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Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Ken Badley
Ken Badley has taught at Canadian Bible College in Regina, the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park and George Fox University in Oregon. He currently teaches in the BEd programs at Mount Royal University in Calgary and Tyndale University in Toronto. He is the author of over a dozen books; the most recent is Echoes of Insight: Past Perspectives and the Future of Christian Higher Education (Abilene Christian University Press, 2017). He is currently at work on Curriculum Planning with Instructional Design: Building Elegant Courses and Units, scheduled for publication by Routledge in 2018. Ken serves as book review editor for the International Journal of Christianity in Education.
Agile Unit Planning for Teachers' Real Lives
Participants in this session use a visual approach to design one unit for use in their own classroom. Without ignoring the usual starting points -- outcomes and objectives -- they start by drawing an "engagement curve" for the whole unit. They then use principles from design and architecture to build an outline of the unit along that curve. Next they fill in the major sections, spaces to breathe, and assessments. Research on teacher planning shows that we mostly start the process by thinking (or praying desperately!). In this workshop, we will start by sketching and drawing.

Participants should bring a digital copy of the province’s or school’s outline of the unit they expect to plan.
Learning Lab, Curriculum, Instruction
Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]
Ken DeWyn and Roger Grant
Ken has over 25 years experience in both the commercial and not for profit sectors. His leadership has been applied to the areas of fundraising, strategic planning, senior management and communications; he was also certified as a business coach. He is the former Director of Communications and Marketing for Trinity Christian College, and Director of Advancement for the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre where he successfully completed a $13 million comprehensive campaign. For 10 years he managed operations for several commercial aviation companies in Calgary before returning to the not for profit sector. He is currently the Executive Director for the Calgary Society for Christian Education, which, in partnership with the Palliser Regional School District, operates Calgary Christian School, an alternative public school serving 850 students and their families in programs Pre-K to grade 12.

Roger is a veteran branding consultant and professional speaker. Over the past 20 years he has developed compelling Brand Stories for a wide range of companies and organizations.Roger is the Chief Brand Strategist and President of Identicor Marketing Inc., a Calgary-based
firm that specializes in creating brand identities, marketing strategies and company and product names. A former journalist and radio newscaster, Roger is an accomplished and engaging presenter.
He holds national standing with CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers He is also the father of two children being educated at a Christian school.
Branding Christian Education for the 21st Century
Branding began as a novel approach to marketing in the consumer goods world. Now it's an essential discipline for any company or organization that needs to tell its story, reach an audience and build enduring customer and stakeholder connections. In this informative, though-provoking session you'll learn what Branding means for Christian schools. This includes: The Benefits of Branding, The Demands of Branding, and How to Develop or Update Your Brand.
Workshop, Mission, Marketing, Leadership, Fund Raising, Admissions
Administrators, General
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm], Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]
Blanche Lamont
The author of Mentoring Young Writers, Blanche Lamont has offered workshop sessions to thousands of teachers locally, provincially, and at international conferences. She addresses literacy instruction in a manner that is easily accessible to beginning and experienced teachers alike. Her experiences in a variety of settings have contributed to her deep commitment to meeting the needs of diverse learners.
Crafting the Fiction Story - Untangling the Demanding Genre
Learn how finely crafted literature can teach young writers to use powerful language to create interesting characters and well developed plots. Help your students avoid the common pitfalls of implausible events, too much dialogue, boring beginnings (and more!), as they craft their stories. All the steps in crafting a story - from planning to evaluation will be addressed. The presenter's book Mentoring Young Writers will be available for purchase ($35.00, cash or cheque only).
This session is most suitable for Gr. 2 – 6 teachers. NOTE: This is a 2 part session. Participants will need to enrol in both parts.
Workshop, Writing
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6)
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]
David Dueck and Jenn Burnand
Dave and Jenn both teach CE at the grade 4/5 level. They are passionate about seeing God move in the lives of their students.
Creating an Authentic CE Program for Upper Elementary
It is our hope to inspire and inform colleagues as to how we are creating an authentic Christian Education program. Through hands on experiences, stories, and a step by step guide to our process of creating our curriculum, we will share how God is moving in our classrooms and beyond the walls of the school. We hope you can join us!
Learning Lab, Christian EducationDiv. 2 (Grade 4-6)Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Holly Jensen
At a young child Holly knew her passion was working with children. Helping children discover their identity in Christ and their role in His BIG story became her life purpose. Whether running summer camps at church for community kids or teaching students from grade 2 to grade 12 - Holly's aim was to shine the light of Christ so others would be drawn to Him.
Deep Wells of Learning: Inviting Students to Participate in God's Story
As Christian schools we've always been good at telling God's story - but what if we teach in such a way that our students become a part of The Story. Transformative learning experiences engage students in such a way that they live out God's story - one that they remember for 60 years not just 60 minutes. In this workshop you'll hear of a grade 2 class learning what they needed to learn (Science, Social , LA, Math, Bible) while finding themselves in the middle of God's great story that reached beyond the classroom to a national and international level. Come practice ways your teaching can not only transform your classroom and the hearts of your students but God's kingdom here on earth!
Learning Lab, Transformative Learning Experiences
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Linda Kasdorf
Linda Kasdorf (MSW – RSW) is a certified Adlerian facilitator, trainer, and private-practice counsellor based in Saskatoon. She has been facilitating parenting and life-empowerment workshops since 1998. Linda is co-founder of ThinkLife Empowerment Company. Her background is in recreation administration and private business. Linda’s expertise on the impact of pornography exposure on children and adolescents stems from her strong interest in human relationships and personal development. Linda has enjoyed sharing life-changing information with parents and professionals from across Canada.
Hope for the Sold: Over 18 - A Documentary about Pornography
This presentation includes clips of the documentary "Over 18" (70 minutes). It is the story of how pornography has impacted a young Canadian (age 9 at onset) and his life in recovery (at age 13). The intention of the film is to bring awareness to the pervasive problem of pornography, identify the agenda of the pornography industry and create a forum for discussion. A significant aspect of the film is a push to have the Canadian Government create legislation that requires "Meaningful Age Verification" to access pornographic websites on the internet. Following the screening of the documentary clips, the workshop participants will be encouraged to discuss the realities of how pornography use is impacting their classrooms (yes, even in elementary school), families and churches.
Check out the trailer here:
Workshop, HealthGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Marika du Preez
Drama teacher at Bearspaw christian school. Doing a masters thesis on motion leadership. Combine the topic motion leadership and drama in the classroom to create future leaders of tomorrow.
Intersect Motion Leadership With The Use of Drama as a Learning Medium
Definition of motion leadership; drama, the mantle of the expert. This session will outline the importance, scope, and practicality of this topic and will let teachers do drama in this session.
Learning Lab, Drama, LeadershipAdministratorsLocation: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Alison Springer
Alison is a youth communication specialist. She has dedicated her time to developing her gift of public speaking so that her listeners would believe the truth that she shares and in hopes to raise up other strong youth communicator’s in Canada. She has been speaking full time for over 10 years and is a graduate from Youth Speakers University with Josh Shipp & the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Fast Track Program. Alison was invited to be a part of the Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau for across Canada. She has won numerous speaking competitions through toastmasters with her memorable messages. Currently she resides in Calgary where she is self-employed under GREATER THAN COMMUNICATIONS also the Founder of The Young Women of Power.
Public Speaking: Empower Your Students to Speak
In this session, you will learn how to help your students develop a simplified memorable message. For those that are struggling with public speaking, there are some tips that Alison will share that will help put them at ease. It is time to have more of our students speaking in chapel and discovering their gift for public speaking. Strong leaders can speak. Let’s raise up our Christian students to be a strong voice in our society.
Learning Lab, Public Speaking
Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Randal Rauser
Randal is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of eleven books and regularly blogs at Randal also speaks widely on issues of theology, apologetics, and Christian worldview.
Rethinking Evangelical - A Journey in Three Parts - Part 1: What Does it Mean to Be Evangelical
In the first session Randal begins with some of the contemporary controversies over the term “evangelical”. Next, he turns to historian David Bebbington’s influential analysis of evangelical in the terms of four particular emphases: the Bible, the cross, conversion, and social activism. In the remainder of the talk Randal argues that in key respects recent evangelicalism has been hampered by an inadequate understanding of these four hallmarks. In short, it is time to rediscover what it means to be evangelical.
Doctrine, Culture, MissionGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]
Carter Charest and Derek Bosma
(Carter): As a teacher I love to expose students to new activities and present to teach them how everything they do can be done as a worship to God. I currently teach in Gr. 4, Jr. High computer and Outdoor Education.

