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Ultimate Phil Hendrie Show Guide
--10/25/2014: Still updating the guide here and there. Watching out for 2004-2006 episodes that might have full guest bits but are not labeled as such.
See the end of the guide (around row 6200) for full information, credits, and terms of use.
Segment codeShow dateDayHourCharacters, if show contains long form bitsRerun?DescriptionSpecial notes & special bitsQuotes and funny lines
WIOD-610 MIAMI (3/20/1994-9/27/1996)
1996-??-??1996? Bob Green & Phil talk to Larry King. [H]
1996-??-??1996?Phil talks about toll roads. [H]
1996-??-??1996?(Service calls) Latin Lover Ramón is a producer & comes on to a woman caller. [H]
1996-??-??1996?(Service calls) Phil takes travel arrangements for Curtis Air (including a strip search). [H]
1996-??-??1996?Harvey Wireman & Margaret Grey talk with listeners about the approaching Rose Parade. [H]
1996-09-??9/1996?Phil's characters die: Harvey Wireman dies while choking on a tea bag, Margaret Grey jumps a bridge, Steve Wanell by self inflicted gunshots, Vic Perell evaporates during a psychic bit. [H]
1996-09-25a9/25/1996WedHour 1Auto-attendant bit.
1996-09-25b9/25/1996WedHour 2Steve Nichol bought the station and is setting up a Christian chapel for all the DJs. Phil talks about packing and moving. Talks to numerous callers.
1996-09-25c9/25/1996WedHour 3Phil talks to callers. Sonny Hirsch screws up the football show opener.
1996-09-25d9/25/1996WedHour 4
1996-09-26a9/26/1996ThuHour 1Brad Rifkin reports that the doctors are treating Dan Marino with leeches. Phil chats with callers about his time at WIOD, plays a little Delta blues harmonica. Jeff talks about how the towns on the Alaska Highway will buy your girlfriends off you for $10K.Phil says he's getting to LA by train.
1996-09-26b9/26/1996ThuHour 2Phil talks with callers saying farewells, does a number of very short bits. Chip Hanrahan with Hyzinga Properties.
1996-09-26c9/26/1996ThuHour 3More farewell chat with callers.
1996-09-26d9/26/1996ThuHour 4More farewell chat with callers.
1996-09-27a9/27/1996FriHour 1BGRBob Green is overseeing the sellout of his radio station. He talks to employees (characters).Last Miami show.
1996-09-27b9/27/1996FriHour 2A character's daycare offers a woodworking shop and auto shop. Phil talks to callers. Brad The Booger: Phil rocks with the Buffalo Bills song, talks football as Brad.Last Miami show.
1996-09-27c9/27/1996FriHour 3Rick Seiderman fills in for Phil Hendrie. Phil handles a wrong number to an after-school program, informing the lady that their youngster is a jockey now.Last Miami show.
1996-09-27d9/27/1996FriHour 4Larry Grover attacks general manager Bob Green for making a fool out of him. Phil says goodbye to callers. Closes with Jimmy Buffett's "Lovely Cruise".Last Miami show.
KFI-640 LOS ANGELES (10/7/1996-10/4/1999)Not all recordings are available.
SHOW TIME 9 PM - 12 AM FROM 10/7/1996 TO APRX 8/29/1997 [LM]
The content of each hour before 3/29/1999 is not known since nearly all of those bootlegs are short and existing fan show logs are not divided by hour. Fan show logs also are not consistent with the order of bits, so they may not appear in the order shown here.
1996-10-07_10/7/1996MonPhil talks to Shaq O’Neal now in LA & the callers ask to talk to David G Hall about replacing the previous show with Phil [H].Phil's first KFI show.
1996-12-17_12/17/1996TueUnknownJSAJay Santos is a US Post office inspector who proudly says he burns letters to Santa, especially those without a return address. They do check for money and keep it for dice games.
1996-12-17_12/17/1996TueUnknownDGHDavid G Hall says parents are stupid robots to buy Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls for their kid [H].
