Political Systems Project- Block 1
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CandidateParty Name
Where On Political Spectrum
Most Important Issue to YouDeath PenaltyHealthcareTaxesServices for Poor/ElderlyGun RightsImmigrationOther BIG Issues
AlexThe CouncilCenter-LeftTaxesWe as a party disagree with the death penalty. We disagree with the death penalty not for the conventional reasoning, but because we believe that if someone commits crimes such as treason, terrorism, and/or murder that they should not be given the "easy way out." On the topic of healthcare we as a council believe that the government should provide universal health care. One reason being healthcare is way too expensive, and because of that it isnt obtainable to the people who need it the most. In addition, with accordance to the "social contract theory" presented by Thomas Hobbes the government is responsible to protect its citizens. One type of protection is that of protecting the health and well being of the citizens which in conclusion supports the idea of universal healthcare.Our policies on taxes are straight forward, we believe that taxes should be lowered on people under a certain gross income and kept the same for the middle class and upper class. The reason to not increase taxes on the upper class is to not worsen the social class gap. While taxs breaks on the lower class will simultaneously shorten the social classes gap.We as a party believe that the current government services we have now are doing their job, but there is always room for improvement. We want to invest more into making sure retirement plans are not being infringed upon or taken advantage of.While we as a party believe gun control is necessary we don't believe it should be as strict as the democrats are proposing. We believe one restriction on guns should be to not allow the sale of firearms to convicted felons or suspected terrorists. Also the sale of military grade semi-automatic and/or fully automatic assault rifles to citizens should not be permitted.One of our less liberal policies is that of immigration. We as a party believe that there should be moderately tight regulations on immigration everywhere. The current U.S. immigration worldwide quota is 675,000 people, we will decrease that quota to 200,000 international immigrants per year to promote domestic employment.We as a party believe LGBTQ's should have the same rights as any other american citizen. For someone who wishes to become the opposite gender have to have a full medical treatment to be legally considered the opposite sex. Until the point of transition a person will be considered the gender on there birth certificate to avoid legal turmoil and/or prosecution.As a party we believe the U.S. should have very little intervention in foreign affairs. We should completely pull out of the middle east to focus on domestic issues. We should also stay in the DMZ due to the recent events in North Korea with ICBM's.
Logan H. LEAP Party moderate Immigration The death penalty should be abolished, because it can be seen as "cruel and unsual punishment". We do not have the right to say if someone deserves to live or die, and it is not our place to take someones life, no matter what crime they commited. Death is a much easier way out of punishment, and if someone has commited a truly terrible crime, spending a life in prison is a much more effective for of punishment. It is important for healthcare to be available for everyone, and by opening up state borders and letting companies compete across the US, prices of health services will be driven down. Medicare and Medicad should still be available, but the process to recieve those servies should be tighter so that citizens will not take advantage of the program. Everyone will be taxed evenly based on their income, right now it's 39.6% of ones income if they make over a certian amount. We would lower it to 30%. This allows plenty for the government as well as states. Military families are taxed 25% of their income. If one's taxes are kept up with and accurate for 5 years, they will be given a tax break. No more tampon tax!Food stamps and other government services should be harder to recieve, and specific processes should be tightened in order for less people to take advantage of the program. Social Security should still be in place. Everyone is be able to own a gun, but must go through background checks, phychological tests, and training should be required. No automatic guns and the bullet regulation must be kept the same as it is currently.Make the immigration process faster and cheaper. Background checks should still be thorough, but should be sped up in order to encourage legal immigration. Immigrants who are convicted of felonies should be deported. Refugees will be first priority, they must go through the same process, but it will be even cheaper or free, and they will be given priority over other immigrants.Abortion/Adoption- Abortion should be illegal, if the mother is in severe danger deliver the baby and try to do as much as you can medically for both of them. The adoption process should be faster and cheaper, but still just as thorough as it is today. This will allow adoption to be a better option for a child someone doesnt want.The LGBT Community is very important to us. They should be granted the same basic rights as everyone else to marry who they wish, use facilities as they wish, and do what they wish. You can't control how someone feels, so you can't control what they do with those feelings.
GerardoUFO Party (United Free Overloard Party) center left funding NASA Let the one convicted or thier family decided to go through with the death penalty or spend life in jail. Create a universal health care system that can benefit all members of society that also allows people to keep their current health care providers if they wish to do so. Tax the wealthy more. Create stricter tax laws on big corrporations, allowing room for less loop holes. Keep social security and medicare. Stricter background checks. Limitations on guns with a higher rate of fire. Outlaw sale of unfinished "ghost guns" that are not tracked or registered. Create a "saftey zone" on the southern boarder to give immigrants a way to fill out paper work and temporary residents if they wish to quickfly get out of their country. Allow more visas. Help clean up mexico so fewer people want to immigrate. Crteate more jobs for the Syrian Refugee Program so we can help more people at a quicker rate. Foreign Policy: Create more opertunities to trade with North Korea and remove some sanctions on North Korea to help them economically so we may be able to have better relations with them. Create a better realationship with Russia by allwoing them NATO membership to potentialy form an aliance. Fund NASA: Cut military budget by 310 billion dollars, leaving military with 300 billion dollars, give that money directly to NASA to help further space exploration, space colonies, as well as global warming research and solutions.