(Derek): I am currently teaching PE for Gr. 1-9 and am the Athletic Director at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School. I am passionate about using sport to teach students valuable life lessons and how a relationship with God affects everything we do.

Teaching Biblical Concepts Through Physical Education
In this session you will be introduced to implementing biblical concepts of what it means to be a God worshiper through the playing of a number of great go-to PE activities.

Expect to leave this session inspired in how to worship God through everyday activities and with a number of great game ideas.

Learning Lab, Physical Education
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Jojo Ruba
Jojo equips Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ for everyday conversations. He has spoken at venues that include Sunday morning services, secular debates on universities and morning chapels at Christian schools.

Jojo focuses on practical ways to defend the faiThu. He teaches Christians how to explain their worldview using tools that non-Christians can understand. For example, he helps audiences think of the right questions to ask non-believers not just the right answers they ought to give.

Jojo earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is executive director of Faith Beyond Belief, based in Calgary, AB, Canada.
Teaching Students How to Believe Not Just What to Believe
Christian education is more than teaching facts and beliefs. Christian education comes from an understanding that the world and all in it, find their meaning in Christ. Christians then must also learn how to think about facts and beliefs.This is called epistemology. In this presentation, we look at how proper epistemology helps shape an accurate biblical worldview, in light of issues such as sexuality and how it leads to a proper understanding of the goodness of God.
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General, Administrators, Educational Assistants
Location: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]John Van Sloten
John Van Sloten is a pastor, teacher and writer who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past 20 years he’s been living into an ancient/new kind of Christian worldview, one that seeks to discern God’s voice in all things; the bible, the arts, sport, science, film, music, literature, history, math, nature and human nature. John’s first book, The Day Metallica Came to Church; Seeing the Everywhere God in Everything (Square Inch, August 2010), listened for God’s whispers in pop culture. His second book, Every Job a Parable; What Walmart Greeters, Nurses and Astronauts tell us about God (Navpress, June 2017), listens for God’s words at work.
John has been the recipient of two John Templeton Foundation grants (exploring the intersection of faith and science in the context of preaching).
The Parable of a Teacher
In this session we'll explore how God speaks through the parable of a teacher (imaging a pedagogical God) and the icon of their area of study (math, science, art, social, etc... all made in, for and through Christ). Imagine knowing God more as he speaks through both you and the topic you're teaching. Then imagine the impact that knowing will have on your students.
Imagining a Teaching GodGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Jenny Miller
Jenny is a retired teacher who has always had a passion for teaching beginning reading and she has had great success in classrooms and in tutoring. She loves to share the knowledge she has gained through the years. Jenny has developed very successful programs which are used all over Western Canada. Reading Roots Literacy Ltd. is small business in which she tutors and shares her programs,
What Children Need in Order to Read
What do children need in order to read? They need: oral language and general knowledge, phonemic awareness, familiarity with the alphabet (sounds and formation), knowledge of the sounds represented by letter combinations (ex.: sh, ow, igh), ability to read common sight words, daily reading practice of engaging texts at student’s instructional reading level. In this session Jenny, an experienced reading teacher, will walk you through these aspects and provide you with a sequence to follow and many strategies for helping children learn to read. Includes handouts.
Workshop, Reading
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Educational Assistants, Special Needs
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Donna Carter
Donna Carter has a unique ability to synthesize life experiences into digestible life lessons. She is sought after as a speaker internationally because of her clarity, humor, and the light-bulb moments she triggers for people seeking help on their spiritual journeys. Donna is the author of three books with curriculum components which are distributed internationally. Together with her daughter Kevann, she hosts the radio show and podcast, Grow on the Go. Donna and her husband Rany are co-founders of Straight Talk Ministries, a non-profit organization that exists to help people find faith and learn to apply it to everyday life.
When Technology Turns Toxic
Social Media provides the perfect camouflage for hiding in plain sight. We reveal to our "friends", however many hundreds we have, exactly what we want them to know. Usually, it is far too much and not nearly enough. Most posts are dripping with drivel but completely void of authentic disclosure of who and how the writer really is. This session examines how social media is affecting our students' developing soft skills and how teachers can leverage technology while teaching students how to mitigate its potentially negative effects.
Feature Speaker, Technology, Relationships
GeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 1 Thu. Oct. 19 [11:00am-12:00pm]Terri-Lynn Emms
I am an educator (M Ed) and new principal. However, I am also a mom of 4 children, one of which has been diagnosed with high functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger's). I have grown a lot as an educator by being a mom of my kids. I feel that it may be time for me to share. I could do a short talk or extend it with research about neurodiversity and best classroom practice. Perhaps God is calling me to put myself out there in order to build understanding and capacity with others.
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Autism Spectrum Disorder
This session will focus on my journey as a mom and what I wish educators knew about my child dealing with ASD. Scholarly research and education best practices will also be discussed.
Workshop, Autism, Special NeedsGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]ACSI
The Association of Christian Schools International - Western Canada includes the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and currently has a membership of 73 schools representing 25,780 students and eight universities/colleges representing 5800 students.
