because this is the kind of community I want to be part of. I'm also a great driver.You'll see me driving around north Los Santos and the highway. If you want backup or an evac/escort, I'm your guy.

I've used a Sandking XL in Los Santos to outrun an Adder that was trying to bomb me.
Colinblackajax15blackajax15Becausefucklogic123PS3GMT +1
Budblackstaf81blackstafblackstafPS3eveningsAnything. Still need race wins. Yes42
Kerry (people call me Whitey)Blanco420SupernofriendoSuperNoFriendo64PS3 Weekdays between 9-5, some evenings, limited on weekendsMissions, races, just having fun. YesNot a dad, but 30 yrs. old, looking for players the same age and maturity. This sounds like a great crew!
Josephbluedog0812bluedog0812seasonal_a1lergiesXbox 360CSTmost eveningsGetting together to do ridiculous things, Having an opportunity to just hang out and explore the game as well as play missions and races together. Coming up with scenarios to play out in freeroamyesMed school, used to build racecars, Done!
KevinBmorenivekbmorenivek13bmorenivekPS3When i canAnythingYes
BobbyBobbydigital191Bobbydigital191krob_the_mercilessXbox 360Evenings and weekends GMTAll is good
NigelBobzilla699Bobzilla699Bobzilla699Xbox 360Most eveningsEverything!YupCamel toe racing
MikeBonarirgo1Bonarirgo1BonafideagoPS3Nights and weekendsAnythingSometimesOKNeed a real crew, you guys look like a perfect fit!
CliffBonestarfishBonestarfishBonestarfishPS3Most week nights between 8-10. Weekends when my son naps, usually 10-1.Missions, playing in free roam.. ill do anything thoughYesFilling out
Volgaboruchan_93boruchan_93volgalonsoPS3JapanRandom, usually at nightsMissions, racing, flyingNo micstudent/soccer,music,movies
LeeBowsa420Bowsa420DoubleVdoubleAPS3 Evenings and weekendsAnything fun, Killing griefers, bounties and general mayhemYes
Brianbr14n4mbr14n4mbr14n4mPS3GMT +12pm - 2amMissions, racingNounemployed software developer
Brucebrucesp2brucesp2brucesp2PS3Weekends and 2-3 evenings a weekbeen offline for so long up for pretty much anything nowweekends sometimes, evenings usually notGo Banana! been playing offline for some time, looking to get back online with what time I have available
DanBuddahfinger666Buddahfinger666Buddahfinger666PS3Weekends and the odd eveningPretty much anythingYep
HowardBuddy16209HquarlesHquarlPS39pmAnything really just see what happens when I log in. NoSeven I always go with seven.
Tonybugsy13045bugsy13045bugsy13045PS3NightsSurvivals, goofingyesbold it is!less talk more gameplay
leonardbustencaps4407bustencaps4407leonardj4Xbox 360Mainly after 1700 MSTAnything. I just started playing onlineyesBOLD LETTERSComment
CalebC-Lobe_NEKC-LobeklobberPS3Most weekends and some eveningsMissions, racing, survival, just about anythingYes
derekc1usterfhawkC1usterfawkClusterfawkXbox 360EST 8PM-1PM, weekends here and therewouldn't call myself an elite player, just not enough time to devote to hard core gaming like my early 20's. tired of playing online solo.  want to run missions and explore everything this game has to offeryes, turtle beach xp300 wirelessim canadian, so i'll just leave something polite here...43, 2 kids under10, wife knows that i need to kill certain things to stay sane in life....
Carloscalfaro79ProgwrxProgwrxPS3EST8-10am, random on weekendsRacing, missions, free roam fun Not yet, plan toLegal field, mostly I.P., some torts and other civil matters. Short films and other production work on the side.What is this for? Im a gent but dont wear fedoras.
Josh B.Camaro7611Camaro7611Dirtracer11jPS3Evenings 7pm to midnight CST, weekends sporadic due to race car.Anything.YesCertified automotive technician, certified horsepower junkieWooooooooooo!Msg or invite, like helping in missions
BrennonCatylisticCatylisticCatylisicXbox 360Early afternoons usuallyIm down with anything really.....anything (;Yes
PeterCchung105MrxscarfaceMrxscarfacePS3Completely randomGOLF, police chases, racing in free roamNoI will sacrifice speed for a nice looking drift.