1996-12-17_12/17/1996TueUnknownMLEMavis Leonard is upset Bill Handel said the bad MF word; Phil talks to the callers about his show & fake callers. [H]
1996-12-24_12/24/1996TueRFARaj Fahneen fills in on Christmas Eve & asks why Santa promotes & Jesus does not [H].
1996-12-31_12/31/1996TuePhil talks with Orange County register Gary Lycan & talks about the ratings [H].
1997-??-??1997?Bobbie Dooley wants to limit the time in which cigarettes are sold & banning smoking all together. [H]
1997-??-??1997? Don invested money to charity & the show, which he robbed from a bank. [H]
1997-??-??1997?Don is going to commit suicide in his car because he can't provide for his family. [H]
1997-??-??1997?Father Poppic is a rude priest & Doug Dannger talks to an apologizing woman the following night. [H]
1997-??-??1997?Lloyd Bonafide reports bad drivers to his friend at the DMV & screws with their driving record. [H]
1997-??-??1997?Margaret Grey feels having a press pass she can you anywhere or get out of drunk driving (with a Ruth call). [H]
1997-??-??1997? Ray Kraver talks about clubbing starving seals humanly with his wildlife containment rod. [H]
1997-01-??1/1997?Rudy Canoza la la's to the callers & Phil announces he's gay (Alf & Jeff Dowder call in).
1997-01-20_1/20/1997MonRaj Fahneen fills in on Martin Luther King Day & talks about a river rescue; RC Collins says Luke Skywalker you’re an asshole & says Empire wasn't good. [H]
1997-01-27_1/27/1997MonUnknownDGHDavid G Hall is calling Phil on the carpet because Raj Fahneen called John & Ken "two Jew bastards". A kid plays an audio recording and it turns out he was really singing "two bastards" to the Star Wars theme. David disagrees. Dr Bill Grey says sex after 2 months of pregnancy can cause problems to the baby's head; Flashback - Raj Fahneen Star Wars song; Phil takes calls about Dr Grey.
1997-02-??_2/1997?UnknownHWIHarvey Wireman claims an Aupair nanny can legally do anything they want to the child.
1997-03-27_3/27/1997FriUnknownMLEMavis Leonard thinks her nephew will be eaten when he's sent to the wrong funeral (classic 'All you can eat nigger' bit!). [H]Hendriepedia lists this as 3/28 but that's a Saturday.
1997-04-??4/1997?Jeff Dowder claims he levitated a snipe frog & says its demeanor was ebullient.
1997-04-??4/1997?Robert Leonard sings Get Down Tonight for an OJ defense fund.
1997-04-04_4/4/1997FriMavis Leonard claims she assisted in suicide at an elderly home but kept quiet like all nurses; Phil blows up about all the lightweight callers tonight & asks the callers why do you listen if you don't like the show; Lloyd Bonafide says Phil caused his wife a heart attack & talks to an upset lady; Robert Leonard also joins in to complain to Phil about having Mavis on. [H]
1997-04-07_4/7/1997MonCol. John Baker talks about using an ice cream truck as a police decoy vehicle. [H]
1997-04-24_4/24/1997ThuUnknownDPADon Parsley got bit by a monkey and had unprotected sex with a married woman. He has a fever.
1997-04-28_4/28/1997MonUnknownSBOSteve Bosell is stalking a lady he likes, and feels that star 69 violates his privacy. Phil says he got into his first major argument with Maria this weekend; says he's an asshole while "Walk On The Wild Side" (Jimmy Smith) plays. R.C. Collins ends the show by talking about an earthquake & his dog Sparky. Perhaps the earliest surviving recording of Steve Bosell.
1997-05-27_5/27/1997TueMLEMavis Leonard claims swallowing watermelon seeds will clog up your bowl movement [H].