ACSI District Meeting
This session is a district meeting for ACSI Administratorsonly. District meetings are designed to connect, inform, and inspire. Each meeting features time for leaders to share the current realities of their schools. In addition, the latest information about educational trends is provided. This includes, political, cultural, spiritual, economic, and legal data that is relevant to Christian schools.
ACSI AdministratorsAdministratorsLocation: TBADistrict Meeting
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Kimberly Eckert
Kimberly Eckert is a registered psychologist with 22 years of experience empowering caring teachers in forging strong bonds with all children and teens, regardless of their background, ability, or temperament. Kimberly’s longstanding relationship with the Christian school community has given her a unique understanding and commitment to educators serving God in the classroom. She is the Founder and Director of Eckert Psychology & Education Centre - a private supplementary education and psychology clinic, which opened its doors in September 2001. Kimberly and her dedicated team of psychologists and cognitive coaching specialists™ have built their reputation on providing high quality services including assessments, counselling, coaching, and specialized educational programming for Calgary and area families. She has also developed the Successful Parents Toolbox™ seminar series, is the author of the DVD/workbook Raising a Confident Child, the DVD, Raising an Assertive Child, and is a highly sought after speaker for schools, agencies and churches. She can be heard every Wednesday morning on 88.9 Shine FM and Thday mornings on The Light 700am for Parenting Moments with Kimberly.
Attachment in the Classroom
Attachment influences students’ school success. This is true of students’ attachment to their parents, as well as to their teachers. Secure attachment is associated with higher grades and standardized test scores compared to insecure attachment. Secure attachment is also associated with greater emotional regulation, social competence, and willingness to take on challenges, and with lower levels of ADHD and delinquency, each of which in turn is associated with higher achievement. These effects tend to be stronger for high-risk students. In
this era of accountability, enhancing teacher–student relationships is not merely an add-on, but rather is fundamental to raising achievement. More important than achievement, however, is knowing that God designed secure attachment as the way in which our most important needs are met, thus making us ready to learn. Understanding the role of attachment in the classroom will help Christian educators be more effective, particularly with challenging students.Twelve suggestions to improve teacher–student relationships and school bonding will be discussed (Teacher Behaviours and School Organization Strategies).
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General, Administrators, Educational Assistants
Location: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Marc Bratt
Marc Bratt teaches English, Bible, and Spanish at Strathcona Christian Academy.
Brattman, The Sequel: Short Films for Critical Thinking in Bible and English
Through the use of short films and documentaries, Biblical truths and critical- thinking can be effectively used to engage students to reflect on what they believe about God, the Bible, and the world in which they live.
Learning Lab, Bible, English
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]
Julie Halbersma and Mae Vanderlinde
Julie Halbersma and Mae Vanderlinde are both kindergarten teachers within Elk Island Public Schools. They have worked together for a number of years and currently teach at Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park.
Building Early Math Skills - Count Me In!
This session will provide you with a variety of whole and small group math activities that are engaging, meaningful and fun. We will provide a number of games and center ideas that teach and reinforce math skills while your little ones think they're just having fun.
Learning Lab, Kindergarten, MathDiv. 1 (Grade K-3)Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]
Stephanie Anderson
Our Canadian children are being recruited by sex traffickers at a rapid rate, and middle-class Christian families are no exemption. During her 11 years as an MP, Joy Smith passed two bills to protect our children, and now is making a physical presence in Calgary in conjunction with Paul Brandt. She has also just released a documentary all on "Canada's Secret Shame: Human Trafficking," which is the culmination of her 20 years advocating on this issue.
Our session will use a variety of multimedia to teach the methods of recruitment used by traffickers, the signs of a child being groomed or trafficked, the means to protect our children, and the stats on this horrible epidemic. We focus on the hope and empowerment of Christ to stop this war on our children, and weave in stories of miraculous victories that only God can do.

Canada's Secret Shame: Human Trafficking
In a tactful and empowering manner, we will broach the topic of our Canadian students being trafficked in the sex trade. Learn the Canadian statistics and facts, recognize the signs of a student being groomed or trafficked, and gain resources on how to best protect your children. Education truly is our greatest tool (second to prayer, of course!) in curbing this epidemic plague on our nation's adolescents. Be inspired through the power of testimony, and gain insight into how God is intervening and healing, creating miracles in our own province and country!
Classroom and school materials will also be made available for purchase, if so requested.
Workshop, Health, Religion, CALM, Social Studies
Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), Administrators, Educational Assistants, General
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]
Marika du Preez and Rob vanSpronsen
(Marika du Preez) I am a drama teacher at Bears Paw Christian School (BCS). My interest lies in motion leadership, drama, and flipped learning. I currently am busy wrapping up a masters thesis on motion leadership for the 21st century leader.

(Rob vanSpronsen) I began my teaching career in Carman, Manitoba in September 1987. I have taught at Elementary, Junior High and High School levels. I have a B.A. and M.Sc. in Social Anthropology as well as a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Educational Administration. I have been in administration for over twenty-years.
ED Talk 1.0 - Flipped Learning in the High School Classroom and Understanding Ritual of Resistance as a Form of Communication
Flipped Learning in the High School Classroom
This session will define flipped learning, outline aspects of flipped learning, and will include practical applications.

