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NameGamer Tag/ PSN IDSocial Club NameReddit NameConsoleTime ZoneTime you playWhat do you like to do in GTAO?Mic?Real life job/hobbies
EdwinXbeasty187Xbeasty187 erivera8193PS38PM - Varies depending on my morning Anything. Just dont fall in love with me. Yes! I'm not a dad. And I'm no scientist. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
Tynycdoodnycdood NuyawkerPS3ESTTue night -satdrive and shoot! Yes, once I dust it offParamedicAre they? I'm not a dad
RickProphecyInBlackProphecyInBlack Yambag_the_BarbarianBoth8-12ish weekdays
Random times weekends
Anything and everything. Always love just going for cruises. Yes. You don't age when you live out of time. A thousand years in the blink of an eye.
WoodyWoodrow15108SoxualAttraction _Woodrow_PS3Evenings Anything, the crew I'm currently in is garbage, no interation with each other. I get killedby crewmates often. Just looking for people to do jobs with/ run around together in Free ModeMost of the time. Wife makes fun of me when I wear it so sometimes the headset isn't hooked upCollege Admissions Dad of 2 girlsintentionally blank
TangoY-nkeeT-ngoY-nkeeT-ngo-YankeeTangoPS36 PM to 11 PMATM and Anything but flying.Affirmative.LOUD NOISES!
JaceDJFLDJFLVik_Bricks/u/djflXbox 360random...shift workMissions, gang attack type stuff, racesNope
JamieTheLaserBanditTheLaserBandit/u/theg721Xbox 360evenings/weekendsAnythingnope
TJTJF III12inchsandwich12inchsandwichXbox 360Evenings until ~10, weekends, but variesJust jumped to online, enjoying deathmatches and other jobs so far. Not much of a racer, but down for whateverYesK
Oliver Oliver6493Psychoholicxlol 47h315mPS3Varies Coop and missions YesFILLED OUT
Taox8Heistsx8Heists8HeistsXbox 3609pm - midnightDown for whatever. No kissing on the mouthYes, but child sleeps downstairs.I HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!!!
Zaca__bustaa_bustaa_bustaPS3Tuesday/Thursday - after 6:00. Any other day - any time.Anything and everythingYesWho is your daddy and what does he do?I'm looking for a man to call my Big Papa. Preferably Tango...
TravisA_ID_S_HAHAA_ID_S_HAHAA_ID_S_HAHAPS3Nights & WeekendsEverythingYesBOLDY
Joshsamadamscumminsa1steaksauce1234a1steaksauce1234PS3Weekends,various timesMissions, cruising, gang warfaremost of the time22 occiasional gamer
AdamFuserfilmsCelebrityGhostadamjrafusePS3Newfoundland (GMT -2:30)Currently anytime, In a month or so just evenings/weekendsHave fun!YesAssistant Picture EditorDid I do it? Do I win?Let's see how this goes...
AJCDingyPanther03DistantBeaveraddymanXbox 360GMTplaying with fun playersyesi dont do steroidsyes, stop deleting me
AssortedNuggetsDingyPanther03DistantBeaveraddymanXbox 360evening, day/late evening weekendsAs long as fun, that good for me.No
MaxJohnHDillingerXCipherXadriftdata91Xbox 360Usually all day, but normally from 8pm-4am.Everything and anythingYes, but never use it. Will if needed.BACONLooking for an active crew hopefully. Tired of being bored and alone in the other Reddit crews I'm in.
LoganLP4205AFI420AFI420Xbox 36024/7Anythingyes
PargeGodwinistGodwinistafokenrPS3PST/GMT-8Weekends, some evenings 6-9 PSTLurking, Chaufeurring, Barnstorming, Ripping through firefights, Coop, Experimentation, Role Play, Jumps, Goofing aroundYes*twoI'm the one who's 9-year-old tags along in his RDAD sessions. He's a dangerous driver and bit clumsy with his automatic weapons. Forgive him.
