D100 of Tricks, Puzzles and Riddles
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Die RollRiddlesSolutions?Credit/Author
1"As time moves, so it creates. The lessons learned, and the ways of fate. I am each one, and yet still more. All you've known, seen and done before. Tell me, what am I?"Memories, information, knowledge, etcSirtech
2"Round she is, yet flat as a board. Altar to the lupine lords. Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea. Unchanged, yet e'rchanging, eternally."The moonMM (p280)
3What's in a forest but does not grow, The Trees know it but it does not show. When asked about it they will let it go, It breathes life into those that know.The airMomoitin
4"You can see me in water, but I am never wet. What am I?"Your reflectionUnknown
5"What is yours, may never be taken, is freely given, and yet others will use more than you?"Your nameUnknown
6"What goes up a hill faster than it goes down a hill?"Fireu/lostkavi
7"How far can you walk into the forest?"Halfway, after that, you're walking outu/Kalros
8"Burning brand of heathen's blood, icy chill when secrets flood. A patch of skin to eyes a pattern, shows parents, child and maybe slattern."Birthmarku/firstusernat
9"When you make a hole in me, I have fewer holes. What am I?"A netu/lostkavi
10"The more you take, the more you leave behind."FootstepsUnknown
11"What begins and has no end, and ends all things that begin?"DeathTrollhunters/Katreyasaunt
12"With potent, flowery words speak I, Of something common, vulgar, dry; I weave webs of pedantic prose, In effort to befuddle those, Who think I wile time away, In lofty things, above all day. The common kind that linger where Monadic beings live and fare; Practical I may not be, But life, it seems, is full of me! And so adventurer I cry, can you tell me what am I?"A riddler, riddles, etc
13I cannot be measured until I am done, oh but how you will miss me once I am gone.Time, Lifespan/u/Thatsmycow
14"I welcome the day with a show of light. I came here stealthily in the night. I bathe the earthy stuff at dawn, but by noon - alas, I am gone. Tell me, what am I?"The morning dewu/lostkavi
15"Larger than mountains, brightening the sky, twinkling within the owls eye. Dimmer than candles, smaller than peas. Flickers, never caught, in the endless sea."Starsu/lostkavi
16You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, But the future can never taint me. What am I?Memories/u/ChrispyDM
17The more I dry, the wetter I becomeTowel Unknown
18"Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that man's father is my father's son". How is that man related to me?He is my sonUnknown
19The maker does not use it, the buyer does not need it, and the owner uses it without knowing. What am i?A coffinUnknown
20"I have not flesh, nor feathers, nor scales, nor bone. Yet I have fingers and thumbs of my own. What am I?"Gloves, ghostsUnknown - Added by u/Melkiorthemaker
21"You use a knife to cut up my head, but you weep beside me when I am dead." What am I?An onionUnknown
22"As I set off on the trail, I'm followed by my long tail. I jump each gap, I bridge each gorge, What once was broken, I reforge. Then I return only to find I've left my tail far behind. Tell me, what am I?"A needleu/omegaweapon90
23A gift vibrant and pungent, depressing or joyous;
out in the wild see my fearsome friends dance. In stories it's said we're a breathtaking chorus; always stop and visit when given the chance.
A flower (rose).u/grootaccess
24"I do not breathe, but I run and jump. I do not eat, but I swim and stretch. I do not drink, but I sleep and stand. I do not think, but I grow and play. I do not see, but you see me everyday."A legUnknown
25What gets bigger, the more you take out of it?A pit, a hole, etcu/lostkavi
26"You use me to stop, you take me to eat, not only do I stop, I am a stop, and the result of the vandal's first stroke. Tell me, what am I?"A break/A brakeUnknown
27What starts with 'e,' ends with 'e,' and contains only one letter?An envelopeunknown
28Before my birth, master binds me, He'd never seen me, yet always he finds me. Always with him as he grows older, Each of his burdens I'm sworn to shoulder. I cannot escape my fate as a slave, Until my master lies dead in his grave.A skeletonu/Omegaweapon90
29"In a vast feild of cultivated space, I am found there amongst my race. Decapitate me, if you've no objection, and you will find what brings me to perfection. Take one more cut, and you'll plainly see, what I was always destined to be. Tell me, what am I?"Wheat -> heat -> eatUnknown
30"The answer I give is yes, but what I mean is no. What was the question?""Do you mind?"Unknown
31"I wish no harm on your person and I'll lighten your burden. Later when blades rend your flesh and your own steel is dull, will you curse my existence." Tell me, what am I?a rust monster, MM 262u/Coldyfox
32"Making mortal privation once firmly in place. An enduring summation etched in my face. Tell me, what am I?"A tombstoneUnknown
