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Thursday, August 93:00 PM5:00 PMWorkshop 1-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Workshop 2-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Film-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Oral Interviewing and Online Archiving with the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony

Women and Gender, Theory and Practice Roundtable"We Have No Fear" (Italy, 2017, 70 minutes)
In this three-hour workshop, Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony (ALOT) founder and director Elise Chenier and archivist Meghan Walley will provide an introduction to ALOT (www.alotarchives.org). Drawing on the diverse levels of experience of workshop participants we will explore some of the pleasures and pains of planning and executing an oral history project, with particular reference to issues of sexuality and sexual identity. In the final hour, we will describe some of the main advantages and disadvantages of building an online oral history archives, which will include a consideration of ethical issues that arise when putting oral history online in open access environments.Soffía Auõur Birgisdóttir, University of Iceland-The Life of Guérin Sveinbjarnardóttir: Male or Female?Bologna, 8 March 1955. Anna and Angela were arrested in front of the Ducati Motor factory as they were handing out mimosa flowers – the symbol of female emancipation in post-war Italy – and were sentenced to a month’s detention at the prison of San Giovanni in Monte, today the site of the Department of History at the University of Bologna. Sixty years later, San Giovanni in Monte is the place where historians bring back to light the stories of thousands of women and men fired from factories and arrested due to their affiliation to the Communist and Socialist parties and left wing trade unions. In the height of the Cold War and the violent repression perpetrated by the police against the workers’ movement during strikes and protests, even a harmless flower like the mimosa was considered a subversive symbol. Andrea Bacci, Director; Andrea Bacci, Eloisa Betti, and Micro Dondi, Screenplay
Ingibjörg Sigurdõardóttir, University of Akureyri-Life and After-Life of the Actress Ingibjörg Steinsdóttir (1903-1965): How to Make a Biography-Quilt from FragmentsRed Women between Amnesia and Nostalgia: The Forgotten Struggle for Women’s Emancipation and Labour Rights in the Cold War, Eloisa Betti and Francesca de Haan
Heloise Thomas-Cambonie, Université Bordeaux Montaigne-The Woman and the Archive: On Feminist Reconstructive Historiographies
Shahin Kachwala, Indiana University, Bloomington-Gendering Political Violence: Writing, Action, and Subjectivity in Indian Anticolonialism
Linda Lane and Birgitta Jordansson, Gothenburg University-Conceptualizing Work in a Globalized World: Making Sense of Gender and Class
6:00 PM9:00 PMKeynote Conversation and Heavy Hors d'Oeuvre Reception-1400-1420 Segal Centre (200)exhibitors' set up-1430 Segal Centre
Opening Remarks-Eileen Boris, IFRWH President and Hull Endowed Chair of Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
Keynote-Indigenous Feminisms in Settler Colonial Society
Chair: Jennifer Spear, Simon Fraser University
Sarah Nickel, University of Saskatchewan
Lynette Russell, Monash University
Maylei Blackwell, University of California, Los Angeles
Friday, August 108:00 AM5:00 PMexhibit space-1430 Segal Centre
Friday, August 108:00 AM9:00 AMcoffee break-1430 Segal Centre
8:30 AM10:30 AMPanel 1-1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 2-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 3-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 4-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 5-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Transnationalism, Leadership, and Educational ExchangeInternational Women and Feminist MovementsHow Did Empire Affect Women's Transnational Activism, 1900-1960? Three Views of Empire through Women's EyesIntimate Labors and Migration, Part 1-Conceptualizing State Regulatory Regimes
Elizabeth Smyth, University of Toronto (Chair/Comment)Barbara Winslow, Brooklyn College (Chair/Comment)Kathryn Sklar, State University of New York, Binghamton (Chair) and Claire Midgley, Sheffield University (Comment)Jessica R. Pliley, Texas State University (Chair/Comment)