Jonnyjonnyfreakinagent1137agentfoxPS3Weeknights, weekendsAny race, survival, or high-paying mission. Willing to grind for hours on end. Like long walks on the beach and smooth jazz. Yup, almost always on. Will designate with headphones if notVideo editor, screenwriter, actor. Current paying profession: post production assistant at Sony Pictures.Not a dad, but a proud godfather and uncle who has a full time job and cannot play all day erryday. May soon be a mom though. Love you LawDogg. Goddamnit, LawDogg, when did you add that last bit?
Mannyahero2lateahero2lateahero2latePS3Varies (will make commitment)Don't know. I'm not that good. Not a sore loser.NoHen peckedcoolio
MarkStenturionStenturionahomelessguyXbox 360Tuesdays every week, but usually 9pm - 4am GMTHelping noobs. Killing squeakers. Trolling griefers.Nope. Possible on Tuesdays, but usually need to stfu around the babiesI agree with everything in this heading.Shit, my coffee went cold. Again.
Nick P. TOOLPRICETOOLPRICEAim-9enemaPS3Usually Fridays and weekends Missions and Survival Yes, but I don't usually use it
Alexaiux_Aleksandahaiux_PS3GMT+11Most afternoons and nights.Collecting bounties, flying aircraft, drag racing, land and air races and screwing around in sessions.Yes, but sometimes I need to charge it."Talk to me Goose."Not a dad, Looking for a busy crew that actually does things together.
ThomasTop ShoTTa TwixTooShoTTaTwixAllTappedOutXbox 360Between 4-11pm Mon-FriEarly RetirementYes, most of the time it's on.Walk softly and carry a big stick.
Clark Kentslow aimslowaimamishredditorXbox 360rare...evenings ESTfree roam mostly. thus no cash or RPyesOK!
TimQuietriot2012InitforthelulzAMXS_FMLPS3Weekends, some week nights after 8pm. (Changes depending on work schedule) Free-roam, would like to get in on some missions though. Need to rank up. Yes.
AmyMe7205152698AmysbfAmy_rides_horses PS3When I'm onBurnin ThingsYaPunchy dr
Mr. ElingeredshadeSir_LegendheadanagramgoeshereXbox 360cstUsually very late at night through til morning, possibly early afternoonMissions mostly, with random everything else on the sideI never use oneI'm BatmanYOU'LL SWEAR TO MEWHERR ARR THE OTHERR DRUGS GOING
ShanelingeredshadeSir_LegendheadanagramgoeshereXbox 360centrallate night through early morning to possibly afternoonanything reallyhardly everI'm Batmanrawrrawr
AndroAncOXAncoxAncOXXbox 360Random , WeekendsMissions , races , and everything else
AndrewVictor The WolfandrewbyobandrewbyobXbox 360Mid-West3:30 to 9:30Fly fighter jets, fly around, off-road, and just have funX-12sSuch wow. Many guns.
PetePete68wpete68wAngryMedic_CLEPS3ESTI work every third day (C shift) usually on in the eveningsDoing missions and whatnot. Not into RP at all. Yes, but I'm not a big talkerParamedic, Combat Medic in the Ohio national guardDone
AnthonySedentaryJet86antoine474antoine474Xbox 360MSTAs frequently as I can. I'm on like everyday if that is something more specificEverything with extra love for racing and missions.No. Unfortunately not. Even if I had one, they always get broken in my house. Sorry.17. Coming from Mutiny. Temporarily in the purgatory known as the Bad Sport Lobby because of troll drivers in races. It sucks.Real Salt Lake baby!
AndersWrinklypruneWrinklypruneanzieEvenings for Norway CET (3pm-9pm EST)I love free roam off roading. But anything's fun. Not that into DM and LTS, though.Yes, but I usually play without headset.--||--
Michael T.Empty713Wetmitten AppledidnothingwrongPS35pm-12amWork, school and working outYesPizza
CalebApplejack28Applejack28Applejack28Xbox 360Random, when Xbox is functionalGetting money, doing races, and killing asshats that deserve it.YesI THINK YOU MEANT TO USE "TO"! My nigga I have no problem accepting money from questionable sources.
