TimestampNameTwitter handleLinkedInEmail addressWhat you do, the nature of your expertise in legal innovation, how you want to help, including any specific jurisdictional expertiseLast NameLast Name
3/22/2020 11:16:08Matt Mayers@MattMayers1
matt@rallynow.ioCo-Founder of a legal tech startup called Rally - we help lawyers generate documents faster and collaborate more effectively with their clients. Happy to provide any insight to help lawyers move into the cloud or better serve their clients from a distance.
3/22/2020 11:19:13Quinten Steenhuis@QSteenhuis
qsteenhuis@gmail.comForm automation; Docassemble; Massachusetts landlord/tenant law
3/22/2020 11:20:41Oliver Lash-Williams@OllieLashW
Entrepreneurship, disruption (facing a new reality creatively), marketing, communications, business strategy. Also, if you just need to talk, I’ll listen.
3/22/2020 11:23:05Kenny Robertson krob875Kenny Robertson
Head up outsourcing, technology & up legal team at uk bank. Innovation work involves developing a progressive team which puts premium on culture, psychological safety, and lifting and learning from other industries. Focus on process mapping, data analytics and LPM and how, in particular, in house legal teams and external counsel can innovate to develop and sustain solid relationships based on trust and value.
3/22/2020 11:24:13Chris Brown@CSBCounsel
MO & KS lawyer. Also building, a digital contract platform for freelancers.
3/22/2020 11:25:08Colin Lachance@colinLachance
Colin@compass.lawBusiness, strategy and design of primary law legal databases and tech apps. Executive at vLex, former CEO of CanLII and past and current advisor to multiple legal app initiatives. Informed and connected. Available to volunteer support in ideation, workflow development and introductions for courts, legislatures, firms, and law schools.
3/22/2020 11:25:15Sam Harden@samuelharden
Development, product/project management, for more see
3/22/2020 11:25:22Jordan Furlong@jordan_law21
jordan@law21.caI track and forecast changes in the legal economy, I curate and write about good ideas and better practices in legal services, and I help people think differently about what we can and and should do as a profession. I wrote a book about building a client-oriented law firm, which I'm going to offer free on my website. I'm increasingly interested in the education, development, licensing, and ongoing competence of lawyers. I'll help any way I can, here in Canada and elsewhere.
3/22/2020 11:26:56Raina@greatrescissionhaquer@wfu.eduNC Bar, USPTO bar, business contracts, quick to catch on to SaaS, how to bootstrap one's own transactional law firm
3/22/2020 11:29:20Mike Whelan@mikewhelanjr
I focus on connected expertise, teaching legal leaders to use collaborative business models and communicate differently. My business is writing and marketing, combining research and storytelling in a way that makes innovation adoption more likely. My book is Lawyer Forward and it focuses on my argument for a Legal Supply Chain, which uses systems thinking as a way to get beyond the legal transaction and become a true counselor.
3/22/2020 11:29:55Jason Velez@1law
jason@1law.comFounder of 1LAW, a mobile first virtual office (video, IM and file sharing) platform. Father of Docubot and Botineer the no code document automation and chat builder. We are A2J centric offering free legal chat, believing that givers gain.

Immigration law background and Utah law licensed.