1997-06-??6/1997?UnknownBrad Rifkin will mess with your credit if you don't come to his restaurant; RC Collins looks for a gray M&M to win a million dollars; Phil takes bad cell phone calls; RC Collins calls in to talk to a woman with a brain tumor. Dr Diaz of World Donor Org. uses the organs of live poor South America children; RC Collins looks again for the gray M&M. [H]
1997-06-??6/1997?UnknownRCCRC Collins wants Phil to be his dad for Father's Day. [H]
1997-06-??6/1997?UnknownRCCRC Collins kills his dog after eating the winning gray M&M. [H]
1997-07-11_7/11/1997FriUnknownPhil got married today. He checks in live from the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Thanks various businesses and takes calls. RC Collins checks in.PHIL'S WEDDING WITH MARIA.
1997-08-22_8/22/1997FriUnknownBMGBob McGraw is selling a rain gauge for $15 in anticipation of an El Nino pattern. All proceeds are going to charity. Bob is evasive which one, but comes up with the "National Center for Pity and Hope".
NEW SHOW TIME 7-11 PM APRX 9/1/1997 UNTIL 5/17/1999 (FORMERLY 9 PM-12 AM) [LM]
1997-09-10_9/10/1997WedUnknownDGHDavid G Hall received a summons for jury duty. He thought it was hilarious because as manager of one of the biggest radio stations in LA, he doesn't have time for this. Sounds a bit like a Bob Green bit.
1997-09-26_9/26/1997FriDavid G Hall calls in upset that Phil is talking about Marv Albert & wearing woman's underwear. [H]
1997-10-??10/1997?UnknownClara Nichols will alter your credit card slip if she doesn't get more than a 20% tip. [H]
1997-10-07_10/7/1997TuePhil's first year anniversary on KFI with Bud Dickman, Margaret Grey, David G Hall, Jeff Dowder, Steve Bosell, Roland Schwinn & Harvey Wireman.
1997-10-29_10/29/1997WedUnknownJSAJay Santos is a homeowner who likes to nude sunbathe but had a neighbor's treehouse overlooking his yard. He knocked it down. The kid sleeping inside had to be hospitalized.
1997-10-29_10/29/1997WedUnknownMLEMavis Leonard claims that she was cured of an aneurysm in the tire center at the Citadel shopping center in Commerce. She wants it restored back to the Roman Catholic mission she claims it once was. Callers say she's full of BS.
1997-11-??11/1997?UnknownJeff Dowder calls in complaining that Phil's CD is late & wants his money back.
1997-11-??11/1997?UnknownRC Collins talks about the Alien movies & gets them all mixed up.
1997-11-03_11/3/1997MonUnknownBRIBrad Rifkin with Senior Express will buy groceries for senior citizens free of charge. All he needs is your ATM card and PIN.
1997-11-06_11/6/1997ThuUnknownLBOLloyd Bonafide has curbed his road rage by having a friend at the DMV put in false records, like suspending licenses, showing bench warrants, and listing cars as stolen. He doesn't get angry, he gets even.
1997-11-06_11/6/1997ThuUnknownCDOCraig Dooley won't pay his electric bill for his air conditioner because he didn't expect it to be as hot as it is in Riverside [H].
1997-11-06_11/6/1997ThuUnknownWBEWarren Benmen from Pet Sanctuary is stabilizing the coyote population by feeding them stray pets. [H]
1997-11-19_11/19/1997WedUnknownLGRLarry Grover says not to touch wild animals like raccoons, cougars, and mountain lions. They see us as a food source. Larry will use a 3-year old child as bait, then go after these animals bare-handed and put them in a choke hold.
1997-12-??12/1997?UnknownBen Rothchild an Amateur Meteorologist explains how to prepare for El Nino. [H]
1997-12-??12/1997?UnknownHarvey Wireman talks about his book 'A Life On Trial' & his interesting cases. [H]
1997-12-12_12/12/1997FriUnknownJDOJeff Dowder was robbed of $500 in front of his bank and claims it's federally insured. It turns out he was waving the money to some bums, showing them what they'd get if they worked. The bums grabbed it, and Jeff let them have it since he knew the money was insured.