Understanding Ritual of Resistance as a Form of Communication
In a wide variety of ways and means, students exhibit behaviours that demonstrate a resistance to school and learning. Most often, teachers take those resistant behaviours as either political statements or power struggles. However, resistant behaviours can also be seen as a form of communication that can be used by schools to enhance and build community.
ED TalkGeneralLocation: TBAED Talk
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Julie Parr
Julie Parr has been a public educator for 7 years and is pleased to be part of the Public Education team at Saffron Centre. Equipped with an Education Degree and years of interacting with tweens and teens, parents, and professionals, she is able to tackle the most difficult topics respectfully and sensitively. Her blend of facts and stories leave her audience entertained, informed and motivated to reach their highest potential.
Snapchat, Instagram and Pokemon-Go, MInecraft and Clash of Clans. What's all the fuss about? Exploring the most popular social media apps and games, we'll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. What are the red flags when things go wrong and how might your students be affected? Plenty of information to update you on the current trends, conversations to have with students, and ideas to use social media platforms to promote positive healthy relationships in the classroom.
Workshop, Technology, Healthy Relationships
GeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Randy Carter
Youth ministry is not merely a stepping stone for Randy Carter. It is his passion and his life’s work. After serving 11 years as a youth pastor, he founded Straight Talk Ministries, the vehicle through which he has served the local church as a youth evangelist, speaker, ministry strategy specialist and consultant since 1994. His mission is to assist churches and schools in learning how to transform junior and senior high school students into passionate followers of Jesus who are prepared to lead the church into the future and change their world. Randy is a husband, Dad, Father-in-law, and Grandpa-in-training. He can be contacted at and
Getting Inside the Head of Generation Z
Have you ever wondered what in the world your students are thinking? Although we can’t know exactly what they are thinking we can know some of the factors that affect their thoughts and feelings. In this seminar we will look at adolescent brain development and cultural issues that can help us understand the adolescent students who sit in front of you daily.
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Shirley Thiessen
I used to think that grief is best handled well alone. It's a private matter. I'm not sure how I could have been so wrong. After all, God created us as social beings. My own personal grief journey has convinced me that we need the love and support of our community especially at a time of loss and suffering. Long after the funeral, the caring strategies of our companioning friends is vital to grieving in healthy ways.
Four years ago, my 23 yr old son died in a workplace accident just twelve days after his wedding. Grief can feel so isolating especially if friends and family feel ill at ease to offer comfort. As a result of my son's death and the amazing ways friends have companioned with my family, I'm committed to help coach others to do it well. We can't fix the pain but we can help to carry it. When done well, it is life-giving for both the bereaved and their grief companion.
As teachers who desire to effectively prepare students for life, coaching them to prepare for their own grief over many different types of losses and equipping them to be caring grief companions for others is paramount.
Good Grief!
This session will include Shirley's personal grief story punctuated with stories of others' grief to feel the emotions of bereavement. This would be followed by the sharing of helpful caring strategies and the missteps to avoid. The goal is for every listener to feel the urgency and importance of walking with the bereaved and feel empowered with a tool kit of ideas to implement.
GriefGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Brian Doornenbal
Brian has been immersed in the world of Christian education since 1981 as a teacher, curriculum writer, leader, learning coach and storyteller. He currently works for both Edmonton Christian Schools as their storyteller and for PCCE as a Teaching for Transformation coach.
Inviting, Nurturing and Empowering Our Students to Be Beautiful
In this workshop we will once again share grace-laced stories of Christian classrooms that not only challenge their students to think redemptively but also give them opportunities to BE part of God’s beauty by living redemptively. Be inspired by students in Christian schools who are doing real work, meeting real needs for real people.
Workshop, Formational Learning
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Terry Graham
I have been involved in science education in Saskatchewan in various capacities: teacher (22 years), science/math consultant (2 years); U of S Professor (2 years), and Superintendent of Curriculum for the Ministry of Education (4 years). I have also sat on the Saskatchewan Science Teacher's Society executive for 10 years, and have coordinated provincial Sciematics conferences as well. I presently am teaching secondary science at the Saskatoon Christian School.
Java for Jesus: The Case for Christ
Doing chapel presentations often takes on a "Sage from the Stage" format, where the audience can quickly zone out. When I decided to present an apologetic on the Bible/Jesus (using The Case for Christ documentary as my major source), I decided to try another angle, with surprising positive results. Come watch "Java for Jesus," and then join in a conversation about other methods that have been successful during chapels/sermons. Bring your USB if you want a copy of the powerpoint, which you can modify and use for your own chapel/church presentations.
Workshop, Apologetics of the BibleGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Vincent Reynolds
Vincent Reynolds is a junior high and senior high Physical Education, Sports Performance, and Athletic Leadership teacher at Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park. Vincent has coached volleyball, basketball, track and field, and team handball at multiple age levels. During his coaching career, Vincent has led his high school teams to two City Championships (Edmonton), four Zone Championships and Provincial Championship victories in both Team Handball and Basketball. Vincent has worked with athletes that have gone on to play ACAC, CIS/USports, and for the Canadian National Team for Volleyball and Team Handball. His interest in coaching has led to a passion for leadership and mindset development.
Leadership and Mindset Development in Schools
This session will examine elements of leadership and a range of resources that apply to developing leadership capabilities within our students and school communities. This session will bring together ideas on leadership and mindset development from current leaders in coaching, business, spiritual leadership and education. The goal of this session is to inspire you with a new vision for leadership development in your school community.
Workshop, Leadership
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Alison Springer
Alison has been working with youth for over 20 years and is currently a professional youth speaker as well as the founder of a non-profit organization called Young Woman of Power providing conferences, workshops and mentorship for teens girls. She has written a curriculum called PivotFWD designed to build girls confidence. This program runs in Calgary’s Youth Judicial System and public and private schools with incredible results.
No Longer Silent
Red alert! Red alert! Female's voices are under attack! Do you know why? Because the female voice is a powerful weapon of change! In this session Alison will address the four areas that will try and silence your female teachers and the young female voices in your class. You will gain practical tools to address these areas and discover the unique purpose and significance of a girl's voice. You will leave this session knowing that the sound of a female's voice is not annoying...but powerful!
(Men are Welcome)

Workshop, Girls
Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), Educational Assistants
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Curtis Arends
An aerospace engineer by trade, Curtis became a physics teacher five years ago. Since then he has started a family, moved from Ontario to Alberta, and pursued making God's love known through the courses he teaches.
Profound Purpose: Impacting Youth Through Your Teaching Journey
Everyone has a turning point in life when their journey comes into focus. We understand our past mistakes, and prepare for a life of purpose. God calls each of us into our profession for a reason. What is yours? How does the story of your life reach the hearts of children with the Gospel in a world of relevant truth and purposeless goals?

This Learning Lab will help provide a framework to string together your life events into a coherent lens for youth to see God's impact in your life, and His readiness to do the same in theirs.
Learning Lab
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12)
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Randal Rauser
Randal is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of eleven books and regularly blogs at Randal also speaks widely on issues of theology, apologetics, and Christian worldview.
Rethinking Evangelical - A Journey in Three Parts - Part 2: Rethinking the Evangelical Gospel: Bible and Cross
The Gospel begins with the Witness (Scripture) and the Work (the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ). But how should we understand these great realities, the Bible and the cross? In the second session Randal challenges notions that reduce the Bible to a list of doctrines and the cross simply as a means to save souls. Instead, Randal lays a foundation for appreciating the full scope of God’s drama of divine communication and Christ’s redemptive act to redeem a fallen creation.
Doctrine, Culture, MissionGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Jojo Ruba
Jojo equips Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ for everyday conversations. He has spoken at venues that include Sunday morning services, secular debates on universities and morning chapels at Christian schools.