33"I am a word, who's hardly there. Remove my start, and I'm a herbal flair. Tell me, what am I?"Sparselyu/lostkavi
34I appear common yet I am wondrous, I never change in weight but am worth more than my volume in gold. What am I?bag of holdingMkez45634
35What can the hand only sow what only the eye can harvest.Writing, stories, art, etcu/lostkavi
36To keep me, I must be given. If I am not kept, I am brokenYour word or promiseu/codewatzen
37I may be a nuisance but commit no crime, but I'll be a part of a murder in time.a crowUnknown
38The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?NothingMediokrek
39Speak my name, and I am broken. Seldom heard, and never spoken.Silenceu/ikkyblob
40Iron roof, glass walls, burns and burns but never falls. What am I?A lanternu/TitanCake
41"When imbibed, the body's weak; When consumed, minds fall asleep; When devoured, madness grows; The strangest urges does it show; And yet you call me liquid luck; And still you take cup after cup." What am I?Alcohol/wine/ale/etc/u/CalvinballAKA
42What is that which has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?ManGreek Myth (Apollodorus 3.5.8)
43There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?Night and dayGreek Myth (alternate Sphinx riddle)
44In marble walls as white as milk, Lined with a skin as soft as silk, Within a fountain crystal clear, A golden apple doth appear; No doors there are to this stronghold, Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.An eggMother Goose
45It turns the world, the globe's workhorse, hoarded with the greatest force. Made by hands of burning fire, truly, I am greed's desire. For I am that which merchants crave; I turn the noblest into knaves. Though born of flame, I am still cold, This rhyme of which you have been told.Gold/money/coins/u/CalvinballAKA
46Whatever we caught, we threw away; whatever we did not catch, we carry.LicePseudo-Herodotus, Life of Homer
47Each morning I appear to lie at your feet, all day I will follow no matter how fast you run, yet I nearly perish in the midday sun. What am I?A ShadowUnknown
48One thin, one bold, one sick, one cold. The earth we span, to prey upon man.The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseUnknown
49"Once I'm used, I am useless. Twice offered, soon rejected. In desperation, oft expressed, but the intended, unprotected. Tell me, what am I?"An alibi, an excuseUnknown
50There are one hundred candles in a room in a line, and a hundred people walk through. The first person lights every candle. The second person extinguishes every second candle. The third person lights or extinguishes every third candle. The fourth, every forth, until all one hundred people have passed down the line. How many candles are lit? Is the __th candle lit?Only square numbered candles will be lit. 1, 4, 9, 16, etc - therefore there will be 10 candles lit at the end.
51Four hang, four sprang, two point the way, two to ward off dogs, one dangles after, always rather dirty. What am I?A cowTaken from The Riddles Of Gestumblindi
52If you had taken me in my youth, haply you would have drunk the blood shed from me; but now that time has finished making me old, eat me, wrinkled as I am, with no moisture in me, crushing my bones together with my flesh.A raisinGreek Anthology XIV.103
53There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were little black babies.A watermelonUnknown
54We are little airy creatures, All of different voice and features; One of us in glass is set, One of us you'll find in jet, T'other you may see in tin, And the fourth a box within; If the fifth you should pursue, It can never fly from you.VowelsUnknown
55I have nothing inside me and everything is inside me, and I grant the use of my virtue to all without charge.MirrorGreek Anthology XIV.108
56I am the black child of a white father; a wingless bird, flying even to the clouds of heaven. I give birth to tears of mourning in pupils that meet me, and at once on my birth I am dissolved into air.SmokeGreek Anthology XIV.5
57When I live, I cry. If you don't kill me, I'll die.A candleUnknown
58"I never was, and yet will always be. I am never seen, and yet always come. I carry nothing, yet hold much for some. Tell me, what am I?"Tomorrowu/codewatzen
59I grow as I eat, but die when I drink, what am I?A fireu/haxxer
60A slave I've been and shall remain. To a cruel mistress I'm tied with invisible chains. Yet I always put on the same brave face. She keeps me her prisoner, but leaves me some space. What am I?The moon/u/mr_abomination
61what is not living, cannot die, But saying I'm invinicble would be a lie. My death comes through hunger, cold and suffocation and gives birth to new creation. Fire, Flamesu/The_Moth_
62In my arms I keep the dead, my presence keeps families fed. I am the base of mortal life. I am the scene of all their strife.Earth, planet earth, the groundu/The_Moth_
63"Whoever makes me, tells it not. Whoever takes me, knows it not. Whoever knows me, wants me not. Tell me, what am I?"Counterfeit money, forgeries, etcu/lostkavi