DrewThe DRZAARealIdeaARIndyXbox 360PST11-15:00 some days, 19:00-21:00 most daysMissions, Races, and most other ShennanigansYes, though I usually have to switch controllers to get to it
Nathanal Ateo_Ateo_AteoXbox 360CSTEvenings and weekendsMissions, parachuting, robbing stores, racing, general chaosYesPC TechDoneSingle dad with a 14 yr old
Mike (Maniacal)Skyf0rgerSkyf0rgeraZombieSlayerXbox 360Eastern Time9pm-1am weekdays, various times on weekendsContact missions, survival, bounty hunts, griefer hunts in freeroam, any activity, I suck at races.YesTrample the weak, hurdle the dead...please don't grief me.Great to be here. Ask me about Riot Radio sometime.
BillChuckSmoovChuckSmoovB_StachePS3PacificWeekdays in the evening, weekends usually any timeBeing silly, missions, off roading, survivals, pretty much up for anythingYes, mostly to listen but I'll talk occasionallyPlumber, mountain biking, guitar playing, being awesomeI like to run things over in my SandkingLet's play!
MarioBadluck95 Badluck95 Badluck95PS3EveningsUp for anything. I have one but it's not usually on.
Tombaldygatorbaldygatorbaldygator32PS3Weekends usually, some week nights.Group events, mucking around, having funYup.Whatever mate
Michael LockeMichaelLockeMLockeBaltorussianPS3Random, but if any, after 7-8PM, and typically only weekends at random timesFun, leveling!YesFIRST LINE IS NOT BOLD.
Justinkastanjellybassgoesbombbassg0esbombPS3ESTOccasional daytime, late eveningsMissions, races, parachuting, general hobnoberyYesBartenderTHIS IS FILLED OUT HAHAHAWhy are covered in red stuff? Is that syrup?
DamienBawssdubbbdubbbdubbPS3usually after 9:00pm MST Weekdays. Anytime on the weekendsgood time.yesalrighty then.this is my comment.
BeardlaceBeardlaceBeardlaceBeard-lacePS3Some afternoons, some evenings, nightFriendshipYesOK? Please save me from whiny children and endless jumps jumps jumps.
Colinblackajax15blackajax15Becausefucklogic123PS3GMT +1
PatrickGriff08SLAMRAAMBeefrollXbox 3609pm or weekend morningsSurvival, missions, some Freeroam Yes but I don't always plug it in
BenFreyaNafouzBlinckerbelinckPS35-8, Tues+Thurs, Random weekend and Friday nightsRacing, missions, bounty huntingYes, but it has a mute button on it so I can yell at my dogs for chewing on stuff they shouldn't be without annoying the GTA world.<- Please refer to /r/firstworldanarchists
CraigBigdaddywellyBadbobpen45514BigdaddywellyXbox 360GmtNightly from 9pm till I can't play anymoreRacing missions deathmatch
And goofing about
Yes Why not that's what I thinkHelp me play with some adults please 38 single dad of two teenages
Willelfy619wdstrumBigglejillyXbox 360Nights and weekends Vidya games Yes Required Text
Billy OBill0giBillogiBillogiXbox 360London GMTMost weekends and some week nightsMissions, collect bounties, anything worth making a video out of (have capture card)YesMature undergrad studentBut what if I fill them in?As mentioned earlier, I have a HD capture card so if any videos are being made I am happy to contribute should I be avaliable. Also, the 0 in my gamer tag is a zero
Beckybke420b-e-c-k-y_420bke_420PS3PST8pm - 11pm couple times a week and during napsMissions, coveted farming, races, survival and morenot at the momentMarried to a gamer and we have one son.