Jojo focuses on practical ways to defend the faiThu. He teaches Christians how to explain their worldview using tools that non-Christians can understand. For example, he helps audiences think of the right questions to ask non-believers not just the right answers they ought to give.

Jojo earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is executive director of Faith Beyond Belief, based in Calgary, AB, Canada.
The Four Loves
In the book, the Four Loves, C.S. Lewis describes how God designed us for Four Loves - love of God, family, romantic love, and friendship. In this session, we'll discuss how each love is an essential element of life but how they are not interchangeable. We'll discuss how each kind of love can be used to help us learn about God's design for human relationships.
Feature Speaker, Faith, Relationships
GeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Peter Vanderwal
Peter Vanderwal was saved at age seven, trained for the pastorate in Northern Ireland, and earned his teaching degree from York University in Toronto. His career has included both pastoral ministry and school teaching. Peter has served as a pastor in pulpits in New Brunswick, Jamaica, Ontario and Alberta. As a teacher, he has also taught nearly every grade in a 15 year teaching career spanning Toronto, Calgary, and Red Deer. Currently, he teaches Grade 3 and high school drama at Koinonia Christian School in Red Deer Alberta. By far, Peter's greatest passion in teaching is high school drama. Since 2005, he has written and directed seven full length plays, including one musical. Peter's greatest desire is to use drama and theatre as tools to honour Jesus Christ, and to share the gospel in every performance.
The Play's the Thing: Fulfilling Alberta Curricular Expectations in High School Drama 9, 10, 20, 30 through Theatre Production
Often high school drama courses lose momentum as the year progresses, due to a lack of having something to build towards. Improv games, script writing assignments, and short presentations in class are great tools, but what if, from the first day of September, everything fit together and led toward a spectacular culminating assignment that would be remembered for years to come, and give real-life application to everything students learned in class? What if everything- rehearsals, coaching, curriculum, makeup, tech, and costuming could be done within the confines of the school day without burning out the teacher, students, and volunteers? Impossible? Think again.
Learning Lab, Drama
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General
Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Michelle Gritter
I have been a high school teacher at two different Christian schools as part of my employment history. At one school I served as the biology, chemistry and math teacher and at the other as the head of the Bible department and as a part-time guidance counsellor. Currently I am pastor of a missional urban church, a therapist in private practice, and a teaching assistant and adjunct professor for Providence Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba.

I have taught everything from swimming lessons for Moms and Tots to master's level courses for student therapists, and I love it. I believe education, if undertaken mindfully, can play a transformative role not only in a person's intellectual development but in their emotional, psychological and spiritual development. I am keenly interested in helping to create greater self awareness in teachers so that they are better equipped to evaluate not only WHAT they are doing but WHY they are doing it.

If we are going to equip others for acts of service, let us make sure that we know and understand the tools we are using to do that good work. The tool I am interested in helping people understand the most is the tool of themSELVES.
The Role of Self-Awareness in Teaching
"This above all, to thine own self be true" advises Polonius in Act 1 of Hamlet. If you are going to be true to yourself, and also to the calling God has given to mould young lives for work in His kingdom, one of the first orders of business is to know yourself well.

How well do you understand your motivations in the classroom? How well do you understand not only what you are communicating but why you are communicating it?

Teachers can be driven by the same psychological parasites their students are: shame, guilt, insecurity, fear. When these things go unexamined, cycles of misunderstanding and resistance can be set into motion.

Emotional maturity and spiritual maturity go hand in hand in the classroom. The teacher sets the tone to create an environment rich with compassion so that learning can be optimized. This can only be done if the teacher risks looking inward to his or her internal motivators.
Teaching, Self Awareness
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General, Administrators, Educational Assistants
Location: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Heidi Okada
10 years of teaching experience
Degree in Biology and Psychology
Athlete and personal trainer
mom of 2 children ages 8 and 3
Gold Certified WholyFit Instructor

Over the last year as I journeyed through the survival of a heart attack. I am keen to share tools for teacher stress management, improved health and wellness and enhance day to day quality of life by being proactive through exercise and nutrition as well as spiritual growThu.
Additionally I use WholyFit in the classroom as component of Daily Physical Activity to get student moving and incorporate scripture memorization.
WholyFit - Gentle Body Power
WholyFit - Gentle Body Power is a unique Christian mind-body exercise system. Renew your Mind. Quiet your Heart. Empower your Body. Regenerate your Spirit. WholyFit offers unique, effective fitness systems presented by certified fitness instructors whose Lord is Jesus Christ, whose authority is the Bible and whose passion is serving others.

WholyFit includes core strengthening exercises and stretching incorporating neuromuscular activation and as well as cardiorespiratory fitness, endurance and flexibility. WholyFit develops skills in a safe and fun way providing training in agility, grace, balance and neuromuscular efficiency. WholyFit is non-impact and does not contain high intensity cardio. WholyFit includes exercise, scripture memorization, prayer and worship. WholyFit classes are an excellent tool for personal growth, stress management, and community development.