Tanya Fitzgerald, La Trobe University-Academic Women, Transnational Networks and Educational Exchange, 1921-1961Kelyne Rhodehamel, Rice University-Arab Women’s Movements and Personal Status Law ReformFebe Pamonag, Western Illinois University-The Unruly Women of CulionAndrew Urban, Rutgers University-New Brunswick-Controlling Migrant Reproductive Labor: The State and Sentimental Forms of Coercion, 1850-1917
Diane Kirkby, La Trobe University-Internationalism and Women's Leadership in a Gendered Cold War (Co-authored with Caroline Jordan, La Trobe University)Demet Gulcicek, University of Warwick-Rethinking the Ottoman Women's Movements: The Feminist Category of "Woman" in the Late Ottoman PeriodBarbara Molony, Santa Clara University-Japanese Transnational Feminists' Self-Representation in the Age of Empire, 1935-1945Christelle Taraud, Center for Historical Research of the Nineteenth Century, Universities of Paris I and IV-Colonial Regulationist Prostitution in the Maghreb and the Struggle for Abolition
Vera Mackie, University of Wollongong-Transnational and Transgenerational Connections: Gendering US-Japan Educational Exchange (Co-authored with Mayuko Itoh, University of Wollongong)Aisha Bawa, Usmanu Danfodiyo University-Globalizing the Local: Historical Narratives of Women's Movement in NigeriaJessica Elkind, San Francisco State University-Women Aid Workers and American Empire in Indochina, 1955-1970Sandy Chang, University of Texas at Austin-From White Slavery to "Yellow Traffic": International Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaigns and Chinese Women in British Malay in the Interwar Years
Daniel Squizzero, Northeastern University-Italian Women's Social Movements and the First World War: A Multi-Scalar Approach Fatemeh Hosseini, Georgetown University-Transgressions in Tehran: The Red-Light District and the Iranian Revolution of 1979
Yoko Hayashi, Osaka University-Maurice Gregory's Visit to Japan and its Impact on Japanese Movement Against Licensed Prostitution
Friday, August 1010:30 AM10:45 AMcoffee break-1430 Segal Center
10:45 AM12:15 PMPanel 6-1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 7-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 8-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 9-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 10-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Lenguas y Movimientos de Género en la Historia Española y ArgentinaThe Geopolitics of Subversive MarriagesWomen, Refugees, and Total War: The Gendered Discourse of "Belonging," 1917-1945Spiritual Cosmopolitanism and Women's Engagement in Transnational Webs of Amity and Activism on the Cusp of Empire, 1860s-1940sIntimate Labors and Migration, Part 2-Resistsing State Regulatory Regimes
Katherine Marino (Chair/Comment)Roxanne Panchasi, Simon Fraser University (Chair/Comment)Anne Epstein, University of Helsinki (Chair/Comment)Noriko Ishii, Sophia University (Chair) and Jane Haggis, Flinders University (Comment)Christelle Taraud, Center for Historical Research of the Nineteenth Century, Universities of Paris I and IV (Chair/Comment)
Cándida Martínez López, Universidad de Granada-Matronazgo, un Concepto sobre la Agencia y el Poder de las Mujeres en la HistoriaWidya Fitria Ningsih, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam-Engaged Women: Citizenship, Mobility and Political Encounters in the Indonesian DecolonizationSandra Dawson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County-Midwives and Mothers Fighting on the Home Front in Britain, 1939-45Margaret Allen, University of Adelaide-Circling around Pandita Ramabai and the Little Wives of India Jessica R. Pliley, Texas State University-"Migration, Marriage, and White Slavery: Women's Mobility, Citizenship, and Sexuality in the Global Anti-Sex Trafficking Movement
Laura Sánchez Blanco, Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca, and Noa María Carballa Rivas-Transgresoras de lo Establecido: Mujeres Libres en la Sociedad Española Jessica Malitoris, Duke University-The End of Empire?: The United Nations on Women's Rights and the "Modern" FamilySuzanne Orr, Kansas State University-Denationalized Women: Russian-Speaking Refugees and the Gendered Language of HumanitarianismClare Midgley, Sheffield University-Caroline Wells Healey Dall and the Links between American Transcendentalists and Indian Members of the Brahmo SamajElisa Camiscioli, SUNY Binghamton-Travel, Trafficking, and Illicit Migration in Early Twentieth-Century France and the World