Rexxkarmanirvana2010JoeyJmanblacklightshielsPS3any time from mid-morning to late nightmissions and land races mainly but im better believe it babyi agree with IOldNo7, but i also want a cool island song
Budblackstaf81blackstafblackstafPS3eveningsAnything. Still need race wins. Yes42
MohBeast_Shot17Beast_Shot17bladeoftruthPS3Weekends & nights from 9:00pm GMTFreeroam, Missions, basically whatever you guys are up tonope. I have a mic on my PS move cam but I don't use it that often. It might come in handy though if there's any need.ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY?!?!?Student here so I might get distracted by University some days. Oh yeah and I like soccer. That's pretty much it.
DaveDavewoodsterDavewoodsterBluetv13Xbox 360GMT6-10pm various weekdays and various times on weekndsGet a helicopter, chase bounties, attack griefers, grind RTR, etcYes- don't always use itMarketing Manager"Well now i've seen everything! Have you seen a man eat his own head?! Well you haven't seen everything...and neither have we.Foo du fafa
KevinBmorenivekbmorenivek13bmorenivekPS3When i canAnythingYes
Bobgbob23gbob23bobrolandPS3Day off. Saturday mornings. occasional weekday nights.After hanging with this crew, you guys name it.Yes. I think it works. You sneaky bastard.Nice to have a place for old bastards.
NigelBobzilla699Bobzilla699Bobzilla699Xbox 360Most eveningsEverything!YupCamel toe racing
Chelsopolis (Chel/Sop/Olis)ChelsopolismymouthycornhulBoggart777PS3CSTmost weekedns,, rumbling rooftops, fighting bounty huntersyes, but i rarely speakK i'll let you borrow my tank if you want.
MikeBonarirgo1Bonarirgo1BonafideagoPS3Nights and weekendsAnythingSometimesOKNeed a real crew, you guys look like a perfect fit!
CliffBonestarfishBonestarfishBonestarfishPS3Most week nights between 8-10. Weekends when my son naps, usually 10-1.Missions, playing in free roam.. ill do anything thoughYesFilling out
AllisterSirlilpigBornphatBornphatXbox 360
MattG1drybothra13bothraPS3After 9pm estracing, shooting, killing hookersyes, finally2 kids killed my gaming time
Brianbr14n4mbr14n4mbr14n4mPS3GMT +12pm - 2amMissions, racingNounemployed software developer
PhilphilhouseThrillhouseNixonbrnvonchknpantsPS3weeknights, weekend days and nights. Whatever. I'd like to see more capture gamesyesAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
BruceMINI JEBUSbrucee10brucee10Xbox 360night / weekendsleveling up, $$$, SurvivalYes - but quietok
Brucebrucesp2brucesp2brucesp2PS3Weekends and 2-3 evenings a weekbeen offline for so long up for pretty much anything nowweekends sometimes, evenings usually notGo Banana! been playing offline for some time, looking to get back online with what time I have available
DanBuddahfinger666Buddahfinger666Buddahfinger666PS3Weekends and the odd eveningPretty much anythingYep
Tonybugsy13045bugsy13045bugsy13045PS3NightsSurvivals, goofingyesbold it is!less talk more gameplay
SeanSunnyDeezySunnyDeezyBulldog37PS3Mostly weekend day and nightsAnything and Everything!Yes I DON'T KNOW WHY WE'RE YELLING!!!N/A
NickHandoffmyBullittLT._BullittBullittDudePS3All week 6am to 12pmI really like the gang attacks and just try to leave everyone aloneSoonSigning My Life AwayWon't fire until fired upon first(ROE).
BrentK1SS_MY_ANTH1ANSTheDirtySanchezbunnyrabbits666PS3CSTWeeknights after 10p & weekendsAnythingYesI agree.
SteveTacoBearsTacoBearzBusyDoingSciencePS3Late EveningsI'm open. YepI don't get it...My wife just told me I'm failing at life due to not starting another show quickly. I may be master of the remote, but I'm really more of a figurehead.