64It cannot be seen, it cannot be felt, Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt, Lies behind stars and under hills, And empty holes it fills. Comes first follows after, Ends life kills laughterDarknessThe Hobbit
65Silent as a beast of prey, I come upon those that I slay. Driven back for half the year, in the other I bring fearwinter, Cold, frostu/The_Moth_
66I am the beginning of the end, the end of every place. I am the beginning of eternity, the end of space and time. What am I?The letter Eu/Capn19fatchunk
67"I always show one to six. I always show fifteen to twenty. I always show five. But I never show twenty one, unless I'm flying. What am I?"A d6u/lostkavi
68Always present, ever-sought. Always hunted, never caught. People wept for what I brought. But sometimes with me a crown is wrought.the Future/ Knowledge of the Futureu/The_Moth_
69What's dead half the year, and lives the rest. What dances without music, and breathes without breath?Trees, forest, flowers, etcu /The_Moth_
70A clock, a tree, a road, a sea. Everything is part of me, claiming the contrary would be a lie. tell me please, what am I?the Planes u/The_Moth_
71If I have a bee in my hand, then what is in my eye?BeautyLurker at Large
72A decent fellow when I've come from the earth, Only talented people can match my worth, The best friend of sceptics and scholars alike, I worsen each wound after every strikeSaltu/PotatoPariah
73I've measured it from side to side, 'Tis three feet long and two feet wide. It is of compass small, and bare To thirsty suns and parching air.A well/u/RepliesWithAnimeGIF
74This creature, part man and part tree, hates the termite as much as the flea. His tracks do not match, and his limbs may detach, but he's not a strange creature to see. What is he?A man with a wooden leg/u/RepliesWithAnimeGIF
75I have a tail, and I have a head, but i have no body. I am NOT a snake. What am I?a coinUnknown
76As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives; Every wife had seven sacks, Every sack had seven cats, Every cat had seven kits: Kits, cats, sacks, and wives, How many were there going to St. Ives?One/u/RepliesWithAnimeGIF
77I am hoarded by royalty, Kings rarely break me, peasants rarely find me, I am of covetous worth, yet can be shared by allTruthUnknown
78She is too loud so in my rage, I made for her a wooden cage. It can't contain her, that I see. But now she moves more quietly. What are we?A river and a beaverUnknown
79I am used by the loud as a warning and by the silent as skin.BarkUnknown
80Fill me, that I may tell you what is lost.Ledger/u/tinynetwman
81Alive without breath, as cold as death, never thirsty, always drinking, all in mail, never clinkingFishThe Hobbit
82Many have heard me, but no one has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to.echoUnknown
83A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hidEggThe Hobbit
84When you have it, you want to share it, when you share it, you lose itsecretUnknown
85I have no legs to walk, but my steps you still stalk, Over mountains and rivers I give the guidance you seek, though it is unspoken as I cannot speak. I have no mouth to say words, yet understand me you try, you stare until you reach your goal, then understand me you comply.a Map/u/AidanKyros
86Deep, deep, deeper I go, enter the darkness and you shall know, let the light fade, and my depths will bestow, what iv'e been hiding deep deep deep below. Proceed in darkness with no lights/u/AidanKyros
87Ready to fight and ready to die, Bound to the earth, yet our mother could fly. A nation is built on her broken wings, Ruled by queens, but never by kings. Antsu/omegaweapon90
88"Two Bodies In One. The longer I stand, the quicker I run. What am I?"An Hourglass/u/DiceyDM
89Forged and cut, yet blood is naught, take me, set me, open what you sought, what am I?a Key/u/AidanKyros
90When is a door not a door?When it is ajar/u/Halgy
91What has four wheels and flies?The Town Garbage Wagon/u/Halgy
92This is as light as a feather, yet no man can hold it for long.One's breath/u/Halgy
93I pass before the sun, yet I make no shadow. What am I?The Wind/u/Halgy
94Tucked within a bone of feather, I'll help your words outlast forever. But as you push us as we stand, the more we move, the less I am.InkTop of /r/Riddles adapted for D&D by /u/Woolfen
95How many letters are in the answer to this question?Fouru/montyhallsgoatthrowa
96What herb cures all ailments?Thymeu/Eskimosam
97I am made of dust and water and rest upon the earth, in the image of you, my maker, though in gown of white at birth, awake in cold, no substance, soul, nor mind, formed by mortal hands and yet I am divine. Arms stretched wide without embrace I wait until my end, silent and unmoving 'til I'm buried or returned to ground again. Snow AngelUnknown
98A venerable relative, whose hands do not hold and whose face cannot see, but can always tell you when you need to be.a (grandfather) clock/u/ItsADnDMonsterNow
99What means everything to you, and yet nothing to me?Your Life Unknown