Alba Martínez Martínez, Universidad de Granada-Mujeres que Cruzan Fronteras: Exiliadas Españolas en la Francia de los Años 40 y 50Carolyn J. Eichner, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee-Patronymic Transgressions: Challenging Marital Law and Custom in Nineteenth-Century France and EmpireNupur Chaudhuri, Texas Southern University-Alice Juliette Wentzinger’s Reactions towards Nazi Soldiers’ Entrance to Paris and Nazi Occupation of AlsaceFiona Paisley, Griffith University-From Missionary Work in the Pacific to the YWCA in India and Sri Lanka: Jean Begg, New Zealander, on Affective EntanglementsSonja Dolinsek, Erfurt University-Freedom of Movement and the Legal Status of Migrant Sex Workers in the European Economic Community
María Josefina Itoiz, Universidad de Buenos Aires-Tramas y Entramados del Género: Una Cartografía Posible del Campo Intelectual a Comienzos del Siglo XX en Buenos AiresAndrew Orr, Kansas State University-Reasserting and Redefining Boundaries: Gendered Professionalism and the Civil-Military Divide in Post-Great War FranceLori Osborne, Frances Willard Memorial Library and Archives-The World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union and its Work in India, 1900-1939Marcela López Arellano, Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes-Women on the Move: Anita Brenner, B'nai B'rith Correspondent in Mexico, 1920s-Her Reports on Immigrant Women
Mark Crowley, Wuhan University-Women Unite! Female Trade Unionists and Anti-Fascism in World War II BritainAlison Rose, University of Rhode Island-Jewish Women on the Move: Migration, Identity, and Activism in Eastern Europe, 1902-1913
Friday, August 1012:15 PM1:15 PMlunch
1:15 PM3:15 PMPanel 11--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 12-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 13-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 14-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 15-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Scientific Personae in Motion: Transnational Exchanges of Gendered Identities during the Interwar YearsDisobedient Intimacies: Women's Urban Histories of Home, Conflict, and Survival Modern Legal Responses to Rape in Transnational PerspectiveHuman Rights, Women, and GenderBringing the World Home: 1977 The International Women's Year/National Women's Conference in Houston
June Purvis, University of Portsmouth (Chair)Vanessa May, Seton Hall University (Chair/Comment)Darcy Buerkle, Smith College (Chair/Comment)Jill Jensen, Pennsylvania State University (Chair/Comment)Jocelyn Olcott, Duke University (Chair/Comment)
Lisa Svanfeldt-Winter, Stockholm University-From Students to Scholars: International Travel as a Means of Becoming Acknowledged Folklorists in the Baltic RegionDanielle Phillips-Cunningham, Texas Woman’s University-Intimacies of Race in the Home: Irish Immigrant and Southern Black Domestic Workers, 1880-1920Sharon A. Kowalsky, Texas A&M University-Commerce-Mass Rape and Mass Transformation: Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Early Soviet RussiaKristine Kjærsgaard, University of Southern Denmark-From International Agreement to National Implementation: The Impact of UN Women's Conferences 1975-1995 on Equality for Women in DenmarkJudy Tzu-Chun Wu, University of California, Irvine-"What Women Want": Patsy Takemoto Mink and Global/National Feminism
Mineke Bosch, University of Groningen (Session Organizer)-Marianne van Herwerden's Metamorphosis: From Learned Woman to American-Style Laboratory ResearcherAnahi Russo Garrido, Metropolitan State University of Denver-Lesbian Friendships in Mexico City: A Critique of La Casa and La Calle's BinaryJessica Brannon-Wranosky, Texas A&M University-Commerce-Defining and Debating Rape in State Legislatures in the United States, 1870-1975Julie Gallagher, Penn State Brandywine-“An Inarticulate Squeal of the Heart”: Grassroots Activists Respond to Human Rights CrisesLeandra Zarnow, University of Houston-Bella Abzug, IWY, and the 1970s Human Rights Movement
Kristi Niskanen, Stockholm University (Session Organizer)-Transatlantic Transfer of (Male) Scholarly Personae: The Swedish Philosopher Einar Tegena's JourneyAriella Rotramel, Connecticut College-Affording Home: New York City Public Housing's Women Residents (1963-2016)Sonja Matter, University of Bern-Power, Gender and Adolescence. Girls and Age of Consent Regulations in Switzerland (1945-1980)Gwen Jordan, University of Illinois Springfield-Federación Internacional de Abogadas: Fighting for the Rights of All Women in the New World Order, 1944-1959Laura L. Lovett, University of Massachusetts-Amherst-"It's Our Movement Now": Black Women's Politics and the 1977 National Women's Conference