DrewCedoNulliCedoNulli172CedoPS3RandomWorking as a group, does not matter what we are doing.Yes
Jon CceemotCeemotcmotdibbler13Xbox 360GMTat present all day and into the nightDriving and races, although I am really crap at them.Yesaircraft electricianHrmphLooking forward to finally being in a crew
CesarCesarDuilioCesarDuilioCesarGabrielPS3GMT -3Mostly random/SaturdaysMissions, free roam with the crewyesMarketing
MoChata PokaichatapokaichatapokaiXbox 360ESTMost nights and all weekendsLove to mod cars and just cruise. Bounties, races, but mostly cruising and having funIndeedMET studentTURN ONE, LAND, SOL RING, DIVINGING TOP, USE FLOATING MANA TO LOOK AT TOP 3, PASS TURNthis crew looks like fun on a bun
JayChelseajay23Chelseajay28Chelseajay28PS3Weekdays 8 til 11 weekends 8 tillateRacing and general roaming aroundNo
Chelsopolis (Chel/Sop/Olis)ChelsopolismymouthycornhulBoggart777PS3CSTmost weekedns,, rumbling rooftops, fighting bounty huntersyes, but i rarely speakK i'll let you borrow my tank if you want.
ChrisChevyPower1987Christianc1987Christianc1987Xbox 360usually from 11PM EST to 3PM EST during weekFun Things, anythingSometimes, when GF is not sleeping
KeithChicwaChicwaChicwaXbox 360Nights/weekendsI like sniping from rooftops, it's a great way to mess with others. I also like being chased on my Dinka Akuma, and I love surving bounties when folks are after me. Other than that, I pretty much like it all :)Yes48 year old tech guy with college age kid who lives in North East USA.I've been on the look out for a mature crew, Ihope this is it.
Chrischrisih8uchrisih8uchrisih8uXbox 3609am-12pm or 8pm-11pmMissions, Survivals, killing assholesYes
TomChristmas Ape69Jesus0BeakGunonGunXbox 360ESTNights & weekendsContent CreatorYesO RLYPlay my races
WillChubby_ToadChubby_ToadxX_PHaTAss_XxPS37p - 12a
sometimes sporadically
Down for anything. I especially enjoy free-roam DMs.Yes, but baby sleeps in same room, so sometimes I am unable to talk.Well, I read it... Hahaha, reddit!
BillChuckSmoovChuckSmoovB_StachePS3PacificWeekdays in the evening, weekends usually any timeBeing silly, missions, off roading, survivals, pretty much up for anythingYes, mostly to listen but I'll talk occasionallyPlumber, mountain biking, guitar playing, being awesomeI like to run things over in my SandkingLet's play!
Joe BCJ9191joe.neo9191joe_baker1990PS3GMTWeeknights and WeekendsAnything and everything, yesIT SupportLittle late for that now...Never jump off a moving bus
Jacob cja1005cja1005gone_missin_1PS3Sporadically. Typically on eveneings CST and most weekendsI enjoy every aspect this game, so as long as there are others around to enjoy it with. You can usually find me doing missions or races, but I am more than wiling to be bullet fodder in a deathmatch. YesBold sections are required to be filled out with random information reagarding player and life story: Insert additional info here. beep beep boop boopM/27/Texas. I am a small businees owner with a highly flexible schedule and this game has become a part of my daily stress relief. Looking forward to meeting some of the great people in this crew.
CliffClavetasticClavenClaven13PS3ESTThursdays - Saturdays from 9am to 10:30pm or 5pm to 7:15pmMissons and just goofing around having some laughs.YesIT I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown...

Time for a checkup!
2up 2down
Michael L.ClumpyPhoenix(xbox)ClumpyPhoenixPunxandskinzXbox 360PST (GMT-8)I *usually* don't play when wife is, survival, general cruzing aroundyes, sick of hearing kidsUsed to be a chef now I'm figuring out what to do.Ok hope I did it correctly, not sure of the point of this cell?26 year old know how to have fun,
AndyCodek77CodexianCodexianPS3Late evenings, early morningsAllYes
DanielCODysseyrsrulesusukrsrulesusukPS3ESTTuesday, Friday, Sunday (Sometimes other days)I love doing unstructured activities, eg. Riding bikes off cliffs & skydiving, flying, etc.yesstudent OKAYDISCLAIMER: I am 12, but not a typical twelvie. I am academic, unlike some other twelvies.