Happy to help with client communication and document/process automation. I am familiar with taking a law practice remotely and engaging clients via social and other digital means.
3/22/2020 11:31:46Jason Morris@RoundTableLaw
Virtual, paperless practice, service automation, workflow automation, virtual tribunal hearing procedures, document automation, online client-facing interview systems.
3/22/2020 11:32:52Mariano Batalla@Batalla/in/batallambatalla@batalla.comI help clients become more user-centric, including re-discovering their ethos through human-centered design.
3/22/2020 11:34:08Sarah Glassmeyer@sglassmeyer
Community lawyer guided interview creation, website creation (WordPress) , office productivity tools guidance, I will tell you what is bullshit and what you don’t need to do
3/22/2020 11:34:10keller @djokeller_LPdjokeller@yahoo.comLegal troubleshooter
3/22/2020 11:34:27James Peters@Legaljeeves
Jpeters@pulse.lawHead of Services for Pulse and VP at LegalZoom (16+ years there). Willing to talk regulatory setup, help with connections, assist with productising. May be able to connect with some tech assistance as well, but not my personal arena.
3/22/2020 11:43:00Molly McDonoughmolly_mcdonough
legal journalist, tech project manager, communications strategy, public and media outreach
3/22/2020 11:44:12Jason Barnwell Smuckwell
I build strategy, culture, organizational capability, process, and technology that supports innovation within a large enterprise's commercial legal department. I focus on scale. That includes how I try to help and on what I try to help. See
3/22/2020 11:48:24Teresa Martin@FlipCatLLCTeresaMartinFlipCat
[If this doesn’t fit what your listing, I understand.] I am a marketing professional, MBA, JD. I can assist lawyers and other businesses who may be for the first time needing to build or enhance their online presence bc of Corona - from complete marketing to individual facets of it (eg web content, social, paid, advertising, branding, SEO, tracking leads, analytics, email marketing, budgeting, etc).
3/22/2020 11:56:53Adam Kerpelmanthekerp
adam@getjuris.comI'm founder of Juris, a legaltech company focused on consumer facing legal services and ultimately dispute resolution and digital courts. Before going back to school to get my JD I was a digital video producer. I've spent 15 years working with streaming audio & video, digital strategy, digital marketing, and online community coordination. Happy to help any way I can, whether with content creation, technology, or how to set up audio/video equipment.
3/22/2020 11:57:30Mandy Woodlandmandywoodland
I'm a former (10y +) lawyer who helps other lawyers and firms with growth strategy, tech adoption, and user experience design.
3/22/2020 12:00:00Alan Hallalanattyatlaw
alan@alandhall.comI am a reformed luddite. I have particular desire at reforming access to justice and using technology for alternate dispute resolution. especially mediation
3/22/2020 12:14:00Chris Cangero@ChrisCangero
Legal technology founder of DocStyle, a word processing and PDF conversion solution designed for attorneys. Also, founder of Evolution Software, we make NOVO Compare (document comparison) and PuR MetaData (metadata removal). Previous to software manufacturing I designed and implemented computer networks for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments focusing on Electronic Content Management, Document Management and Records Management systems. Happy to help if my experience is beneficial to the group.
3/22/2020 12:19:21
Marcel Mongeon (rhymes w 'surgeon')
@marcelmongeonmmongeonmarcel@odrs.caI help fellow lawyers have an opportunity to use ZOom using 'coffee hours'. See my article at:
3/22/2020 12:29:48Ray Brescia@rbresciarbres@albanylaw.eduLegal ethics in crisis situations; legal ethics of online and mobile service delivery
3/22/2020 12:36:13John Mayer@johnpmayer
jmayer@cali.orgContact me or DM @johnpmayer.

I have worked at the intersection of legal education, educational technology and legaltech for over 32 years. I have a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern and a Masters from Illinois Institute of Technology. Happy to prseent, talk, advise or just react to ideas or proposals.

I can assist in automated court documents for self-representing litigants (SRLs). We developed the open source tool - A2J Author ( over 15 years ago just for this. It's free for courts, legal aid and non-profits doing access to justice projects. Over 1000 forms used over 5 million times so far. We can provide training and support.

This is sustainable because it's supported by law schools. CALI ( is a 501(c)(3) consortium of 198 US law schools. CALI publishes over 1000 interactive tutorials that teach the law to law students. Courts can sign up for their judges and staff for free.

We also are a publisher of free, Creative Commons -licensed casebooks and legal textbooks at We pay authors to write books and distribute them in multiple ebook formats - PDF, mobi, Kindle and Microsoft Word. Ebooks are a way to get long form information out to lawyers, staff and the public.