Kaat Wils, University of Leuven-Learning Science Abroad: Female Graduate Students Travelling between Belgium and the United StatesLynne Marks, University of Victoria and Margaret Little, Queen’s University-Family Matters: Divisions Between Immigrant Women Activists and Mainstream Feminists in Ontario and BC, 1960s-1980s Ashwini Tambe, University of Maryland-Tropical Exceptions: Colonial Logics in Intergovernmental Age of Consent DebatesAnne Logan, University of Kent-British Women and the Campaign for International Prisoners' Rights, 1925-1939Robin M. Morris, Agnes Scott College-STOP the ERA in the USA: Antifeminism and IWY
Anna Cabanel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven-Forging a Transnational Elite of Female Scholars: The Fellows of the International Federation of University Women Wendy Tuxill, Anglia Ruskin University-Privilege, Protest, Prison: The Case of Lady Constance Lytton
Chitose Sato, University of Tsukuba-Federal Food Assistance Programs and Women on Relief
Friday, August 103:15 PM3:30 PMcoffee break-1430 Segal Centre
3:30 PM5:00 PMPanel 16--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 17-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 18-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 19-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 20-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Empires Fall: Antifascism, Feminist Anticolonialism, and Transnational LivesRethinking Transgression Through Lombroso's Eyes: Questioning the Perception of the Prostitute and Criminal WomanTranslating Agency: Gender, Sexuality, and Domesticity in Global Missionary ProjectsStruggles for Marriage: Race and IdentityA Bridge Too Far? Transgressive Relationships/Transgressing Historiographies in Canadian Women's History
Ellen Fleischmann, University of Dayton (Chair/Comment)Mary Gibson, City University of New York (Chair/Comment)-Science and Sex in Lombroso's Criminal Woman, the Normal Woman, and the ProstituteBarbara Molony, Santa Clara University (Chair/Comment)Kristen Celello, Queens College, CUNY (Chair/Comment)Adele Perry, University of Manitoba (Chair/Comment)
Caroline Merithew, University of Dayton-Rescuing Velia Matteotti: Feminist Politics and the Creation of a Women's Only Antifascist SpaceLiliosa Azara, Roma Tre University-The Lenone State Ends Up: Lombrosian Echoes Persist in the Parliament Debates on the Merlin LawLaura Rademaker, Australian National University-Dormitory Girls: Indigenous Girlhood and Sexuality in Cross-Cultural TranslationKate Bagnall, University of Wollongong-White Women, Chinese Men: Interracial Intimacies in Colonial New South WalesLaura Ishiguro, University of British Columbia-"Acquainted": Towards a History of Race, Settler Colonialism, and Transgressive Women's Friendships in Late Nineteenth-Century British Columbia
Katherine Marino, The Ohio State University-Sovereignty and Suffrage: Pan-American Popular-Front Feminism in PanamaEloisa Betti, University of Bologna-Workers, Prostitutes, or Degenerate Mothers? The Criminalization of Working Women in Italy (XIX-XX Century)Jessica Hinchy, Nanyang Technological University-Missionary Matchmaking: Conjugality, Sexuality, and Criminalised Communities in Colonial IndiaKaren Hughes, Swinburne University of Technology-Immigration and Struggles for Racial Justice in Marriages and Relationships between Indigenous Australian Women and American Servicemen on the WWII HomefrontAndrea Eidinger, University of British Columbia-Part of the Family?: Ashkenazi Jewish Women and Non-Jewish Domestic Workers in Postwar Montreal
Nova Robinson, Seattle University-Lobbying the League: Syrian and Lebanese Women's Transnational Anti-Colonial Activism, 1920-1946Luca Tedesco, Roma Tre University-The Prostitute in the Positivist Criminology: From Lombroso to FascismArunima Datta, National University of Singapore-“Missions,” Transnational Labour and Precarity: Indian Travelling Ayahs and the Ayahs' Home in BritainRui Kohiyama, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University-Living on the Border Between East and West: Mixed Blood People in Japan before WWIIMadeline Knickerbocker, Simon Fraser University-Appropriating "Ha-wini-po-la-o-gua": White Settler Women's Indigenous Transgressions in 20th Century British Columbia