David Freedom PartyCenterTaxes Every year we spend too much on our prison systems we need to reform our death penalty laws to ensure an efficient process is enacted to process criminals cutting down costs of executing the death penalty and of facilitating prisoners serving of sentences.Healthcare is an important issue and many are finding it harder to afford the same healthcare they had due to rising costs to primarily the middle class. A new system of health care needs to subsidize a varying amount of the cost depending of the financial status of the recipient. That way those who can afford to pay more will and those who cannot will receive assistance from the government without becoming dependent in most cases on only government aid.We need to cut government spending reducing taxes on Americans. We are going to cut unnecessary government programs but leave the ones that are beneficial to America as a whole.One service will be added I will provide housing for the homeless providing a house for every homeless person will reduce costs will help them get employed and reduce the impact of the homeless on society.I fully support the second amendment but people who intend to do harm with guns and mentally unstable individuals should not be able to easily obtain firearms.America needs a merit based immigration policy people can enter the country legally if they can financially support themselves. Marijuana needs to be legal.We also need to reduce our impact on the planet enforcing larger penalties for littering and we should try to find intuitive ways to reduce carbon emissions.
WillW. A. I. T. center This issue we find to be the lynch-pin issue in government is campaign finance. In politics, the people who have the most money tend to have the most influence on the way our nation is run, while those wealthy people represent the smallest proportion of our nation. Corportations are considered individuals and can donate millions of dollars to a candidate, as can actual individuals, leaving politicians are the mercy of these donors. Republicans value the wealthy and often support lowering taxes, especially on the rich, because that's where the campaign finacne comes from. Democrats claim to support lowering taxes on the middle and lower classes and raising taxes for the wealthy, but will often vote in Congress for tax breaks on the upper class because their biggest donors are those wealthy people. Politicans are swayed by a minortiy of the nation and can never represent properly their constituents if campaigns continue to be funded as they are now. We are against the death penalty and believe that it should be taken out the legal system. To kill someone we deem to be cruel and unusual and agaisnt the constitution. Also, we believe that it is very cost ineffective to kill somone, as it costs more to execute someone than it does to keep them in prison for life. We believe that this decision should be make completely objectively rather than subjectively, as a human life should not be put into the hands of a grieving family. We believe in a single-payer universal healthcare system where health care is subsidized by the governement. We believe that every american has a natural right to recieve treatment, despite what their social status may be. America is the only industrialized democracy in the world do not have adapted a universal healthcare system where at least basic healthcare is subsidized by the government. Because of Medicare Part D the U.S. is unable to negotiate drug prices with pharmacutical companies, making drugs immeasurably more expensive in the U.S. than in nations with Universal Healthcare. Universal Healthcare should be implemented because we believe it is a human right to treatment. We believe that taxes should be raised for the upper class and cut for the middle and lower classes. We believe this because when the upper class recieves a tax break they will put their additional money in the bank instead of spendning it, not helping the economy, considering the upper class already has a savings rate of approx. 25%. If taxes are lowered on the middle and lower class, these people will spend the extra money they need because they don't have saving rates nearly as high, and it's thier spending that will help the economy, given that approx. 70% of the economy is driven by consumer spending. We believe that the government should provide services for the poor and the elderly. We believe this because, especially for the poor, there are dependents of the individuals who are struggling to provide, generally children, who should not have to suffer due to the fact that their guardians are not able to provide for them. These people are still people and it is the governments job to protect it's people and to maintaina healthy and safe populous. We do not believe in disallowing possession of guns, but we do believe in the restrictions of guns and limiting access and carry permits toward them. We believe that gun laws should be stricter and that background checks should be more thorough. We believe psychological evaluation and training classes on how to use your gun should be mandatory when purchasing one. We also believe that when a gun is sold from one individual to another the same process should take place as if the gun is being sold from new. We belive that the immigration process should be make quicker and cheaper, but we also believe that background checks should continue to be thorough and complete. We believe that if an immigrant commits a crime they may be sent back to their nation, as long as it is safe for them to return, otherwise they will go through the U.S. prosecution process. We don't believe that every current illegal immigrant should be deported, as that would cost an large sum of money and not benefit the nation, as illegal immigrants do a majority of the work that even blue collar Americans would otherwise refuse to do. Military Spending: We believe that America should cut back on military spending, as we spend more than the next 7 countires combined on defense. We also believe that military spending should be more regulated, for often soldiers are sent to war not fully equipted. Also, we believe that veterns and VA programs should be funded more. Abortion: We believe that a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body. We believe that into the third term of the pregnancy abortion should be limited to only cases where the baby will kill the mother or the baby is already dead. We believe abortion should be regulated by the federal government and not from state to state, as that limits certain women to oppurtunites that other women would have advatage over.