RichRichid1Richid1but_i_dont_redditPS3nights / weekendsMissions - but most are getting boringYes - rarelyThis space intentionally left blank.Looking to have more fun in GTA
ByronxXxFlash2k8xXxBYRNNNbyrnnnPS3ESTEvenings, 8pm-12am.... Anytime during the weekendsRaces, doing crazy things... everythingSadly noProgramming!I just want people to chill with!
AdammotheridiommotheridiomCantWeAllBeRightPS3Weekday evenings and most weekendsJoint missions & capture mainlyYes, but can't use all the timeI suppose I better fill this out then(!)Looking forward to playing with some like minded gamers!
Archieskonamskonamcartesian5thPS3variesmissions, clan capture, making cash moneyyes
CaseyDynomiteKillsdynomitekillscaseyanthemXbox 3604p-11p weekdays & all day weekends
bounty hunting, missions, flying, getaway driverYes.i am the law.when in doubt, pull out.
BrennonCatylisticCatylisticCatylisicXbox 360Early afternoons usuallyIm down with anything really.....anything (;Yes
DrewCedoNulliCedoNulli172CedoPS3RandomWorking as a group, does not matter what we are doing.Yes
TimSloppyclubSl0ppyClubCerilePS3Whenever the kids are asleepAnythingSometimes
CesarCesarDuilioCesarDuilioCesarGabrielPS3GMT -3Mostly random/SaturdaysMissions, free roam with the crewyesMarketing
PaulkohutpRoxxycottoncgguyPS3Evenings and Weekends (EST)Racing, Deathmatches, Missions, Free roam with fun people (in that order) - My main character is a female. No I'm not weird. Or maybe I am and just don't know it.Yes, I'm not a motor mouth though.CanadaI'm not a dad yet. I'm an Uncle. And I'm old. Well, old in gaming years at least. - Wait, what was I talking about?
DylanxON_ONExxON_ONExCh1ckenWingPS3almost 24/7survival, stacking cashYupNeed an active crew, scrub pugs sucks.
MoChata PokaichatapokaichatapokaiXbox 360ESTMost nights and all weekendsLove to mod cars and just cruise. Bounties, races, but mostly cruising and having funIndeedMET studentTURN ONE, LAND, SOL RING, DIVINGING TOP, USE FLOATING MANA TO LOOK AT TOP 3, PASS TURNthis crew looks like fun on a bun
JayChelseajay23Chelseajay28Chelseajay28PS3Weekdays 8 til 11 weekends 8 tillateRacing and general roaming aroundNo
MarkBelowMeNow14Markfu14ChewyScrotumXbox 3609pm - 1am, weeknights, weekendsAnythingYesOk
KeithChicwaChicwaChicwaXbox 360Nights/weekendsI like sniping from rooftops, it's a great way to mess with others. I also like being chased on my Dinka Akuma, and I love surving bounties when folks are after me. Other than that, I pretty much like it all :)Yes48 year old tech guy with college age kid who lives in North East USA.I've been on the look out for a mature crew, Ihope this is it.
Chrischrisih8uchrisih8uchrisih8uXbox 3609am-12pm or 8pm-11pmMissions, Survivals, killing assholesYes
chris jsandystokes_fcchris1992joneschrisjones1992PS3GMTALL THE TIMEI want to meet new people and have fun whilse doing ityesa proud owner of gta vlet make reddit a bigger clan
ChrisChevyPower1987Christianc1987Christianc1987Xbox 360usually from 11PM EST to 3PM EST during weekFun Things, anythingSometimes, when GF is not sleeping
Jaredjrad1234jrad1234cindercheetaPS3Weekend late afternoonsYesBest
Vincewattawreck1Clam_PasteclampastePS33pm - 7pmracing, freeroam, survivalNoI wonder if anybody is reading this.
CliffClavetasticClavenClaven13PS3ESTThursdays - Saturdays from 9am to 10:30pm or 5pm to 7:15pmMissons and just goofing around having some laughs.YesIT I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown...

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