Dunia Etura, Universidad de Valladolid-Carmen Sarmiento: Including Feminism in Journalism as a Means of Civic Campaigning during the Late Francoism (Co-authored with Virginia Martín Jiménez)Tin Kei Wong, The University of Queensland-American Protestant Missionary Women Translating Western Girls: Laura M. White and Her Chinese TranslationsShilpi Gupta, University of Granada-Negotiating Un/Belonging of a Transnational Single Woman's Identity within the Conflictive Zones of "Home" and "Homeland"Sarah Nickel, University of Saskatchewan-"A Genuine Revolution": Transracial Gendered Relationships During the International Women's Year, 1975
Junko Akamatsu, Bunkyo Gakuin University-Behind the Scenes of Divorce: A Case Study of the Cholmondeley Family in Eighteenth-Century Cheshire
Friday, August 106:00 PM9:00 PMPlenary + Heavy Hors d'Oeuvre Reception-1400-1420 Segal Centre
Migrants and Movements
Eileen Boris, University of California, Santa Barbara (Chair)
Emma Amador, University of Connecticut
Ethel Tungohan, York University
Annelise Orleck, Dartmouth College
Saturday, August 118:00 AM5:00 PMexhibit space-1430 Segal Centre
8:00 AM9:00 AMcoffee break-1430 Segal Centre
8:30 AM10:30 AMPanel 21--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 22-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 23-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 24-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 25-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Beyond the National: Female Agencies, Women's Movements, and Feminist Revolutions in the 20th Century NordicsWomen's Transnational Experiences and Transgressions in the PacificTraveling to Work: Women Working in Transnational SpacesAbortion, Contraception, Surrogacy, and the StatePolitical Economies of Transnational Feminism
Elyssa Faison, University of Oklahoma (Chair/Comment)Charlotte Macdonald, Victoria University of Wellington (Chair/Comment)Leslie Parish, University of British Columbia (Chair/Comment)Laura Ishiguro, University of British Columbia (Chair/Comment)
Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir, University of Iceland-Reykjavík, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna and Moscow: Five Icelandic Women Politicians and Their National and International NetworksSumiko Otsubo, Metropolitan State University-Embodied Scholarship, Botany, and Eugenics: The Case of Japanese Biologist Yasui Kono (1880-1971)Sarah Christie, University of Otago-Transcending the Office: Glamour and Networks of Travel for Clerical Workers, 1945-1979Agata Ignaciuk, University of Warsaw-Living in an Abortion Paradise? Women's Contraceptive Choices in State-Socialist Poland (1950s-1980s)Dorothy Sue Cobble, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Transforming Economies from Below: Popular Education and Women's Unionism
Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir, University of Iceland-The Cold War, the Pill, and the (Un)Happy Housewife in Iceland, 1945-1970Michiko Takeuchi, California State University, Long Beach-Trans-Pacific Left Feminism: Japanese and American Old Left Women, from World War I to the US Occupation of JapanBarbara Brookes, University of Otago-Staging Health: Dr. Anna Longshore Potts on the International CircuitDenise Lynn, University of Southern Indiana-Subject Children: American Communists, Voluntary Motherhood, and Birth ControlLisa Levenstein, University of North Carolina at Greensboro-The Transnational Dimensions of US Feminist Debates Over Poverty in the 1990s
Thorgerdur Thorvaldsdóttir, University of Iceland-Bodily Revolutions: The Female Body as a BattlegroundRumi Yasutake, Konan University-Transnational Experiences at the Crossroads of the Pacific: The Case of Japanese Immigrant Daughter Alice Sae Teshima NodaFrances Steel, University of Wollongong-Waitresses on American Ocean Liners: Transpacific Labour and Mobility in the 1950sJennifer Nelson, University of Redlands-Feminism and Abortion Debates in Mexico, 1974 to the Present: Religion/Secularism/Human Rights/NeoliberalismKatherine Marino, The Ohio State University-Women's Economic and Social "Human Rights": The Influence of Pan-American Feminism
Mette Buchardt, Aalborg University-Between Biblical Criticism, Bible Defense, and the Question of Rights: Women as Teachers and ResearchersJee Hoe Koo, The University of Tokyo-The Relationship between Elite Women and Buddhist Temples in the Transitional Period of JapanBabs Boter, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam-Mary Pos, World Traveler and Cultural Mediator Namreeta Kumari, University of Delhi-Surrogacy and TransnationalismJoanne Meyerowitz, Yale University-The Political Economies of 1970s Women in Development Movement