We maintain a list of resources for law professors doing distance learning at and a list of volunteers willing to be a Guest Speaker at online law school courses at If you want to volunteer to be a guest speaker, sign up here -

3/22/2020 12:40:41Rich Bracken@Richbracken1
Rich@richbracken.comI’m the Director of Business Development at my firm and I have started analyzing how firms can be better at serving their clients needs through data/financial analyzation. My other huge focus right now is giving keynotes to attorneys, firms and marketers on emotional intelligence. It’s been a huge difference maker and has resonated with the firms, corporate in-house teams and legal marketers for personal and professional improvement.
3/22/2020 12:45:48Vanessa Butnick Davis@butnickdavis
Vdavis@onelegal.comProduct development and maintenance, right now focused on (CA, but other) efiling and service. Also consumer facing service solutions.
3/22/2020 12:51:11Gabriel TeninbaumGTeninbaum
I’m a law prof who teaches legal tech. I can help with feasibility of projects, creating implementation roadmaps, making connections for projects with vendors, and hands on work w doc assembly and expert systems. Can possibly also help with students who can work on projects.
3/22/2020 13:01:03Heather Suttie@HeatherSuttie1
Legal marketing and business development consultant. I work with law firms, law companies and lawyers — Global to Solo — BigLaw to NewLaw — helping them claim a distinctive position and sustained competitive advantage resulting in greater market share, revenue and profits. Right now, I’m helping legal service providers to: 1) Position in unique markets that target core strengths; and 2) Create business development growth strategies resulting in quality client work, increased revenue, and sustained competitive advantage. I’m Canadian, based in Toronto, and happy to provide a sanitized hand.
3/22/2020 13:09:56Dennis Kennedy@denniskennedy
Executive Director, Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory; author of Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law; adjunct law professor, legal tech and innovation classes at U of Michigan Law School and Michigan State University College of Law; retired Senior Counsel, Digital Payments and Labs at Mastercard; legal innovation writer, speaker, blogger and podcaster. Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
3/22/2020 13:24:14Liz Keith@elizk
lkeith@probono.netProgram Director of Pro Bono Net. We have a team of experienced attorneys & technologists that can help nonprofit legal aid and pro bono programs develop response strategies using tech, strengthen collaboration, and connect with other programs that have worked through similar needs.
3/22/2020 13:30:21Izwan Zakariaizwanzakaria1
KL based technology, investment and startup
3/22/2020 13:35:54Tom Martin@lawdroid
Tom@lawdroid.comMy company LawDroid specializes in transformation through automation. I can help with automation, chatbots and uses of artificial intelligence.
3/22/2020 13:37:29Cooper LordLord_CooperCooper Lord
Criminal defence lawyer. I am pushing legal innovation at the Ontario Court of Justice in meetings with justice system participants on behalf of the defence bar.
3/22/2020 13:39:15Christopher Corts
@profcorts ("Meaningful Practice")
ccorts@richmond.eduA seminary-trained lawyer and law professor, I work with diverse stakeholders to create innovative wellbeing programs for individuals and small groups. Using mindful, contemplative, and other creative practices, I help legal professionals of every type pursue more focused and meaningful careers that are aligned with a larger personal mission for doing good in the world.
3/22/2020 13:43:21Forrest Blount@forrestblountforrestblountforrest@bridge.legal8+ years of experience building technology in the immigration space. Google (ITA Software) before that. Willing and able to help plan the launch of new services with limited resources and tight timeframes. Eager to help the legal industry embrace technology standards.
3/22/2020 13:45:59Kristopher Nelsonkrisnelson
knelson@trelegal.comI'm a former webdev/sysadmin now working at a "small but mighty" law firm with multiple visually impaired attorneys in multiple states specializing in disability/civil rights and accessible technology. (We've also been working remotely for years already!) We're happy to help advise on making sure legal innovations are accessible. (And on remote legal work too.)
3/22/2020 13:54:47Anjali Dooley@anjalisidebar
Just find me at Anjali Dooley
I’ve been a remote attorney and practice for 10+ years. Branding yourself, types of services niche etc. software solutions
3/22/2020 13:56:25Jennifer Wondracek@JenWondracek
Director of Legal Educational Technology at UNT Dallas College of Law in Dallas, TX. Active Bar licenses in NC and FL. Happy to help with online operations, ethical issues, and general tech advice.