Wear comfortable clothing, water bottle and mat recommended but not necessary.
Learning Lab, Health, Physical Education, Teacher Wellness, Stress Management
GeneralLocation: TBALearning Lab
Session 2 Thu. Oct.19 [1:00pm-2:00pm]Serena Jackson
I have been teaching for 11 years and hold a Master's Degree and graduate in October 2017 with a Doctoral Studies degree as an Education Specialist. I also hold a Professional Educator's Certificate from ACSI. I have had the opportunity to teach in premier private schools in the United States and in Canada. I have been involved in children's ministries for nearly 20 years and I was a former children's pastor. I have a heart to teach educators the importance of Christian Education and how amazing it is to not only integrate the Bible into every lesson, but how the Bible can be at the center of every subject and topic addressed. I love teaching teachers how to inspire their students to love Jesus through academics!
Why Are We Here?
A discussion and analysis about the purpose of Christian education and strategies on how to make Jesus the center of all that you teach. Educators will learn how supporting students to achieve academic excellence will help the students grow in their faiThu. Ideas and resources for biblical integration will be available and shared.
Workshop, Biblical IntegrationGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Gayle Monsma
Gayle Monsma is the Executive Director of The Prairie Centre for Christian Education. Prior to this position, she was the principal at Covenant Christian School in Leduc, which is one of the schools in which TFT had its inception.
A Whirlwind Tour of TFT: A Framework for Authentic and Integral Christian Education
The Teaching for Transformation (TFT) program provides a framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living out God's story. After its inception in The Prairie Centre for Christian Education schools, the TFT program's design practices and tools are now used by almost 50 schools worldwide (Canada, USA, Africa, and Central America) to develop powerful Christian school learning experiences. This session will take you on a tour of TFT, highlighting the three core practices and giving specific examples of TFT implementation.
Workshop, Christian Education, Teaching for Transformation
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), Administrators
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Jonathan Tweedle
This is my 3rd year teaching at GCA. I have been blessed to teach both in the classroom as well as the gym the last 3 years and God has been doing incredible things in both environments. I have learned so much about myself, God, learning, and teaching since I started at GCA and finally have the confidence to share the incredible things God is doing in my ministry.
Building School Culture and Christian Character Through an Intramural Sports Program
Wanting to start an intramural sports program at your school but don't know where to start? This workshop will cover everything from the philosophy of your program to scheduling your seasons efficiently. It will also explore how building a trophy out of action figures and spray painting it gold has acted as a catalyst for our own program, and has forever changed the culture of our school.
Workshop, Physical Education, Extracurricular
Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9)
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Rod Snaterse
Lifelong learning, faith formation, and worship renewal are my passions. In addition to my 20 years as a Christian educator, I have served for 20 years in church worship ministry as a musician, a leader, a teacher, a consultant, and a pastor. Having earned both a master's and a doctorate in worship theology and leadership at The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, I am currently an affiliated faculty member at Taylor Seminary serving as Professor of Christian Worship. I teach at Edmonton Christian West School where I design and lead weekly community-building and
Communal and Formational Worship Practices for Christian Schools
The worlds of “Christian education” and “Christian worship” have everything to do with one another—they are two sides of the same coin. As an educational leader, I am compelled to help school communities “see” and “live” the story of God by encouraging communal and formational worship practices that develop spiritual habits that lead to Christian discipleship. “Teaching for Transformation” bears the most fruit in communities that willingly blur the lines between faith formation, education, and worship. This session will emphasize key principles of spiritual formation and discipleship and how they relate to education and worship in the Christian school community. We will explore practical ways to design and lead communal worship experiences that are habit-forming, love-shaping, and kingdom-building. This session will be particularly applicable to those who plan and/or lead chapels or assemblies, as well as teachers who desire to be more intentional about incorporating formational worship practices in their classroom Bible or devotional times.
Workshop, Assemblies, Chapels, Worship
GeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Adam Driscoll and Carrie Hlady
Adam oversees the chapel and spiritual development initiatives at Cornerstone Christian School, working alongside students, family and staff. The goal is to nurture an environment in which students might discover God's purpose and their gifting. Adam is a Masters of Arts Leadership & Management candidate. He also holds a BA in Biblical Studies and has 15 years of youth and family ministry experience. Speaker references are available upon request.
Creating a Workplace that Engages
Everybody hates Mondays... unless you LOVE your workplace. Marcus Buckingham conducted research that indicated only 2/10 North Americans feel fully engaged in their workplace. What are the key components to a workplace that engages so that we're not just punching the clock? In this workshop we'll explore personalities at work, incorporating play, healthy relationships and building a culture of thriving-- not just surviving.
Workshop, Workplace Engagement, Organizational Culture, Team Building
GeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]David Dueck
David has been teaching intermediate students for the past 5 years. He has a passion to see the things of God come alive in the hearts of his students.
Cultivating a Kingdom Culture in Your Classroom
Are you wondering how to establish a classroom that fosters an authentic relationship with Jesus and one another? In this session I will share my journey of creating a Kingdom culture in the classroom through my experience in teaching Christian education to 75 Grade 5 students. Topics will include: how to empower students, the impact of classroom leadership styles, going deeper in devotional times, connecting to hearts through stories, establishing a culture of honor, and the power of prayer. I will also share insights into not only my successes but failures. We are all lifelong learners. I look forward to growing more with you through this session.
Learning Lab, Christian EducationDiv. 2 (Grade 4-6)Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Jennifer Kramer
Jennifer has taught in both public and private schools in Saskatchewan and Manitoba since graduating from the University of Regina in 2003. She holds a Secondary Education degree with a major in Social Studies and a minor in English. She currently teaches senior history and English at Regina Christian School and just completed her Masters of Education, focusing on Curriculum Development, at Brandon University. She is married to a “retired” pastor, Ben, and has three boys between the ages of 9-4.
Did We Teach Them Anything?: Addressing Alumni's Long Term Faith Retention and Bible Education Programs
Does what we do as Bible educators make a difference in the lives of our students once they leave our halls? Too often alumni of Christian schools seem to walk away from their faith once they graduate, leaving teachers who have diligently taught them feeling ineffective or frustrated. Drawing from her thesis research into transformative learning experiences and Bible education, Jennifer will explore the reasons why students are leaving their faith after graduation before sharing some ideas on how to best structure Bible education programs and develop school culture to help alumni's long term faith retention.
Workshop, Bible Education
Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), Administrators
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Donavin Simmons, Jason Visser
Donavin Simmons is the Principal of Covenant Christian School. He and his wife Leanne are parents to two beautiful children; Lillian (3) and Hayden (1). He has been a part of CCS for the past 8 years in various capacities and loves the special community it is.He has a passion for TfT and Flex because of the integrity and engagement it brings to student learning. Jason has been the principal of Immanuel Christian Elementary School (ICES) for 6 years. Jason graduated from the King's University with an Education degree in 2006 and received his Master of Education degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2011. Jason has a passion for helping students receive transformational, Christ-centered education. He also has a desire to see his students grwo through Formative Learning Experiences (Service Learning). Jason and his wife Danielle have 3 little kids - Lauren, Allison, and Joel. They are a source of incredible busyness, patience, testing, and joy. Jason is looking forward to Lauren joining him in the fall of 2017/18 as she will be entering kindergarten.
ED Talk 2.0 - Practical Stories on Christian Service Learning (FLEx)
Presenters in this session will be sharing their experiences in developing meaningful service learning (Formational Learning Experiences) for students ranging from elementary school to high school. These learning activities not only promote experiential learning, but also add to student understanding of learning outcomes. These Formational Learning Experiences also provide students and opportunity to be proactive learners engaged in restorative practice that helps them strengthen their faith and shine their light!.
ED TalkGeneralLocation: TBAED Talk
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Lynda Hess, Rob vanSpronsen and Wes Merta
(Lynda Hess) In a world of few absolutes, the Bible claims to be the very word of God, but how can we know this old book is true or relevant? Pitching Truth, a Biblical apologetic curriculum offers absolute substantiation for its claims. Four believable components support its truth – the Bible’s historicity (secular, Christian and literary events in unison), confirming archaeology, exacting fulfilled prophecy and indisputable changed lives. These apologetic components are delivered in a unique baseball analogy where players through historic time periods (innings) play as believing Sons or rejecting Rebels. Their riveting stats and plays reveal the importance of personal beliefs, which determine life game. Interactive participation makes apologetic championship a personal win with both historical knowledge and strong faith in the One who wrote the Book.