MeredithThe Deplorable PartyConservativeImmigration We are against the death penalty because we believe that it is unconstitutional to kill someone for their crime. The death penalty is in violation of the eighth amendment, cruel and unusual punishment. Alternatively, criminals should suffer in jail long-term.We are against universal healthcare and believe that healthcare should be controlled by private insurers and businesses. Universal healthcare forces tax-paying citizens' money to go towards other people's treatment when you yourself are completly healthy. We believe that we should cut taxes for everyone. The US should lower taxes on corporations with US businesses and raise taxes on those attempting to take their business outside the nation. Raising taxes for only the upper class in order to provide for the lower and middle classes would create lack of motivation for jobs. Thus digging ourselves into a deeper economic hole and piling on more debt.We believe that the government should not be handing out services to the unemployed rather than providing job opportunities to work towards. The age to recieve and access social security should be raised as Americans are living and working longer than when the age was originally put in place. As a nation, we should encourage all people to work hard in order to better themselves and the lives of their families.We believe that gun control is a violation of the second amendment, the right to bear arms. It is unconstitutional to disallow possession of a gun, if obtained legally. Guns don't kill people; people kill people.We believe that we should build a wall along the Mexican-American border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering our country. We aren't against all immigrants entering the US, just the ones who choose to come here illegally. Refugees, especially from Syria, should not be allowed to come to the US. We should help them sole problems within their own country instead of allowing them to run away from their country's problems and nothing gets solved. We support a temporary travel ban on Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somolia, Libia and Iran to check that the vetting process is satisfactory to not allowing terrorists into the US to prevent any present or future terrorist attacks.One of our other planks is on reproductive rights. We are pro-life and don't support abortions under any circumstances. We also strongly believe that companies shouldn't be forced to provide birth control to their employees if it compromises their religious beleifs. Our other plank is on the United States foreign policy. We believe that America is not the worlds police officers and that America is not responsible for solving everyone else's problems. We support helping other nations in a unified effort with the UN and NATO, but when it comes to defending our country we are constrictd by no one.
KatiePatriotism Preservation PartyConservativeTaxes/SpendingWe are in favor of the death penalty. As it stands now, the person on death row must be convicted of the crime before being executed. Also, the crime must have resulted in the death, or attempting of at least one other person (espionage, large scale drug trafficking, life- sentence crimes).We are in favor of promoting competition between private healthcare companies along with reforming the Medicare system so that the minimum amount of government’s money is spent on it.We are in favor of tax breaks for all taxpaying U.S citizens and private businesses. We also want to ensure that all tax dollars are going towards programs that protect US citizens while encouraging citizens’ self-reliance.We are in favor of keeping funding for the elderly. Also, we support financial aid to citizens who are actively trying to better their lives (EX. Are currently looking for work or are currently working)We support the current FFL (Federal Firearms License) background checks on people, and we do not believe that people who pass background checks should be banned from purchasing guns.We support the acceptance of a limited number of refugees from areas of conflict as long as the current background checks (or stricter ones) are implemented on each person. Also, all refugees must return to their country once the US government deems It fit for return. We believe that all criminal aliens should be deported back to where they came from if they commit a crime. We believe that government funding should go more towards helping rebuild other countries than supporting high numbers of illegal refugees.Abortion: We are not in support of abortion. We believe that the only reason that it should be legal is when a licensed doctor deems that the mother’s life is in danger, and there is no way to save her or the baby without the mother’s life being in extreme stress and danger.
Education: We support implementing mandatory elementary school 2nd language courses. We want to help teachers to benefit on an individual level by turning teacher-wage-setting powers over to local authorities, this idea is called a union.
Gabriel Ruano
Buffalo PartyCenter-leftImmigrationWe disagree with the Death penalty because it is much more expensive than keeping people in prison for life. It can also go wrong and the person could suffer unreasonable pain.We will have universal health care for the lower class people who can not afford regular health care. health care will be privatized for those who do not fit the free health care requirements. We will lower income taxes for middle class Americans while raising taxes on companies outsourcing their jobs who do not have the majority of their workers employed in america.We agree with social Security because it provides a way for the elderly to be independant from the middle aged workers, taking the stress of caring for their parents slightly off their shoulders.We believe that banning assualt weapons is against our constitutional rights. But we believe that there should be much stricter vetting done before you are allowed to purchase any firearm of a certain grade.We should give legal status to illegal immigrants who aren't convicted fellons. Other than that the immigration laws should stay the same.US pressure on the Israel-Palestine two state solution: The two state solution has become impractical and hasn't created a change. The UN should be in charge of creating peace, since it gets along with both Israel and Palestine, the US supports Israel more over Palestine. Education: We will pay teachers more money. We will also be getting rid of the common core.