1997-12-22_12/22/1997MonUnknownRFARaj Fahneen's wife danced the Macarena.
1997-12-29_12/29/1997MonUnknownBVIBrass Olivera (Villanueva) couldn't get a ticket into Titanic, because the assholes at the movie theater are trying to keep the Latino man down.
1997-12-29_12/29/1997MonUnknownJDOJeff Dowder is an airline pilot who says the cause of clear air turbulence is pilots who give the controls a shove to get passengers out of the aisles and back into their seats. Jeff argues with actual pilots in a bit similar to Art Griego.
1998-??-??1998?Austin Amarka just doesn't understand the game of Basketball. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Bobbie Dooley is worried about her son. Her and Steve believed he was hiding a dead body under his bed, but it turned out to be a muenster cheese sandwich. The smell was reminiscent of rotting corpses on Normandy Beach, which gave Steve wartime flashbacks. Finally, Bobbie admits that she is having her son's stool sample tested to determine what music he is listening to. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Chris Norton wants to be picked to date Rosanne's daughters but only if they look good. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Clara Bingham takes unusual care of the elderly at Leisure Village. [H]
1998-??-??1998?David G Hall wants Phil to do World Cup Soccer for the Latino population. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Jim Sadler will physically hit a woman during childbirth if they're too loud (Ruth). [H]
1998-??-??1998?Larry Grover claims that Anthrax is just as harmless as bacteria infection. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Larry Grover shares his views on the improper actions of Clinton & Monica. [H]
1998-??-??1998?REMOTE Live from Stimuland with Margaret Grey, Harvey Wireman, Bobbie Dooley, Mavis Leonard, RC Collins, Chris Norton, Rudy Canoza, Jeff Dowder, Lloyd Bonafide, Ted Bell, Bud Dickman, David G Hall, Steve Bosell, Art Bell, Raj Fahneen, Rick Monday, Ross Porter, Austin Amarka, Dave Oliva, Doug Dannger, Jay Santos & Jim Sadler. [H]Stimuland
1998-??-??1998?Lloyd Bonafide calls in while being chased by a Mexican because he tapped his bumper. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Margaret Grey runs out of gas on PCH & is upset the CHP didn't deliver gas to her. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Phil talks about mixing Frito's & chili & farting. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Phil as a principal talks to a guy claiming a bomb threat. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Phil exposes the show & talks to RC Collins who wants some tang. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Roland Selve runs a Day Care center in an unusual way. [H]
1998-??-??1998?Ted Bell is happy that Ford is putting in a trunk release because he once locked himself in his trunk. [H]
1998-01-??1/1998?Father Poppic compares Bill Clinton's life to Jesus. [H]
1998-01-02a1/2/1998FriHour 1HWITAPEBEST OF PHIL HENDRIE. Harvey Wireman defends a road rage incident.
1998-01-02b1/2/1998FriHour 2JDOTAPEBEST OF PHIL HENDRIE. Jeff Dowder supports UC Berkeley student David Cash deciding to be a bystander during a 1997 murder in Nevada. He says Cash needed to focus on his education
1998-01-02c1/2/1998FriHour 3JSATAPEBEST OF PHIL HENDRIE. Jay Santos talks about customer relations saying that he doesn't like taking returns and customer service is not his focus. The bit is similar to a classic Bob Green one.
1998-01-02d1/2/1998FriHour 4CNOTAPEBEST OF PHIL HENDRIE. Chris Norton quit his job because he didn't get a bonus, and he's taken over his parents house and is having sex in the living room.
1998-01-07_1/7/1998WedMISSINGBootleg titled 1998-01-07 is mislabeled; it's clearly introduced as the Second Anniversary Show (1998-10-07).
1998-01-16_1/16/1998FriAllChris Norton is a collector of memorabilia of dead stars; Ted Bell helps out at giving away Super Bowl tickets – 9:00pm bit is mentioned but I don’t have). [H]
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