Pirjo Markkola, University of Tampere-Transnational "Nordic" in Debates on Gender EqualitySonia Nishat Amin, University of Dhaka-From Fairytale Protagonist to TV Serial Heroine: Story of KiranmalaChristabelle Sethna, University of Ottawa-Bordering on Exile: Canadian Women's Transnational Travels for Abortion Services in the 1960s and 1970s
Saturday, August 1110:30 AM10:45 AMcoffee break-1430 Segal Centre
10:45 AM12:15 PMPanel 26--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 27-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 28-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 29-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 30-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Women Educators, Women's Universities, and Student EmpowermentFighting for Feminism: Militancy, Violence, and ActivismTransgressive Agency in the Context of (Post)Imperial and Socialist TransformationReconstructing Citizenship: Gender, Sexuality, and Crip/Queer TransgressionsWomen and the Cold War, Part 1-Women and Communism, Public and Private
Hisae Orui, Tsuda University (Chair/Comment)Cheryl Warsh, Vancouver Island University (Chair/Comment)Susan Carin Zimmermann, Central European University (Chair/Comment)Anna Mae Duane, University of Connecticut (Chair/Comment)Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto (Chair/Comment)
Reiji Kohashi, The Gender History Association of Japan-Yasui Tetsu in Japan and Her Transnational NetworkJune Purvis, University of Portsmouth-Suffragette Militancy in Edwardian Britain: Crossing the Gender Divide Yulia Gradskova, Södertörn University (Session Organizer)-Muslim Women on the Eve of the Revolutions of 1917 and the Bolshevik Policies of "Emancipation" of the "Woman of Orient"Audra Jennings, Western Kentucky University-Disabled Children and Queer Women: Disability, Sexuality, and the US Children's BureauCarolyn Collins, University of Adelaide-“A Disgrace to Womanhood”: Attitudes to Australian Women Who Protested against Conscription during the Vietnam War
Yuko Takahashi, Tsuda University-Umeko Tsuda’s Spirit: Teaching the Founder’s Educational Philosophy at Tsuda UniversitySharon Crozier-De Rosa, University of Wollongong-Nationalisms and Emotions in Feminist and Anti-Feminist Ethics of ViolenceRenata Ingbrant, Stockholm Unviersity-Renormalizing Female Masculinity: The Case of the Polish Insurgent Anna Henryka PustowójtównaJudy Rohrer, Eastern Washington University-Scouting for Normalcy: Merit Badges, Cookies & American FuturityVanessa May, Seton Hall University-“Old Maids” and “Man Haters”: Progressive Women, Age, and Sexuality in the Cold War
Masako Iino, Tsuda College-Umeko Tsuda and the United StatesMari Takayanagi, UK Parliamentary Archives-Celebrating Suffrage CentenariesIldikó Asztalos Morell, Mälardalen University-Engineering Women or Feminizing Engineering? Women Engineers in Nök IapjaJulie Avril Minich, University of Texas at Austin-Consenting to Cruelty: Intimate Partner Violence in the Latino/a Queer Literary ImaginaryMalgorzata Dajnowicz, University of Bialystok-Popular Women's Magazines in Poland: The Communication Platform of the Communist Policy of the Polish People's Republic (1970-1989)
Mieko Kojima, Kanagawa University-Anna C. Hartshorne and the Philadelphia CommitteeJulia Smith, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Working Women Unite! Feminist Labour Activism in Western Canada, 1970-1990Tatiana Kozhemyako, North-Caucasus Federal University-Formation of Supra-National Gender Identity in the North CaucasusCynthia Olufade, University of Ibadan-Transnationalism of Abstract PhenomenaEugenia Rodríguez Sáenz-"Mothers, Wives, and Sisters": Costa Rican Women's Mobilization-Anticommunism and Cold War in Comparative Perspective (1948-1953)
Erika Sunada, Kokushikan University-Teaching "Our" History, Learning "Our" Origin: Women’ s Experiences and Women’s ConnectionsGiulia Cioci, Sapienza University of Rome-Western Women and Anti-Colonial Uprisings, Case Studies
Saturday, August 1112:15 PM1:15 PMEmpires Luncheon Session-Introducing “Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1820,” an online database of 75,000 pages of primary materials and scholarly essays assembled by Kitty Sklar and Tom Dublin with the collaboration of 56 scholars who selected documents in their field. Lunch will be provided, but space is limited, so if you would like to attend, please email Kitty Sklar by July 15 to reserve a seat: kksklar@binghamton.edu.