ColdColdasice_1982Coldasice_1982Coldasice_1982PS3week mostly between 10pm and 2 am, weekends evening if at homeI'm open for anything, but prefer racing, laughing, try stuff (like swinging a car with a cargobob on the maze helipad, en see who's left standing as last)YesGreatest Of All Times ;o)You only live once,... do it right!
Misaelcoldhardcash2kdcorpsedcorpsePS3CST6-10 on weekdays and various times on weekendsDrive around with crew members, race, and do contact missionsYes. Don't use it now because there isn't anyone to use it with.Help Desk. Reading, watching movies, and playing various other games
Collin CollinCoffieldXxMrOctaviousxXsiroctaviousXbox 360RandomAnything and EverythingYep
ZacColossalDockPrimeJaximusZachammerXbox 360EveningsLoyaltyYes sirFilled outThanks
CoyoteCoyoteToledoCoyoteToledoCoyoteToledoPS3ESTEvenings, weekends, occasional daytimeMotorcycles, revenge, racing, creation, goofiness, impossible odds, chaos, single-minded loyalty.YesSoftware DeveloperMotorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles.Wicked goddamn old. Single dad with 12 year old. Seems to prefer motorcycles. Dies with style.
CjcpinkrkocpinkrkocpinkrkoXbox 360Evenings when my wife works Mother fing solardarity -unity or agreement of feeling or action, esp. among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.yes whisper modeMAH NIGGA, (i'm Black so It's Cool)I hope to impress
TomCrazy_AgileCrazy_AgileCrazy_AgilePS3Weeknights, weekendsAnythingYes
JamesCrippleMasterdCrippleMasterdTherapistMDXbox 360AKSTWeekend warrior. Rare exceptions of weeknights.Racing, flying, general tomfoolery.yes (kinda shitty, needs replace)Bicycle Mechanic, Trucker, PilotI'll...uhh....fill out your bold sections...Old farts, unite! (Raises glass of metamucil)
Crowcromagn0nCromagn0ncromagnoneXbox 360Most nights but not reliable, 5pm-9pm ESTOdd cars, snipingYesMmmm. Forrrrms.
Jeremycwazywabbit74cwazywabbit74cwazywabbit74Xbox 360ESTEvenings 9-12amanythingyesi like chicken too
PatCzernobog34czernobog34pat3488 or czernobog34Xbox 360Wehn the wife is away i get to playRacing is my thing but i will do everythingin the mailok
Avinashd_kumar71thathollywoodguythathollywoodguy3PS3ESTDepends on school, but usually: Weekdays - 6pm to 9pm EST. Weekends - 1pm to 11pm EST.Anything involving a car, plane, gun, helicopter. I also love doing races, missions, deathmatches; and I love just having fun.Yup, mic that works just fine.Sir, yes Sir!Nothing specific to add here, so I have no comments.
KrisD0nT_P4n1K_42D0nT_P4n1K_42kriswonePS3EST9PM EST - 12AM ESTAnythingYesDigital Automation, if a human can do it on a computer, I can automate it. Software Q/A. Network AdministratorMaybe Baby
Daviddaasethr33boygotrichXbox 360CSTWeekends usuallyFree RoamNoSweetLooking forward to playing with you guys!
Dakdak_kodaWolfhumourDakolawPS3Thursdays depend on school, Fridays - Saturdays all day & night, Sundays noon to 8pm, weekdays random.$$$, aviation, and just plain funYesSo it is.Yup.
DakotaDakotaDodgeDakotacoreDon't have one atmXbox 360Mon-friday 5-whenever I'm tired. But don't have to work right now so temporally available most times and weekends. Organized get togethers and ugly cars with clown hornsYes. If I could customize the giant dump truck I would be so happy. Best lobby ever. Thoroughly enjoyed getting shanked on an island and blown up by tanks.
dandancunndancunndancunnXbox 360estweeknights after 7 estanything and everythingnothis space intentionally left blank
DannyDanny42789Danny4278Danny42789Xbox 360Weekday nights 8:30 until midnight, weekend availability is spottyHaving a good time in GTA OOccasionally The chinamen pissed on my rug
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