(Rob vanSpronsen) I began my teaching career in Carman, Manitoba in September 1987. I have taught at Elementary, Junior High, and High School levels. I have a B.A. and M.Sc. in Social Anthropology as well as a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Educational Administration. I have been in administration for over twenty-years.

(Wes Merta) Wes has been an educator for over 31 years. He is presently the Assistant Principal of Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Wes was at SCA when it was a private school and then transitioned to an Alternative School in Elk Island Public Schools. He has also been involved at the Provincial level in education when he was the Vice President of the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta.
ED Talk 3.0 - Knowing Why with Pitching Truth, Shaping School Culture Through Restorative Justice, and Using Technology to Reduce Students Coming Late to Class
Knowing Why With Pitching Truth
Session will overview how Pitching Truth meets critical needs:
• The current dilemma of youth disregarding the truth of Scripture
• Provide an understanding of God’s provision through all time to give man His truth in the person of Jesus Christ and a written Word
• Use a baseball analogy as an interactive vehicle to introduce players of faith and rebellion from each ‘inning’ of nine historical time frames; group participation if feasible
• Introduce four apologetic components for the credibility of Scripture
• Give students the challenge to believe and receive Christ, a life win!
• Prepare for university with strong apologetic tools to defend faith

Shaping School Culture Through Restorative Justice
As an approach to managing conflicts and discipline within schools, Restorative Justice empowers students and teachers to shape their school culture and build community.

Using Technology to Reduce Students Coming Late to Class
Are you frustrated with students coming late to class (Aren’t we all)? Find out how an app and some simple tech has reduced the number of late students at our school.
ED TalkGeneralLocation: TBAED Talk
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Wesley and Elaine Thiessen
Wes and Elaine Thiessen have spent more than 15 years living in Muslim majority areas of North Africa. They are currently living in Calgary, providing services to both the Christian and Muslim communities in the areas of inter-faith dialogue and understanding, foundations of Islam, and language learning. Wes has a PhD in Islamic History and Elaine has an MA in Speech Language Pathology.
Effective Christian Responses to Changing Classroom Demographics
In broad strokes, this presentation will highlight basic beliefs and practices of Muslims, and share real-life examples of how to relate to Muslims in a non-confrontational way, focusing on building relationships that demonstrate value and integrity.
Inter-faith, Cross Cultural Relations
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General, Administrators, Educational Assistants
Location: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Jake Wiens
I taught at Cedars Christian School for 21 years. K-12 librarian, wood shop, Geography 12, Modified English 11/12 etc. Of note is that I was the missions sponsor during these years. I took our grade 11's and 12's to Mexico (DVBS / house building) and to East side Vancouver (YWAM sponsored).
It was these missions trips that encouraged me to think deeply about helping Young People become more rooted in the faiThu. The concern that so many were leaving the faith after high school led me to write a book. This book provides a "curriculum" to help our youth become more confident in their faiThu.
This book is just now in the queue for the printing press. hence the late request to be part of your convention.
Equipping the Next Generation to Keep the Faith
Preparing the next generation for their futures can seem daunting, especially when one considers the challenges found in our secular culture. This session will explore how we can adequately prepare our young people to keep the faith with confidence as they enter the world of university and work.
Workshop, Youth, Faith, CultureGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Charissa Vandergrift
Hello, my name is Charissa Vandergrift. I am a French teacher at Central Alberta Christian High School. I have taken some improvisation workshops and I have noticed a lot of parallels between improv. and teaching. I would love to create a workshop that could help teachers in knowing how to use the fun of improv. in terms of how they teach but also in the classroom with their students.
Improvisation and Teaching - Creating a Collaborative Classroom Setting
As teachers, we are improvising every minute of every teaching day. We come with a set of plans but how students react is often unpredictable. The intentional structure of improv. can help teachers not only give themselves grace but also students grace and create learning moments out of student outbursts.