3/22/2020 13:59:18Monica Goyal@monicangoyal
I have a technology and law background. I can assist with thinking through the implementation of technology to assist with remote work, or for court purposes. I am living in Canada, but could assist someone remotely if required.
3/22/2020 14:01:44Zachariah DeMeola@z_demeola
Zdemeola@du.eduFormer litigator, member of CA & CO state bars, currently working towards reform in legal education, lawyer certification (bar exam and alternatives), and Regulation of legal services. Co-founder of Denver Legal Hackers.
3/22/2020 14:29:07Karen Dunn Skinner@KarenSkinnerKaren Dunn Skinner
We make lawyers more efficient and productive, so they can provide better service in less time and at least cost. We offer legal process improvement and redesign, project management, and practice management consulting for law firms and in-house legal departments. We also provide online training in process improvement and matter management.
3/22/2020 14:34:51Ron Friedmann@ronfriedmann
Legal technology. Plus I've worked from home for 20 years across multiple legal market organization so have extensive hands-on experience
3/22/2020 14:44:32Jeff Cox@JeffCoxEsq
jeffc@unicourt.comI work for a legal technology company focused on providing real-time access to state and federal court records. I also regularly volunteer to provide pro bono legal services and am a member of the Board of Directors for Bay Area Legal Services, Inc., based in Tampa, FL.
3/22/2020 14:48:58Amanda Brown@bdashambrow
Founder and director of a legal aid technology nonprofit. Basic practice tech consulting, helping you ask the right questions to vendors, automating certain tasks, building guided interviews and document assembly.
3/22/2020 14:54:32Will Jarvis@williamdjarvis
Data Scientist
3/22/2020 14:56:47Jack Cohoon@EmpLawJack
I am a former legal aid attorney and current employment attorney with extensive experience with unemployment benefits, administrative appeals, criminal record issues, consumer law, and housing in South Carolina.
3/22/2020 14:59:04Shubhangi Gokhale@9SGokhale
International law, East Asian legal developments.
3/22/2020 15:17:16Ryan Groff@GroffMRyan
Practice management and product advisor at LEAP Legal Software, former law firm administrator, former estate, probate, and trust administration paralegal in Massachusetts, current Dean's Scholar at New England Law | Boston
3/22/2020 15:21:57Shelly Skinner @ShellyChattS
Legal ethics; Professional responsibility; Labor law
3/22/2020 15:35:03Miguel Willis@Miguelelcapiton
Collaborator, technologist, researcher, and problem-solver - I identify areas for novel collaboration through technology enhance access to justice. I can help any capacity. Specific jurisdictional experience in Washington State and Alaska. Specific domain experience in Family Law and Immigration Law
3/22/2020 15:35:59Chris Bentley@Chris_Bentley
Managing Director, Legal Innovation Zone. Former Attorney General Ontario
3/22/2020 15:36:16Mary JuettenMaryjuettenMaryjuetten
wa and Az lawyer - Traklight ceo - free legal personal and business checkups - kpi or performance advice - work remote advice - DM me or email
3/22/2020 15:37:37Anne L. Christman#iammorrigu
I am a 17 year legal operations professional and law firm administrator who helps firms improve processes and workflows by evaluating existing processes and identifying new and improved processes to improve efficiency, including remote work environments.
3/22/2020 15:55:33ian lyngklip@ianblawyer
Hotdocs Automation; Mind Mapping; Developing Process Maps and Checklists
3/22/2020 16:06:08marlene gebauer@gebauerm
gebauerm@gtlaw.comKnowledge management, research, automation, analytics
3/22/2020 16:13:48Beth Patterson@patterbeth
Legal technology & innovation consulting based in Sydney Australia. Over 30 yrs experience managing large multidisciplinary teams to select and build legal technology and document review solutions. Key areas include building multi disciplinary teams, eDiscovery, contract automation & review, knowledge automation, expert system apps for social justice, AI, collaboration platforms, design thinking, project management & remote working. Deep relationships with many tech vendors. Can make things happen. Happy to help during this time of unprecedented crisis.
3/22/2020 16:17:29Mark C. Palmer@palmerlaw
palmerlaw@gmail.comChief Counsel at Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism-Promoter, Facilitator & Speaker on professionalism, civility, and integrity in our legal and judicial systems; building more equitable, efficient, and effective legal services.
3/22/2020 16:20:50Warren Agin@analyticlaw
agin@analyticlaw.comManaging Director, Digital Strategy & Solutions, Elevate Services. Data strategy; applied data analytics and AI solutions.