1:15 PM3:15 PMPanel 31--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 32-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 33-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 34-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 35-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Les Mouvements Feministes Des Annees 1970 Au Japon: Tensions Et TransgressionsWestern Association of Women Historians Panel-Gender Separatism and Protestant Missions in Interwar AsiaWomen as International Actors and Activists at Expositions and Congresses, 1876-1939Migratory Women, Politics, and Identity FormationWomen and the Cold War, Part 2-Leftism and Feminism
Carolyn J. Eichner, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (Chair)
Rui Kohiyama, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (Chair) and Jane H. Hunter, Lewis & Clark College (Comment)
Karen Offen, Stanford University (Chair/Comment)Franca Iacovetta, University of Toronto (Chair/Comment)
Nobuyo Aizawa, Tokyo Keizai University-Chûpiren, un essai manqué dans le mouvement féministe japonais de années 1970Laura Prieto, Simmons College-After Woman's Work for Woman: The Struggle over Women's Autonomy at Protestant Missions in the Philippines, 1919-1939TJ Boisseau, Purdue University (Session Organizer)-Forging the Transnational out of the International: Feminist Internationalism at World's Fairs and International ExhibitionsMariel Aquino, University of California, Santa Barbara-A Home Away from Home: Basque-American Women, Food, and NationalismFrancisca de Haan, Central European University-Rethinking the 1960s from a Global Left-Feminist Perspective
Aline Henninger, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales-L'isolement des groupes lesbiens au sein du mouvement féministe dans le Japon des années 1970Noriko Ishii, Sophia University-From Mission to Secular: Localization, Imperialisms and Transnational Women's Activism in 1920s JapanMyriam Boussahba-Bravard, Université Paris Diderot-The "Storm Centre" of Suffrage and its Implications: The British Focal Point of International Women's Suffrage, Amsterdam, 1908Sigridur Matthíasdóttir, Reykjavík Academy and Ann-Catrin Östman, Åbo Akademi University-Maids and Wives or Transnational Agents? Women in the Nordic Emigration to North America in the Nineteenth and the Early Twentieth Centuries Lara Track, Heidelberg University-From Peaceniks to Feminists? How Transnational Connections Shaped American Peace Activists' Views on Women's Rights
Asuka Ikeda, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III-Remise en question du regard dans le mouvement féministe ûman ribu et dans l'art photographique japonaisConnie Shemo, SUNY Plattsburgh-Contested Meanings of Separate Women's Medical Education: The Woman's Christian Union Medical College, 1924-1941Abigail Markwyn, Carroll University-Creating the “Pageant of the Pacific”: California Women’s Transnationalism on the Eve of World War IIJacqueline Di Bartolomeo, Carleton University-Thérèse Bentzon and the Politics of Feminist Selfhood in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic WorldLara Vapnek, St. John’s University-Mothers and the Milk Wars: Consumer Cooperatives and Anti-Communism in 1930s New York City
Chiharu Chujo, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III-Subversive ou indécente? L'ambivalence de la musique contestataire dans les mouvements féministes japonais de années 1970Nisha O. Bind, Hidayatulla National Law University-Impact of Migration on Women Left Behind in IndiaFrançoise Thebaud, Université d'Avignon-Traverser les frontières dépasser la guerre froide: l'action de Marguerite Thibert dans les années 1960
Delphine Barré, Paris Ouest Nanterre University-De l'atelier aux fourneaux: identités et dynamiques du travail féminin dans la communauté juive yiddishophone, Paris années 1930Rachele Ledda, University of Naples L'Orientale-The Apprenticeship of Politics: Carmen Zanti's individual life Trajectories and Global Context in the Cold War
Saturday, August 113:15 PM3:30 PMcoffee break