There will be a few opening improv. games to engage participants that can be somewhat physical and require openness.
Workshop, Improvisation, TeachingGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Jen Airhart and Robyn Burnett
Robyn Burnett began her career as a freelance writer, having written numerous articles for clients such as Corus Entertainment, Disney Interactive Media Group, the Calgary Herald, Avenue Magazine and more. She has an extensive background working with various media organizations. She also taught presentation skills and NLP techniques to executives from organizations from Canadian Tire to CRA and MTS AllStream. She currently handles communications, marketing and alumni at Glenmore Christian Academy.
Jen Airhart has been the Director of Communications at Heritage Christian Academy in Calgary since 2011. Her professional responsibilities include marketing, graphic design, crisis planning, media relations, event management, and community engagement. Life at HCA is a family affair for the Airport's; Jen's husband, Torri, is the school's secondary music teacher and their two daughters are in grades 7 & 8. The craziness of family life is completed by a labradoodle named Adagio and a fierce hedgehog named Gimli!
Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
In today’s society, the media no longer looks like Clark Kent. Intentions are not always clear, and what we say or don’t say can have more impact than we realize. In this session, you will learn how to engage with media on behalf of your school/organization and how to separate the good from the bad and the ugly. Practical tools and tactics will be introduced, including a crisis communications plan, media do's & don'ts, and ways to pitch your story. Join Communications professionals, Jen Airhart and Robyn Burnett for this informative, interactive and fun workshop.
Workshop, Communications
Administrators, Leaders
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Matthew Morris
I am Associate Professor of Biology at Ambrose University. I have a Bachelor of Religious Education from Alberta Bible College, a BSc in marine biology from Dalhousie University, a MSc in environmental genomics from U of C, and will have completed a PhD in evolution by May 2017. Among other courses, I teach Science and the Christian Faith at Ambrose, where we focus on the diversity of perspectives that exist among evangelical Christians on the creation-evolution debate.
Navigating the Creation-Evolution Debate
The media often portrays conflict between science and Christian faith - but God is the Author of both creation and Scripture, so in principle the two cannot conflict. Tensions must therefore arise in the area of interpretation. This talk will explore the various ways in which evangelical Christians have responded to astronomical, geological, and biological discoveries that have challenged certain Christian beliefs, and will suggest a way forward for engaging this dialogue in a Christian school.
Workshop, Science, Biology, Religious Studies
Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Julie Halbersma
I have taught kindergarten for over 14 years in both half day and full day programs. Currently, I am teaching kindergarten at Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park.
Provocations, Loose Parts and Dramatic Play in Kindergarten
Come and discover what provocations, loose parts and dramatic play are in kindergarten. Explore the benefits of play and learn how to incorporate some new activities into your classroom that encourage play and imagination.
Learning Lab, KindergartenDiv. 1 (Grade K-3)Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Shannon Dean
In 2015 I left education after 13 years to become the Director at Camp Chestermere. I currently still serve in this role and work part time at HCA as their discipleship pastor. I am passionate about youth and about working with people to help them discover their own gifts and talents. I have been married for 16 years and have a daughter who is 14 and a son who is 12. I've coached minor sports since 1997 and am pretty passionate about hockey and football.
Renewed to the Mission
There are times when we can become weary in what we are doing. Using Jesus as the example, this session will explore ways to not become weary and what to do when we are feeling tired, burnt out, and stressed. This session will explore how we can become renewed to the mission that first brought us to teaching and working with youThu.
Workshop, Spiritual
Div. 1 (Grade K-3), Div. 2 (Grade 4-6), Div. 3 (Grade 7-9), Div. 4 (Grade 10-12), General, Administrators, Educational Assistants
Location: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Randal Rauser
Randal is Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary where he has taught since 2003. He is the author of eleven books and regularly blogs at Randal also speaks widely on issues of theology, apologetics, and Christian worldview.
Rethinking Evangelical - A Journey in Three Parts - Part 3: Rethinking the Evangelical Disciple: Conversion and Activism
The Gospel story begins for every Christian at the point of conversion and it is subsequently worked out in a life of social action. Unfortunately, it is all too common in modern evangelicalism to find conversion reduced to a momentary event while activism is little more than a shortlist of battles (e.g. LGBT; abortion) to be fought in the wider culture war. In this final session Randal argues that the reality of conversion and societal transformation is far richer and more holistic, encompassing changed lives and a redeemed culture.
Doctrine, Culture, MissionGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]
Natalie McIntyre and Caleb Poole
The session would be co-led by myself and Caleb Poole. We will be leading a session similar to what we did last year on technology tools that assist with assessment. We are both teachers at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School. Caleb teaches Gr 5 and I teach Gr 6. Caleb has almost completed a Masters of Educational Technology.
Take a Load Off! Formative Assessment with Technology
This session is an introduction to a variety of web-based formative assessment tools. The goal is to provide a list of resources that both improve formative assessment and speeds up the process. Participants are encouraged to bring a device that can access the internet.
Learning Lab, Technology ToolsDiv. 2 (Grade 4-6)Location: TBALearning Lab
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]John Van Sloten
John Van Sloten is a pastor, teacher and writer who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past 20 years he’s been living into an ancient/new kind of Christian worldview, one that seeks to discern God’s voice in all things; the bible, the arts, sport, science, film, music, literature, history, math, nature and human nature. John’s first book, The Day Metallica Came to Church; Seeing the Everywhere God in Everything (Square Inch, August 2010), listened for God’s whispers in pop culture. His second book, Every Job a Parable; What Walmart Greeters, Nurses and Astronauts tell us about God (Navpress, June 2017), listens for God’s words at work.
John has been the recipient of two John Templeton Foundation grants (exploring the intersection of faith and science in the context of preaching).
The Day Metallica Came to Church
Theologian Abraham Kuyper once wrote, "There can be nothing in the universe that fails to express, to incarnate the revelation of the thought of God." Everything a teacher teaches was a thought in the mind of Christ before it ever came to be. Jesus speaks history, physics, biology, language arts, sport, math, and social studies. Imagine how your classroom would change if you listened for his voice in all things!
Feature Speaker, Teaching, Faith, Religion
GeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Philip Hills
Philip is Executive Director of ACSI Western Canada. During the early years of his career in education, he worked as a teacher in the public system of BC. Phil believes passionately in the transforming power of Christ-saturated education and has devoted his life to equipping people to become the most effective educators in the world.
The New Intolerance, its Root in the Information Age and the New Role of Teachers
Many of us are feeling confused about our role as teachers in our plugged in and over informed world. Some tell us that because students can find anything they need to know in seconds, the teacher’s role should revolve around guiding them to find the right information to the right questions, so students can be their own problem solvers and future innovators.

There is a major problem, though, with this recasting of the teacher's role–it does not take into account the counterintuitive nature of the internet. The latest research is bringing educational thinkers to some troubling conclusions. Far from being a venue to truth finding and creative thinking, the internet is becoming more of a barrier to these valued pursuits than a complementary tool. In fact, people are retreating into a pre-information age posture of intolerance and uncritical propagation of narrow views. There is a reason for this and it is a unique product of our times. Teachers need to radically reorient themselves to prepare this generation to be redemptive influences in this new age of intolerance. In this feature presentation some of the latest research into the impact of the knowledge revolution will be presented. More importantly teachers will be challenged to redefine themselves as knowledge curators, not mere research assistants.
Feature SpeakerGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Keir Kutney
Keir has 30 years of experience working with youth who have severe behavioural issues in the residential, treatment, educational, and community settings. He has a wealth of experience working with kids in an assessment and treatment capacity for Mental Health, Justice, Education, and Child Welfare supported programs.

Keir has opened his home in the past to provide specialized foster care to children in need of this level of support. He has impacted the lives of hundreds of kids over the years. Keir has a keen interest in supporting families with Children who have Autism or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Keir is recognized across Alberta for his understanding of kids' behaviors and his ability to provide concrete strategies to better youth with complex needs.
Understanding and Managing Behaviour at School
This presentation looks at how to manage severe behaviors within a school setting. The goal of this presentation is not only to provide a number of effective strategies to manage behaviors, but to also provide the audience with the tools to confidently manage any behaviors that a child may present with.
Workshop, Behaviour ManagementGeneralLocation: TBAWorkshop
Session 3 Fri. Oct. 20 [9:30am-10:30am]Daniel Komori
Daniel Komori has been married to his wife for 13 years and they have 3 children. Daniel serves full time with Journey Canada, a ministry serving the church to address issues of sexuality, identity, and relationships. Prior to joining Journey, he worked as a pastor. Daniel has his M.Div from Regent College.
Understanding Homosexuality from a Christian Perspective
This session will help build insight on how to understand and respond to homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Attention will be given to understanding the general cultural messages on this issue, as well as articulating a Christian path for the same-sex attracted individual.
Identity, SexualityGeneralLocation: TBAFeature Speaker
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