3/22/2020 16:21:44Jeannette Eicks@jeicksjeicks@gmail.comDirector of the Vermont Law School Center for Legal Innovation, Research Professor of Law. Expertise in online learning, virtual law practice, virtual courts, legal technology strategy, automation, and access to justice - available to consult or have conversations.
3/22/2020 16:24:56Daniel Farris@daniellfarris
dfarris@klgates.comFormer Software Engineer, Legal Tech Founder, and Big Law Partner. Happy to help enable remote work, improve collaboration in the cloud, and empower attorneys, legal ops professionals, and clients to be more productive, transparent, and in control. Talk to me about Proxy (
3/22/2020 16:28:21Julie Savarino@juliesavarino
julie@busdevinc.comLeading strategic innovator in the legal profession. Creates and implements innovating services, products, events, solutions and communications that measurably increase client value, experience and new business.
3/22/2020 16:40:52
Catherine Alman MacDonagh
Strategy and scenario planning, work flow, process improvement, project and matter management, business development, legal operations. See also
3/22/2020 16:41:57Peter Lederer@peterdlederer lawyer. 60 years of global big law practice, teaching, dotcom world. Useful for counseling, kicking things around and giving feedback.
3/22/2020 16:48:14J Kim Wright@cuttingedgelaw
jkimwright@gmail.comOver twenty years in the innovation area. I'm a leading expert on how to design law practice that works for you and your circumstances. Infopreneuring. Leading webinars and online conferencing. Distance technology. Relational ways of practicing law outside of court. Strategic thinking. Designing life to fit circumstances. Resilience and resourcefulness in crisis.
3/22/2020 16:58:30Jeff Carr@CarrNextJeff CarrJcarr906@gmail.comOver 20 years of building high performance legal teams based on processes designed to optimize legal work that must be done and prevent legal work that need not be done. It’s all about the people on the team & a shared culture. I’m physically in Texas, but virtually anywhere
3/22/2020 17:15:04Colin S. Levy@Clevy_Law
colin.levy@gmail.comI have worked in-house for many years, currently as sole in-house counsel for a tech company, and understand the nature of in-house work and how to design resilient processes. I also have deep connections to legal tech vendors and legal innovators and am happy to share knowledge, help folks find the right tools for their needs, and help folks find their way in the evolving legal world.
3/22/2020 17:24:15Alexander Ali
alex@ucbpros.comLegal Operational Excellence, Technology Innovation, Crisis Management, Project Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Management Consulting
3/22/2020 17:35:25Diego Alcala@diegoalcalapr
I am a criminal defense attorney, trying to track how jails and prisons are dealing with this pandemic. If you need a Spanish speaker, let me know. I also work with chat bots, automation, and other fun stuff.
3/22/2020 17:41:03Jessie Hoerman@thljess
Automated intake, CRM and an all-knowing chatbot that currently speaks over 50 practice/litigation areas including Personal injury, mass torts, social security, workers comp and more. Can help with any law firm worried about staying connected with potential clients while working remotely.
3/22/2020 17:46:43Anthony Vigneron@anthonyvigneron
Anthony@vigneron.bizi can help in-house legal operations teams who tend to already not have a lot of resources and likely even more stretched at this time, advising how to solve their operational challenges, always with creative people, often also with process and tech! If I can’t help myself I’ll try to find someone who can!
(Sustainable results with Technology, Lean thinking, Innovation is what I do!)
3/22/2020 17:50:11Merry Neitlich@ExtremeMrktg
Merry@EMconsults.orgWould like to assist attorneys, practice group leaders, law firm leadership and legal marketers to find their new normal in this Covid19 environment, We would work together to identify how to create and post relevant and valuable content for clients and contacts. This situation has provided a unique window for attorneys and law firms to extend their brands in a helpful and positive way allowing them to expand their relationships.
3/22/2020 17:57:42Dan Selmandanielselmandan@clause.ioCTO Clause Inc. contract automation. BPM. Decision management. AI. Accord Project.
3/22/2020 17:58:14Bradley Newman@legaltechftw
I can help with ContractExpress or Neota Logic automation projects. Also a licensed California attorney.
3/22/2020 18:05:14Jonathan Tobinjontobinla
We have built a platform to help business owners use the law proactively. We've made proactive law accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use and have helped hundreds of people who could not use lawyers prior. Our idea is to help people be proactive, so that they don't need to have conflicts that require a legal resolution.