3:30 PM5:00 PMPanel 36--1520 Barrick Gold Lecture (41)Panel 37-1600 Canfor Policy (52)Panel 38-2270 Saudner Industries Policy (56)Panel 39-7000 E&J Lohn Floor Policy (62)Panel 40-1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre (200)
Transgressive Women and the State in Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century AustraliaHistories of Gender ViolenceGendering the TranspacificFamily, Sexuality, and National Identity in Modern KoreaMigration, Global Labor, and Women's Activism
Margaret Allen (Chair/Comment)Sandra Dawson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Chair/Comment)Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, University of California, Irvine (Chair/Comment)-The Militarized Pacific and Transnational Feminism: Patsy Takemoto Mink, the Pacific World, and Settler ColonialismSungyun Lim, University of Colorado, Boulder (Chair/Comment)Annelise Orleck, Dartmouth College (Chair/Comment)
Judith Smart, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (Session Organizer)-The Amateur and Venereal Disease: Young Women's Sexuality and State Policy during the Great WarAna Stevenson, University of the Free State-An Historical Overview of Shifting Responses to Gender Violence in AustraliaJi-Yeon Yuh, Northwestern University-“All the time, hard time”: Narrative and Memory among Korean Marriage Migrants, 1910-1999Yang-Hee Hong, Hanyang University-Family Institutions and the Double Face of Genealogy in Colonial KoreaKyungok Kim, The University of Tokyo-Factory Labor and Childcare in Wartime Japan
Margaret Anderson, Old Treasury Building Museum-Fear, Shame, and the State: Infanticide, Abortion, and Sexual Transgression in Pre-War AustraliaWendy Kukulies-Smith, Australian National University-The 'Protection of Women in Lonely Situations': An Examination of Rape Offences and Sentencing Practices in Colonial NSWGenevieve Clutario, Harvard University-World War II and the Promise of Normalcy: Filipina Lives Under Two EmpiresSunok Lee, Sookmyung Women’s University-Research on Discourse of Scientisim and Gender in 1960-70s Korea MagazineJane Berger, Moravian College-Welfare Queens and Third World Women: Gender, Race and Neoliberalism
Marian Quartly, Monash University-Divorce and Legal Separation in Australia c. 1900: A Tale of Two Great Great GrandmothersJacqui Theobald, La Trobe University-“The last resort”: Domestic Violence Activism in Victoria, Australia, 1974-2017 (co-author with Suellen Murray)Karen J. Leong, Arizona State University-The Transnational Geographies of U.S. Settler Colonial FeminismEunkyung Kim, Sookmyung Women’s University-The New Family Law and Dilemma of Democratic Republic: Gendered Democracy of Post-Colonial KoreaDorothea Browder, Western Kentucky University-"Welding Diversities Into Unity": Multi-Cultural, Transnational Labor Discourse in the YWCA-USA Industrial Program, 1910s-1940
Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University-Disposing of the Unwanted Products of Women's Bodies: Identifying the Gynocentric ZoneBridget Keown, Northeastern University-Fixed Forever in Grief: Women and the Medicalization of Grief during the First World WarCatherine Ceniza Choy, University of California, Berkeley-The Life and Work of Philippine-American Artist Pacita AbadSusan Carin Zimmermann, Central European University-“Working women of the world unite!” The interwar internationalism of labor women caught between between women’s and trade union politics
Marianna Muravyeva, University of Tampere-Representation of the History of Family Violence in Contemporary Popular CultureFang He, University of California, Santa Barbara-”Golden Lilies” Across the Pacific: The Paradoxes of Race, Class, Identity, and Inclusion in Enforcing Chinese Exclusion LawsDamilola Dorcas Fagite, Obafemi Awolowo University-Globalization, Women, and Contemporary Forms of Enslavement in Nigeria
Elizarni, Ohio University-Comparing Perceived Feminist Experiences during and after Armed Conflict in Aceh, IndonesiaPankhuri Zaheer Dasgupta, Jawaharlal Nehru University-Unraveling Kaspashera: An Investigation into the Lives and Struggles of Migrant Women Workers in the Garment Industry
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