I'm also a software developer and build systems to automate the practice of law.
3/22/2020 18:08:07Dan Elliottfuturecos
Swiss Army knife - JD/mba/ba - corporate law/finance/political science/economics - process mapping and improvement - business case development - dot connector - nonlawyer
3/22/2020 18:19:04Ed Sohn@edsohn80
edsohn80@gmail.comI lead technology and innovation at EY Law

I am able to contribute ideas, advise POCs, and connect in my network to increase exposure
3/22/2020 18:24:18Heidi K. Brown@introvertlawyerHeidi Brown
Teleworking, Telementoring, Legal Writing Innovation, Well-Being
3/22/2020 18:44:31
Carly E. Howard, JD, LLM
I bring broad experience in law, investment banking, and startups to advise businesses and family offices as an outsourced CLO/COO consultant. In particular, I deliver innovative solutions for legal operations and global business management. Applying a strong understanding of a company’s core business, I translate the needs of various departments into a legal strategy that protects and grows the company. This includes delivering important multi-departmental projects, increasing efficiencies and effectiveness, and deploying best-in-class practices and tools to create collaborative, scalable, interconnected operations throughout the company.

I have been working 100% remotely (and living across continents) for almost four years, including running and selling a startup, launching a venture capital fund, and managing teams for a corporation.

During this global crisis, firms will need to smoothly and consistently operate online to stay relevant. I can help by bringing a wealth of expertise on digital transformation, as well as showing law firms, courts, and law schools how to operate with a global, remote business-oriented mindset.
3/22/2020 18:48:37wendy rubas@hlawtechWendy Rubas
In medicine we have a head start in some areas of innovation. This week out if necessity - in 48 hours- we launched a new telemedicine solution. It requires a phone - but not an app. If you can do a medical exam by phone seems like you could do a court appearance. Would be happy to share if helpful
3/22/2020 19:11:46samantha duckworthSamanthamarcy duckworth
Cybersecurity awareness and training, remote workforce adaption, user training and change management, not a lawyer
3/22/2020 19:16:18Anusia Gillespie@anusiagillespieAnusia Gillespie
I’m best at diagnosing problems, creating narrow solutions that address defined problems, and leveraging talent, methodology, and technology to create teams and execute plans for successful solutions. I know that sounds like a lot of consultant-talk, but I don’t know what to say — that’s what I do, and it’s what I’m best at in my life.

Give me a hard problem to solve, and I will.
3/22/2020 19:30:29Dom Bautista@LCCDomBautista
AC Friends of Courts specializes in completing legal forms.
3/22/2020 19:31:01James F. Ring@FairOutcomes
I’ve been practicing law in Boston as a trial attorney and crisis-management counselor for more than thirty-five years and, for the past twelve years, have been the CEO of Fair Outcomes, Inc. That company was founded by game theorists, computer scientists and practicing lawyers in order to provide parties involved in disputes with online access to game-theoretic bargaining systems. (Further information about our company and our systems is available at: .)

The nature of our systems is such that they have no jurisdictional limitations. Although all of the systems are patented and proprietary, we have historically allowed lawyers to use them for very low fees (e.g., the fee for using our Fair Proposals System is $125) and we let authorized pro bono lawyers use them for free. These systems produce outcomes that are demonstrably fair, doing so in a manner that is far more efficient than traditional approaches to trying to achieve such outcomes (i.e., litigation, arbitration, mediation, and direct negotiation) and far more efficient than online versions of those traditional approaches (e.g., online arbitration and online mediation).

In addition to being able to offer our systems as a means for helping to address the pressures currently being faced by the legal system, we would welcome an opportunity to be part of the ongoing discussion about how the courts and the legal community should respond to the ongoing crisis. As is evidenced by the nature of our work, our views on how to understand and improve the legal system are based on a fairly rigorous approach to the subject.

3/22/2020 19:31:08Meyer Mechanic@mechanicto @Vaultie
meyer@vaultie.ioI've been following remote commissioning and notary for years and have along with my team developed compliance based digital signatures that are verifiable by ANY third party with the simple use of a smartphone.

We integrate KYC profiles based on gov't ID's and facial biometrics taken at the moment of signing into blockchain based digital signatures so when things like travel documents, notarizations, or affidavits get checked they can be immediately proven as authentic and signed by the signatory who is standing in front of you.

We drastically reduce the fraud, and can be used for verification of legal documents and accreditation.

We're currently launched in Canada, and have real expertise when it comes to digital identity and legal documents
3/22/2020 19:34:29Simon Boehme@simonboehme
Supporting mediators and arbitrators get their practice online. Specializing as a tech consultant and training ADR practitioners in Zoom. Visit to learn more.
3/22/2020 19:40:53Pradeep Kumar #DoesNotTweet
Paralegal ( California -Tenant Law,Real Estate Law), Legal Research, Legal Writing, Document Automation, Data analysis, Information Security. I have developed a fully working machine learning(NLP) tool that can automate legal contract analysis and proofing. The cloud-based system reads a contract and identifies gaps in the contract language/clauses, score risks against a customizable ruleset. Legal Tech development is a hobby, so is legal writing and legal research.
3/22/2020 19:50:26Megan Lopp Mathias@loppmathiaslaw
Illinois; we utilize MS Teams for almost constant communication with clients and have opened up 24 hour availability to handle Covid19 issues
3/22/2020 19:58:34Rafael Miranda
3/22/2020 20:05:27Nancy Myrland @NancyMyrland
Having started my career in corporate America with Time Warner, I entered the legal profession in 1997 as an in-house director of marketing responsible for offices in the US and China. I started my own strategic marketing consultancy in 2002, which has enabled me to blend both outside the box and inside the box philosophies, cultures, and innovative practices to serve my law firm clients in marketing strategy, social and digital media, and content marketing. I spend most of my marketing education time outside the profession, which allows me to introduce innovative social and digital practices inside of law firms.
3/22/2020 20:17:17Jeroen Plink @jplink
Been in legal innovation since 2000, building software applications, know how, legal tech, investor, entrepreneur
3/22/2020 20:33:53Scott Kelly@scottgeraldk
The company I work for -- -- provides a platform for rapidly prototyping and deploying "legal apps" -- online automations for legal triage, intake, and document generation. We are offering free hosting for legal apps built to respond to the Covid-19 crisis.
3/22/2020 20:51:57Anna Corbett@ohyeanna
I'm a law student in my final semester. I have experience with expert system design and building (a2j author and neota logic), document automation (documate and contract express), process improvement (lean sixsigma yellow belt), data analysis and visualization (Power BI), and product testing.
3/22/2020 20:55:40Melissa Moss@RouncingTigger
A2J strategy, systems, legal aid, IOLTA/foundations, courts, process mapping, human centered/ participatory design. 25 years in legal aid/non profit management/change mgmt/thought partner/connector
3/22/2020 21:54:00Pegeen Turner@pegeenturnerPegee Turner
I help small to mid-size law firms start up and move to the cloud. I have an IT focus and can help with technical questions. I am also a software developer and a Certified Clio Consultant that can help with integrations and migrations.
3/22/2020 22:01:20Daniel B. RodriguezDBRodriguez5Daniel B. Rodriguez
legal education; professional regulation; technology-related improvements in civil & administrative justice system.
3/22/2020 22:10:11Matt BlaineMattBlaine1Matt Blaine
Complex commercial litigation, regulator litigation, M&A, general counsel services and business strategy, real estate transactions and leases, business formation and dissolution, info gov, ediscovery
3/22/2020 22:26:14Jennifer LeonardJennifer Leonard Jenleo@law.upenn.eduOversee projects related to innovation in the profession at Penn Law, primarily as those projects relate to interdisciplinary learning and collaboration. Happy to serve on committees, work with others on draft memos, thought or advocacy pieces and connect coordinators with others I might know who can be helpful. Just let me know how I can help!